Mama Always Told You...

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Title: Mama Always Told You….

Author: Andrea The Mad


Disclaimer: Absolutely none of the mutants herein described belong to me in any way, shape or form. I'm just playin' with them, and promise to put them back when I'm done. The song is 'Angel' by Aerosmith, and I've got absolutely no rights to that either. Kudos to those who do. Please don't sue me, 'cos I am skint and you will get nowt.

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Rating: NC17. Here be monsters.

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Summary: Marie picks up a hitch-hiker, and realises that even if your parents are a waste of biomass, they still occasionally give good advice.

Warnings: This is not, I repeat not, a description of a pleasant situation. We are not dealing with the Logan we all know and love. This is psycho Logan. Logan-with-no-honour. Deranged Logan. You have been warned. Character death ahead. If you can't hack it, please don't read it. Honest, guys.

Author's Notes: Every time I read a Hitch-Hiker Logan (and I love them, I really do) story, the thought always teases me that if any of us tried it in our RL we would be in all sorts of trouble. Possibly for the last time. It's nearly happened to me, and I wouldn't wish that moment of oh-shit-I'm-gonna-die on my worst enemy, let alone the good people on this list - so this fic is a (possibly pretty poor) attempt to show the flip side of the 'usual' situation. I mean it guys, this is pretty nasty. And a bit of a warning - be careful out there, people.

Thank you/Dedications: To Megan, who threw me the bunny in the first place, and was kind enough to beta this for me. You rock, girl.

 Final Warning: I mean it. Really. Not-niceness ahead in spades.




Humming as she rolled steadily along the old back road, Marie had to admit that this felt pretty good. She'd survived being thrown out by her parents, made a small name for herself as an artist, and - at the ripe old age of twenty one - was finally making the road trip she'd been promising herself for so long. All the way to Alaska in a battered old jeep, you better believe it.


Sure, the mutation still sucked, but hell, she was getting used to that now. Covering up didn't look so noteworthy out here; in fact, when people heard her gentle southern lilt, they often asked her if she was sure she was warm enough. No one thought it strange that the only skin they could ever see was most of her face.


The one thing that still really hurt was the loneliness; sure, she'd heard there were mutant groups out there, but had never really felt brave enough to try contacting them. After all, what she craved were 'normal' relationships; how could she ever get that if she hung out with a group that were probably as messed up as she? Still, perhaps some contact would be better than none….


She sighed, and thumped the ancient radio in the jeep's cab, attempting to get it to play something she could sing to. She had a rotten voice, but singing loudly and tunelessly as the miles sailed past were a sure fire way of cheering herself up when the blues threatened to overwhelm.


"Come on, asshole," she grumbled under her breath. Sure enough, the ancient mantra worked and the tinny sound of a local rock station began to fill the cab with an old Aerosmith ballad. "Shit," she sighed. Just as I'm thinking lonely thoughts, this comes on? Oh well, at least I know the words -


I'm alone

Yeah, I don't know if I can face the night

I'm in tears

And the cryin' that I do is for you

I want your love let's break the wall

Between us

Don't make it tough, I'll put away my pride

Enough's enough, I've suffered and I've

Seen the light


My eyes must be going funny, she thought. A dark speck, had to be a mile or so up the road, looked to be trudging along with a small pack on it's back. Hitching? Up here? She knew that was pretty unlikely; settlements were well spaced out in this part of Canada, and it was another twelve hours driving - at least - before she reached the next one, and the motel room she'd booked. Laughlin city was too far to reach on foot from here, that was for sure.


You're my angel

Come and save me tonight

You're my angel

Come and make it all right

You're my angel

Come and save me tonight


She had to smile to herself. The words of the song seemed…serendipitous somehow. Angel of mercy? That was her. Perhaps picking this soul up and giving it a ride would stave off the loneliness for a bit. Mind you, her mother - and just about every other adult she'd ever spoken to - had always been full of advice about hitchers and picking them up, which boiled down to one word:don't.


But hey, this was the very same woman that threw her only daughter out at the age of fifteen because she was a mutant, right? So what the hell did she know. Marie grinned, slowed her jeep by the trudging man, and stopped. He lifted his head, seeming to be surprised; Marie didn't blame him. The traffic along here was sparse, at best, and she had no doubt that good samaritans were probably also rare.


Ergo, he hadn't expected a ride.


Don't know what I'm gonna do about

This feeling outside

Yes, it's true loneliness took me for a ride

Without your love I'm nothing but a


What can I do?

I'm sleeping in this bed alone


"Hey, wanna ride?" He turned the most beautiful, haunted eyes Marie had ever seen upon her, and she had to suck in a breath. Hell, but this guy was easy on the eyes. Rough looking, true; but then, wandering in this wilderness he was hardly likely to be a polished city type. She wondered why he looked so sad; probably none of her business, but she couldn't help thinking that it would be nice to help him with that, too.


