The Evo Suicides

BY : Ramsey
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Dear Professor;

I'm so sorry!
I just can't like deal wth this anymore! Every day, fighting and
training and learning our powers, what good is it if people are just
always going to hate us for what we are. I just can't like deal with
I know you taught us to be strong and stuff but I'm not like Jean or
Rogue, I can't just brush it off. Being a mutant is too hard.
this isn't the first time I've reid this. Nobody knows this but I knew
what a disgusting freak I was days before my folks found out. I passed right
through a door and knew what i was.
so that night I hung myself with my sheets in my room. it almost worked, things started to get dark but my powers kicked in and I phased right through them and down into the basement, the sheets still around my neck till I passed through them too.
I guess I should like thank you Professor. Without you I never would
have learned to control myself enough to try this again or have the courage to go through with it.
At least you know that you really did help me. You helped me get away
from all the pain I felt.
I know my parents won't care. They're the ones who sent me here, getting the mutie freak out of the house. tell them I dont blame them, key?
I love you!

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