Tender Embrace

BY : Stalking Severus Snape
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Note: Rogue, Gambit aka Remy LeBeau and Jean Grey belong to Marvel Comics and all that.

Tender Embrace (A Rogue and Remy Tale) By Ami E. Bowen aka Skayda

There was a time...very long ago when she could touch people. She remembers her father's kiss goodnight feather soft upon her cheek, the feel of her mother's hand as she held it on their way to her first day in kindergarten. Playing rough and tumble games with the children of her neighborhood and the one fist-fight she got into at the age of nine.

The memories were still fresh in her mind, making it that much harder to bear the fact that she is unable to caress a lover without protprotective barrier of gloves of clothing between them. She had only kissed one boy...and the act itself had been so wonderful, delicious sensations had coursed through her for a second before her mutant power had chosen that moment to awaken and dash to pieces all her young girl hopes and dreams of love and romance.

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