Do I Love Him Back?

BY : Hyperdrive85
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Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men Evolution, or any of the characters from it. I make no money from from the writing of this story.

Fandom: X-men: Evolution
Title: Do I Love Him Back?
Author: Hyperdrive85
Pairing: Logan/Trek (Original Character)
Genre: Love...pure and simple
Sequel: Yes, Second part of "Do I Love Him?"
Summary: Logan cares about Trek, because Trek and him share a common bond and Logan is proud that Trek finds him as a role model. But Logan hasn't been feeling well lately...
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Marvel owns 'em, I just write with them. I promise to put them back where I found them when done, nothing broken. I don't make money or anything off this, all I get is feedback!
Author's note: Logan POV, but there are a few spots where it's Trek's POV
(*): This symbol just means that the names are taken from an X-men Roleplay Trek is a part of.
Rico: A pyro mutant that uses Hellfire and has a demon side, Trek hates him for almost killing Bobby, Kita, Donovan his brother, and Logan.
Kita and Roxy: Friends of Trek's attending Xavier's Institute. Kita is Trek's girlfriend and has the ability to Copy people's power and Roxy can teleport and looks like Kurt just a girl.


"I can't control him..."
"Security Lockdown in 5 Minutes..."

"Everyone out fast...we've lost control!"
"Dianna! NOOO!"
"Security Lockdown in 1 Minute..."

"Go go go...he's on our tail!"
"What wentng?ng?"
"I don;t of the sleep valves must've malfunctioned."
"Security Lockdown in 10"

"Is everyone out?"
"Everyone alive..."
"Okay, activate the explosives!! NOW!"
"Yes sir"


"GRaaahhh, NO!"
Sweaty palms, headache....same as usual. Those nightmares keep gettin' worse everytime. But they all gotta theme now more or less...I've lost control. And the wors part, it ain't just a dream either. I can feel my head gettin' woozy and outta connection with my body a lot lately. Hank said it's justa phase, that it should go away soon. He said that a month ago. O'course I hadn't told anyone else yet, not even Chuck......or Molecule. But Trek, he has a sixth sense it seems to know when somethin' is buggin' ya. He's been askin' me if I'm okay a lot. Of course I just smile a little and tell him I'm fine and not to worry.

*Knock Knock*

"Come in..."
It's Trek, must've had another bad dream.

"Sorry to bother you again, it's just."

"Don't worry about it, I said ya could talk to me anytime."

"Yea I know, but Mr.Logan...the dreams are getting worse."

I can see the hurt in his eyes, it's one thing for me, an old man to be dreamin' about this stuff but a teenage boy shouldn't have dreams like this, even Chuck says their not normal. I pat the bed beside me and he walks over slowly, sittin' down I wrap an arm around him, He leans against me and sighs. Usually I don't like makin' with hugs but, Trek needs them and I feel good knowing he wants mine.

"It's ok Trek, really. If ya need me I am here...what happened this time?"

"Falling....lots of Falling. And not normal falling where you wake up...but I am falling and..."


"I heard that if you die while falling in a dream, you die for real is that true?"

"Uhh...I dunno Trek, but you won't die, there'd be no one here for me to talk to then."
I really don't know how to make kids feel better, I'm good at roughin' 'em up! But Trek seems to find comfort and I guess someone has to.

"'re right, I'm still worried. These have happened what, three nights in a row?"

" Five"

"Five!?'s getting worse. Before it was every few weeks."

"Well, would you feel....better, staying here tonight?"


"Um...if you want you can sleep in here tonight, have someone there if you start to have a nightmare ya know?"

"That'd be nice....are you ok with it tho? I mean, you're not the most social one. I bet you'd rather sleep by yourself without some teenager to worry about....I'll go."

"No Trek, really it's ok."


"Yea, go ahead."
It seems Trek had been waiting for me to say yes becuase he started to cry a little. I just hugged him close, if only I knew what he was must be aweful becuase I've never seen him spooked like this. Eventually I push him back and he laid down on my bed, it's a queen size so it's not like I'm squishin' him. I roll over and I can hear him sleeping in a few minutes, If he has a bad dream I can wake him up....soon I fall asleep.

Next Morning, 7am, Saturday....

I stretch my arms out and my right hand hits something, I look over to see Trek roll over and curl up against my warmth like a little animal, still asleep. At first I almost jump outbed.bed...then I remember last night, I hope he didn't have another bad dream. I look over at the clock it says 7:15, I still have a little less than 2 hours before I have to actually get up, so I don't bother to move Trek, he seems more peacful there than udring the time he has been awake during this last week. I move my arm to wrap it around him, more for my comfort than his and close my eyes to fall back asleep. I am about to fall asleep again when I feel Trek move, he scoothes a little closer and turns just a bit, then his hand reaches around and rests on my hairy chest. He mutters something that I can't make out, must be from his dream. For a few minutes I just stare at the ceiling thinking to myself. How can a guy like me be looked up upon by Trek. I always run it thru my head, he could look up to Scott, or Hank, or even Chuck...but he finds me the best Role Model. Of course I don't feel to bad about it, I've always needed something in life and I guess this is part of it. To be there when someone needs me.



"Eh?" ?"

"You stayed in my room remember"

Suddely I feel him push off of me, he must've just noticed how close he was.
"Oh man, I'm sorry Mr.Logan...I didn't mean to, uh...get so close."

"It's ok Trek, if I had wanted ya off Molecule I'da pushed ya off my self."


