Spy On The Scarlet Witch

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Jemma Simmons was worried about Daisy Johnson. She knew she shouldn't be, as even five years ago, when she had simply been known as Skye, and had no hand to hand combat skill she had been very resourceful and sneaky, and now not only was she a total bad ass who knew like a billion different ways to knocks someone out, but she had almost unrivalled power. It was just she was going undercover to spy on the one person who might be more powerful than she was, and Jemma just couldn't help worrying about her. Heck, she worried about her even when it wasn't necessary, so now she was losing her mind, especially as Daisy hadn't checked in for a while, meaning it was either going really well, or really badly.

Wanting to know for sure Jemma borrowed Fitz's tiny drones, and used the stealth technology to sneak them into the apartment of Wanda Maximoff. Sadly when she did Daisy was nowhere to be found, so she had the drones attach themselves to the walls and ceilings, and then left them there to record for 24 hours. It was a really nerve-racking 24 hours, in which the worst scenarios echoed in her head. Luckily she had a lot to keep her busy, but as always, Daisy was never far from her mind. Then it was finally time to watch the footage, and honestly Jemma wasn't sure what she was expecting, or hoping for, but what it was it definitely wasn't what she got. Because when she fast forwarded the footage she slowly stumbled across her best female friend kissing her target.

Admittedly, that kind of thing did happen in SHIELD, but she certainly wasn't expecting to see it between two women. Which should have been Jemma's cue to turn off the footage, which honestly she probably would've done if it had just been another clueless man being seduced by female spy, but it wasn't. This was Daisy, her Daisy, kissing another woman. Not that she was her Daisy, of course. She just meant as a friend, a really good friend, and... Jemma was getting side-tracked. The important part was Daisy was kissing another woman, who just happened to be maybe the most dangerous human in recorded history. And Jemma had to keep watching to make sure her friend was okay. Or at least, that's what she told herself.

It wasn't because the drones had captured just how beautiful they look together, the positioning allowing Jemma to watch them in multiple different angles. God, she wished she could have been watching it live, that way she could have zoomed in. Something she specially wished when they started taking off each other's clothes. Although, for better or for worse that made Jemma realize what she was doing, and she finally hit the fast forward button. At least until she saw something she couldn't resist watching. Mostly because it caused her hand to stop holding the fast forward button and instead cover her mouth in a soft gasp when she saw exactly what her best friend was doing now.


"More!" Daisy moaned, "Give me more. I need more. Please?"

"Not yet." Wanda cut her off, smacking Daisy's ass hard enough to make her cheeks jiggle, "Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, not yet, slave girl. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I haven't even started with you yet, so keep riding me. Yesssssssssss, ride me with your slutty little ass hole, you dirty little butt slut! Oooooooooooh, fuck yeah, earn your orgasm."

"Yes Mistress Wanda, sorry Mistress Wanda." Daisy moaned.

"Don't give me empty apologies, just do better." Wanda scolded, before pushing, "And do as you're told."

"Yes Mistress Wanda, gladly Mistress Wanda." Daisy grinned happily, before doing exactly that.

Daisy almost apologized again, simply because she was so blissed out with having the full length of her Mistress's dick in her ass. She also felt guilty, because she had deliberately sped up the speed of her thrusts, looking to get punished for her actions, and then really enjoyed that punishment. Oh yes, she enjoyed the feeling of Mistress Wanda smacking her ass and scolding her, thoroughly putting her in her place. And of course, just by thinking of it, she had made her actions clear to Mistress Wanda. Although she probably could have guessed. Either way she felt bad for manipulating her again, even if it was the whole reason she was feeling wonderful pleasure like this.

It was a feeling Daisy continued to get as she once again found herself slowly bouncing up and down on her Mistress's cock, causing it to slide in and out of her most private hole, and giving her the most obscene pleasure she'd ever known. But maybe that was a good thing, because it gave Mistress Wanda another excuse to punish her, which she did throughout the latest butt fucking. Well, it was hard to call it a punishment when she enjoyed it,, especially the words of encouragement and smacks to her ass, so it was also hard to complain. Especially once Daisy had established a steady rhythm, and was relentlessly sodomizing herself, much to the delight of both women.

"Yeah, ride me you little bitch! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, ride me!" Wanda grinned with delight, before delivering the latest smack to Daisy's butt, "Come on slut, you can do better than that. Put your back into it. Really destroy that slutty little ass hole of yours! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fucking ruin it! Mmmmmmm yesssssssssss, wreck it real good. Oh that's so good. Soooooooooo gooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmmm fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, I love it when my little anal slut rides my dick. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I own you, don't I Daisy? Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, I own you and your slutty little ass hole!"

"Yes Mistress Wanda." Daisy whimpered, before adding with a happy little moan, "You own me, mmmmmmmmmm, you own me and my slutty little ass hole! God, I love it! I love being yours! Oh yes, I'm yours Mistress Wanda! Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, I'm your little anal slut! Your little ass whore! Your little butt bitch! I'm whatever you want me to be, just please, please, ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd, please fuck my ass. I love it when you fuck my slutty little ass! Oh my God Mistress Wanda, mmmmmmmmm, bang my butt. Let me ride your big dick with my bitch hole until I cum all over you! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss, oh God, fuck me, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Admittedly, this wasn't Daisy's favourite position, but there was definitely something to be said for it, especially as she could stare into Mistress Wanda's eyes the entire time, and see shameless lust staring back at her. God, she loved the fact that she was pleasing the other woman with this twisted act. That both of them were thoroughly enjoying anal sex, perhaps most of all, despite the fact there was a giant cock up her butt. In fact, she was enjoying herself so much because there was a giant cock up her ass. And she was pleasing her Mistress. And just, everything. She loved everything about this wonderful moment, and wanted it to last forever. Sadly that wasn't possible, and although she tried to hold back for a long time ultimately Daisy begged for what felt like she desperately needed.

"Please, ooooooooooooooooh pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee, Mistress Wanda, can I cum?" Daisy whimpered, before adding with increasing desperation, "I need to cum! I need it! Please, give me permission to make myself cum. Or better yet, mmmmmmmmm, you can do it. Yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I don't care, just please let me cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Wanda grinned wickedly.

