Spy On The Scarlet Witch

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"So, do you want to come in and, talk?"

Natasha Romanoff took a deep sigh and hang her head as those words echoed in her mind. She missed the old days, were it was always easy to track someone from a distance. Admittedly it was foolish to think could do the same with Wanda Maximoff, as she was a God damn mind reader, but there was still so much unknown about her powers. One theory was she could only do it while concentrating, and Natasha had gambled on that being the case, and that she could simply use her usual tactics for following someone. But for better or for worse she had been found out, and the best thing now was for her to reveal herself, and hope this didn't upset the incredibly powerful woman. After all, she was supposed to be here to smooth things over, not make them worse.

It was hard to tell whether this had any effect, one way or another, as she walked around the corner and towards the small apartment Wanda was staying in, as The Scarlet Witch had a hard to read expression on her face. Thankfully it seemed to morph into one of amusement, although Natasha had learned at an early age not to trust such expressions to be a positive thing. Wanda then finished unlocking her door and held it open for Natasha to step through. Once the door was locked behind them there was a long silence, the two women staring at each other, before Wanda silently led her over to the couch, which Natasha then sat down on. Of course, there was so much that Natasha wanted to say, it was hard to know where to start, especially when she couldn't simply think it through without the other woman knowing about it.

"Would you like a drink?" Wanda finally offered, breaking the silence.

Natasha nodded, and then smiled, "Something strong."

"Naturally." Wanda smiled, before showing off by causing two glasses to slowly fly into her hands and then a bottle of bourbon poured it's contents into each glass. She then handed one glass over to Natasha as a sign of good faith, softly telling her, "If this is about the Agents of SHIELD, I sent them home today. I'll be wanting them back, but... I wanted to prove what we were doing was of their own free will. And I haven't hurt them. Not really."

Natasha blushed, and then quipped, "Not really?"

Another brief silence, and then Wanda questioned, "What was in the report?"

"I am no longer an Agent of SHIELD. How would I know?" Natasha said dryly, and then when Wanda just gave her a look she shrugged, "There is no report. Not yet. At least, none which was very helpful. But there was... some enlightening footage. Well, it was deleted, but let's just say, I know someone pretty good at recovering things, and they taught me a thing or two."

Wanda hummed, and then questioned, "But this isn't about that?"

"No." Natasha insisted, "Steve was wondering how you were doing. We all were."

Wanda narrowed her eyes, "And?"

"You seem remarkably good, all things considered. But I'd like you to tell me, in your own words." Natasha said softly.

"You expect me to believe that you're just here to see how I'm doing, after... everything?" Wanda huffed.

"It's the truth." Natasha insisted, before cautiously asking, "Can't... can't you search my mind for the truth?"

"The truth?" Wanda chuckled bitterly, "The truth is a matter of perspective. Yes, every man might struggle to hide his true intentions, and sooner or later everyone reveals themselves. But then there are people like you. People who have told so many lies and half truths, the struggle to know what's real and what's not in that mess of the head of yours. Honestly? It scares me. But..."

Natasha raised an eyebrow when the other woman trailed off, and gently pushed, "But..."

"I also find it comforting." Wanda admitted softly, before clarifying with a smile, "You're as fucked up as I am."

"So, let me be here for you." Natasha said softly, pouncing on the opportunity. Then when Wanda gave her a look she quickly added, "I know it's going to be hard for you to trust me, or anyone, but... The Avengers is the best place for you. We can take care of you, in a way that SHIELD just isn't equipped for. And honestly? We're all a little fucked up. Everyone is. Surely as a mind reader, you must know that by now. But, while I can't read people like you can, I was trained to do something similar. And I've seen awful things, done awful things, when I thought it was right. Or convinced myself it was. So I truly believe I can help you, if you let me."

There was a long pause, and then Wanda pushed, "You can appreciate trust is difficult for me, yes?"

Natasha nodded, and softly insisted, "Then let me earn it?"

Another pause, then Wanda asked, "How?"

Natasha shrugged, "By just being there when you need someone. Like a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk too, when you need it."

Yet another pause, and then Wanda mentally said 'fuck it', before grinning flirtatiously, "Well... you've seen the footage. So what do you think I need?"

For good measure Wanda rested her hand against the other woman's thigh, causing Natasha to raise an eyebrow and quip, "I'm not sure there's something you need, just something you want."

"And if I wanted that, with you?" Wanda pushed.

Which caused Natasha to smirk, and then for better or for worse she replied, "Then I would question whether that was really something you could handle."

"Let's find out." Wanda insisted, leaning in further.

Then The Scarlet Witch kissed The Black Widow right on the mouth! Which caused Natasha to smile and happily kiss back, safe in the knowledge that she had this girl right where she wanted her. Admittedly it was not an ideal situation, but Natasha had rolled with so much worse, and certainly this early stage was very, very pleasant indeed. Oh yes, for someone who as far as she could tell was new to this kind of thing Wanda Maximoff truly was a natural, using just the right amount of tongue which caused both women to pretty much melt into the kiss. She also started sliding her hands over her body at the right time. Or maybe that was because Natasha did it first? It was admittedly a little hard to tell in that moment, who started it, and whatever the case Natasha didn't care.

She was so lost in the moment in fact, that she almost didn't notice that Wanda was using her powers to levitate them through the apartment and into her bedroom. But Natasha was very familiar with this particular trick, even if most people didn't use magic to do it. Normally it wasn't used to remove their clothes either, but again Natasha wasn't about to complain. Especially when they seem to be skipping something Natasha could very much do without. Oh yes, it looked like she was going to get away without being spanked. Although now she had thought that, maybe she had reminded Wanda? Damnit, dealing with a mind reader was so frustrating. Especially when they were being this distracting.

Wanda certainly hadn't forgotten about giving Natasha a spanking, and was very much looking forward to it. However she wanted to lull her into a false sense of security first, which would make the moment she placed the mighty Black Widow over her knee that much more sweeter. Also, if she was honest with herself there was something that she wanted to try first, namely play with those gigantic tits of Natasha Romanoff. Which probably wasn't a very good Dom thing to do, but Wanda couldn't imagine anyone blaming her. Especially when she broke the kiss, after using her magic to pin the dangerous woman down to the bed, and then bought herself eye level with those magnificent boobs, which she just had to stare at for a few long minutes.

