Overdue Indulgence

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Overdue Indulgence

AN: This takes place after the events of Captain Marvel #26 when she breaks up with James Rhodes. It’s basically an alternate take of how Carol copes.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, X-Men, or Captain Marvel. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts or psychic communication.’

Pairings: Carol/Jean, Wolverine/Carol/Cyclops

Warning: This story contains graphic sexual content. If you are at all uncomfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. That being said, I always welcome feedback and comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

The Moon


In space, it was supposed to be quiet. Nobody was supposed to hear that kind of anger, profanity, and self-loathing through the boundless vacuum. But if ever there was an exception to that rule, Carol Danvers definitely qualified.

For the past several hours, she had been punching the surface of the moon. It was part of an ongoing effort to deal with her recent breakup with James Rhodes. Shortly after returning from a future, in which Rhodey had an amazing daughter who wasn’t hers, Carol made that painful decision to end their relationship. She’d been thinking about it constantly since it happened. And the more she thought about it, the more it hurt.

‘It was the right thing to do…for the future…for him…for us. So why do I feel so fucking miserable?’

She punched the surface harder, causing parts of the lunar surface to glow under the intense heat. It hurt her knuckles and her arms, but Carol could take that kind of pain. It was every other kind that left her so upset.

Initially, she was just broken and numb. She’d spent several days sequestered in her apartment, just trying to process everything. But no matter how many times she told herself that she’d done the right thing, Carol still felt terrible. And the more she tried to convince herself that this was for the best, the more she hated it.

Eventually, Jessica Drew finally kicked down her door and got her out of bed. She helped get her out, about, and punching things again. She never said it out loud, but Carol suspected Jess was being proactive. She worried that if things got too rough, she might find her alcoholic friend drowning her sorrows in in a bottle of whiskey.

She loved Jess, but sometimes she never saw the bigger picture. Carol was grateful that her friend got her out of bed, but remained frustrated by her inability to understand why she felt this way.

‘I made my own choices. I broke my own heart. This wasn’t me obsessing about a future that might or might not happen. This is me being Captain goddamn Marvel…always fighting for the greater good…always having to be selfless in the face of harsh truth. Captain America makes it look easy. But it’s not! And sometimes, it’s so hard you just wanna…’

Carol stopped her thoughts before she could expend too much energy. Now on her knee, still pounding the moon with her first, she grit her teeth and tried to punch away her frustrations.

But it wasn’t working. The only reason she was punching the moon in the first place was because she’d run out of asteroids to hit. It was a clear sign that her current state involved more than just frustration. She’d left Jess abruptly after her little intervention, needing to be alone for a while.

That was quite a while ago. By almost every measure, her efforts to deal with this on her own had failed. All these awful things Carol was feeling kept getting worse. At the rate she was going, the moon would have a sizable crater. And she might confirm her friends’ fears about her ending up at a bar.

Then, as the moon dust under her turned to glass under all the heat and pressure, a new presence approached. This being the blue area of the moon, which had a functioning atmosphere, Carol knew some might notice her presence. She was just too upset to care.

“So this is where those moonquakes have been coming from,” said a familiar voice. “Guess I owe Logan fifty bucks. You really are that strong.”

Carol groaned as she turned to see Jean Grey approaching. She didn’t look worried, but she did appear concerned.

Like the rest of the Avengers, Carol knew Jean and her husband, Scott Summers, lived on the moon now. They’d built a home for themselves and their family shortly after the founding of Krakoa. Carol hadn’t paid much attention to that or the mutant politics surrounding it. But, having spent time with the X-Men in the past, she was on friendlier terms with them.

“Hello Jean,” Carol greeted flatly. “I’m sorry. Did my angry brooding wake you?”

“I wasn’t sleeping. And you’re not brooding,” she said with folded arms. “I live with Logan. I know the difference between brooding and something much worse. And this is worse.”

“Right,” Carol said dryly, “I forgot you’re living with Wolverine now. How’s he handling the whole trouple deal? Or was that just some dirty rumor Hawkeye started?”

“Don’t change the subject, Carol. You’re the one who’s clearly upset. And nobody gets this upset unless a loved one dies…or if their heart is broken.”

“Well, my mother did just die recently. And I did just break up with my boyfriend,” Carol pointed out. “Guess I got a two-fer. Lucky me!”

She started punching the surface of the moon again, letting out a long string of profanity that would’ve sent most people running. But Jean wasn’t dissuaded. She just flew in closer, eventually landing right next to her. Unlike Jess, she didn’t give her that harsh, critical scowl that Carol had seen so much of. Instead, she offered a more compassionate presence.

She didn’t say anything at first. She just let Carol punch more of her frustrations into the moon. It caused a few more tremors, but the effect was the same. It did not make her feel better about her situation. If anything, it made her feel worse.

“I hate this. I hate everything about this!” Carol said, finally breaking the silence. “I keep telling myself that I’m strong enough to move on…that I made the right choice for me and for Rhodey.”

“But do you believe it?” Jean questioned.

Carol responded with another angry punch and a string of profanity. It helped get the point across.

“I thought I would at this point. I’m usually great at convincing myself of my own bullshit,” said Carol.

“Usually is almost always a gamble,” said Jean.

“Don’t remind me,” grumbled Carol. “But the more I think about it, the more I hate myself for making it. And when I hate myself, I try to take it out on something.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” Jean said. “But being angry with yourself only goes so far. I’m guessing there are other forces at work.”

“You’re the psychic, Jean. You probably know better than I do.”

“I don’t like to read minds without permission…even those doing a terrible job of guarding their thoughts. But even if I did know, shouldn’t you know too?”

Carol groaned, but ceased her angry punching. She’d learned long ago not to argue with a telepath. It was never a fair fight.

She assumed Jean had picked up on enough thoughts to figure out the other reasons she was this miserable. That actually made it easier. Unlike with Jess or the rest of her friends, she didn’t have to put into words the things she didn’t feel like saying.

“Before all this happened…before my little trip to the future,” Carol mused, “Rhodey and I made plans for tonight. We were going to spend the night at a cabin just outside of Harpswell, Maine. It was going to be nice and remote…far from any missions, fighting, or heroics.”

“Sounds nice and romantic,” Jean commented.

“Romance was only part of it,” she continued. “It had been a while since we’d just stepped back and spent some quality time together. And by quality time, I mean the sexy kind.”

“Yeah, that’s usually an important quality,” Jean said with a half-grin.

“But this was supposed to be special. This was supposed to be our time…our night to catch up on all the intimacy we’d missed. We were going to spend days on end, wearing minimal clothing and humping away our troubles. Rhodey was always so good at that. I swear, that man could fit three months of lovemaking into a single long weekend.”

Carol’s voice cracked when she said those words. Just thinking about all the times they’d planned similar nights was enough to break her heart all over again. It also made her miss his intimate touch. Even in the void of space, she felt that profound absence within her.

