Rewarding Ruby

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"You promised." Ruby singsonged.

"I did." Daisy admitted with a grumble.

"So?" Ruby gently pushed.

"So... we're not done yet." Daisy grinned, yanking her strap-on out of Ruby's ass, smacking it, and then challenging, "You want my ass? Well show me yours first! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, show me my handiwork, then we'll see if you can top me."

Ruby cried out when the dildo was removed from her butt, then she looked over her shoulder to glare at Daisy, who was shamelessly staring at her loosened back door. After the admittedly skilled pounding she'd just dished out Daisy certainly didn't need help seeing Ruby's gaping ass hole, but it was part of their routine, and more importantly Ruby wanted the same treatment. Also it was just a delightfully twisted thing to subject herself too. So with another deliberately loud and unhappy grumble Ruby reached back and slowly spread apart her ass cheeks, then waited there displaying her gape to Daisy, who just continued to stare at it for a few long seconds.

Then eventually Daisy ordered, "Now clean it. Mmmmm yessssss, suck my cock Agent Hale. Suck it good. Clean it of every drop of your butt cream you little ass to mouth loving bitch! Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, that's so hot. Good little cock sucker."

Again this was part of their routine, which Ruby definitely wanted Daisy to return, and something she rather enjoyed. Only it was harder to hide the fact that she enjoyed this, as she had a bad habit of moaning while sucking her ass juice off a dildo. Ruby really tried hard not to this time, telling herself she wouldn't as she slowly turned around and got down to her knees in front of Daisy, but as soon as she wrapped her lips around that toy of course she immediately moaned happily. Luckily Daisy was too busy taunting her to notice, and honestly Ruby was too preoccupied with cleaning the cock to really pay attention to what her boss was saying. Also, she was very much looking forward to talking next.

So Ruby did her best to block out whatever Daisy was saying and just get this latest and maybe last submissive act out of the way so she could finally top the mighty Quake. Which after months of going ass to mouth, and preparing a dildo for her pussy or ass, Ruby found easy. Oh yes, Daisy Johnson had trained her to be a good little cock sucker, thoroughly cleaning the first few inches before pushing the strap-on into her throat. Sure, she choked and gagged a bit, but with a bit of effort she was able to deep throat the entire length, she got every drop of her own anal cream. Meaning she had done it. She could move on, Ruby undoing the straps to Daisy's harness as soon as she had the excuse and then pulling her mouth off it and pulling it down the other girl's thighs.

"Bend over, Director Johnson!" Ruby ordered hoarsely, adding boldly as she could, "It's my turn now."

There was a brief pause where it looked like Daisy would argue the point, which would have been totally unfair, but was exactly what Ruby was expecting. However just as Ruby was beginning to get really angry Daisy Johnson, the Director of SHIELD and the Destroyer of Worlds, bent over her own desk, presenting Ruby with that perfect ass of hers. It was impossible for Ruby to continue to be mad after that, especially as that ass was practically in her face already. Then Ruby cut out the 'practically' part by closing the distance between them and shamelessly and literally burying her face in her boss's butt, which of course caused the mighty Quake to cry out joyfully.

"Oooooooh yesssssssss, eat my ass! Mmmmm, eat that fucking ass! Oh fuck!" Daisy moaned, "Oh yes, get my ass hole nice and ready Agent Hale. Mmmmm, ready for your big cock. Make it your fuck hole, if you can. Oh yes, mmmmm, eat it real good, ohhhhhhh fuck!"

Daisy was really nervous about giving her ass up to Ruby. The younger girl had made great strides since they had basically blackmailed her into joining SHIELD, and especially since Daisy had started training her in a more private and adult way. Oh yes, Ruby had improved in a number of areas, including patients and discipline, but she was still unhinged and excitable. Well, even more so than a regular person at her age. So this could easily be mutually fun, but it may prove painful and embarrassing if Ruby got carried away. Or worse, succeeded in turning Daisy into her bitch, which Daisy had to admit was a very real possibility, no matter how much she promised herself it wouldn't happen.

