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Uh, She-Hulk has a noise complaint... Just kidding. She's a futanari too! Ms. Marvel continues to be used and abused. Yikes.

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Kamala blushed as she walked toward the bathroom. It was an intimidating experience, knowing your idol was secretly some kind of perverted monster. And yet, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Carol was simply not communicating some part of the plan correctly. After all, Kamala was supposed to be trained to be an Avenger, right? This was all some sort of test… It had to be.

Cum dribbled down the insides of both thighs as she stopped at the entrance, steam  creeping from the space where the bathroom door hung ajar. The girl had to come to terms with the fact that Carol was completely different than what she expected. And yet some part of her still clung to the previous image in her head, a hero and savior. Kamala had always wanted to be like Captain Marvel. She would simply explain to the blonde that she didn’t like their previous encounter. Everything would be professional and they would move forward with a better understanding of each other…

“Ready for round two?” Captain Marvel called out to Kamala as the woman finally struck up the nerve to push the door open.

“Uh,” Kamala blinked as she stepped in. The main room hadn’t looked like anything special—just a really nice hotel room. There was no abundance of personal items to clue her in that this was Carol’s room. The bathroom, however, was full of various unique and very colorful sex toys. Most were very straight-forward with their use. Others took a little more time for Kamala to figure out, while others completely baffled the girl. She figured she was better off not knowing… and yet she couldn’t help but stare at the odd device attached to the wall. Various pipes and hoses ran from it, some leading out of the room, and another leading to a large, measured tank with another hose connecting to the bottom. It was definitely a weird thing to have in a bathroom…

Kamala did her best to ignore everything she saw. She slid the glass door open, stepping into the shower with Carol. She crossed her arms over her chest, not that it did any good. Carol’s gaze roamed over her body, already planning what she was going to do to her next.

“Come on,” Carol’s eyes lingered a bit longer before meeting Kamala’s, “you act as if we don’t already intimately know each other. There’s no reason to be so shy.” The blonde moved quickly, wrapping her arms around Kamala and holding her close. The brunette would easily be able to feel the hardening length pressing against her rear.

“H-hey,” Kamala finally spoke up, “I wanted to talk to you about… uh… that.” She emphasized while Carol rubbed against her, grinding her massive dick against her. It practically radiated power and warmth.

“Aw,” Carol fake pouted, “Are you already wimping out on training? That’s a shame. I really thought you had it in you.”

“All I had was your dick in me,” Kamala quipped back. “That wasn’t training! You were just fucking me!”

Carol scoffed and shrugged. “I told you I needed to blow off some steam. You didn’t turn down the deal. I’m not sure I see what the problem is. There are people who would kill to choke on my dick… and you can have it whenever you want. Do you want me to be more gentle? Do you wanna cum this time? Is that the problem?”

The brunette was in no position to protest, especially with Carol’s arms wrapped around her. They gently slid down her body, lightly caressing and groping her breasts before moving over her stomach. Kamala gasped at first, having never really had someone touch her so intimately before.

She was still angry but she couldn’t help but feel confused as Carol rubbed against her and teased her body so perfectly. Kamala softly moaned as the blonde’s hand moved lower, sliding between her legs. She gasped as Carol’s middle and ring finger quickly plunged into her wet pussy.

“See,” Carol purred into her ear, “Look how eager you are. So wet… and weak.”

Kamala closed her eyes, loving the way Carol’s powerful fingers kept pumping into her. She moved her hips with the rhythm, grinding herself against the Avenger’s hand. Her breathing became more ragged as she approached climax.

“That’s right. Cum for me,” Carol taunted. Her other hand gently squeezed the Kamala’s breast, making sure to toy with her painfully hard nipple. “Isn’t this what you always wanted? I can only imagine you have a scene like this in one of your fanfics.” Her fingers continued to pump in and out while Kamala attempted to suppress her moans of pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” the brunette gasped a few more times as her body tensed up before she climaxed. Kamala cried out in ecstasy as Carol continued to finger her, drawing out the girl’s moans of pleasure.

