Never Gonna Be Alone

BY : S.Minor
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Chapter  1:  Tell  How  Feel

One   breeze   Thursday    Afternoon    outside   the   mansion   a   nineteen   almost   twenty  years  old    dark  skin    mutant    tomboy  with    sliver  eyes     Nova  Munoz   and   Charles   Xavier   aka   Professor   X    talk    to     each other     for   awhile .   Then  she  knee  down   front    him  because  he  in  the   wheelchair  and       she    tell   him     how   she  feel    about  him.

“ Hey   Charlie   I  really   like   you  a lot  when     I    meet   you.   And   also   you  help   me   cope   my   brother  Armando   death ,  you   always  be  there  for   me.  This   time   my   turn   be   there  for  you  . “    She   saying    to    him    with   caring  nervous  voice    and   she  look  down as  she     blush.

Charles  saw   Nova   blush  as   he   us   his  hand   touch    her   face,  then   she    look    at   his   blue   eyes    and    he    tell    her.

“ My   Love   I    really   Like    you     a lot    to  when  I  meet   you.   I   always    be  there   for  you    no matter  what.  I  scary    almost    lose   you   at  Cuba       Island        cause         you    take    bullet    for    me.  “    He   saying   to   her  with    a  warm   kind  voice as  he  slow  get   close  to     her   and   he     start   kiss   her   on  lip.

Nova   kiss   Charles   back  and   they  start   kissing   harder    nonstop    as  their   tongue  play   each   other.  He   bite   her  lip  make    her  moan   and    he    whisper   in   her  ear.

“My   Love  ,    I    love    you    so   much  . “    He    saying   to   her   as  he   kiss  her    on    forehead  make   her    blush.

Nova   feel   Charles    kiss  her  on  forehead  and   she   tell   him.

“  Charlie  ditto. “   She   saying    to  him   as   she   kiss   him   on    lip     again   more    passion .

Charles   kiss  Nova  back   more    deeply     make   her     moan  as  he  rub    her  back  and   then    he  stop   kissing    her .    And    also      He     remember    Armando  Munoz  aka  Darwin   tell    him  about  her.
       { Flash    Back}    “ Mr.  Xavier   please   watch   over   my   little    sister     Nova    because   she      is      19   years   old   but    her   mind     is      children  between  toddler    mean     she is  age   regression      but    she     smart   her     own     way      and     also     she    will    protect    you   and    she   give   life     for   you.”

    { End  Flash  Back}    Charles   look   at  Nova, he   smile   at    her   and   he    tell   her.

“My   Love   we   better    go   back    inside .”   He   saying   with   caring   English ascent  make    her    blush.

Nova     smile   at   Charles   and   then    they  go   back    inside   the   mansion.

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