"YES." Daisy cried out, before quickly adding, "I mean, yes please Mistress Wanda. Pretty please let me cum! I need it! Please?"

"Well you'll have to do better than that." Wanda sing-songed.

"Yes Mistress Wanda, thank you Mistress Wanda." Daisy whimpered again, before taking a deep breath and then began begging shamelessly while desperately trying to think what her owner wanted to hear, "Oh please, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, please Mistress Wanda, let me cum! Allow me the privilege of cumming for you, my Mistress. I don't deserve it, I know that. I'm just a no good, lying, dirty, filthy spy, who tried to spy on you, got caught, and now my bitch ass is skewered on your big dick, where I belong. Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't deserve to cum, but I know how much you love to make an Agent of SHIELD cum so hard she squirts from taking your big cock inside her shit hole, ooooooooooooooh, please allow me the honour of doing that. Let me amuse you by ruining my whore hole for your amusement!"

"I suppose that will do." Wanda says almost nonchalantly, before grinning wickedly, "Go ahead bitch, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, make yourself cum! Make yourself cum on my big dick. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, squirt from having my big cock up your butt, you little anal whore! Cum! Fucking cum for me! Ooooooooooooh, fuck yeah, cum! And where's my thank you, bitch?"


Not needing to be told twice Daisy slammed herself up and down the dildo, quickly moving up to her full speed, as she went crashing towards the edge of orgasm. Of course, just as she was about to cum her wonderful Mistress started pounding upwards into her slutty little ass, instantly making her cum nice and hard. She then came over, and over, and over again as the two women work together to make sure the experience was satisfying as possible for both of them, but maybe especially the little anal slut that the supposedly mighty Quake had become. Oh yes, Daisy was beyond a shadow of a doubt very powerful, but she loved the idea that she had been conquered by an even more powerful woman. A superior woman. Her beloved Mistress Wanda. And now? She was nothing but her bitch. Her little anal bitch.

Wanda grinned widely as that last thought lingered in Daisy's head for quite a while, before her pet completely lost the ability to think coherently. Of course this inspired Wanda to butt fuck her bitch even harder than before, which was really saying something. It was also really impressive, considering about this time Daisy seemed to completely run out of steam. Not that anyone watching would know, because Wanda used her magic to truly turned the mighty Quake into her little fuck pet, dancing on a string. Oh yes, she took complete control of the other woman's body, and forced Daisy to continue bouncing her ass hole up and down her dick at the pace which surely she'd need to use magic to fix later, as otherwise there would be permanent damage.

It was such a thrill for Wanda to admire her handiwork after she had ass fucked her sex slave, as every time the other powerful woman seem to be ruined beyond repair, only for her slutty little butt hole to fully repair itself, and for Daisy to beg for more. Hell, Daisy had proven to be an insatiable anal slut, begging for more butt sex even when her most private hole was a cavernous ruin. But this time would be different, Wanda promised herself that. Admittedly, she promised herself that before, but this time really would be different. Oh yes, this time she really would have her personal little anal whore begging for mercy, and then for her to literally fix her wrecked bottom. Until then she would still make her cum as hard and as frequently as she possibly could.


Of course, those words had a downside, that being that not even Wanda's magic could stop her from cumming. Admittedly she was using most of it to brutalize Daisy's ass hole, but even if she was using it all to hold herself back it probably wouldn't have worked. Not with Daisy squirting her cum all over Wanda's stomach, and the blissful look on that pretty face and in those eyes, the other end of the harness bashing against her own clit, and just the sheer joy of anally dominating another woman was just too much. Especially as this woman was as close to her equal that there could be, and yet without a doubt The Scarlet Witch was the Mistress here, and the mighty Quake was just her anal bitch. Oh yes, Wanda had no choice but to cum at that point, but at least it was satisfying as always.

More importantly Wanda was able to push herself through it, and several more that followed, in the name of maximizing the pleasure for both of them. Unfortunately she hadn't yet learned how to increase Daisy's stamina, and at times when she got truly carried away like this inevitably her partner just passed out completely. Admittedly Wanda was so lost in her own pleasure she didn't notice at first, truly using Daisy is nothing but a fuck hole for her pleasure. But when she did notice she reluctantly allowed her lover to collapsed down on top of her, while making sure the dildo did not slip from Daisy's ass, as that would definitely wake her up. Instead Wanda just held her for a few long minutes while they recovered from the latest round of fun, smugly believing she had made her point to the hidden camera she knew was watching them.


Jemma couldn't believe her eyes. Two women were having anal sex in front of her. Something she thought was only the stuff of male fantasies. After all, what could they possibly get out of it? The answer to that was apparently not nothing, despite what Jemma would've argued only a few seconds ago, her dear friend Daisy bouncing up and down eagerly on Wanda's strap-on cock. Which had been shocking enough when she had first seen it and assumed the toy was penetrating Daisy's pussy, but after that little exchange the truth was undeniable, and weirdly Jemma found herself wishing more than ever before she could zoom in. Only out of morbid curiosity of course, the same way she would look twice at burning wreckage.

Which was also why she just couldn't turn off this obscene show, or even fast forward anymore. Yes, she was just so traumatized by watching two women engage in such an obscene act she couldn't do anything but stare at the screen. Especially given this was her best friend, the only best female friend she'd ever really had, subjecting herself to such a disgusting violation of her most private hole. And enjoying it! Oh God, how was her dear sweet Daisy possibly enjoying this? Because Jemma had always known she was a bit of a rebel, and proud of it, and even suspected her of homosexual tendencies, but she would never have dared to accuse her, or any other woman, of this.

Despite her indignity and outrage at what she was seeing Jemma's body had other ideas of how to react, especially her hands, which really went into business for themselves. Namely the one which had been against the keyboard slid up to fondle her breasts, and while the one which had been covering her mouth initially joined it soon it was headed further south, into Jemma's trousers. Something which took the genius an embarrassingly long time to realize, because she was just so transfixed on what was happening in front of her. And then when she realized it, she didn't stop it. She wanted to, she really did, but she couldn't. She just couldn't.

