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Forever Chapter One

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"Does it hurt?"
"Not much. It, like, burns more than hurts, really." Kitty gasped at the feeling of Kurt's fingers on her bare skin. "Okay! That, like, really hurt!"
"Well, Katchzen, if it wasn't broken before, it is now."

Kurt's deep sigh was the last straw for Scott. He threw open the door to Kurt's room, eyes closed. "Whatever the Hell you two are doing, STOP IT!" At the silence that greeted him, Scott opened his eyes. Kitty sat on the floor, her foot in Kurt's lap. Both were fully clothed, save for Kitty's right foot. Her rapidly swelling right foot. "What happened?"
"Not what you were hoping for, apparently. Anyone ever tell you that it's rude to eavesdrop?" Kitty quirked her eyebrow at Scott, leaning back on her elbows as if she were a queen awaiting his groveling.
"I vas teaching Kitty how to...ahem...flip of the bed." Kurt's blue fur turned a little purple with his underlying blush. Kitty nudged him with her foot, wincing at the pain she had obviously forgotten about until just then.
"Wha..." Scott shook his head. "I don't think I'll ever understand you two. Get Kitty to the infirmary and let Dr. McCoy see about her foot."
"Way ahead of you, mein freund." With that, Kurt bampf'd from the room with Kitty in tow.

In the Kitchen, Scott ran into Jean and had to tell her about the incident upstairs. "I swear, you'd think he'd see it through his love goggles. Kitty feels the same way about him that he does about her." Jean took the milk carton from his hand before he could take a swig.
"And you gathered that through your little spy session this afternoon?"
"Why else would Kitty let him teach her something stupid like how to flip off a bed? Guys are always doing stupid shit like that to impress girls. When the girls go along with it is how we know we're in like Flynn." He grabbed the carton back and poured a glass full.
"So, when you tried to do that back flip off the diving board last week..."
"Shut up, Jean."

Kurt paced back and forth in the small room that served as Dr. McCoy's triage. Kitty kept telling him that it wasn't his fault, to be still, but he just couldn't do it. "It's all my fault! If your foot is broken, it's my fault! I've ruined your summer!" Worse than that, I've hurt my Katchzen! Kurt's brain was abuzz with the frightful thought that any chance he'd had with Kitty was now ruined. She'd never care for him now that he'd gone and gotten her hurt. "What sort of idiot flips off the bed at age seventeen anyway?" he muttered to himself.
"Um, the same sort that does handsprings down the hall to answer the phone?" Kurt had the good grace to duck his head in embarrassment before Kitty continued, "You're an athletic person and your forte is gymnastics. It's natural for you to do things like that. I've seen you in the gym during lunch and in the Danger Room when we're just goofing around. You're happy when you're flying around, bouncing off of walls and putting yourself in impossible positions. Showing me something like flipping off the bed is like me showing you how to...I don't know. I'm not really good enough at anything to want to show you how to do it." Kitty played with the fringe on the cuff of her jeans. "I mean, there are some things I can do that you don't know about, but they aren't things I want to show off to anyone. It's kind of embarrassing."
Kurt skidded to a halt. This sounds promising... "Katchzen, I thought we were best friends! We tell each other everything. Well, almost-I really don't want to know about your monthlies. You can tell me your hidden talent." He had sat on the edge of the small cot Hank stationed Kitty on while he went to check the x-rays. "I promise I won't tell anyone."
Kitty's eyes shifted to the door as if she expected the other residents of the mansion to be listening in. After a few deep breaths, she decided to just tell him. He'd find out eventually anyway. "Well, when I was younger, before Yaya, my grandma on my dad's side, died, she made me promise that I would do something to keep our cultural heritage alive. My mom's side of the family is from Russia and we're always doing Russian things-most of us speak Yiddish when we're at Bubie's house, we went to a Russian Jewish synagogue in Chicago, we eat Russian food on holidays.." She sighed. It would do no good to dwell on the problems she had with her mother and that side of the family right now. Kurt was looking at her expectantly so she pressed on. "Do you know the difference between the types of Jews in Europe?"
"I thought a Jew was someone who practiced Judaism."
"Well, there's that, but it's cultural. My father's people are what's called Sephardic. They were kicked out of Spain during the Middle Ages and spread out all over Europe and North Africa. My family settled in Greece. To cut to the chase, my grandma wanted me to keep the Ladino language as part of my heritage so I learned to speak it from an early age." She chanced a look at Kurt. He raised a blue eyebrow at her as if to say 'I know there's more to this...' Kitty sighed again. "And I learned how to belly dance." Kurt fell off the bed.