“Okay. Now I understand why you were punching so hard,” Jean said.

“Trust me. It feels worse than you think,” Carol said. “I prepared myself for that night. I marked my calendar. I even thought about it in my private moments. But I stopped short of pleasuring myself in the shower, just so I could be ready for when that day came.”

“And now that day is here,” said Jean. “And in addition to be heartbroken and angry, you’re also very horny. You thought you were going to meet all those physical and emotional needs. But then, it all went so horribly wrong. And here you are.”

The beautiful redhead had summed it up perfectly, more so than Carol could’ve done without punching another crater into the moon. It was another part of her anguish that even Jess hadn’t brought up. Heartbreak, self-loathing, and doubt were hard enough to deal with. Feeling starved of sex and intimacy only made it worse.

All the punching, cursing, and yelling hadn’t done much to help. On top of that, getting this worked up sent mixed signals through her body. Some of those signals found their way to her loins. She’d managed to ignore it up to this point. Now, under the telling glance of a telepath, it was difficult to deny.

“Congrats, Jean. You’re both insightful and psychic,” said Carol.

“Well, one does complement the other,” she said.

“I’m sure,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Guess I should say thanks for being mature about it. I’m sure Tony, Clint, or Jess would’ve given me crap for that too.”

“They still care. And so do we, Carol,” Jean said, offering a reassuring gesture. “You’re as tough, strong, and resilient as they come. But even you can feel hurt and heartache.”

“Yeah, especially when I do it to myself,” Carol quipped.

“Doesn’t matter where it comes from. It’s still a painful burden to bear. It would be so much easier if we could handle it on our own. But at some point, we have to accept that’s just not possible.”

Carol felt a well of anger and frustration build up again. At the same time, her body felt hot from all the exertion. Some of that was the horniness that had built up in anticipation for this night. Having to deal with that on top of everything made shouldering this burden feel even more overwhelming.

Finally, Carol decided to accept that punching the moon had stopped working for her. With a frustrated sigh, she rose to her feet and hugged her shoulders in distress. She tried to look away from Jean to hide her anguish, but she didn’t let her endure it alone.

A heavy silence came over them. And on the moon, silence often felt much heavier. Carol eventually turned to face Jean, who offered her a warm smile and a kind gesture. Despite all the raucous she’d caused, Carol accepted it. Her gesture was a welcome feeling, but it only went so far.

“Well, I think I’ve officially past that point,” Carol said, breaking the silence. “I probably past it hours ago, but just didn’t want to admit it.”

“Better late than never, I guess,” Jean said.

“Yeah, I’m really behind the curve. But I gotta start somewhere. And I gotta find a better way to deal with all this…eventually.”

Jean offered more comfort. She even managed to get Carol to smile somewhat. It wasn’t much, but it was better than anything she’d gotten on her own thus far. She still felt like crap, but she had at least taken a first step towards being less miserable. She just wished she could skip a few, especially the ones that involved her being so horny.

Another silence came over them. Carol was ready to fly off and leave Jean to her fancy moon-based home. Then, her demeanor shifted. She got this strange look on her face. While Carol wasn’t a telepath, she knew when someone had come up with a bold idea.

She also knew when that idea was both bold and a bit crazy.

“Well, on that front, I might be able to help,” said Jean. “And I suspect Scott and Logan would be willing to, as well.”

“Oh? How so?” Carol asked. “Bearing in mind that I’m not fond of people trying to solve my problems for me.”

“I promise it’s nothing like that,” Jean assured her. “I understand there’s only so much anyone can help. A lot of what you’re dealing with…it’s complicated and difficult. Anything involving heartbreak is. But there’s one particular element I know I can help with. And maybe helping you with that will help you with everything else?”

“Okay. Now, I’m curious. What did you have in mind?”

Jean’s grin widened. She also had this mischievous glint in her eye. Carol wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but she quickly realized it had some very sensual connotations. That both heightened her curiosity, as well as her loins.

“I’d rather not put it into words. I’d rather just project all the necessary details into your mind,” Jen said. “Then, if you’re up for it, you can follow me back to the Summers home. I’ll make sure all the necessary arrangements are in place!”

The Summers House – Jean’s Bedroom

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe how much I WANT to do this! Am I really this kinky after a break-up? Or am I just extra horny when I’m upset?’

Carol followed Jean into the Summers house as fast as her powers could take her. She had to move fast. Otherwise, she might change her mind about doing this. And she refused to talk herself down.

For once, Carol was going to think with her genitals rather than her brain or her fists. She needed this. Jean had convinced her of that. She might not have convinced herself, but she wasn’t going to waste time trying. She was angry, upset, and horny. And she was going to do something about it.

“Over here,” Jean said, leading Carol through the foyer. “The boys are waiting for us.”

“Already?” Carol said. “Were you that confident you could convince me to do this?”

“Oh don’t sound so surprised,” the redhead replied with a smirk. “I told them an upset, horny woman needed us. Of course, they’re going to arrive promptly!”

Carol laughed. When Jean put it like that, then it wasn’t that surprising. She also gave the impression this wasn’t the first time she’d called them suddenly for some sexy fun. Having another woman join them might have just added to the urgency.

Jean laughed with her as she took her hand and guided her towards her room. Carol didn’t even have time to admire the layout and amenities of the Summers House. By every measure, it was a nice setup. It was definitely an upgrade over her cramped apartment. It also had plenty of space for guests. And as soon as they arrived at her door, Jean made her feel comfortable.

“Welcome to the Summers House, Carol. Hope you enjoy your experience,” said Jean.

“Don’t you mean survive? Isn’t that the usual schtick?” Carol quipped.

“Not this time, it isn’t.”

Jean let go of her hand and embraced her, slipping her arms around her neck while offering a kind gesture. It wasn’t sexual. It felt like an act of intimate comfort to someone who clearly needed. It helped settle Carol from her overly excited state, making her more comfortable with what was about to happen.

But she remained excited. She would need that too for what lay ahead.

‘I know you’re hurting. I know you’re tense. Just keep your mind open to me. That’ll make this easier for everyone.’



They shared another laugh as Jean opened the door, using her telekinesis so that she didn’t have to break their embrace. She clung firmly to Carol’s arm as she led her inside where her bed awaited.

And, as expected, Scott and Logan were already there, sitting on a small couch on the far side of the room. From the looks of it, they’d come straight from a mission. They were still wearing their X-Men uniforms. They both seemed eager, but not too surprised by Jean unexpected invitation into their private lives.

“Evenin’ Carol,” Logan greeted, shooting her that wolfish grin she knew so well. “You’re looking more intense than usual.”

“Nice to see you too, Logan. And don’t you dare make a comment on any scents you’re picking up,” Carol warned him, flashing a mischievous grin of her own.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, darlin’. Jeannie invited you into our home. We’re just here to be good hosts.”

