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"...that your body can't cash..."

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“Ya know,” Kamala rolled her eyes, “I’m an Avenger, too! I can totally help on the next… whatever… that happens. I can take a hit. I can give them, too!”

Carol sighed, shaking her head. She really didn’t have time for this discussion. The pent up desires were practically overwhelming, and she needed to relieve some of that stress. Arguing with the brunette was only making her more agitated. “There are a lot of Avengers. Just because you were invited doesn’t mean we call you in for every disaster or crisis. You’re—” the blonde squinted, trying to think of a good comparison, “You know how the military exists?”

“Uh, yeah…” Kamala glared, already feeling insulted.

“Well,” Captain Marvel shrugged, “You’re like if any branch of the military reserves… had its own back-up reserves. We’d never call you first—or even second. In fact, I want to say the only way you’d be included is if you were the first ‘Avenger’ to the scene.”

“Psssh!” Ms. Marvel scoffed. “I’m more than a match for whatever’s thrown my way! Go on! Try me!”

Carol nibbled at her bottom lip, trying to keep this short and sweet. The faster she could take care of this nagging urge, the better off everyone would be. “I really don’t have time for this, Kamala. Just drop it, okay? We can discuss this later.”

Kamala scoffed again, a smirk playing across her lips. “You’re just worried I’ll be more useful than you.” Her tone wasn’t entirely serious. “You wouldn’t wanna share the spotlight with another Marvel. You think people would start to confuse us, hm? Maybe they would call me ‘Captain’? I think it has a nice ring to it.”

Carol stopped and spun around on her heels, pointing a finger at the girl. “Listen here, you little shit. You want a test? A real test to see if you have what it takes to be the first wave of defense for Earth?”
Ms. Marvel nodded confidently.

“Okay then. We’ll fight. You and me. You win, you get added to the call list, or whatever it is,” Carol shrugged.

“You don’t even know what it’s called?”

“It’s a secured and encrypted group text message. I don’t know…” Captain Marvel rolled her eyes.

“Oh my god—what? That is so sad. A group text—Wait. Thor has a cellphone?” Kamala arched a brow.

“That’s beside the point, girl. Don’t dwell on the prize when you haven’t heard the consequence.”

“Okay. I get it. If I lose, then I never ask again, and I go back to Jersey City and lay low, right?”

Carol smirked and shook her head. “Oh, absolutely not…”

“Uh,” Kamala tilted her head in confusion, “then what’s the ‘consequence’ part of the deal…?” 

“You help me out… if you get my drift,” the blonde grinned seductively while nibbling her bottom lip.

A deep blush covered Ms. Marvel’s face as she quickly lowered her gaze, a small, coy grin playing over her lips. “Wh-what? You’re kidding, right? You’re just trying to throw me off my game, or make me back out of the deal…! It won’t work. We’ll fight and I’m gonna win,” she stated with every ounce of confidence.

“Oh, trust me. I’m very serious about this. I’ve been dealing with nothing but stress for weeks—maybe months, if I really stopped to think about it. Between all of my responsibilities for the Avengers and Alpha Flight, I am at my wits end. All I wanna do is fuck. I need to blow off steam.”

“Wh-what? Hah, okay. Whatever you say! When do we start the fight?” Kamala chuckled, still  blushing, but unconvinced Carol was serious.

“Oh,” Carol grinned, her fists already glowing with power. “First rule of being a hero. The bad guys don’t tell you when they’re attacking…”

“Wha—” Kamala’s eyes widened as she tried to react to the super-powered fist zooming into view before darkness overtook her.

Ms. Marvel groaned softly as she woke up, and then gasped as her eyes opened wide and she quickly sat up as she remembered she was still in battle—well, had been, anyway. She still felt the urgency to avoid that punch—which had definitely landed. The brunette groaned again, rubbing her head. Everything still felt so foggy. “I… lost?”

“Glad you see you’re awake,” Carol called out. She was on the other side of the bedroom, pulling off the last bits of her costume. Her back was turned to Kamala, exposing her absolutely perfect physique. Her skin was pale and without blemish.