“See,” Carol nibbled at Kamala’s ear, “I’m not so bad. I let my toys have some fun too. But now that you’ve had yours, I want mine again. Fair?”

“H-huh?” Kamala hardly had time to react as she was shoved against the cold shower wall. She tried to pull away but Carol was far too strong. She kept her pinned against the wall, her hard cock rubbing against Ms. Marvel’s ass once again. “W-wait!”

“Time is of the essence, Kamala. You of all people should know that,” Carol ground her cock against the girl’s rear. She grabbed Kamala’s leg and lifted it up so she had better access to the woman’s pussy. Carol rubbed her cock against Kamala’s cunt for a few moments before a more depraved idea crossed her mind. “You’re a flexible girl,” she commented, not really following up on the statement.

Her hand went to Kamala’s lifted leg and she bent over, sliding her hand over the girl’s calf until grabbing her by the ankle. As Carol stood, she lifted the foot into the air until Kamala, trying not to topple over, was practically doing a split. Carol spun Kamala around so her leg rested against her muscled shoulder as she faced her. She wanted to see the embarrassment and shame the girl displayed as her throbbing, needy cock rubbed against Kamala’s dripping pussy.

“There. This is much more intimate. Wouldn’t you say?” Carol smiled, slowly inserting herself into Kamala.

“F-fuck you,” Kamala groaned as she looked away.

“My pleasure,” Carol thrust her hips forward, causing Kamala to bounce against the shower wall from the hard and fast motions. In the small bathroom, the echos were almost like a jackhammer being used as Ms. Marvel was fucked. She grabbed Kamala by the chin, forcing her to look forward.

“Keep your eyes open. Look at me while I’m fucking you,” Carol demanded. She stared deep into the woman’s brown eyes, her cock hardening as she watched the mixture of hate and fear in her expression. The blonde nibbled her bottom lip as she pounded Kamala. It didn’t take much more for her cock to finally pump another thick, creamy load into the girl’s cunt. The hot, messy substance erupted into her pussy, throbbing with power with each pulse.

“You’re so much better than the milker,” Carol pulled out with a sigh of relief. She smiled as she let go, watching the girl’s weakened body fall to her knees in front of her. Never missing an opportunity, she took her half-hard cock and gently slapped the head against Kamala’s cheeks. “Come on, loser. You think a villain is going to stop after fucking your brains out? That’s step one of your training. If you can’t take a dicking then there’s no way you can take a punch.”

Kamala closed her eyes and tried to turn her head away but felt the head rub against her lips. Her eyes flickered back open only to focus on Carol guiding the massive thing forward. The brunette knew what to do. She opened her mouth wide, letting Captain Marvel’s massive fuckstick slide between her lips and over her tongue. She had done this a lot and was quite used to the taste, and yet it tasted different this time. A soft blush covered her cheeks as she realized the new flavor was her own pussy juice covering Carol’s dick.

Carol groaned as she forced the entire length down Kamala’s throat. The rhythm was slow this time, just to watch tears flow from Kamala’s eyes as she gagged and then see her gasping for air, the cock still resting against the tip of her tongue. She kept going just to torment the poor girl. She loved the way Kamala’s eyes flickered as she pushed forward for just a little too long.
“I’m so close,” Carol grunted. “I just need a little more…”

The blonde pulled away for a moment, her cock pulling out of Kamala’s mouth. Grabbing the brunette’s wrists, she pinned them against the wall while positioning her cock back at the girl’s mouth and harshly thrusting forward. Ms. Marvel instantly gagged at the sudden rough intrusion. With her hands held over her head, Carol continued to slam forward, fucking Kamala’s throat while banging her head against the shower wall.

