A Meaningful Moment

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Disclaimer: I don’t own X-Men, Ms. Marvel, mutants, the Inhumans, or the Champions. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

A Meaningful Moment
Kamala Khan And Teen Cyclops

AN: The following is a simple one-shot inspired by a few scenes from the Champions comics, as well as some other fan-made content I’ve come across. It takes place while the time-displaced X-Men are still in the present and teen Cyclops is still a member of the Champions. During that run, he and Kamala Khan had some nice moments together. This just builds on that.

In addition, I altered some of the events that occurred in the Ms. Marvel comics prior to her joining the Champions, most notably with her former crush-turned-enemy, Kamran. I’ll touch on that briefly.

Disclaimer: I don’t own X-Men, Ms. Marvel, mutants, the Inhumans, or the Champions. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean inner thoughts or psychic communication.’

Warning: This story contains graphic sexual content. If you are not comfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. But if you do, I certainly welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the website or send them to me directly via email. Either way is fine. Enjoy!

Champions Headquarters

Being a superhero wasn’t easy. Captain America, himself, once said it wasn’t supposed to be easy. If it were, then it wouldn’t be as meaningful.

That sentiment resonated with Kamala Khan, even before she gained superpowers and became Ms. Marvel. Being a lifelong fangirl of superheroes, she gave more thought to heroism than most. Her idol, Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers encouraged her to channel that passion. More than one of her fellow teammates on the Champions claimed that made her uniquely equipped to become the hero she was now. It was why they often saw her as the leader of their team.

But lately, being a superhero felt like the easiest part of her life. When she was Ms. Marvel, everything felt simpler, even when facing daunting threats. She and the Champions were heroes. They fought bad guys while seeking to reaffirm why superheroes were still necessary in this crazy world. As Ms. Marvel, she could handle that better than most.

But as Kamala Khan, the Pakistani teenage girl from Jersey City, everything was harder.

‘Why is being Kamala harder than being Ms. Marvel? It’s so messed up! I’ve fought Hydra. I’ve punched aliens. I’ve teamed up with the Avengers, for crying out loud! I should be half-crazy by now…desperate for anything resembling a normal life.’

The teen hero hugged her shoulders as she tried to settle her thoughts. She’d been sitting on her bed in the Champions’ dormitories for nearly a half-hour. She didn’t stay at headquarters often – only ever doing so when she couldn’t get home in time and could get Nakia or Zoey to cover for her. It was a nice room, as was to be expected for any facility paid for by Tony Stark. But it was little more than a gloried hotel room, lacking any of the comforts and décor of her bedroom back home.

‘But here I am…not wanting to take off my Ms. Marvel uniform. Because the idea of just being Kamala for a while scares me more than another Skrull invasion.’

That should’ve given her ample incentive to head out. It was getting late. Most of her fellow Champions had left an hour ago. Like her, they all had their own lives, both in and out of costume. Most were eager to get back to those lives for a while, even if the amenities at the Champions’ headquarters were nicer.

But Kamala found herself less eager than usual. It wasn’t just because things with her family were chaotic at the moment. Between Amir’s wedding and her father’s illness, life within the Khan household had been stressful. And unlike being a superhero, there was no way to punch or embiggen her way through these issues. She had to deal with it as Kamala and it just felt like she’d been getting worse at that.

Closing her eyes, she held her head low and sighed.

‘It didn’t used to be this way. Dealing with my family…just being Kamala…that kept me grounded. That made me a better Ms. Marvel…a better Champion. Now, when I need it to work the other way around, it just…ugh! I hate this! When did my non-superhero life get so messed up?’

As soon as she contemplated that question, her gaze shifted to her phone, which was charging on the table nearby. It happened to show the date when a text came in from Aamir. It contained another picture of him and his pregnant wife, Tyesha. He’d been sending a lot of those pictures to her and the rest of the family, as if to track his child’s growth in a way everyone could follow.

It was a sweet sentiment, and one the family needed after her father’s illness. But seeing her brother and his wife so excited about welcoming their future child reminded Kamala of certain events she’d preferred to forget. And they all centered around a certain someone she preferred to forget even more – Kamran.