Fortunately, Kitty had only sprained her ankle and broken two toes. Kurt had not spoken a word since Kitty put the image in his brain of her, dressed like Herod's daughter, beckoning him with swaying hips and a seductive smile. He could not even look at her as he bampf'd her to her room and got her settled into bed. Hank had given her some painkillers and, while they wouldn't knock her out, made her unsteady enough to make the use of crutches dangerous. She was pleasantly buzzed as Kurt arranged pillows behind her back and made sure her foot was elevated, all the while remaining silent. He made to leave the room and she stopped him, asking him to stay with her. "We could watch some tapes. I got a movie I think you'd appreciate!" Her speech was somewhat garbled due to the painkiller but she seemed otherwise lucid. Kurt hesitated. He was thinking very un-friend like thoughts about Kitty at the moment and her closeness would snap the last thread of control he had over any physical reaction to her. On the other hand, she was his best friend and he was responsible for her being in this state. Ja, just like she is responsible for you being in this state. Slowly, he walked back to the bed and sat where Kitty patted the comforter. He tried not to watch her as she rummaged through her nightstand in search of the movie but failed miserably. He was sure that she would slap him when she turned around and caught him staring at the curve of her neck with a slightly open mouth, imagining what it would taste like. The belly-dancing Kitty was still in his head, down to one veil from seven. The real Kitty was trying to hand him a video tape, waving it in front of his face. "You sure you're okay, Fuzzy? You haven't said a word for twenty minutes. You're never this quiet. You even talk in your sleep!" She giggled then, snapping Kurt out of his stupor. He took the tape from her and nearly shouted when he saw what it was.
"Nosferatu[1]! Where did you find this? I was going to order it from a store in Manhattan! I couldn't find this anywhere in Bayville or Westchester!" He did shout then, a sort of crowing noise of happiness as he launched himself at the television/VCR combo that resided in the cabinet across from Kitty's bed. Since Rogue had moved into her own room down the hall, the bedroom had taken an interesting turn from childish kitsch complete with stuffed animals and pink glittery picture frames (things Kitty had kept on display solely to annoy Rogue, truth be told) and hade become very adult but feminine in decoration. The cabinet housed all of Kitty's entertainment paraphernalia, including a state-of-the-art stereo Kurt had helped her set up several months ago. She grinned stupidly, thinking of how giddy the sight of sweat dripping down the back of his neck had made her. She watched Kurt fiddle with the tracking on the VCR from her position on the bed and wondered how long it would take for the painkiller to wear off. "About three hours, Katchzen." Had she spoken aloud? Oy. She had to be more careful while she was under the influence. This stuff the doc gave me might make me say something I don't want him to know. Worse, he may think I'm kidding if I slip and say something I do want him to know. She rubbed her hand across her eyes and made a mental note to have a long talk with Kurt when she was more sober. She had wanted to tell him earlier, while they were goofing around in his room, but then the whole accidental injury happened and now she was dopey. Grrrrrr.
Kurt resisted the urge to fling himself onto the bed and instead carefully sat on it, scooting to be closer to Kitty. She snuggled against him and muttered something about fuzziness as the movie started. Slipping his arm around her shoulders, he stroked her hair almost absently as the silent movie filled the screen. Every once in a while, Kitty would start and he would squeeze her tightly and she'd relax against him. She could hear the rapid beat of his heart every time her ear pressed against his chest and decided not to tell him half the jumps and starts she gave were just so he would hold her closer. All too soon, the movie ended. The two just sat, Kurt pressed against the headboard, afraid Kitty would ask him to leave, and Kitty leaning on his chest, afraid Kurt would say he wanted to leave. She pushed her face against him, feeling the vibration of his heart against his ribs, the in and out of his breath. She felt better than she had an hour ago, a lot less dopey. She wouldn't want to try and drive right now, but she felt fine. Kurt's hand had long since stopped running through her hair and was now resting on her back, fingers making lazy circles just above her bra strap. Kitty, emboldened by the fact he remained even though the movie was over and she had still not said a word, slipped her arms around his waist and began running the fingers of her right hand up and down his tail. She bit back a smile as she heard his pulse quicken, but he let her continue with her ministrations. He began tracing intricate patterns on her back, sending shivers up her spine. Kitty and Kurt had been touchy-feely for most of their friendship-poking each other in the ribs, ruffling hair, hugging, kissing on the cheek or other chaste locations, even holding hands once or twice so as not to get lost in crowds or to keep Kitty calm during some of their more harrowing escapades. This, however, was new. This was not friendly touching. This was what Jubilee referred to as "touching with potential." Kitty let her left hand join the right on Kurt's tail, adding some gentle squeezes to the stroking she was doing. Kurt gulped. "Katchzen, we need to stop this. You're...drugged... and I am not the gentleman you think I am." Still, though, his hands continued their designs on her back. It was getting dark outside and he could hear the other residents of the mansion in their comings and goings of a Saturday night. In the half-dusk of the room, his eyes glowed a bright yellow, reminding Kitty of moons. She could see his face in the mirror of her dresser and he was clenching his jaw in what was apparently a Herculean effort not to give in to his urges.
"I'm perfectly lucid, Kurt. And who said I think that you're a gentleman?" She tilted her chin to look at him and he laughed bitterly.
"If I don't leave now, Kitty, you may regret this in the morning." His hands stilled, cradling her to his chest. Kitty moved her hands to rest against his shoulders and looked him in the eyes.
"Kurt, I would never regret anything we do together." She leaned in, pausing a hair's breadth from his lips. "Would you?"
"Oh, mein liebe. I worry only that you will hate me if I take advantage of you." Her breath against his mouth was almost too much. This was everything he had ever dreamed of on a silver platter. Kitty, warm and willing in his arms, and they were alone in the mansion. Mostly. He quickly ran through where everyone else was. Scott and Jean were on a double date, she with Duncan and he with some random cheerleader, Evan was at a skate park with some guys from school, Professor X and Logan were in D.C. for some gathering about Mutant Rights. Rahne, Amara and Jubilee were scattered to the winds with parties and dates. That left Storm, who was either meditating or in the lab with Dr. McCoy and some assorted younger mutants, who Kurt knew were with Jamie in one of the subbasements, playing no-powers laser tag. Kitty, still not touching his lips with her own, seemed to be running through the same list. He could see her ticking off the other residents in her mind. Finally, she moved a little closer-he could almost feel her kiss-and licked her lips slowly.