“Sure you are,” she said skeptically.

“He’s telling the truth, believe it or not,” said Scott. “I may not have enhanced senses or telepathy. But even I can tell you’re looking off .”

“I still don’t believe him. But thanks for being tactful, Scott.”

“Yeah, he’s good at that,” commented Jean, turning Carol’s attention back to her. “He’s good at a lot of things…as you’ll soon find out.”

“I hope you’re all as good as I need you to be. Because this is all uncharted territory for me,” said Carol, her tone becoming more serious. “And I’m trying really hard not to overthink this.”

“Then, let’s not waste time with innuendo and banter. Let’s get down to business!”

The beautiful redhead led Carol to the bed, giving her no time to scrutinize the situation. She could still feel Scott and Logan’s eyes on her. She could sense their titillating intrigue in the activities that awaited. She was usually not fond of horny men leering. But in this case, it served a purpose.

“Here,” Jean said as they sat down on the bed. “Let’s get comfortable. Let me help you feel relaxed.”

“Fair warning,” Carol said, “I usually can’t relax without drinking or punching.”

“Then, I’ll have to find another way,” she said seductively.

“And she will find one, Carol. Trust me,” Logan said.

Carol remained skeptical, but she gave the powerful psychic the benefit of the doubt. Everything else she’d done to cope with her break-up hadn’t worked. She was willing to try something crazy and this definitely qualified.

Now sitting at the foot of the bed, Carol just focused on her while the men watched. She remained tense, even as Jean got more playful. She kept smiling at her while she draped her legs over Carol’s lap, slipped her arms around her neck, and leaned her forehead against hers. It started off as friendly, having the feel of another kind gesture from one mostly heterosexual woman to another. But it quickly took on a more erotic tone.

The way Jean embraced her, their bodies making contact through their uniforms, felt so intimate. Jean’s touch was gentle and compassionate. It did plenty to stir that burning horniness inside that had frustrated Carol so much. But instead of adding to her anguish, it helped refocus her energy.

‘Damn. No wonder Logan mellowed out so much. If this is what Jean did for him, then maybe I’m not that crazy for trying this.’

Carol took several deep breaths, relaxing as best she could with Jean’s touch. That still only went so far. Then, the mood shifted when Jean leaned her forehead against hers.

“You’re still so anxious and upset,” Jean pointed out. “Please…open your mind a bit more for me. I’d like to try something.”

“Okay,” Carol said, “but if you steal my Netflix password, we’re gonna have issues.”

“Don’t worry. I can be tactful too,” she assured her.

Carol sighed, closing her eyes while Jean placed her hands on her temples. She usually didn’t like opening her mind to telepathic intrusion, even for trusted friends. But desperate times required desperate measures, as well as additional trust.

Again, she didn’t overthink it. She just opened her mind to this powerful telepath.

‘You’ve got so much tension, anguish, frustration, and restlessness. It’s all swirling around in your mind, like a hurricane of stress.’


‘I’m used to stress. At least, I’m supposed to be,’ Carol said through her mind.

‘This is a different kind of stress, Carol…a kind you can’t punch, drink, or push away. But there are ways to deal with it…some good, some bad, and some that are very self-destructive.’


‘I think I know which I’ve favored lately.’


‘And I’m here to change that. Because now, I’m going to redirect some of that stress. I can’t make it disappear. But I can help it become something more manageable…relatively speaking.’


There was that sensual undertone again. It no longer surprised Carol. If anything, she was more curious than before. And that curiosity morphed into a very different feeling as Jean worked her telepathic magic.

It started small. A wave of soothing warmth came over her, like a blanket on a cold Boston morning. That helped Carol feel less anxious and tense. Then, another wave of warmth washed over her. This one seemed to target that storm of stress within her. The effect was a lot more pronounced.

She also felt it more in certain parts of her body. Before she knew it, much of this soothing warmth became concentrated between her legs. Suddenly, that frustrated horniness she’d felt earlier turned into tangible sexual arousal.

“Mmm…I’m feeling a lot more relaxed now,” said Carol.

“That ain’t all she’s feeling,” Logan snickered.

“I thought she told you not to make any comments,” Scott said.

“Don’t think she cares anymore, Slim,” he quipped.

Carol barely heard what he said. If Logan had uttered those words a couple minutes ago, she would’ve blasted him to the other side of the moon. Right now, she was experiencing her first taste of contentment since returning from the future. And she needed more.

‘He’s right. Don’t tell him I said that, but he’s right. I don’t care!’ Carol said through her mind. ‘Whatever you’re doing Jean…keep doing it.’

Jean continued to oblige her, keeping her hands on her temples and her forehead leaning against hers. Carol leaned back on her arms, taking more deep breaths as more soothing warmth washed over her. Along with contentment, her arousal continued to escalate.

Jean being so intimately close further supplemented it. Their legs touching while their breasts pressed against hers triggered all sorts of reactions within her body. Carol started rubbing her thighs together, her pussy becoming so hot and moist. She might have been a heterosexual woman for the most part, but intimate contact still affected her. It just never affected her like this before.

It eventually affected Jean, as well. Carol might not have had Logan’s enhanced senses, but she noticed how the beautiful woman was rubbing her thighs together, as well. She was also aroused. That made the air around them hot with sexual tension. It also made their clothes unbearably itchy.

“You’re looking better already, Carol,” Jean said as she removed her hands from her temples.

“I am. Thanks to you,” Carol affirmed.

“Then, what do you say we get out of these dirty clothes?”

“I’d say you read my mind, but that would be redundant.”

Jean laughed, but Carol remained dead serious as she started to undress. While she removed her gloves and kicked off her boots, Jean casually slipped off the bed, removed her yellow mask, and stripped down with the aid of her telekinesis. She barely had to move, simply holding her arms up while unzipping her green Marvel Girl dress with her mind and undoing her boots. Her clothes just came right off her, as if peeled off by invisible hands.

Before Carol had fully removed the top part of her Captain Marvel her uniform, Jean was down to a pair of green panties. As if to not show off too much, she slipped out of those the old-fashioned way. She even tossed them over towards Scott and Logan, giving them a playful wink.

“Does that ever get less sexy?” Logan asked with a lecherous grin.

“Nope,” Scott replied without hesitation.

Now fully naked, her breasts, hips, and pussy exposed for all to see, Jean got back on the bed. Carol had just slipped her arms out of her uniform, exposing the white bra she’d been wearing underneath. Jean, with a look of both playfulness and compassion, moved in closer to help.

“Here,” she offered, “let me help you get that off.”

“I can manage,” Carol said.

“You’re our guest. And I promised to help. I want to do so in any way I can…no matter how subtle.”

Carol offered no further protest. She just smiled and let Jean take care of the rest.