Luckily for Jemma, while this was horrendously embarrassing, she did have an excuse. After all, she had a tiny little crush on The Scarlet Witch, simply because she was so tremendously powerful, and that was intriguing. Also, she was cute as a button. And the only thing she was wearing was a harness, meaning that her breasts were exposed. But while she had a tiny crush on Wanda Maximoff it was nothing compared to the massive crush she had on Daisy Johnson from the moment she first met her as Skye. Who wouldn't? And she was completely naked! So of course she couldn't help masturbating to it. No other reason. Because they couldn't be, they just couldn't, Jemma told herself.


Jemma came at the same time her best friend did, and as Daisy didn't stop neither did she. In fact she spent hours masturbating, only stopping when the two other women snuggled together and went to sleep, which was both adorable and heart-breaking. Because they looked so good together, like they had throughout, and maybe this was more than just sex. Maybe they liked each other, something that Jemma should have been happy about, but in that moment she couldn't help think about how she wanted to be in Wanda's position. Not that she'd want to bum her best friend, but... well, she did like snuggling with Daisy, and... and if Daisy was going to be with a woman, surely it should be her? Right?

Loathing herself for those selfish thoughts Jemma finally turned off the laptop and tried to go through her nightly routine, but she just couldn't stop thinking about what she just seen. It was even worse when she actually tried to sleep, and instead she found herself laying wide awake thinking about what her best friend was doing, and perhaps more importantly, what she had just done. God, Jemma felt so guilty for not only watching her best friend having sex, but actually masturbating to it. And it got even worse, as instead of a one time mistake Jemma got so horny thinking about what she had just seen. She did it again, and again, and again, until finally she masturbated herself to sleep.

Although apparently even in her dream she wasn't safe, because they were filled with images of a naked Daisy being ravaged by The Scarlet Witch, all the footage she had watched while fast forwarding slowing right down so she could admire in detail the two women going down on each other. The difference was while Wanda had her way with Daisy she then sat on the face of the other woman, again in total control of the situation. Which continued to be the case as the strap-on was again added to the equation, only this time Jemma felt The Witch literally grabbing her and pulling her into the fun. Oh God, all of a sudden she was laying in front of a smirking Daisy, who was lowering her head, ready to lick her pussy, and then...

That was when Jemma woke up with a groan of frustration. It certainly wasn't the first time she was awoken just when a dream was getting good, but it had never been so frustrating. She'd also never woken up in a strange place. She wasn't the type to get blackout drunk, and she certainly hadn't been drinking last night. Which made her freak out, but then she turned to find Daisy sleeping next to her. This did a great job of calming her, even though she still had no idea what was going on. Then she noticed Daisy had an arm around her... that she was being spooned by Wanda, The Scarlet Witch smirking at her as she pressed her finger to her lips.

"Shhhhhhhh!" Wanda softly warned, before doing an impression of Elmer Fudd, "Be vewy vewy quiet. She's sleeping."

"Wha, what..." Jemma began understandably loudly, but then when she got a warning look from the dangerous witch she forced herself to be common quiet, "What's going on? Where am I? Is this a dream? Am I still dreaming?"

"No..." Wanda began, before grinning, "Well, sort of. I mean, it's a dream come true for you, right? What you were fantasizing about last night? While you were spying on us?"

Jemma blushed, and then after a brief pause swiftly prodded her friend and hissed, "Daisy!"

"What?" Daisy groaned, reluctantly opening her eyes, which then went wide when she saw who was in front of her, "Jem? What's going on? How are you here?"

"That's what I want to know." Jemma grumbled.

"Great, now the surprises ruined." Wanda grumbled softly about the same time as Jemma, and even though her words were pretty much drowned out she was very much aware of all eyes turning to her.

"Wanda?" Daisy questioned.

"What? I was just trying to do something nice for you." Wanda explained indignantly, before bluntly pointing out, "You want her. Don't you?"

Daisy blushed, then stammered, turning back to Jemma and protesting, "I, I don't-"

"Oh you do too. Don't even try to pretend otherwise." Wanda scolded, "She was all you talked about when we first met, and even after we started having sex you were thinking about her all the time. Especially when we were having sex."

"Wanda!" Daisy protested, looking back and forth now between the two women, trying to explain herself, "I... I wasn't. I, I love you Mistress Wanda. I only want to be yours, I swear. Jemma is innocent. Don't drag her into this. Just give me a chance, and I swear that I'll be the best sex slave ever, and won't think of anyone else, not even for a second."

"You misunderstand." Wanda purred with a wicked grin, "This isn't a punishment. No, that comes later. Now I want to reward you for being such a good little fuck toy, by letting you play with a one person you want above all others. The one you love. And I'm okay with you being in love with her, and you can even be together if you want, as long as you remain my lezzie bitch I can fuck whenever I want, however I want."

"I'm not in love with Jemma. I'm not." Daisy insisted, first to her Mistress, before turning to her best friend, "I'm not Jem, I swear. I mean, I love you, but..."

Wanda chuckled as Daisy trailed off because she finally realized the look was of Jemma's face was a disappointment, not of disgust or anything like that, at which point the witch pushed, "Something you want to share with the class, Jem?"

"I..." Jemma began softly.

"Tell her, or I will." Wanda cut her off with a firm threat.

"Tell me what?" Daisy frowned.

"I... I... I, I love you too." Jemma finally stammered, but only after Wanda gave her a warning look. Then when the expression on Daisy's face was hard to read Jemma began blathering, "I mean, I think I do. Maybe, sort of. I've never felt this way about another girl, not really, I mean, well, you're just so pretty, and amazing, and I-"

Having heard enough Daisy cut off Jemma's adorable rambling by pressing her lips to hers, something she had to pull away from quickly as she needed to thank her wonderful Mistress for what she had done for her, "Thank you Mistress, mmmmmmmm, this is the best gift anyone has ever gotten me."

"You're welcome my little slut." Wanda chuckled, reminding her, "You've more than earned it."