"It's not taking advantage of me if it's something I have wanted for so long I am going crazy over it." Before he could respond, her mouth was on his, moving unsurely at first but gaining confidence when he made a small noise in the back of his throat. Her tongue darted out and sampled his lower lip, causing a convulsive arm-tightening on his part, drawing her flush against his torso.
Tabitha never kissed me like this. She was so demanding. Amanda...she was a good kisser but this is so different. This is Katchzen. My love. The room swam around him so Kurt closed his eyes, willing some blood to stay in his brain. It wouldn't do to faint when being kissed. Kitty had parted her lips slightly so he took the opportunity to suckle her lower lip in return. She moaned and sank her hands into his hair.
Oh, God! Why didn't I do this sooner? He feels sooooooo good. Note to self: make sure Boom Boom and Mandy keep their grubby paws off him. He's my man now. Shoving thoughts of other girls aside, Kitty turned herself over to his kiss. Kurt was slowly taking control of the situation, leaning over Kitty and pressing her back against the pillows. She could feel his arousal against her hip and turned to face him, draping her leg over his thigh. A slight throb in her foot reminded her of earlier events but she ignored it, deciding a little pain was a good thing in this case. Her new position allowed her to press her center against the throbbing heat causing him so much discomfort. A muffled groan let her know she had hit home. "Like this, love?" She ground against him, drawing forth a feral growl from his throat. With a not-so- gentle shove, he moved her onto her back and pressed hard against her, returning the favor. She gasped and arched her back, silently asking for more. Kurt paused and, before he could say anything, she said "I've been on the pill since I was twelve. It was a Bat Mitzvah present from my mom. Like, Congratulations, you're a woman now. Here's your birth control." She pushed against him again when he nodded. She had answered his question. Secretly, she was glad her mom had put her on the pill. She wanted to feel everything about Kurt, no barriers. She knew Scott had given Kurt some condoms when he started dating Boom Boom and she was sure he would have gone and gotten one if she had not been on the pill, but she would have been a little disappointed.
Kitty was flushed and had silvery sheen of sweat over her exposed flesh. Kurt ran his fingers down her jaw and to her collarbone, appreciating every millimeter of skin. Like cream and honey. She lay there, watching him watch her and idly playing with his tail. Kitty had closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, almost purring as he ran his fingers down her neck again. She slid her hands up and around his waist, tugging his t-shirt hem. At his acquiescence, she pushed it up as far as she could, letting him pull it over his head. Kitty moved to take her own shirt off but Kurt stopped her. "Bitte, Katchzen. Let me?" He could not take his eyes off her, throwing her shirt over his shoulder to join his at the foot of the bed. Mein Gott.
"Um, yeah. Sorry about the bra. Wasn't planning on this when I put it on this morning." It was plain white and Kitty hated it. She thought it looked childish, all white and cottony with a rosette between the cups.
"Nein. I'm just...amazed. You are so beautiful." He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, then at the slight dip at the base of her throat. "I have to tell you, Kitty," he murmured against her collarbone, "I have never done this before. I am not experienced in this arena." He moved down, caressing the swell of her breasts above the bra's cups with his nose and lips. She smells like warm sugar.
Kitty was only a little surprised. He had always told her he was a virgin and had only kissed Amanda and Tabitha, but she thought it may be modesty on his part, not wanting to tell her about his sexual exploits. "I'm new at this too. I've been saving myself..." She knew it was the wrong thing to say. She couldn't finish the sentence without sounding like some obsessed teeny bopper and she couldn't leave it like that. Kurt had stopped what he was doing and was looking at her with a mix of horror and guilt.
"Mein Gott! I was going to...and you were saving yourself! Kitty!" He moved to push himself off the bed, rattling on in German that Kitty did not understand, but was stopped by her grip on his wrists.
"Kurt, I was saving myself for you." He stilled. She had closed her eyes and turned her face away from him, embarrassed over her admission. "I knew you were the only person I ever wanted to share this with so when Lance kept trying to get me in bed, I broke things off with him. I couldn't make love to someone I... to someone I didn't love." There. I said it. Her breath left her in a rush as she felt the first tears slide down her cheeks. Kurt was still hovering over her, stunned beyond words. "I understand if you're, like, freaked out and want to mphf!"
Her words were cut off by a sudden kiss. Her bra was off before she knew it and Kurt was sucking and licking her breasts, all the while whispering against her skin loving phrases in every language he knew. All he knew was that Kitty loved him, loved him as he loved her. He would worry about the why's and how's and when's later. Now he had to be with her. Her hands were unbuttoning his pants, slipping inside his underwear and finding his length with tentative fingers. A sudden tight grasp at the base of his shaft made him gasp in surprised delight so Kitty did it again. He nibbled her chest and stomach with careful fangs, working his way down to her waist. "Do you want me to do this, Katchzen?" He had paused at her navel, her jeans unfastened and half- unzipped. His own pants had wound up around his knees, his tail a little sore from trying to jerk it free so quickly. Looked a little nervous. "I will stop if you don't like it..." She nodded and he continued downward, kissing and licking until he reached the waistband of her panties. Dipping his tongue beneath the elastic, he smiled when he heard Kitty call out his name, albeit in a loud whisper and not the screams of his fantasies. There were, after all, a few other people in the house. "All you have to do is say stop. Katchzen."
"Oh, no! Don't stop! Please!" She did not care a whit that she sounded so needy. Her whole body was on fire from his touch and she still could not get enough. When his tongue touched her sensitive center, she almost sat up with shocked pleasure. "Oh, God!" Kurt took this as a good sign and began working his tongue against her moist entrance in earnest, suckling her clitoris and giving Kitty her first orgasm. She grabbed at his hair, raking her nails across his sensitive ears and sending a jolt of electricity to the base of his spine. "Oh, Kurt! Oh!" He looked up at her face and was frozen in the moment. She was pink and panting, covered in sweat, her mouth open in a silent cry, hair all over the pillow and across her face and neck as if she had been thrashing. He had never seen her more beautiful, even in his most secret fantasies. He stayed frozen a moment longer, watching her calm down. She turned her eyes to him and a sultry grin came to her lips. "Your turn..." She tried to push him onto his back but given her position and his resistance, it was impossible.
"Nein." His shaking hands squeezed her hips at her look of disappointment. "If you do that to me, I'll never last long enough to be inside you. And that's what I want, to be inside you. Is that okay?"
"Oh, it's more than okay. I want you so much Kurt!"
It was all his hormones and overloaded brain could handle. Shucking off his pants on his way up her body, Kurt was barely cognizant of Kitty's legs wrapping around his waist. "I think this may hurt you a little." He paused at her entrance, not wanting to cause her any more pain.

