Love Given Up

BY : Wren
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Love Given Up
By Wren

DISCLAIMER: All x-men characters are property of X-men, all others are mine. Simple. I make no money off of this story, nor do I encourage others to.

SUMMARY: Jubilee is home, will Logan see her as a woman? Angst. Logan/Jubilee


NOTES: Prequel to Longing Dreams.

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As her taxi pulled up to the mansion she opened the door excitedly not even waiting for the taxi driver to help her out. Running to the door she trusted her bags to the driver. She flung open the door hurled herself into the empty hallway.

"Hello, guys?! I'm ba" S" She ran into the living room looking around wildly for any signs of live. "Where are you guys?"

Returning to the hallway she turned to see the cab driver standing patiently in the doorway with her bags. "Oh! Thank you for bringing up my bags." She fumbled in her pocket for the money she had been given and stuffed it into his hand. "Here, this should cover it."

The driver stared at the money in his hand. "Thank you, miss. Are you sure you don't need any change?"

Shaking her head happily she pulled her bags inside and closed the door.

She took her bags upstairs heading for her old room, figuring the others hadn't expected her to get here yet. Opening the door she was assualted by party ribbons and shouts of "Happy Birthday!!"

She stared at the figures in her room. Scott and Jean were sitting together on the bed smiling up at her. Hank was standing in the far corner throwing ribbons over everyone. Rogue and Gambit leaned against her dresser like they were joined at the hip. Logan was sitting on her window sill casually smoking a cigar smirking slightly at her.

She was still gaping at them when Jean stood up and hugged her. "Happy eighteenth birthday Jubilee!" Stepping back Jean let Scott give her a hug as well.

"WOW! I really thought you guys weren't here! This is so awesome!" She looked around the room expectantly. "Where's the cake and presents?"

At this the others all laughed. "Don' start actin' spoiled, sugah!" Rogue walked over to her and gave her a hug. "Presents don't come 'till lata."

"Das righ' pet'te, ya gotta wait 'till afta dinna." Remy smiled at her warmly as he walked up beside Rogue. "Fa now, doh, dis t'ief gonna steal a country belle."

Rogue giggled girlishly and ran from the room with Remy following close behind her. Jubilee just stared after them. "Were they always this lovey dovey?"

"Miss Lee, I am afraid to inform you that your arrival seems to have coencided with the couple's mating season." Hank smiled at her warmly as he started out of the room. "I believe I may follow their example now and leave, however, I am in the middle of testing some genes in the lab."

Jubilee looked at the three remaining occupants of the room but only saw one. Kicking her bags to the side she ran over to Logan and hugged him fiercely. "WOLVIE!"

Smiling at the pair Jean and Scott also made a hasty retreat out of the room to give the two some privacy.

"Hey, kid, happy birthday." Logan smiled at the girl hanging from his neck.

"Oh, come on! I'm 18 now! Technically an adult!" Jubilee turned her face to smile up at him as she disentangled her arms from his neck.

"Yeah, sure, kid." He continued to smile down at her as he snuffed his cigar with his fingers and put it inot his pocket.

"Fine! I'll prove it to you! You, me, Danger Room, now!" Jubilee tried to pose fierce but had obviously failed to when she heard him chuckle.

"Okay, kid, but don't say I didn't warn ya."


Three hours later..

"Had.. enough.. yet.." Jubilee panted heavily leaning over to rest her hands on her knees. She was dripping with sweat while Logan leaned casually against the wall showing no strain at all.

"I've been goin' easy on ya kid." He smirked at her as he popped his knuckles. "Sure you haven't had enough.. kid?" He realized a bit too late that he shouldn't have pushed the kid thing.

Jubilee rushed at him forgetting her weariness. "I. am. not. a. KID!" She raised her hands to blow an arsenal of firecrackers into his face as he balled a fist and punched her hard in the stomach.

Looking into Logan's strained face, Jubilee felt the breath knocked out of her as his fist dug into her abdomen. "Logan.." She croaked slightly as she fell to the ground unconscious.

Logan stared down at her for a split second, he hadn't meant to hurt her, just to knock the air out of her. But there she was, lying, motionless on the ground. He scooped her up carefully and ran towards Hank's lab. Over and over his mind played out what had happened, he had no idea what had gone wrong.


"You are very lucky, Logan, a punch from your fist could easily have broken her ribs. As it stands now she has only some bruising." Hank pushed his glasses up on his nose. "I would recommend against any Danger Room sessions until she has fully recovered."

Logan nodded mutely and stared past his friend to the table Jubilee lay on. She looked so small and helpless. He wanted to go how her and tell her how sorry he was.

Anticipating Logan's desires Hank said, "You may go see her but not for too long, she's already had enough excitment for one day."

He rushed past Hank and into the Med Lab. Standing next to her bed he looked down at her sleeping face. How could he even think he was a good roll model for her? He should leave before she wakes up and stops him. But just as that thought crossed him mind her eyes fluttered open.

Turning her head to look at him a she smiled. "Wolfie!"

