X-Diaries: Wolverine

BY : RickDreamie
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the X-Men movies, or any of the characters from them. I make no money from from the writing of this story.

The characters are all Property of Marvel, you all know that.

Fuck what the movie did with Wolverine's and Rogue's powers in my mind, they would balance out, however... I sort of changed Rogue’s powers… her power sucking turned into sucking power because of Wolverine’s regeneration mutation *laughs* so this takes place in X-men 1...

Scene: Where Wolverine finds Rogue in the trailer.

X-Diaries: Wolverine

Chapter 1: De-flowering Rogue

Wolverine finds Rogue hiding his trailer. "What are you doinre, re, kid?" Rogue apologizes... "I'm sorry... "I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble. I just needed a lift and I just thought..." Wolverine would have none of it. The Canadian trucker sniffs the air. "Cash, grass, or ass... And I don't smell any weed."

Rogue’s face goes into a look of shock. “You mean…” She looks downward, and swallows hard. “I have to?” The young 18 year old made an innocent face. “No... get in the truck. I don't force nobody…” Logan sighed as he had given in. “Who said you were forcing me to? I had a choice.” she replied. “The way you said it... And I don‘t need any rape charges put up against me.” He tried to defend what he said.

“Well, I don’t want someone who wasn't asking for it to think I was a little slut. I might of lost my ride. She smiled. Wolverine replied, "Get in the truck." She does asks he asks and he gets in on his side, beginning to drive* "What's your name, kid?" the driver asks. "Rogue," the shrl rrl replies. "What kind of name is Rogue?" he asks. "What kind of name is Wolverine?" She snaps back.

He gives in, not knowing what else to say. "The name's Logan." "I'm Marie." she calmly says back. There's a silence and she hates that. "So you got anything to eat in here?" She hadn’t eaten sithatthat morning. Logan stopped the truck, turning the engine off. "Yeah, back there..." He points. “Where is it then?” She asks again.

“Back here, in the back part of my truck…” he says as he gets up from the driver’s seat and shows her his bed. The young lady sits down and smiles, asking, “Shall I see what you have in the 'cupboard',” goes for his zipper. “Please do, Marie.” he grins mischievously. “I have to warn you though… something weird happens when I touch people…” informs Rogue.

"What?" He gently asks. Rogue takes the zipper and pulls it down, finishing her sentence “I don’t know, its just weird.” “Try me.” Wolverine suggesting that she try. “I was planning on it…” Rogue said, with a grin. Rogue pulls down his pants, excited at how big it is, "Ooh, it’s huge! Sit down on the bed." The young virgin gets on her knees.

Wolverine sits down on the bed, spreading his legs. "Ever fuck before?" “No, I told you, something weird happens, so brace yourself…” She reprimands him, then takes his dick in both of her small hands. “Are you ok?” she worriedly asks. With a smile on his face, he replies. “Feels wonderful.” Rogue begins to suck on Logan's cock, changing speeds at random intervals.

Wolverine feels more pleasure with Marie than he ever has with anyone else. The young brunette stops at the top to lick the top then goes back down on him. “Holy shit…” he burbles. “ Am I that good, Shuga?” She wickedly grins. You sure you haven't done something like this before? That felt way too good for you to be a newbie.

“I haven’t even started yet!” exclaims the sweet but not innocent lass. Rogue takes off her jacket & shirt, letting her hair fall down over her breasts as they bounce freely, as she sucks his cock. "What do you think, so far?" she queries. "Wow." Wolverine utters in sheer delight. “You are... magnificent. Your tits are perfect.“ She rubs his dick with her tits and licks at the tip with her tongue.

“That good, shuga? “Damn... you're a goddess in the sex department... Damn skippy something happened.” he states, putting his hand on the back of her head, helping her with the rhythm. Rogue begins to speed up, now using her whole mouth. Suddenly, she stops, batting her eyes and asks, ”Want me to swallow, Logan?” “ Yes... There's plenty there, babe. Just don‘t stop!” he exclaims. Just then, the aged trucker then spewed his cum into Rogue's mouth, yet, he doesn't lose his hard on, like most guys.