"I, ah…no, it's OK" He swung that gorgeous gaze back to the road, and started walking. Marie was damned if he was getting rid of her that easily. She slipped the clutch and crawled the vehicle alongside him at his walking pace, door still open.


"Aw, come on sugah. It's a long way to mah next stop, an' I'm bored. Could do with some company."


He looked up again sharply, frowning.


"You don't feel sorry for me? I don't like" and he spat the next word "pity. I don't need it, OK?"


Whoah. Where had that come from? Still, memo to self, don't sound pitying. But he's gonna be real interesting to travel with - at least I won't be bored. Nicer to look at than a whole bunch of trees, too.


"Absolutely not. I want some company, and you need a ride. We're made for each other, right?" She grinned impishly at him, seeing the decision he'd apparently already made waver a little.


"OK. But no funny stuff."


She had to snort with laughter at that one. Her? Threaten him? He shot her a dark glance when he heard her laugh, but she just smiled brightly and waved a hand at the interior of the jeep.


"Just shove your stuff on the back seat and hop up, sugah. Ah'm goin' to Laughlin - that where you're headed?"


He settled into the front seat, shut the door firmly, and looked at her.


"I can do. I just wander, mostly…" he looked away, at the road stretching out before them. Marie couldn't fight down the huge wave of sympathy that flooded through her at his words. She knew what it felt like to have no home, nowhere to go, and no destination in mind; sure, she'd survived it, but people had gone out of their way to help her. Right there, she decided that she would try to help this guy; yeah, it sounded crazy, but it felt…right, somehow.


"I'm Marie. What's your name?"




"What kind of a name is Wolverine?" She was a little startled.






They drove along in silence for a while. Hell girl, if you're gonna help this guy, you're gonna have to do better than that. Try a different tack.


"So, where you from? Ah'm from Louisiana, a borin' little town in the bayou. Thought Ah'd come up this way and see a bit of the," she waved a gloved hand at the scenery, "big ol' wide world." She paused, waiting for him to answer.


"Don't know. Don't remember." He was frowning now, clenching and unclenching his fists. Uh oh. Think of something quick, girl. Before she could, however, he swung around to face her, determination written all over his body and face in bold type.


"I've gotta tell you somethin'. I'll understand if you freak out and don't want to give me a ride, OK? It's bad and I don't want to scare you. Couldn't bear it if I scared you. I freak everybody out. Not you. I'll understand, but don't freak out. It's bad"


"OK." Jesus. Maybe momma was right. Shit.


"I'm a mutant." Oh. Phew.


"Yeah? And?" She favoured him with a small smile when she saw the confused look spread across his face. Clearly, he'd never the news reacted to so calmly before. "What can you do?"


"This" and so saying, six huge metal claws sprang from the back of his hands. He waved them vaguely at her, then retracted them with a faint metallic noise. Marie simply breathed out through her nose, gave her head a little shake and concentrated even harder on her driving.


"Does it hurt when they come out?" She could have cried for him when she saw the expression on his face. It flipped swiftly from shock at her initial response, to surprise when the claws didn't freak her out, to a terrible sadness when she asked the question.


"Every time." He whispered.


"Well, ah'm a mutant too. Mine's my skin…bad things happen to people when they touch it, or I touch them. It hurts them, and if I hold on too long, they die. Sucks, huh?"


His expression had changed again; this time he was devouring her with his eyes, a look almost of adoration on his face. The fear had gone, and though his eyes still held a hint of sadness, there was a feral excitement there, too.


"Were ya in the lab? Did they experiment on you too?" The questions came tumbling out with the eagerness of a child. Whatever had happened to him? Labs? Expentsents? Decision to help or not, this was rapidly getting way too heavy for her.


"Noooo…not that I know of. You mean those places exist? Jesus - I thought they were just, you know, made up. You were in one? Shit."


"Of course I was in one…you remember. The nightmares and stuff. You get them too, right?" Oh, his eyes are so sad. So sad. Maybe humouring him will help.


"Yeah, of course. Those nightmares. Now, why don't you just settle down and rest, huh, sugah? You look tired." Good, he's settling down. Maybe after he rests he won't be so melodramatic, and I can get some real sense out of him. Maybe.


Glancing across at her passenger, she noted that he seemed to be asleep. Shaking her head, she concentrated on her driving. Much as she wanted to help him, she suspected he may be beyond any help she was able to give.


"Whuh?!" She felt the vehicle swerve, and Wolverine's touch on her arm. Shit! Fell asleep at the wheel! They were lucky she hadn't killed them both.