"Relax ya didn't..."touch" anythin' ok!?"
I got out of bed and wrapped the blanket around me, so Trek doesn't feel so embarrassed. I looked over at the clock again and it says 8:32 now. I grab a pair of pants and an undershirt and go into my bathroom shutting the door. I can hear Trek moving off the bed, He'll probably just leave...I'll see him at breakfast. I drop the blanket and shiver as the damp air of the bathroom clings to my exposed body. I start my shower up and grab a towel while the water heats. Getting in it feels so nice, pure heat no cold.

After I get dressed and open the door I notice that Molecule had just fallen back asleep on my bed. clo clock was showing twenty minutes past nine, time to go down for a late weekend breakfast. Trek looks so peacful tho, I know I shouldn't wake him but rules are rules...I leap on the bed bouncing him up. He flips over and rubs his eyes astounded.

"What the hell!?"

"Mornin' Treky. It's time for breakfast so up an at'em!"

"Mmmm, you know what Storm is fixin?"

"Not a clue but I'm sure by the time we make it to the end of the hall we'll know."

"*Sigh* Your bed is much better than mine..."

"Hehe, that's what happens when yer a teacher, ya get better digs and stuff."

"I don't wanna leave the bed it's to comfy!"
Trek dives under the covers and I can't help laugh cuz he looks like a scared little Rabbit hiding...hiding from a Wolverine! Something comes over me and I just pounce on him and start tickling him thru the covers.

"Ya can't hide from a Wolverine Trek!"

All of a sudden he pushes up and out of the covers knocking me off the bed, my feet are still hangin' on it and he grabs them pushing them off, I grab his wrists and yank him of the bed on top of me. I give him a smirk before I twist and switch positions so he's on bottom. I jump back onto the bed laughin' as he flips himself up tryin' to be mad but I can see him smilin'.

"HAHA, All you students are outta shape! I'm older than all oh ya combined and I can still beat your asses!"

"I wasn't trying!"

"Sure sure..."
I have to admit, with Trek's mutant power over Molecules...he has an advantage over me. My higtened senses can tell me when someone is angry or about to do somethin', but Molecule can hide that with his when he lunged at me I didn't have time to retaliate and I fell off the bed with him on top of me.

"I told you I wasn't trying before."

"Hehe, I guess ya weren't Molecule."
He tried to get up but his foot slipped on the blanket it had caught itself in and he fell on my chest again, I let out a wierd noise that made him laugh histerically. I didn't get it but then I started to chuckle and it made me laugh even more cuz everytime I laughed my chest would bounce Trek's head so it made me laugh harder...which made it bounce more...
Now we'rth lth laughin' uncontrollably and I feel so good becuase I feel like I haven't laughed in decades. Sure I've chuckled and smirked but never laughed so hard that I feel like cryin'. It felt great.

*Knock knock knock* "Logan? Trek? Are you ok?"
It's Jean...I'm tryin' now not to laugh as she opens the door, cuz other than Trek I don't like to expressly show emotion, but I can'op sop smilin', Trek's still laughin' hard. Jean looks at me and him sprwaled on floorek rek on top of me gigglin' like an idiot...she blushed like she had walked in on us havin' sex, which of course for Jeanie this looks just as bad since she usually overexaggerates everythin'.

"Hi Jean, breakfast time?"

"Um, is Logan."

"Somethin' wrong?"

"Well, no...I just didn't expect Trek to YOUR room."

"Trek? He stayed over cuz he had one of hisawfuawful nightmares."

"Oh...and that's why you're erm, sprawled on the floor laughing?"

"Yea, well he tackled me off the bed cuz I knocked him off...and then we started laughin'."

"You!? Laugh!? Mr.Logan laughing?"

"Yes it's a rare occasion but what can I say, some things are just to funny. But, don't tell anyone alright?"

"Uhh....sure, anyway...Ororo wanted me to tell you and Trek to come eat or you'll miss all the good food."

Trek suddenly quits laughin' and jumps off me, executin' that same sound from re mre makin' them both laugh, I still don't find it that funny. We walked down to breakfast, but today for some reason I just felt different, more energetic. I kept pokin' Trek the way there and he'd poke back it was pretty funny, Jean of course was a little confused.

We made it to the breakfast table and I stopped my kiddish crap and put on my usual "I could care less" attitude. No one looked at me when I grabbed a plate and sat down pilein' the pancakes and bacon on my plate as 'Ro poured me a cup of coffee.

"Well Logan, you finally got up! It's not loike you to be the last one here."

"Well there's a first time for everythin' 'Ro."

"Logan and Trek we ruffhousing in his room, quite funny actually."
Trek looked up from his gatherin' of eggs onto his plate at me...I just shrugged.

"Logan? Was playing with someone?"
Scott...always mug mug and first to point out anythin' with his dry humor.

"When was the last time you invited Mr.Logan to play a game with you and the other students?"
Trek, always stickin' up for me, and with a faouthouth he can change any situation for the better.

"Uh....OH! We invited him to play Soccer...t ont one time."

"As I recall One-eye, you asked me that about a month ago. And I decided not to becuase you only needed me since Kitty broke her nail. Not a good enough reason to get me to join."

"Oh, uh sorry Logan..."


"See, you think it's d fod for Mr.Logan to have fun? Well no one else ever talks to him enough to realize he likes to play around like the rest of us."
Trek sat down with a plate full of food and a matter-o-fact look on his face as he ate. Everyone else was lookin' at their plates kind of guilty it looked. I think they finally realized that they just flat out ignore me most of the time. Which suits me just fine, but I do feel a little better knowin' that now it has come to their attention.

