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Sinister returns, and his demeanor has changed; the set of his shoulders, his jaw are tighter, more determined, angry, and Charles wonders whether his X-Men have arrived. Their host does not comment on the fact that both Charles and Magneto have gotten untied, though when Magneto makes an obvious move to charge the door as it swings open, a sharp blast of energy sends him sprawling backwards, grunting as he falls to the ground.

"Magneto," Charles bites out, but then Sinister is upon him, one inhumanly strong hand wrapped around his neck, cutting off his air supply.

"Stand up," Sinister demands, and Charles obeys quickly, willing to do pretty much anything to be able to breathe again. Sinister propels him backwards a short distance until his back and shoulders are flush against the cell's stone wall. Sinister is no longer choking him with full strength anymore, but his hand remains on Charles' neck until his arms are up and secured with the ever-present rope vines. Once his air is allowed to flow naturally again, Charles glances with concern over Sinister's shoulder at Magneto, who has pulled himself to his hands and knees.

"You boys haven't been entirely honest with me," Sinister tells them. He reaches out and strokes Charles' cheek, all the while watching Magneto, whose fist clenches. "It's rather sweet, really, how much you care for one another. Best frenemies; no wonder you keep it a secret." With that, his hand slips downwards to Charles' crotch, cupping him roughly. Charles' eyes fly open and he grits his teeth.

"Leave him alone, Sinister," Magneto commands. He begins to stand, itching to fight, but another blast from Sinister leaves him coughing and panting on the ground.

"I'll give you a choice," Sinister says silkily. "Either you give me a little show, or I will take care of this" - he rubs at Charles' slight erection, and Charles groans and looks away, ashamed - while you are made to watch, Magneto."

Two pairs of eyes watch as Magneto is allowed to stand this time, and makes his way towards the man bound to the wall. "On your knees," Sinister orders, and Magneto sinks to the ground again, and then risks a glance up at Charles.

"Magneto ..." Charles begins, his face flushed and humiliated. Magneto shakes his head, however.

"It is all right, Charles."

"How touching," Sinister sneers, and then shoves roughly at the back of Magneto's head. "Get on with it," he rasps.

Slowly, reluctantly, Magneto undoes the fly of Charles' khakis, and then shoves his underwear down enough to free his genitals. Charles watches him, biting his lip, and Magneto rubs at Charles' thighs with large, gloved hands, trying to comfort him in any small way that he can. When Sinister barks, "Get on with it, I said!", he leans forward and takes Charles' cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head.

"Oh," Charles moans, his head falling back against the wall. The fact that they are being watched and chuckled at by Sinister does not completely overshadow the memory of Magneto's lips on his during their earlier make-out session, during which they clutched and clung to one another like a couple of horny teenagers. It also doesn't overshadow the fact that he and Magneto had been lovers before, and the other man is quite knowledgeable of Charles' body. He reaches up and fondles Charles' balls while continuing to suck him off, and Charles gasps and keens.

"Make him come," Sinister demands, and it doesn't take long before Charles is orgasming. Magneto swallows and wipes his mouth, and Charles sags in his bonds. Then he lets out a yelp when the vines suddenly give, and he's falling to the hard ground. Magneto catches him before he hits the floor; the other man's face is flushed, his pupils wide, and Charles can sense his arousal and pleasure, in spite of their peril.

Sinister is merciless. "Now you," he orders, indicating Charles. "You do him." He crosses his arms expectantly, and Charles looks at Magneto.

"I'm sorry, my friend," he murmurs, and then leans in and kisses the other man. He can taste himself on Magneto's tongue, can feel Magneto's own arousal by the way he kisses back, as well as the fact that he's hard when Charles' hand rubs over his groin. Magneto assists him with sliding the garments on his lower body down enough for Charles to gain access to his cock. Quickly, knowing that the faster they do this, the more likely Sinister will go away, he begins pumping Magneto's cock with his fist. Charles is similarly no stranger to Magneto's body, to knowing what and where to touch, and it's easy enough to rub the length of Magneto's penis with just the right amount of friction, to tug pre-come from the tip with the pad of his thumb. When he senses that Magneto is close, he leans in, allowing their foreheads to touch. "Magneto ..." he murmurs.

"Yes, Charles. Yes," Magneto breathes, and then Charles seals his lips over the other man's while he comes, fluid spurting over his hand. When it's over, he wipes his digits surreptitiously on his pants and kisses Magneto one last time before pulling back and reaffixing his pants. Magneto does the same, and both men look up disdainfully when they hear Sinister chortling.

"Well, that was fun." He claps his hands once, a maestro conducting an invisible orchestra. "Good show, boys. Let's hope Scott and Jean are as animated as you two."

"The X-Men will be here soon, Sinister. They will stop your insidious plan," Charles tells him matter-of-factly. Magneto smirks.

Sinister snickers. "They don't know what they're getting themselves into." As he strides out of the cell anew, the door reverberating as it slams shut, Charles can only hope that his assessment is wrong.

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