Just thinking his name within her head triggered a vivid recollection of memories. And those memories had only gotten more painful with time.

Several Months Ago

“It’s okay, Kamala. You can trust me.”

Kamran had been saying that since the moment they kissed on a rooftop under the moonlight. It felt like a scene right out of a classic Bollywood film. But this was real. This was actually happening to her.

He must have said it a dozen times. And Kamala believed his every word. That was why she agreed to follow him back to his place across the city. It was also why she agreed to sneak into his bedroom, lock the door, and engage in the kind of forbidden love that every Pakistani teenager had been told to avoid. In her head, she heard every adult and authority figure she’d ever met that this was wrong. But it just felt so right.

“Oh Kamran!” Kamala gasped, her world spinning in a storm of emotions and sensations.

It unfolded so quickly, but in the best possible way.

First, they started making out on top of his bed.

Then, they started taking off their clothes.

Then, they started exploring one another’s naked bodies, using their lips and hands to the utmost.

Finally, they had sex.

It was Kamala’s first time. She chose, in this moment of heightened passion, that she would give her virginity to this boy. The weight of that choice was still sinking in, but the feelings coursing through her were just so overwhelming. This had to be right.

After all, Kamran said she could trust him.

“Kamala…so hot…so tight!” he grunted through his rhythmic exertion. “You…are perfect!”

The way he said those words came off as strange. They sounded very different from the sweet, sentimental tone he’d used when he said she could trust him. But Kamala refused to second guess her choice at this point.

Besides, it was already too late. They were already doing it. Her virgin flesh had been claimed by this boy. Now, it was just a matter of how their sex would play out.

Kamran on top of her, the weight of his naked body pressing down against her as he held her wrists next to her head. Utilizing all the leverage she’d freely given, he thrust his hips with increasing vigor, pumping his hardened cock within the tight folds of her pussy. Kamala panted heavily, unable to move much in her prone position. All she could do was wrap her legs around his waist and hold on, not knowing for sure if this was how sex her first time was supposed to be.

‘This is really happening. We’re naked. We’re alone. We’re having sex! He’s inside me and it…it hurt at first. But that’s supposed to happen, right? It started feeling better after a while. But…’

Her thoughts betrayed her, unable to keep up with what was happening. She wasn’t in pain, but the pleasure she thought was supposed to accompany sex didn’t follow. It was getting more and more distressing. But Kamran didn’t seem to realize that.

He just kept humping away like a man possessed, holding her wrists down and unleashing every ounce of pent-up desire onto her. Kamala could barely move, remaining pinned on her back and at the mercy of Kamran’s lust. The loving, affectionate gestures from earlier had given way something so raw and shallow.

He wouldn’t even kiss her. Instead, he just buried her face in her neck, hungrily nibbling on her skin. At first, it was light. But it soon became more aggressive.

“Hnn…Kamran!” Kamala said in half-protest.

“Ohhh fuck! I’m close!” he grunted. “Kamala…I’m close!”

“Then, pull out!” she urged. “Do it before…”

But once again, it was too late. Kamran either didn’t hear her or chose not to heed her words. He just humped harder and faster, squeezing her wrists harder as he neared his release. In her pinned position, Kamala could do nothing. She just braced herself, staring up at the bland white ceiling while her world trembled under the weight of this young man’s lust.

“Oohhh God, yes!” Kamran exclaimed, his voice seething with ecstasy.

Kamala closed her eyes and awaited what came next.

She felt Kamran’s cock tense inside her, his flesh penetrating hers to the utmost. She then felt a thick stream of seminal fluid shoot up inside her, creating this strange warmth within her. Like a reflex, her lower body recoiled to the feeling. Kamala didn’t know if it was supposed to feel good or if she was supposed to feel sick – and not just because she wasn’t on birth control.

A part of her hoped for some other feeling or emotion, which would somehow make this act more fulfilling. But it never came. When she opened her eyes, she just saw the ceiling again. She could still feel Kamran on top of her, still holding her down while he moaned with this perverse satisfaction. He was clearly awash in a mix of ecstasy and triumph. But Kamala felt nothing of the sort.

