Little Pink Pills: Human Trials

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Little Pink Pills: Human Trials Part 1

AN: The following is the fifth one-shot story that takes place in the series that began with Little Pink Pills. In terms of the timeline, it takes place shortly after the first story.

Pairings: Peter Parker/Mary Jane

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men, Spider-Man, or Marvel in any capacity. They are owned by Disney. I am making no money off this. Please don’t sue.

This story includes graphic depiction of sex and various sexual activities. If you are at all uncomfortable with that sort of thing, I advise against reading this. To everyone else, I always welcome feedback and reviews. Please send them to me directly via email or post them on the website. Enjoy!

Krakoa – Secure Research Gardens

‘We want our love to work. That means we can’t just go back to the way things were. We have to go the extra mile, make every opportunity account, and even take a few chances. And this could be our first real test…as well as way of rekindling our sex lives.’

Those words had been echoing in Peter Parker’s head since he agreed to this little experiment, as Logan called it. Three days ago, he and his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, got an unexpected visit from the former living weapon in New York. He claimed to be on a mission. But for once, it didn’t involve stabbing anything. Since Logan was among the few who knew he was Spider-Man, Peter had been wary about being part of any mission.

Then, over a beer and some takeout, he made an offer.

Logan told him and Mary Jane that Krakoa was testing a new drug called Human Drug Prototype V. They had already run successful tests with mutants. He had even been part of that test. Now, they needed a couple of human participants. And he claimed that he and Mary Jane were the perfect candidates.

Naturally, Peter was hesitant. But Mary Jane was curious, probably because Logan could never lie to a pretty redhead. She asked him what the drug was and why he thought they should be the test subjects. When he told them the sexy details – which got quite graphic at some points – he couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

‘Trust me. When you two get a taste of these little pink pills, you’ll hump like jackrabbits on crack. You might feel sore as hell, but your sex lives will never be better!’

Despite his wolfish grin, Logan was dead serious. Peter remained skeptical, but Mary Jane grew even more curious. As if he’d expected that, he took out his phone and showed a very graphic video of him and Jean Grey having sex in his bedroom. She must have been controlling the camera telekinetically because it showed with multiple angles how much longer and harder they could go at it.

‘For the record, making this video was her idea. Not mine.’

Before Peter could even question that, the video flashed to a shot of Jean’s face as she climaxed. She then looked right into the camera with a beaming grin, licking her lips and squeezing her breasts like a woman possessed. He’d heard rumors from the Avengers how Wolverine, Jean, and Cyclops had established this strange new three-way relationship. He now knew for certain they were more than rumors.

On top of that, the video confirmed this opportunity was real. The effects of those pills was real, as evidenced by Jean’s extended string of orgasm-fueled profanity in the video. Now, he and Mary Jane had a chance to be the first humans to experience those effects.

Beyond the appeal of hotter sex, it was a chance to further his relationship with Mary Jane. Since getting back together, things had been chaotic, as was often the case with him. Between him being Spider-Man and them dealing with previous baggage, it had been progressing slower than expected.

That even extended to the bedroom. Their sex life had been stagnant for a while now. And if they were serious about rebuilding their relationship, then they would have to confront that sooner or later.

Between that and the graphic video evidence, Peter and Mary Jane made their decision. Logan did mention something about compensating them for the opportunity, but Peter remained focused on making the most of this with Mary Jane. They’d been given three days to prepare before taking a private Krakoan gate to the research gardens. Since then, they’d just been waiting with anticipation.

“Are you ready for this, Tiger?” asked Mary Jane, holding his hand as they stood outside the main chamber.

“I ate a hardy dinner. I packed clean underwear. I even slept a full eight hours last night,” replied Peter. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Then, maybe a better question is…are we ready?” she added.

“If not, we can back out. Logan told us we could spend the night at that Broken Bath place if we wanted. Even said he’d give us plenty of privacy if we wanted.”

“It’s not that. I don’t want to back out of this. And yes, I’m aware that means we’ll be getting naked and having sex in a lab…which is something I never thought I’d say.”

“And for science, no less,” Peter said under his breath.

“I was referring to us in terms of the bigger picture. Beyond this…beyond the experiments, the pills, and the sex…are we ready? We’ve been taking it so slow since we got back together. What we’re about to do…”

Her words trailed off. Peter reached over and squeezed her hand with his, casting her loving and reassuring smile.

“Does not count as taking it slow. I know,” Peter said, “but maybe that’s why we should do something like this.”

“You mean something this crazy and lurid?” said Mary Jane with a curt grin.

“More like…something bigger and bolder,” he said. “Something only a couple like us could do. Given all the craziness we’ve endured, we can’t keep taking it slow. We’ve gotta try our own brand of crazy.”

“Even the sexy kind?” she asked.

“Especially the sexy kind!”

The beautiful redhead’s smile widened as they shared a laugh. That helped ease the mood as they paced in front of the chamber.

They had spent much of the day on Krakoa, getting a private tour from Logan, Jean, Scott, and Emma. They even set them up with a special room near the research gardens, which they’d grown out of Krakoa’s unique structure. It was the closest thing he and Mary Jane had to a vacation since they got back together. Given the nature of this test, it might end up being the most memorable.