Truly, they were a work of art, something Wanda enjoyed even more when she leaned her head down and slowly kissed her way up one of those big boobs. When she reached the nipple on that boob Wanda gave it a little kiss, and even lingered her lips there for a few long seconds, but then she kissed her way right down that breast. She repeated this process over and over again for a few long minutes, teasing her as much as possible before finally wrapping her lips around one of those nipples and giving it a good suck. Wanda then immediately moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, before grinning and repeating the initial process, this time while taking time to suck those pretty little nipples, and eventually sliding her tongue around them.

Which unsurprisingly got a very positive response from the mighty Black Widow, who Wanda had squirming beneath her just from this simple act. Then again, this was all it took for Daisy or Jemma to drive her crazy, and she was sure it would be the exact same thing when Natasha inevitably return the favour. Which was any more reason to make the most of this while it lasted. Oh yes, Wanda spent what felt like an eternity licking, sucking, and even gently biting those nipples, getting the most wonderful squirms, and sounds out of the other woman. Especially when she added her hands into the mix, massaging one breast more firmly into her mouth, while making sure the other continued getting some attention.

Although she could tell this frustrated Natasha just as much as it pleased her, Natasha never ask for mercy. Hell, The Scarlet Witch didn't need mind reading to tell The Black Widow really wanted her mouth lower, as it radiated of off her, but still Natasha Romanoff just whimpered, cried out and moaned as she was pleasurably tortured. It briefly had Wanda considering whether or not to skip the spanking, but ultimately deciding it was necessary if she was going to make the deadly Black Widow her bitch. Besides, she really, really wanted to spank that big fat ass. So without warning Wanda used her telekinesis again, this time to levitate her into sitting on the edge of the bed, with Natasha, bent over her knee, that big, fat perfect booty presented to her.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's better." Wanda chuckled and then added with wicked delight, "There you go, mmmmmmmm, so much better. Oh yes, you look so much better Like this Natasha. In fact, I think this is the perfect position for you. Yes it is, yes it is, mmmmmmmmm, and certainly one I have longed to see you in."

"I'm sure you have." Natasha quipped.

Natasha had been very taken aback by the sudden switch in positions, especially as it had happened in only a couple of seconds. It was also impossible for her to hide her disappointment that Wanda hadn't simply moved her mouth down to where she needed it the most. Or better yet, moved them into a 69 so she could return the favour. Or the younger girl sit on her face. Oh yes, any of those choices would've been preferable to what she got. But Natasha had received for worse than what this girl could dish out, and was confident that in the long-term she would still get the satisfaction she craved, and it would be that much stronger because of the teasing, she received.

Which was something Natasha reminded herself over and over again, as instead of getting right down to it, Wanda insisted on grabbing onto her meaty cheeks, and starting to greedily groped them. To be fair, it was exactly what Natasha would've done if the roles were reversed, and she hoped one day soon they would be. Because of that, it was rather impressive that Wanda had the presence of mind to do this to her. Perhaps as a result of reading her mind? Maybe? Whatever the case on some level she found herself rather enjoying having Wanda feeling her up like a piece of meat? Frustrating for sure, but nevertheless weirdly enjoyable. Especially as this time it was not long before they moved on to the next thing. Sort of.

Inevitably Natasha's meaty cheeks did receive a first strike, and it was much harder than what she was expecting, something that weirdly pleased Natasha, but then they went right back to the groping. Which again, was exactly what Natasha would've done, and even though Wanda only knew it from the mind reading it was still impressive, because her timing on it was perfect. She also dished out a series of playful strikes, not even half the strength of the original blows, but close enough. Enough to make the cheeks shake. Eventually, of course that gentleness was replaced by roughness, and the pausing for groping between them became non-existent. Which ironically, was the part Natasha always love the most.

After everything she had done Natasha truly did enjoyed a brutal butt beating. It was truly cathartic, especially from someone who knew how to do it right. Of course, there was definitely a charm to having someone inexperienced do it, which was exactly what she thought she would receive from The Scarlet Witch, but Natasha had never been more glad to be wrong. She also wasn't expecting it to be quite as rough as it was, Wanda proving that she could use her powers to increase her physical strength, which was a wonderful surprise and one Natasha very much benefited from, and was very grateful for. Even if it probably meant that she wouldn't be able to sit down properly for a while. Either because of this, or most likely what was to come.

Wanda had dreamed of this even before she did this to Daisy. Of course, after that those fantasies had increased tenfold, along with a lot of other things she wanted to do to the infamous Black Widow. Although she tried not to get distracted by thoughts of what she was hoping to do in the future, when the present was so wonderful, and easily the highlighted of her sad little life. After all, who could say they'd had the deadly Black Widow bent over their knee for a spanking? Surprisingly actually a few people, but as Wanda search Natasha's mind, it seemed most of them had ended up paying for it, in one way or another, while she was determined to be rewarded with a new sex slave. Oh yes, she was going to make The Black Widow hers. All hers. Because no other out come was susceptible.

As wonderfully exciting as that thought was it was another thing Wanda pushed out of her mind, in favour of replacing it with spanking tips from Natasha's head she could use against her. Most of them she already knew, which was a little disappointing, but later she concentrated on just one spot with all her strength, maximizing the pain The Avenger was feeling. Better yet it made those cheeks turn a darker shade of red, even if didn't do quite as much. And it was really cathartic to maximize the pain like that, and give Natasha everything she had. Something more than her own strength, Wanda using every spell she learned for increasing her speed and strength so she could dish out a brutal butt beating.

Of course, before going all out Wanda spent what felt like at least an hour dishing out a slow and playful spanking, which she could tell did much more to punish Natasha than the inevitable brutal butt beating did. Oh yes, she inflicted wonderful humiliation upon the infamous superspy by treating that fat ass of hers like a big jiggly piece of meat, something that existed only for Wanda's entertainment. Something for Wanda to greedily grope in between each and every one of those blows, at least initially, and pull her hand away so she could watch that booty bounce for her. Oh God, it was so beautiful. And filled The Scarlet Witch with so much joy. In fact, several times throughout the spanking she cackled like the proverbial wicked witch.

