At The Direction Of Mandrill

BY : DrDalek
Category: Marvel Verse Cartoons > Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
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My luck never ceases to amaze. I was forced out of the US after a dispute with that egotistical freak Wizard and his club. I had to pay almost all the money I had left before a trafficer could let me leave the county. I've been living near Ho Chi Minh City for the past few months, trying to keep my head down while I figured out what comes next.

And now, who else comes sniffing around near my hideaway but one of the biggest bigwigs in SHIELD? Maria Hill, on the hunt for some Hydra remnant. This could end really badly for me, but if I could get ahold of her during her mission, my luck might make a much needed turn for the better. I know that the Hydra presence is more than just a rumor. I've heard that they have a safehouse in the city's western district. Perhaps I could...expedite her success.

I'm fully capable of killing. I can use guns if I must. There are bound to be some women among the Hydra contingent. If I play my cards right, this could be my comeback.

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