After few more minutes of pacing, the chamber door finally unlocked and opened. This latest test of Human Drug Prototype V was ready to commence.

“Attention test subjects Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. We are ready for you,” said a female voice through a built-in speaker. “I am Sage. I will be monitoring and administering this experiment for Human Drug Prototype V. Please note that, while this experiment is subject to detailed documentation, we have taken precautions to safeguard your privacy.”

“Thanks. We appreciate that,” Peter called out.

“Yeah, I’d rather this not turn become our foray into porn,” said Mary Jane.

“Even though you’d be more than qualified,” he said under his breath.

That remark earned him a playful swat from his lover. They continued holding hands as they entered the well-lit chamber. Like everything else on Krakoa, it had a distinct style and architecture. Had Peter not been so caught up in what this experiment entailed, he would’ve loved to ask about the science behind it.

But for now, his focus was on Mary Jane Watson. Experiment or not, he intended to make this a pivotal step for their relationship.

“For the record,” Sage continued, “this experiment marks the first human trials of Human Drug Prototype V, also known colloquially as the Little Pink Pills. The preliminary tests with mutant test subjects exceeded projections. The drugs effectively increased sexual function in all those involved. Both male and female test subjects saw a significant increase in stamina, duration, and satisfaction at every level.”

Those details for the record might have been a formality. But the implications further added to Peter and Mary Jane’s intrigue.

“You’re the science geek, Peter. Exactly how much is significant?” Mary Jane asked him.

“Well, it’s not exactly a technical term. So, I can’t put a number value on it,” Peter replied. “But from a purely scientific standpoint, it just means it was noticeable.”

“Noticeable, huh?” said the redhead, now sounding excited. “Guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

While they contemplated what qualified as a significant increase in terms of sexual function, Sage continued with the details.

“After further analysis and refinement, the dosage of the drugs has been calibrated for healthy adult humans. This particular experiment involves two subjects in a committed relationship. They have agreed to engage in sexual intercourse while utilizing a standard dose. External sensors have been calibrated to monitor, measure, and document the physical and mental effects of the act.”

“Guess that means we’d better be thorough,” said Peter trying to sound flirty.

Mary Jane just shot him a bemused grin as they prepared themselves accordingly. This was it. They were about to do something crazy in the name of love, rebuilding their relationship, and improving their sex lives. Given everything they’d endured together, it almost seemed fitting that this was how they took the next step together.

“To the two waiting test subjects…please approach the testing area,” Sage instructed in her deep, mechanical voice.

“She’s not going to instruct us through everything, is she?” Mary Jane said under her breath.

“If these pills work as well as she says, I doubt that will matter,” Peter replied.

They each snickered as they approached the center of the chamber. It was pretty basic, consisting of a king-sized bed with white linens and a table. Atop the table were a couple of pitchers of ice water, several glasses, and a row of exotic Krakoan flowers. The lighting was somewhat sterile, more typical of a laboratory. It was also warm and humid, as if to discourage clothing of any kind. It wasn’t the most romantic setup, but it didn’t have to be for what they had planned.

As Peter and Mary Jane neared the bed, the unique scent from the flowers became noticeably thicker. It hung heavily over the air, more so than most flora. It also had a noticeable physical effect. It made whole area feel more intimate and sensual. It was enough to get their hearts racing and their blood flowing in all the right directions.

“Those flowers…they smell so nice,” Mary Jane commented as they arrived at the foot of the bed.

“Nice…right,” said Peter, already feeling the effects. “I’m not a botanist, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a natural scent.”

“For the record, natural is a relative term on Krakoa,” Sage told him. “I assure you. Every flower on this island is safe, as are their bounties. We’ve made certain of that.”

“I believe you,” said Peter. “I’m just not used to usual smells having unusual effects.”

“Says the man who once fought the Lizard in a sewer,” Mary Jane said under her breath.

“Point taken,” he said. “But still…it feels weird being around flowers that make my pants feel a size too tight.”

“If it makes you feel better, it’s making my panties a few degrees hotter. So, at least we’re on the same page.”

That knowledge got Peter to stop overthinking the situation. While the nerdy part of his brain was curious about the workings of this flower, the part of his brain that wanted to make love to Mary Jane Watson overruled him. Standing next to the beautiful redhead, he cast her an affectionate grin, letting her know he appreciated her lurid perspective.

Between the scents and the setting, they were both ready, as well as anxious. Still holding hands, they took deep breaths and steadied their passions as they waited for the next round of instructions.

“Having confirmed your consent, as well as your physical aptitude for the necessary activities, we will commence the experiment,” Sage announced.

At that moment, two of the flowers on the table bloomed. Each revealed a small pink pill that contained a full dose of Human Drug Prototype V. The smell from the flowers grew even thicker, further adding to Peter and Mary Jane’s excitement.

“Please ingest one pill from the flower pod before you. Swallow it whole with the water provided,” she instructed.

The couple did what she asked. Peter took his pill and Mary Jane took hers, swallowing it eagerly before drinking the water provided. They even tapped their glasses together, as if to toast their participation in the test and the rekindling of their sex life.

“For science!” Peter joked before drinking.

“Sure, I’ll drink to that,” laughed Mary Jane.

“Honestly, I didn’t think this was possible…combining two things I love like this,” he said.

“You mean science and hot sex?” she quipped.