"Can I play with my present now Mistress?" Daisy asked hopefully, still staring at Jemma while talking to her Dom, quickly adding, "Please? Oh please Mistress, can I fuck Jemma Simmons in front of you? Make her squirm, tremble, and cum for me? Put on a show for you as a sign of my gratitude for getting me such a thoughtful gift?"

"No." Wanda said bluntly, finally getting Daisy to look at her with an adorably confused expression on her face, and then The Scarlet Witch explained, "You've been good, at least after I caught you spying on me. But this posh little tart has been very, very bad. Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, not only did she spy on us, she recorded us having sex, and then masturbated to it. She masturbated herself all night long to images, and the memory, of me having my way with my favourite little lezzie bitch. Of 'bumming' her. Of sitting on her face, mmmmmmmm, and giving her the privilege of worshiping my body. Oh yes, the girl you kept telling me was sweet and innocent spend the whole night having naughty thoughts about us, so I think she should be punished, don't you Daisy?"

"Oh yes." Daisy quickly agreed eagerly, before clarifying, "As long as that's what she wants."

"Oh it is, even if she doesn't know it yet." Wanda promised with a wicked smirk, "But since this will be her first time with a woman, and better yet, her first time with women, I want to take it easy on her, just this once. But, if she wants to come back for more, she'll definitely have to take a more severe punishment for her naughtiness."

"Like what?" Daisy asked, eager to hear what her Mistress had in mind.

"Well, a proper spanking, at the very least." Wanda smirked.

"Of course." Daisy agreed with a wicked smile.

"But, I think to properly earn my forgiveness, she will have to take a butt fucking." Wanda announced, thoroughly enjoying the look on Jemma's face, "Ooooooooooh yessssssss, now that has her scared. Mmmmmmmm, she's like you are. When we first met, an anal virgin. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, she still has her 'arse' cherry in tact, just waiting for a dominant woman to take it and own it. To make her cute little bottom theirs. Oh yes, the poor little thing is terrified of that, but she wants it. And she does, mmmmmmmm, because it's one of the things she was fantasizing about last night. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, don't try and deny it, Jem. You want to know what it's like to be my bitch? Well trust me, you're going to find out soon enough. Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, you're going to find out that you love it."

"You will Jem. Who wouldn't?" Daisy insisted, "Mmmmmmm, you'll love being Mistress Wanda's bitch. Her pussy is sooooooooo tasty, mmmmmmmm, and she fucks me so good, and you probably wouldn't think it, but it's actually kind of fun to be spanked. Especially when it's someone who knows what they're doing. Mmmmmmm, something you'll find out soon enough, I'm sure."

"As for this morning..." Wanda interrupted the ramblings of her sex slave, "I think she should be the one to worship your beautiful body. If she does a good job, I'll give her a gentle spanking. If she doesn't do a good job, well... the spanking won't be gentle."

"I'm, I'm not sure about this." Jemma finally stammered after a long silence.

"But you want to try it, if only because you love Daisy so much." Wanda pointed out, "So I'll make this easy for you... you can either do as you're told, and finally get to experience what it is like with a woman, and more importantly, what it is like with Daisy, or you can explain to your superiors why not only did you record your co-worker having sex with your target, but you masturbated to it."

Jemma blushed more than ever before, which was really saying something, before weakly whimpering, "You wouldn't."

"Wouldn't I?" Wanda grinned wickedly, "That's very presumptuous of you..."

"Mistress..." Daisy cautiously chimed in, "If Jemma isn't sure about this, we shouldn't make her."

"I wonder which one of you would be in more trouble?" Wanda questioned out loud, ignoring her slave, "Given the reputation of filthy little spies like you, I can't imagine you'd be punished for sleeping with me. Hell, if you were a men, you'd probably get a round of high-fives. But becoming my bitch? Blowing your covers? Masturbating yourself silly while watching a co-worker be dominated in the most obscene ways, instead of trying to help them? Oooooooooh, I can't imagine the mighty SHIELD would be happy about that. No, they would almost certainly discipline you, and not in the fun way I want too. No, they would yell at you. Fine you. Maybe even fire you. Is that what you want Jemma? To go through all that, and put Daisy through all that, just because you are too afraid to do what you really want? Because you're too afraid to pay the price? Because you were just a little scaredy cat? Huh?"

There was a long pause, then Jemma softly said, "You're right."

"About what?" Wanda pushed.

Jemma blushed furiously, but forced herself to admit, "I, I've... I've been bad. And I need to be punished."

"Yes you do." Wanda grinned, "And?"

"And..." Jemma blushed again, before beginning to ramble, "And, and I want to do what you say. To, to worship Daisy's beautiful body. Even if it means getting spanked. Oh please... Mistress Wanda, may I please worship Daisy's beautiful body with my unworthy mouth and tongue? Please my Mistress, I want to put on a show for you. To please you. Please?"

Wanda took a moment to savour those words, then she lightly scolded, "Mmmmmmm, that's better. But you haven't earned the right to call me your Mistress. Not yet. Mmmmmmm, let's see how you do with Daisy, before I even consider giving you the privilege of joining her in being my little lesbian sex slave."

"Yes... Wanda." Jemma replied instantly.

There was a brief pause, then Wanda pushed, "Well, let's get this show started, shall we? I mean, for a couple of baby dykes who are hopelessly in love with each other, you two are kind of a disgrace."

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress, thank you Mistress." Daisy listed off.

"Same." Jemma said awkwardly after a brief pause.

Daisy really wanted to grab that beautiful face and pull it into her own so roughly she would be slamming their lips together painfully hard, pin Jemma down, and pretty much try and suffocate her with her tongue. Which to be fair, was a feeling she had quite often, but this was the first time it felt like Jemma would actually welcome such a thing. Of course, now she was so close to getting what she had wanted for so long the last thing that Daisy wanted to do was screw it up by pushing things too far. Hell, if it was up to her she would give Jemma time to think about this indecent proposal, and then definitely be the one to go down on her first. However after a very long week of pure and unquestioning submission to Wanda Maximoff poor Daisy just couldn't resist obeying her Mistress.