Carol heard the gags and gurgles of distress from the woman, all of which helped push the sadistic hero over the edge. She grunted loudly as she pulled back and aimed her spurting cock directly at Kamala’s face. Thick, heavy loads of jizz splattered against the soaked girl’s face before slowly sliding down her features while the shower washed it away.
“Now that we’re done with the warm-up,” Carol licked her lips, her cock still completely erect and ready to go.

Kamala blinked and shook her head while coughing at trying to get back to her senses. “N-no! I’m done with this! Th-this is fucked up and I’m leaving.” She stood and stumbled out of the shower, not even bothering to reach for a towel. She dripped everywhere as she made her way toward the door. She even glanced over her shoulder to see if Captain Marvel was going to stop her, but she was still standing there, her thick cock pointing straight out.

She knew Carol was faster than her. She knew that the woman was sick and loved to give false hope. Kamala still didn’t think she was going to make it to the door in time, and if she did she wouldn’t be able to leave the room. She yanked open the bathroom door, ready to sprint toward the room’s exit. And yet as soon as she placed a foot against the carpeted floor she slammed into a solid wall of muscle.

She-Hulk stood there, hands on her hips and eyebrow quirked. She wore her usual white and purple leotard with a pair of black shorts. She looked oddly casual for a superhero. “Uh, you’re in a hurry,” she commented.

“Oh,” Kamala said blankly, only to realize she was finally saved. “Oh! Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to see you! I—I have so much to say. I just… th-thank you for saving me. I’ve been through so much.

“F-first—let me say that she is a monster! A true monster. She deserves to rot in a cell like that Weinstein guy! She made me do all sorts of weird sex stuff and said it was training.”
“Oh,” She-Hulk looked concerned, her brow still arched as she looked to Carol, who was just as nonchalant and erect as ever. “And then?”

“She’s into weird stuff, like all those sex toys in there. I thought she was going to kill me when she shoved her mega-sized dong down my throat!”

“Hmm,” She-Hulk nodded, not particularly as shocked as she should have been, “I see.”

“And.. and…” Kamala narrowed her eyes as her hope quickly deflated as she realized the situation.

“Well,” She-Hulk looked down to Kamala, “How long can you hold your breath?”

Kamala blinked and shook her head. “What? I need to get out of here. J-just get me out of here. This isn’t funny anymore.”

Carol decided to join the conversation, walking up behind Kamala. Her thick, hard length pressing against her rear once again as she stood dangerously close. “She can hold it for a long time. You should give her a try.”

Kamala practically jumped away, spinning around and pointing a finger at the blonde. “L-listen! I’m leaving here! Whatever this place is!”

“It’s a SHIELD facility,” Carol’s eyes roamed over Kamala’s body once again. She turned her attention to She-Hulk. “You really should sample the goods, Jen. She’s so tight. I bet you’d lover her.”

“Hm,” She-Hulk smiled as she grabbed Kamala by the head, her whole hand practically engulfing the girl’s head as she pushed downward until the brunette was on her knees. As she let go, Kamala quickly tried to stand but Jen pushed her back down each time she tried to stand, silently telling her to stay in place. Once Kamala got the clue and stayed kneeling, she hesitantly stared over her shoulder to Captain Marvel’s throbbing cock. But that wasn’t the threat Kamala should have been paying attention to.

She-Hulk, satisfied with Kamala’s eventual obedience, tugged her shorts down, letting them fall around her ankles before kicking them away. A growing bulge could be seen in the crotch of her leotard. She slipped her fingers underneath the material and simply pulled it aside, letting her ridiculously massive cock flop free. It was only half erect, based on the way it kept growing, and it was already as big as Carol’s.

Kamala blinked and swallowed as she stared at the enormous green cock in front of her face. She-Hulk grabbed the impressive length and rubbed it against the brunette’s lips, her mouth slightly agape with shock. The girl attempted to pull away, but She-Hulk grabbed her by the back of the head to keep her in place while she eased her hips forward, feeding more and more of the thick girlmeat directly into her mouth. The hardening length stretched the girl’s jaw as it pushed forward, barely fitting between her lips at this point. It was already blocking her airway even before it bumped against the back of her throat.

