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A/N Goddess Foxfeather, Queen of Mad Plotbunnies and BUSIEST WOMAN ALIVE(tm), I think some plotbunnies ran wild over here... InterNutter, TC and Maxwell Pink are wonderful for archiving! Readers/Reviewers: This fic needs some explanation... On Nutter's board recently, there's been some flaming, one character in particular being especially bothersome. They don't bother to give a name, just "." (which led to the name Dot for them). After a while of rather crude commentary and persistent idiocy from this no-name troll, someone made a comment that a slash smut fic should be written without the use of "." That includes abbreviations, ... and any sort of period whatsoever. I figured...what the Hell? So.... No more "."!

"Is this what you want me to do?"
"Would I be here if it wasn't?"
"Would you? Ow! Not so hard!"
"Sorry! Is this better?"
"How long have you felt this way?"
"Hell of a time to change the subject, isn't it?"
"Are you going to be evasive all night?"
"Have you not noticed that we're a bit involved at the moment? I've got other things on my mind than analyzing my feelings for you!"
"Bobby, I just want to know-How long have you felt this way about me?"
"Would you believe me if I told you that I've wanted to be with you for a very long time?"
"Why do you sound so surprised? Haven't you noticed the looks I keep giving you? The stupid expression on my face every time you're around me, the rumors about my rather unusual tendencies? And did you know that Jubilee is one of the worst people to tell that you think you're gay and expect it to remain a secret?"
"No, no, no and yes!"
"Stop laughing! You're ruining the moment here!"
"Am I?"
"Would you believe me if I said yes?"
"Do I have to? Oh!"
"You like that, then?"
"Very much! Harder!"
"Like this?"
"Yes!" "Bobby, God!"
"Please, St John! Harder!"
"Do you want to switch places?"
"Not really!"
"You want me to do this to you?"
"Why do you sound so surprised?"
"I'm not!"
"Slower, slower!"
"I didn't think I'd be doing this when I woke up this morning!"
"Have you ever done this before?"
"Have you?"
"What do you think?"
"Does it matter in the long run?"
"Should it?"
"Oh, that feels so good!"
"I think I'm going to come!"
"You think?"
"Fine, fine, I know!"
"Where do you think?"
"No, I mean where?"
"You don't have to do that!"
"Shut up!"
"Oh, God! Yes! Keep doing that! Oh!"

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