“You see, Kamala?” Kamran whispered into her year, the weight of his naked body still pressing against hers. “This is meant to be. We’re perfect for each other!”

Upon hearing those words, a new dread came over her. This experience that started off feeling so right now felt very wrong. This boy she had swooned over just a few hours ago suddenly seemed like a very different person. And the same instincts that had urged her to do this were now telling her that she had made a terrible mistake.

Champions Headquarters – Present

“I can’t believe I was so stupid!” Kamala cried.

After lurid terrible memory played out, she buried her face in her arms and sobbed. She didn’t need to recall the events that played out soon after. Everything went horribly wrong from there. Kamran revealed his true colors, as well as his plot to abduct her and take her to Lineage. Kamala took extra pleasure in kicking his ass and telling him off.

But even after Kamran was out of her life, the memory lingered. She did everything she could to put it behind her. That included a very private visit with Janet Van Dyne, who got her the morning after pill so that she didn’t get pregnant. She also helped her go on birth control. She even gave her a valid medical reason that she could share with her parents.

But that was still the easy part. Making sense of all the feelings and emotions afterward proved much harder. Janet even put her in touch with a therapist who specialized in superheroes. She’d talked to her a few times over the past few months. Kamala even credited her efforts with helping her become a leader with the Champions.

But even if she was a better hero – and in a better place, overall – it still didn’t change that fateful choice. Kamala let misguided emotions lead to a bad choice. She had to live with that and all the regret that came with it.

‘We all have regrets. They’re unavoidable…especially in this line of work. All you can do is move forward. It’ll still suck. But it’ll suck less with time.’

Kamala had been saying that to herself a lot recently. She couldn’t let bad memories destroy her. She was a superhero. She was Ms. Marvel. She had met so many other heroes. And many of them had their share of regrets, bad memories, and emotional baggage. Some were objectively worse than hers.

But it still felt like Kamran had this hold on her. No matter what she did, she couldn’t let go of the pain he’d caused her. He’d broken her heart, taken her virginity, and ruined a moment that could’ve been so special. As fought through more sobs, Kamala wondered if she would ever overcome this burden.

“Kamala? Are you okay?” came an unexpected voice.

Startled, Kamala turned to see a concerned Scott Summers standing in her doorway. The time-displaced teenager was still in his uniform, looking like he’d just finished some late training, which wasn’t at all unusual for him. But seeing her on her bed, her face stained by light tears, significantly changed his usually disciplined demeanor.

“Scott, I uh…didn’t know you were still here,” Kamala said, quickly wiping her eyes clean of tears.

“Bobby said a mission came up on their end. So, I decided to stay here for the night,” said Scott. “But if I knew something was wrong, I would’ve decided sooner.”

He closed the door behind him and sat next to her on the bed. He didn’t hesitate to offer a sympathetic embrace, which Kamala accepted after some brief hesitation. The time-displaced Cyclops wasn’t known for outward affection. But he shared it with a select few. And since joining the Champions, Kamala had become one of those few.

“Do you want to talk about it? Or just talk in general?” Scott asked.

“I’m…not sure,” said Kamala, still conflicted. “I tempted to say leave me alone. But that hasn’t been working for me lately.”

“I’d still be inclined to stay. I’m not a fan of just leaving my friends to sulk.”

“Even if I yelled at you?”

“That would just convince me I should stay. No matter how many embiggened fists you throw at me.”

Kamala laughed under her breath, which helped mitigate the sobs. He offered a slight smile as well to lighten the mood. It wasn’t much, but she already felt somewhat better.

“You’re a real glutton for punishment, Summers,” Kamala said.

“I know. It’s practically one of my superpowers at this point,” said Scott.

“Well, I’ll try to be gentle,” she quipped. “But I’m still new to this…being a superhero and being a functional teenager.”

“Being one or the other is hard enough. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to be both.”

“But it still sucks when you fail at both.”

“Kamala, the world is still intact. Hydra hasn’t taken over the world. And Galactus hasn’t eaten this planet yet,” Scott pointed out. “You can’t say we’ve failed at both.”

