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Title: Heaven X.


Author: Mad Andy


Rating: NC17 (Although it may actually be R; hey, I'm English, I blush just THINKING about writing this sort of stuff down.)


Archive: DDFH. Anyone else, please ask first. Although I doubt anyone else would want it!


Disclaimer: The X-Men do not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended; so please don't sue me. Suing people with no money is a fruitless exercise anyway, quite frankly.


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Summary: Lnighnight of the tour, and Logan makes his move on the support band's bassist…..


Summary #2: AU. No mutations.


Author's Note: This was originally a Def Leppard fic. Taryn suggested that with a little jiggering around it could be converted to X-men in general, and Logan/Marie in particular; then Karen suggested other fics could be written concerning the other band members…and WHAM! The bunny had a hold of my butt. Great. Thanks, ladies. Although they have both been wonderful beta's for it - correcting my inherent English-isms - so I guess that pays back some of the debt!

Mind you, ripping apart one fic to make another has been an interesting challenge, to say the least…


Those of you wishing to view the original can view it in the relevant folder on this site. And if you like it, how's about leaving a little review?


The lyrics at the end are a song called 'Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad', by Def Leppard. I left it in. It still fits.


The headlining band are:

Weapon X

James Logan - Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar

Scott Summers - Lead Guitar

Bobby Drake - Lead Guitar

Remy LeBeau - Bass

Henry McCoy - Drums


The other band mentioned are an all-girl rock band called Heaven, who are:


Jean Grey: lead singer, rhythm guitar.

Jubilation Lee: Lead guitar

Ororo Munroe - Lead Guitar

Katherine Pryde: Drums

Marie D'Ancanto: Bass

On with the show!


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