She probably cackled the most when she transitioned to that hard ass pounding, turning those meaty cheeks from bright pink, to a dark and angry red, under the force of those magically enhanced blows. At which point not even Natasha Romanoff could remain stone-faced. No, the legendary assassin cried out pathetically as she was brutally attacked from the rear. And the best part? The little slut even enjoyed it! Oh hell yes, the mighty Black Widow enjoy getting her butt spanked. And Wanda didn't even have to be a mind reader to know that, given that she could feel wetness on her thigh. However, even her magic had it's limits, so eventually she was forced to stop.

Although it was kinda hard to complain, considering in the blink of an eye Wanda was laying on her back with Natasha in between her legs, the brunette ordering the redhead, "Eat me! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, eat my pussy you spying little bitch! Oh yes, eat it, eat that fucking oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Natasha moaned happily and loudly as she tasted Wanda Maximoff's pussy for the very first time. The younger girl was just as delicious as she looked, if not more so, and the older woman was sure it would be the same for this pretty little thing's cum. Of course, she wasn't about to get ahead of herself when such a tasty treat had been presented to her. Well, that unless she was ordered to by her temporary top. And even then, she was very tempted to disobey that command, just so that she could savour this yummy liquid. Also, just the joy of slowly sliding her tongue over The Scarlet Witch's pretty little pussy, The Black Widow starting at the bottom and then slowly making her way to the top, where she lingered on the other girl's clit.

Which was a process she of course repeated over and over again, albeit without any attention to Wanda's clit. If Wanda had asked for a little more attention to that Natasha would admittedly been tempted to give it to her, just because it would trigger more yummy liquid to slide out of that little fuck hole and onto her tongue, but even then, it would be better to keep the licks slow and steady, and mostly avoiding the most sensitive areas. This way she would be able to pleasure the girl for longer, and Wanda's eventual orgasms would be that much more powerful. Something which Wanda shouldn't have to read her mind to know, given her experience with the current Agents of SHIELD.

Both of who had clearly done a good job at eating pussy, given the footage Natasha had seen, maybe especially Daisy Johnson. Of course, she was confident that she could outdo both of them. In fact, it would be a blow to her reputation if she failed to do so. However, thinking back to that footage, made Natasha want to try them out herself. Maybe even as an apology to Wanda? Oh yes, Natasha love that idea, and she could tell from the extra loud moan the younger girl let out that Wanda did too. Also, she looked up from in between Wanda's legs, to The Scarlet Witch's pretty face, which was unsurprisingly grinning down at her for a few long seconds, before she made the other woman throw her head back and let out another extra loud cry as she lingered her tongue over her clit.

After that Natasha went right back to the gentle pussy licking, and tried not to think anymore about the intriguing possibilities for the future, given that Wanda could be reading her thoughts. However even with all her training it was hard to concentrate on keeping these thoughts out of her head, continuing to eat pussy, and listening out for anything out of the ordinary. Well, eating pussy came pretty easily to her, regardless of how distracted she was, but her training forced her to stay as alert as possible, which was really hard when she was becoming lost in eating pussy. And thoughts of the future. And just how good Wanda tasted. And of course, the wonderful sounds she was receiving from The Scarlet Witch.

Wanda would normally try and make her pets work for those sounds, but under the circumstances, she just couldn't stop gasping, moaning, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure as the infamous Black Widow went down on her. As Natasha Romanoff ate her pussy! Oh God, the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, and probably ever existed, was currently pleasuring her orally. Oh God, this was so overwhelmingly hot. Which desperately made her want to beg Natasha to fuck her to climax immediately, but not as much as she wanted this to last forever. Especially because, as she was reminded by Natasha's thoughts, her eventual orgasms would be so much more powerful if she could just control herself. But it was just so hard, especially given some of the things the other girl was thinking.

To be fair Wanda would have probably been thinking them herself without any prompting, but the fact that Natasha was thinking about them to make it impossible for her not too. Oh yes, Wanda just couldn't help imagining Jemma Simmons and especially Daisy Johnson here right now, at the very least watching her receiving head from the ridiculously beautiful superspy. Or better yet, sucking on her tits. And maybe kissing her, the two of them going back and forth between her lips, and her needy little nipples, which Wanda was inspired to start playing with because of those vivid images, imagining it was her girls doing it. Her lesbian sex slaves! Oh hell yeah, Wanda imagined all of her lesbian sex slaves were worshiping her at once. All three of them, as she was determined Natasha would join their ranks.

As time went on Wanda tried not to think of other possibilities, but she just couldn't help herself. Oh yes, she just couldn't help but imagine that Daisy and Jemma would have to kiss her feet, begging for the privilege of joining Natasha eating her pussy. Which would be more effective if she was on her feet. Oh yeah, Wanda loved that idea. Loved the idea of standing proudly as two women grovelled at her feet, while a third ate her pussy. Two Agents of SHIELD grovelling at her feet, while a third tongued her twat. And maybe she would give them permission to join the third? Oh fuck yes, maybe she would have them literally kiss her ass, taking it in turns to tongue her forbidden hole, before they started working her over together.

Maybe if she was feeling generous, she would even allow them the privilege of tasting The Black Widow's cunt, something that Wanda was currently craving to do. Especially after the pussies of Daisy and Jemma had proved to be so yummy. But that wouldn't be fair on her other lesbian sex slaves, as they'd had to earn that privilege. Besides, it was important for her to keep control here. Or at least as much as she possibly could, with The Black Widow showing off her legendary seduction skills. Oh yes, no wonder Natasha had such success as a spy, if this was the way she could make someone feel when she wasn't even trying to make them cum.

Arguably that should've been a warning to Wanda, to hurry up and demand that the spy make her cum, before it was no longer possible to make it sound like a command. However, she just couldn't resist stretching this out for as long as possible, so she could enjoy every heavenly second of Natasha Romanoff tonguing her twat. Which again wasn't easy, with Wanda constantly imagining her other bitches here and ravaging her body. Something she was determined to make a reality, even if that would probably be even harder not to beg to cum embarrassingly quickly, and whiny. Although then it would be totally understandable, and totally worth it. Which this was too, so it was hard for Wanda to care how she would sound when the time came.