So she's reluctantly stayed perfectly still and waited for Jemma to work up the nerve to come to her, a small part of her wishing that her normally timid friend would find the courage to insist on taking time to think about this. But she didn't, and Daisy was definitely glad about that, as Jemma found the courage to lean across the short distance using them and press their lips together. Which was funny enough, exactly how Daisy had imagined it. Well, not exactly. After all, she hadn't imagined them both being naked under the sheets of the bed, with her new Mistress watching them. But somehow it made it even better, because in that moment Daisy was overwhelmed with gratitude towards her wonderful Mistress, while being overwhelmed with happiness at the fact that Jemma Simmons was kissing her.

The only downside was that Jemma pushed her down onto her back, making Daisy squirm as she was forced to put some of her weight onto her well used butt. She also grimaced, which definitely had Jemma pausing and trying to pull away to ask what was wrong, but Daisy wasn't having any of that, and followed the other girl's lips with her own, making sure the kiss continued. For a few long seconds Jemma continued to be tense, but then she relaxed into the kiss, ensuring a few long minutes of gently making out with the other woman. Then the kiss was broken, and her fellow brunette moved her lips to her neck so she could start worshiping the sensitive flesh which was there.

Given that she had been pining over Jemma since the moment they met the long, drawn-out foreplay really wasn't necessary. Oh yes, Daisy just wanted to grab the scientist's head and shove it in between her legs for every moment of the foreplay, especially as it seemed to last forever. However, on the other hand, this was their first time together, and perhaps even more importantly they were trying to put on a show for their Mistress. Well, Daisy's Mistress, which would hopefully mean that Jemma would soon join her in submission. For that, Daisy could keep her mouth shut, and just be happy with whatever she was given. Especially as to be fair, it did feel good. Really, really good.

Jemma also wanted to speed up the foreplay because she was overwhelmed with being able to finally indulge in her desires for Daisy Johnson. However, while as a biologist she was very familiar with the female anatomy, she had never actually gone down on one, so she would've liked to have simply fingered the other girl as they passionately kissed, and maybe she could suck on her boobs for a little while. Yes, that seemed like a much kinder intro into this sort of thing. More like working her way through the shallow end, instead of jumping into the deep end. But she would be lying if she said this wasn't something she didn't at least kind of want, and if this was the worst punishment she received for watching them then it was very acceptable.

Still, Jemma was very, very nervous, which was why she lingered on Daisy's neck while sliding her hands over her body, at first, avoiding the most sensitive parts, before honing in on her breasts. Oh God, Jemma found herself cupping a pair of tits which wasn't her own for the very first time, and it was amazing. Especially considering they were Daisy's tits. Oh fuck, she was cupping Skye's tits! The former Skye, her closest female friend, her Daisy, was allowing Jemma to take her boobs into the palm of her hand, and then gently begin to squeeze and fondle them. And Daisy clearly liked it from the get-go, given the way that she whimpered, cried out and even moaned in pleasure just from this simple act.

Which emboldened Jemma to kiss her way down Daisy's chest until she reached those breasts, cautiously kissing her way up one of them, and taking a nipple into her mouth. Which was certainly different to things that she'd experienced before, but certainly not unpleasant, especially given it got positive sounds out of Daisy again. And again, it pushed Jemma to continue, in this case sliding her tongue around that sensitive bundle of flesh, and then sucking it gently. She then kissed her way down that boob and up the other so she could repeat the process. Which again, she did over and over again, again much to Daisy's delight. So much so she softly cupped the back of her head, and provided some gentle encouragement.

"Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss Jem, mmmmmmmmm, just like that. Good girl! Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Daisy moaned softly while stroking Jemma's hair, "That's so good. Yessssssssss, suck my tits! Suck them for my Mistress. Put on a good show for her, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and maybe she'll let us do this again. Would you like that Jemma, huh? If you would, keep sucking my tits! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, keep licking and sucking them just like that ooooooooooooh, and when you're ready, go lower. Oh yes, ooooooooooooh fuck, really put on a show for Mistress Wanda. Yes, do it, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, do it do it do it, AH FUCK!"

Being reminded of their audience didn't exactly help Jemma in that moment, but it might've helped Daisy, because the result was that she lingered on one of her nipples for an extra long time, as she considered her next move. Honestly, she was only just getting used to worshiping another woman's tits, and again she had the urge to slid a hand downwards to make her friend cum, like she always fantasized about their first time together. But she had her orders, and Daisy seemed more than ready for it. Not that Jemma blamed her. God no, if the positions were flipped, Jemma would probably be begging the other, more experienced girl to go down on her. Then for better or for worse, the choice was taken out of her hands.

"Come on Jemma, stop dawdling." Wanda scolded, "You heard your friend. Mmmmmmm yesssssssssss, she wants you to tongue her cunt, so get on with it. Oh yes, prove to your precious Daisy Johnson, that you truly are in love with her, and would do anything to make her happy. To make her feel good. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm sure you're making her tits feel amazing, but she clearly wants more, so give it to her. Eat her pussy like a good little dyke slut! Oh yeah, eat it good, and maybe, just maybe, I'll give you the same privilege that your little girlfriend gets. That's right... Jem, maybe, just maybe, I'll let you eat my pussy and call me Mistress."

Even though she wasn't sure how she felt about calling anyone Mistress, especially not this incredibly dangerous woman, Jemma definitely wanted to be able to eat Wanda's pussy. The Scarlet Witch was just so pretty, and she had new found confidence which was so very intoxicating. Of course, far more than that she wanted to eat Daisy's pussy, and even though Wanda's words caused her to blush with embarrassment they did push her into doing as she was told. Maybe a little quickly, as she shot her head downwards from Daisy's tits to... her final destination, and then without thinking about it closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and slid it over her target.

There had still been a small part of her at that point before that worried she wouldn't enjoy it, but as soon as Jemma got her first taste of pussy she realized how silly she had been. Of course she would like it. It was Daisy! The woman she had been pretty much in love with, or at least in lust with, since the moment they met. The real test would be to taste someone else's pussy, but while Jemma loved tests, and there was most likely a willing subject in this very room, she didn't want to think about the future right now. Hell, she could barely think coherently because she was too overwhelmed with that wonderful taste which was lingering on her tongue, and she would never, ever forget.