To be fair, she promised herself she wouldn't end up bent over her desk and giving up her ass to Ruby, but now here they were. But if Daisy was to back out now it would destroy Ruby's trust in her, which had taken her a long time to earn. Besides, for all the things that could go wrong there was a chance that this could also go right, considering just how good Ruby's tongue felt eagerly lapping away at Daisy's butt hole. Which to be fair was nothing new, as Daisy often loved getting her ass eaten out, but this was different. This was not enhancing her dominance, but preparing her for the greatest act of submission there was, taking it up the ass.

At the very least Ruby took her time eating Daisy's ass, at first just eagerly lapping away at it before pulling the cheeks wide apart and then sliding her tongue all over that forbidden hole. She even tried to push her tongue inside it, which was something new, and something Daisy didn't think was possible, but she was wrong. Not by much, as a little bit of tongue pushed it's way inside, but it was enough to increase Daisy's pleasure, which was both promising and worrying. Then Ruby replace that tongue with a finger, both girls crying out loudly as the younger one slowly pushed her finger into the older one's virgin ass hole. Which Ruby was unaware of, until now.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, soooooooo tight!" Ruby moaned, "Oh yeah, your ass is sooooooo tight boss. Wait! Are you... are you an anal virgin?"

Daisy blushed slightly, but admitted, "Yes."

"Oh God, this is going to be even better than I thought." Ruby grinned wickedly, "Get ready Quake, because I'm about to destroy the virgin ass hole of the Destroyer of Worlds!"

Fortunately for the Destroyer of Worlds Ruby didn't do that right away. No, instead she just began sliding that finger in and out of Daisy's ass hole for several long minutes, before repeating the process with a second finger, namely rubbing it against Daisy's pussy briefly before going in for the kill. The kill in this case being stretching Daisy's back hole even wider than before. Although at least this didn't count as losing her anal cherry, not to Daisy. No, this was preparation for the big cock which Ruby had strapped around her waist during the rim job, and was thankfully still covered in Ruby's saliva, so when the time came things were probably as easy as they could be considering Daisy was losing her anal virginity.

"Okay, that's enough of that." Ruby grinned wickedly, pulling out her fingers and slapping Daisy's ass, "Spread your cheeks for me, Director Johnson. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, present me with my reward. Reward me with your virgin ass hole, so I can take it and make it mine. Oh fuck yeah!"

Ruby was planning on teasing Daisy some more, but then her boss reached back and slowly pulled apart her ass cheeks, offering Ruby what she had so thoroughly earned, namely Daisy Johnson's virgin butt hole. It was the moment she'd been waiting for, for what felt like an eternity, so of course she wanted to savour it. Unfortunately it also left her staring dumbly at her prize for a few long seconds before she finally took it, grabbing hold of her dick, pressing it against that vulnerable orifice and ramming forwards. Which wasn't Ruby's intention, as she had wanted to savour this, but when the time came her youthful impatience got the better of her and she took the mighty Quake's ass with one hard thrust.

Which unsurprisingly caused Daisy to cry out in pain, and then whimper a little, which made Ruby feel a little guilty, but mostly she was just overjoyed at finally getting to violate Quake's butt. Especially as Daisy was still spreading her cheeks, so Ruby got the perfect view of Daisy Johnson's ass hole stretching around her cock, proving that she had actually done it. She had been the one to rob this superhero of her anal virginity. Popped the back door cherry of the Director of SHIELD. Oh yes, Ruby had taken her boss's virgin ass, forever making it hers. After all, no matter what happened Ruby's ass would always belong to Daisy as she had been the one to take it first, and now it was vice versa, even if Ruby wasn't truly able to make this woman her bitch.