“That and enjoying it with the woman I love.”

That earned Peter a loving glance and an affectionate gesture. It would’ve been easy to just treat this as some raunchy adventure. They didn’t have to make this overly romantic, even as they worked to rebuild their relationship. But he was serious about this being part of their effort to reignite the passion that once defined their love. The prospect of hot sex was just a bonus.

But before things could get too serious, the effects of the little pink pills took hold.

“Whoa! I’m already feeling it,” said Mary Jane, her face already flushed.

“Yeah, me too,” said Peter. “We definitely didn’t get the placebo.”

It hit him and Mary Jane like a surge of adrenaline. Their breath became ragged, their legs grew weak, and their skin grew hot and flushed. But the most noticeable effect occurred between their legs.

Peter already felt his penis hardening. It was like something in his body just flipped a switch and half the blood went rushing towards his loins. Mary Jane experienced something similar. She was already rubbing her thighs together, holding onto the table for support. The old jeans she’d chosen to wear did little to help. The smell of the flowers might have gotten her juices flowing before, but now it was on another level.

When she looked towards him, she had that look in her eye that Peter knew well. It was the look that told him her pussy was wet and she wanted to jump his bone. He didn’t realize until that very moment how much he missed it.

“Let the record show the two test subjects have ingested a dose of Human Drug Prototype V,” Sage announced from the observation deck. “All sensors indicate that the drug has taken effect. Heart rates, blood pressure, and body temperatures are up. Hormone activity is increasing significantly. And blood flow is concentrating heavily around the genital area.”

“We get it! We’re horny!” Mary Jane said while shifting where she stood. “Just tell us what’s next? My pussy hasn’t been this active since my senior prom.”

“And I’m pretty sure these pants weren’t meant to contain a dick this hard,” Peter added.

Their sense of reservation and tact had vanished. They were just aching to get to the part where they could get naked, get in bed, and fuck each other’s brains out. The science and data behind the test became secondary. Sage, who had to know how much he and Mary Jane wanted something like this, didn’t let them linger longer than necessary.

“Your testimony is noted,” she said from the booth. “Having verified the data streams are active, we will now proceed. Please remove all clothing.”

Peter and Mary Jane couldn’t shed their clothes fast enough. Peter even used his spider agility, promptly pulling his shirt off over his head and undoing his pants. He almost ripped them off with his spider strength. His erect cock made getting them off more difficult than usual. But he managed to do so before promptly throwing them aside.

Mary Jane was just reckless, even without enhanced agility. She slipped off her halter top and threw it across the chamber. Before Peter could admire the lace bra she’d worn just for this experiment, she practically tore it off, freeing her ample breasts. Immediately afterward, she undid her jeans and slid them down her shapely legs, panties and all. She didn’t even bother kicking them aside. She just stepped out of them before turning her attention towards her lover.

Usually, Mary Jane enjoyed being sensual when stripping in front of him, but this time was different. She was too horny to put on a show. And Peter was too horny to care.

‘I’ve never seen her this horny. Hell, I’ve never been this horny. Not sure if that’s because of the pills or because of our stagnant sex lives. But I’m damn sure I don’t care right now!’

They didn’t wait for Sage to give them another round of instructions. Love, lust, and intense sexual arousal gave them all the guidance they needed.

Now fully naked, Peter and Mary Jane drew one another into a sensual embrace. Peter quickly guided his hands up her shapely thighs and over her perfectly shaped butt, even giving it a firm squeeze in just the way she liked. Mary Jane hungrily pawed his chest with both hands, tracing various paths along the masculine sinews of his upper body. Her fondness of the male form hadn’t waned during their time apart. She even leaned in to lick and nibble around his chest and shoulder. She hadn’t forgotten how much Peter loved that.

“Sweet manly flesh,” Mary Jane purred. “I forgot how great you tasted, Tiger.”

“Well, I haven’t forgotten how great it feels to have you in my arms, Mary Jane,” Peter told her, “Naked…horny…ready for some amazing loving.”

“More than just some,” she said seductively.

The beautiful redhead belabored her point further by drawing him into a sensual kiss, which Peter immediately reciprocated. The intimate touching intensified, growing bolder and more targeted. Peter slipped a hand between her legs to fondle her pussy, feeling just how aroused she’d become. She also reached down at his cock, squeezing it firmly to see how hard he’d gotten.

Usually, he and Mary Jane enjoyed plenty of foreplay before getting to the actual sex. It drew out the fun and helped get their bodies aligned, in terms of arousal. But there was no need or desire for that this time. They were ready, willing, and eager for sex. And they were ready to push the limits of their bodies and their passions.

“Sensors and observations indicate that full sexual arousal has been achieved,” Sage said from the observation deck, “and faster than calculated, no less. I’ll consider recalibrating those variables later. For now, I request that the test subjects proceed to intercourse. Feel free to utilize the bed in whatever way you see fit.”

Her voice barely registered, but the horny couple still got the message. They didn’t say a word as they took their passion to the bed.

With a touch of playful delight, Peter lifted the naked redhead up in his arms, making good use of his spider strength. Mary Jane giggled with glee as she grasped his neck, threw her legs around his waist, and held on as he laid her on the bed.