Kamala sighed. Now she felt even worse, thinking her misery somehow reflected the current state of the world. The Champions had endured plenty of challenges so far, but equating those hardships with her personal failures just made her seem selfish.

“Ugh! Now, I sound like a superpowered drama queen,” Kamala lamented.

“No. You sound like an overwhelmed teenager. That means you’re more functional than you think,” said Scott.

“Ugh! I hate how logical that sounds.”

“Then…maybe I should stop stalking. It sounds like I’m upsetting you,” he said, showing more concern.

Kamala found herself embracing him closer.

“No. Please don’t,” she said, quickly changing her tone. “I’m sorry. I just…don’t think I should be overwhelmed and by myself right now.”

“It’s okay,” he said. “I’ll stay as long as you need me…even if I can’t offer much.”

“You’re already doing plenty,” Kamala told him, smiling at him. “And honestly, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with right now.”

Scott smiled back. He even blushed a little. The way she said it came off as more sentimental than she’d anticipated. But Kamala didn’t dare take it back. If anything, she found herself clinging to this boy’s embrace even more.

“Then, I’ll be here for you, Kamala,” Scott said without reservation. “We don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want. We can just…sit and process all the craziness in our lives.”

“On that front, I think you still have me beat,” said Kamala. “None of my problems involve time travel and an evil future self.”

“Not all craziness is the same…relatively speaking,” he said. “It’s still overwhelming. We just have to find a way to manage.”

“Yeah…and everything I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked.”

“Well, whatever you try next, just remember you don’t have to do it alone.”

He cast her another warm smile. This time, Kamala was the one who blushed. But that didn’t stop her from smiling back.

Scott Summers was a lot of things, but his dedication to his friends always seemed take priority. It didn’t matter what he had going on – and after what happened with his older self, he had a lot. He always made room for his friends.

Even when other members on the team gave him a hard time, Scott never let it get to him. He remained as dedicated as anyone to the Champions’ mission. For what he had endured during his brief time in the future, that was no small feat. It was a big reason why Kamala came to admire him so much. It was also why she never lost faith in him, even when others questioned his heart after what happened with his older self.

‘You learn a lot about someone’s character by how they return the faith you put in them.’

That was something her brother, Amir, often said whenever he talked about his faith. Once again, his piety revealed a simple truth.

Kamala put her faith in Scott. And Scott went onto returned that faith in kind. He ended up confiding in her more than anyone else on the team – even more so than the other time-displaced X-Men. He’d already told her things about his older self, his father, and Jean Grey that he hadn’t told anyone. Kamala valued that a great deal. And she’d told him things about her life, as well – things she didn’t trust with just anyone.

As they sat in silence briefly, just taking in all the overwhelming feelings that came with their lives, Kamala made a decision. She was going to once again put her faith in this boy.

“A few months ago…I lost my virginity,” Kamala said, opting to just blurt it out.

Scott was taken aback briefly by this revelation. But there was no judgment or disgust in his gaze. His concern remained sincere and genuine.

“At first, it felt so right,” she continued, every word feeling so heavy. “I thought I’d met the boy of my dreams. We barely knew each other, but all the butterflies and hormones were just going a million miles an hour. One moment, we were just kissing. The next, we were in his room and taking our clothes off. And the next…well, you get the idea.”

“I don’t need to know the details,” assured Scott. “Especially if they’re too painful to recall.”

“I appreciate that,” Kamala retorted. “But don’t get the wrong idea. This wasn’t him taking advantage of me or anything that terrible. This was me making a choice in the heat of the moment…thinking it was right because it felt so good. I didn’t realize how wrong it was until it was over. And by then, it was too late.”

Regret and sorrow crept into her tone. Once again, Scott consoled her with a friendly embrace. Again, Kamala accepted it. His kind, gentle touch was exactly what she needed in that moment. It was something she hadn’t gotten from anyone since this happened.

“I know a thing or two about regret,” said Scott. “I may not have done the things my older self did…at least not yet. But I still feel all that baggage. And it sucks. There’s no other way to say it.”

“You’re not going to say we’re stronger because of it, are you?” asked Kamala dryly.

“If I did, I’d be lying to you. And I don’t lie to my friends.”

