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LOLA (R for innuendo/adult situations)

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A/N: Foxfeather is supercool. Go read her fics. She’s
also a groovy beta… J The title
comes from a song by the Kinks that is just a little tripped out and kinda




“Dude, we’re
gonna get caught!”

“Evan, my
man, it’s an attitude like yours that says ‘Card me!’ Just play it cool like me
and Kurt and it’s all good.” Scott
adjusted his glasses and nudge Kurt. “Right?”

“Speak for
yourself—I’m scared to death!” Kurt had
fiddled with his holo for hours, trying to look older, but only succeeded in
breaking his primary device. Now, his
backup holo secured on his wrist and hidden beneath the sleeve of his leather
jacket, he huddled between Scott and Evan outside the newest club in Bayville,
Club Midnight.

“It sounds
like a Goth bar, man. Maybe we should’ve
brought Rogue…” Evan stuffed his hands
in his pockets, willing them to stop shaking.
“She could scare the bouncer into letting us in!”

“Hey, this
is a guy’s night out! No girls! Besides, we’ve got ID…” Scott handed Evan a doctored card, produced
at great cost by Jubilee. “Don’t loose
this. I have a date with Miss
Firecracker next Saturday to pay for these!”

Jubilee?” Kurt snorted in
laughter. “This should be good—I hear
she’s very…affectionate!”

“Shuddup. And don’t tell Jean.” Scott flushed a deep red as they shuffled
forward with the line.

“I think
Jean will find out without our help…Jubes’ got a mouth on her!” Evan nudged Scott in the back now, “That
might be a good thing, though!” He and
Kurt snickered while Scott chewed the inside of his cheeks in embarrassed knowledge. Jubilee had made no secret of her rather
predatory interest in him and he half-feared what she was expecting on their
date. Before he could worry overmuch, they
were at the front of the line.

“How old
are you three?” The bouncer bore a
disturbing resemblance to Logan except he was bald and over six feet tall. Scott swallowed hard and handed the man his
ID. “Twenty one? If you’re twenty one, I’m a woman…”

Evan shot
his friends a quick look and held out his hand, palm up and low by his hip, to
the bouncer. “I think you’ll find our
names on the list. Mr. Franklin—Ben Franklin[1]—put
us there. Three times.” The bouncer’s eyes traveled down Evan’s arm
to his hand where a wad of cash, folded over to make a neat rectangle,

Franklin. He’s good about signing
people in…” The bouncer took the money with
two fingers from the youth and motioned them through with a snarling

waited until they had gotten past the coat check (where Kurt politely declined
to remove his jacket, which, incidentally, covered his tail and holo) before he
questioned Evan. “Where the Hell did
you get all that money! Three hundred

shrugged. “Bail money.”

“Was?” Kurt
queried, torn between laughing in relief and shock over the amount Evan had
just dropped like it was nothing.

Evan looked
sheepish. “When Scott first suggested
coming here last weekend, I scrounged up the cash for fake ID’s and then, when
he said that had been taken care of, I decided to hold it out in case we got
into a jam…”

Kurt nodded
sagely. “Knowing our luck…” Scott sighed. “Was? You’re the only one
who can think ahead?”

wondering…oh, my.” A stunning blonde
had come into his line of sight. The
other two teenagers followed his gaze and there was a mutual intake of breath
as the blonde turned her head to smile at them. “Wowza.”

the same in German as it does in English.” Kurt fixed his girlfriend’s face
firmly in his mind to resist the bright smile of this blonde goddess now
walking towards them. Imaginary-Kitty
scowled at him and he took a deep breath, shifting his gaze to the rather unattractive

Evan fared
less well. He made a strangled noise
and Kurt was sure he saw drool. Scott
swayed on his feet and the blonde, now close enough to touch them, reached out
a steadying hand. “You boys from around
here?” Her voice rolled like honey, low
and rich, making all three silently groan in their mutual arousal. Her smile had become sultry, welcoming
almost and her eyes shone in the dim lights of the club.

“Yeah…we go
to Bayville…” Scott began, only to have Evan cut him off.

“…City College. You?”