Once atop the soft sheets, they passionately made out briefly while aligning their bodies for intercourse. They ultimately ended up in a simple missionary position with Mary Jane on her back and Peter on top, her legs still firmly wrapped around his waist. Peter, through a bit of skilled maneuvering and focused passion, eventually aligned the tip of his penis with the moist slit of her pussy.

Now poised for sex, their lips parted briefly. Mary Jane clung to his arms while Peter gasped her thighs, their eyes locked as this overdue moment arrived.

“Peter…take me,” Mary Jane said intently.

“Mary Jane…” was all Peter could get out.

His actions ultimately got the message across. Utilizing physical leverage, burning desire, and an intense surge of sexual energy triggered by the pills, he thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into Mary Jane’s tight pussy.

They each let out a sharp gasp. That hot feeling of hard masculine flesh penetrating moist feminine depths consumed the two long-time lovers. It might have been a while for them, but their bodies hadn’t forgotten this wonderous feeling. The way Mary Jane’s inner muscles slithered around Peter’s cock was even more incredible than they’d remembered. Their firm hold one another intensified as their naked bodies began moving, the act of making love manifesting before them.

“Full sexual intercourse has commenced,” Sage announced. “The full range of data collection has been initiated. The initial readings for pleasure, arousal, and overall intensity are quite strong. They’ve already exceeding earlier estimates by a significant margin.”

Her revealing remarks barely registered. Peter and Mary Jane had already forgotten that their sex was part of an elaborate science experiment on Human Drug Prototype V. From their perspective, they weren’t test subjects. They were just a man and a woman enjoying some overdue lovemaking.

The pace of that lovemaking started off slow and thorough. Peter really made every lateral thrust count, squeezing his lover’s thighs as he drove his member into the deepest depths of her womanhood. Mary Jane supplemented each thrust with a skilled shift of her hips, ensuring he went in at just the right angle to stimulate all those special spots inside her. She also raked her nails over his back and shoulders, leaving some visible marks along the way.

That was something else she knew he loved. With all the bruises he regularly endured being Spider-Man, Peter found it uniquely erotic when his lover’s left their mark. He often said that if he was going to have lasting scars, he’d rather it come from his lover rather than some psycho in a goblin costume. This act of lovemaking was sure to add more than most.

After going at it nice and steady in basic missionary for a while, they sped things up a bit. The effects of the pills were starting to become more noticeable. It wasn’t enough to just make love with their usual passion. They needed more.

“Mary Jane…my god,” moaned Peter. “You’re so hot and tight!”

“Peter! Ooh Peter!” Mary Jane gasped. “Harder! Do me harder!”

Like a reflex, their naked bodies obliged. Peter shifted his grip from her thighs to her hips, angling his body in just the right way to allow for faster thrusts. From there, he stepped up the pace of their lovemaking, exerting more and more energy with each act. He was already working up quite a sweat, as was Mary Jane. She let go of his shoulders and gripped the sheets under her, locking her legs around his waist even harder as her lover rocked her world with each sensual motion.

Louder moans and grunts followed, supplementing the hot fleshy sounds of his pelvis smacking against hers. It further added to that sweet, sensuous feeling of Peter’s hard, throbbing cock slithering inside Mary Jane’s wet, tight pussy. Together, they descended into an erotic daze. Their eyes remained locked, conveying a potent blend of affectionate love and powerful lust.

That potent combination got them to the brink of orgasm with almost effortless ease. Mary Jane was already closing in on hers fast. Peter could already see it, knowing better than most what her O-Face looked like. As her face twitched in anticipation, she let go of the sheets and began fondling her breasts. Being close as well, he watched with delight as guided the woman he loved into a world of ecstasy.

“Peter! I’m close! I’m so close!” she gasped. “Oohhh I’m gonna come!”

“Yes, Mary Jane! Come for me…for us,” said Peter through his daze.

He steadied the rhythm, digging his feet and knees into the bed so that every thrust hit every nerve within his love’s vagina. He watched as Mary Jane bit her lower lip, squeezed her nipples, and arched her back in anticipation. When it unfolded before him, it was a sight to behold.

“Oohhhh Peter!”

The beautiful redhead closed her eyes, curled her toes, and let out that angelic cry that echoed throughout the chamber. She trembled and shuddered as the feeling washed over her. A hot fire within her spread out in all directions as her vaginal muscles contracted around Peter’s dick, coating him in her fluids.

That extra tight feeling was heavenly, so much so that it almost got him to climax too. But he was so entranced by watching Mary Jane that he had slowed their movements. That didn’t bother him in the slightest, though. He just watched Mary Jane writhe under him, grinning widely as he caressed her face. As she soaked it all in, he laid on top of her and kissed her passionately.

“All sensors indicate that the female test subject has achieved orgasm,” Sage announced. “Those same sensors indicate a full 39 percent increase in duration, as well as a 56 percent increase in overall pleasure. This again exceeds initial estimates.”

Even while lip-locked with Mary Jane, Peter was intrigued by those numbers. The math and science nerd within him couldn’t help but wonder how such an increase was quantified. But before he could start making those calculation, his lover broke the kiss and whispered into his ear.

“Your turn, Tiger,” she said to him.

That effectively turned off any part of Peter’s brain concerned with data. His desires once again superseded his curiosity and his body took it from there. But this time, Mary Jane took a more active role.