That statement, alone, almost brought Kamala to tears. She fought back more sobs. After Kamran, the value of honesty and the damage done by lies became so much clearer. Having a superhero identity already did plenty to complicate her life in that regard. It also made every bit of truth and honesty more valuable.

“That’s the worst part,” Kamala lamented. “The boy I trusted…the one I chose to give myself to so completely…he lied to me. He always had his own agenda. Making me swoon over him was just a means to an end.”

“That’s the worst kind of lie,” said Scott.

“And I feel for it!” she cried. “He kept saying I could trust him. And I believed him! I wanted to believe him.”

“You wanted what you felt for him to be real. That’s entirely understandable. Believe me, I know that feeling too.”

“But I wanted it so bad that I ignored every red flag or bad feeling. I mean come one! I should’ve known better. Every parent and mullah taught me to see the signs. The fact he kept saying I could trust him should’ve been the end of it. Or at the very least, it should’ve helped me keep my clothes on.”

“That’s the regret and the hindsight talking, Kamala,” said Scott. “You can’t let that add to the burden.”

“Yeah, well maybe I deserve it,” Kamala said in a low tone.

But Scott didn’t let her bow her head too low. He just softly cupped her chin, raised her gaze to his, and looked her eye in the eye through his ruby-quartz glasses.

“No. You don’t,” he said strongly. “Nobody deserves that. Especially you.”

“That’s sweet, but…” she began, only to be cut off again.

“It’s not just a friendly sentiment. It’s true. Kamala, you’re the heart of this team. You understand what goes into being a hero more than anyone I’ve met. And yes, that includes the Avengers.”

“But this has nothing to do with being a hero.”

“I disagree,” he retorted. “You can’t be a hero without knowing what’s right…be it in the recent past or distant future. And you can’t be a hero without knowing you’ve made bad choices and accepting them. Sure, you’re gonna have regrets. But you don’t make excuses. You learn, grow, and make better choices.”

Some of his words came off as harsh, but necessary. Scott wasn’t telling her what she wanted to hear. He was telling her what she needed to hear. It was difficult, accepting all the times she screwed up, both as Ms. Marvel and as Kamala Khan. But just hearing that perspective laid out by a friend helped lessen the burden. She even found herself smiling somewhat.

“You really think I can make better decisions after something like this?” Kamala asked.

“If you didn’t, then you’d already be a supervillain. And the Champions wouldn’t stand a chance against you,” he said.

That got her to laugh. And it felt good to laugh again, especially when it came courtesy of Scott Summers. He was not known for his sense of humor. If anything, he was better known by his utter lack of one. So, when he made someone laugh for the right reasons, it carried a lot more weight.

The laughter helped ease the mood in the room. It also helped Kamala feel angry upset with herself. It was just nice to finally talk to someone about this. Being a superhero with a secret identity meant having few friends to confide in with personal issues, even those that didn’t involve being a hero. And Scott, despite his unique situation, was very easy to talk to.

It also helped that he was cute, kind, and caring. That hadn’t been lost on Kamala. However, she didn’t let herself look at Scott in that way – or any male friend, for that matter – since Kamran. At the same time, a part of her still entertained some undeniably intimate thoughts.

‘He’s so honest, sincere, and dedicated…everything I wanted Kamran to be. Except with Scott, I know he’s every bit as good as I think he is. He showed it every day and in every battle. Why Jean Grey is so reluctant to be with him is beyond me. If I were in her position, I…’

Kamala had to stop her train of thought before it got too specific. But it was already too late. The idea was in her head. And it quickly blossomed into other feelings, which in turn had other noticeable effects on her body.

Suddenly, Kamala found herself looking at Scott Summers with the same dreamy-eyed gaze she’d once directed towards Kamran. But unlike him, this wasn’t so shallow or crude.

“You know what the second worst part of all this is?” Kamala said, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen over them.

“What?” Scott asked curiously.

“That no matter how well I deal with this…my first sexual experience will always be with some lying, manipulative jerk,” she said bitterly. “I know it’s cheesy. But I always thought a girl’s first time was supposed to be special. Even if it’s awkward and weird, it should still be special. Right?”