It was really kind of embarrassing, because she was so overwhelmed initially she didn't even repeat that first lick. Luckily Daisy and especially Wanda seemed to find that charming, or they were just worried about pushing her too far, as they didn't complain about her long pause in between the first and second lick. When she realized what she had done Jemma blushed with embarrassment and allowed herself a moment of self-loathing, before admittedly she over corrected by licking way too enthusiastically considering she had just started. She was smart enough to know that instantly that she was just too lost in the moment to actually stop herself, leading to Daisy to actually talk her down.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME!" Daisy cried out, enjoying this fast licking for a few long seconds, before reluctantly adding, "Stop, stop, STOP! Oh Jemma, mmmmmmmmmm, that felt so good. Too good. Oooooooooooooh, don't get me wrong, sweetie, I'd love you to do that later, mmmmmmmmm, but right now, you got to lick me slow, okay? Oh yes, we want to put on a nice long show for Mistress Wanda. And, mmmmmmmmmmm, I want to take my time, oh yes, really enjoy this. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, just like that. That's better. That's sooooooooooo much better. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, lick me nice and slow, oh fuck, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

What really freaked Jemma out was that she heard something similar inside her own head, which sounded like Wanda's voice, but only after Daisy had given up giving her instructions, and just simply enjoyed what she was getting again. Admittedly it didn't freak her out enough to stop, but it was still pretty weird. Also fascinating. It was something that she'd love to study in a controlled environment, but again this wasn't the time for that. No, this was the time to prove herself as a potential lover long term to the oh so cool girl by licking pussy despite no actual experience, apart from being able to copy what some well-meaning boyfriends had done to her when they were in this position.

Daisy considered giving Jemma more detailed advice, but honestly, there was something so endearing about the new comer willing to explore. Trial and error, as the scientist would say. Or any scientist for that matter. And sure, she kind of had that with Mistress Wanda, but not really, because her Dom had been able to read the minds of countless men and women performing this act, so she had a much better idea of what she was doing. Which certainly meant that she didn't make the rookie mistakes that Jemma made, and she definitely did a better job overall, but again, there was just something so endearing about what this inexperienced girl was giving her. And most of all, this was Jemma Simmons, the girl she'd been crushing on for so long now.

Honestly it was so overwhelming that Daisy actually kind of forgot that the two of them weren't alone here, and they were supposed to be putting on a show for her Mistress. Luckily without meaning too it must've been satisfying for Mistress Wanda, who happily watched them in silence for a few long minutes. So long that when Daisy finally remembered her main goal here, she immediately looked apologetically at her Dom, and then grinned with delight. Mistress Wanda had been wearing her strap-on all through the night, poking Daisy's butt as a reminder of what they would most likely do in the morning, but now she was rubbing lube into it, suggesting that she was about to join the fun, something which the infamous Quake would very much welcome.

"Enjoying yourself?" Wanda purred with a knowing smile.

"God yes! Oh my God, mmmmmmmmm, thank you Mistress! Thank you! Oooooooooooh, thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift." Daisy moaned, before grinning, "But it could be better."

"Greedy girl." Wanda chuckled, before teasing, "And how exactly could it be better?"

"You could fuck me too." Daisy answered without hesitation, adding with another moan, "Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, both my Mistress and my best friend could fuck me together. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, Jemma munching my queer little cunt like the closet case she is, ooooooooooooh, and you fucking my slutty little ass. Please, oh please, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh please, fuck me too Mistress! I want you to fuck me! I need you to fuck me! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, fuck me hard, right in the ass, and make me cum in Jemma's pretty little mouth! Oooooooooooh yes, that's what I want! Please give it to me, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah!"

"Well... since you asked so nicely." Wanda chuckled, before ordering, "Roll over, greedy girl. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, give me access to that cute little ass hole of yours. Oh yes, all the access I need."

"Yes Mistress Wanda." Daisy eagerly replied and obeyed.

Of course, she was carefully considerate of Jemma by doing this slowly, and admittedly Daisy selfishly pressed down firmly on her head so she wouldn't go anywhere. To her relief, Jemma seemed to be content with this. Hell, she didn't even seem to notice, something Daisy definitely could relate, as she had been just as lost in her first taste of pussy. And she would be definitely that lost if, and maybe when at this point, she first got to taste the pussy of Jemma Simmons. Oh God, combined with the thought of what was about to happen Daisy almost came. However luckily she was able to hold herself back, but a much more powerful orgasm was on it's way, probably right after her Mistress shoved her cock up her ass.

To Daisy's surprise, that didn't happen right away, Mistress Wanda choosing instead to stick her face in between her cheeks and start licking the hole she had passionately destroyed last night. It was a welcome surprise, and incredibly soothing, especially considering her butt hole hadn't quite recovered from last night. And oh God, Mistress Wanda not only slid her tongue around the still slightly stretched hole, but actually pushed her tongue directly into it! Into her ass, which again, made Daisy think she was going to cum. Which was wonderful, but not exactly what she had been craving. Luckily for her it wasn't long before she got exactly what she just begged for, albeit in a more gentle way than she thought she was going to get it.

Wanda was very tempted to shove every inch of her big dick up her bitch's butt in one hard thrust. After weeks of nearly non-stop anal sex Daisy could have probably taken it and felt mostly pleasure, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt to her precious Jemma what a shameless slut she was. And more importantly, the shameless slut Wanda had made her. Her little anal slut. Oh yes, that's exactly what Wanda had made her, and soon enough she would prove it. But first, she felt like giving Daisy a very special treat, and more importantly, to try something extra kinky simply because she was in the mood for it. And admittedly to make what happened next easier on her sex slave, to prove she wasn't completely cruel, and just because despite everything she cared a lot for Daisy.

