Rewarding Ruby

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About a year ago...

"So, is this really how you want to spend the rest of your life?" Daisy questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Well...?" Ruby purred seductively, "As long as you come see me every day, it could be fun."

"I'm serious." Daisy protested.

"So am I." Ruby insisted.

Daisy Johnson sighed deeply and threw her head back in frustration. Agent May had tried to teach her the importance of keeping a poker face, and if she absolutely had to do it, she could just about manage it, but she had been going in circles with this infuriating girl for weeks, which felt more like years. It was always the same thing. Daisy would calmly explain the benefits of joining SHIELD, and Ruby would make jokes until Daisy got fed up and went away. She had hoped that by now Ruby would be fed up of her prison cell, but apparently the girl had more patients than she had originally thought. Or she was just enjoying these meetings of theirs too much. Either way, something had to change, because they couldn't keep doing this. But also, she just refused to give up on Ruby Hale. For some reason.

Sometimes Daisy wondered whether May was right, and she was just wasting her time because of her own stubbornness. But Ruby had the training to do some real good in the world, and she never really had the chance to make her own decisions. She was just a dumb kid. And... she reminded Daisy of herself. Which she had pointed out to Ruby, but it hadn't been enough to make a difference. Not really. Because Ruby just kept flirting with her, and... and maybe that was her way out of this loop? No. No, she couldn't. There was no way Colson would have approved. But then, he wasn't here anymore to judge her. No, she was in charge now, which meant she made the decisions. And well, spies had a history of seducing their targets.

"You know, I did tell you what it would take to get me to join SHIELD." Ruby sing-songed, then added with a flirtatious grin, "You just don't seem to be listening."

"Is that what you think?" Daisy raised an eyebrow.

All she got in response was a self-satisfied smirk, which was the last straw for Daisy. So mentally she said 'fuck it', and got up and walked out the door. Only this time instead of finding something more productive to do, she turned off the cameras inside the interrogation room, and returned with a key to the cuffs. It was very, very tempting just to leave them on, but if she was going to do this with an 18-year-old girl she barely knew, it wouldn't be while that girl was restrained. Daisy still had some standards. So she returned to the room, used a security override to lock the door behind her and then tossed Ruby the key. Of course, again all she got in response was an annoying smirk as Ruby removed the cuffs and stood up, wisely not taking her eyes off of Daisy the entire time.

"So, what is this exactly?" Ruby finally asked, once she was on her feet and stretching the muscles in her wrists, "Are you going to try and beat me into joining SHIELD, or..."

The implication hung in the air for a few long seconds, and then Daisy reached for the zipper to her cat suit, and slowly pulled it down. Finally, Ruby's cocky demeanour disappeared in favour of clear surprise, her eyes not leaving Daisy's chest. Which would've been awesome, if it wasn't so worrying. Because there was still a very real possibility that Daisy had made a mistake here. That she was stepping out of line, and sexually harassing a barely legal teenager. Then to her relief Ruby bit her lip, a clear sign of interest. Although adorably, her cockiness remained MIA. Clearly, for all her innuendos and crude remarks, when it came to sex, she was just as inexperienced as anyone else her age. In fact, probably more so, given her upbringing.

"You serious?" Ruby gulped, finally breaking the silence which had fallen between them.

"It depends..." Daisy said, slowly moving toward the other girl, "Would you seriously join SHIELD, if I..."

Again the implication hung in the air, and then Ruby gulped, "Yes."

"Really?" Daisy questioned, "Because you don't sound sure."

"I'm sure." Ruby said, this time without hesitation, "God, you have no idea."

Another brief pause, and then Daisy took a step forwards, "If you try anything..."

"I won't." Ruby quickly promised, before grinning as some of her cockiness finally came back, "Unless you want me to do something. Then I'll do it. Whatever it is."

"Well..." Daisy began.

"But nothing SHIELD related." Ruby added quickly, a smile crossing her face as she continued, "The first taste, so to speak, is free. Then you get to tell me what to do. Deal?"