"I know. Don't think about it, Kurt. No matter what pain there is, I'm sure it'll be erased in, like, seconds, once we're together." It was all the encouragement he needed. Kurt felt Kitty's hand on his length, guiding him in to her body. Her nails scored his back when he broke her maidenhead, pausing to give her time to adjust. She bit her lip and took a deep breath, letting it out after a moment. "Okay. Okay. That wasn't bad." She pushed against him, and he more than happily reciprocated.

He would have liked to say it went on for hours. Even half an hour would have been good. But Kitty had already had one orgasm and was close to a second when her entered her. Kurt was pure sensation for the time he was in her, knowing only her touch, her smell, the sounds she made when he moved against her. He released inside her, calling out her name and gasping for breath. Kitty kept her legs wrapped around his waist and secured him to her with her arms. "Ich liebe dich, Katchzen." He was crying. He had never felt like this-he loved her and she loved him. This was the most wonderful, natural thing for them to do.

Kitty sighed "I love you too, Kurt," nuzzling against his ear. The world could not be more perfect. A niggling thought picked at her brain, though. "Kurt, did you lock the door?" The couple automatically looked towards the door, seeing their worst fear confirmed. Rogue stood there, gaping.

"Oh. My. God."

[1] Nosferatu is a great silent movie that is actually pretty scary if you watch it with all the lights out. Shadow of the Vampire is about the making of the movie and is also pretty good.

Chapter Two (for disclaimers et al, see part one)

Chapter Two (for disclaimers et al, see part one); still
rated NC-17

A/N Thanks to my wonderful reviewers! Keep ‘em coming! (No pun intended… heh) I
plan on posting a chapter a week until this thing runs out of steam or I get to
an ending (hopefully the later…)







had heard about Kitty’s little accident when she ran into Scott, Jean, Duncan
and some random girl (Zoe? Chloe?
Nina? Hell. I don’t know!) at the mall. She had run the gamut of lingerie stores,
from classy to sleazy and back again, looking for a new bodystocking and they
had been coming out of the movies.
Scott seemed almost relieved to see her, avoiding Jean’s steely gaze and
that other girl’s red, watery eyes.
Duncan looked nonplussed to be there.
His hand was on Jean’s loweck bck but his eyes were on the cheerleader’s
ass. “Rogue! Thank God! I mean,
hey! How’re you?” Scott’s voice rang across the food court,
causing the Goth to cringe.