Proving that Wanda not only slid her tongue around the hole, but pushed inside it. Oh God, she pushed her tongue as deep as it could go into another girl's butt! She even fucked it with her tongue, pushing it in and out, in and out, in and out, for several long minutes, getting the most wonderful sounds out of Daisy in the process. However, Wanda had become very familiar with those sounds, and knew that she was pushing her bitch dangerously close to climax. Which under other circumstances would be a good thing, but Wanda wasn't ready to make Daisy cum yet. Not without her dick in her ass. So she pulled back, spat into the open hole, and then very quickly repositioned herself behind the Asian girl, lined up her cock with that now wet butt hole, and began pushing forwards.

Again, despite her desire to ram every inch up there in one thrust Wanda was able to hold back, slowly pushing inch after inch into that little tail-pipe, making Daisy gasp, whimper, and even moan in the process. God, if anything proved that the mighty Quake was now a shameless butt slut, it was actually making her moan in pleasure from getting her ass stuffed with a strap-on dildo. Which of course, in turn made Wanda grin with sadistic delight. And she kept grinning throughout the rectum stuffing, especially when her thighs came to rest against Daisy's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dick was buried deep within the superhero's bowels. Something Wanda allowed the two of them, or perhaps even the three of them, to savour for a few long seconds, before she actually officially started the ass fucking.

She was even nice enough to rotate her hips, churning Daisy's insides and thus stretching her out for what was to come. Which would've probably made any self-respecting girl cry out in pain, yet this shameless little butt slut only cried out in pleasure, and Wanda loved her for it. Oh yes, she loved having a shameless little butt slut, who's slutty little butt she could abuse is much as she wanted, and yet still she would love it. Especially as this was supposed to be a respectable government agent, and a superhero to boot, and yet here Wanda was using her like the shameless anal prostitute, that thought echoing in her mind as she began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slid in and out of Daisy's back door, arguably officially beginning the sodomy.

Daisy had no idea how she hadn't cum yet, given it was so overwhelming to be attacked front and back, first by a pair of eager tongues, and now by one tongue in one long, thick dildo which was rearranging her insides. Or more accurately, reminding her ass hole that it's true purpose now was to be a fuck hole for the pleasure of Wanda Maximoff. That's what it was made into by her wonderful Mistress, and Daisy couldn't be more happy with that, as it resulted in a lot of pleasure for them both. Just as her pussy was meant to be licked by an eager little girl tongue. Jemma's tongue! Oh yes, her pussy was meant to be licked by Jemma Simmons, and Jemma Simmons was meant to lick it.

Even though these thoughts, these facts, were overwhelming, Daisy was just about able to stop herself from cumming because the other women were obviously trying not to make her cum. They also obviously trying to get her as close as possible to the edge of orgasm by licking and fucking her so slowly, but they really didn't have to try. After all, this was her first threesome, it was an all girl one, and she was doing it with the girl she was in love with, and the woman she had become obsessed with in a very short time. So if anything it was a miracle she didn't beg to cum sooner, and Daisy had to wonder if Mistress Wanda cast a spell on her or something to make sure she lasted longer than was natural.

Of course ultimately it just became too much, and Daisy whimpered, "Make me cum! Ooooooooooooh Gooooooooooddddddddddd, please Mistress Wanda, fuck my ass and make me cum! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, pound my slutty little ass hole hard and deep and make me squirt all over Jemma's face! Please? Oh please, mmmmmmmmm, make me squirt all over Jemma's beautiful face. I know, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I know my pleasure isn't the priority, it's yours. Always yours. But surely we wouldn't be doing this, if you didn't want me to squirt all over Jemma's pretty face, so please let me do that. Yessssssssss, I wanna do it. Oh shit, please let Jemma tongue fuck me, ooooooooooooh, or just wreck my shit hole! I don't care, just make me squirt, oooooooooooh, squirt on Jemma's bitch face! Yessssssssssss, oh fuck, make me cum like a bitch, all over the face of the woman I love! Please? Oh please, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Oh God! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooodddddddddddd!"

Just before that last outburst Wanda ordered loudly, "Come  on Jemma, mmmmmmmmm, let's give this little slut what she so desperately needs."

Dear sweet Jemma was the first to give Daisy what she wanted, shoving her tongue as deep as it could go into her cunt and then beginning to fuck her with it. Poor Daisy tried to resist, but when combined with everything else, especially the overwhelming sensation of Jemma Simmons being involved with this, she just couldn't stop herself from cumming and cumming hard. Which adorably, completely put Jemma off her game, which would've given Daisy a much-needed chance to recover, if it wasn't for the fact that Mistress Wanda continued gently sodomizing her, keeping her on that high throughout that incredible climax, making it easy to push her to another one. Then Mistress Wanda slowly began to increase her pace, and poor Daisy just lost her mind.

It had been 'bad' enough before, but this was just too much for poor Daisy and she went berserk, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, and she would probably pushed Jemma off if it wasn't for the surprisingly strong grip which was suddenly all around her. Which honestly was probably Mistress Wanda using her magic, just as she was probably using it to make sure the following butt pounding got results. Whatever the case she was extremely grateful, which was Daisy's last coherent thought for quite a while as she lost the ability to think coherently. That, and just how much she loved her Mistress Wanda. And Jemma. And oh God, she hope they could do this again, because she couldn't put into words just how wonderful this was.

Jemma Simmons was a scientist above everything, and therefore she didn't make guesses based on hopes, but evidence. Which was why she hadn't made a move on Daisy, as there were too many variables, and not enough evidence. Or at least that had been her excuse. But the fact that Daisy's regular pussy juice was the best thing she'd ever tasted suggested this girl's cum would be even better, and that was proven so wonderfully true. She'd had her doubts for sure, but when it hit her taste-buds she was completely blown away. Which of course, was kind of a bad thing, as it meant she missed out on swallowing that precious liquid. Although it ended up covering her face, which certainly wasn't nothing, and it left her with a sense of achievement that she at least contributed to that.

While she was busy being stunned into doing basically nothing, Wanda made Daisy cum again, this time just through the rough anal pounding she was now giving her. Which was ironic, because even as girl cum was being squirted all over her face Jemma winced and her arse hole quivered with fear as she witnessed what Daisy was going through. To her shame she was also incredibly aroused by it, and couldn't help think what it would be like to receive such treatment. Something that she had just unwittingly told the mind reader, Jemma cringing as she could practically taste the grin on Wanda's face. Jemma then heard a voice in her head telling her to keep licking, and overwhelmed with lust as she was the poor scientist could do nothing but obey.

