Both Ways

BY : CorpseChild
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Both Ways

Title: Both Ways

Author: Corpse Child

Archive: Sure, just tell me where and when!

Rating: NC17 for strong sexual content and language. This is slash aka male/male.

Disclaimer: Not mine, none of it; the characters, the environments, nada. Only thing that's mine is the storyline, and whatever I make up to go along with it. I make no profit off of this.

Pairings: Kurt/Logan

Summary: X-Men, Post-X2, no spoilers, per se, unless you haven't seen the second movie. Logan really does care for Marie, but when Kurt pops up and offers to soothe the savage beast that Marie can't touch, things get sticky.

Author's Notes: I thought it would be kinda cute if Logan was the apprehensive one for a change, and Kurt all male-vixen-like, you know? As opposed to how Kurt's portrayed in the movie. Alan Cumming did a fantastic job, by the by. Translations are at the bottom.

Also, I'll be making an alternate version to this, with Marie/Logan, for those who aren't into slash. No telling when it will be done, though. Maybe if I get enough requests ;)


His dark eyes swept hungrily over the sleek smoothness of the body before him, wanting so much to reach out and touch the shining surface, to push her buttons while gripping her arms tightly. God, he wanted to ride her deep into the night, as fast as her inner workings would allow, to feel the rush of adrenaline as he leaned into every curve he encountered while with her. Apprehensively, he reached out to caress her, knowing she would be cold and unbidding, but he could make her warm...

"You mind not greasin' up her paint job with your grubby paws, Wolverine?" Said a protective voice to his side, and he straightened up, bringing his hand away to glare at the visored man.

"Din't know you had staked a claim on 'er, One-Eye." All he did was glare. What a pretentious ass Scott Summers was.

And what a lonley man he had to be, if he got a little too excited over a motorcycle.

"A silver-black Phantom motorcycle custom made to fit the needs of the X-Men? Oh you bet I'll claim it." He had that look in his eye that only a man could get about a vehicle, Logan stared at him resentfully. The looks Scott usually gave were masked by his specialized glasses, but being around him long enough gave you an insight as to how to read him.

"Well, I'm lettin' you know right now that you're not goin' to be keeping her all to yourself. Like you said, 'the needs of the X-Men,' if I feel I need it, I'm goin' to be taking it." Without a second look, he walked away from the beautiful bike and the annoyance known as Cyclops, emerging into the hall with no real destination in mind. The mansion was huge, he could wander around there all day with no particular place to go, and it was just fine with him.

Hands shoved into his pockets, he wandered into the gymnasium that the students usually used, spacing out, when all of a sudden there was a cloud of blue smoke several feet in front of him, and Kurt appeared before him,

"Guten Tag, Herr Logan!" he said happily.

"Jesus Christ!" scared half to death, he had flexed his muscles, sending his adamantium claws shooting out, and thus, ripping the pockets out of his favorite pair of jeans.

"Shit, Kurt, look what the hell you made me do!" he glared at the blue monster grinning sheepishly at him,

"My apologies, Logan, I did not mean to scare you."

"Well what the hell do you expect a guy to do when you just bampf your blue ass wherever you please? You want people to cheer or something?" he growled, claws still unsheathed. Goddamnit, he was just starting to break into these jeans, and now they weren't good for anything but maybe a rag.

The blue elf was not detered by Logan's usually present foul mood, "My ass is more of an indigo, really." he grinned toothily. Logan just shook his head, throwing his arms up in exasperation. Kurt reared back out of the reach of the claws as he did so,

"Careful, mein freund, you could hurt somebody." his tail wavered forward to wrap around one of Logan's wrists and pull it away from him. The feel of the surprisingly smoothe, yet cold, skin of his tail on his skin made him start. Funny, he always thought it would feel scaley or rough.

"Yeah, well, hurting people is what I do best." he moved his arm to try and shake loose Kurt's tail, but it held on.

"You're not even going to ask me to prove it?" his German accent accentuating the mischievousness in his voice.

"Prove what?" he furrowed his brow.

"That my ass is indigo and not blue."

