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(Starring Reese Witherspoon as Helen Stacy)


Helen drove into the parking lot that had a few cars there but was mostly empty, it wasn’t a seedy place nor extravagant, it was regular and plain…perfect for what she has planned, she parked at the far edge and turned off her car before reaching for her phone beside and sent a text,

 “Hey are you here?” She asked and it was a few seconds before she got a response….Helen chuckled when she saw Peter had sent a pic…of his erect cock as a reply, Helen smiled and looked at her mirror to check herself and she looked at her attire: a pretty green floral lace up backless minidress,

 “I hope he likes it…” Helen said to herself before exiting her car, she texted Peter again asking which room only he didn’t reply, Helen was confused…until she was hugged from behind with a kiss to her cheek, 

 “I love your dress…” Peter whispered as he felt up Helen’s back with his hand as he trailed kisses from her cheek to her neck with Helen sighing contently,

 “Where’s our room?” She whispered back with a smile and closed eyes as she reached back and felt Peter’s soft brown chestnut hair as he kept nipping her skin and making her loins ache for him already and Peter gently pushed her with him right on her ass making her giggle as he held her waist to led her to the door that is their room…


Helen pushed Peter onto the bed with a bounce on the small springy bed as she reached back and undid the strings keeping her dress on and Peter quickly removed his T-shirt and jeans….yeah this was better than 3rd period at school, he grinned seeing the dress fall off Helen’s body,

 “Wow…” said Peter with a smile as he gawked at Helen’s bare chest, her breasts with big areolas and hard nipples with her ass and pussy hidden behind blue panties that showed how great her milf ass is, Helen grinned at Peter and ran her hands down her body with a sigh and she saw the large dent growing in his boxers which she eyed with hunger,

 “Like what you see Peter?” She asked slyly as she felt up her ass and let it jiggle making Peter groan and Helen stepped to him and put her hand on his dent, Peter groaned as Helen rubbed his cock under his boxers with a smirk….Peter smirked back and wrapped an arm her waist and then pulled her onto the bed by laying her on her back in a swift motion making her laugh as she bounced on the bed and Peter quickly climbed on top of her and laid kisses and licks on her already heaving chest while his hand felt up her thigh and leg feeling the soft skin under his fingers which only increased Helen’s sighs and moans making things hotter for the pair,

 “Ohhhh Peter….ohhhhhh ahhhhhh” Helen’s body was warming up for what was coming….


 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh” Helen had her legs wrapped around Peter’s back as they both kept grinding into each other while hugging the other’s sweating back as the bed and counters shaked and scratched the floor with Helen moving her gaping lips into Peter’s eager leaking cock that felt the full amount of juices and warmth coming from inside Helen, Helen had her hands on Peter’s head just holding his hair for life as he rocked her hard and rough so she had her face up looking at the cieling just in a daze while her mouth let out hot moans and stressed groans feeling him mess her up with his thrusts and she let her hips go on autopilot,

 “Grhhhh grhhhhh ughhhh ughhhhh Fuck!!!!! Ugghhhhh ghrrhhhhh ughhhhhhh!!!!!” Peter grunted and groaned trying to make Helen cum hard and fall asleep so he can get going and meet up with Gwen…she promised to try out that new move she learned about from MJ so….

 “Come On!!! Come On!!!!!” Peter grunted harder focusing his hips to strike right into Helen so his tool can fully sink in but at this angle,

 “…ughhh ughhhhh ohhhhh Hold On ohhhh ohhhhhh!!!!” Helen looked at Peter for a second before she yelped when he lifted her for a millisecond to lay her on the bed and he wuickly put a leg on his shoulder and put her to her side so now,

 “AHHHHHHHH PETER!!!!!!!” Peter was able to fully push himself inside Helen’s slit so she screamed his name with a wide smile and closed eyes as he made a fast and hard tempo with his thrusts and Helen grabbed a nearby pillow to sink her teeth into from the fire Peter was creating inside, her breasts heaved and were erect with her pink nipples pointing straight so Peter grabbed on with his fingers and pinched them so Helen let out adorable squeaks of pleasure as her ass rubbed on the bedsheets and her arm laid there just going numb since Peter’s rapid movements left Helen unable to move herself as he pushed and pushed inside her with lust. 