Slipping further back onto the bed, Carol leaned back on her arms while Jean pulled her tight-fitting uniform down her body. She was gentle, but swift in getting it off, still sensing how horny she was after her telepathic trickery. Once it was off, she make quick work of her underwear. Carol just unclasped her bra and Jean did the rest with her telekinesis. But she used her hands to remove her panties.

“I almost forgot how great Carol looked in the buff…almost,” Logan remarked.

The men continued watching, their eyes fixated on her and Jean’s naked bodies. They had definitely seen Jean naked before, but seeing her naked with another woman definitely added to the sexual ambience building around them.

Carol didn’t hide from it. She was already embracing it. Now in the center of the bed, her body on full display and fully open to the woman next to her, she began acting on this newfound sexual energy.

“I’m ready for this!” Carol said intently. “But fair warning. I’ve never done it with a woman before.”

“That’s okay. I’m also still new to it,” Jean admitted.

“But she’s a fast learner. And she learned from Emma Frost,” Scott pointed out.

“That’s reassuring,” Carol remarked.

“Don’t worry. I’m not as demanding as her,” Jean said, rolling her eyes. “Just lie back. I’ll get things going. Then, we can just play it by ear.”

Again, she acted before her brain could overrule her desires. It helped that she had already trusted Jean with her mind. Now, she was ready to trust her with her body.

Carol allowed that sexual energy to guide her, pulling a naked Jean Grey into her arms so that their naked skin could fully touch. She laid down on her back while Jean got on top, their breasts mashing together while she explored her body with her lips and hands.

‘This is really happening! I’m actually gonna have sex with a woman…a married woman…while her husband and boyfriend watch. Did breaking up with Rhodey really mess me up? Or have I always had this side of me?’

So many chaotic thoughts and strange questions swirled about in her mind. But Carol didn’t let them derail the experience that followed.

Jean got things going, kissing her on the lips while fondling her naked flesh. She started with her thighs, feeling up her shapely figure and making her way along her hips and over her torso. The beautiful redhead also slipped her thigh between Carol’s legs. From there, she lightly grinded her skin along her pussy, grazing the outer folds of her vagina and applying some stimulation to her clit.

That felt really good, more so than Carol expected. She returned the favor by kissing Jean with a little extra tongue, daring to be a little sloppy as their air around them became hot with sex. She also grew bolder with her touching, feeling around Jean’s naked body until she arrived her breasts. Even as they pressed together, Carol added some extra pressure, providing some stimulation that got her moaning as well.

‘You’re surprisingly good at this,’ Jean told her telepathically.

‘I’m as shocked as you,’ Carol replied.

‘You sure you’re not just really horny?’

‘The only thing I’m sure of is how much I like this…and that I want more!’

Jean’s telepathic messages ceased as she remained focused on giving Carol what she desired. Before long, they were making out like a couple of experienced lady lovers. At times, they laughed and snickered playfully. But sexual energy remained serious.

From that energy, things got more heated. They rolling about on the bed, pressing their naked bodies together and fondling each other’s bodies. Jean began kissing around Carol’s neck, nibbling on her ear, which earned her more pleasured gasps. Carol began fondling Jean’s breasts more aggressively, pinching her nipples to evoke similar grasps.

Carol also made it clear to Jean that she liked it a little rough. And she was not in the mood for the tender brand of intimacy. She wanted sex and she wanted it rough.

She was also in need of more direct stimulation. And just making out wasn’t cutting it.

“Fuck! I’m so wet right now,” Carol said intently. “Jean…enough with the warm-up. I’m ready for the main event!”

“By that, you mean…” Jean said, letting her words trail off, daring the other woman to fill them in.

“You’re a fucking psychic! You know damn well what I mean!”

That came off more hostile than Carol intended. It surprised Scott and Logan. It also seemed to arouse them, as well. Watching her and Jean go at it had really gotten them worked up. She could already see the large bulges protruding from their pants.

But Jean wasn’t the least bit shocked. She remained remarkably collected, casting Carol a knowing grin, as though she’d already gleaned the lurid details.

“Very well,” she said, “if that’s what you want.”

The beautiful redhead slipped out of Carol’s grasp, an impressive feat for anyone who’d ever fought Captain Marvel. Then, while she remained on her back, Jean realigned their bodies so that they were in a perfect 69 position.

Carol now had Jean’s pussy right in her face.

Jean had Carol’s pussy right in hers.

There was no need for advanced telepathy to surmise their next move. Jean just went for it, burying her face between Carol’s thighs and gorging on her womanly flesh. She wasn’t nearly as careful as she was before. She plunged her tongue right between her folds, going right for her G-spot.

Not one to fall behind in a fight or during sex, Carol did the same. Despite having never gone down on a woman, she took the plunge without hesitation. She pulled Jean’s thighs apart, shoved her tongue into her slit, and hungrily lapped up her tender flesh. Being women, it helped that they had the same anatomy. And once she got a feel for Jean’s sensitive spots, their sex intensified.

“Damn, Danvers! You sure this is the first time you ate pussy?” Logan commented.

“Guess she’s a fast learner too,” said Scott as he enjoyed the erotic spectacle.

“She’s also fast at gettin’ me in the mood. How much longer are they gonna make us watch?”

“As long as they have to, Logan. Just be patient.”

“Ha! Speak for yourself, Slim.”

Logan could only be so patient. As Jean and Carol went at it, the former living weapon unzipped his pants and let his erect cock pop out. He then began rubbing it eagerly, watching the sexy show with a near-predatory glee. Scott exercised more restraint, but still had to loosen his pants. He couldn’t take his eyes off the spectacle, either. And it was already nearing the next stage.

Their mutual oral sex played out, mirroring the same energy they’d utilized during their initial make-out session. It wasn’t gentle or tender. It was raw and direct, driven entirely by lust and a need to vent excess energy. Carol hungrily probed Jean’s vagina, boldly using her tongue to stimulate her deepest depths.

That got the redhead squealing with delight. It also got her matching her dedication to being the better pussy eater. Jean kept licking along her slit, giving extra attention to her clit. Carol even felt her use her telekinesis to add some extra pressure to her depths.

‘Ooh! Nice trick! Frost definitely taught you that, didn’t she?’ Carol said.

‘She may have inspired me a little,’ Jean admitted. ‘But trust me! I have a few tricks of my own.’

That came off as both a brag and a warning. Jean gave Carol’s pussy a few more licks, sending more sensations coursing through her body. Carol kept doing the same, but now she sensed Jean was the impatient one.

They could’ve each gotten off with more oral sex. Carol was certain of that.

However, Jean clearly had other plans. While their faces remained buried in each other’s pussies, she made her next move.

Using her telekinesis, she retrieved something from under her bed. Carol got a brief glimpse of it from the corner of her eye. It appeared to be a sex toy, specifically some sort of vibrating egg. Having used her share of sex toys over the years, Carol could tell it was not the cheap kind. Before she could contemplate how she might make use of it, Jean removed her face from between her partner’s thighs and realigned their bodies once more.