Daisy looked thoughtful for a few long seconds, and then almost completely close the distance between them, and asked out of curiosity, "So, you really did mean all that stuff you said, huh?"

"Every word." Ruby promised, smirking again as she quickly added, "Especially the part about having your poster on my wall... and fucking myself in front of it every night. Actually, not just every night, mmmmmmmm, more like whenever I had the chance. Oh God, I imagine doing so many fucked up things to you. And I still want to do more. But, I can settle for the nice ones."

"Like?" Daisy pushed with a raised eyebrow.

"Like this." Ruby grinned, taking the bait.

Ruby then grabbed hold of that annoyingly pretty face and pulled it towards her own. She also pushed her own forwards, the two of them meeting in the middle in a surprisingly soft kiss, given that up until recently the two women had been enemies. It was also weirdly gentle, because Ruby had imagined this like a thousand times, and it had never quite been like this. Although it was good that it was, because Ruby certainly wasn't capable of anything else at that moment. No, she was pretty much brain-dead for a few embarrassingly long seconds as she fulfilled what felt like a lifelong dream of kissing Daisy Johnson right on the mouth. And the mighty Quake actually kissed her back, without hesitation no less.

The two women then pulled back briefly to just stare at each other with confusion for a few long seconds, before they press their lips against each other again. Now this was much more along the lines of what Ruby had been imagining. Rough and passionate right from the start, Ruby pushing her tongue into Quake's mouth, and bullying the super powerful woman's tongue into submission with her own. Daisy was probably taking it easy on her, but whatever the case was Ruby was in control, and it was going to stay that way. Which was why her next move was laying the mighty Daisy Johnson down, getting on top of her, and pulling the top part of her cat suit, and then her bra, out of the way so she could attack her big tits.

At first she just groped them while continuing the kiss, but then the other woman started fighting back. Not the way that Ruby thought she would, but by slowly and surely taking control of the kiss. Ruby wasn't even aware it was happening, until it was too late, and she found herself submissively massaging Daisy's tongue with her own, inside her conquered mouth, and she just couldn't allow that. So she broke the kiss, shot her head downwards, and bit down on one of Daisy Johnson's nipples. Which unsurprisingly had the mighty Quake crying out loudly, but surprisingly it wasn't out of pain. No, there was definitely some pleasure mixed in. God, Ruby new she loved this woman. Liked! She liked this woman. Because love was for children, and she wasn't a child.

She didn't care how good that kiss was, and what she thought she felt during it. Ruby was in control, and she needed to stay that way. Although, that was admittedly hard to do when she was face to face, so to speak, with the big boobs of Daisy Johnson. Which admittedly weren't ridiculously big, or at least they didn't look like it, but now she was getting a close-up look at them... God, they were so full, and round, and beautiful. Ruby was so lost in them at one point she even motor-boated them. God, that was embarrassing. She was so embarrassing. But... but this was so cool. Especially as the entire time she made the mighty Quake cry out, gasp, and even moan and whimper for her in pure pleasure. Even during the ridiculous motor-boating.

Daisy couldn't believe she was really doing this. It was such a bad idea, on so many levels. Like what if it actually worked? Was she just going to start seducing every prisoner on site to convince them to join SHIELD? God no, she absolutely could not make a habit of this. But... as long as this would be a one off, maybe it would be okay. Or maybe she would just restrict it too just being Ruby. Because Ruby clearly seem to want this to be a regular thing, and it felt so good that Daisy wasn't sure whether she could resist. Hell, even that kiss was... wow. She didn't normally have such an instant connection with someone, like she felt with this girl. Which was weird, but whatever. It wasn't like this was the time to really analyse this stuff, but she had got lost in her own thoughts as Ruby started going back and forth between her nipples.

After some initial rough treatment Ruby started kissing her way down one boob and up the other, even teasing the area around each nipple before finally once again taking it into her mouth, and swirling her tongue around it. Which, like the first kiss, was weirdly gentle. Of course, just like the kissing, it eventually heated up. Before that there was some motor-boating, which made Daisy chuckle, as she really didn't think her tits were big enough to do that, but apparently Ruby disagreed. Which was flattering, in a weird way. Then Ruby went back to licking, sucking, and occasionally biting her nipples, this time with the added bonus of using her hands, using one to push the breast more firmly into her mouth, while using the other hand to play with the other nipple.