“Um, okay….” Duncan was eying the pink striped bag from
the lingerie store with predatory interest.
“Get your own panties, freak!” Rogue bit out before turning back to
Scott, but not before seeing Jean’s eyes crinkle in suppressed laughter.

“We’re just about to head to the
Burger Barn for something to eat. Want
to come with?” Rogue raised an eyebrow
and Scott prattled on, “Well, guess not then.
Hey, if you’re going back to the Institute, check on Kitty. Kurt was showing her some dumbass stunt in
his room and she hurt herself. I think
she broke her foot or something. Sure
you don’t want to come along?” He
looked almost desperate. Like any
red-blooded heterosexual female, Rogue was susceptible to a good looking guy in
dire straits; she nearly said yes, she’d go with them, when she caught Jean’s
subtle headshake. That cheerleader
sniffed loudly, making Rogue wonder that the Hell happened in the movies to
affect her. Note to self: stop
giving a damn about cheerleaders.

“Ya know, maybe I’d better get
along back to the mansion. Kitty’s
bound to be bored with Blue Boy for company and besides,” she cut her eyes at
Duncan, feeling particularly mean, “I got some new thongs I want to try
on…” With a toss of her hair and extra
swish in her hips, she strode past them and out the front doors of the mall,
heading for the bus stop and wondering what on Earth Scott was on about.


As soon as she entered the house,
Rogue knew something was up. Call it
woman’s intuition, call it a hunch, call it the sounds of muffled screaming,
but the young mutant knew the root of the problem lay in Kitty’s room. Slightly worried that her friend tried to do
something like go to the bathroom or phase and hurt herself even worse than she
had playing Mary Lou Retton with Kurt, Rogue marched up the stairs and flung
open the door to her old room without a second thought. “Oh. My. God.”

“Uh. Hi.” Kitty pulled the
errant sheet over her exposed breast.
Kurt was over her, pushed on his elbows and looking at the door.

“OH. MY. GOD!” Rogue could not
process what she was seeing. Kurt…Kitty…sex…no! Her mind tried to make explanations for
their current state of undress and togetherness, for the obvious smell
of sweat and sex that permeated the room, the fact they were both naked and she
was currently seeing more of Kurt’s ass than she ever wanted to see in
her entire life… “WHAT IS GOING ON

“Afterglow?” Kurt flashed her what he hoped was a
cavalier smile, fangs and all. Kitty
just sat up straighter, pulling the sheet tight around her and looking for all
the world like some Pagan goddess.

“Would you mind leaving so we can
get dressed?” Rogue stood there, dumbfounded, as if something horrible had happened. From down the hall came the sound of
whistling. Someone large and blue and
very Beast-like whistling. In one
motion, Rogue dove into the room, slammed the door, and started to lock
it. Kurt and Kitty were out of bed and
scrambling for clothes, making as much noise as humanly possible with Kurt’s
sudden sneezing fit and Kitty yelping each time her foot touched the

“Katherine?” Two knocks, then a knob jiggle. All three teenagers froze. “Kitty?
Are you awake?” Her eyes
widened, taking in Kurt, clad only in boxers, Rogue, suddenly mostly herself
again and braced against the door. Shit. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit!!!!!! Kitty tried to make out what Rogue was
mouthing to her, only to find out a second later in the worst possible

Hank opened the door. Kurt was still standing on one foot, pants
dangling off his ankle. Rogue was
rubbing her head where the door clocked her.
Kitty herself was still naked, sheet hanging from her shoulder and
panties in her hand. “Lock doesn’t
work,” Rogue stated, glad at least to have coherent thought again.

Hank had frozen in the doorway,
taking in the scene before him.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, he rocked back on his heels and
took off his glasses and wiped them on his lab coat. “I think we need to have a long talk, children.”


An hour later, in the kitchen,
Storm paced agitatedly along the length of the counter as Hank merely stared
into a cup of hot coffee. Rogue had
been given some aspiring and a cold compress after she told her side of the
story and sent off to her room. Kurt
and Kitty now sat at the butcher’s block style table, as close to each other as
propriety allowed. Every three passes,
Storm would turn as if to say something, think better of it, then return to
pacing. Hank did not seem so much
upset as distinctly uncomfortable, sighing every once in a while and sneaking
quick glances at the couple.

Mein Gott! She smells so good and
I can smell her on me she’s so gorgeous I don’t even care if she suddenly
sprouted horns and three more heads I’d love her anyway. Peaches and sugar and cream and honey on my
tongue, in my senses and Kitty under me, her tongue on me does she love me
too? She’s so close I can feel heat
from her skin… Was she telling me the truth?
Oh God please please please!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurt’s thoughts ran amuck in his head. He really was not even aware of the situation, only that he and Kitty
had made love, that he was happier now than he had ever been in his entire
life. Kitty did not look very upset, just harassed. She alternately shot dirty looks at Hank and Storm, then smiled
at Kurt in a way that brought Belly DancKittKitty to the forefront of his brain
again. Finally, Storm decided to speak.