“Mmm…cunnilingus is fun,” Jean said. “But I want to come now!”

“Me too!” said Carol intently. “I swear my pussy is ready to burst!”

“Then, this will help!”

Carol watched with labored breaths as the vibrating egg floated over them. Jean then used her telekinesis to turn it on. That distinct hum of intense vibrations filled the sex-laden air around them.

As it hovered over their naked bodies, Jean shifted their legs and thighs so that they were now scissoring. Carol was on her side while Jean aligned their pussies at just the right angle, their moist flesh pressing together in an intimate heat. And shortly after their outer folds made contact, Jean directed the vibrating egg between them. She placed it in such a way that it was perfectly lodged between their pelvises.

Now, with the vibrating sex toy rubbing against their respective clits, Jean began grind her pussy against Carol’s. Almost immediately, a fresh flood of hot sensations shot through their bodies. Carol leaned back on her arms and let out a sharp grunt. Getting eaten out had done plenty to get her to the brink of orgasm. This was bound to send her over the edge.

“Whoa! Holy Hell, that feels so good! Ooh, it’s gonna make me come!” Carole exclaimed.

“Me too, Carol!” Jean exclaimed. “Now come on! Work that famous ass of yours and let’s do this!”

With newfound enthusiasm, Carol gripped the sheets of the bed and vigorously rubbed her pelvis against Jean’s. Together, their vulvas pressed against the vibrating egg from both sides, stimulating the outer lips of their pussies and applying pressure to their clits. It brought them to the cusp of orgasm.

It was a bit chaotic. Carol’s lack of experience in scissoring with another woman really showed. Their legs flailed around at times to keep the rhythm going. She and Jean even laughed in between the moans, even as the desire for that special release intensified. Carol eventually took charge, working her hips harder and faster to get that extra bit of sex to send her over the edge.

When it finally happened, she let out an orgasmic cry for the ages. Her eyes even flashed briefly with energy, hinting that this was no ordinary climax.

“Oohhhhh fuck yeah!”

It hit with the force of a rail gun from a Kree warship. Carol gripped the sheets under her with hard fists, dug her feet into the bed, and arched her back with uncanny flexibility while the orgasm took hold.

It was hot.

It was intense.

It was so sharp and focused, as though her body was giving her an extra-forceful jolt of what she needed.

As the feeling surged through her, she felt her pussy throb in accord with a sizable release of feminine juices. It soaked both the vibrating egg, as well as Jean’s lower body. It surprised Carol, but she was too deep in her orgasmic state to think much of it. It also didn’t stop Jean from joining her in that state moments later.

“I’m…coming…too!” Jean gasped. “Ohhh God!”

The beautiful redhead’s climax wasn’t quite as elaborate as Carol’s. She still enjoyed it immensely, grabbing her breast with one hand and clinging to Carol’s thigh with the other. She kept her pussy pressed up against the vibrator as the flood of sensations surged through her. She gasped and moaned, writhing within their erotic entwinement while her lower body tensed to the intense feeling.

As the two women immersed themselves in the feeling, the movements ceased. Their legs remained entwined, but they pulled back briefly to let their bodies rest. Now lying atop the bed, breathing heavily and processing the breadth of their sex, Carol just looked up at the ceiling with a beaming smile.

‘That happened. I really did that. And I enjoyed the hell out of it. Don’t know what the hell it means. But I feel less inclined to drown my sorrows in alcohol or punching.’

It was a substantial improvement over how she’d felt just a few hours earlier. It was also the first time in quite a while that Carol had let herself indulge in something so crazy. In the past, they had gotten her into trouble and left a few personal scars that still hadn’t healed. But this time, it felt different.

That tension inside her had eased.

That feeling of being broken and burned out had lessened.

It hadn’t gone away completely, but it was much more bearable. Carol was almost inclined to let this be the end of this wild act she’d agreed to. But she then remembered that she and Jean still had an audience. Logan and Scott had seen the whole sexy show and it had definitely affected them.

“Bravo, ladies!” Scott said, applauding from where he sat. “That might be the sexiest show I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve seen some pretty kinky shit in my days. So I don’t wanna say it’s the sexiest,” said Logan. “But it’s definitely top five!”

Only top five?” Carol chided from the bed.

“Don’t get petty on me, Danvers,” said Logan. “You really surprised me here. I knew you had a sexy side. But that was on another level! Just look at the boner I got from watching!”

The former living weapon didn’t bother hiding his arousal. He practically showed it off for Carol and Jean to see, having been stroking himself through much of the show. It might have been crude, even for him. But Carol didn’t mind. In fact, seeing Logan’s erect cock reminded her that she still had plenty of sexual energy to spare.

“Glad you enjoyed the show, Logan,” said Carol, now in an upright position. “But I didn’t just come here to serve your spank bank. That’s not what Jean promised me.”

“Don’t worry, Carol. I haven’t forgotten,” said Jean, still catching her breath. “Rest assured, the boys will do their part. They’re already quite eager, from the looks of it.”

Neither Scott nor Logan hid it. Logan already had his pants down at his ankles and Scott had loosened his clothes to the point where he was eager to undress. They were no longer content with just watching. They wanted to participate.

Sensing this, Jean retrieved the vibrator from between their thighs. She then retrieved a small towel from across the room with her telekinesis and used it to dry herself off. From there, she slipped off the bed and made her way over to the couch where the men were sitting.

“Stay on the bed, Carol. And keep yourself wet,” Jean told her. “What we did was meant to get you comfortable. Now, the real indulgence begins!”

“And I’m ready for it! I am so fucking ready!” said Carol with newfound energy.

“Famous last words, darlin’,” said Logan as he got up from the couch.

“But in a good way, for once,” added Scott as he did the same.

Carol, now excited and still very horny, casually leaned back on her arms as she watched the two men take their clothes off in front of her. By the time Jean reached the couch, they were fully nude and sporting full erections. The beautiful redhead gave them both an encouraging gesture and a kiss, as if to give them some extra incentive for the challenge ahead.

“Go on, boys,” Jean told them. “Show our guest a good time!”

“I have a feeling she wants more than that,” Scott said as his gaze narrowed on Carol.

“She wants to indulge? We’re gonna fuckin’ indulge!” said Logan.

The two horny men couldn’t join her on the bed fast enough. Carol, still fully naked and radiating a post-orgasmic afterglow, welcomed them eagerly. Logan went right for her tits, grabbing one breast firmly while sucking the nipple of the other. Scott was more tactical, drawing her into a tongue-heavy kiss while snaking his hand between her legs to fondle her still dripping-wet pussy.

