The Evo Suicides

BY : Ramsey
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what i think a suicide note from Jean Grey would look like.

Dear Scott;

You've told me so many times that my red hair was beautiful, and why
shouldn't you think that? I mean everyone else says that its one of
my best features. Except my mind of course…except my mind.

I'm sorry Scott but I just cant go through with this any more, all
this fighting and trying to get people to understand us, see we
aren't monsters. But we are monsters, Scott. Can't you see that? If
you don't believe me then just go up to Kitty and look at her. Really
feel how you feel about her. You may not know what I'm talking about
but I do. Guess being a telepath just sucks sometimes. I know the
things that you don't even know or show. But if you can do this,
you'll know how you want her.

Then take your glasses off and love her then.

I mean, I can't really be hurt by that, can I? Your feelings for
Kitty, I mean you don't even know about them so don't worry about
them. What's to be jealous of? The way when I share your thoughts
there's the cloud of her naked body with slight undertones towards
pedophilia? Maybe one day you'll see. She has fantasies about you so
if you wanted to pursue I can tell you that you're pretty much in.

Why have so many morals when you could be shot tomorrow?

God! Why am I crying? Its better then way, Scott, don't you see? I
hate my life, always fighting, looking over my shoulder in case
someone wants to kill me. That's just the thing though, everyone
wants to kill me. All those people out there we are supposed to
protect from the bad versions of us, they have daydreams of
crucifixions and stake burning. The more business minded think of the
money they could make if they could sell us as slaves.

I just cant deal with this anymore, Scott, knowing how they all want
me dead, beating me to death, raping me, burning me. Sometimes not
even in that order.

So that's why I'm doing this Scott. Maybe you'll actually see some
beauty in it. Maybe I'm imitating American Beauty a bit but so what.

Maybe when you see all that red flowing from my slit wrists, you'll
see what I really wanted.

All this pain draining away.

All my pretty red on display for the world.

But then again, all you see is red.




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