“She is tight,” She-Hulk moaned as she continued to push forward until Kamala’s nose pressed against her hard, muscled stomach.

Ms. Marvel’s eyes flickered as she raised her hands, trying to push the green-skinned woman away. It was no use, though. She-Hulk held her in that position, forcing the brunette to use her power to stretch her throat so she could breath.

“Oh, she’s cheating,” Jen said with a bit of disappointment in her voice.

“She does that. She should know better by this point, though,” Carol sighed. “Feel free to punish her, I guess,” she commended nonchalantly.

“I think she’ll learn her place,” She-Hulk grabbed Kamala’s head with both hands, holding her incredibly steady as she slowly pumped her cock in and out of the woman’s throat a few times to get used to the motion. After all, she needed practice for the movement since she didn’t want to hurt the poor girl. Jen pulled out, her thick, meaty cock head rubbing against Kamala’s tongue and coating it with pre-cum. Before Kamala could register what was happening, She-Hulk had already thrust into her throat a dozen times, her grip on Ms. Marvel’s head making the motion quicker and easier as she fucked her face with her full strength.

The wet sound of She-Hulk’s giant, green cock punching into Kamala’s throat echoed through the room. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she choked on the thing, her powers doing very little to accommodate for the harsh speed and power that was being directed into her mouth. The brunette continued to gag and sputter while her hands helplessly pushed against She-Hulk’s powerful, flexing thighs.

After enduring this treatment for what felt like hours due to oxygen deprivation, She-Hulk hilted herself in Kamala’s throat and climaxed. Thick, powerful bursts of cum shot directly into her stomach in full force that felt more like a fire hose. The loads were so massive that it completely filled Kamala until it had nowhere else to go as she filled up. With her throat blocked, the overflow of cum simply sprayed from her nose in twin jets all over She-Hulk’s thighs. It was enough to cause the green giantess to finally pull away with uproarious laughter. A large portion of the cum continued to splatter out onto the floor as she coughed and hacked. Cum, spittle, and tears trailed down her face and over her entire body. Absently, Kamala wiped her mouth while the two superpowered dickgirls continued to laugh at her humiliation.

“She is pretty tight… and talented, too!” She-Hulk added. “If we keep her around we might not even need to use the milker. We can just deposit our loads directly into her.”
“Think SHIELD would go for that?” Carol chuckled.

“We won’t know until we try, right?” She-Hulk smiled as she stroked her still-hard member.

Kamala was still trying to recover from the harsh treatment when Carol grabbed her by the hair, swiftly shoving her cock down her throat and thrusting a few times, instantly making more of She-Hulk’s cum bubble forward as she gagged. Carol quickly withdrew, practically tossing Kamala aside.

“You made her throat all loose. It’s just not the same,” Captain Marvel glared at She-Hulk, who merely shrugged in response. She returned to the bathroom, only to return with a silver butt plug. She-Hulk looked confused, but Kamala quickly shook her head.

“No! You two have used and abused me so much already! I… I draw the line here! N-nothing’s going in my butt!” Ms. Marvel sternly protested, although still looked like a complete mess with cum and sweat dripping from her body.

“Okay,” Carol stated as she walked over, picking Kamala up by the waist. Despite the girl’s sudden resistance and squirming around wildly, the blonde took the plug and rubbed it up and down Ms. Marvel’s soaked pussy. She then pressed it against the brunette’s puckered hole. The pressure was firm and the amount of lube from her cunt made it only a matter of time before the base penetrated her rear. Kamala whimpered as she tried to clench and fight back, but she was no match for Carol. And once the thick thing made the slightest bit of progress then it all pushed in at once, stopping as the plug narrowed and was caught by the base. Carol tapped the base, activating the seemingly alien sex toy before dropping Kamala to the floor.