Then just as Daisy felt the urge for more becoming unbearable Ruby suddenly pushed her hand straight into her pants, when she found a discovery which clearly delighted her, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, so wet for me! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, high and mighty Daisy Johnson, The Director of SHIELD, the superhero Quake is wet for me!"

Even though Ruby was just touching her through her panties she might as well be touching her directly, because those panties were ruined. Daisy hadn't even realized just how wet she was until that moment, and by then it was too late. Well, she had some idea, because Ruby was doing a ridiculously good job, given her inexperience, but this was quite a wake-up call. Also it added to the problem, if it could be called that. As did Ruby's mockery, which was the most worrying part of all. Because it was bad enough that Daisy was doing this at all, but she couldn't let Ruby Hale, of all people, top her. No, that was a slippery slope. Although maybe it would be okay, if it was just for a few long seconds?

"Oh God!" Daisy whimpered.

"Oh honey, I'm not God." Ruby smirked, "But you can call me Mistress though. Or Mistress Ruby, or Mistress Hale. Whatever, as long as it's Mistress."

"In your dreams." Daisy moaned.

"You have no idea." Ruby grinned wickedly, "And now, mmmmmmmmm, I get to make all my dreams come true."

"We'll see about that, you little bitch." Daisy growled.

Before Ruby could offer up another allegedly witty comment Daisy grabbed a firm hold of her hair, and pushed her forwards into a kiss. Which she did in the nick of time, as Ruby was just in the process of opening her mouth to say something, which in turn gave Daisy the perfect opportunity to shove her tongue into the other girl's mouth. This did the trick momentarily, but she was going to have to find something more permanent to put Ruby in her place, and fast, if she wanted to avoid giving this annoying little blonde ideas. Luckily she had some ideas of her own of how to deal with her, starting with returning the earlier favour, and shoving a hand into Ruby's pants.

Ruby's eyes initially went wide at this treatment, but it wasn't long before those eyes drifted closed again, and she relaxed into the touch. Because seriously, why not? She was still in control, so why shouldn't she get some pleasure too? Especially as this was literally another fantasy of hers coming true. Oh yes, this was the mighty Quake, her idol, and literally the girl of her dreams, sliding her fingertips along her needy pussy lips. Admittedly it was through the panties, which was a little frustrating, but honestly Ruby really like the fact that Daisy was giving her a taste of her own medicine. She wasn't sure a 'good guy' would have it in her. Oh God, she had never been more happy to be wrong. Of course, it could be better...

Which was apparently a thought shared between both women at the same time, as they somewhat easily pushed each other's panties out of the way so they could touch bare flesh, and thus make what they were doing even more effective. So effective in fact, they both had to pause a moment to simply savour the pleasure, which was pretty overwhelming at that moment. They also moaned into each other's mouths, something that they had been doing for a while now. Maybe especially Ruby, although she comforted herself with the fact that she wasn't the only one. And she was about to outdo Daisy. Oh yes, her idol may think she's hot shit out on the battlefield, but Ruby now had no first hand experience that she was confident when it came to this kind of game the mighty Quake was out of her league.

Admittedly, so was Ruby, and for a few horrible minutes The World Killer was afraid that had never been more obvious. That it was embarrassingly obvious that she didn't have a clue what she was doing. Well, thanks to playing with herself, and a few Internet searches, she had some idea, but she wasn't entirely sure it would work on another woman. Thankfully it did, the fact that Daisy continued moaning, gasping and even whimpering in pleasure proved that. Something that Ruby witched she could just sit back and enjoy. Although again she wasn't in a hurry to make Daisy remove her hand. Actually it was exactly the opposite, Ruby finding herself pumping her own hips back and forth with need.