I finished and set my dishes in the sink, glancin' at the chore chart to see who had dishes today, Bobby and that means Trek has Laundry with Jean, Amara, and Roberto. No don't label me some sorta stalker knowin' Trek's schedule, I just know that becuase of Bobby and Trek sharin' a dorm it's seperated where Trek has whatever Bobby doesn't, and there are only two major jobs in the mornin', Laundry sortin' and Dishes, and if Bobby has dishes Bre Breakfast Trek has Laundry in the mornin'. It's just common knowledge. I walk off grabbin' the paper out of Scotts hands.

"Hey! I was reading about the current mutant propoganda!"

"Seniority Cyke, you can have it when I finish."

"Ugh, whatever..."
I walked outside and sat against my little tree like I do every Saturday. I'd have about an hour before Molecule would come and sit with me and talk. But today I didn't fnormnormal....I felt like runnin' and jumpin' and fightin'. Like bein' ruff. Hmm, I'll wait for Trek hehehe...

I could smell him comin' so I quietly snuck into the bushes close to the tree. I crouched down still as a tree itself waitin' for him to walk up. I could feel my blood pumpin', I was goin' to tackle him and pin him to the ground, he'd beg for mercy! I smelt him walkin' closer and I felt my muscles tense up, ready to uncoil and sprin' forward on Trek's body and slam him into the ground. I could see him come around and pick up my newspaper. He dropped it and turned his back to me scratchin' his head, sucker!


Quick as anythin', Trek wheeled himself around and shot an involuntary blast of molecular energy at me, I went flyin' back into the bushes. That got me mad.


"OH GAWD! Mr. Logan I am SO SORRY!"

Standin' up I don't look directly at him, but he's gonna pay for doin' that.

"I didn't mean to...I didnknowknow it was you!"

" hit me."

"Mr. Logan? You sound different. Are you okay?"

"You hit me Trek....I'm goin' to hit you back."

"What? Mr. Logan...what's wrong it was an accident. Chill out."

I leap for him and before he knows it he's on the ground lookin' up at me horrified. There's nothin' he can do he's so scared.......
But why am I tryin' to scare him?

"P..P....Please, I'm ssssorry, I won't it again!"

What'd I do to make him so scared, I can't remember other than readin' the paper and feelin' a little more energetic than usual. I sit up with his legs still under me and shake my head. I look down at him and he's covered his face, thinkin' I was goin' to hit him....what the hell did I just do, or almost do?

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, please let me go."

"Trek, It's ok...I would never hurt ya kid."
I get off his legs and he pulls them to himself huggin' them when he sits up. He's lookin' at me like he wants me to go away, he's really scared of me.
"Trek...I don't know what I did, but I'm gonna leave you alone now, ok?"
I stood up and patted him on the head. I took a few steps then stopped when I heard him

So small I wouldn't have heard it without my heightened senses.

He walked over to me, when I turned around he leaned against my chest, I just stood there while he did, I didn't mind.

"You....would never hurt me....would you?

"No, of course not!"

"I know, I just wanted to make sure...."

"Ok, why don't you go inside, I needa clear my head."

"....alright. Talk to you tonight, after supper?"

"Sure Trek. I'll see you then."
He leaned a little longer, then to my surprize he leaned up and kissed me lightly on th chin, then molecularported away. I touched my chin, did he really kiss me?

6pm, Suppertime, Xavier's Kitchen

Dinner here is always hectic. Everyone's hungry and they want a seat by the food so they don't have to wait to get it passed. 'Ro had a good idea to asign seats, but Xavier declined it implyin' it would be more trouble than it's worth. Oh well, his loss. I walked in to the smell of Roast beef and Mashed Potatoes. A few of the new students like Ray and Amara were talkin' the the end of the table. Scott and Jean were helpin' Ororo set the table and a few of the boys were outside playin' football. I was goin' to walk out and see if Trek was out there but when I walked towards the screen door Ororo shoved a second bowl of Potatoes in my hands and spun me around pointin' to the heat pad on the table.

"Be a dear Logan and put them on the table, I'm a little behind in preparation."

"Uh...'Ro, I'm not a maid."

"Scott's helping too."

"Well that understandable seein' as how he's such a pansy."


"Just kiddin' Cyke, fine I'll do it."
Truth is I had already walked over to the table with the bowl of bashed spuds while I was talkin'. I set 'em down and Jean mentally set aroll basket onto the table by the bowl then put the lid on.
"Well Jeanie, you're gettin' pretty good with your power."

"I know, I feel like I could do these small things in the living room."

"Someday you will Jean, you'll be able to move the table and chairs in bat bathtub someday."
Scott always overexaggerated when it came to Jean.

"Thanks Scott, I know you have faith in me."
Aw how sweet....if you like that mushy crap. Just give me a woman to fuck and I'd be fine, but I shouldn't think things like that here when we have a few mental mutants. Speakin' of mutants here comes everyone, their internal clocks musta gone off.
Half-Pint phasin' thru the wall and the Elf portin' into a chair by the main coarse. He saved the seat next to him for Kitty, who abliged nicely....if those two don't get together soon I am goin' to do it for them. Ray, Amara, and Jubilee jumped over a few seats to sit by the food I set down. Popsicle, Robert, and the other guy's came inside from the football game and 'Ro immediatly pointed them to the sink. Bobby just iced his hands up then cracked them outside...complete with a sigh from 'Ro he sat in a seat. I heard some noises outside, kids yellin' I opened the kitchen door to see Trek runnin' with what looked to be a trinket of Roxy's since she was runnin' along with Kita at him. He looked back at them laughin' before runnin' into me.