"You really want me to hurt you, don't you?" Logan asked threateningly but only half meaning it.

"As long as my ass stays out of it." He grinned and unwrapped his tail from his wrist, turning to sprint on all fours as Logan growled and took off after him.

"Enjoying the view, then?" he shot back over his shoulder, cackling. He was really loving the freedom he got at the mansion, and the more he spent there, the more comfortable with himself he became.

"Whatever happened to being all priestly and shit?" his pursuer shouted, claws sheathing as he tackled the pseudo-reptile. It was the only classification he had been able to give Kurt, what with the tail, the lack of ten digits that humans had, skin colour, and whatnot. Kurt could almost be a humanistic chameleon, if not for the non-ability to change skin tone and the long, sticky tongue. At least, he didn't *think* he had a tongue like a chameleon.

"Gotcha, furball!" his arms were around Kurt's waist, and he sat up, settling onto his legs so he couldn't move.

"You call *me* a furball? You forget who I am." and soon, Logan was sitting in a cloud of blue smoke. "Cheater!--oof!" Logan barked just as Kurt reappeared behind him and perched on his back with his hands on Logan's shoulders, making him fall against the gym floor.

The man growled, swinging his arm back to grab a hold of him, but Kurt was in the center of his back and nearly unreachable. "Ya never answered my question."

"Ja? You mean der 'priestly shit?' I am thinking that I deserve a little freedom with mein self after so many insecurities. Don't you think, mein freund?"

"I'm thinkin' that you weigh a hell of a lot more than you look, you scrawny bastard."

"Tsk tsk, you kiss your lovers with that mouth?" he grinned.

"If I had lovers I could answer that properly; as much as the stud I am, I don't get many dates." he replied bitterly, crossing his arms and resting his chin on them, staring at the floor since he didn't want to strain his neck trying to look at Kurt.

"That's too bad, Logan." Suddenly, with some force, Kurt hopped up, and in those seconds he was in the air, he grabbed Logan and managed to flip him onto his back, landing lightly on his toned stomach, feeling the muscles flex and tense beneath his bare feet. "You appear to me as the passionate type. No one at all?"

The sudden disposition he found himself in, staring up at Kurt Wagner crouched on his stomach, gave him some interesting imagery, indeed. He shook his head quickly to get those thoughts right the hell out of his head. "Well, there is Marie, but it's not as if I can get really close to her, even if I wanted to." he put his hands behind his head, looking slightly put-out by this thought.

"Nein, doesn't sound too gut, yer right." Kurt's whip-like tail stretched out behind him, wrapping itself around Logan's leg from the knee up, where the spade end of his tail was uncomfortably close to his groin area. He coughed in a subtle manner, but when the tail didn't move, he just went right out and said it, "D'you mind watchin' where that tail of yours goes? It's starting to get too close for comfort."

Kurt grinned slowly, an impish smile that reached his eyes, and he leaned down, his three-digited hands splaying on Logan's chest to spread his weight and keep him from toppling over. He reminded Logan of an incubus, crouched on his chest and ready to suck out his breath. He unconciously took a deep breath and held it, watching as a pink tongue came out and licked those pointy teeth.

"Perhaps you'd be comfortable elsewhere, ja?" his hands slid upwards along his chest and gripped his shoulders, while at the same time his legs spread apart and he was now straddling Logan's chest. He leaned close to his ear, "My place or yours?" he said quietly, and in a puff of blue smoke, they were no longer in the gymnasium.

Before he knew it, they were in the middle of a bed in a dark room, the breath forced out of Logan's chest at the intense rush. He had never experienced that before, it was almost as if everything stood still and they became part of the smoke, drifting through the mansion at such a speed, and solidifying in that room.

"Wow." he stared wide-eyed at Kurt, who all but filled his vision, smiling knowingly. When he moved his head back, he was able to get a better grip on his senses, and it was then that he realized they were in Kurt's room.

"And just how is a strange environment supposed to make me more comfortable?" he looked up at him.