Carol purred with delight at the fresh surge of feeling. The two men definitely made her feel desired, as well as ready for more sex. She rewarded their heavy touching with some foreplay of her own. She reached out and stroked Scott’s cock while she kissed him. She also grabbed Logan’s messy hair and shoved his face between her breasts, allowing him to fully immerse himself in her cleavage.

The three of them laughed and moaned in delight. Meanwhile, Jean got comfortable on the couch that Scott and Logan had been sitting on earlier. She remained fully naked, the vibrator still in hand and watching the erotic scene before her.

“Hope you’re as horny as you think you are, Carol. Because things are about to get hot,” Jean said, already touching herself in anticipation. “Scott and Logan are skilled lovers by themselves. That, I can attest to. But together…well, it takes a special woman to handle that much sex!”

It sounded like both a tease and a warning. But that only encouraged Carol even more. As Captain Marvel, she never backed away from a challenge. For a horny Carol Danvers, why should that be any different?”

“Ooh I can handle it, Jean,” Carol said confidently.

“Mmm…prove it, darlin’,” said Logan, his voice partially muffled by her breasts.

“Famous last words, Logan,” Carol said, mirroring his tone from earlier.

The time for foreplay was over. Carol was ready, willing, and eager for more sex. Following her lurid whims, she released her hold on the two men and guided them into their next act.

“You!” she said, glaring at Scott. “Get behind me and fuck my pussy. Fuck it nice and hard!”

“It would be my honor, Captain,” Scott replied, who seemed to like her assertive sexiness.

Carol then turned towards Logan, who finally tore himself away from her breasts.

“You!” she barked. “Get in front of me. I’m gonna suck your dick until you come on my face.”

“That an order or a promise?” Logan quipped.

“Shut up and gimmie that dick! Captain Marvel, here, is hungry, horny, and restless!”

That silenced the former living weapon, a rare feat by any measure. Logan was not know for following direct orders without question. Scott knew that all too well. But when they came from a beautiful naked woman demanding to suck his dick, he made an exception.

Both men eagerly complied and got into position. Carol, still in the center of the bed, got on all fours with her famously round ass pointed right towards Scott’s pelvis. The X-Leader, like the good soldier he was, propped himself on his knees and grabbed onto her hips for maximum leverage. Even through his ruby quartz glasses, he could see her pussy was still dripping wet from her and Jean’s sex.

“Wow! You’re still so wet,” Scott remarked.

“Wet and badly in need of some dick!” Carol added, shaking her ass to tempt him even more.

He didn’t make her wait any longer than she had to. Upon aligning his hips with her butt, he guided the tip of his penis towards her moist opening. Then, with a firm, forward thrust of his hips, he entered her. That hot feeling of hard, masculine flesh penetrating her tight, wet vagina sent Carol back into that sensual daze.

“Ooh fuck yeah!” she squealed. “Nice, hard dick! That’s what I want!”

Just as Scott’s manhood began slithering inside her folds, Carol narrowed her gaze on Logan’s cock and hungrily devoured it between her soft lips. She wasn’t gentle or seductive, either. She just deep-throated his manhood whole, taking nearly his entire length in one motion. She almost gagged, but Logan hardly noticed. Once she had her first taste of his cock, she began sucking him off, bobbing her head up and down as she blew him like a woman possessed.

“Holy fuck, Danvers!” Logan grunted. “You suck dick better than I remember!”

“And her pussy…it’s so hot!” Scott said as he humped away.

“Guess she’s rising to the challenge, like she always does,” Jean commented, now fingering herself as she watched intently. “That’s why she’s Captain Marvel.”

It was true to her persona and how she handled herself. One of Carol’s most defining traits was her ability to push herself, especially when faced with new challenges. Sometimes, that got her into trouble. This time, it was helping her indulge in amazing sex. And she was more than happy to channel that.

The men raised their game, as well. Scott, ever the disciplined soldier, intensified the pace of their sex. Back and forth, he thrust away with his hips, pumping his rigid dick inside her pussy. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt filled the room, along with the sensual slurping sounds she made while sucking Logan off.

It started off messy and chaotic, three naked bodies fumbling about in pursuit of pleasure. But through greater coordination and shared lust, they found a rhythm. It was rigorous and rough, but it got the results they sought. And Carol savored every decadent feeling that came from it.

‘This is really happening. I’m really doing this! I’m being fucked in both ends!’ Carol mused as her naked body rocked to the coordinated thrusts of the two men. ‘One dick in my pussy…another between my lips. I’m being spit-roasted by two hot guys and I love it! I fucking love it!’

The beautiful blonde dove deeper into this indulgence. As Scott pounded into her from behind, she bucked her hips to complement every motion, ensuring he penetrated her at just the right angle. As her pussy took every thrust, she sucked Logan harder and harder, using extra tongue on top of her deep-throating skills.

“Keep at it, boys!” Jean encouraged, now vigorously fingering her pussy on the couch. “She likes it hard and rough. Give her what she wants and she’ll return the favor!”

She’d definitely gleaned that from the thoughts Carol had been projecting in her dazed state. She usually didn’t appreciate that kind of psychic intrusion, but she made an exception. Because, in light of Jean’s remarks, Scott and Logan stepped up their efforts.

The two men grunted and gasped with delight, indulging in her sex as much as she indulged in theirs. It was so decadent and raw, but Scott and Logan still made a noble effort to ensure the pleasure was mutual. While Scott pumped into her from behind, he reached down and fondled her clit as his member slithered inside her folds. And Logan parted her hair behind her ears to keep it out of her face. He even grasped her swaying breasts, revealing he remembered how she enjoyed being fondled.

Carol quickly found herself on the cusp of orgasm. It came sooner and faster than she’d expected. All this reckless indulgence send her body into overdrive, ascending rapidly towards that special feeling of peak pleasure. She couldn’t tell if the men were close too, but she didn’t dare stop.

‘Holy shit! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come so hard!’ Carol exclaimed in her mind. ‘Jean…tell ‘em I’m close. And if they’re close too, tell ‘em to let it out! I’m on Kree birth control. I can take it!’

Jean got the message. Carol even saw her finger her pussy more intensely as she watched the scene unfold, hinting that she was close too.

“Guys, she’s about to come! And she’s coming hard!” Jean told them. “She wants you to come too. Do it inside her! She wants to feel your cum inside her!”

“Great! I’m just…about…to pop off!” Logan grunted.

“Me…too!” said Scott.

The humping and pumping escalated, rocking her body along with the bed. Their dicks slithered rapidly within her pussy and mouth, their balls tightening as they prepared to release their load.

But Carol still beat them to the punch. She came first.

“Mmf! Fuck!” she exclaimed with muffled delight.

The intensity and extent of her release was unmistakable. Carol grabbed into Logan’s thighs, arched her lower back, and curled her toes as she climaxed. Hot streams of her feminine juices flowed down her inner thighs and her vaginal muscles contracted in an onslaught of orgasmic delight.