"Oh..uh, Mr. Logan! Sorry..."

"Ya should be Molecule, it's suppertime."

Wow, Roxy has a pair of pipes when she needs to.

"Trek give it back already."

"Alright Alrgiht."
He stood up and tossed it at her, she flinched thinkin' it'd hit her but instead Trek used his power to put it on her. She smiled and walked into the kitchen with Kita. He looked at me with a "I got the moves" look.

"You think you're all that."

"I am!"

"And a bag o' chips."

"Hell yea!"

I pushed him thru the Kitchen door and he ran over to sit by Kurt.
I strolled quietly over and sat by Chuck and Hank.
Hank said a small prayer over the food then all hell broke loose as the students tried to be the first to get the food. We'd given up about a month ago with tryin' to stop them and make it orderly since it ended up with them droppin' somethin' more or less.
Eventually it made it around to me and the rest of the students.
After supper I went into the Rec room, some of the students were already there. Other than your room there really isn't any place a student isn't. I sat down on the couch with the remote in my hand. The news was talkin' about usual lately. Sayin' a load of bullshit as usual, thavehave no idea what they t the they do.
Bobby and Amara were playin' ping-pong and that ball...was, gettin' annoyin'....same noise, again and again. The videogames were up loud....Roberto always plays them to loud. My head started hurtin', then the pingpong ball hit my head, that was it I felt myself leap over the couch.

Roberto jumped and turned around a little ous,ous, he turned it down...I looked at Bobby

"You....did that on Purpose!?"

" Mr. Logan...honest!"


"Mr. Logan, you ok?"
The door burst open and Hank walked in with Chuck....and Trek."

"You were right Trek...he does feel different."

"Whadaya mean! They just...have everythin' to loud."

"Logan, your mind is under extreme pressure right now, I can feel it."

"I'm tellin' ya Chuck...I'm fine damnit."

"Logan, profanity among minors won't help anything."

"Hank shut up, I don't need your fuckin' big words."
My head was hurtin' more much my eyes hurt too. I took a few steps towards Chuck.

"Logan stop, you're not well."

"Chuck....I'm fine."

"Mr. Logan, The Proffesor and Mr.McCoy are right, there's something wrong with you."

"Grrlll, Trek shut up!"


"I'm not sick!!! Shut up all of you!!"
Trek needs to fuck up, he has no idea what he's sayin'. Him and Hank! I'l show him what I mean by shut up. I spring at him and my laws pop out. His face looks horrified and I can smell everyone's sudden fear. But before I reach him I suddenly stop, dead stop. I feel my bones pop some from the sudden stop. Trek stopped my molecules. He's breathin' hard and sweatin'.

"Trek? Did you do that?"

"Yea......I did Mr.McCoy."

"You stopped Logan dead..."

"Please, take him to the infirmary."

"Yer not takin' me NOWHERE till I show you what I mean by SHUT THE FUCK Uuuuuupppp...."
Hank musta shot me with some deadly stuff cuz I was feelin' numb all over, and most drugs don't work well on me unless they're unaturaly hyped up. But I eventually collapsed onto the floor and fell asleep.

11pm, Infirmary, Xavier's Institute

He's been laying there for two hours, just sleeping. I don't know what's wrong with but but I won't leave till he does. Even if it means sleeping here all night. He'd do the same for me. Mr.McCoy has monitors tracking everything from his blood pressure to his Heart beat. He looks paler than vulnerable. I never thought I'd see him like this. I hope he wakes up soon.


"Yea Mr.McCoy?"

"You can go now....he'll be ok till tommorow."

"I can't...I have to stay here with him."

"Why? He'll be fine here...he just needs to rest."

"He'd do the same for me if I was here."


"He's been there for me to many times, even if this is just a little thing I want to be here for him this time."

"Oh...well I understand, you can stay then. But I'll be right around the corner in my lab area if you need anything."

"Thank you...."

"Of course."
Mr. McCoy "walked" off in his behemoth sized physique. I just sat looking at Logan. Hoping he'd wake up soon, or at least wait till I woke up tommorow if I fell asleep.
I laid my head down on the side of the bed, If he moved I'd feel it at least....tI clI closed my eyes.

"Everyone! This is Xavier! Magneto's henchmen are making a direct on the mansion, all hands to the front yard!!!"
I opened my eyes to a mental alert from Xavier...or was it a dream? No it wasn't cuz the alarm was going off!! Hank rushed in with his little spandex uniform.

"Trek, stay here....they're after Logan!"
I sat up fast...

"What!? Why Mr.Logan!?"

"They didn't say. Sabertooth just yelled to give them Logan, they know he's knocked out."

"I...I should help!"

"You can, if any of them make it in here you can inform us and hold them off."

"But they're outside."

"Not anymore, they've already demolished some of the foyer and living room. Stay here Trek....okay?"

"Count...on me."

"I know I can."
Beast swung out of the room and set it to lock. I was alone with a dead asleep Logan. His vital sings showed he wasn't waking anytime soon. But, I also hadn't realized that when I woke up, I had to move his hand off me....had he moved in the night?

