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In this installment, Sinister prepositions poor Charles in exchange for keeping Scott and Jean (and Magneto) safe. Warning: NON-CON.

    When Sinister returns to the door of their cell again, his face twisted in glee, Charles' stomach clenches. "You'll be pleased to know that your message to your students was received loud and clear, Charles," Sinister crows, and Charles grits his teeth unhappily. "I now have both Scott and Jean in my possession."

    Charles stifles a sigh. He watches with narrowed eyes as Sinister opens the cell door and saunters inside, smirking smugly. Immediately, Magneto makes to attack him, coming out of the corner of the small room like a red-and-purple bullet, hoping to stun the larger being with sheer brute force, but Sinister is ready for him and almost bored-looking as he reaches out a hand and blasts the Master of Magnetism onto the ground. He hits the dirt floor with a thud and a pained groan, and Charles balls his fists. "Magnus!" he gasps, because the force of the impact has knocked Magneto's helmet off, and it takes several seconds for the other man to even move again. Charles glares. "Leave him alone, Sinister," he demands, but Sinister just laughs.

    "I don't think I'm going to do that, Charles." Still grinning, Sinister uses his powers to shove Magneto against the wall. Strong vines come down to wrap around his limbs and neck, and one curls over his mouth. Magneto makes a slight gagging noise, and Charles can't help but imagine that the root tastes terrible. "I'm starting to think he's becoming more trouble than he's worth," Sinister says disdainfully, and then turns his attention to Charles. "I'm very interested in seeing how ... compatible Scott and Jean are," he continues, and a chill creeps up Charles' spine as he understands the implication. Sinister strides towards him, and he resists the urge to skitter backwards. "I already know how pleasing you can be, however, Xavier," he leers, and Charles glares up at him in disgust. "So I've decided to let you satisfy me instead."

    Charles grimaces. "I refuse."

    "That's a shame," Sinister minces. Then, to Charles' horror, he flicks his wrist lazily, and Magneto starts bucking furiously where Sinister has him pinned to the wall, the vine around his neck tightening considerably. "Your refusal ensures that your friend will die," he explains calmly. "It has also sealed the fate of your students, Professor." Then he releases his hold on the plant wrapped around Magneto's throat, and Magneto can be heard taking several noisy breaths, his chest heaving. "Of course," Sinister muses, raising an eyebrow, "if you were to have a change of heart ..."

    Charles sighs helplessly. Briefly, his gaze meets Magneto's steely blue eyes; the other man weakly shakes his head. Charles glances at Sinister. "What do I have to do?"

    Sinister bares pointed teeth. "On your knees," he rasps, and Charles obeys, still glaring, defiant, though his face grows a tad fearful as he watches Sinister disrobe enough for what he intends to happen. His cock stands forth, hard and prominent, and Charles notices that he angles himself so that Magneto has nothing to do except watch. "Your mouth, Charles," Sinister says conversationally, and Charles leans forward, fitting his lips around the length, and then gurgling a little when he feels Sinister's clawed hand clutching the back of his head tightly. "Suck it," Sinister orders, and he nods and tries to lose himself in the act, tries to ignore Magneto's straining against his bonds and the precise danger they're all in. Sinister is rough with him, however, gripping his face and forcing his neck to bend at an odd angle; also, he demands Charles' attention. "Look at me, Charles," he croons, and Charles' gaze flits upwards, blinking at Sinister's excited expression. "I'm glad you've changed your mind, Professor," he smiles, and Charles bites back a groan.

    Before he can finish, Charles feels Sinister tug away, his length sliding out of Charles' mouth with a wet 'pop' sound. "Now, against the wall," he snarls, and Charles tries not to whimper as he stands and moves towards the cell wall opposite Magneto's, slowly, like a man being led to slaughter. He risks a glance back at Magneto, who lets out a muffled yowl, his nostrils flaring. 'I'm sorry,' Charles thinks, even though he knows his powers are useless here, still hoping Magneto will understand as his cheek is shoved against rough stone and Sinister shoves his pants down to his knees. He grips the wall as best he can for leverage and bites his lip. 'I can save everybody like this if I can only endure it. I will save everybody.'

    It hurts when Sinister plows into him, his cock slicked previously only with Charles' saliva. Charles bites back a sob, his stomach heaving, and Sinister laughs. "Scream for me, Charles," he croons, and Charles can feel tears blotting his eyelashes. His face remains turned away, his way of silently refusing to cooperate. It seems to matter not to Sinister, who continues to thrust into him, his cock sliding in and out of Charles' ass hole, past the sensitive ring of muscle, ripping and tearing it mercilessly. Charles cries out repeatedly; he tastes blood and knows that it's his own. "Mmm, Charles, good, so good," Sinister groans, and Charles squeezes his eyes shut and shudders through the ordeal.

    After what seems like an eternity, Sinister comes inside of him, emptying himself completely before tugging his cock out of Charles' ass. He grabs the other man by the shoulder and spins him around roughly, and then grips his chin, forcing a hard, plundering kiss on him. "Very good, Professor," he laughs when it ends, and then pats Charles condescendingly on the cheek before turning away. "But I think I'll still be sampling Scott and Jean, as well."

    Appalled, Charles bites out, his voice laced with agony, "You said you wouldn't!"

    Sinister just chuckles. "Yes, I lied." He smirks down at Magneto as he passes by, who growls at him animalistically. "Don't worry," he tells the bound and gagged Master of Magnetism, before opening the cell door anew and stepping outside. "You'll get yours soon enough." He leaves once more, and Charles reaches down with shaking hands and pulls his clothing back into place. Then, satisfied that this has been accomplished, he hurries over towards Magneto as best he can, trying to ignore the newfound pain that accompanies walking. He can tell, however, that Magneto notices, the other man's eyes brimming with worry, anger. He kneels on the ground again in front of his former lover and tugs his pocket knife from his back pocket.

    When he's cut the vines serving as a gag and the ones around Magneto's neck and wrists, he shivers when the other man immediately cups his jaw, examining his face. "Are you all right?" Magneto asks, his voice soft, and Charles nods. However, he does not protest when he's drawn into a tight embrace, burying his head momentarily against the other man's shoulder, the knife clattering to the ground. "That was very brave, Charles," Magneto tells him, clutching him tightly, rubbing his back with one large, gloved hand. "Nobody would have blamed you for refusing."

    Charles pulls his face up briefly, his mouth trembling as he speaks. "I ... I had to," he gets out, and then takes several deep, shuddering breaths. "I had to," he says again, and then adds, "I have to know I did everything I could to keep everyone safe - my students. You."

    Magneto shakes his head. "I would harbor no ill will towards you either way. Sinister, on the other hand ..." His fist clenches suddenly as he bares his teeth. "I will kill him myself with my bare hands for what he's done to you, Charles."

    Charles smiles ruefully. "I think we technically have to find our way out of this cell first."

    "Nevertheless," Magneto promises, "I'll wipe that smile off of his face soon enough." He tugs Charles to him again, and Charles curls into him with familiarity. "I will avenge you," Magneto promises, and Charles closes his eyes momentarily and sighs.

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