With his dick still fully erect and inside her, Mary Jane grasped his shoulder with one hand and used the other to push themselves into an upright position. It was a surprising show of strength, especially for someone without spider powers. But Peter didn’t complain. He just instinctively shifted his grip to her perfect butt while the beautiful redhead locked her legs around his waist, grabbed onto his shoulders, and leaned her forehead against his.

“Come on, Peter! Bounce me on your dick! Show off that amazing strength!” Mary Jane urged him.

“Mmm…yes, ma’am!” Peter said eagerly.

She knew him well. She knew this was one of his favorite sexual positions. It enabled him to make use of his Spider-Man strength, as well as his agility. It often made for the hottest sex. And for an experiment like this, it would be irresponsible for him to not make use of it. With that in mind, Peter tightened his grip on Mary Jane’s butt, propped himself on his knees in the center of the bed, and used his super strength to resume their lovemaking.

Peter ended up lifting her off the bed entirely, holding her up in his grasp through every sensual movement that followed. She held onto his shoulders while locking her legs around his waist, still leaning her forehead against his. Her loving, yet seductive gaze urged him along, encouraging him to indulge in this feeling.

“That’s it, Tiger! That’s it!” Mary Jane said to him. “Give it to me! Do it to me!”

Peter answered with deep grunts as their naked flesh grinded harder with each movement. He was more determined this time around, seeking his own sweet release from their sex. He let his powerful arms work in conjunction with gravity, bouncing the beautiful redhead up and down within his grasp. Her throbbing pussy slithered along the length of his cock, still so wet and hot from her orgasm.

Mary Jane clung to him every step of the way, gyrating her hips to supplement every movement and guiding him to that special peak. After some heavy exertion that rocked the bed as hard as their bodies, Peter felt his climax drawing near. As it approached, he squeezed her shapely butt and held her close for his release.

“Oh! Ohhh my God! Mary Jane! I’m coming! I’m gonna…come!” grunted Peter.

“Come, Peter! Come inside me! Fill me up!” Mary Jane urged him.

Several more motions followed. Finally, Peter passed the point of no return.

He came hard, burying his face in his lover’s shoulder and letting out a muffled moan as he released his seminal load into her waiting womb. That extra pleasure Sage had mentioned before with Mary Jane’s orgasm definitely carried over for him. This release was more powerful than usual.

Peter felt in from his penis to his balls, like everything was in overdrive. That hot, blissful feeling that washed over him felt like every nerve had been supercharged. It didn’t just last longer. He swore he released more cum into his lover, as well. Their excess sexual fluids mixed inside Mary Jane’s pussy, adding to the intimate heat they’d created with their sex.

It sent him into a sexual daze, drunk on pleasure and passion. Mary Jane gladly shared that daze with him, drawing him into a loving kiss. Thanks to the firm hold she had on him, they remained upright together, their sweaty bodies still entwined as they processed the feeling.

“The sensors confirm that the male subject has achieved orgasm, as well,” Sage said from the observation deck. “This time, they read a 43 percent increase in duration in conjunction with a 61 percent increase in pleasure. For a non-mutant male baseline, this is well-above average.”

“Overachiever,” Mary Jane teased as they emerged from their daze.

“Hey, you were encouraging me…a lot,” Peter pointed out. “And it worked!”

“That, it did.”

They shared a playful laugh as their bodies parted, allowing some excess fluid to spill out. It was more than Mary Jane had expected. Even though it had been a while since she and Peter had sex, it had never been this messy. But she didn’t care. He didn’t care, either. He assumed Krakoa would wash these sheets thoroughly when all was said and done. And the lingering hardness of his cock, as well as Mary Jane’s eager touching, indicated they were far from done.

“Hmm…looks like you’re still quite encouraged,” Mary Jane pointed out upon glancing down at his dick.

“Speak for yourself. You’ve got that look in your eye, MJ,” said Peter.

“What look?”

“The one that says you’re not in the mood for light cuddling…not yet, anyways.”

The beautiful redhead laughed again, this time with a seductive undertone. She kissed him again and he kissed back. Peter soon found himself pinned on the bed, the beautiful redhead now atop him, her naked skin pressed down against his. That kept his blood flowing in all the right directions. He already felt his penis getting hard again. Even though he had better endurance than most men, he knew this was not a normal level of horniness.

“It also appears that the drug is still active within their system,” Sage noted. “At their current level of concentration, any refractory period has been reduced or negated. This is wholly consistent with the readings of previous tests. But in these subjects, it appears to be more pronounced.”

Her assessment could not fully describe what Peter and Mary Jane experienced at that moment. Instead of settling into a nice afterglow, they had engaged in a fresh round of heated foreplay. They were even more energetic than before, having become familiar with the effects of the drugs.

Simple kissing and touching quickly evolved into a fervent make-out session. Their lips and tongues became entwined while the horny couple eagerly explored one another’s bodies with their hands. Mary Jane pawed his chest while Peter traced paths up her thighs and waist. Eventually, he made his way towards her breasts and gave them a firm squeeze, earning him a sensual purr that he found so erotic. The beautiful redhead returned the favor by rubbing her thigh up against his cock, causing it to fully harden rapidly.