This was really embarrassing for her, but not as much is breaking their latest passionate kiss in favour of letting out a loud cry of pleasure from the feeling of being penetrated by someone else for the very first time. From the feeling of Daisy Johnson's index finger sliding into her aching cunt, staying there for a few long seconds, and then beginning to pump itself in and out. Something that she should be doing to the other woman. And something that she desperately wanted to do, not just take back control. However, much to her dismay, while Ruby was busy being overwhelmed by what she was feeling, the mighty Quake suddenly grabbed one of her hands, and then the other, pushing them both up and over Ruby's head and then pinning her in place, leaving her completely helpless.

Which wasn't strictly true, but Ruby pretended it was just so she could enjoy this sensation for a few long seconds. It was really quite relaxing, and maybe even kind of therapeutic, just to let go, and let someone else be in complete control of her for once. Especially when that person was making her feel so ridiculously good with just a finger, slowly pushing it all the way inside her cunt, and then thrusting it in and out of her. Then eventually she added a second, which really drove Ruby crazy. Especially as the first finger had made her close her eyes and just enjoy the sensation, while the second caused her to open them, and become lost in staring deep into Daisy's eyes. Which probably freaked out the other woman, given that she then proceeded to ruin it with her words.

"Well, it sure looks like you should be calling me Mistress now, doesn't it?" Daisy smirked, and then again gleefully through Ruby's words back at her, making her squirm. Or more accurately squirm more than before, "Or Mistress Daisy, or maybe Mistress Johnson? Whatever, mmmmmmmmm, as long as it's Mistress, I don't care."

Recognizing those words initially infuriated Ruby, but then she just smirked and replied, "In your dreams."

Before any more of those words could be repeated Ruby pulled her hands out of Daisy's grasp, and tried to flip them over. The plan was to switch their positions, pin down the mighty Quake underneath her, and then finger bang the other woman to climax. Ideally when Daisy's fingers were still inside of her, desperately trying to keep up with Ruby, and failing. Oh yes, in that moment Ruby was determined to take back control, and then to make her idol cum first, as a way to solidify her superiority. Sadly it was not to be, Daisy using the momentum to roll them over a second time so that she once again ended up on top, and once again pinning Ruby down. To make matters worse, they completely rolled off of the table, the brunette landing on top of the blonde and completely knocking the wind out of her.

Then before poor Ruby could recover, she found her hands pinned above her head again, and not only were those fingers fucking her harder than before, but Daisy's thumb was beginning to rub her clit, which was pretty much it for her. At least for now. She told herself later that she would regain control, when she wasn't such a pathetic little virgin. Oh yes, if Daisy Johnson thought this was all it was going to take to make her join SHIELD, she had another thing coming. For that, they were going to have to do this again, and again, and again, giving Ruby plenty of chances to make the mighty Quake her bitch. But... just for that moment, it wasn't so bad being Daisy Johnson's bitch, if it meant she got consistently rewarded with incredible pleasure.

Which was even more true when the pace was increased slightly, easily giving Ruby the most powerful orgasm of her young life. Admittedly that wasn't really saying much, as this was her first time with anyone, so it wasn't like she had anything to compare it too. But... if she did, it would still be impressive. Ruby was sure of it. How could it not be, considering how much she had idolized Daisy Johnson? And she might not know much about sex, but the fact that Daisy was able to keep her on her high by fucking her throughout the climax was telling. As was the fact that she seemed to make her cum again. Or at least, Ruby was fairly sure that's what happened. Honestly, she was so far gone at that moment it was hard for her to tell for sure.

Daisy was as sure as she could be that she made Ruby cum multiple times, something she prided herself on doing with all her lovers. Or at the very least the women. Especially when she was popping a lesbian cherry, as in this case. In fact, it seemed that she was just flat-out popping a cherry, which made her even more determined to show Ruby just how much fun she could get out of her own body. Hell, in that moment she wanted to fuck Ruby Hale into unconsciousness, right there on the interrogation room floor. But that would be a very, very bad idea. It was bad enough this room was going to smell like sex for a while, something the closer members of her inner circle might actually ask her about. If they weren't too embarrassed. Or annoyed enough. At the very least, she could ensure Ruby walked out under her own power.