Marie giggles, saying “Mmm, there WAS food in the back of the truck… but you haven’t eaten yet.” “Too true… Ever masturbate before, M?” h?” he grins, waiting for her to strip. Amazingly, she read his mind and removes rest of her clothes and lies on bed. “Soup’s on.” Wolverine gets on his knees, ready to taste the young lady. “Of course I have. “Well, then you knows this feeling…” he smirks and begins licking her virgin pussy

“Ooh! Yes! Please, more!” Marie cried, as he sucked her clit & using his fingers as a fucking devices. “Yes! Oh god!” she moaned. Wolverine stabbed her insides with his tongue. He halts licking for a moment requesting… “Scream my name when you cum, Marie.” The older man requested, resuming lapping at her pussy, having gotten 3 fingers in already.

“Oh god. Logan, I'm cumming!!!” Marie screeched. Logan removed his mouth from her clit, only to suck the juices as they came out of his lover. “Looogaaan!” she screeched as she came again. He loves the taste of her so he drinks even more. “Oh god, that was great!” praising him on his licking abilities. “Best ever?” he asks. “Absolutely, shuga. You were first, so that makes you the best.“

“So... You want some mutant cum in your sweet pussy?” Logan chuckled. How could I eva refuse? But it’s my first time, though. So, be gentle.” Marie says. He has a feeling of power sweep over him. “You could plead for it. “ He states. “Do ya want me to beg, shuga?” “Only if your begging meant hearing that sweet southern accent.” A devilish grin forms across his face.

“Oh, please, shuga. I can’t go on without your mutant juices in me. Please darlin, please?” Marie prayed. “Kiss me, Marie…” Logan said. With that being said, she sits up, putting her lips to his, adding her tongue to his mouth. He kisses her back with a passion rivaled by few. Still kissing him, she pulls her lover on top of her. “ “Take me, lover.” She requests.

Logan puts his cock into her, & thrusts slowly. “Ahhh, it hurts but its okay…” Marie’s voice trails off. He unhurriedly delivers his cock to her again deep inside his lover, going out then in... “Ahhh, more shuga, more.” she whimpers. He drives his cock into the pussy of the most beautiful mutant in his eyes, Rogue, and cherry blood come rushing out. Marie takes all of Logan’s dick. “You love this, Marie?” He says, as he pumps his cock inside her faster*

“Hell yes. I love it, shuga! Nothing in this world has eva made me feel better.” Marie exclaims. Logan keeps ramming his cock inside her, wanting her to cum on his cock. “If you cum shuga I want it all inside me. Oh Logan. I’m cumming!” she said enthusiastically. He fucks the girl harder, wanting to cum so hard... “I want to do you like animals would.”

“Sure thing, shuga…” Marie turns over for her lover, careful not to knock his cock out of her willful pussy. “Fuck me hard, I need your cum so very bad!” she added. Logan resumes his hip motions once he’s sure she didn’t lose hisk ink in turning. ”Oh Marie... You bring me so much pleasure... I could fuck you all night!” She finds it hard to speak through the pleasure, but utters, “Please... harder... Please!”

Logan gives his cock to Marie as fast as he can, grabbing her breasts as he fucks her. Losing her voice from all her screaming, gets the words out barely ,“Oh god, Logan… I’m cumming again Logan!!!” He pinches her nipple and sweetly asks “You want me in your ass???” Slipping out of her pussy... He waits for her decision “Ummm…” Speaking through her passion, doesn’t realize the pain factor involved…

“OH YES!!! Fuck my ass!” Logan can barely squeeze his cock into Marie’s ass. “It hurts, it really hurts!” She begins to cry. Logan doesn't hear her cries as he is zoned out, but still fucking her ass. “Ooh... it hurts… but… it feels... so... Good!” she exclaims through the tears. He continues to ream her ass hard, not quite hitting the speed of his pussy-fucking because of the pain he might cause.

“Pain and pleasure are like the same thing! Please Logan... fuck me hard... make me take all of your prick!” she demanded. Wolverine slipped his cock out of her tight ass and back into her pussy. “Take me as hard as you can, thrust me to your limit!” Marie screamed. Wolverine would thrust as deep as he could go two times, on the third try, began to spray his mutant sperm inside her pussy. “Oh... it's so warm. That was so great. You’re the best lover I will EVER have!”

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