Thankfully it wasn't necessary to order, or more likely beg, Natasha to push her in that direction, as almost every step of the way the superspy was ahead of her. Of course, when it came to actually cumming it soon became painfully clear Wanda would have to ask for that, or more likely beg, but again she had no problem with that. Especially when Natasha was doing such wonderful work increasing the attention to her clit when Wanda needed it the most. Oh yes, just as the gentle pussy licking was becoming unbearable, Natasha started gently caressing Wanda's clit with her tongue, and every other lick, and then almost every lick, and then, naturally, every lick.

She also began lingering on it, at first for only a few seconds, but eventually it became pretty much her only focus. That, and pushing the tip of her tongue into her entrance. But mostly, the incredibly talented superspy Natasha Romanoff swirled her tongue around Wanda's painfully sensitive clit, and then even took it into her mouth to suck on it. For a few long seconds Wanda thought for sure that she would cum just from that, but she should've known better. The Black Widow would never be that sloppy. No, instead she kept her on the edge of orgasm for what felt like an eternity, until poor Wanda just couldn't take it anymore. The poor girl desperately needed to cum, and she would say or do anything to get it, no doubt just like many of The Black Widow's victims.

"Make me cum, ooooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss, make me cum make me cum make me cum!" Wanda whimpered over and over again for a few long seconds, before crying out loudly, AH FUCK YES MAKE ME FUCKING CUM! Please? Oh please, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Natasha, fuck me! Fuck me with your little tongue. Tongue fuck me you spying little bitch! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me you nasty little spy! Make me fucking AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Just as poor Wanda felt like she was getting a rhythm, even if she did sound like a begging slave instead of a commanding Mistress, she found herself go crashing over the edge of one of the most powerful climaxes of her life. And unsurprisingly, it was followed by another, and another, and another, as she was ravaged by The Black Widow. Devoured! Oh yes, in that moment it felt like Natasha Romanoff was literally living up to her name, and devouring poor Wanda, until there would truly be nothing left of her. And in that moment Wanda didn't mind. Mostly because she trusted her magic would allow her to prevent that from happening. And more importantly, she was sure this would happen over and over again, once the mighty Black widow was her bitch. Which was the last coherent thought she had for quite a while, before she was overwhelmed by ecstasy.

Natasha still wasn't so sure about becoming Wanda's sex slave, but just tasting this girl's regular pussy cream made it very tempting, and tasting her cum perhaps made it inevitable. Hopefully she could convince her to join The Avengers, and then they could do this on a regular basis? Or better yet, find an opportunity to top the younger woman, and make this incredibly powerful being known as The Scarlet Witch her Scarlet Bitch. But she could worry about that later. Much later, because right now, all that really mattered to her was to get as much of Wanda's girl cum as possible, that precious liquid hitting her taste-buds and setting them on fire, and driving Natasha crazy with lust. Well, even more than before.

Luckily she had plenty of practice with this, so she knew just when to pull her tongue out of Wanda's cunt and seal her mouth tightly around it so she could swallow at least the majority of that yummy girl cum. She might even got it all that first time, something which made Natasha very, very proud of herself. Another thing to be proud of was that she made sure to keep Wanda on her high throughout by gently sucking on her entrance, making it easier to make Wanda cum again. Admittedly it took more than one tongue thrust this time, but Natasha saw that as a good thing, as it gave her the chance to tongue fuck The Scarlet Witch for a few long seconds, before getting a wonderful reward.

This process was repeated over and over again, and Natasha would have happily repeated it all night long, or at least until she fucked Wanda into unconsciousness. Well, her own body was aching for some attention, but given the circumstances, it would be very useful if she could fuck Wanda unconscious, because who knows if she would be able to survive the other woman returning the favour with her mind intact. Especially after seeing what the wicked little Witch had done to Jemma Simmons, and especially the powerful in her own right Daisy Johnson. But then after a couple of orgasms, Wanda grabbed a firm hold of Natasha's head with both hands and started to fuck her face, and thus take control of the oral sex.

More accurately, she shoved Natasha's face as deep into her cunt as it would go, and then started grinding herself into her face, smothering The Black Widow in pussy. Which unfortunately meant that she could only swallow a fraction of the girl cum she was getting before, but the rest of it ended up on her face, marking her as the little slut she was in that moment. The little pussy slut. Wanda's slut. And even Wanda's sex slave, if only for that moment. It also meant that her entire world became consumed by Wanda. Oh yes, all she could smell, taste and see was pure Wanda Maximoff. Although there was a chance that she was about to be knocked unconscious, or possibly worse. But she trusted the other girl not to make it 'worse', and again, one of them becoming unconscious might be preferable to Natasha becoming someone's bitch.

Wanda was very tempted to just keep doing this until one of them became unconscious, but there was something she wanted even more, namely to make the mighty Black Widow her lezzie fuck toy. So at what was probably the last moment for one of them, she used her magic to Natasha pull away from her cunt, and then gave them both a few long minutes to catch their breath. She then glided the redhead up her body, until they were once again face to face, pressing her down on top of her and melt into a passionate kiss, allowing Wanda to taste herself on Natasha's lips, tongue, and in her mouth. Which Wanda became completely lost in for a few long minutes, especially as it gave her the ability to grope that heavenly body that was on top of her.

She should have probably switched the positions, either with magic or just her physical strength, but she chose to save that for later, and just enjoy this moment. At least until her wandering hands went from squeezing Natasha's big boobs, to squeezing another large part of her anatomy, namely that fat ass of hers, reminding Wanda exactly what she planned to do next. So with her eyes and hands glowing red, Wanda forced the deadly Black Widow into the all fours position besides her, and then positioned her own body behind her prey. Then she caused a strap-on dildo to appear around her waist, the shaft covered in lube already. Nevertheless she rubbed it in with her hand, both for dramatic effect, and just for fun.

"You've seen the footage..." Wanda smirked wickedly, "What am I going to do to you now?"

"Eat my pussy?" Natasha quipped.

"Later." Wanda promised, before a delivering hard another smack to those meaty cheeks, making them jiggle for her again, "But you know perfectly well. So answer me seriously, or I'll give you another spanking."