Sadly, this did mean decreasing her thrusting, but as that made Ruby whimper pathetically she went right back to the status quo a few times, finger fucking the younger girl to a few more orgasms in the process. Inevitably, though she had ignored Ruby's protests, and since bringing her down from her high didn't seem to work, she just chose to abruptly pull her fingers out of the other girl's pussy, and then distract herself by immediately putting them in her mouth. Oh yes, Daisy pushed those cum coated fingers into her mouth, and moaned joyfully at the taste. God, Ruby tasted even better than she looked, which was really saying something. Especially now that she was dishevelled, her cocky demeanour gone, replaced by pure lust, and maybe even devotion, as she watched the older woman clean the cum off of her fingers.

"God." Ruby gasped softly.

"Not God." Daisy grinned softly, after she took the fingers out of her mouth, "Like I said, you can call me Mistress Daisy, Mistress Johnson, or just Mistress."

"Oh fuck you." Ruby laughed with delight, actually enjoying this banter.

"Yes, you will." Daisy said boldly, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, it's only fair, after I made you cum nice and hard, for you to reward me. Oh yes, reward me Ruby, like the little dyke slut you are!"

As she said those words Daisy slowly pulled her cat suit completely off of her body, her panties quickly joining it on the floor. The effect was somewhat ruined by the fact that she had to awkwardly get out of her boots, but apparently Ruby didn't mind, as she continued staring up at all the new flesh on display for her. Which probably stopped her from giving another 'witty' retort. Then the two women just stared at each other for a few long minutes, Daisy rather enjoying the fact that the younger girl was looking at her with such desire. But then a wicked smile crossed Ruby's pretty little face, warning Daisy that she was going to ruin it by speaking, and they couldn't be having that.

So Daisy moved herself over Ruby's body, stopping the trained assassin from reacting badly by telling her, "Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, you're going to reward me by eating my pussy. I'm going to sit on your pretty little face, and rub my cunt all over it, and you're going to lick it! Lick it like a little lesbian slut, and make me cum."

There was a long pause, then Ruby challenged, "Bring it."

Which was an extremely good thing, as for a moment there, Daisy thought she'd gone too far. Honestly, she probably had, because she knew deep down that Ruby wasn't nearly as confident as she pretended to be, which was clear from the smirk which was blatantly masking her insecurities right now. But in that moment Daisy didn't care. Or at least not enough to stop. No, instead she dropped down to her knees, push the younger girl more firmly down onto her back, and then mounted that beautiful little face of hers. Which was probably the wrong thing to do, but Daisy was immediately rewarded for it with incredible pleasure. And of course, it only got better from there. So, so much better.

Ruby pretty much lost the ability to think when she got her first taste of pussy, especially given that pussy belong to her idol Daisy Johnson. And somehow tasted even better than Ruby had dreamed, on the rare occasion she had allowed herself to dream about eating pussy, which seemed to be more on the submissive end of the spectrum. Especially in this position. Oh God, Ruby couldn't believe she was allowing this to happen to her. Or that she was absolutely loving it. Because make no mistake, she was loving every moment of it, even if she was too lost in the taste of pussy, and this position, to really acknowledge it for a few long seconds. Possibly minutes. Or the fact that her body, or at least her tongue, went into business for itself, and started lapping away frantically at the tasty treat in front of her.

When she did eventually regain the ability to think she was embarrassed by how eagerly to lick that pussy she was, and that she allowed herself to be put in this position, as it made her seem submissive, and a natural cunt lapper. Maybe even a natural submissive lesbo, who wanted a strong, powerful woman, like Quake to turn her into her pussy eating bitch. Which shamefully, was a regular fantasy of Ruby's. But it was okay, because deep down, Ruby new she was a top, and it was only a matter of time before she turned the tables on this bitch and made the mighty Daisy Johnson her bitch. So really, it didn't matter if she indulged in this now? In fact, she could find a way to top from the bottom, if she played her cards right.

