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Title: Captive
Author: Kravitzkid
Rating: NC-17 (non-consensual sex and a little violence)
Disclaimer: I don’t the the characters, so there.
A/N: The original ficlet was written as a challenge response at Stormfreak’s Haven. I didn’t post it in many places but I still liked the idea and have been working on making this a full length story for months. If you’re looking for the original story, it’s going to be in here someplace. Just as soon as I find someplace to put it.

///talking in the m//

Kendall crouched in the bushes while keeping an eye on the deer in front of her. She was slowly stalking the animal using the techniques her father had taught her. The newly fallen snow was making her game a little easier and she’d followed the animal’s trail to the edge of a clearing. The snow was falling softly but steadily and Kendall loved every second of it. It meant that she couldlk tlk the helpless woodland creatures without camouflaging her hair.

The deer was nosing around, looking for some food in a small clearing. Kendall was using her powers to mask her scent and the deer was apparently unaware of her presence. Kendall crept to the edge of the clearing and ducked behind a tree. She knew this particular animal quite well. It was the closest thing to a pet that she had and they played this game often. Kendall would try to catch the deer before it ran away, which wasn’t always easy.

Kendall was lookinrwarrward to winning another round. She smiled to herself and was about to pounce when she heard a rustling sound not far behind her. The deer lifted its head and froze, as did Kendall, and without any warning the frightened animal bounded off deeper into the forest. Kendall swore under her breath and looked around, searching for what could have scared the deer away. She saw some squirrels, running up and down the trees and shook her head. Kendall was about to search for her deer again when she was seized by a large pair of hairy arms. She struggled against the stranger and the sky immediately darkened.

“Stop fightin’ and I won’t hafta hurt you.” Sabertooth growled. Kendall fought harder and Sabertooth lost her grip on her smaller body. She dropped to the ground and summoned a wind to lift herself away from her attacker. Kendall though she was home free until she felt a strong hand around her ankle, pulling her back down.

“No you don’t, ya little bitch.” Sabertooth yelled. Kendall started to panic and summoned a stronger wind to break free. Sabertooth got another hand on her leg and pulled her closer to the ground. Kendall managed to kick Sabertooth across his forehead with her free leg, distracting him long enough for her to gain some altitude and try to make it back to the mansion. Sabertooth shook his head as her saw his target lifting into the air.

“Always hafta do things the hard way.” Sabertooth shouted after her. Slowly, he removed a large pistol from his duster pocket. He aimed at Kendall and fired twice. He heard her scream and watched her fall into another thicket of trees not too far away. Sabertooth smiled to himself and ran to find her. He came upon his victim in a twisted pile. She was trying to get up, but apparently the fall hurt her more than the bullets. Sabertooth snorted and watched her cough up some blood.

Kendall turned her head and tried to focus on Sabertooth. Her head was pounding and her entire body was in pain. Shekly kly called for lightning to strike him, but she was too dizzy to focus and it hit the ground about 300 yards away.

“That’s right, keep fighting, you’re only pissing me off.” Sabertooth said. He leaned down and removed two shells from Kendall’s back, allowing the wounds to close completely.
“That’s a little better. I won’t get paid for damaged goods.” He growled.

“Fuck you.” Kendall murmured.

“All in due time, baby.” Sabertooth laughed as his gun connected with the back of Kendall’s head and she lost consciousness. He picked up the young woman’s body and tossed it over his shoulder and made his way out of the woods, leaving a trail of Kendall’s blood in the snow.

“Shame. I was expecting more of a fight.” He thought to himself.


Ororo looked out of the kitchen window and watched as another round of snow showers had started to decorate the forest. Kendall had been out prowling around the grounds for hours and it was beginning to get dark. Annoyed, she stirred her spaghetti sauce and waited for her daughter.

“That girl was supposed to help me with dinner.” She said under her breath.

“That “girl” is over twenty years old.” Logan replied from the kitchen table. “You know how she gets after it snows. She’ll be back soon.”

“I should hope so. It’s starting to get really ugly outside and night will be falling soon.” Ororo replied.

