One Single Ice Cube

BY : velveTe
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Title: One Single Ice Cube
Author: VelveTe

Inspired by Gambit&Storm clubs discussion on the Bath scene (Gambit#2) Story in progress.
Dedicated to the ladies who started it and teased the muse. ;) Neko, Susan, Girlsaurus & the lovemage StormFreak. :)

Muir Island
Infirmary Spa

The sound of Stormy sloshing in the hot bubble bath, drew Remy LeBeau aka Gambit, from his guilty thoughts to gaze quite breathlessly on the bathing bronze goddess. Ororo Monroe aka Stormy, Leader and Mage of the Xmen, as well as his best friend and soul-mate, languished in the huge spa bath, recovering from her duel with an overpowered computer system.

Her head had tilted back further on the edge of the huge spa bath, eyes closed, mouth slightly parted in soft exhale as her body surrendered to the heat and ardent caress of water. He doubted she knew the strange alchemy of her transformation had on him, no less than the very few she allowed close enough to witness this arousing abandonment.

Each deep, cleansing breath unconsciously exposed more of her long slender neck, graceful strong shoulders and the beginning of her generous bosom above the clouds of frothy cream bubbles to his heated gaze. Although fate declined them anything beyond their platonic but deeply emotional connection, Mon Dieu!, it was moments like this, she tempted him to the depth of his very soul.

Not one to shy away from admiring the delicious female figure, Remy was unashamed in drinking her in, even as her eyes slid open to catch him starring.

An elegant eyebrow raises in mock chastisement. “Don’t let me keep you from anywhere you need to be?”

Gambit chuckled throatily at her gallant try to shoo him out, but they both knew it was useless. Instead he made a deliberate display of making himself comfortable on the edge of the generous cleopatra-isque bath, propped up on his left elbow, the dexterous fingers of his right hand making suggestive circles in the foam, gazing at her lazily, almost profile at opposite ends of the tub.

“Non. Non.” He threw a rakish grin at the bathing Storm, enjoying the brief flush of heat between them, “Gambit be quite comfy where he is, chere.”

Oh, that better had not be a challenge. Her jaw twitched at the brass of the man. The Cajun Seducer. He expected her to acquiesce in the face of this outrageous flirting - as she had always done with gentle platonic cloister. But tonight, she felt different. Uninhabited. A wicked plan evolved at the prospect of wiping that smug ‘makememove’ grin off his ruggedly masculine countenance.

“Indeed,” she huskily replied, her eyes darkened as she held his penetrating gaze. “It could get quite steamy in here, and I wouldn’t want your clothes to shrink anymore than they need too.”

She bit back an amused chuckle at his obvious shock in her reply. He soon narrowed his gaze, not used to being out done. “Don’ worry, ma chere -- ” he paused, words momentarily escaping him, gulping hard from Stormys unexpected defiance. "Nothin’ on dis Cajun shrinks."

*We shall see about that, Remy Lebeau,* she smirked bewitchingly, rolling her head back allowing him the tantalizing visual of the deep crease of her breasts, slick with soapy rivulets, *We shall see about that.”

End Part One.

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