Open House

BY : Eiluned
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Open House
by Eiluned

Date Finished: 3 July 2003
Archive: Sure, just let me know where.
Disclaimer: They're not mine, but they like me more than they do Mark Millar.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "Well, I'll just say we christened almost every public room in the mansion." In Repair interlude. Ultimate AU, Logan/Jean. PWP
Warnings: Sex in unusual places. Heh.
Notes: You might want to read the other In Repair stories before this one, but if you don't feel up to it, here are the basics. Take everything after Ultimate X-Men #4 and throw it out the window. Jean and Logan got together, broke up, fought bad guys, and finally got back together after a long separation and lots of angsting. Voila. :) The other IR stories can be found on my site: The "incident in the den" refers to my story "S'mores".
Thanks to Kati for the quick beta read! Mwah! [sends inspiration mojo to RedFenix]
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It started soon after we got home from Santa Fe. Logauld uld sneak up on me in various rooms in the mansion and kiss me senseless, maybe with a bit of lusty pawing. Yeah, it started out innocent enough, until the s'mores incident in the den. After that...

Well, I'll just say we christened almost every public room in the mansion.

A few days after the incident in the den, we were sprawled on one of the living room couches. I was reading a cheesy romance novel (hey, a girl's got to have some mindless entertainment sometimes), and Logan was reading, of all things, Thoreau. I was halfway through a breathless and extremely flowery love scene when he yanked the book out of my hands.

"Hey, what gives?" I exclaimed, vaguely irritated; Angus the Sexy Scottish Laird was about to tear open the corset lacings of Winter, English Noblewoman of the Heaving Bosoms.

My book and Walden went flying over the back of the couch and I found myself pushed against the arm of the sofa, a couple of hundred pounds of horny Wolverine all over me.

"Logan! Mmmmph... Logan, what are you doing?" I tried to ask, but he just slid his tongue into my mouth and his hands under my sweater.

He pushed the sweater up so that my chest was bare, then popped the front clasp on my bra. Needless to say, I was more than a little worried that someone might walk into the room and find me with my sweater around my neck and Logan's hands on my breasts. But then he tugged on my nipples and nibbled at my bottom lip, and I didn't give a damn who walked in.

I ended up over the back of the couch with my jeans around my ankles, muffling my cries against a throw pillow while Logan pounded into me. I had a quick, devastatingly good orgasm, and then Logan was coming inside of me, shuddering and groaning against my shoulder.

And of course, as soon as Logan pulled out, he smelled Hank down the hall. I had to dash to the bathroom to clean up while Logan got to sit there and smirk.


It didn't end there, though. Two days after that, I was poking around in the kitchen when he pinned me to the counter, pushed my skirt up and my panties to one side and ate me out. That time, I ended up holding onto the edge of the sink, biting my own hand to keep from screaming. I was honestly terrified that someone would walk in. I mean, the living room tends to be secluded, but the kitchen is traffic central. Everyone knows fourteen and fifteen year olds are little eating machines, so Bobby and Jubilee can almost always be found in the kitchen.

"Lo-Logan," I gasped, squirming against his hips and bucking against the hand he had between my legs, "someone could come in here--"

"No, they won't," he muttered against my ear, thrusting deep and hard inside of me.

"How--ah! How do you kn-know that?" I said, gripping the lip of the sink so hard my knuckles turned white.

He didn't answer, just sucked on my earlobe and made me come with his fingers on my clit and his cock inside of me.


It should have clued me in that he'd started carrying condoms around with him, now that I think about it. I mean, it was very thoughtful of him to use them, so I wouldn't have to make a break for the bathroom after every quick fuck, but... I should have known he was planning those encounters. Ah well.

After the kitchen came the quickie in the dining room. No, it wasn't on the table; I don't even want to think about cleaning that up. Ugh. He was parked in one of the chairs an hour or so after lunch, and when I came in to see what he was doing, he grabbed me, pulled my pants off and made me ride him. Uh-huh, he made me do it.

Okay, it didn't take that much persuasion.

And then came the library. The real library, with books and periodicals, not Professor Xavier's Cerebro library. I was looking for another book to read, having finished my romance novel. Logan snuck up on me, put me on my back on top of... god, I can hardly admit it. He put me on my back on top of the professor's extra desk and screwed me senseless.

While it's slightly mortifying to think that I got fucked on Professor Xavier's desk, that was some of the best sex I've ever had.

I think that was when the idea of getting caught was starting to excite me. Just a little.

And after the library came my favorite surprise roll-in-the-hay. We were in the game room, shooting pool. Two a.m. rolled around and Piotr bade us goodnight, leaving me to take over his shots. I was just lining up the 9-ball when Logan swept half of the pool balls to one side of the table.

"What the hell are you doing?" I said. "That would have been a good shot!"

He gave me a particularly smoldering look and pushed the rest of the balls into the pockets. 'Uh-oh,' I thought.

He hopped up onto the pool table and pulled me up there with him, tugged my clothes off, then stripped out of his own. I got to be on top that time, and we made love slowly on top of the pool table. Thank God the game room is on the other end of the house from everyone's rooms. We didn't even bother being quiet. I just pressed my lips against his and whimpered, coming almost painfully hard. He grabbed hold of my hips and pumped up into me, gasping and moaning and coming.


Part of me still can't quite believe we're doing this, but hey. It's fun and it's proving a very adventurous addition to our sex life.

Next up: the foyer.


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