Her eyes flashed again, which didn’t happen often during sex. But when it did, it often meant she achieved a special kind of ecstasy. As the ripples of pleasure coursed through her body, she trembled between the grasp of the two men still fucking her from both ends. Her shuddering body just gave them the extra nudge they needed to join her in the feeling.

“Here it comes! Ahhhhhh fuck!” Logan exclaimed.

The former living weapon got off next, grasping the sides of Carol’s head as he shot his load of come right into the back of her throat. He must have been holding back for a while because he released a lot, so much so that Carol gagged again briefly. Some of it even seeped out the side of her lips and dribble down her chin. It was messy, but that just made it more satisfying.

While she ingested Logan’s load and hungrily lapped up the remnants, Scott finished as well. He was a lot less profane when he climaxed, only letting out this deep, focused grunt as he released his seminal load into her pussy. He also thrust in extra deep, pushing his dick further into her vagina so he could fill her womb with his cum. Like Logan, he offered quite a bit of volume. Carol could feel traces of his fluid mix with her juices seep down her inner thighs.

‘Wow! Two guys…fucked me at the same time. I swallowed every drop of cum and took it raw, right in the baby maker. It’s so decadent and dirty. But it feels so good!’

Carol lingered in her blissful daze, her body still reeling from her orgasm and the feeling of getting two men off at once. It felt so hot, two men coming inside her at once from different ends. She knew she had a raunchy side, but she’d never fully embraced it like this.

There was no getting around it anymore. She didn’t just need this. She enjoyed it.

“My God, Carol. You’re really something,” Scott gasped, catching his breath as he pulled out. “More so than I thought.”

“Mmm…that makes two of us,” said Carol after giving Logan’s cock one last thorough lick.

“Make it three,” said Logan, still running his fingers through her hair. “There’s a difference between someone who just needs to get laid and someone with a sexy side…especially if they ain’t done much with it.”

“Yeah? Which one am I?” Carol asked jokingly.

“You just fucked a married woman and took two cocks at once. What do you think?”

The beautiful blond laughed, even with her hair disheveled and the lingering taste of cum in her mouth. Scott and Logan laughed with her. She offered them both affectionate gestures to show her appreciation. They gladly accepted, even showing some remarkable comfort in kissing someone who’d just indulged so recklessly.

That comfort didn’t seem to surprise Jean, who was still on the couch, pleasuring herself. She cast Carol another lurid look. This time, she didn’t need a telepathic message to tell her what she already knew. The way Carol continued embracing the two men made that clear.

“I think we’re all indulging in our sexy side, this evening,” said Jean. “For some of us, it’s overdue. For others, it’s just another Thursday night at the Summers home.”

“And we love Thursday nights!” snickered Logan.

“But it’s still clearly new to Carol. And she’s still our guest,” Jean pointed out. “She’s also still horny.”

“Am I projecting my dirty thoughts that loudly?” Carol said.

“No. You just won’t stop looking at their dicks. And your lady parts are still wet,” Jean pointed out.

Carol laughed again. In most other circumstances, she might have been embarrassed. Around these three, she was just having too much fun. And they didn’t seem to mind her eager state in the slightest.

“We could offer more tips and tricks on dealing with excess horniness,” said Jean, “but something tells me you can take it from here.”

“That your way of telling me I can have at it with your boys, here?” said Carol in a naughty tone.

“So long as I can keep watching and they’re on board, I say go for it!” the redhead said.

“Bold words,” said Scott, having finally caught his breath, “especially for someone who’s new to this kind of indulgence.”

“I know,” she quipped.

“But if she’s game, so am I!” added Logan.

Carol grinned in anticipation. She was not ready for this indulgence to end. Despite having climaxed multiple times, she was hungry for more. And the two men, despite having blown their loads in her, were eager to accommodate her.

Once again, Carol let her sex guide her in surmising the next course of action. The two men had already shifted their focus on her, eying and groping her naked body in anticipation of more action. But she wasn’t in the mood for extended foreplay. She was ready to fuck again.

“Bold words, indeed,” Carol said, mirroring Scott’s tone earlier. “And since you’re the one with the healing factor, Logan, lie down on your back. I’m gonna ride your dick while I tit fuck Scott, here!”

“You got it, Captain!” Logan said eagerly.

Now, he’s happy to follow orders,” said Scott, rolling his eyes.

“Bust his balls later. Get over here and put these big tits to good use!”

The two men couldn’t follow those orders fast enough. Logan got on his back with an obedience that defied his usual anti-authority attitude. But Carol quickly rewarded that obedience, mounting him in a reverse cowgirl position so that he had a perfect view of her butt.

He was already hard again. Carol hadn’t forgotten how quickly Logan recovered from a full orgasm, due to his healing factor. He once famously boasted his dick was more six-shooter than musket. And she fully intended to test that resilience.

“Nice ass, Danvers,” he said to her.

“Hope that dick of yours is ready for more,” Carol said. “Because my pussy is still hungry!”

Logan answered with that lurid growl of his, which was still such a turn-on. He then grabbed her ass with both hands and held on while she plunged her hips downward, driving his dick up into her still dripping vagina. Once she felt his hard flesh inside her, more raucous sex followed. She worked her hips while he thrust up into her, his pelvis smacking against hers in a fresh onslaught of sensations.

As their naked bodies moved, Carol narrowed her focus on Scott’s semi-hard cock. He’d been stroking himself in preparation, getting his blood flowing once more. Now, he stood propped up on his knees in front of her, a perfect view of her bouncing breasts as she rode Logan. It was a very erotic sight. And even through his ruby quartz glasses, she could how much he enjoyed it.

“Mmm…come here, Cyclops,” she said while seductively gesturing with her finger. “Let me show you my tits are as nice as my ass!”

“I’m already convinced, but…”

His words quickly trailed off as he scooted closer, allowing Carol to grasp his dick with both hands. She could already feel it getting harder, but she didn’t wait for him to get fully erect. Driven by a mix of impatience and intense horniness, she shoved his manhood between her large breasts and mashed them together. Since it was still wet with her juices from earlier, Carol quickly got a rhythm going. Before long, she was tit-fucking him at the same pace as she was riding Logan.

“Carol…your tits,” Scott gasped. “I’m even more convinced!”

“I…can be…very…convincing!” Carol said, panting heavily between movements.

“Damn right!” said Logan, still focused on her ass as it bounced up and down before him.

Their elaborate sex unfolded, filling the room with the thick musk of decadence and indulgence. Unlike before, this was less desperate and more playful. Carol was now comfortable just venting her pent-up sexual energy. The two men didn’t have to hold back for her. And Jean didn’t have to guide her. They could just enjoy this feeling and have a little fun along the way.

‘That’s it, Carol. You’re really doing it!’ Jean told her telepathically. ‘You’ve met those burning needs. Now, enjoy this feeling! Don’t be afraid to treat yourself.’