They were soon fully aroused once more. Peter’s penis was fully erect and Mary Jane’s pussy was fully engorged. The ease with which they achieved such arousal defied traditional biology. It was a testament to Human Drug Prototype V. It was also an opportunity to have a bit more fun.

“So hard so soon, Tiger?” Mary Jane said.

“I’m as shocked as you are,” said Peter.

“Too shocked for a little 69?”

“Hell no!”

With a mix of playfulness and an ample pool sexual energy, the impassioned couple realigned their bodies. Peter remained on his back while Mary Jane turned around so that her pussy was right in his face while his cock was right in front of hers. His member and her pussy were still dripping with a mix of sexual fluids. That didn’t stop them from giving one another oral sex.

Peter made the first move, pushing her thighs apart and burying his face in her pussy. He wasn’t subtle or gentle, either. He just began licking, fingering, and gorging on her womanly flesh.

“Mmm…your pussy is even more delicious than usual,” he commented.

“Ooh! Is that another side-effect to the drug?” wondered Mary Jane while stroking his cock.

“That has not been documented or measured, thus far. But it is a distinct possibility, given the pharmacology of the drugs,” Sage stated from the observation deck.

“That was rhetorical. But still good to know!” said the beautiful redhead.

While Peter lapped his tongue along her vaginal folds, Mary Jane went to work on her lover’s cock. She was just as intent as Peter, taking his full length between her lips and sucking him off as only she could. She had always taken pride in her blowjob skills. Before she’d met Peter, her deep-throating skills had earned her plenty of praise from her lovers. That only made employing those skills with the man she loved even more satisfying.

“Mmm…your dick is delicious,” Mary Jane said after a prolonged slurp of his shaft.

“If I make you come again…will you suck it until I come too?” Peter said in between gorging.

“You think you can come again that quickly?”

“Only one way to find out!”

Peter resumed his oral teasing, shoving his tongue deeper into her vagina to hit her most sensitive spots. He went right for her G-spot, which he knew all too well. That sent the beautiful redhead’s body into overdrive, flooding her with sharp sensations of pleasure that sent her back to the brink of orgasm.

That also prompted Mary Jane to step up her efforts as well. If he wanted to turn oral sex into a competition, then she was more than happy to compete. Harder and faster, she sucked and licked his cock. She also used both hands, squeezing the base and stroking the veiny length. Hot sensations followed, getting him closer to the brink as well. Peter could already feel the tip of his penis burning in anticipation, ready for another release.

As they neared another release, Peter’s grunts and Mary Jane’s moans became downright primal. They sounded more like animals in heat rather than a married couple who had made love many times before. It might have been the pills or the fact they hadn’t let loose like this in quite some time. But whatever the source, something had been unleashed inside them. Be it unrestrained passion or excessive horniness, they embraced it to the utmost.

“Mmf! Peter…I’m coming!” Mary Jane said, drooling over his cock while stroking him off. “I’m gonna come…again!”

“Mmm…me too,” Peter managed to get out, his voice mostly muffled by his lover’s pussy.

More lurid sounds followed as they pushed one another beyond that special threshold. It wasn’t as dramatic as the first time, but it was every bit as pleasurable. It was hard to tell who came first, but that didn’t matter. The results, and the data that likely came with it, spoke for themselves.

“Ooh yes!” Mary Jane exclaimed while squeezing his cock with both hands.

Peter sensed her orgasmic reaction while his tongue was still buried between her folds. He felt her inner muscles contract while her lower body shuddered, releasing a sizable stream of feminine juices from her depths. In his dazed state of lust and passion, it was delicious. He eagerly lapped up every drop, as though it were his favorite treat.

At some point during that indulgence, he came as well. Mary Jane’s grip on his cock helped give him that extra nudge he needed. She even opened her mouth and held the tip just over her lips before he unleashed a thick stream of cum. Half of it went right down her gullet while the other have sprayed on her face. It was messy, but she didn’t mind. Like him, she gladly licked up every drop of his fluid.

“Mmm…so good. So fucking good!” Mary Jane said in her daze.

Along with each release came another wave of pleasure that washed over their bodies. It wasn’t as overwhelming as the first, but they could still sense a difference. Those little pink pills proved very potent. Like before, the couple soaked in every glorious feeling. But after bringing each other to climax so quickly, Peter and Mary Jane realized something else about this experiment.

“The two test subjects have brought each other to multiple orgasm,” Sage noted. “Let the record show that they achieved this feat within a timeframe that’s well above-average of other test subjects. It stands to reason that committed lovers are better able to engage in such sex acts. But the overall data hints that we underestimated the extent of that effect.”

The couple laughed at Sage’s observations. Even as their bodies processed another full-fledged orgasm, they were lucid enough to remember this was still part of an experiment. And they were providing valuable data with their passion.

“You hear that, Tiger? They underestimated our sex,” Mary Jane pointed out as she licked up the last drop of cum.

“Should we be offended?” Peter wondered after giving her pussy one last lick.

“Don’t know. Feeling too damn good to care,” she replied.

“Wanna make a statement anyways? Maybe send a message? One that’ll discourage them from ever underestimating our love?”

“If that means we keep fucking till we can barely move…hell yeah!”

Their hearts were still racing, their blood was still flowing, and their bodies still ached for more sex. Peter and Mary Jane were far from done rekindling their sex life, but now they had additional motivation. And it showed in how they went about the rest of this lurid experiment.