Because of course that was Ruby's ultimate goal. Sure, Daisy Johnson's virgin ass hole had been like the Holy Grail to her ever since they had first started having sex, and for a minute or two she became truly overwhelmed with finally having taken Daisy's butt cherry, some combination of those words echoing in her head the entire time. But it wasn't simply enough to violate this perfect little ass. No, Ruby needed to fuck it and make it truly hers. Make Daisy truly hers. That was Ruby's ultimate goal. Because she liked bottoming, but she loved topping, and Ruby wanted Daisy as her anal loving bottom, the Director of SHIELD, her boss, this superhero truly hers to use however she wanted.

It was that wonderful thought which had Ruby moving again, albeit at her original intended speed, namely as slowly as possible for both women's benefit. Well, mostly for Daisy's, as Ruby couldn't break her if she didn't love this, although she knew from experience the best she could do at this stage was make the pain of getting her previously virgin ass stuffed bearable. Of course by doing that Ruby got to savour watching her dick slowly disappearing into Daisy's previously virgin butt hole, which again she was getting the perfect view of thanks to her boss continuing to submissively spread her cheeks. Oh God, this was truly the best day of Ruby's life.

Daisy almost thought it was the worse day of her life when Ruby over enthusiastically took her anal cherry. Although even then while the pain was intense it sadly couldn't measure up to some of the thing she'd had to endure in her life. Of course with each of those things she had come out the other side stronger because of it, but this may be different. This may turn her into Bobbi Morse. No, surely deep down her ex-girlfriend had always been a shameless bottom, and losing her ass cherry had just awoken her true self? After all, Maria Hill hadn't been that shameless, and Daisy had sodomised her. Although surprisingly The Black Widow had been that shameless while taking it in the ass, even though she didn't appear to be that way initially, so who knows what getting her butt violated would do to her.

That was why Daisy had been avoiding this for so long. And well, it seemed painful and humiliating, and Daisy had always strictly seen herself as a top. And she just loved ass fucking other women. But maybe she was worrying over nothing. Maybe finally getting her ass fucked would just prove that she was a pure top. Maybe she wouldn't get any pleasure at all from it. And maybe even hate it so much that even Ruby would get guilty enough to be forced to stop. Then they could finally get all this nonsense about Ruby topping her out of the way, and the tiny blonde could just embrace the role of the pure bottom. Which Ruby might be a little hesitant to do at first, but the girl clearly loved it up the butt in a way Daisy just wasn't wired too?

Suddenly the pain and discomfort of getting her ass stuffed was forgotten in favour of imagining what the future could hold now Daisy no longer had to be afraid about what getting the tables turned on her might do to her. A future in which she could have anyone she wanted. Track down The Mockingbird and The Black Widow and make them her anal slaves, and bring them back to SHIELD where they belonged. Maybe even Maria Hill too. And maybe she'd do the same to Wanda Maximoff, who's scary amount of power had previously kept Daisy away. Then there was May, and Yo-Yo, and maybe even finally Jemma. But most of all, Ruby would finally truly be hers.

Unfortunately that line of thinking backfired and Daisy started to feel pleasure. At first she thought it was just because she was lost in her fantasies, but then Daisy was awoken from them by Ruby's thighs coming to rest against her ass cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dildo was buried in her butt. Her own cock, Daisy reminded herself with annoyance. Ruby was using Daisy's own strap-on against her, the dick she had so recently used to violate Ruby was now stretching her back hole and back passage like never before, while bent over her own desk no less, a fact which of course the little blonde bitch just had to point out as she gleefully taunted her.

"Oooooohhhhhhh Goooodddddd, every inch! Every single inch of my big dick is up your ass! Oh fuck!" Ruby moaned, before chuckling wickedly, "More accurately, every single inch of your big dick is up your ass. Oh yeah, I took the mighty Quake's favourite strap-on and shoved every single inch of it up her ass! Ohhhhhh yeah, I'm fucking her up the ass, ooooooh, while she is bent over her own desk, no less. Yesssss, I've got the Director of SHIELD bent over her desk and taking every single inch of her own strap-on dick up her tight little virgin ass! Mmmmm fuck Daisy, you look so good like this. This is exactly what I've always wanted, ever since I first saw you. Mmmmm, and that's how I want you from now on. Would you like that, Director? Huh? Would you like to start bending over your own desk whenever I want, be my little anal loving bottom? Mmmmm, yeah, I bet you'd like that."