It was very tempting to give another sarcastic answer, even if it did result in another spanking, but ultimately Natasha decided to respond, "You're going to fuck my ass. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you're going to fuck my ass, because you're under the mistaken belief that will somehow break me. But you're wrong, mmmmmmmmm, so very wrong. Do you really think you're the first to try? Well you're not, oooooooooooh, so do your worst. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, take out your frustrations out my fat ass, and punish me all you want, but all you will be doing is rewarding me. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, go ahead and reward me with an ass fucking. I'll love it even more than your bitches."

"Oh, I don't have to be a mind reader to know you've been butt fucked." Wanda reassured, "It would be a fucking crime to have an ass this fuck-able, without anyone using it for it's intended purpose. And a slut like you would never let that happen. But I do know you're afraid that I'm going to succeed. Especially, because I know just how to break you."

"We'll see about that..." Natasha began, only for her eyes to go wide and then for her to let out a loud moan, "Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

There had been a few long seconds before that conversation that Wanda had just been staring at the legendary booty of The Black Widow, and practically drooling with anticipation. Which she continued to do throughout the conversation, before finally bringing the conversation to an end by burying her face in between those meaty cheeks and starting to slowly lick Natasha Romanoff's ass hole. It had been very, very tempting to just skip straight to the butt fucking, but if she was going to make the infamous Black Widow her bitch, then Wanda was going to need to pull out all the stops. And after all the fun she'd had with Jemma, and particularly Daisy, Wanda had absolutely no problem with dishing out a long, passionate rim job first.

In fact, this was one of her most frequent fantasies involving The Black Widow. How could it not be? Natasha's ass was just so big, round, and juicy, that Wanda had constantly fantasized about doing nasty things to it. And she wasn't the only one, as it was hardly surprising to learn through Natasha's memories that every woman who had previously butt fucked the bootylicious Black Widow had eaten this big fat ass. Some of whom she drew inspiration from, especially women like Maria Hill and Pepper Potts. Although mostly, she just became lost in her lust for that big butt, maybe especially in the beginning, when she was pushing her face so deep in between those meaty cheeks that it was Wanda who was on the verge of passing out from suffocating herself.

Natasha loved both giving and receiving rim jobs. It was just so nasty, and a great way to show dominance/submission, depending on the context. Admittedly she would prefer to be making the other woman literally kiss her ass while begging Natasha to fuck hers, or even rimming Wanda and getting her cute little butt nice and ready to be fucked. However, there was something to be said for this, especially like many others, given the chance the mighty Scarlet Witch became completely lost in eating that big booty for several long minutes. Which was adorable really, and despite the Witch's abilities Natasha was expecting them to continue. For the which to continue licking her back hole ravenously, her eagerness more than making up for her experience.

However, that all of a sudden, she started swirling her tongue around the ass hole, and even pushed it inside. Oh yes, little Wanda Maximoff literally shoved her tongue up Natasha Romanoff's ass. She then left it there for a few long seconds, before beginning to tongue fuck her butt, just like Maria used too. Oh God, Maria Hill had always been good at eating ass. Almost as good as fucking it. And if Wanda was using Maria as a template, via Natasha's mind, well then The Black Widow was in for a very good night. Even more than it had been already, which was really saying something. Oh fuck yes, very good indeed, as was proven by the way Wanda began swirling her tongue around the insides of Natasha's slutty little ass, making her moan loudly.

She continued moaning, gasping and even whimpering as the other girl continued eating her ass like a pro. Normally Natasha made her lovers really work for those sounds, but Wanda really was just doing such an amazing job. And of course, got even better when her fingers were added to the mix, Wanda pushing first one and then two of them into the assassin's slutty little ass hole. Oh yes, that really made Natasha moan, and she wasn't the only one. No, Wanda moaned just as loudly, if not more so when she initially pushed her index finger oh so slowly into the deadly spy's butt hole. Then, ones that thing was completely buried inside the dangerous woman's bottom, Wanda started taunting her, which in turn made Natasha smirk. She knew she like this girl.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, nice and tight." Wanda moaned, before taunting with a grin, "How is an ass this slutty so tight? Have you really been neglecting this perfect ass? Because surely that must be a crime? Mmmmmmmm, or maybe, it somehow stays tight, no matter how much you are butt fucked like the little anal whore you are? Is that it, Natasha? Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, is The Black Widow's big fat ass so perfect and made for fucking, that it tightens up this much after being used for it's true purpose? Huh? Mmmmmmmm, because of that's true, you are wasted in The Avengers. Clearly you should be selling this ass to the highest bidder, as the work of art it is."

"Tempting..." Natasha quipped, "But I'd rather you fucked it. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, come on Wanda, fuck me! Fuck my ass, oh fuck, fuck my big fat ass! My perfect, made for fucking ass. Teach me a lesson for spying on you. Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss, punish The Black Widow for spying on The Scarlet Witch!"

"Oh, I will." Wanda promised, "After I'm done preparing your ass. Mmmmmmmmm, not that you need it, but I'm having fun."

"Oh I believe you." Natasha reassured, with another moan.

Admittedly, while she didn't need any more preparation it was very pleasant to receive it, especially as Wanda did it so perfectly, making her even more excited for what came next, which was really saying something. This hadn't been part of the plan when Natasha took this assignment, and certainly not when she woke up this morning, but she had learned a long time ago that being good at her job meant adapting, regardless of the circumstances. Those circumstances were becoming increasingly strange, but oh, more of this, please. Oh God yes, why couldn't more missions end with a beautiful woman eating her ass? Then again, that wasn't all Wanda wanted to do, and she had to stay mindful of that, if she wanted to avoid becoming this girl's bitch. Even if at that moment, she was only 50-50 on still wanting to avoid that.

"So..." Wanda broke the silence which had fallen between them, and asked, "Are you ready to get your ass fucked?"

"Yes." Natasha admitted without hesitation.

"Prove it." Wanda pushed, pulling her fingers out of Natasha's ass and then smacking it, before making it crystal clear what she wanted, "Beg for it! Oh yes, spread your cheeks and beg me to fuck you."