‘Believe me, Jean. I’m not afraid,’ Carol replied.

Jean snickered at her response. She also fingered herself more fervently while pressing the vibrator against her clit. Watching all this decadence unfold before her was getting her close to another orgasm. Carol could see it in the way she fondled her left breast and bit her lower lip. That just encouraged the competitive fighter pilot in her to push harder for another release of her own.

She rode Logan harder, really working her pussy along the full length of his cock. She tit-fucked Scott just as hard, siding his member between her mounds and giving the tip an occasional lick. She could hear in Logan’s grunts that he was close again. She was close too, her pussy aching for another release.

“I’m coming again! Fuck yeah, I’m coming again!” Carol said.

“Me…too! Oh fuck!” Logan grunted.

As the feeling neared, Carol looked over towards Jean. In locking eyes with her, she dared her to climax with her. The beautiful redhead readily matched her intensity. She was ready too.

“Ooh! Looks like I’m coming too!” Jean said.

“Then, by all means! Join us!” Carol said gleefully.

A chorus of orgasmic cries and grunts followed. It was hard to tell who climaxed first, but it hardly mattered. The ecstasy was just as sweet.

Carol was fairly certain she got there first. Another rush of sensations shot through her, causing her toes to curl and her back to arch. She still kept Scott’s cock securely between her breasts, really mashing them together hard as she trembled under the feeling.

Jean seemed to climax somewhere during that rush. She shoved two fingers deep into her pussy, held the vibrator against her clit, and squeezed her breast as she climaxed on the couch. She writhed so hard that she almost fell off. She even started laughing as she shuddered under the feeling.

Logan finally joined them, still squeezing her ass hard and delivering a few extra thrusts to get him over the edge. Just like before, he let out that deep feral grunt of his as he shot his load into her. And like Scott, he thrust in extra deep to really fill her womb with his man juices.

It was another hot, sensual feeling. Carol still couldn’t believe how great it felt, indulging this much after being so overwhelmed earlier that day. The first part was therapeutic. Now, she was just having fun.

“Fuck, that felt good!” Carol said, once again dazed by the ecstasy. “Please…don’t let this end, just yet. I’m not ready for it to be over.”

“Jeez, Danvers! Even guys with healing factors need a breather,” said Logan, still panting heavily.

“Then, it’s a good thing this is a team effort,” said Scott as he drew Carol into an intimate embrace. “And don’t worry, Captain. This isn’t over until you’re satisfied.”

“That a promise, soldier?” she said.

“More like a challenge…one we’re all happy to be part of,” he said.

“Well said, love!” Jean added.

Carol, still reeling from another orgasm, shot him a beaming grin. She then smothered him with a tongue-heavy kiss. She also rose off Logan, allowing him to catch his breath and regroup. If these three were serious about meeting the challenge of satisfying her, then she trusted their resolve, as well as their ability to keep up with her.

‘They really want to satisfy me. They really want to help me indulge in every decadent whim. Don’t know how often I’ll get a chance to do something like this. Might as well make it hotter, heavier, and sexier!’

The rest of the decadent sex acts that followed played out in a blur. Carol just followed every lurid whim. Scott, Logan, and Jean just followed along with her. It got a little chaotic, their sweaty naked bodies bumping and grinding about. But plenty of ecstasy came with it.

At one point, Carol pulled Scott down onto the bed, made out with him, and had her fuck her in a full missionary position. All the while, Jean joined them on the bed and gave Logan a blowjob to get him hard another.

At another, Carol got on top of Jean, mashing their breasts together and grinding their naked skin while the men took turns fucking their pussies.

During another, Jean made use of the vibrator from earlier, using it to stimulate Carol’s clit while she fingered her ass. Then, Logan bent her over the bed and went into her anally. Scott did the same to Jean right, bending her over right next to her so they could each share in anal-induced orgasms.

Shortly after that experience, Carol got on top of Scott while Logan got on top of her so they could give her a nice round of double penetration. That really got the bed rocking until they climaxed. And while the boys recovered, Carol rewarded Jean by going down on her.

Grunts, gasps, moans, and laughter all mixed together with the hot grinding of their flesh. There were no limits or hindrances. They could be as loudly, vulgar, and raunchy as they needed. Being on the moon, it was downright liberating.

‘Guess I learned a lot about myself today. I am Carol Danvers. I am Captain Marvel. I’m also a recovering alcoholic who’s dealing with a dead mother and a fresh break-up with my boyfriend. In the past, being overwhelmed led me to some really dark places. And I’ve never been particularly good at dealing with them. But now…after doing all this…I feel like I can deal with everything again.’

This renewed sense of balance grew stronger, even as Carol exhausted her sexual energy. She let it get a bit while towards the end. Their last elaborate sex act involved Logan and Scott holding her up in their arms and double penetrating her. Scott had her ass and Logan had her pussy. By now, the pace of their sex had eased to a steady romp.

“Carol…” the two men said.

“One more, guys! Just…one…more!” she told them.

Scott and Logan did their part, their bodies now covered in sweat after so much exertion. Jean was already lying back on the bed, using the vibrator to get herself off one last time. They clung to one another through the last push. And once they got their final climax, they all shared in a collective gasp.

“I think we’ve done it, boys. I think Carol is finally spent,” Jean said.

“Yeah…finally,” said Logan.

They shared another laugh as they all collapsed on the bed together. As soon as they withdrew from her, Scott curled up next to Jean while Logan helped Carol get comfortable again. She ended up lying near the foot of the bed while Logan remained upright, stretching his arms like a tired animal.

A satisfied silence fell over the room. All anyone could hear was heavy breathing and content sighs. The smell of sweat and sex hung thick in the air around them. For a moment, Carol just closed her eyes to process it all. Scott, Jean, and Logan just lingered with her in the moment, sharing in the afterglow.

“You guys…are really something,” Carol said, finally breaking the silence.

“The feeling is mutual, Carol. Very mutual,” said Jean.

“You’re also freaks. And by that, I mean the sexy kind,” she added.

“Speak for yourself,” Logan quipped.

“I won’t deny that. Not like I can after fucking two guys and a married woman,” she laughed. “But seriously…I really appreciate this. In terms of being honest with myself, I don’t have a great history.”

“In our line of work, that’s not uncommon,” said Scott.

“Which is why this was so special,” said Carol. “We don’t get many chances to just step back, indulge, and vent all these things we’ve been feeling. And even when we do, we don’t always do it in a healthy way.”

“Not sure this kind of decadent sex is the healthiest,” said Jean with a humored grin, “but it’s certainly better than some alternatives.”

“As an alcoholic, I can attest to that,” said Carol. “Call this whatever you want. It worked! We fight so hard for others. Sometimes, we forget to fight for ourselves. And sometimes…a little decadent sex is just what we need to remind us.”


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