The Cure-All

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A/N: Kind of a silly fic, based on others I’ve written. (Read those too!) Enjoy, and sorry if it’s bad!

Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em. Wish I did. That would be fun!!!! *evil grin*

“C’mon, Jeannie, you can’t make me do this! What am I supposed to do with him?”

“I don’t know, tell him a story. We gotta go, Logan. Have fun!”

“Jeannie!” Alas, she was gone.

Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, was seriously pissed off. The other X-Men were off on a mission that would be a hell of a lot of fun, and he was stuck taking care of the guy he was head over heels for, but coincidentally hated him (poor Logan couldn’t get a break) and who he had to pretend he hated; Scott “Cyclops” Summers.

Ever since Cyke (as Logan called him, among many other nicknames) had broken up with Jeannie, a.k.a. Jean “Phoenix” Grey, Logan had thought something might happen, that Cyke might give him a sign. Seriously, especially since Red (Jean) had gotten with Ororo “Storm” Munroe.

Had anything happened? No, of course not! Boy Scout had to go and be all prissy and prude. He’d shown no sign of any kind of emotion towards Logan, save exasperation.

And now Wolverine was stuck caring for the pneumonia stricken Fearless Leader while all the others were having a grand old time.

Logan stepped into the infirmary and looked. The boy, man, was beautiful, no doubts there. Why must he be so fuckin’ gorgeous?

Scott heard footsteps, heavy ones, and turned to see who it was. Logan. Great. He was totally in love with the man, but Logan could be so exasperating, and Scott had to pretend he thought the guy was an asshole. Logan certainly could be, and usually was, but Scott was seeing more of a gentler, non-asshole side. Besides that, Logan had shown no feelings toward Scott other than a need to annoy him.

“Heya, Boy Scout,” Logan began uncertainly.

“Where’d everyone *cough* else go?” Scott asked.

“Mission,” Logan replied. “Look, One-Eye, I don’t like this any more thou dou do, so can we try and make this as painless as humanly possible?”

“You and me, Wolverine, in a painless environment together for possibly days on end? Newsflash; it’s not humanly possible,” came the reply.

Logan groaned as he realized Fearless Leader was probably right. This was going to be a long incarceration.

There was near silence in the room then. Only Scott’s coughing and Logan’s footsteps as he paced the room broke it. Finally, Logan had had enough sile

“So,” Logan said, “how’d ya get pneumonia? Not many people do.”

“Yeah, well, I’d had a cold before and my immune system was down,” Scott hacked out. “Not my fault.”

“Sure you weren’t smokin’ joints or somethin’?”

“Would I do that?”


“Okay, then.”

“Ah.” The silence returned. Oh, how Logan hated silence when he wasn’t alone. It was killing him! “So.”


“How ya feelin’, One-Eye?” Logan was making a very weak attempt a conversation, but it was an attempt, nonetheless.

“Really horrible, thanks. How ‘bout you?”

“Not bad.” Another silence. “Aw, dammit, One-Eye, throw me a fuckin’ bone! I absolutely HATE silence!”

“Me too,” Scott replied. He pushed himself up onto his elbows. “What do you wanna do?”

“I know what I’d love to be doing right now, but it ain’t happenin’,” Logan mumbled under his breath. Why did that boy have to be so fucking gorgeous? It wasn’t fair!

“Um, Logan?”


“Can I tell you something?”

“Sure, why the hell not? Makes for conversation.”

Scott went into a hacking fit for a couple of minutes. Logan put a hand on his back, and Scott smiled up at him as the fit ended.

“Look, I know I’ve been acting like a total asshole towards you, and I’m really sorry about it. It’s all just one great big cover-up. I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Whatever Logan had expected, it wasn’t that. Even in his shock, he couldn’t help but notice that Scott was SO adorable when he was opening up. He looked so vulnerable, even without his eyes showing. He always showed emotion somehow. Logan had always marveled at how Scott could give someone “the look” without his eyes. Cyke always said it was a practiced technique.

Now, there was this small problem on his hands; what was he gonna do with Cyke? Poor kid. He’d just opened himself up so much. . .Logan smiled to himself. There, then, was his solution.

“You know, Cyke,” Logan said, “I think I know something that could fix your problem.”

“Which one? The pneumonia or the other one?” Cyke asked, coughing.

“Why not both?” Logan replied. “It’s a cure-all.”

“Oh?” You could tell Fearless Leader was skeptical. “What is it, then?”

Logan leaned in and kissed him. On the lips.

You could tell his eyes were widening. “Logan. . .”

“What? You don’t want this?”

“I do, but you could get sick!”

“Nah,” Logan said, kissing him again. “Healing factor, y’know?”

“Yeah, but. . .” Logan effectively silenced him by kissing him again. He noted with some satisfaction that Scott had ceased coughing.

Scott thought about arguing, but finally gave up and parted his lips for Logan’s seeking tongue to enter.

Logan pushed Scott back down to the hospital bed and started enthusiastically ‘exploring’ Scott’s body with his hands. After a moment, Cyke returned the favor.

Their clothes were on the floor in a matter of seconds and they were exploring each other more thoroughly.

Eventually, they had had enough exploring and wanted to get down to business. Unfortunately, this was complicated by the fact that there was no lubrication in evidence.

Logan refused to do anything without it, as he didn’t want to hurt Scott, causing Scott to swear violently, causing Logan to have a heart attack. “What now?” Scott asked.

“We do it a different way,” Logan replied.

He took Scott’s cock in his hands, enjoying the way Scott was moaning. Then Logan took his own cock and rubbed it with Scott’s. Scott’s moans intensified, and Logan began to follow his example.

They came at the same time. Logan wrapped his arms around Scott as the younger man sighed in happiness, snuggled closer. “By the way,” Logan said, “love ya, too.”

At about that time, the X-Men were returning from their mission; it hadn’t been as difficult as expected. It had only taken a few hours.

Jean went to check on her patient and his caretaker to make sure they hadn’t killed each other yet.

She stopped in shock on the threshold of the infirmary. They were in each other’s arms. They noticed she was standing there, eventually. Scott buried his face in Logan’s shoulder, pure crimson. Logan wasy uny unconcerned. “What’s up, Red?” he asked.

“Well, it’s about damn time!” she said, the noticed that Scott seemed to be better. She smiled. “It seems as though Fearless Leader has found his cure-all.”

Logan smiled and nodded, stroking Scott’s hair. Jean shook her head and left the two men to their devices.

They dressed and his in Logan’s room until the next morning when they were identified as an official couple. Scott was very rarely sick again, and when he was, it was for barely more than a few hours.

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