Invisible Infidelity

BY : Canosan
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. A work of Adult Fan Fiction.

Chapter 1 Cheaters never win!


Susan Richards smirked and moaned under her breath as she prepared another rendezvous with her new lover, the Spider-man, Peter Parker. Peter for his part could not get enough of her, as he now has had her everywhere in the Baxter building including on the ceiling above Reed Richards. Right now, she was responding to a text that Peter wanted her. So, she came up with an excuse to leave Reed, who was in the middle of another long experiment involving physics, if it was successful the Fantasticar would get an additional 40mph on its top speed threshold. Susan to put it mildly, was bored out of her mind. The Spider-man was just the young man she needed. So, while Reed was busy working on what made his boat float, Susan escaped through the front door of the Baxter building. The drop-dead gorgeous woman made her way towards the place where Peter was helping his Aunt May feed to homeless.

Susan Richards entered the shelter dressed in a pair of Navy blue 4-inch heels, white silk stockings, and navy-blue business suit. The glasses finished off her look. The place lit up as Susan entered the homeless shelter. Peter’s relationship with Susan prompted her to donate a substantial sum to the homeless shelter. Aunt May now did not have to worry about funds for the next five years. One of the perks also that came with Spider-man joining the fantastic four’s future foundation was the immense fortune of Reed Richards and Susan Richards obtained.  

Susan brightened up when she saw Peter behind the kitchen bar cooking on a stove for the homeless. The sound of her power heels clacking on the hard floor of the homeless shelter could be heard echo thought the shelter.

“Oh my what has my chef got cooking for me today baby” Susan seductively cooed as she leaned over the kitchen bar to speak to Peter. The woman’s leg bending upwards as she speaks.

“I have a special cocktail brewing perhaps you can come by my place and ummmm help me prepare it?” Peter said blushing slightly at the sight of Susan Richards dressed to kill.

“Oh my well I am honored you think that much of my cooking skills” Susan said innocently enough.

“Alright, but just remember I promised your husband I would help him with the calibrations with the fantasticar tomorrow morning.” Peter said as he was undoing his apron preparing to leave the homeless shelter.

Susan’s smile shrank slightly at the mention of her husband but returned as Peter took off his apron. Susan was a woman in her early forties but looked to be at least ten years younger. Susan smirked as she snuck a glance at Peter’s package as he took off his covering.

“Let’s go shall we” Susan said in a soft seductive voice.


25 Minutes Later.

Peter was back to one-bedroom apartment he was living, that was in dire need of some upkeep. However, cleaning was the last thing on his mind as Susan was currently on her knees and had unzipped his pants and was currently in the process of sliding her red glossy lips up and down his shaft.

“Oh fuck Susan…. that’s it……”

Susan smiled as she looked up from in between his legs. The woman then slid off his cock to lick her lips before standing back up taking a step back. She smirks as she franticly unbuttons her shirt and letting hit fall to the floor.

Peter for his part slid his pants completely off and pulled his shirt over his head. By the time he was done he got the lovely sight of Susan Richards dressed in white silk stocking and blue pumps and nothing else.

Peter smirked as he rushed into her arms and cupped her ass and picked her up. Susan accommodated him by sliding her lovely legs around Peter’s waist.

The superhero slid right into Susan who moan as he felt the healthy cock enter her. The two pushed into a strong kiss before collapsing on the bed and beginning their night of bliss.


Across the Street on top of the rooftops.

“Mr. Fisk…its Frank I am sending you some very interesting video. I think you are really going to like it.”

“What the hell…..Oh……Susan Richards and is that Spider-man?” Fisk asked on the other end of the phone.

“Yes boss, and um they have been going at it for five hours. Thoughts boss.”

“Have the boys in tech get me Susan Richards personal cellphone number, I think, it is time to have some fun with those goody two shoes in the Baxter building.  Also get me the number to that fine ass wife of his, that super model Mary Jane Watson.”



They called him “The Educator”. No one knows why other than rumor had it he was once a professor or teacher at some university. All anyone knows if you wanted to cause someone some stress you would hire him, and he specialized in “attitude adjustments”. No one really even knew what he looked like, other than he wore a black hat with a red feather in his brim. However, when people described him it changed, sometimes the man was a black man, sometimes Asian, sometimes an older white gentlemen, but they all called him the same name. A problem that drove every law enforcement agent in the world crazy. In fact, Interpol gave up sending artist to witness interviews and now simply had a silhouette with a description of his attire.