It had been 10 minutes before I realized I could monitor the progress of everyone thru the TV monitors. I turned them on and switched them to the special camera channels. There was one in each room and I only had three TVs so I flipped thru each one. The fight was in the Living room, the Kitchen, and some of it outdoors. I could see all the students and X-men fighting, except Logan of course. All of Magneto's mutants were fighting, and beating back the X-men. Pyro...Sabertooth...that metal Guy, and Gambit....I don't know why Gambit fights us, he seems to not really care. I don't see Magneto tho, did he come?
The doors to the infirmary were bending in....oh shit, he did come! I closed my eyes and concentrated as hard as possible to contact Xavier.


"Augh, Trek...not so loud, concnetrate!"

"Proffesor, MAGNETO is breaking down the door!!!"

"Are you sure!?"

"I can see all the other Acolyte's pummeling the X-men, and the metal door on the Infirmary is slowlt warping inward!!

"I didn't sense him or see him, he had his helmet on! Trek, you MUST hold him off until we can stop some of the others! Everyone's hands are full right now!"

"I...I can't! It's MAGNETO Proffesor!"

"You can Trek, just hold him off till some of us can help you!"

"I'll try...."
I openend my eyes and the door looked like a bubble being blown. I changed my clothing into my outfit for training and I hid behind a counter. I'd catch him by surprize.
The door finally gave way and it bent into curves, Magneto floated inside looking around. He found Logan and set down. He walked softly towards him.

"Foolish tactics,nkinnking they could stop us before someone found him. They left logan unwatched."

"No they didn't Magneto!"
I leapt in front of him shooting a blast of molecular energy from both my hands straight at him, it hit him and he fell backwards to the ground. He got up almost immediatly tho and he looked so mad at me.

"FOOLISH BOY! You think you can stop the master of metal!"

"Master of Metal? Meet the Master of Molecules!"
He looked at me a little curious...then he just laughed at me.

"You!? A master? Even I know you're here becuase you don't have complete control of your mutant power."

"Don't laugh at me, I'm plenty strong to take you on!!"

"You have no idea who you're messing with boy!"

"The name's Hyperdrive!!"
I flipped forward and kicked a box of medical equipment at his face, they didn't make contact...Magneto just raised his fingers and the box and equipment flew straight at me. I was ready for it tho, I ported behind him and before he knew what happened I had kicked him onto the small table in the infirmary. He stood up and I tried to sweep kick him, he moved to fast tho and knocked me down.

"You are no match for me, and I am in no mood to deal with you..."
I felt myself being dragged upwards against the wall, wasn't physically, he was oving the iron in my body! I had no idea he was this powerful.
"I could rip ironiron out of your body so fast you die on the spot, but I don't feel like it today....lucky you."

"Leave....Logan alone...."

"Afriad I can't do that, I need him for my plans."

"Why Logan, you have Sabertooth!"

"Sabertooth doesn't have the chip in his head."


"None of your consern!! I'm taking Wolverine and you can't stop me!"
He left me squeezed there against the wall by my own molecules. I could already feel myself weakening since none of the iron was travelling thru my body. If I tried to move the of of my molecules I'd die....wait.....his powers use magnetic waves, which are made of molecules! I could make a bubble to block the waves!
I closed my eyes again and opened my hands, It started slowly but I could feel the grip loosening as I made a molecular shield around me for the first time. Magneto must have noticed becuase he stopped and turned around. He flung a hand out and I felt the magnetic force hit me stronger. I could feel myself sweating as I pushed the shield out more. Then in one moment Magneto lost his hold and fell down and I let down the shield and fell to the floor. Imediatly I rolled to the side and blasted Magneto back into a wall as he was getting up. I leapt forward to hit him when he slung me back kicking me in the stomach. I hit the bed Logan was on, it slid a little backwards. My head hurt so bad, I must've hit something hard. I was expecting Magneto to hit me while I was paralyzed...but he never made a move, I opened my eyes....and it was Logan!!!

"Alright Bub, I don't like bein' woken up against my will. I ALSO don't like you harmin' Trek....I REALLY don't like it!""Lo"Logan....remove your blades from my face or I will force you to shred into your friend."

"It'd never work....I promised him I'd never hurt him, and I never go back on a promise."
Logan's claws started to move away from Magneto's face very slowly. I knew I needed to do something. I stood up, everything felt a little woozy, but I needed to concentrate...I pointed my hand out at Magneto and he looked at me.

"If you don't stop, I will shoot you with so much energy you'll insinerate!"

"You wouldn't dare, you're an X-man."

"So is Logan..."


"You gonna call my so called bluff Magneto? I'd say the odds aren't worth it."

Logan stopped moving, he pulled his claws back in and let Magneto go. Magneto walked back towards the door, he reached it and turned around looking at me.

"You would have made a fine member Trek, pity you and Kita left."[1]

"Get out..."
He left and I ran over to the monitors, as if they were robots all of a sudden the other members just left....out of nowhere, even Sabertooth. I looked at Logan and he was looking at me.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm woke up."

"Yea, kinda hard to sleep with all the racket."


"No I am, I shoulda been there to stop him from the beginnin'."

"Actually, they wee here for you."

"Huh? Me....Why?"

"Magneto said something about a chip that you have and Sabertooth doesn't. Did he mean the one that scientist used to turn you against us?"

"I don't think so, becuase that was surgically removed."
"Hey, you did well against Magneto, that's some brownie-points for your X-men trainin'."

"You really think so?"

"Hell Yea! Before ya know it Trek, you'll be called on as much as Scott an' Me."

I should have felt good, but I just felt tired. That battle tired me out so fast, I had never done a shield before, and to do it against Magneto was a miracle in itself.
"You're my miracle."