Because out of instinct the first half a dozen licks were slow and gentle, Ruby unconsciously savouring every single moment of this, and more importantly every single drop of that yummy honey. Then after she had regain control of her mind and body, and spent a few long minutes scolding herself for her initial actions, Ruby grinned wickedly, and started picking up the pace of her licks. She made sure to keep things subtle at first, just a slight increase to the attention to Daisy's clit, and then all of a sudden she bombarded that little bundle of nerves, not just with licks, but with sucks as she took it into her mouth, and really went to town on it. Which turned Daisy Johnson's soft sounds of approval into constant cries, moans, and even whimpers. God, how she had longed to hear those sounds. Not always as pleasure, but she was totally happy to hear them now.

Honestly, Ruby was expecting to be told to slow her role at some point, giving her the opportunity to ignore that order, and make the supposedly mighty superhero cum in record time. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and just as Ruby felt like she was regaining control again, or was at least a few seconds away from it, the other woman started grinding her cunt into her face, gradually increasing her speed until ultimately Daisy came. So at least Ruby achieved her goal of making Daisy cum embarrassingly quickly, but it was now debatable who exactly was responsible for that. Not that she really cared in that moment, as she was too busy trying to gain an advantage, and more importantly swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Even though sadly the Inhuman was making it impossible for her.

Daisy would've really, really liked to tell Ruby to slow down, so that she could spend the rest of the day sitting on that pretty face, and getting her pussy gently licked by the ridiculously beautiful 18-year-old girl. However, she'd already spent way too much time fucking a prisoner in this room anyone could discover them in, either with an override code, or by turning the cameras back on. Of course, the danger aspect and the forbidden nature of this affair, combined with everything they had done in the build-up to this, made it very, very easy to push Daisy to the edge of orgasm and what felt like record time. Which was a little embarrassing, but there were ways that she could regain control of the situation.

Again, it was very tempting just to order Ruby to slow down so she could enjoy this for longer, but instead Daisy chose to start grinding down onto that pretty face, making sure that it would at least be debatable who made her cum. She also tried to order Ruby to make her cum, but she failed dismally to make her words coherent, and instead just let out a series of curses and sounds of pleasure. Luckily Ruby seemed too preoccupied to notice. Especially as short time later, when Daisy came so hard she squirted, all over that beautiful little face, and even into that hot little mouth. Oh God, she couldn't even remember the last time she had cum this hard. Or even if she ever had. Oh yes, Ruby Hale of all people might just give Daisy her best orgasm in years, if not ever. Fuck, this was so weird... and hot.

Just when she didn't think she could be anymore impressed with Ruby, or weirdly attached to her, the girl reached out and grabbed her ass firmly, holding her in place just long enough to thrust her tongue inside her, and start fucking her with it. That didn't last very long, because soon after that Daisy came a second time, and to her credit Ruby immediately pulled her tongue out and concentrated on swallowing at least the majority of what she was given. Also, Daisy couldn't help but get back to the grinding. Especially as it was a way to regain control, after losing it momentarily. Although she would've done it anyway, as she was just too lost in the moment. Honestly, maybe a little too lost.

Because as much as she would like to fuck that pretty little face into unconsciousness, Ruby certainly hadn't proven to be trustworthy yet. Daisy was going to make it her mission from now onto change that, to not just turn this girl into an Agent of SHIELD, but her little pussy eating pet, who would do anything to please her. But for now, Daisy needed to pull herself away from that hot little mouth and tongue. Which in that moment felt like one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do, but she did it. Then as a consolation to them both she collapsed on top of Ruby, allowing them to enjoy the feeling of their bodies pressed against each other. Then she kissed the younger girl, allowing herself to taste her own cum and pussy cream.

The kiss was surprisingly sweet and gentle, especially considering the battle of wills they had just endured, then Daisy broke it and smirked, "I knew you had promise. Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, and once you become an Agent of SHIELD, I promise you'll have a lot of fun working directly beneath me."

Ruby chuckled at the bad joke, and then retorted, "Or on top of you."

"We'll see." Daisy said dismissively.

"We will." Ruby promised, "As long as you keep rewarding me like that."

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