"Not as much as I'd like to put you in your place right now." Daisy grumbled.

"Oooooooh, a little fight left in you? I like that." Ruby grinned, "Let's just see how long it lasts, shall we?"

Before Daisy could offer another retort Ruby pulled back so that a few inches of dildo mercifully slipped out of the brunette's butt hole, only for them to be returned shortly as the blonde pushed them back in. Ruby then repeated this over and over again, establishing a steady rhythm, and officially beginning Daisy's very first ass fucking. And it felt good. Not all right away, as it was still weird and uncomfortable, but the pain was nowhere near as bad, and there was definitely pleasure which only seemed to increase with every thrust until the pain and discomfort was a distant memory and Daisy suddenly found herself fighting the urge to move.

This was exactly what she had been worried about, especially as that physical pleasure triggered all new images for her future, the purely dominant images being replaced by purely submissive ones. Images where she would have to remain standing as much as possible, and whenever she sat at this desk she would be squirming from cheek to cheek and trying not to think about the pain from her overused ass, and worst of all the only thing Ruby would have to do was smirk at her and Daisy would melt. Because she would be Ruby's bitch. Oh God, she would be Ruby's butt slut, Ruby's ass whore, Ruby's anal slave, and whatever else the twisted little bitch would want her to be. And Daisy would let her get away with it, just so she could feel this way again. And somehow the idea of all this ultimately caused her to moan in pleasure.

Of course the moment Daisy couldn't hold back from moaning any more Ruby chuckled with delight and taunted her, "That's it Director Johnson, moan for me. Moan while I fuck you in the ass! Oh God, that's so sexy. I can't believe I finally have you moaning in pleasure for me while I fuck your little ass hole. Ohhhhhh yeah, you love it, don't you? Daisy Johnson, the Director of SHIELD, the superhero, Quake, loves it up the butt. Tell me! Tell me just how much you love it! Mmmmm yessssss, prove it by moaning for me. That tells me better than any words ever could just how much you love it in the ass, mmmmm, but feel free to tell me anyway. I don't mind. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, it's obvious anyway, so go ahead Daisy, tell me just how much you love to take it in the butt for me!"

"I love fucking your ass." Daisy told her instead, allowing a few moans to escape in the process, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I love bending you over and fucking that tight little ass of yours Ruby, ooooooh, and as soon as you're done embarrassing yourself, I'm going to do it again. And again, and again, and again. As long as it takes, mmmmm ohhhhhhh, as long as it takes to prove that you're the bottom here, not me."

"We'll see." Ruby huffed, having enough of playing with kid gloves, "For now, take your hands off your cheeks. Oooooh yesssss, I want to feel your butt jiggling against my thighs as I pound it hard and deep, and make you my anal loving bottom. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I'm going to make the Director of SHIELD Daisy Johnson a total butt slut for me. My bitch. Oh God Daisy, I'm going to make you my bitch. Make you mine. All mine!"

Obediently Daisy let go of her cheeks, place her hands and lower arms firmly on her desk and started bouncing back and forth on the younger girl's dick. She did this slowly at first, but while she started she just couldn't stop building up the speed until she was slamming her ass back against Ruby with every ounce of her strength. Through this all Ruby was as still as a statue, just allowing her boss to completely humiliate herself by anally riding her, which had Daisy whimpering pathetically. Then just as Daisy finally reached the edge of orgasm Ruby started hammering her ass harder than ever before, immediately sending Daisy over that edge with a squeal of pure joy.