He had been hired by Mr. Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin to use his various talents on a powerful woman, named Susan Storm in New York. He was to be given carte blanche over a new project. What Fisk did not know is that Susan and he had known each other before and he very much lusted over Susan’s luscious body. He had many fantasies that involved Susan, and now armed with the information Mr. Fisk gave was finally going to start his revenge on the Reed Richards and his entire family.  

So, with the acceptance of the contract the Educator made the call to the listed number. Informing the recipient of a package that would arrive later that day. She was to open it and follow the instructions to the letter.


Susan’s heart stopped as she answered the phone call with the distorted voice on the other end. She knew enough of the game to realize that someone she did not want in her life had taken an interest in her.


Susan looked in the package and heart sank. It was an outfit, stockings, lingerie, and shoes. The ensemble she a little racier than what she become accustomed to in the past. Susan while a sexual woman was not a harlot. Her heart sank she could not bear to break the heart of Reed. Yes, she did cheat on him, and the sex with Peter was great, but she never wanted to divorce Reed. She just needed some release and some attention.

She sat down in a chair for an hour and looked at the clothes laid out before her. She drank a glass of wine contemplating what she was going to do. Finally, she made up her mind. She got up and began to undress out of her power pant suit and plain underwear.

She picked up the dress and held it up in front of her. It was a one-piece dress leather dress. The shoes where a pair of stiletto dress shoes with straps around the ankles.  She sighed as he put on her panties a pair of red and black lace panties that appeared to be crotchless. She then looked at the smoke-colored stockings and took a deep breath and slid them up her toned calves, up her thighs as she snapped each strap secure them on each leg. She then put her shoes on last.  She took one last look at the mirror as she thought she managed to look somewhat classy if not a tad ravenous. She decided to wear an overcoat, fortunately the weather would allow her to do so without appearing conspicuous.


Later on, Lower Manhattan

Susan Storm exited the cab and looked at the restaurant and thought one last time if she wanted to back out and just tell Reed. She could not bear to break his heart. She started towards the restaurant and greeted the host with the words she was told to say when she arrived.

“Oh Yes I have a reservation I here to meet a Charles Heater.” Susan said meekly to the host as if she was trying to not be noticed in this restaurant.

“Don’t you mean C. Heater?” The host responded.

“My invitation says Charles Heater” Susan Said.

“Invitation?” The Host inquired.


Susan realized she said too much and now she might have to show the outrageous demands that were a part of the invitation to the host.

“Oh never mind that, may I be seated?” Susan tried to movie past that.

“No I want to know who gave out an invitation to our restaurant without notifying us.” The host said with a smirk that indicated that he might know more than he is letting on.

“Would you please drop it!” Susan exclaimed.

“If you want to keep your engagement with Mr. Heater I am afraid I must see the invite you received.” The host said not budging. The college boy was really enjoying the little of power he was receiving as a result of this engagement.

“Fine here you go.” Susan said as she handed the young man the envelope.

“Ok oh lets see. Oh my” The Host said in mock surprise. A line of people waiting to eat at the restaurant was forming.

“Can I go in now?” Susan pleaded as she wanted the moment to be over as blush was consuming her face.

The host looked at the invitation and got a grin on his face, “I dunno Susan did you dress like the gentleman requested?”

“Excuse me that is none of your business.” Susan spat back.

“It is, now take off the coat, and let’s see if you listened to Mr. Heater’s instructions” The host ordered.

Susan looked behind her and saw the crowd growing impatient.

“Fine” Susan finally said.

Susan undid her coat to reveal the black leather dress and the smoke colored stocking and red high heel shoes.

“Nice. Very well follow me Susan” The host said smiling ear to ear.

Susan followed the hostess to a booth that was in the back corner of the room shrouded in darkness. The atmosphere of the restaurant was extremely subdued.

“Ah you made it Susan. However your late. This is unacceptable. You will pay for that transgression in the future.” Dimitri uttered dismissively towards Susan.

The man appeared to have tanned skin, in his late forties, early fifties. A black felt fedora sat atop his head and red feather stuck withing the red fabric that hugged the base of the hat.

“Please sit we have much to discuss” Dimitri said as he motioned her to sit next to him, there was no other seat opposite of the man.