“If she wants to eat, she’ll come back.” Logan joked while slicing more tomatoes for Ororo’s sauce. She sighed again and the snow got a little thicker.

“Kendall has been in those woods since before sunrise. Even if she can’t feel the cold, she should still come indoors for a while.” Ororo continued.

“It reminds me of someone I know who, as I recall, upon first arriving here, never came indoors for anything other than eating.” Logan poked his wife in the side while dropping the tomatoes into the pot. Suddenly, a loud thunderclap shook the mansion and the clouds over the woods got thicker and darker.

“Sorry, Ro.” Logan complained. “I was just teasing ya.”

Ororo looked up in alarm. “That wasn’t my doing and I’m fairly certain it wasn’t natural.” She replied.

Another thunderclap shook the house and the couple raced from the kitchen. Ororo took to the skies and Logan ran through the trees, calling his daughter’s name. He sniffed the air cautiously and smelled several things he didn’t like: blood, fear, and or Cor Creed. Instinctively, he ran faster in the direction the strong odors, hoping he would beat his wife to the scene. Logan tried to warn Ororo, but she was too far ahead of him.

He saw her land inside a large clearing and she grabbed her stomach in terror. The winds picked up again as he reached his wife’s side and she collapsed in his arms. There was blood, lots of it, along with signs of a struggle. Logan released Ororo, trying to keep himself in check for her sake. He sniffed around the area and snarled immediately. Sabertooth’s foul odor was everywhere, along with the smell of frustration. Kendall’s blood was carrying the smell of her fear and it was almost enough to make Logan vomit. He forced himself to examine the ground closely. He found two blood-coated shells buried in the snow along with a trail of bloody footprints. Looking up, he saw the broken tree branches and estimated that someone, Kendall probably, had fallen about a m a mile to the ground. The blood stains themselves weren’t very old but Sabertooth wasn’t stupid enough to stick around.

Logan was about to set off in pursuit of his daughter when he noticed Ororo. She was kneeling in the snow, choked with tears and rocking slowly. Anger, guilt, and sorrow were coming off of her in waves. The weather had followed Ororo’s mental state and plunged into chaos. The winds had strengthened to hurricane force and swirled the snow into large drifts against the trees. Lightning and ice rained from the skies and several trees were destroyed. Logan tried calming his wife, but she was too far gone. The winds were howling too loudly and moving too quickly and he was pinned against a tree.

///Logan, what’s happening?/// Charles Xavier’s voice rang clearly in Logan’s head.

///Kendall’s been kidnapped and ‘Ro’s Hysterical. I can’t get through to her./// Logan answered.

///I’ll do what I can./// Charles answered. The tempest raged a while longer until Ororo’s body tensed and she collapsed. The snow and winds died slowly and a horrified Logan ran to his fallen wife.

///Chuck, what’d ya do?/// Logan mentally screamed.

///Her mental shields were down due to her emotional state and I was able to sedate her temporarily. Please bring her inside and we’ll get things sorted out./// Charles calmly stated.

Logan scooped his wife into his arms and jogged back towards the mansion. He tried not to panic. It was obvious that Kendall had put up a fight. He just wasn’t sure how effective it was.

“She’s not dead. Creed wouldn’t take a corpse.” Logan repeated quietly. Ororo couldn’t hear him, but he said it to calm his own nerves. Logan’s mind was racing. He didn’t even realize he’d reached to medi-lab until Hank took Ororo from him and put her on a stretcher. He knuckles were itching and he needed to find his little girl. Logan almost knocked Charles over on his way back out of the lab.

“Logan, calm down. I understand the situation is dire, but an insane rage isn’t going to get Kendall back.” Charles stated. Logan just stared through older man.

“Chuck,ed hed has my little girl and standin’ here jaw-waggin ain’t gonna get her back either.” Logan roared as he pushed past him. Charles scanned Logan’s mind and saw what he’d found in the woods.

“Dear God. This is worse than I thought.” He murmured, looking at Ororo’s prone form as Hank covered her with a hospital blanket.

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