I fell into his arms, he lifted me up, I couldn't stand anymore I needed to go lay down.

"If you hadn't have helped....I'd have lost."

"Don't worry, I will always be there for you. Like nI amI am gonna take you to a tired yourself out pretty bad."

I felt him lift my legs and he walked out of the room with me in his big hairy arms, the heat from his body felt so nice, I had to curl up close into it, I wrapped my arms around his neck. I am guessing he didn't mind. We reached my room but I only half realized it till he told me. I opened my eyes and he looked down at me.

"You gonna be ok?"

"Yea....I'll sleep a little late tho."

"No problem I'll tell Chuck."

"Thank you..."
I leaned up and gave him a second small kiss on his chin, I don't know why I wanted to, I guess cuz there's no other way I could think of to show my affection. I don't think he minded it tho. He just let me stand up.

"You're....welcome, see you tommorow."

Then he walked out and closed the door. I took my shirt off and climbed into bed. After about 20 minutes I heard Bobby slip in quietly. He changed his clothes in the dark then slipped into bed.

8am, Next morning, Xavier's

"Don't let him snap the cords!"
"He's broken thru the glass!"
"Shut it down, shut it down!!!"
"I can't the chip isn't responding, it's going to overload!"


"Logan!! Logan settle down..."

"Charles!! What was that?"

"Those were the memories I could find on that unknown chip. It seems....there is a chip that is causing your sudden fits of rage."

"Well lets get it out!"

"When we learn where it IS we will, I am going to send the X-men to Alkalye Lake, maybe they'll find something useful from your old friend who used the previous chip."

"What about me, my temper?"

"Well I suggest you either stay in your room or try twice as hard to not lose your temper."

"Alr, bu, but it's gonna be hard."

"I know, that's why I am informing you to cut your classes until you get the chip removed."

"*sigh* Alright....I'll go watch the news."
Great, so now I am stuck doin' nothin' all day.
Ah well, the Television'll keep my temper controlled till the X-men come back with news.
After a few minutes of surfin' I come across some old re-runs of Baywatch, here's what I need....some nice women to keep my nerves down. I haven't been with a woman in a long time. Especially never since I came to Xavier's place. I think I may have had a few one night stands over the last few years before this place tho. The thought of some uncommited sex and images of scantily dressed lifeguards makes my pants jump....and tighten a little. It's not like I haven't pleased myself before but I haven't done it in a while. I reach down and rub myself a little, then I hear some footsteps and quickly adjust myself to not show anythin' off. Stupid of me to think I could do that in the middle of the livin' room tho.
Popsicle and Molecule came tumblin' into the livin' room laughin' histerically. The Elf ported into the room laughin' as well. I turned off the television and walked over.

"What's goin' on here?"
Kitty and Rogue walked over, soaked to the shavin' cream.

"Like, KURT! You and Bobby are such jerks!"

"Yea, and Trek yer not any healp either."

"HAHA! Vhat, it vhas only in fun Kitty!

"To like you maybe, but Rogue and I just like, finished dressing!"

"Hehe, not like Rogue cares."

"Shut up Bobby Drake, no one asked you!"

Everyone looked at me...I had one of those domineerin' voices that got peoples attention, but I did yell a little to loud I need to settle, so I took a deep breath beofre speakin' again.
"Elf, Popsicle, Molecule...apologize for spillin'...??"

"Shaving Cream!"

"Thank you Kitty, Shavin' Cream all over the girls."


"Fine, but we still have to go get dressed again."
Kitty and Rogue stormed off and left the boys mopin' about gettin' caught, I didn't feel like leavin' them on a bad note...

"Next time...."
"Don't let them see it was you."

"Hehe, alright Mr.Logan."

"Vha, I suppose zhis means we vhon't get in trouble vhis zha Proffesor?"

"Naw, just don't try any more pranks on"

"Right on Mr.Logan! come on Trek, Kurt....I bet Hank is busy in his lab."

"Uh, actually guys I'm gonna take a break."

"Vha!? Oh vhell suit yourself d'en. Alvietasien Trek."

"See ya man."
Bobby and Kurt left, leavin' Trek there. He turned around and looked up at me.

"Good morning."

"Same to you, you sleep well."

"Yea, I got to sleep in late. You?"

"I had some dreams..."

"Oh, what about."
We walked over to the couch and sat down.

"The chip, but it was confusin'. So I talked to Xavier earlier after I woke up and he is sendin' some of the main X-men to check out Alkalye Lake.

"Ah, well they'll find something. We're the goodguys we get the luck."

"Hehe, I suppose so."

"So what are you doin' in here?"

"Uh.....just watchin' some TV."

"Oh? Can I watch with you?"

"Sure....I suppose."

"Well if you don't want me to I can go."
He stood up, and before I realized it I had reached and grabbed his arm.

"Please stay, it keeps me calm. I need to stay calm or I'll lose control."

"A..Alright Mr. Logan."
He sat back down and I let go, I turned the TV on and flipped channels lookin' for anythin'.

"Kim Possible!! Stop!!"

"A cartoon? You still watch those Molecule?"

"Hell yea! Kim Possible is the bomb Mr. Logan! She's a crime fighting teenager how hot is that!?"

"I guess it's really hot."
I left it on, the show was ammusin', most of the moves that Kim Possible could do I could do, and better. Altho I did like the pink rat thing that talked. The show lasted 30 minues and then a movie started, but I hadn't noticed cuz I was fallin' asleep. That drem last night kept me up two hours. I was half asleep when I felt heat on my shoulder. I looked over and Trek had started to lean on it. I closed my eyes again in a few minutes I had fallen asleep....I think Trek had too.