Susan was contemplating whether to turn on her heel and leave, she realized she would be extremely compromised if she decided to go across the table and sit down. This man was about to control her for the near future.  

She let out a breath exhaled and slowly clacked her heels across the table and sat next to the gentleman with the hat. She tried to sit as far away as possible but was suddenly stopped.

“No, not there here, and that is another infraction that will be dealt with later. Come here right next to me right now.” The man said with authority. He man barked with vigor

The man roughly grabbed the inside of her thigh and slid up until her was hiking her skirt.


“Stop! Wha….” Susan yelped softly. The man had pinched her sex roughly through crotchless panties of the outfit he made her wear.


“Silence, Now listen” The man said as he went from pinching her sex to massaging her in between her legs.

Susan immediately became flush and was panting and trying to maintain control over herself as the onslaught.

“There feel that…… what you like you little slut don’t you” The man said with some menace.

Susan wanted to squish him into mush. She wanted him to continue she was so confused. She had been taken totally off guard. She was not expecting this out of the blue.

“Now that I have your attention, this here where my hand is on, from now on belongs to me. If you do not want your life, reputation, your whole world ruin you will be a good little girl for your new Master.” The man said as seductively rubbed her clit as they spoke.

Susan mouth shot open agape. She tried with all her might to not make a sound but she found it harder to concentrate as the manipulations continued longer.

“You will never be my master, you nameless fuck!” Susan said in defiance.

“Oh I already am you just don’t know it yet whore” The man said sliding another finger inside of her sex.

“Ahhhh” Susan gasped out taken off guard by the reinforcements the man’s digits were providing.

“I asked you a question earlier, nod your head if you understand?” The man asked.

Susan frantically nodding her head as her breathes were becoming faster.

“Good, I am glad you came we can now set up times for you to be properly trained” The man said matter of flatly.

“Ah Ah” Susan gasped trying to maintain her composure as her hips now swerving hard into the man’s hands as she lost control of her more conservative impulses and was now embracing her more primal ones.  

“Good, you are realizing what I value in you most, slut.” The Wizard said

“Fffffuck you” Susan spat out trying to block out her approaching pleasure to fight back in this contest of wills.

“Oooo you are getting close; I was going to let you finish off with some pleasure tonight but that is now off the table. Instead, we are going to discuss what your assignment. For the night” The man said removing his hand from Susan sex.

Susan involuntarily bucked back at a hand that was not there. A look of frustration crossed her face.

“Don’t look at me like that, you have only yourself to blame. Here lick my fingers clean” The man ordered.

Susan looked for a second and realized she had no choice to obey, without uttering a word she took the man’s hand and began to suck them clean. She immediately tasted her juices as she did so.

“Good while you are doing that, we are going to go over some ground rules. First, I realize you have appearances to make in your real life. I will try my best to not interfere with your normal duties.  Second, you will obey every command I give or the gig is up. Third, You will carry this phone with you at all times. Fail to follow our commands or try to find ways to weasel out of this deal, and the repercussions will be swift. “ The man said as Susan finished up the last finger.

“Do you understand?” The man asked.

“Yes” Susan said stoically.

“Good, so here is your final assignment of the night. That host, you encountered earlier. I want you to seduce him and take him into the back and let him have his way with you” The man said with a grin.

“What here, with him?” Susan said surprised.

“Either that or you can leave now, and we can tell Reed about your favorite pastimes with the red and blue spider boytoy you are seeing.” The Educator said.

“I am not a whore” Susan said.

“Yes you are, and I am not asking I telling, call it a test to see if you will behave” The Educator said.

“Fuck….I hate you…….Fine” Susan said flushed with anger.

“Good, I will tolerate your attitude for now, but you will learn to act properly for me. Now Go, I am done waiting” The man said pointing to the host.

Susan took a drink that was on the table and gulped the entire glass down. She then smoothed out her dress and then rose from the table and walked over to the host.

The host was just back from seating the last couple who were waiting. He was about to go on break when Susan walked up to him.

He looked her up and down and was impressed by her sexy body in that dress. He indeed found her very attractive.

Susan was trying to figure out how to seduce a complete stranger on the way to the host desk, when finally she decided the direct approach was best.

So she swayed as seductively as possible and walked right up to the host and threw both of her arms around his neck and whispered into his ears, ”I want you to take me into the back and fuck me”

She then pressed a kiss against his lips. He responded with an emphatic nod of affirmation as he broke the kiss he took her hand and made a bee line towards the employees door in the back.