And yet Kamala found her gaze lingering at Captain Marvel’s tight, round ass. She wondered just how many people were as lucky to see such a sight, and yet have this be the least of what they would encounter. Kamala wondered how Carol smelled, how she would taste… The girl had very obviously lost, but she took solace in the idea that she, of all people, was going to have sex with THE Captain Marvel. She couldn’t have been happier. “I guess I do need more training…”

“We can work on that some other time. For now, you just need to work on me.” Carol turned around to face her prize. Her body was still perfect, with breasts like tear drops, tipped with perky, pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and chiseled, as one would expect. But, her cock—it was a shocking vision that didn’t match the rest of her feminine form. The thick, arm-width monster hung just above her knees. It didn’t even look particularly hard. A pair of heavy balls was easily noticeable behind the intimidating thing.

Kamala’s mouth hung open as she stared, dumbfounded at the impossible bit of anatomy. How had she never noticed it before? Captain Marvel’s suit hugged every curve! Kamala had found herself staring at the blonde with envy every time she had encountered her. And worst of all, it meant all of the fanfic she had written about Captain Marvel and Spider-Man were completely wrong…

“H-hold on! Wait! I am uh, I’m not into that.” She pointed to Carol’s dick. “I didn’t think you were serious about this. And, I definitely didn’t know about that!”

Carol smirked. “We had a deal. And, it’s amazing what you can hide with a Kree cloaking device. But, hey—no hard feelings. How about we get you some experience of a different nature, though? It’ll come in handy for the future, with dates and whatnot. You can just jerk me off to get me by, okay?”

Kamala’s cheeks were still bright red as she stared at the ridiculous length, and how it seemed to swing about as Carol approached.

“It’ll work out great. You can use your big ol’ fists and give it a good work out,” Carol chuckled as she flexed her cock, making the thing bounce in a menacing fashion. “I really need to get off, though. So, one way or the other, I’m going to have to cum…”

Kamala blinked. This was definitely not something she had in mind, or was fine with in the least, but she was a woman of her word. She had agreed to whatever Carol wanted. And, it wasn’t like Carol didn’t tell her it was going to be sexual. Not to mention, at least she wasn’t having to take that cock as her first. Sighing, she nodded.  “Fine. I’ll do it.”

“Perfect.” Carol smiled as she pointed to the floor in front of her. “You can do it here. Just kneel and do your thing.”

Ms. Marvel awkwardly knelt in front of the blonde, staring directly at the simply inhuman member. She increased the size of her fists and wrapped them around the length so that both hands covered half. Slowly, she started to stroke Carol’s cock back and forth, watching it harden and lengthen in her grip.

“Good. Keep going,” Carol moaned. “Maybe just one hand, though. Really put some strength into it. Make your grip tighter.”

Kamala nodded and switched to just one hand. Enlarging it so that it covered the whole cock, she tightened her grip as commanded, noting the increase in precum oozing from the tip.
“Yes. Okay, so,” she paused, tilting her head back and moaning again. “—so, your other hand. Maybe put that to use. Guys—and girls—we all love it when someone toys with our balls. Keep a good rhythm of it. That’s—mmm—that’s the key…”

The brunette hesitantly slipped between Carol’s legs, gently hefting the heavy sack. She noticed her skin was so warm and supple. It was so full and aching for release. Kamala squeezed Captain Marvel’s balls while still stroking her cock back and forth, careful of the dribbling mess from the tip. After all, she was only here to help her idol. Even this was perhaps a bridge too far in terms of what she was comfortable with.
“F-faster. Do it faster,” Carol moaned as she cupped her own breasts, her thumbs and forefingers pinching and tugging her hard nipples while the rest of her body began to tense just a bit.

Kamala did as she was told, her fist a blur of motion as she stroked it. Squeezing Carol’s balls, she gently started to push up as she grabbed, and then slowly letting go as she let them settle again.  She noticed Carol’s body tensing and clenching more. Every muscle and detail of her body was simply breathtaking to see from this close proximity. And then Carol’s massive cock started to pulse while her nuts clenched up tightly.
The first shot was the hardest and most violent. The super-powered eruption of jizz slammed against Kamala’s cheek with a stinging sensation. Still shocked, she didn’t have time to dodge the next splatter against her lips—some of which landed in her open mouth. This only made her mouth open wide as she tried to spit out the vile mess while letting go of Carol completely. Still, Captain Marvel continued to add a few more thick, gooey strands of jizz to Kamala’s hair.