With their bodies still recovering from another climax, they shot up from the bed, threw their arms around one another, and made out in a fresh round of foreplay. It didn’t bother them at all that Mary Jane still had streaks of cum on her cheek or that Peter’s face was covered in her juices. There was no subtlety or hesitation. They were going to continue making love and it was up to Sage to keep up with them.

“The test subjects are already engaging in more sex acts. Again, the refractory period in both subjects is negligible,” Sage noted. “The only limit to their ability to have sex is their mental and physical fortitude. Both are quantities that are difficult to measure. But the secondary data could be quite valuable.”

While Sage adjusted the sensors from the observation deck, Peter and Mary Jane remained focused on each other. They kept their foreplay simple, kissing and groping one another’s sweaty flesh in the center of the bed. Having gotten used to the effects of the drug, they were more measured in their efforts. From here on out, the couple could just enjoy and indulge in the sweetest fruits of their love.

It didn’t take long for both of them to become aroused again. Mary Jane’s pussy remained plenty wet while Peter’s dick became fully erect again. A seductive glance and a lurid whisper was all they needed to pursue their next round of lovemaking.

“Let’s show them some real data!” Peter said, sounding as sexy as a science nerd could manage.

Mary Jane just snickered before breaking the embrace, getting on all fours, and pointing her perfectly shaped ass towards him. Peter eagerly accepted her invitation, getting behind her and grasping her hips as he guided his penis back towards her pussy. Without hesitation, he thrust it in and started rocking her world with a fresh round of rhythmic thrusts. His love reacted with squeals of delight, as well as a message for Sage.

“Is this the data you want? Me and my boyfriend…fucking…humping…making love?” the beautiful redhead called out as her naked body rocked and writhed. “Well, you damn well better watch closely!”

“God, I love you,” Peter said under his breath.

Encouraged and extremely turned on, Peter leaned over and nibbled on her earlobe while hammering away. At the same time, he whispered dirty words to her as they kept going at it, doggy style.

“You love it, don’t you? This hard dick pounding into your tight pussy,” he said in his deepest, manliest voice. “You love how it feels…taking it hard and raw…getting fucked sex crazed nympho. Don’t you? Don’t you?”

“Yes, Peter! Yes! Yes!” Mary Jane replied.

Peter kept repeating those words as he humped her hard, yet thoroughly. The rapid undulations of their naked bodies rocked the bed and each other, all while the sensors from the chamber gathered every byte of data. It felt like they had a responsibility to science to make this sex amazing. And Peter always took his responsibilities seriously.

Together, he and Mary Jane put on a show for the experiment, going at it in the middle of the bed at a fervent pace. They were determined, but playful, focusing less on getting another orgasm and more on just enjoying the sex. That didn’t stop Mary Jane from getting to the brink again in short order. Peter certainly didn’t keep her from enjoying it. He even grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and let her proclaim her ecstasy for all to hear.

“Oohhhhh yes!” Mary Jane cried out.

The former actress in her really showed, putting on a performance for the sensors as she shuddered under the weight of another orgasm. She squeezed the sheets under her, threw her head back, and showed off her O-Face for the observation deck. Sage didn’t indicate whether that data was necessary or relevant. That didn’t make it any less satisfying.

“Quality data indeed,” Peter said under his breath.

He leaned over and kissed down Mary Jane’s neck as she came, holding her close as she processed the pleasure. They briefly lingered in that state, her vaginal contracted hard along the way. But before the feeling had passed, the beautiful redhead turned around and reoriented their naked bodies.

The next thing Peter knew, he was flat on his back with a still-horny redhead on top of him. While he marveled at the sight of a nude Mary Jane on top of him, she leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“You’re turn to take it, Tiger,” she said seductively.

Peter’s heart jumped and his dick stiffened even more, as if to share in his excitement. He guided his hands to his love’s hips while she skillfully straddled his waist, aligned her pussy with his dick, and lowered herself onto him.

As soon as their flesh united, Mary Jane began riding him hard. She was every bit as focused as him, looking into his eyes with that sexy, yet determined look. She was so focused, digging her feet and knees into the bed while pawing his chest. She really put on a show. But this time, it wasn’t for the experiment. It was all for him.

“That’s it, Tiger! Let me ride you to Heaven!” said Mary Jane.

Peter responded with a dazed grin. He then shifted his grip from her hips to her bouncing breasts. She let out a joyous moan, placing her hands atop his and encouraging him to squeeze them as she worked her magic with those amazing hips. Though every movement, he felt her inner muscles squeeze his cock with their tight warmth. It felt so good, building towards another sweet release.

Like the skilled lover she was, Mary Jane guided him towards that release as only she could. As it drew closer, Peter squeezed her breasts firmly and locked eyes with her. She cast him a loving smile, leaning over so she could watch him enjoy the same ecstasy that he had given her.

“Mary Jane! Ohhh God!” Peter exclaimed.

Another orgasmic wave washed over him. Hot pleasure shot through him as his manhood throbbed in another release, spaying a fresh load of cum into Mary Jane’s pussy. It further supplemented the mix of sexual fluids they’d exchanged, as if to give substance to this intimate act. In that blissful daze, Peter pulled Mary Jane into another kiss before continuing the act.