The brunette felt the plug suddenly widen, making it impossible to remove for most people. Except, with her powers it would be no problem for her to take the thing out, although extremely embarrassing. Kamala grabbed at the base of the thing and tugged, only to feel it still very firmly in place. She winced at first, tugging a little harder, but it still didn’t budge.

“Confused?” Carol smirked down at her. A deep blush covered Kamala’s face as she still tried to pull the thing out. “It’s a power neutralizer. Technically, it’s a modified ICD… Inhuman Control Device. So, you’re very powerless at the moment. Let’s see if that tightened you back up, shall we?”

Kamala’s eyes went wide with alarm. She had been using her powers the whole time just to keep from being seriously injured by the duo. Now, she had no idea what would happen. Carol wasted little time as she grabbed Kamala by the hair once again, pulling her head back so she was looking at her cock while upside down. From this awkward angle, she pressed her cock against the girl’s lips and then drove her hips forward in a single thrust. Hilting herself in Kamala’s throat, her balls resting against the girl’s nose, her massive cock made a very noticeable bulge in her throat. She ground her hips against the brunette’s face as she moaned with satisfaction.

“Yeah,” Carol groaned, “that’s more like it.”

Kamala gagged around Carol’s cock, her throat massaging the thick length as she struggled for air. It was the least of her troubles, though, as She-Hulk picked her up by the hips, bringing her into a more horizontal position, yet still firmly anchored onto Captain Marvel’s cock. She held Kamala by the hips while her thick, green fingers rubbed up and down her wet slit.

Her middle finger slowly pushed inside, already feeling thicker than anything she’d experienced thus far since she couldn’t rely on her powers any longer. The probing digit pumped in and out before a second was added, easily making Kamala squirm as it stretched her out. It was a much tighter fit, but it eventually slid in and out with ease.

Carol continued to ease her cock in and out of the girl’s throat while holding her by the shoulders. She-Hulk began to add a third finger, causing Kamala to try her best to get away. The struggling did nothing, though. Between the two Avengers she stood no chance. The finger pushed inside, stretching her out that much more. She would have screamed if not for the constant gagging and choking. Wasting oxygen on a scream wasn’t an option.

The three thick fingers pumped in and out for a while until they pulled away, leaving Kamala feeling strangely empty. The feeling was short-lived as the thick, monstrous head of She-Hulk’s cock pressed against the well-stretched hole. Even after what she had just endured, the gamma-infused goddess’ cock felt way too big to fit. With both of She-Hulk’s hands on her waist, Kamala knew that her opinion didn’t matter. It would fit… eventually.

She-Hulk was a bit more slow and gentle now, but still just as powerful as she pushed the head of her dick against Kamala’s dripping pussy. The head popped in with enough force to knock the breath from her lungs—if not for Carol’s length blocking the way. Slowly, more of She-Hulk’s dick pushed into her until her member was as deep as it could go. Without Kamala’s powers to help her accommodate the length, it was surprisingly little of She-Hulk’s monster cock. She waited until Kamala was a little more stretched by her dick before she sped up. Slamming harder and harder with short, shallow thrusts, She-Hulk closed her eyes. Her cock pulsed and throbbed as thick loads of jizz shot into Kamala’s pussy. The amount was just as much as before, filling the poor girl in an instant and making her stomach bulge as she was filled completely.

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot,” Carol moaned as she watched Kamala’s stomach almost instantly expand. She nibbled her bottom lip as she climaxed. Her load wasn’t nearly as voluminous as She-Hulk’s but it still added to the brunette’s bulging stomach.

Captain Marvel pulled back, letting go of the top half of Kamala’s body. Cum instantly spilled from her lips in a massive cascade of jizz. Chuckling, She-Hulk let go as well, watching the cum erupt from her pussy and mouth as she hit the floor. Ms. Marvel laid in the mess, gasping as she tried to recover.