“C-can you not? That’s disgusting…!” Kamala cried out, terrified and grossed out as she tried to get the salty taste out of her mouth while dealing with the fact she was being use like a cheap whore.

“Ask and ye shall receive!” Carol smirked as she grabbed Kamala by the hair, not paying any attention to the jizz still dripping from it, and aiming her meaty cock at the girl’s open mouth. Knowing she could easily adapt, Carol thrust forward, slowly burying the entire length into Kamala’s throat, directly into her stomach.

Kamala eyes went wide as everything happened in slow motion. At first, she felt the hard, yet spongy head pushing against her tongue and forcing her to get truly acquainted with the flavor of cum and cock. It continued forward, pushing against the back of her throat and immediately causing her to gag. Still, it kept going into her constricting throat, sliding unimpeded as went further and further. And then, she felt her nose slamming against the flat, muscles of the blonde’s stomach. Kamala couldn’t breath, but the last thing assaulting her senses was the scent of sex. Everything tasted and smelled like cum.

Carol nibbled her bottom lip as she gripped the girl’s hair with both hands to assist with fucking her face. Kamala felt the cock sliding out of her throat, only for it to be savagely thrust back in. Captain Marvel’s heavy balls slapped against her chin with every thrust. There was no way to breath with Carol’s enormous hardon blocking her throat.

Forced to stretch her body, she was able to take the semblance a deep breath as she adapted to Carol’s rough treatment, only for the blonde to yell out, “No! Keep it tight. I want to feel your throat around my dick!”
With eyes already watering, Kamala went back to her normal size, feeling the thing gagging her immediately again. The change only spurred Carol on to increase her super-human thrusting against her face. Soon enough, the telltale throbbing began again, followed by the hot, wet sensation of liquid filling her stomach. Carol tightly held the brunette’s hair while her cock unloaded into her until the cum had nowhere else to escape to, and started to move upwards until spraying from Kamala’s nostrils.

Pulling back, Carol stumbled a bit, a wide, satisfied smirk upon her face. “That was wonderful! Just what I needed.”

Kamala gagged and coughed, wiping her mouth, nose, and eyes. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. She was a complete mess. As she tried to recover, she hardly even noticed Carol picking her up and dropping her onto the bed, despite still being covered in that sticky jizz.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Kamala exclaimed, still trying to comprehend the situation.

“Don’t worry. It’s fine,” Carol shushed the struggling brunette while simply ripping away her clothing as if it were made of paper. Ms. Marvel gasped as she tried to cover herself up, but soon enough that caramel skin was exposed for the blonde’s perverted gaze.

With a smile, she roughly pressed her lips against Kamala’s, immediately shoving her tongue within the girl’s mouth. Carol’s hand caressed up the brunette’s thigh, even as she tightly clenched them together to resist. Captain Marvel’s strength was just too much for Kamala, and soon the blonde’s fingers cupped against her pussy.

“I can’t believe how wet you are,” Carol said in a sultry tone as she pulled away, nibbling at the girl’s lip. “I bet with your powers, you’re the only one who can even take my dick,” she chuckled before her lips traced over Kamala’s neck.

The brunette was still in shock. It was so confusing to decide how she should feel. She loved the fact that Captain Marvel was being intimate with her, making her feel so wanted and sexy, and yet she was turned off by the fact that she was being treated so roughly, and that her idol had an absolutely massive dick. Nevertheless, she was dripping wet. Even without using her powers, Carol had no problem pressing two fingers deep into her cunt.

“So tight. Do you think you’ll be that tight after I’ve fucked you?” Carol taunted the girl.

Before Kamala could answer, she gasped as she felt a third finger pressing in. It was tight, but not impossible. The sensation of those digits pumping in and out only added to the juices coating Carol’s fingers. She couldn’t deny that she was enjoying this to some extent. The way the blonde nibbled at her neck, the fingers pushing into her, and her thumb circling around her hard, little clit. The only part she didn’t like was the hot, hard cock pressing against her thigh, and knowing that soon enough it would be deep inside her.