"Well, I have never been in your room, so that wasn't an option, and I doubt the Blackbird would have been a good choice." He laughed lightly, and Logan had a mental image of Kurt sitting in one of the chairs backwards, his knees in the seat with his tail held up and arms around the back of it, and Logan coming in from behind--a sudden tightening in his jeans made that thought process stop right there.

"I don't know what kind of game you're playing Kurt, but the small, dark, and pointy type just ain't what I'm looking for." He held in a grunt as the tip of his tail glided across his package.

"Maybe you don't know what yer missing, ja?" he smiled without showing his teeth, then all but swooped down to press his lips against Logan's.

Stunned, he didn't react right away, but began to push back at those lips that were so soft, removing his hands from behind his head to grab his shoulders and pull him closer, his hands moving to his neck where a scarf was wrapped loosely around Kurt's neck. The scarf instantly gave him images of Marie in his mind, and he pushed away from the kiss, "Gah!" His eyes were widened and confused, a sudden realization coming over him.

"What's the matter, Rogue got your tongue?" the little devil grinned knowingly, fingering the scarf.

"W-what? How do you know if I, that planned this, didn't you?" he eyed him suspiciously.

"Mm, more or less. I know of your looks, and I know they weren't always for her. Admit it," he bent down, "You want me, too."

Refusing to answer, he struggled to push himself up to a sitting position, but it was just too awkward.

"You and me are alike, we both have an animal instinct," he tapped the side of his slender blue nose, "Rogue cannot give you what you want, nor can she take what Wolverine can give. But I can." he smiled and bent down, their mouths almost touching, "Want to know why I was known as the *'incredible'* Nightcrawler?" he smiled wider, his eyes lighting up.

Logan breathed in deeply and licked his lips, his tongue brushing against Kurt's mouth as he did so, and it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It was enough to make him lift his chin and catch his mouth, the kiss softer and slower than the first one. The second kiss was always the best, and they just got better after that. Their breathing increased as the kisses grew deeper, mouths searching and grasping, tongues darting in and out. Hands roamed and groped; blue ones dug themselves into wild brown hair, while olive ones grasped a firm ass, pressing their crotches together, Logan grinding his hardness against Kurt's, the pressure almost painful but oh-so-pleasurable.

"Ich wŁnsche sie," the German words spilled out between a moan and a demand, and although he knew nothing of the German language, he knew exactly what he was saying, if the way he was grabbing his shirt was a hint. Logan let go of his ass to yank away the jacket and the vest, tossing them somewhere to the left. What was left was a long sleeved black turtleneck, tattered and thin. With some assistance from Kurt, he got that off too, and lifted his shoulders so he could pull off his black shirt.

He was already kicking his shoes off when Kurt suddenly disappeared, leaving a cloud of blue smoke. Logan didn't have a chance to even d he could feel the muscles inside squeezing him, and that's when Kurt came, shooting come against Logan's chest and onto his own.>
Slowing to a stop, feeling the tail slide out of him, he pulled out and leaned down, kissing the blue member and licking at it and up along his chest, tasting the bittersweet juice. They were both breathing heavily, and Kurt gave a low chuckle, his hands pushing at Logan's shoulders, pushing him back so he could sit up, and lick his own juices from his chest, making eye contact with his lover, seeing the renewed lust in his eyes. His hand clamped across the back of his neck and pulled him back down, "Auf die knie, mein liebe," he said, laying on his back to kiss him long and slow, saliva mixing with the taste of semen.>

He looked over his shoulder, "One of these days I'm going to learn German and surprise the hell out of you." The response to that was one thick digit slipping inside his hole, still slick and well lubricated, moving inside slowly. One was enough for him, seeing as one of Kurt's fingers equaled about two of his, grunting roughly under his breath.

Removing his finger, Kurt took his prick in his hand and slathered a drop of lubrication onto it, teasing at his entrance, before pushing his head inside. Hands at Logan's hips, he stopped when an inch of him was inside, then pulled out again until half of the tip was out, then pushed back in an inch. He continued this, going a little bit faster, before an impatient growl vibrated through his body and into his dick, and he slammed his hips against his ass and buried himself deep within him.

