Midnight Voyeurism

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Midnight Voyeurism

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Once again, Kurt cursed his choice of bedroom. He cursed the thin walls of the Institute, he cursed the series of events that had brought him here, he cursed all televisions, all movies and all movie directors. But most of all he cursed Scott Summers.

The blue furred teenager was awake, near enough to midnight that it didn't count, and being kept awake by whatever movie Scott was watching with that particular someone. Between all the students at the Institute, and probably most at the nearby school, the relationship between them was the worst kept secret since Rob Halford's sexual preferences.

Kurt's prediction proved to be uncannily accurate when he first started to fear the moans and rustle of cloth. Quiet at first, the moans soon had Kurt's hands firmly pressed over his ears in a futile attempt to block out the noises.

Glaring at the wall as if it had insulted him, Kurt walked over to the stereo player that was in his room and, jamming a pair of earphones in his ears, played whatever it was he'd left in the stereo at full volume to drown out the noises from the other room.

It was starting to work, and the teenager closed his eyes and let his head rest on his knees as he tried to concentrate on the music rather than what they might be doing to each-

He quickly derailed that thought before it got too far, and concentrated on the music once again.

He couldn't remember buying this CD at all. Where did he get it from…?

And then it occurred to him-he'd borrowed it from Scott.

Kurt screamed at where that thought took him.

Kitty Pryde, the youngest student at the Institute, barely blinked when Kurt appeared in a puff of noxious gas. Kurt, on the other hand, was surprised.

"Kitty? Why are you up?" He asked.

"Same reason as you, probably."

"Ah. Scott."

"And Rogue."

"All night."

"Every night."

"For the past week."

The two fell silent, enjoying the silence or rather, the absence of audible noise from the afore-mentioned couple. Fortunately for them, the kitchen was on the other side of the house from Scott's room, so they couldn't hear a thing from them.

"There's just one thing I just don't get, though…" Kurt said.

"Oh? What's that?"

"How do they get round Rogue's powers?" Kurt asked, genuinely confused. "I mean, wouldn't her powers…drain him?"

"Oh, they just try and be careful, and make sure not to touch each other too much. I mean, I think that's what they do. Not like I'd know…"

"Oh really? How you're so sure?"

"Er…women's intuition?"

"And I'm supposed to believe that one?" Kurt asked lightly, with a raised eyebrow and a slight smile.

"But of course." Kitty replied in mock indignation. The two laughed, and lapsed into silence again for a while. Then, eventually, Kurt posed the question,

"How long do you think they'll give us all a chance to sleep, do you think?"

"You mean tonight, or until they don't go at it like hormonal rabbits?"

"Either would do."

"Maybe half an hour more? An hour?"

"Bugger." Kurt said with feeling.

"We could always…look." Kitty ventured a few seconds later.

"And just how could we go about that?" Kurt said with a sly smile. "It's not like they wouldn't hear me teleporting."

"Well, isn't it useful to be me, then?" Kitty said, before grabbing a hold of Kurt's shoulder and saying, "Take us outside Scott's room."

"Aye aye, captain." Kurt replied with a mock-salute, before the pair of them disappeared in a cloud of noxious blue smoke.

They found themselves out in the corridor, next to the door to Scott's room. From within, they could hear the gasps and moans of the ones who'd been keeping them awake for the past week.

"Sounds like they're still at it…" Kurt whispered.

"All the more for us to see." Kitty said with a giggle. Then, indicating that Kurt should keep a hold of her shoulder, she phased through the wall, with Kurt in tow.

The sight that greeted them was enough to get Kurt's full and undivided attention.

Rogue was astride a seated Scott, her head thrown back in ecstasy. They writhed against each other, moaning and gasping at each other's forbidden touches.

Kurt watched, fascinated, as Scott bent his head to Rogue's neck, kissing and caressing her pale skin. He saw Rogue's hands tighten around Scott's waist, tight enough to draw small beads of blood.

So entranced was Kurt with the thrusting, writhing spectacle before him that he didn't see Kitty lean back enough to whisper in his ear,

"I think they'll be a while."

Then they dropped through the floor, Kitty phasing them through the floor with ease.

They landed in the dining room, and Kurt immediately made sure he perched on the table in a crouch to hide the raging hard-on he'd got from following Kitty into Scott's bedroom.

Seeing his move to the table, she was easily able to guess why he'd done it. She smiled at that, and said,

"You think I wouldn't notice?"