“Look at the mess you made,” Carol scolded. “You’re gonna have to clean that up.”

Kamala diligently pushed her face to the floor and began slurping up cum from the massive puddle, even as it still continued to gush from her pussy. The little silver plug was still in place and very visible from between the girl’s cum-covered ass cheeks.

“Wow,” She-Hulk laughed. “I think you broke her.”

“Wouldn’t be the first pet I’ve broken. Remember America… Chavez, I think it was?” Carol nibbled her bottom lip. “She could really take a cock…”

They continued to chat back and forth about their sexual exploits as they picked Kamala up and dragged her back into the bathroom. A few clicks of the device on the wall and they tossed the brunette into the tub. She sat there for a moment, still shell-shocked from the fucking she just received—until she noticed the tub filling up with hot, thick jizz as it rained down upon her. Kamala held up her hands, scooping up some of the creamy mess and arching a brow.

“Wh-what the fuck?” She scrambled to get out of the tub as it continued to fill up.

She-Hulk grinned as she grabbed Kamala by the head and dunked her under a few times, only allowing her to come up for air before pushing her back under. Letting go, Kamala still struggled to get out of the slippery ooze-filled bathtub.

“Wh-what the hell was that?” Kamala was reasonably confused as she stumbled past the sadistic duo. She just needed to escape from this situation.
“Exactly what I’d like to know,” Maria Hill barked out as she stood at the entrance to the bathroom.

“Oh my fucking god. Please tell me you don’t wanna fuck me too?” Kamala whimpered, looking the woman over—paying special attention to her crotch. A crew of SHIELD agents in hazmat suits poured into the room, already cleaning things up and assessing the situation.

“What?! God, no. Who—who are you, even?” Maria narrowed her eyes and shrugged dismissively before turning her attention to She-Hulk and Captain Marvel again. “We told you not to break the milker again. We pay a lot of money to keep your seed contained. We give you these machines to take care of it… in the privacy of your room and you still break it. Do you know what some less scrupulous agency would do with your seed? We need to keep every fucking ounce of it in our possession. If it’s not in your balls, then it needs to be in these goddamn storage containers. Got it!?”

Kamala blinked, feeling awfully ignored—in fact, as if she didn’t even matter. “I’m… just going to leave now…”

Maria scoffed. “In your dreams, girl. You’re coated in—and knowing these two—pumped full of metahuman jizz. This whole room is glowing with radiation, both gamma and UV. So, until we can get a work order put in to have this cleaned up we’re going to have to put you all in quarantine.

“And you,” Maria glared at She-Hulk, “I can’t believe you’d participate in this... again. As if you need more illegitimate children. It’s like you didn’t learn from the last five times.” The director rolled her eyes, clearly disappointed. “Never mind. Just… get her back in the tub. We need to save as much semen as possible.”

“Wh-what?!” Kamala’s heart sank as the few SHIELD agents grabbed her underneath the arm and dragged her back to the bathroom. The tub now overflowed with jizz as she was unceremoniously tossed back into the mess. She simply couldn’t comprehend what was happening. It was too surreal. “I can’t stay here! Th-this is gross!”

“A team will be here to clean it all up later today. Until then you’ll be… fine.” Maria shrugged.

“And then I can leave?”

“What? No. Like I said, you’re in quarantine. You’re stuck with them for at least two weeks while we run tests and monitor the situation. No one leaves this room without my permission.”
“B-but they’re perverts!” Kamala shouted.

“Well, you’re the one marinating in jizz, so I’m not entirely sure you have room to talk…” Maria shrugged dismissively.

Captain Marvel and She-Hulk smiled as they walked past Maria into the bathroom, their thick cocks very noticeably hard.

“So, looks like we’re stuck here with nothing to do, huh?” A wide grin crept over Carol’s lips…

* * * * * * * * * * 

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