"Hey kid, you gave me quite a scare there." Logan shifted uncomfortably, not sure what the appropriate conversation of actions would be. His dilema was cut short as Jubilee sat up in bed to hug him.

"I'm okay, nothing a couple painkillers wont take care of." She smiled brightly at him and she pulled herself reluctantly from his arms.


Cereal? Check.

Soda? Check.

Chips? Check.

Remote control? Check.

Wolfie? Double check.

Jubilee plopped down on the couch nearly spilling her colorful, sugary cereal on a very disgruntled looking Wolverine. A low growl came from his chest as he looked over at her.

"Kid, I know I told ya this was yer day but cartoons?" Logan looked ready to run at any moment so Jubilee pushed her feet onto his lap.

"Aw come on, Logan, don't be such a grouch!" She slouched down in the couch causing her pajama shorts to rise up along her legs. Smiling sweetly at Logan she ignored it and flipped the TV on. "Besides, you know Scott doesn't want us to have another Danger Room session without him present."

Logan grumbled slightly under his breath as a cheery cartoon song came on causing Jubilee to giggle. He gave her a dark look and reached over to grab the chips. His eyes lingered a moment on her exposed legs before he turned his head resolutely towards the television.

So, Jubilee thought, see something you like? She smirked to herself and turned to watch the television as well, innocently rubbing her feet along his thighs as she got herself comfortable. The stiffness in Logan's back told her that she was definately elicting a response.


Logan looked down at the sleeping figure beside him on the couch. Somehow, despite the caffiene, sugar, and loud television, the kid had fallen asleep on him. His lips tilted upward, she looked so young an innocent when she was asleep. but as his eyes traveled down her body he realized she wasn't as young as she used to be. He legs were smooth and long and her hips were becoming rounder. She was growing into a beautiful woman before his eyes. Sighing softly he untangled her legs from him and stood beside the couch. Reaching down her lifted her easily and started towards her room.


Jubilee stirred lightly and realized she was being carried peeking through her eyelids she saw Logan's face not even a foot away from hers. Smiling softly she settled back pretending to still be asleep.

"Ya know, darlin, if you don't want to get hurt ya best open your eyes before I drop ya." Logan's gruff voice cut off any hopes of her letting this moment continue. Opening her eyes slowly looked up into Loagn's smilign face. Blushing lightly she let him set her down on her feet.

"Did I fall alseep?" Jubilee yawned and stretched watching Logan from the corner of her eye. Oh yes, he noticed she was growing up; he averted his gaze as her top came up revealing a smotonetoned stomach.

"Yep, was draggin your ass back to bed." Logan chastised himself. She had just turned 18 and he was an old man, old enough to be her great great great great grandfather probably. She was so innocent is his eyes as well, he could never do anything to upset that.

"Well I am still kinda tired." Jubilee yawned a bit and looked over at Logan. "But I was so comfy lying next to you! You're so warm, like a big polar bear!" She flashed him a smile before grabbing his hand and draggin him into her room.

"Listen, kid.." Logan's voice trailed off as he watched Jubilee plop down on the bed. Her young breasts bounced lightly with the movement and her shorts somehow became twisted so they tightly showed off the curve of her hips.

"Come on Logan.." Jubilee pouted a bit at him. He knew she's grown up, now all she had to do was make him realize she really had feelings for him.

"Not a good idea, kid." Logan said gruffly and turned away from her. She was just a kid, didn't know what she was talking about, his mind told him. But another part of him realized she knew very well what she was impl and and he had to decide where this was going to go now.

A small voice got him to stop. "I think its a very good idea."

Turning around he saw her staring up at him seriously. "I want you, Logan. I'm not a child anymore."

He looked into her eyes and saw her conviction and love for him. But as he stared into their blue depths be also saw the daughter he never knew. Shaking his head he turned towards the door. "You're my daughter, Jubilee." And he left.

Jubilee stared at the door for what seemed like an eternity. Willing him to come back. To tell her he loved her, he'd never leave her. A tear trailed down her cheek and fell into the corner of her mouth. Licking her lips hesitantly she tasted the salt. She tore her gaze from the doorway and looked into her mirror. Pictures of her and Logan were taped to the edges of it. Her cheeks grew damp and cold while she just stared. 'You're my daughter..'


"Jean, where's Logan?" Scott leaned against the counter as he watched his wife spread jelly onto a piece of bread. He'd been looking for Logan to see if he could get the man to help him go over the blackbird.

"He left yesterday afternoon." Jean continued spreading layer after layer of jelly onto the bread.

"Yesterday..? Does Jubilee know?" Scott watched a tear roll down Jean's cheek. Reaching out he pulled her into an embrace.

"She's gone." Jean buried her face into Scott's shoulder and sobbed. Jubilee had finally come home, back to her family, and had left so soon.

Scott slowly pulled Jean away and looked into her face. "The Professor could.."

"He said she's old enough to make her own descisions." Jean wiped at her eyes before turning back to Scott. "She's gone."

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