"Yes Mistress Wanda." Natasha replied playfully, before doing as she was told and then starting to beg, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass, mmmmmmmm, fuck my big slutty fat ass! Please? Oh please Wanda... Mistress Wanda, fuck me up the ass! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, fuck me, oh God, ass fuck me you bitch, oh fuck, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Mistress Wanda!"

Wanda again just had to admire the sight in front of her as the mighty Black Widow willingly spread her cheeks for her, offering up her most private hole as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure. God, she had truly never seen anything hotter than that, with the possible exception of what she saw moments later. Namely a cock sticking out of her waist, pressing firmly against that forbidden hole, and then slowly beginning to stretch it open. Oh yes, Wanda caused Natasha Romanoff's butt hole to stretch for her big dick. And it continued stretching, and stretching, and stretching, until that strap-on slid through Natasha's tight little anal ring, and into her big booty. Making it official, Wanda Maximoff had just penetrated Natasha Romanoff's big fat ass.

Or to put it another way, The Scarlet Witch had just anally violated The Black Widow! Oh yes, that legendary booty was now stretching for her big dick! Oh God, this was so hot! So fucking hot! Thoughts like that echoed in Wanda's mind for a few long minutes, as she watched the head of her cock stretching the most private hole on Natasha Romanoff's body. Which was something part of her wished she could stare at all night long, but again, such a thing was impossible if she wanted to achieve her goal. Besides, she had other wonderful sights to see. Like inch after inch of that big dildo sliding into Natasha's forbidden hole, something she got to enjoy for the next few long minutes.

She enjoyed it so much that initially Wanda wasn't even registering Natasha's reactions. When she did a wicked smile crossed her face, as Wanda realized Natasha was crying out, whimpering, and even moaning in pleasure, confirming that The Black Widow was a shameless anal whore. Not that she truly needed confirmation, or the mind reading at all, it was so wonderful to get it. And just because she had seen this little butt slut enjoying getting her ass fucked reamed out, and that didn't make experience in real life any less amazing. If anything, it only made it more vividly amazing, especially considering this ass whore was moaning in pure pleasure just from getting her butt stuffed. Oh God, Wanda couldn't wait to find out how much this anal whore would enjoy it when they got down to the 'real' sodomy.

Actually she could, because again, she wanted to savour every moment of this, but she was very much looking forward to it. Also she could only stretch out the butt stuffing so much, Wanda watching in amazement as her full length disappeared into that fat ass in one long, slow thrust, until finally she had no more cock to give. Until her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of her big dick was buried deep within The Black Widow's bowels. Oh God, she had done it! She had anally skewered Natasha Romanoff on her big strap-on cock! Oh God! Which again were words which echoed in her mind for several long minutes, before she began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Natasha's back door, and thus arguably officially beginning the butt fucking.

Natasha really, really appreciated Wanda going nice and slow in the beginning, especially during the butt stuffing. Well, she could handle a faster anal penetration and ass stuffing, but this way she got to savour every little bit of the perverted pleasure which came with being anally violated. Although she would've liked a little longer pause to savour having her big ass completely full of cock, and honestly, she could've done with some taunting words, again especially when the rectum stuffing was complete. But it was really, really hard for her to complain, given the skilful thrusts she then received, causing whatever mild pain she initially felt to fade away, leaving her with just incredible pleasure.

Which was a feeling she continued to have for what felt like a few wonderful hours, as Wanda slowly and gently sodomized her, driving her crazy with anal lust. It was impossible to tell whether this was because of the practice she'd had with the Agents of SHIELD, or from reading Natasha's mind, or even just natural skill. The most likely answer to that was it was a combination of all three, but it didn't really matter, as the result was the same, Natasha receiving almost a ridiculous amount of pleasure for what felt like an eternity. Of course this was nothing knew for her, and Natasha was almost surprised that Wanda wasn't doing any better than the rest. Oh yes, she'd have to do a lot better than this if she wanted to break The Black Widow.

Something which was on the tip of Natasha's tongue, the only slight thing holding her back was a chance that she would be punished for it. And more importantly, she had a suspicion that Wanda had something up her sleeve. Unsurprisingly she was proven right, as without warning Natasha found herself being moved again, although this time not by magic, but by Wanda physically grabbing onto her and pulling her backwards. Which Natasha could've easily countered, but Wanda could have countered that with magic, and after all that butt fucking the spy was happy to just go with the flow. Happy to allow them to switch positions, so that the witch was lying on her back, and Natasha was sitting on top of her with the full length of the cock up her butt.

Wanda gave her pray a few long seconds to get used to this, and then slapped that big booty, and ordered, "Ride me slut, mmmmmmmm, ride me with that big booty! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, I want to see The Black Widow's legendary booty bounce while she rides my dick like the happy little anal whore she is! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, ride me, Nat. Ride that big dick! Ride that big fucking dick with your slutty little ass hole! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, ride it! Ride it you whore! Oh yes, make that big fat booty bounce! Make those juicy cheeks shake, Oh yes, that's it, just like that, mmmmmmmmm, bounce that big fucking booty, oh fuck, bounce it!"

"Yes Mistress Wanda." Natasha said mockingly again, although it was unlikely Wanda heard it given her now constant commentary.

It was the exact kind of commentary which had been missing from the butt sex so far, and Natasha welcomed every word of it. So much so that she just let it wash over her for a few long seconds, before she even bothered moving. Especially as the result was a few hard slaps to her behind, and although the last thing she wanted to do was stop completely so she could receive a 'real' spanking, the occasional strike only added to her enjoyment at this stage. Although the fact that Wanda giggled with delight had a lot to do with it, the younger girl clearly enjoying the way that those meaty cheeks jiggled for her with every blow, and long after they were done.

Those juicy cheeks jiggled even more when Natasha finally began bouncing up and down, quickly establishing a slow and steady rhythm that Wanda had been using to sodomize her before, and forcing herself to maintain that rhythm for a few long minutes. Which predictably Wanda seemed to enjoy, given her chuckles of delight, the wide grin on her face and the soft sounds of pleasure she was letting out. Of course those sounds were drowned out by the ones that Natasha was making, the deadly spy not even bothering to try and hide them as she knew it was no use, she just loved anal so much. And it was especially no use, after the slow and gentle butt fucking she had just received, and the one she was now giving herself.