“I am not angry—we are not
angry—with you. We are just concerned.”

“I’m, like, on the Pill, Ms.
Munro. It’s nothing to worry about!” Kitty seemed a little relieved that this was
all the older mutants were worried about.

“Kitty, we are not sure if
conventional birth control works well with mutants. Our bodies sometimes process things differently than…less gifted
humans.” Hank looked up at Kitty
wearily, not happy to break that bit of news to her. “But that is only one of our concerns. Kurt, you are seventeen, correct?”

“Ja, for some time now…Why?” A little shard of nervousness poked into the
pleasure center oft’s t’s brain. Where
is the doctor going with this?

Storm sighed and sat next to Hank. “In the state of New York, the legal age of sexual consent is
seventeen. Kitty is only sixteen. No matter how mature or in love the two of
you may be, it is illegal for you to continue a sexual relationship until Kitty
reaches her next birthday.” Kurt looked
taken aback—illegal to love his Katchzen?
Ich verstehe nicht diese Geisteskrankheit![1]
“We have not spoken with the
Professor yet, but we,” Storm looked at Hank for support and, finding it in his
nod, continued, “we feel it is best that the two of you not be allowed to be
alone together until Kitty turns seventeen in three months.”

The noise
of Kitty’s chair hitting the floor as she leapt up startled everyone. “What?
You’re going to keep us apart?
This is fucking ridiculous!”
Kitty swearing was never a good sign.
She was not given to fits of temper but she looked to be brewing up a
doozy. “You think Kurt and I just want
to go at it like bunnies or something?
I love Kurt. Believe it or not,
I love him. Sex isn’t the most
important thing to me, being with him is.
And you are going to deny us that?”
Kitty was pale with barely checked anger, sparks practically leaping from
her eyes. Kurt was numb to all but the
fact he was just forbidden to come near Kitty for three months (Might as
well be three lifetimes!) and Kitty was in a rage. Her words weren’t even sinking in and some
perverse part of him was giddy that she was so angry at the verdict of Storm
and Beast.

Hank rubbed
his jaw for the tenth time in as many minutes. Kitty had still not sat back
down and he was not sure how to handle the situation without further provoking
her ire. Damn it, I’m the adult here…
“Miss Pryde, I will ask you only once to sit down. There. Thank you. Storm and I are not doing this to punish you
but to help you.” Kurt and Kitty both
managed a snort at that line. “Bear
with us, please. Until the Professor
returns on Monday to give his say on this, you are not to be alone together no
matter what. Your powers present
somewhat of a problem, though.”

picked up Hank’s thread, “We don’t want to put mutant restraint collars on
you. That would make you less than
animals and you have done nothing to deserve it. Instead, Kitty will sleep in my sitting room and Kurt will stay
in the spare bedroom just off the lab for Dr. McCoy to keep watch.” The two teenagers seemed on the verge of
weeping, so Storm hurried on. “Doubtless
the story of what happened tonight will be all over the mansion by tomorrow
afternoon so the help of the other residents will be enlisted.”

surprisingly, was not embarrassed. “I
don’t care who knows, you know.”

I would rather our love life not become public information!” Kurt’s urgent whisper was like breaking
glass in the small room.

“I’m not
ashamed of what we did. I love you and
you love me. It’s natural and we shouldn’t
feel embarrassed.” Kitty’s red ears
belied her bold statements. Kurt
guessed that she was putting on a brave front for Storm and Beast, trying to
show that the loss of her virginity was not for naught.

“That may
be, Katherine, but we are trying to keep the two of you out of trouble. What if someone at school found out that you
were sleeping with Kurt and decided to get him arrested for statutory rape? I think we both know who I mean….” Thoughts turned to Lance. It sounded like a trick he would pull to get
Kitty back into his world. “Besides, if
you are really in love, something like this should not matter. The love will still be there on Monday, in
three months, in three centuries.” He
sat back, satisfied that he got his point across.

turned her sad eyes to Kurt. “If we
have to do this, we have to do this. I
love you, Kurt, and that isn’t going to change just because we aren’t allowed
to have sex or even be alone together.”

“Ja, mein
liebe.” He took her small hand in his
tridactyl one, stroking the palm with his thumb. “No matter what, I’ll love
you.” He could hear a sniff from the
direction of Storm. “Can we have one
last moment, please?” He gave his best
pleading look to the older pair.

minutes. And we’ll be right outside the
door.” Hank waved Storm ahead of him
and left Kitty and Kurt alone, each too full of things to say to begin

Kitty blurted out “It isn’t that sex isn’t important, you know. But I think I’ll live for three months
without it.” Kurt smiled a little at
that. “That didn’t sound right, did it?”

“I know
what you meant, liebe. Besides,” Kurt pulled Kitty towards him, placing his
mouth just above her ear, “I have a cunning plan for us to be alone.”

