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A/U: Hello and welcome readers. Please note that all characters relating to X-men are not mine and are own by Marvel Comics. Also, this is set after the first death of Jean Grey.

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Prologue: Shopping

It is a beautiful afternoon, not a cloud in the sky as the sun continues to shine down on the Indiana town. Two women in their twenties walk to a supermarket, one with long blond hair that was put up with a purple butterfly clip and dressed in a long flowing purple dress that swayed in the breeze. She walked with an air of grace that was fitting for high society, yet she was just very self assured of herself and kept looking back to the other one who went slower. The other one has short black hair, her eyes looking downward as she walks. This one seems to be hiding something, her pink top and jeans not matching her dark mood. The blond walks back and takes the raven-haired’s hand, walking together with her as the raven-haired lets out a soft sigh.

“What is wrong?” The blond one asks, her voice racked with concern.

“Nothing, Lynn…I just don’t see why we have to shop today,” she answers back.

“Jess, if we didn’t go out today, it would never have happened. And also because yesterday you said you would go out today. So this is why you are shopping today with me,” Lynn says with a smile as they walk into the supermarket. Grabbing a cart, Lynn makes Jess steer as she walks up the produce aisle as she gets some vegetables for dinner tonight. A couple of peaches make its way into the cart and Lynn smiles because Jess was the one to put them there.

“For desert,” Jess says with a half smile. “I also think we are low on whipped cream as well, so we should get that as well.”

Lynn smiles and kisses Jess’ lips quickly. “I think you should get your mind out of the sewers.”

“But if I did that, where would I put my mind then? It would have no home. You would put it out of house and home?” She asks with a chuckle as Lynn laughs loudly. They make their way out of the produce section and over to the meats as Lynn gags.

“I keep on forgetting why I live with a person who eats meat.”

“Because you love me and one day you will see the error of your ways,” Jess replies with a smirk.

“Do I now?” Lynn asks as Jess baps her gently as she walks pass the meat and goes over to prepared meals, pulling out a vegetarian lasagna. “Good compromise, my love,” she praises with a smile.

Jess nods and looks around, feeling something. She gives the cart to Lynn and shakes her head. “I forgot to get something, I’ll catch up,” she says softly as her eyes never look at Lynn’s.

“Something is wrong?” She asks but Jess never hears the question. Lynn shakes her head at this but walks away. ‘Jess knows what she is doing, I hope.’


Jess walks back quickly to an aisle of soap, hair coloring and other body needs. She looks directly at a somewhat tall woman with white hair, which is a contrast to her black skin. “What do you want and why are you following the both of us?”

The black woman looked up to Jess and asks, “Why do you ask question to which you already know the answer?”

“I don’t know the answer. No one does,” she replies in a shocked voice.

“Yes you do Jessica. You know the answer to what I ask. And probably Lynn as well knows the answer.”

“You won’t take me away from her,” she says softly as her voice growls.

“I do not plan to. My name is Storm and I wish to help you,” she says while Jess shakes her head no. “You must realize that you need help.”

“No, I—“ Jess starts before seeing a man dressed questionably, his shaggy blond hair seeming to have no end. Her eyes flicker back to Storm. “I have no time for this,” she says and turns on her heel. As she does, she immediately starts a mind link between herself and Lynn. Lynn, there’s a guy coming your way that doesn’t seem to be up to all good. He’s about six feet, maybe six two and has shaggy blond hair.

Lynn, all the way in the frozen foods aisle, became more alert as she heard her friend’s voice. Yeah…there’s a guy looking for you, kind of cute. He’s wearing sunglasses and a black trenchcoat. Maybe you should take them up on their offer? He seems nice enough, so they must all be.

Jess sighs, not really looking around where she is going as she tries to catch up to Lynn in the crowded store. They wish to help me. Remember the last guys who wanted to help us? What if they are with the same group? Scary images float to her conscious, ones of betrayal and violence with Lynn seeing again what was done to them. She does not need reminders of what happened. I will not join any group claiming to be a part of helping with a probleNeveNever again.

Lynn looks up, seeing the shaggy guy and immediately turns back to the main aisle, pretending to be looking at some milk. But as she does, she smells something odd and looks into the eyes of a blue skinned man with gold eyes. “Trust me,” he says as the shaggy guy starts to walk faster to the pair. Lynn nods a yes and closes her eyes. When she opens them, she finds herself standing in the aisle of soap and other body cleaning needs. The blue skinned man lets go of her and goes over to a woman of white hair yet black skin. “Where is the other?” the blue man asks.

“She left. I searched, but I can’t find her. Lynn,” she says and Lynn turns to look at the two of them. “My name is Storm and this is Kurt. Sorry for the brief introductions, but there will be more time to explain more later. Do you know how we can find Jessica?”

Lynn starts to say something, but then feels the link in her head cut. She blinks, looking around worryingly. “I would be able to, but the link that Jess made to talk with me…it got cut. I’m not sure if she did it by herself or if she…if she’s hurt. I need to find her. There’s a guy that’s up to no good,” she says as she starts to pace. “Let me go look for her.”

Storm was about to answer, but a scream cut through the store.

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