Which continued turning from heavenly joy to torturous as the minutes ticked by. Oh God, Natasha wanted to increase the speed so much, and deep down she knew what she had to do to get it. But, even though she was sure she knew what the outcome would be, she just couldn't resist slowly increasing the pace, and hoping she would get lucky. Of course, it was foolish to try such a thing with a mind reader, and Natasha barely got started before Wanda dished out a series of hard strikes to her backside. And even though Natasha pretty much immediately stopped, that didn't matter to The Scarlet Witch. No, she delivered vicious blow after vicious blow, no doubt using her magic to increase her strength in the process, just so she could get her message across. And probably because it was fun for her.

"Bad girl." Wanda finally scolded with one last hard strike, "Mmmmmmmm, you don't think I don't know what you're doing. Really? I expect more from you. Mmmmmmmm, I expect more from a shameless anal whore! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, you know what you have to do if you want to cum, so do it. Beg! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, I wanna hear the legendary Black Widow beg for the privilege of cumming like a little bitch with a dick in her ass. Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, her big fat ass! Oh yes, beg Natasha, beg for me! Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, I want to hear Natasha Romanoff beg to cum like a bitch with a dick up her big fat ass! Oh yes!"

Again Natasha allowed those stimulating words to wash over her, partly because it almost felt like they could make her cum on their own, or at least combined with a slow and steady anal sex she cautiously restarted after Wanda seemed to have thought she had been appropriately punished. Of course that wasn't the case, but at least it would get her to the edge of orgasm, so it would be easy for her to make herself cum when the time came. Or would Wanda want to do it? Or a combination of both? Honestly Natasha didn't care, she just needed to cum so badly at that point. But at least she couldn't be held accountable for what she said, and they were only words. Or so she told herself.

"Make me cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, please Wanda, make me cum!" Natasha began with a whimper, "Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard and make me cum. Or let me do it. Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, ride you to orgasm. Oh fuck! Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, fuck me, fuck my ass, mmmmmmmmm, fuck my big fat slutty ass Wanda, fuck it!"

"Mistress Wanda!" Wanda insisted with a hard slap to Natasha's backside.

Which Natasha had anticipated, but she still acted like she made a mistake, "Yes! Oh yes, oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, fuck me Mistress Wanda, fuck me hard! Wreck my fucking ass! Ruin it! Gape my bitch hole wide and deep! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, make me cum for you Mistress Wanda! Make The Black Widow cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, fuck The Black Widow's butt! Butt fuck me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes make me squirt! Make me fucking squirt my cum. Make me your bitch, if you can Mistress Wanda. Can you? Huh? Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, make me cum and make The Black Widow your bitch!"

"You wanna be my bitch?" Wanda pushed.

"Maybe." Natasha purred flirtatiously.

"Huh..." Wanda hummed, pausing for a few long seconds, before asking, "And you wanna cum?"

"Yessssssssssssss!" Natasha moaned loudly.

"Well then, do it!" Wanda ordered, again smacking Natasha's fat ass, "Come on bitch, mmmmmmmmmm, you wanna cum, you do it! Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's it! Ride me! Be a good little anal whore and ride my strap with your slutty little ass hole! Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, there's a good butt slut! Oh fuck, The Black Widow is nothing but a filthy little anal bitch! Oh yes, cum for me bitch, cum! Cum for me, mmmmmmmmm, and be my bitch! Oh yes, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, CUM FOR ME, CUM LIKE THE LITTLE BITCH YOU ARE, MMMMMMMMMMMMMM FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! OH YES, THE BLACK WIDOW IS MY BITCH! MINE! ALL MINE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

The moment she got the permission she had been waiting for Natasha started slamming herself up and down, pretty much going from gentle to rough in the blink of an eye, and thus giving her an incredibly powerful climax. In fact, it was so powerful it caused her cum to squirt out of her cunt, and across the room. Although that was also helped by her leaning back as she concentrated on putting all of her weight into her thrusts. Best of all was when Wanda joined in on the thrusting, hammering upwards as Natasha pushed downwards, making sure that the anal pounding was as hard and as deep as it could possibly be. Which was one of the last things she thought, before The Black Widow became incapable of thinking coherently, the last coherent thought she had that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be The Scarlet Witch's Bitch.

Wanda grinned with delight as she heard that thought echoing in Natasha's poor overwhelmed head. Admittedly she was partly the reason for that, and not just because of the fact that she was butt fucking the other woman, as she was using her magic to make that happen. Well, she was using it in more ways than one, as she was both making sure Natasha had enough strength to continue the brutal rectum wrecking for longer than should be humanly possible, and making sure that phrase was echoing in her head. She was also heightening her speed and strength, and then later durability, so she could add her own thrusts to the mix, starting as strategic and occasional, but inevitably switching just to continuous thrusting.

One of the main reasons for that, if not the main one, was that she could no longer hold back from cumming herself. It had been hard enough throughout the slow, gentle ass taming, but now Natasha's fat ass was just jiggling like jelly in an earthquake, something which at this point Wanda could feel and sense more than she could see, but in a way that just made it all the more intense. Then there was the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and just the sheer joy of butt fucking The Black Widow, and maybe, just maybe, turning the legendary Natasha Romanoff into her lezzie sex slave, all of which combined to send her crashing over the edge.

Thankfully because of her practice with Daisy and Jemma, and admittedly her magic, Wanda was able to push herself through that amazing climax, and through several more, so she could achieve her ultimate goal. THE ultimate goal! Oh yes, she was achieving her ultimate goal of making The Black Widow her bitch. Her sex slave! And most importantly of all in that moment, her personal anal whore, with an ass which had been clearly made for fucking. Which was a thought which echoed through Wanda's head as she made herself and Natasha Romanoff cum multiple times through anal sex, both the small women becoming like wild animals relentlessly trying to destroy Natasha's butt hole.