“I knew I
loved you for a good reason.”

“Kiss me
one more time—who knows when we’ll get to do this again without an audience?” Kurt tilted her head towards him, meeting
her lips with fevered, silent pleas from his own. His fangs nipped at her lower lip, drawing a small bead of blood
Kurt could taste on his tongue, strangely excited by the idea of having a
little drop of Kitty swimming in his veins.
She arched into him, placing his hand against her breast and taking his
tongue into her mouth, sucking gently. “Ach. Five minutes isn’t enough!” Kurt wrapped his arms around her waist,
inhaling the warm scent of her hair mingled with musk and sweat from their
earlier lovemaking. “I’ll come to you
tonight, Katchzen,” he whispered, barely loud enough for her to hear. In fact, she was not even sure she really
heard him until she saw him wink as Hank led him towards the lab.


loveseat may not be very comfortable, Kitty.
Would you like to see if we can find a cot in storage?” Storm had led Kitty to her quarters on the
opposite side of the mansion from Kurt, Hank and the lab. Kitty was to stay in a small sitting room
off of Storm’s bedroom, replete with a television, CD player, and an
overabundance of plants. The small sofa
was just large enough for Kitty to curl up on and was the same color as the
ferns Storm had hanging all over the ceiling.

“It should
be fine. I think I’m going to go ahead
and hit it now.” She turned her back on
the older woman and began rummaging through her overnight bag that Storm had
allowed her to pack before taking her to the room. Kitty could hear the weather goddess breathing close behind her,
waiting as if to say something. When
Kitty did not turn and acknowledge her, she slowly left the room. The girl felt a little bit bad about how
frosty she was being, but damn it, she was angry. Kurt said he had a plan, but I don’t know. Beast and Storm are pretty vigilant when
they need to be. Hell, even when they
don’t they seem to have eyes in the back of their heads! Kitty shrugged out of her clothes, wincing a little at her sore
foot as she balanced to put on her pajamas.
She finally fell onto the couch and clicked on the television to one of
those oh-so-annoying judge shows, just to irk Storm. She’d turn it off in a little bit, Kitty decided, moving onto her
bao sto stare at the ceiling. My
life has taken a very Shakespearean turn.
Oh, well. Better than a soap


Kurt had settled himself in the small bedroom. Very Spartan… Ick. A twin bed was
pushed against a wall, stripped bare of anything but a pillow and plain white
fitted sheet. The top sheet and a thin,
hospital-style blanket lay on a small wooden dresser across the room from the
bed. Hank had thoughtfully provided a
small black and white television , an old portable stereo, and some
magazines. “Good night, Herr Doctor!” Hank had lumbered back into the lab as soon
as Kurt put his small bag down. Hank
made a noncommittal noise from the other room and Kurt set about his “devious
plot.” The room was apparently used as
Hank’s bedroom on nights when the doctor worked very late because Kurt found
some long blue hairs on the pillow he was stuffing into a t-shirt. This has got to be the oldest trick in
the book. Stepping away from the
bed, he was marginally pleased. With
the light off, the figure bore some resemblance to him in the fact that it was
a lump under the covers, giving the appearance of sleep. Kurt waited for a good three hours for Beast
to leave the lab. Leaving the
television on a low volume, Kurt opened the door that lead into the lab, ready
to lie about needing some water or to go to the bathroom should the doctor
still be puttering around. A few lights
shone over some petri dishes and a lone computer was scrolling it’s screen
saver as Kurt checked the effect of his dummy one more time. Well, it’ll
have to do.


Kitty had finally dozed off around one a.m., still angry at
Storm and Beast for what they were doing to them. I guess Kurt’s devious plot doesn’t begin tonight… Her
foot throbbed from the evening’s exertions, not letting sleep fully overtake
her. Her doze was light and broken by
lances of pain in her foot when she turned over or otherwise moved. Damn it!
This is not going to work!
She sat up, looking for the remote, and nearly jumped out of her skin
when a handful of gravel hit the window in the study. “Katchzen!”

As quickly
as she could, Kitty hobbled to the small window, nearly hidden behind a large
pot of lavender. Looking hastily over
her shoulder to make sure Storm was not coming in, Kitty moved the clay pot and
slid the window open on heavy hinges. Wincing
at the little bit of noise she had made, Kitty’s eyes searched the darkness for
Kurt. “I can’t see you, Fuzzy. Where are you?” Even her whisper seemed gunshot-loud in the paranoid
darkness. Kurt’s hand dropped down in
front of her face, surprising her. She
muffled a yelp and turned around, half-hanging out of the window to look up at
the eaves of the mansion. Kurt hung
there, his feet gripping the rain gutter, dangling upside down over the study

“See? Am I not devious?” His smile was supernaturally white in the dark night. All Kitty could see were his yellow, glowing
eyes and the white of his smile. Kitty
reached for where she had last seen his hand.
Finding it, she wrapped her fingers around his, smiling back at him in
the dark.