I woke up quietly and realized at some point I had stretched out on the couch and a blanket was over me, and Trek...he had probably fallen asleep and moved when I moved, he was layin' on the opposite side on top of my feet...who put the blanket on us. The TV was still on and the movie wasn't over so I know I hadn't been asleep a long time. But my head was hurtin'...I sat up and tried to move my legs, it woke Trek up. My head was poundin'.

"*yaaawwnn* Hey Mr.Logan..."


"I said hey Mr-"

"I know what you said, what about it."

"I..was just being're not all that nice after a nap."
o who what if I'm not leave me alone."
Augh this headache was killin' me so I stood up and walked out of the livin' room holdin' my head. I felt like it was goin' to implode and explode at the same time. Then I felt my head go numb before a big blast hit me and I fell to my knees. I cried out in pain, it hurt like a bitch and all I could think about was pain, and harm, and death....I'm not that kind of person inside anymore. I don't kill, I can't kill.

"Mr. Logan? Do I need to gwt Mr.McCoy?"

"Grrr...NO! I need you to leave!!"

"Leave? Mr. Logan you're not well."

"TREK! I'm fine, I just need some time to think...."

"No Mr. Logan you need to see Hank."
Stupid kid, listen to me I know what best not you. I reached forward and slammed him into the wall, I was inches from his face and could smell the sudden fear around him, he was terrified of a little animal about to be eaten by its predator. I'm Trek's Predator....NO, can't hurt him. I promised!

"Trek....I'm not well.....I need to be....alone!"

"B...B...But Logan, Hank can...h..h..h..elp you."

"NO! No one can!!! GET AWAY!"
I threw Trek to the ground and looked awya from him, I could hear him slide a little along the tile floorin'. He stood up.

"Logan please, don't do this let someone help you!!"

"NO! No one can help me, I need to let this go thru!!"
I didn't want to hurt him, so I ran outthe door to the front yard, if the kid knew what's good for him he'd leave me alone....but I need somethin' to attack! These feelin's, I need to quench them. I heard the door close and Trek had come out. I popped out my claws, he was prey now....but I told him I'd never hurt him....he deserves it tho for not listenin' to me.

"LOGAN! You need to calm down...Hank wants to help you!"

"Get away! I told you no one can help I have t owrok this out!! If you come to close I WILL chop ya into little bits!"

"No you won't Logan, you promised remember?"
I do remember, but he's not listenin' to me. He's walkin' closer every step and I can smell his nervousness, I can smell everythin' about him senses feel even more hightened. I smell the shampoo he used today, I smell the bargain soap Xavier buys us...I can smell the food from Breakfast on him, the kid is goin' to die if he gets near me.

"You're bein' foolish!"

"I'm caring..."

"Well stop! I don't care."
Trek stopped, dead. Heked ked at me, finally he'll leave me alone. I had been makin' my way to the gate and when I got there I leaped over it....Trek didn't follow. I ran for the woods.

12 noon, Xavier's

"I'm caring..."
"Well stop! I don't care."
"I don't care...I don't care......don'"

He doesn't care....about me? About Xavier? About the X-men? What's wrong with him....he's gone mad. I've been sitting here in my room, the lights off and barely any light becuase it's raining hard. I don't know what to I go look for him? Or should I let him go, possibly forever.
*knock knock*

"I don't feel like talking Kita."

"I'm flattered you think I am your delightful girlfriend Jared, but alas it's just me the behemoth-formed Beast."

"Oh...sorry come in Mr. McCoy."

"You can call me Hank if you'd like Jared."
I turned around on my bed and looked at him.

"Stop calling me Jared and I'll call you Hank."

"Compromise...I agree Trek."

"What'd you want anyway?"

"I wanted ot see how you felt."

"About Logan?"


"I miss him, a lot."

"Enough to go find him?"

"It's raining."


"Even if we did find him we don't know how to stop him from his madman rampage."

"What if I told you I knew how."

"You do?"

"It's a theory, but it makes sense."

"Well spill!!!"

"Settle down. Well when the X-men came back from Alkalye they brought back ony a little information on the "chip". But I have determined where it is."




"The chip was just a code name for what they did to Logan. While in the Weapon X program Logan was subject to many changes such as his erasing of memory to input millions of killing techniques and the employment of his adamantium skeleton structure and claws. Well along with that some of the scientists worked on "chipping out" his emotions, so that he wouldn't fall for anyone he might be targeted to kill and he wouldn't hold guilt or anything. They of course couldn't at the time, so instead they "installed" a fail safe inside of him that if Logan ever tried to show to much emotion towards someone and it was pure, not just put on....the failsafe wouldactivate and cuase him to go berzerk."


"Do you understand Trek?"

"Oh my gawd.....I activated the failsafe."

"When he started to honestly car for you yes."

"Oh's all my fault!"

"No Trek, don't say and even Logan had no idea that was there."

"You said there was a possible way to stop it?"

"Well there is no way to test it....but I believe that from Charles' explanation of Logan's dremas that the operation never finished, so there should be a flaw. A flaw that if the person he cared for tried hard enough, he could break thru the "chip" and shut it down."

"So...I'm the only one who can help Logan?"

"For my theory to possibly work yes."

"Then...I need to find him."

"He's heading north thru the woods to Canada, Charles is tracking him."

"I...can get there....on Logan's bike."