Sadly Wanda couldn't keep this up forever, although she gave it a very good try. And she received an extra bit of adrenaline from outlasting the mighty Black Widow. Admittedly Natasha's orgasms were far more powerful than her own, but she was kind of experiencing them second hand, which definitely wasn't nothing. Whatever the case, it was a hell of a thrill for the other woman to collapse face down, literally becoming nothing but an orifice for Wanda's pleasure. Oh yes, the thought of turning Natasha Romanoff into nothing but a hole to be fucked gave one last powerful climax to The Scarlet Witch, and then she collapsed down onto the sweaty body beneath her. Which was a little embarrassing, but she couldn't help it, as she just got so carried away.

Trying to act like she meant to do that Wanda began kissing Natasha's sweaty little body, starting with her shoulders, then moving to the back of her neck, and then around and up to nibble on the other woman's earlobe, before huskily asking her, "So... what are you?"

Natasha cooed softly with enjoyment of the initial treatment, and then smirked, "What?"

Which wasn't a good sign, and for better or for worse Wanda rotated her hips, churning Natasha's bowels and causing The Black Widow to cry out, just before The Scarlet Witch pushed, "I said, are you my bitch?"

"What do you think?"  Natasha asked, looking over her shoulder. Then when Wanda continued looking at her expectantly she added with a chuckle, "You really think that was enough to break me? Mmmmmmmmm, oh little girl, you're going to have to do a lot better than that."

"Is that a challenge?" Wanda raised an eyebrow.

"What do you think?"  Natasha shot back with a taunting smile.

"I think... you're a hot little bottom, just waiting to be put in her place." Wanda announced boldly.

"Prove it." Natasha said, clearly challenging this time.

"Okay." Wanda grinned, happy to oblige. Which in this case, meant yanking her cock out of Natasha's ass, smacking that big booty and ordering firmly, "We can start by you spreading your cheeks like the little anal bitch you are. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, spread them for me like you did all those other women who butt fucked you. Oh yes, show me that pretty little gaping whore ass!"

Natasha was only too happy to oblige, pushing her big ass into the air and reaching back to grab two big handfuls of her meaty cheeks, before slowly pulling them apart to show off what the other girl had done to her most private hole. Not that she needed too, as she could feel just how wide that hole was, but it certainly emphasize the gape. More importantly though, it emphasized the submission she was feeling, and loving. Oh yes, Wanda Maximoff of all people had just given her one hell of a butt fucking, and the combination of that thought, and the little exchange they just had really put her in the mood to do this. And what she hoped would be required of her next. After all, this was a mind reader she was dealing with, so Wanda should know what to do next.

Wanda did indeed know what to do next, but part of that was staring deep into The Black Widow's bowels for a few long seconds via that gaping ass hole, although it may have been longer than that, given that Natasha taunted her with a smirk, "See something you like?"

"Yes." Wanda grinned wickedly.

"Well then, Maybe you should take a picture? It will last longer." Natasha teased.

"Great idea." Wanda agreed with another wicked grin, causing her phone to appear in front of her and start snapping a few shots, some close-ups on the well opened hole, others a nice wide shot so that she could make sure to get Natasha's face in it, The Black Widow not even trying to hide her face in the process. Then Wanda started taunting, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, that's so pretty. Mmmmmmmm, The Black Widow's gaping butt hole makes such a pretty picture. Maybe I should have it framed? Huh? Mmmmmmmmm, or at least show my SHIELD pets? Or better yet, The Avengers? Do you think they would like that? Mmmmmmmmm, that little boys club you're somehow a part of, getting to see your wide open back hole!"

"They've seen worse." Natasha quipped.

"I'm sure." Wanda said dryly, before grinning, "Luckily for you, I'm only interested in sharing these pictures with your fellow SHIELD bitches. And speaking of which, mmmmmmmm, let's give them something else to see, shall we? Oh yes, wrapped those pretty lips around my dick and suck it! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Without hesitation Natasha let go of her cheeks, turned around and wrapped her lips around the cock which Wanda had just used to pummel her slutty little ass, the infamous Black Widow tasting the deepest part of her butt on the dildo, an absolutely loving it. Something which was made clear from the way that she moaned the second that flavour hit her taste-buds, and the fact that she obviously savoured it for maybe a full minute. Then she started slowly bobbing her head up and down, initially concentrating on just the first few inches, before taking more and more of it into her mouth, and eventually she deep throated the entire length of it with well practiced ease. Oh yes, she took every inch down her throat, so she could get every drop of her ass cream.

Even when there was no more yummy butt cream to clean Natasha continued giving a long, drawn-out blow job. Mostly because she was expecting Wanda to give her another order, but the other woman seemed perfectly content with watching The Black Widow continuing to suck her dick. Not that Natasha could blame her, as she knew for a fact that she was good at it. So good, it inspired Wanda to take more photos with her phone, using her magic to make sure she got shots from multiple angles. And it would certainly be embarrassing if any of those shots got out, but Natasha was confident that was an empty threat. Apart from showing the other SHIELD agents, but let them see. At this rate, they might get to see this directly, and Natasha had to admit, there was a certain appeal to that.

What made this even more fun of course, was Wanda's running commentary, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, that's it, take it deep! Deep down your throat you whore! Ah fuck! Oh fuck yeah, suck it! Make sure you suck every little part of that cock good, mmmmmmmmm, and get every single drop of that yummy ass cream. Just like you did for all the others. Mmmmmmmm, and just like your fellow SHIELD sluts do for me. Oh yes, if they can do it, surely the mighty Black Widow can? Huh? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, put them to shame! Oh yes, Natasha Romanoff puts every other woman to shame with her blow job skills! Yeah she does, yeah she does, mmmmmmmmmm, oh God! Ah fuck! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, suck it!"

After what felt like an eternity Natasha felt herself being lifted into the air by Wanda's magic, the younger girl holding her there for a few long, threatening seconds, before lowering her down to her feet, positioning her right in front of the witch. The two women then stared at each other for a few long seconds, before they both leaned in for a surprisingly sweet and gentle kiss, given exactly what they had just been doing. What wasn't surprising was the way they moaned happily into each other's mouths, clearly loving the fact that Wanda was tasting Natasha's ass on Natasha's lips. And hopefully it wouldn't be for the last time. Although whether that was because Wanda join The Avengers, or The Scarlet Witch made The Black Widow her bitch remained to be seen. Then again, in that moment, it seemed both outcomes might happen at once.

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