“Oh, I’m
new here…

“What’d you
mean by that?” Evan finally broke his
gaze and turned to Kurt suspiciously.

around, mein Freund. What do you see?” Kurt had been noticing something rather
curious during the short time they had been there and was surprised that
neither one of his friends had caught on.

weird. Couples…singles. Lots of pretty women.” A feral gleam lit Evan’s eyes. “Very pretty women.”

like they take a lot of extra time on
their looks?”

“Oh, yeah…”

like maybe they need to spend extra time on their looks?”

“I don’t
think any of these women need the extra time…I think we’ve found Heaven,
man!” Evan let his eyes flick over the
women in the club, seeing all shapes and sizes and colors, each one looking
exceptional. “Hmmm. They are all awfully done, aren’t they?”

“Mmmm. Do you think that maybe they need to try and
look say, um, more feminine than most women?”

“What do
you mean?” Evan was beginning to see
where Kurt was going with his line of questioning.

“Look at
Lola’s neck when they come back. Tell
me if you see something familiar there.”
Kurt nodded towards the dance floor where the song was winding
down. Scott was being led by a sexily
disheveled Lola back to their booth.

“Hey, guys…Where’d
our drinks go?” Scott frowned and slid
onto the leatherette bench, eyeing the empty glasses sadly.

spilled. Say, Scott…are you ready to
go?” Kurt tapped Evan on the knee with
the tip of his tail—Go on! Look!

“No, man…Lola
and I are just getting acquainted…” Scott smiled again at the blonde and was
rewarded with a slow grin of sexual desire.
Kurt moaned and let his head hit the table with a gentle thud. “What’s wrong with you?”

gulped, realizing what Kurt had seen. “Apples.”


many apples…” Evn>Evan found his gaze
riveted to Lola, but not for the reason she had hoped when she dressed like
that. “Dude, we really need to
go. Kurt’s worried about…um.
Kitty. Kitty and Jean were kind of…off

“No, they
weren’t! They were going to a movie
with the other girls…” Scott furrowed
his brows in confusion. Kurt was still
softly banging his head against the table and Evan looked like a scared
rabbit. Lola was transfixed on Scott’s
ear, though, making a shudder run down his spine as her red-tipped nail traced
the outer shell of cartilage.

“Hey, baby…want
to take a little walk with me?”

“Um, maybe
I should go with my friends. I don’t
think Kurt’s feeling well…” Scott was
now officially worried. Evan was
twitchy and Kurt was self-abusive. Lola
frowned and let her tongue take over where her finger just left. “Oh.

man, we really, really need to go!”
Evan snapped out of his stupor and rose, tugging Kurt to his feet. “C’mon!”

“Now, you
two just wait. I’m gonna make your
friend a man here…” Lola slid out,
across Scott’s lap, and took his hand.
Scott seemed lost in a world of his own and allowed Lola to lead him
away from his friends towards the bathroom.

“Oh, fuck
me! This is bad!” Kurt lunged after Scott, but Evan dragged
him back.

“Just give
him a minute. He’ll figure it out.” Evan counted the seconds. Half a minute later, Scott rocketed out of
the men’s room, heading straight for the door.
“And we’re off…”

Scott was
scrubbing his mouth with the back of his hand, forehead resting against the
car. “Man!”

“I know. I
know.” Kurt sighed. He and Evan had
been right behind Scott, barely on his heels as he barreled past the bouncer
and the other patrons, heading towards his car.

“How?” Scott finally turned fearful eyes to his friends.

Evan nodded
at Kurt. “He noticed first. Adam’s
apples. Women have them, but not like
we do…” For emphasis, he indicated the
bulge in his own throat.

“Every last
woman in there…a man.” Kurt seemed
slightly sick at the thought.

Scott took
several long, shaky breaths before whispering, “We speak of this to no one,

Kurt and
Evan agreed heartily. “Who would believe us anyway?”

[1] He’s on the
one hundred dollar bill.

[2] Erm…not sure
how widespread this term is. Like a
slut but not always easy. A girl who
dresses in rather questionable taste and at least acts like she’s

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