Perhaps proving herself as a superior top Ruby hammered Daisy's ass to orgasm after orgasm after that with ridiculous ease. Sure, Daisy was helping every step of the way by frantically impaling her own ass hole on the other girl's strap-on, but it was impressive. Enough so that in her cum drunk mind Daisy actually didn't think it would be so bad living with the consequences of being Ruby's bitch, if it meant she could feel this way again. And no matter what happened, in this moment Daisy was Ruby's bitch. Which was the last coherent thought she had for quite some time as she truly became a wild animal being pounded into submission, ironically by a girl almost 10 years her junior.

Ruby definitely felt like the superior top right now, and she was determined to prove it by butt fucking the mighty Daisy Johnson into submission. Given just how hard Daisy was cumming, and helping her out by impaling her ass on her dick, it really didn't feel like Ruby could fail. Even when she became distracted her body seemed to switched to autopilot, relentlessly pounding Daisy's butt hole with machine-like efficiency while somehow managing to avoid the temptation to cum herself. Which was extremely impressive, given all the distracting things around her right now, from just how hard Daisy was cumming, and screaming in pure joy, to just how good her butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs looked and felt, and just how wonderful it was to hear the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room.

Mostly Ruby was distracted by the simple thought of, 'is that how she looked when Daisy was doing that to her?' Did her body shake like that? Did she scream that loudly? And most of all, did her cum really squirt out of her cunt that violently? Because if the answer was yes to any of those questions, but especially the last one, Ruby was extremely glad that part of her life was over now, and wondered how Daisy could ever give up the pure power and dominance she was feeling now. Then again, those climaxes had been addictive, and it was hard to care how ridiculous she looked and sounded when she was receiving that kind of pleasure. No! Those were submissive thoughts, and Ruby had no time for them. Ever again.


It didn't work quite as well as Ruby would have liked, as she was still seeing flashes of herself in Daisy's current position, and Daisy in hers. And of course, Daisy was in no condition to be able to reply. Worst of all those words combined with the constant bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of finally getting to sodomise Daisy Johnson was just too much, and Ruby came. Not nearly as hard as Daisy was cumming, like Daisy had made her cum so many times before, but it was still probably the most satisfying climax of Ruby's life, and of course it was quickly followed by more which were almost just as satisfying as that initial climax.

Which was finally a way to chase away her submissive thoughts, the only downside being that it also chased away any other thoughts. Yes, once again Ruby completely lost the ability to think during anal sex, the only difference being this time it was her who was pounding an ass hole, her girlfriend bent over in front of her and giving up her most private hole for their mutual pleasure. Both of them becoming like wild animals determined to make sure Daisy's butt hole was literally ruined. They used every ounce of their strength to do this, until finally they ran out of steam, first Daisy collapsing down onto the table in front of her, then Ruby collapsing down on top of her. Then both women just lay there for a few long minutes, gasping for breath and trying to compose themselves.

Until finally Ruby asked, honestly unsure what she wanted the answer to be, "So, are you my bitch?"

For a few long seconds Daisy genuinely questioned this, then she grinned, "No."

"What?" Ruby frowned.

"Yeah..." Daisy looked over her shoulder with another grin, "That wasn't terrible, for an amateur, but not nearly good enough. I guess that means you're still my bitch."

"I never was." Ruby glared, before smirking, "And you're forgetting, I'm not finished with you yet."

"Please, like you could actually-" Daisy began, before crying out as it felt like something had been amputated.

"Like I said, I'm not finished." Ruby smirked again as she fell into the Director's chair and ordered, "Now spread your cheeks for me bitch! Mmmmm yeah, show me my handiwork."