She gasped as she felt a fourth finger pushing in, and quickly used her powers to accommodate such an insertion. Carol smirked, quickly taking advantage of the girl’s reflexes and tucked her thumb into her palm before shoving the rest of her hand inside up to the wrist. The brunette squeaked in surprise as she was forced to further adjust to the added size while the blonde’s hand squeezed into a fist. And Carol kept pushing, pumping as much of her forearm into the woman until she was almost to her elbow.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Kamala moaned, unable to look away from the bulge that Captain Marvel’s fist was creating from the inside. Carol continued to move it, enjoying the show of the panicked girl so split between lust and awe. The blonde wasted no time, sensing Kamala was already close to the edge. She continued  to pump her arm in and out, reveling in the girl’s trembling body as her climax welled up within her. Kamala was quiet for a moment before her head tilted back and her whole body tensed up. Her pussy clenched around Carol’s arm, urging the blonde to keep going just as hard as ever until Kamala settled down a bit. As Carol pulled her arm back with a slurping, wet, pop, she smiled down at her handiwork.

“You won’t mind if I go again, right?” Carol grinned as she flipped Kamala onto her stomach and mounted her from behind. The feeling of her massive cock sliding in so easily was breathtaking. Due to Ms. Marvel’s abilities, she was able to completely hilt herself inside the other hero’s cunt. She loved the way it felt to have her hips pressing against Kamala’s pert ass. Grinding against her a bit, she sighed before she really started to savagely hammer into her pussy.

It was happening so fast that Kamala didn’t know how to react. She was still trying to recover from the fisting. She clenched her jaw as she tried to convince herself that she didn’t enjoy this, but she was rapidly approaching a second climax. With her toes clenching against the bottoms of her feet, she whimpered and buried her face against the sheets while her pussy squeezed Carol’s massive length. Even as the haze of her orgasm began to clear, she had to wonder if the blonde was ever going to finish.

“You came again? Wow, you sure are excitable. I wish everyone I fucked was half as grateful,” Captain Marvel chuckled, “—of course, half is all they can usually handle…” Carol quipped as she lifted the brunette up, her enormous dick still buried completely in Kamala’s cunt.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Kamala curiously sputtered.

“Something fun that I’ve always wanted to try.” Carol, still balancing Kamala on her cock, grabbed the girl by the thighs and pulled them up so her ankles were over her head. With some slight maneuvering, she placed the girl in a modified full-nelson hold, forcing her head downward while she was effectively folded in half. 

Kamala had an absolutely perfect view of her stomach, and how the blonde’s massive cock was outlined on her stomach. She didn’t think things could get any worse until Carol started to bounce her up and down, using gravity to fuck the poor girl. Using her strength, she’d lift Kamala up before letting her slam back down on that magnificent hardon. The brunette wondered just how much more she could take when she started to feel the already giant length start to pulse and throb.

Kamala knew what was about to happen, but wasn’t prepared for the outcome. The first eruption of cum splattered against her insides, filling her with that hot, gooey mess. Spurt after spurt followed until the bulge of Carol’s cock was no longer visible on her stomach. Instead, she was slowly inflating, looking more and more pregnant. Still, the blonde continued to bounce her up and down, her cum-filled belly sloshing around while the reinsertion on the down-stroke forced some of the creamy seed to splatter against Carol’s thighs and the floor.

With a grunt of pleasure, Carol signaled she was finished and simply enjoyed the sensation of Kamala’s tight, cum-stuffed pussy wrapped around her cock. With hardly any fanfare, she pulled the girl off and dropped her to the floor. Immediately, gallons of jizz began to torrent out of her pussy until it was nothing but a slow dribble.

“You are such a great fuck,” Carol licked her lips as she started walking toward the attached bathroom. “You should join me and clean up. We can talk strategy and rematches in the shower. Maybe even get in a round two.” She winked.

Kamala breathed heavily as she laid on the floor. She had watched Carol’s sexy ass as she nonchalantly walked away. She was still trying to come to terms with the situation. Even with her advanced healing and stretching abilities, her pussy still ached like hell, and she smelled and felt like a cum dumpster. Slowly pushing herself up, she nibbled her bottom lip. She wanted to cry and run away after what she had endured. But, she also desperately wanted to clean up, and maybe join the woman she thought of as her idol in the shower.

Ms. Marvel stood, feeling another gush of thick jizz dribbling down her thighs as it oozed from her cunt, and she headed toward the bathroom…


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