Susan stomach was turning as she felt the absolute taboo social convention about to take place. Already she felt the eyes of the patrons bore down on her with judgment. Condemning her with their own scarlet letter in their mind. She was bright red by the time he went through the doors the kitchen staff looking up from their food stations to grin at the host, and his beautiful prize that was in tow.

He finally arrived to a small room with a desk upon it. It must be some kind manager desk. He looked both ways and the closed the door and locked it.

Susan immediately asked, ”Well someone come? Is this your office”

The host said, ”What do you care, I thought you wanted me to fuck you”

Susan nodded her head.

“Good now come over here.” The man said as he spread his arms to welcome her.

She walked over to him only to have him wrap his arms tight and pull her to him. He immediealty started kissing her hard on the lips. The man in a passion could not resist Susan any longer. He tried for a couple of seconds to get behind the dress of Susan only to rip her dress off of Susan.

Susan gasped, as she felt her dress rip from behind, caught completely off guard by the strength of the host. She did not have much time to react however, as he was on her bra in the same manner in a matter of moments.

Susan heard the bra rip and was beside herself when the man picked her up placed Susan on top of the desk.

“Stay there” The host said as he fumbled with his pants.

Susan gasped involuntarily at the sight of the mans member. It was huge, much bigger than Reed’s normal size, although Reed could elongate his penis if he chose to, and Peter’s. Susan found herself beginning to become wet again as he looked at the man. He was young and peak physical form.

The host placed his cock right on Susan’s lips and said simply, ”Tell me you want me to fuck you, slut”

Susan was beside herself, this was happening too quick, “Don’t you want to fuck me?” Asked confused.

“First off the names Bruce, and second, you asked me to fuck you, I want you to  use my name and tell me you want me to fuck you” the man said.

Susan bit her lips and said, “Bruce I want you to fuck me! Is that what you want?”

“Yes now beg” Bruce said.

“Please Bruce will you fuck me?” Susan mockingly pleaded.

“Good now keep saying it over and over every time I fuck you” Bruce said as he did not wait any longer to penetrate Susan hard.

Susan mouth flew open as she felt the man’s member slide into her. It was so big and healthy. She instinctively closed her legs around his hips.

“Say it!” Bruce ordered as he began another thrust into her sex.

“Plea….se Bruce…Fuck me” Susan said. Bruce then started his rhythm into her sex.

Susan tried to keep her cadence of speech only to find her own moans getting in the way of intelligibility.

Plea…Fuck Fuck fuck me!!! “Susan screamed as he thrust into her like a piston in a racecar engine.

Susan could not deny it the young man felt good inside her sex. The throbbing meat in her body was bliss to her at the moment, so much so she no longer could control what she was saying.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, fuck your slut baby!!!”Susan panted as she took the man as the two started to go at it with wild abandon.

“That’s it take that cock, dear lord your pussy feels so good” Bruce said as he continued his carnal dance with this gorgeous woman.

Bruce not being able to take anymore pulled out and began to come all over Susans tan and toned stomach. He was so aroused it shot all the way up to Susan breast.

He collapsed on top of Susan. The two waited for a few minutes, and already the host was hard again.

Susan began looking for her clothes only to feel an arm wrap around her.

“Where do you think you are going?” Bruce said in the wicked manner.

Before she knew it Susan was bent over the desk for round two……


In all Susan spent over five hours in that office. By the time the two were done Susan was wearing more sexual fluids than clothes. In fact her stockings were ripped to being unusable, her dress was ripped to shreds, her bra was torn. The only thing she had of clothing that was usable was a pair of crotchless panties, high heels and an overcoat. Bruce was nice enough to get her overcoat. So she left in the wee hours of the morning wearing only an overcoat heels and crotchless panties.

Fortunately she was able to get a ride with Bruce to one of the safehouses the fantastic four used Bruce and her made out once again in his car before leaving for good to her safehouse. Susan for her part went straight for a shower, and immediately afterwards crashed onto her bed exhausted from the nights activities.


Meanwhile across town.

In an apartment a man with a disfigured face sits in front of two computers monitors. On the monitors Susan’s escapades are being replayed for the man to see. On the counter behind the gentleman is a black felt hat with a red feather.

“Ah another brick to seal you in my dear, very nice. Part two is even going to be more fun”

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