"Hey, you've been drivin' for hours. Pull over, huh?" His voice sounded calmer, and full of concern for her. Accepting that he was talking sense, she let the jeep roll to the side of the road, and killed the engine.


"Shit. Ah'm sorry." She put her face in her hands, trembling.


"Look, it's OK. Come on, come outside. There's somethin' I want to show you."




"The lab couldn't take it away. I'm gonna show it to you. Only you. C'mon, it's important." What? Like what? Not sure I want to do this.


"I, ah…Wolverine, I'm not sure this is a good idea. Maybe If I just get a couple of hours sleep here - "


"No. Come on, Marie, this is important."


"Oh…OK." After all, big and tough as he was, she still had her mutation for protection, right? One touch and goodnight, sweet prince. What could go wrong? Humour him. Right.


He chivvied her along once they were out of the jeep until they hit a small grove of pine trees, out of sight of the road. He turned to her then, and gently taking her shoulders in both hands, he smiled at her shyly.


"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, you know?"


Uh oh. Those eyes don't look so sad now. They look…intense. Scary. I'm not even sure he's seeing me anymore.


"Y'know, I heard once that there's someone out there for everyone. You must be for me. My mate. You understand that, don't you?" he grabbed her briefly by the upper arms, and gave her a quick, hard shake "You understand that, don't you? Don't you fucking understand me?"


Oh. Shit.


"Aah…you're hurting me…" his grip was getting tighter on her arms; if she got out of this, she'd have some impressive bruises come the morning.


"I'm not. I want to show you how much I love you. Will you let me?"


"No. No, Wolverine, I won't. Why don't we just go back to the jeep? It's nice and warm in there, and - "


Without warning, he backhanded her across the face, knocking her to the ground and breaking her jaw. She felt it splinter, and tasted the rush of her own blood in her mouth. Seeming not to notice her expression of terror and pain, he dropped to his knees beside her, and pushed her back down to the ground.


"You're mine now. I'm gonna show you. You're mine. All mine. Lemme show you."


He's crazy. I only wanted to help him, and he's going to - to - oh my god, he's undoing his trousers - at least my mutation will get him if he tries to rape me, right? Oh. Condom. Wrong. I'm going to die, aren't I?


The thought carried less fear than she thought it would. She remembered a line she'd heard in a tv programme once, some science fiction thing - "Fear only comes with the possibility of death. We're facing certain death." - or something like that. And, would you believe it, it's true?


He had pinned her to the ground, holding both her wrists in one of his large then jamming his forearm across her face, keeping it turned away from him so that he didn't have to touch any bare skin. Cutting her jeans…she tried desperately to shunt her mind to some quiet place, somewhere safe where this wasn't happening. Listening to his broken mumblings as he forced himself into her body, she failed.


"Oh...oh, darlin'…this is good….fuckin' lab…bastards… I know your skin…bastards…ah!…they did it to keep us apart, baby..gonna kill…kill 'em…for you…oh, yes…I won't let them…lie still, bitch…unnngh…I promise…."


She just stared at a tree some distance away, attempting to ignore the pain tearing her apart from below and from her damaged jaw. Tears began to slowly leak from her eyes as she realised that she would never now reach the motel - she had so been looking forward to a shower - and would never get to Alaska, after all. Just this nameless patch of ground in a forest. Her tormentor grunted as he spent himself inside her, then relaxed his weight on top of her, murmuring just one word - "Mine".


Great, so now I'm going to suffocate? Oh well. Could be worse.


After a minute or two, as her vision was beginning to fade out, he pulled himself up and looked lovingly into her face.


"It's never been like that for me before. Guess it's true what they say when they tell you it's different with someone you love, huh?" He discarded the condom as he spoke, and casually tucked himself back into his jeans. He shuffled forward, until he was knelt over her again, one knee each side of her hips.


She whimpered with fear as he gently tilted her face to look at him.


"I've gotta keep you safe. So they can't find you." He popped his claws, and lightly stroked the blunt back of them against her face, regarding her thoughtfully.


"You can't come with me. Too easy to find. So you gotta stay here, OK?"


And then she did begin to cry. Because she knew then what was going to happen to her, and she knew it was going to hurt - even if not for very long. She cried for the lost plans, for the life she would never lead, the children she would never have…all the chances that blew away on the wind when she decided to open her car door that day.


"But don't worry," he smiled, as he raised his claws above her, "Your heart will be safe with me. I'll protect you…"


Slash of the claws, a small cry, and then silence.




"You find anything, Frank?" the motel owner asked as the officer walked back into his lobby.


"Yeah. That girl you asked me to look for? The one who never showed up for her room?"













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