Not that it was a bad thing. No, it was an extremely good thing, as it meant she got to lick up some precious girl cum, and more importantly, make the other girl cum multiple times, first by concentrating her licks on Daisy's clit, and then by shoving her tongue back into that tasty cunt. She was even able to tongue fuck Daisy. Not much, considering how frequently she was cumming, but definitely enough to make a difference. Definitely enough, given she would remember this wonderful moment forever. And she would be forever be grateful to Mistress Wanda for that. Also the fact that Mistress Wanda was the reason Jemma got to taste the heaven that was girl cum. Admittedly she didn't get to swallow nearly as much as she would've liked, but again, Jemma loved the fact that a lot of it ended up on her face. God, she loved it so, so much.

She loved it so much she didn't even care that her own body went untouched, at least until Wanda abruptly pulled out of Daisy's ass, leaving her friend to collapse in exhaustion. Then Jemma became hyper aware of the fact that her body was aching for release, so much so she literally whimpered with need. Fortunately there was a simple solution for that, as it felt like all she would need to do was rub her clit a little, and maybe slip a finger inside herself, while licking her cum coated lips and she would cum for sure. Unfortunately for her she was stopped by an unseen force, and even in her exhausted state she knew exactly what that was. And sure enough, all she had to do was look up to see the glowing red eyes and hands of Wanda Maximoff to know exactly what happened.

"What?" Wanda frowned, trying to seem stern, although her happiness shone through, "You think you deserve to cum, after what you've done?"

"Please..." Jemma whimpered pathetically.

"Please what?" Wanda pushed.

"Please... Mistress Wanda, let me cum. I need to cum." Jemma whimpered again, hesitating because she sounded so overwhelmed, not because she was disgusted, "Please let me cum. I need to cum, I need it so bad. Oh please Mistress Wanda, grant me the privilege of making myself cum like a little dyke slut with girl cum all over my face."

There was a long pause, then Wanda gave her pray wicked smile, and offered, "I suppose I could give you the privilege of cumming, if you do something for me..."

"Anything." Jemma whimpered once again, instantly regretting it.

"Anything? Ooooooooooooh, that's what I like to hear." Wanda purred wickedly, "Mmmmmmmm that's right Jemma, you will do anything for me. Starting with sucking my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, suck your little girlfriend's ass off of my big dick. Get a little taste of what you have to look forward to when it really is your turn."

Which once again had Jemma whimpering, although she didn't hesitate to reply, "Yes Mistress Wanda."

Wanda thought the way that Jemma scrunched up her face was adorable, and she loved the fact that she was forcing the spy to perform such a twisted act for her. Oh yes, she didn't have to be a mind reader to know that Jemma was disgusted by this order, but it made it so much more delicious. Especially as the nerdy little girl forced herself to go through with it, prim and proper Jemma Simmons closing her eyes, opening her mouth, lean forward and wrapped her lips around the strap-on dildo which had just been deep inside another girl's rectum. The rectum of her dear friend and girl crush Daisy Johnson. Going ass to mouth like some kind of porn star, or even just a common whore. That's what Jemma was thinking, making it that much more delightful when she found herself liking it.

So much so that prim and proper Jemma Simmons moaned with delight from her first taste of ass, causing Wanda to chuckle wickedly. Wanda then chuckled wickedly again as Jemma desperately trying to convince herself that this was some kind of magic trick. Not that the scientist believed in magic, even after everything she had seen, which had to be the most hilarious thing of all. That, or the fact that while she was lost in her disbelief Jemma noisily sucked the cock clean, and then started bouncing her head up and down the strap-on dick. She actually took an impressive amount into her mouth, and even tried to push it into her throat. Admittedly she didn't get very far, but Wanda appreciated the attempt, and thought it was certainly worthy of a reward.

"Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, suck it Jemma. Good girl. Suck Daisy's ass off my big dick! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Wanda gleefully encouraged, stroking the hair of her soon to be pet, "Take it into your throat, if you can. Yessssssssssssss, that's it. Yes, that's really impressive for someone like you. Oh yes, try and take it all the way, but if you can't, that's okay. Yeah, that's okay, as long as you lick the base. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, just like that. Exactly like that. Mmmmmmmmm, make sure you get every drop. Oh yes, I think that deserves a reward, don't you? Yes it does, yes it does. Ooooooooooooh, so take it. Yes, take your reward Jemma. Make yourself cum like the dirty little ass to mouth slut that you are! Ooooooooooooh, fuck yeah, take your reward bitch. You've earned it."

That was especially true as Jemma hadn't hesitated to start licking the base. Admittedly that might be because she was just lost in the moment, and her enjoyment and getting her first taste of Daisy's ass, but it was still definitely worthy of a reward in Wanda's opinion. One which Jemma was quick to take as soon as she was given permission, only instead of the gentle rubbing she had been planning on the little slut shoved two fingers straight away inside her needy little cunt, and started frantically rubbing her clit. Not that Wanda could blame the poor girl, but it was still amusing. Especially as she was still able to keep licking and sucking that cock as she fingered her attention starved pussy, eventually making herself cum. Admittedly not with the kind of mind blowing climaxes which Wanda and particularly Daisy had just had, but it was probably all the poor girl could take at this moment.

Again this caused Wanda to chuckle with wicked delight, especially as because of the intense connection she'd established between them she practically felt what Jemma did. It was something that she normally couldn't do with Daisy, as her orgasms were just too intense, but this was a nice dessert to the main course she'd had while pounding Daisy's ass. Oh yes, as always she had cum nice and hard from butt fucking her bitch, although not as much as her bitch, who was still lying face down from the intensity of what she had felt. Which did give Wanda a great look at Quake's gaping back hole, although for once she barely looked at it, as she was too busy enjoying the show that her new pet was putting on. Especially as she was busy coming up with wonderfully wicked ways that she could punish Jemma, and make her hers.

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