"Stop playin' games or I might have to come back there and show you how it's done," Logan growled, pushing his ass against his hips to push him in as deep as he could go, bending his head down until his forehead touched the bed. Kurt pulled out slowly, withdrawing before being slammed back inside, "Is that a threat or a promise, schwarzen engel?"

"It...depends," he replied between groans as Kurt sped up, fingers digging into his hips as he felt the surges of arousal pumping into his cock, "What the hells a 'schwarzen engel'?"

"Mmmm, means you are my black angel," he massaged Logan's hips, moving his hands to rub his thighs and ass, raking his nails hard against the skin.

"Then it's a threat, 'cupcake'." he grinned against the blanket, his back arching upwards when he felt the nails scratching but not breaking skin surprisingly, bucking his hips in rhythm, gripping the edge of the bed. A glistening dark arm appeared next to his, and he felt the warmth of Kurt's chest pressed against his back, breathing onto his neck, the pumping becoming harder and longer. Suddenly, he felt a hand curl around his dick, and slightly faster than their own bucking hips, Kurt masturbated him, rolling his balls in his hand every ten strokes, and once again he felt the pressure climbing, he felt it in his chest, and Kurt felt it in the tightening of his balls.

"Fuck, yes!" Logan growled loudly, any control he might have had was lost to the wind, his breath becoming haggard, breathing through clenched teeth.

&quod he could feel the muscles inside squeezing him, and that's when Kurt came, shooting come against Logan's chest and onto his own.>
Slowing to a stop, feeling the tail slide out of him, he pulled out and leaned down, kissing the blue member and licking at it and up along his chest, tasting the bittersweet juice. They were both breathing heavily, and Kurt gave a low chuckle, his hands pushing at Logan's shoulders, pushing him back so he could sit up, and lick his own juices from his chest, making eye contact with his lover, seeing the renewed lust in his eyes. His hand clamped across the back of his neck and pulled him back down, "Auf die knie, mein liebe," he said, laying on his back to kiss him long and slow, saliva mixing with the taste of semen.

The claws sunk back into their fleshy sheathes, a shaky hand caressed sweat-beaded blue skin, his fingers caressing the scarred forehead and cheeks, along the neck, tracing the designs with closed eyes, so lost in the kiss and the feeling of the scars under his fingertips, the meaning beneath the scars eluded him at that moment. Slowly, his hips started to move again, rubbing against him, the sweat aiding quite nicely. They could feel eachother stirring again, and knew a second go was inevitable, grinning against eachother's mouths at the shared thought. Kurt pulled away, kissing his nose, then was gone in a flurry of blue smoke, and it wasn't until he felt something hard and warm pressing against his backside that Logan kind of figured out for himself what "auf die knie" had meant.

"Oh-oh-" Kurt moaned, almost like a mantra, shallow of breath.

In tandem, their orgasms came; Logan's with a subdued roar as he bit down on the covers, Kurt's a shakey sigh, his hand slick and sticky with Logan's come. Weak, he pulled out and collapsed beside him. Logan followed suit, falling onto his stomach and turning on his side, watching with hooded eyes as Kurt licked the semen from his hand completely, sucking on the tips of his thick fingers.

Reaching out, he gathered the bundle of blue into his arms, holding him close possessively, nuzzling his neck as he felt him curl up against him, tangling their legs together.

"Good God that was...," unable to articulate a proper description, he licked the pointed tip of his ear, groaning when he felt a tongue licking at the hollow of his throat.

"Incredible?" The German sex machine suggested, snickering and tucking his head beneath his chin. Logan chuckled, and the sound vibrated in his chest.

"Definitly." Snuggling closer, he closed his eyes, feeling a wave of exhaustion seep into his muscles, succumbing to the calls of sleep as a cord of taut skin and muscles coiled itself around his waist. He found something better than a motorcycle to ride, and he wasn't going to share.


A/N: German dirty talk translated roughly (because they like it rough):

"Ich wŁnsche sie"= I want you.

"Tiefer"= deeper.

"Stark"= harder.

"Bitte"= please.

"liebe"= love.

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