Daisy was initially confused by what had just happened, and even what Ruby meant, before realisation suddenly hit and she felt like an idiot. Of course Ruby had just pulled the strap-on out of her ass, and now wanted Daisy to expose her gape, like she'd forced Ruby and others to do so many times before. Not that it was necessary, considering just how widely stretched her ass hole felt, which was easily as wide as Ruby's probably still was, but she knew just how much she loved having a bottom spreading her cheeks after a butt fucking, and it was only fair that Daisy do the same now. So that's exactly what she did, slowly reaching back, spreading her cheeks and then waiting in that super humiliating position for a few long minutes as Ruby just stared at her gape.

It was really twisted, but Ruby took a lot of pride in looking deep into Daisy's bowels via that gaping crater, which used to be the other girl's virgin ass hole, before finally ordering, "I suppose that will do... Quake, get down on your knees in front of me, and clean my cock of your ass cream. Ooooooh yeah, become my little ATM whore."

At least this time there was no confusion about what Ruby wanted, or what humiliating thing was happening to her, and Daisy even kind of enjoyed it, as she was confident it wouldn't be enough to break her. In fact, if a butt fucking couldn't do it, surely nothing would? That she was untouchable? That she was a true top? No, she'd enjoyed being ass fucked too much for that to be true. So... switch? Yeah, she was a switch... just like Ruby. Yes, they had both taken anal poundings and while they had both enjoyed it they still wanted to top. Wait, did this actually mean they were perfect for each other? Because now she thought about it, the more Daisy liked the idea of switching.

"Ah come on, I did it for you!" Ruby whined, awaking Daisy from her thoughts.

Realising she was still exposing herself instead of completing the act Daisy smiled, let go of her cheeks, turned around and dropped down to her knees so she was in between Ruby's legs. She then smirked up at the other girl, before slowly taking the head of the dildo into her mouth, tasting her own ass for the first time. Well, she had made Ruby and other girls give her a rim job, and kissed them afterwards, and kissed them after going ass to mouth, but this was her first experience with the deepest part of her own ass, and it was, bearable. She didn't moan with the same joy as Bobbi had, but then again neither had Ruby initially, so maybe Daisy would learn to love this. Either way she obediently bobbed her head up and down, at least until Ruby really annoyed her.

"Oooooooh yes, suck my cock Quake!" Ruby taunted gleefully, "Suck it good! Mmmmm, you look good with a cock in your mouth, Director Johnson. I always knew you would. Oh yeah, I always knew the mighty Quake, the hero of SHIELD and it's new Director would look good being on her knees and sucking my cock. Mmmmm, especially right after it had been in her ass. Do you like that bitch? Huh? You like the taste of your own ass? Huh? Yeahhhhhhh you do, mmmmmm, you're just an ass to mouth slut. And now, you're my slut. Oh yes, you're my ATM slut Director Johnson! My lesbian bitch! My anal whore! And whatever else I want you to be, do you hear me? Huh? Do you-"

By the time she had enough of Ruby's mouth Daisy had cleaned the first half of the cock, and had just started to push it into her throat, when she got a better idea. Namely suddenly shooting her head up to capture Ruby's lips in a kiss, and then while the younger girl was distracted Daisy undid the harness. Given the surprised look on her face Ruby wasn't expecting Daisy to break that kiss and shove the strap-on down her throat instead, given that she grabbed her arm to stop her, and pressed her other hand against Daisy's chest. Then after a tense moment Ruby relaxed and allowed Daisy to fuck her pretty mouth with the fake dick until it was completely clean. Then Daisy slowly pull the strap-on out of Ruby's mouth and the two girls just stared at each other for a few long seconds, before naturally Ruby broke the silence.

"So, what now?" Ruby asked.

For a few moments Daisy thought about this, then she smirked and playfully answered, "We continue saving the world. Keeping people safe. You know, hero stuff."

"I meant you and me." Ruby sighed in annoyance.

"Oh." Daisy frowned, briefly pretending to be surprised, before smirking again, "Well, I guess we keep rewarding each other. See if one of us ever truly comes out on top."

"Sounds like fun." Ruby admitted, briefly kissing Daisy again, before pointing out, "I do like being rewarded."

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