"Ah, I was rather hoping not."

"It's not like it's surprising. After all, you've seen…well, what you've I've seen them doing a lot."

"Seen them doing a lot?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, of course- why do you think I'm always running late to breakfast?" Kitty replied with a sly grin.

Kurt briefly wondered what this would all lead to eventually, but was distracted by other, far more entertaining, thoughts that were now running about his head.

"It certainly must be…entertaining to have your own personal live skin flick to watch every night."

"That it is Kurt…"

Kurt noticed, not unpleasantly, that Kitty was quite near him. Then he felt her hand move onto him, and he was far from displeased. He smiled the smile as worn by the idiotic or the insanely lucky as Kitty ran her hand up his inner thigh, her face nearing his.

Her hand ran over his erection, and he shuddered slightly, closing his eyes at the sensation. As he closed his yellow eyes, Kitty moved her lips the last few centimetres to Kurt's, kissing him slowly, passionately.

Returning the kiss with equal passion, Kurt ran his unnaturally large fingers run across her breasts, feeling the erect nipples beneath her nightdress.

Kitty broke the kiss, closing her eyes as Kurt continued to caress her breasts through her clothes. After a minute or so of this, she opened her eyes again, and reached out, pulling off Kurt's own clothing. Kurt soon aided her in that, and his clothing was left in a pile on the floor. Kitty's nightdress soon joined Kurt's discarded clothing.

Kurt breathed in amazement. All he could have hoped for was before him, and he lapped up the sight with eager eyes.

Kitty didn't give him long to admire the view, as she stepped forward, pressing herself against him, and wrapped her hand around his pulsing erection. Kurt moaned at she did that, and then proceeded to slowly run her hand up and down his sensitive and fully erect shaft.

Determined not to be outdone, Kurt bent his head to her breast, and took her nipple between his teeth, teasing it erect. Kitty gasped, and then sighed, as Kurt first teased her nipple between his teeth, and then slowly and languidly licked the erect bud, before nipping once more at it. Then, moving between her breasts, he teased her other nipple, nipping and licking at it.

Kitty found herself backed up against the table, and she slowly began to lay down on it as Kurt's kisses slowly ran down her stomach to-

She gasped suddenly as Kurt slid his tongue inside her, thrusting about inside her, searching and licking. Kitty gasped, and gasped again, and again, as Kurt's tongue touched off her nerves inside her wet and willing entrance.

Her eyes rolled as she lost herself in the pleasure, gasping uncontrollably. But then, as she thought he couldn't do any better, Kurt withdrew his tongue and, within moments, found her throbbing and erect clit.

It didn't take long for her to peak from Kurt's eager ministrations, and soon she thrashed and gasped uncontrollably as the orgasm hit her with full force.

After, she opened her eyes and saw Kurt, smiling mischievously.

"How did you know that one?"

"Oh, just a little research…" Kurt replied demurely, lowering his head to kiss her, but from his eyes, wanting to lower more than that.

After the kiss was broken, Kitty said, "Go on. I'm ready."

Kurt nodded, and slowly slid himself into her, doing his best not to orgasm from sheer excitement.

Thrusting into her, he felt her contract and writhe beneath him and, watching her face as she felt the effects of his thrusts, he felt more turned on then he ever had in his life before.

A moment later, he said, "Sorry about that." Kitty giggled and said in reply,

"Don't worry about it. You'll do better next time, I'm sure."

"I shall look forward to it, Kitty."

"As shall I, Kurt. As shall I…"

A few minutes, and two teleportation's later, and all was quiet, the other coupling having been finished some time since.

There was something wrong with the table, Logan thought as he ate breakfast along with the loud mass that was the various students residing in the Institute.

After a while, he figured out what it was- it smelled like someone had had sex on it. That someone being…he looked around, sniffed once or twice, and then looked at the two culprits.

Kurt saw him looking his way, and hurriedly busied himself with eating his breakfast as fast as he could.

Logan merely settled for a personal scowl, and then went back to eating his own breakfast. At least they weren't doing it enough to keep everyone awake…

Which reminded him, he'd have to have a 'talk' with Scott before tonight…he was sick and tired of being kept awake by him and Rogue. Eight nights now he'd been keeping him, and half the Institute, awake at night. At least Kurt and Kitty hadn't been disturbing his sleep.


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