"I need to go alone, and his motorcycle will be familiar to him, it might help. He doesn't care about much but his bike is one of the things."

"Alright, but do you know how to drive a motorcycle."

"Sort of, Logan explained it to me, enough to kjnow what to do....I have just never actually done it."

"Well everything is 90% of the mind, you should do fine....I hope."
I jumped off the bed. Hank extended his hand but I reached out and hugged the guy. Wow he's soft!

"Wow you're soft...I need some of this as my blanket."

"Oh haha, hey...flirting is for Logan!"

"I am not flirting."


"Better...Ok...time to ride."
I nodded then Molecularported to the garage. The door automatically opened when the motion sensors saw me. I grabbed the helmet I use whenever I ride with Logan and hopped on his ride. It felt different now that I was sitting in the driver's spot. I floated the keys over to me and started her up. It scared the crap outta me even tho I expected it. I took a deep breath and took off out onto the long driveway, at first I did it somewhat slowly, but I remembered I had to reach Logan and I put more gas on taking off down the driveway, the gate opened quickly and I made a sharp turn and took of down the road to the north.

Sometime around 3pm, Canadian/American border

Well I made it up to the border, and Xavier told me he stopped here. So I am slowly riding thru the road hoping he'll hear his motorcycle. About ten minutes into the drive I hear a noise to my left and sure enough Logan jumps me and throws me off the bike. it rolls into the grassy ditch and stops, gas still going. We hit the ground and I roll of him from the enertia. He immediatly gets up. His clothes are torn and he's got some scratches from runnig thru the woods. They're healing as he stands there tho.

"GRRrllll, I TOLD you nota come!!!"

"Logan, I want to help."

"Noooo, ya can't!"

"Logan, you're going mad because you started to care for's a by product of OOF!"
Logan rammed me into the ground and took off running down the road. I stood up quickly and used my molecular power to yank him back making him fall over backwards.
"Logan, please stop!"

"Ima kill you!!! You won't leave me 'lone!"

"I want to help you Logan, I care about you."


"I do Logan..."

He rushed, I thought he was going for my left so I dashed to the right but he moved so fast, he hit my in my right side with his fist. I fell back and rubbed my side. I'd have to tire him out before I could stop him. So I shot a few blasts of energy at him, he dodged the first few but I hit him with the rest, he fell over.

"Logan please, I don't want to hurt you."


I ran up to him, he was laying on the ground, his clothes shredded even more.

"No...get away....I'm gonna hurt you...."

"You'd never hurt me, you promised remember?"

"Yes...but I can't think...GRRRllll"
I jumped back but he hooked his foot onto my leg and I trip backwards.
He flopped on top of me claws extended.
"You're my prey...."

"Logan no, listen....calm down....please."
I shifted thru his body and jumped off his back. Turning to face him, I was to late he had already jumped up and when I tried to jump out of the way....I felt three stinging pricks hit my lower chest on the left.....then three more on the right side of mt stomach, then again on the left side. I looked down and I knew what had happened. Logan hadjust stabbed me in my left chest and thru my stomach. I couldn't hear anything I was so shocked. My mouth was open but I couldn't say anything, I was to shocked. All I could do was look up at him, my eyes felt cold, he looked at me with no emotion, he was really going to kill me. I leaned in close to his ear.
Each word hurt me physically, but in my heart I felt peace. I looked at him again. He was emotionless for a little, then he blinked and shook his head. He looked at me.

"Oh shit! TREK!"
He popped his claws inside and that time it hurt, I let out a scream of pain and he grabbed me into his arms. I clung to him tight, It hurt so much...I couldn't heal myself it hurt to much. I started to cough.
"Trek! Heal!!!"


"Shit, I'll help you....don't worry."
He let me go and laid me down. I heard him ripping his shirt, then he started to wrap the cuts up...damn it hurt like fire with the sweaty cloth rubbing into it, but it was better than bleeding to death. He stood me up and helped me walk over to the motorcycle. I got into the backseat spot and he told me to hold tight nd not fall asleep. I grabbed him tight and sat close. He took off back to the Mansion, I hope to God Himself that this is over for Logan. The ride there I was half out of it most of the way, just awakoughough to on, on, and anytime I began to slip Logan would shake to wake me up...

1am, Infirmary, Xavier's Mansion

"Hmmm? n?"n?"

"I'm right here kid. Shhh."


"The Infirmary, I brought you here just in time for Hank to treat you."


"You don't remember?"

"You went mad, from the experiment."

"Yea, Hank told me all about it. Seems he was right tho, When you told me you loved me, even after I had....clawed you....somethin' just popped and I came back to my senses."

"You did claw me..."

"I'm sorry, I promised never to hurt you and I did."

" didn't. It was WeaponX, not Logan....not you."

"'re right was the old me. That had no control."


"When you said you love me, did you mean it like you implied."

"Yes, I did."

"Okay, good...because I didn't want to say I love you back and not mean the same thing...."
"I Love you too."
I never told anyone that, but tellin' Trek made me feel like I was tellin' him I'd always be there no matter what and I would never hurt him. I think he knew that too, I leaned down and gave a small kiss to his forehead.
"Get some rest, we have some trainin' to catch up on."


"Hehehe, I'll be right around the corner if you need anythin'."

"Alright...Thank you"

"No problem Trek."


[1] Trek's history consists partly of joining the Acolyte's in order to keep his parents from dying. He also met Kita there who was brainwashed by her sister Mina. Trek freed Kita and fell in love with her and after learning Donovan was his brother he escaped back to Xavier's with Kita.

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