“ ‘And palm
to palm do holy palmers kiss…’ “ she murmured.

“Vas?” His eyes narrowed a little in the dark, in
what Kitty guessed was confusion.

“It’s from ‘Romeo
and Juliet.’ Haven’t you read it?”

“My English
is not that good when I read…” Kurt
trailed off, a little embarrassed. “Can
I come in? All the blood is rushing to
my head.” Kitty moved into the room,
letting him in behind her.

“We have to
be quiet—I don’t know if Storm is really asleep or not.” Kitty kept glancing nervously at the door
separating the rooms, jumping a little when Kurt took her face in his

we have to be so careful… Things like this are all we have until the Professor
puts a stop to this nonsense.”

“Or until I
turn seventeen. God, Kurt, it’s so far
away…” Kitty put her head in the hollow
of his throat. “Did you know I loved
you before today?”

Kurt was a
little thrown at the turn of the conversation.
“I had hoped, I had dreamed, but I never really thought it could be true
until today.” His lips brushed the top
of her head as her hands kneaded his back.
“I had all these fantasies of what our first time would be like—yes,
Katchzen, I had fantasized about it.
But today was not on the list of my little daydreams.” He could feel her smile against his skin,
her breath ruffling his fur. She leaned
back and he saw the sheen in her eyes that was there earlier, before she
propositioned him. He could not hide
his reaction to her or his memories and knew that she could feel his hardness
against her stomach. “Katchzen, we can’t… I just wanted tonight to be about us. I came here to just hold you, to be with
you. I hadn’t planned… Gott im Himmel!” Kitty had dropped to her knees, careful of
her injury, and began working on his zipper.

“I didn’t
get the chance to do this earlier…” She
had succeeded in opening his pants, his member springing free before her
eyes. “I’ve wanted to do this for
months, you know.” She stroked his
length with her finger, base to tip, collecting the drop of fluid that had
seeped out. Licking it off her digit,
she looked Kurt in the (very startled) eyes.
“I think about doing this during class, you know. On my knees under your desk, sucking on you
while class goes on around us…” Kurt’s
eyes rolled back in his head. He could
not believe Kitty was talking to him like this, that she even knew what
a blowjob was. All the blood was
leaving his brain, though, and he decided he’d worry about where she came by
this knowledge later. Much later. Kitty had taken him in her hand and was
alternately stroking him and squeezing his balls. Kurt sagged back against the windowsill, unable to support his
own weight any longer. “Heh. Didn’t even have to try and give you blue
balls, did I?” Kitty chuckled a little
at Kurt’s weak grin and touched the tip of her tongue to the head of his

Katchzen!” Kurt’s moan was low, but
still sounded unbearably loud in the small room. He looked towards Storm’s door and made an effort to stay
quiet. Kitty was becoming more enthusiastic
by this point, gently suckling on just the tip of his length and pumping the
base of his penis at the same time. In
one swift movement, though, his efforts to stay quiet were nearly
destroyed. Kitty took him almost
entirely into her mouth, sucking hard before she let him go. “Kitty!
I can’t take this much longer.”
She stopped what she was doing to smile up at him.

“Good.” She set herself to her task with even more
fervor than before. What she had told
Kurt was true—she had fantasized about doing this before. A lot, actually. I don’t know what Jubilee was complaining about. It doesn’t taste bad… I mean, there’s a reason it’s not an ice
cream flavor but it’s not horrible.
Kurt’s moans were making her work harder, wanting him to climax in her
mouth. Giving his testicles a gentle
squeeze, she hummed as she sucked on him, a trick she’d heard about from some
girls at school. Works like a charm,
just like they said! Kurt’s entire
body tensed and a strangled sound worked his way from his chest to his throat,
only to be stopped by his sheer will.
Kitty was a little surprised by the salty burst of fluid in her mouth,
but swallowed it all the same. Kurt
pulled her to her feet and hugged her tight to his chest.

Katchzen… I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t
say anything. I wanted to do that for

“It couldn’t
have been enjoyable… I mean, all the guys say girls hit.”it.”

“Not this
girl.” She kissed his jaw, not quite at
ease enough with the taste to kiss him on the mouth. A noise from Storm’s room made them both freeze.

“Kitty? Are you awake out there?” Storm sounded like she was coming towards
the door. Kurt gave Kitty one last
squeeze and disappeared out the window just as Storm opened the door. Kitty stood there, looking for all the world
as if she had been stargazing. “Couldn’t

“My foot…” She gestured at the offending appendage,
letting the woman infer what she would.

thing. You’ve had a hard day. I’ll get you some tea and Tylenol and maybe
you’ll get some sleep.” Storm hustled her to the sofa and disappeared out the
door to procure the items from the kitchen.
Kitty felt a little bad about lying to her, but if it meant she and Kurt
got to see each other even briefly, so be it.
With a self-satisfied nod, Kitty settled back into the cushions and was
asleep before Storm returned form the kitchen.






[1] I don’t
understand this insanity! (according to Babblefish, at any rate…)

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