“Sensors indicate another orgasmic release. The increased pleasure and duration remain consistent with earlier readings. That confirms the drug is every bit as potent in humans as it is in mutants,” said Sage from the observation deck.

That sounded encouraging. It also came as a relief. Any suspicion that this drug could affect humans differently than mutants had since been put to rest. That had been Peter’s only real concern when agreeing to this test. Now, he could just enjoy making love to Mary Jane for science.

“The test subjects’ vitals also indicate they’re not yet at their limits,” said Sage. “I’ll limit further entries until the experiment concludes.”

Peter and Mary Jane parted their lips and exchanged smiles. Even tough the experiment was ongoing, there was a newfound sense of freedom knowing that Sage wouldn’t make any further comments. Now, they could make love in relative peace, treating as though they were alone in their bedroom.

They just happen to be extra horny because of the drugs.

“I’m happy to shut up and make love too,” said Peter.

“You better be,” teased Mary Jane.

They kissed again and let their passions take it from there. For the rest of the experiment, little else was said beyond lurid whispers of love and lust. Peter and Mary Jane just continued making love on the bed, going at it from various positions and bringing each other to more orgasms.

Some of it came through intercourse, their genitals in overdrive from the effects of the drug.

Some of it came through oral stimulation. Mary Jane gave him a blowjob while she gave her pussy a rest. Peter went down on her while his penis recovered and got hard again.

At nearly every step of the way, they freely roamed their lips and hands around each other’s bodies. They touch, tasted, and savored one another on every intimate level, indulging in ways for which they never had the time or stamina.

For a while, they kept rocking the bed and ruffling the sheets, going at it with a frenzied, yet playful passion. But eventually, Peter and Mary Jane slowed things down, favoring a more romantic brand of sex. Their movements, gyrations, and undulations became steadier and less fervent. They didn’t just go at it until they passed out from exhaustion. That wasn’t their style.

Eventually, it got to a point where the couple settled into slow, yet sensual rhythm together. Peter and Mary Jane crawled under the sheets, made love in a few simple positions, and guided one another to their last bit of exertion. They kissed and made out, their hearts racing and their blood flowing in all the right ways. Even after so much sex, the couple pushed for one last shared release.

“One more, Peter. One more!” Mary Jane gasped, short of breath and near her limits.

“Mary Jane…one more,” said Peter.

For this last push, he spooned her from behind. Mary Jane was on her side, her hips aligned with his as he laid behind, pumping his cock into her pussy. From that same position, he reached around with one and to rub her swollen clit. With the other, he cupped her face lovingly and rested his chin on her shoulder as they neared that final release.

Mary Jane panted and moaned as it drew near, placing her hands atop his in anticipation. She came first, squeezing his hand and gasping blissfully as the orgasmic sensations consumed her one last time. Peter came shortly after, slowing his thrusts and letting her tight flesh squeeze his member to ecstasy. When it hit, he let out a similar gasp, holding her closely as their bodies shared in one last rush of intimate bliss.

“I love you,” Peter managed to say through the ecstasy.

“I love you too,” Mary Jane replied.

They continued holding each other as the orgasmic rush flowed through them. The last vestige of all that sexual energy had been spent. Whether triggered by Human Drug Prototype V or their lack of intimacy, they had finally done it. Peter and Mary Jane had effectively caught up on their lovemaking.

That knowledge made the ensuing afterglow all the more satisfying. Sharp gasps soon became deep sighs of contentment. They were still naked and sweaty, but too tired to care. As soon as their flesh parted, Mary Jane rolled over and cuddled up closer to their lover. Peter lovingly draped his arms around her, lying back as they settled in for some much-needed rest.

“I’d say that…was a very successful experiment,” said Peter as he caught his breath.

“Successful…yeah,” said Mary Jane, laughing under her breath.

“I’m glad we did this,” he said in a more serious voice, “channeling our love in the name of science…making up for lost time…sharing what we wished we’d shared sooner.”

“Me too, Tiger. Me too.”

They shared a beaming grin. Peter caressed her face while Mary Jane stroked his chest. They began leaning in for another kiss, briefly forgetting that they were still in an experiment.

Then, Sage decided to remind them.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. Watson and Mr. Parker. The experiment is complete,” Sage announced. “I can confirm that your vitals are stable. And the drug has passed through your system.”

“You’re welcome, Sage,” said Peter with a bemused grin. “We appreciate your thorough guidance.”

“And impeccable timing,” muttered Mary Jane.

“Feel free to remain in the testing area as long as needed. Rest and recuperate for as long as you need. I’ve powered down the sensors and unlocked the doors. There’s a clean change of clothes near the entrance. You may also use the private showers before you depart Krakoa.”

That all seemed plenty appealing. Annoyed or not from the interruption, Peter and Mary Jane were content to take a brief nap before leaving. The lights in the chamber dimmed and the hum of the machines ceased. Experiment or not, they finished what they’d set out to do. They could return to New York a happier, more sexually satisfied couple.

But before they nodded off, Sage had one more message.

“Also, I have a message from Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Wolverine, and Emma Frost,” she said. “Rest up, shower thoroughly, and take a few little pink pills for the road. You still owe us a favor. And you’ll need those pills to pay us back properly.”


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