Helen was grinding herself on him now with her ass sliding on their leaky pussy and dick just making it leak all over and her breasts shaked anf shaked so Peter put his hands on them to hold them still making the blonde mother laugh and moan as the bed shaked against the wall, Helen put her hands on the headboard of the bed since she started to bounce on him now taking his rod deep inside her and it rubbed her walls like crazy making it burn and leak out of her womb and lips,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh” Helen screamed out her moans feeling Peter’s fingers pinch her nipples and he even lifted his hips a bit to meet her bounces so her ass jiggled against his thighs and he felt her full weight of her ass on him which made him groan and hiss so he gripped Helen’s breast even tighter and he felt her walls tighten on him,

 “Fuck!!!ughhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhhh Fuck!!!! Ughhhhh!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhhh!!!!!” Their bodies meshed together so closely that Helen’s skin sticked to Peter as he kept pumping himself with growls and grunts while Helen bounced with glee and laughs escaping her mouth, they hugged and held each other close and Peter had his eyes closed to feel up Helen’s tits and nipples and used her voice to measure how much he should raise his hips to meet her eager pussy which leaked more and more and they both burned on the inside and out so now they created a steamy aroama around them in the room with the sun shining through the curtains and Helen gripping the headboard more tightly as her bouncing increased along with her gasps and groans. 


“Bend Over” Peter commanded and Helen laughed as she turned around from sucking his cock to putting her ass up high with her knees and feet close together, she felt Peter’s hand trace her rear with his finger before he went right behind her and,

 “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Godddd Yessss!!!” Helen let out a loud moan as Peter pushed all the way into her asshole, the tight hole squeezed his rod and her anal walls clamped down on his tool making him groan and sweat as he started a fast tempo into Helen’s rear and he laid his hands on her shaking ass while he pumped into it making it jiggle and her body shaked making her tits jiggle like bags as she used her shoulders to keep herself up as she took the preassure being put on her rear,

 “Ughhhh Fuck!!! Fuck!!!!! Helen!!!! Ughhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Fuck!!!!!! Ughhhhh!!!” Peter kept his pace as he pushed his rod digged deeper into her again and again feeling her butt’s hot walls start to overheat from the friction so he put a hand on her shoulder so he could stick his tip all the way inside to find a cool spot at the edge and of course that made Helen gasp and groan and her arm gave out making her head and chest fall on the bed as her body was rocked by the impacts on her ass and Peter gripped her cheek even harder since he always loves a good grab of a fine ass and he loved the sight of her body move with his hips and thrusts as she began to sweat again and he could feel her pussy leak onto the bed with little drips landing on the sheets, Helen’s voice became louder and more vocal,

 “Yesss!!!! Ahhhhhh Yes!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Yes!!!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!” Helen’s moans and voice filled the room so Peter went even faster and started to let out his own hard groans into the room. 


Helen got dressed while Peter watched TV while in bed, he and Helen agreed that she should leave first then him, Peter smiled at Helen’s breasts and ass in her bra and underwear,

 “Jesus how do you have such an awesome ass after 4 kids?” Peter asked in amazement and Helen scoffed a laugh at that as she put the rest of her clothes on,

 “My goodness, what kind of man is my daughter dating huh?” Helen asked back with a laugh and Peter smirked at her as she put her shoes on,

 “You really wanna know Mrs.Stacy? Got 10 minutes to spare?” He asked and Helen rolled her eyes,

 “I know what you can do, but I need to get to another counseling session with George so..” she answered with apologetic smile and Peter just sighed then smirked at her again,

 “When can I remind you what I can do?” He asked and she gave him a excited smile,

 “Tonight, Gwen is going to the theater with her dad and brothers.” She said with hot eyes at her lover who already mapped out their evening of lovemaking in his horny mind…


The apartment was empty from the family except for Helen who was currently sitting on the marble counter in the kitchen with Peter in between her legs and on his knees digging to her pussy with his mouth and Helen had her hands on his head pushing it deeper into her thighs,

 “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ughhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Yessss Peter!!!! Ohhhhhhh Yesss Right There!!!! Ahhhhhh” Helen loved feeling the teenager’s lips and tongue dig into her pussy lips and twirl it around inside her walls and tunnel which throbbed with her thighs as she bucked her hips into his gouging mouth while his hands pawed at her heaving breasts with her face sweaty and moaning with her hair fanned out on the pillows and Peter grunted as he put his hands on her wrists as he pushed into her ramming the bed onto the wall with thuds,

 “UGHHHH UGHHHHHH FUCK!!!!! OHHHHH FUCK HELEN!!!!!!” Peter closed his eyes as he focused on going through Helen’s tightening hole and he felt her squeeze him all over as he heard her moan and even hear the sound of her breasts bouncing and slapping on her chest and she moved her legs on his sides making him grin and he went in harder,

 “Helen!!! Ughhhh ughhhhhh Helen!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Fuck!!!! Ughhhhh” Peter moved into Helen with force making the bed shake and hit the wall with loud thuds and his hands gripped her thighs and they both laughed at the sensation of their combined bodies on fire. 

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