“Ideally, it should be,” said Scott. “But it’s not an ideal world.”

That’s for sure. But ideal or not, I don’t want this to ruin sex for me. At some point, I’d like to enjoy it like any normal person…normal being totally relative, that is.”

“And I’m sure you’ll get your chance, Kamala. In addition to being a great hero, you’re a beautiful young woman.”

Kamala’s heart skipped a beat. She also heard a distinct shift in his tone. Scott’s usually disciplined demeanor faltered somewhat. That rarely happened during an intense battle. But she saw that it did happen frequently when he talked about girls, especially Jean Grey. It led her to believe that he looked at her with the same starry-eyed gaze.

‘He thinks I’m beautiful…and a great hero. My God, it’s happening again! My heart and my hormones are making me feel certain things for my boy. But this time, my brain isn’t putting up a fight.’

Another silence fell over them. A distinct tension filled the room. Scott shifted awkwardly where he sat, but he remained close. Then, in what felt like an unseen force drawing them together, Kamala reached out to grasp her hand in his. And as soon as she felt his warm touch, the once lurid idea morphed into full-fledged desire.

“Scott…” Kamala said, the desire apparent in her tone.

“Kamala, I…don’t entirely know what you’re feeling now,” Scott said, already sounding short of breath. “But this might be a good time to think before we act.”

“I don’t disagree,” she replied. “But what if we give it plenty of thought – maybe even more thought than we should – and still decide to act.”

“That still wouldn’t make it right.”

“But what if the more we think about it, the more right it seems? So much so that not acting will only lead to more regret.”

“That’s a lot of what ifs,” Scott pointed out.

“Are you going to tell me you haven’t tried to think your way out of it?”

Scott fell silent again. He could’ve said yes at that moment and it would’ve ended this moment. He could’ve gotten up, shared an awkward goodbye, and left the room with no hard feelings. Kamala wouldn’t have thought less of him if he did.

But he never flinched. He remained seated on the bed next to her, squeezing her hand with his. He kept looking at her and then down at their hands, as though he were analyzing this moment like he would any battle against Hydra.

Eventually, he came to the same conclusion as her. And when he scooted in closer, the warmth of their bodies becoming entwined, the decision became clear. It was just a matter of who would put it into words first.

“Please…stay with me tonight,” Kamala told him, her voice sincere and impassioned. “Hold me. Kiss me. Have sex with me.”

“Kamala…” Scott said, once again at a loss for words.

“My first time sucked. I can’t change that. But we can make this better. And together, we can make it special.”

“You say that with such certainty,” he said distantly. “How can you be so sure?”

Kamala paused again. Now sitting so close, their faces just a few inches apart, she reached up and caressed his face. In doing so, their bodies were drawn together even more. It helped answer his question before she could even respond.

“Because this time, I’m with someone I genuinely trust…someone I know will do the right thing for someone he cares about,” said Kamala.

“And…you’re sure you want this?” Scott asked, as if to give her another chance to pull back.

She gave herself yet another moment to think. Even so, her decision did not change.

“I’m sure,” she said confidently. “But only if you want this, as well. It doesn’t have to mean more than it has to. And if you’re at all concerned, just know I am on birth control. I’m also completely coherent…and not just acting on hormones and loneliness.”

Now, it was his turn to give it more thought. A part of Kamala grew nervous. She worried that if he pulled away now, she might have just made an even bigger fool of herself. She would’ve come across as this desperately horny teenage girl trying to right the wrongs of her first sexual experience. She wasn’t sure how she could deal with that, should it come to pass.

Thankfully, it didn’t happen. Scott gave her hand another squeeze, smiled at her, and slipped his other arm around her waist. At the same time, a new demeanor came over him.

“You know, ever since I came to this time, I've tried to make meaningful connections…with Jean, with my friends, and with everyone on the Champions,” Scott said. “I’ve even had chances to open myself up to others…emotionally and physically. And still, I held back.”

“And what about this chance?” asked Kamala, daring him to be bolder.

His smile widened and he leaned in closer.

“This time,” Scott said. “I’m not holding back.”

In that moment, he made his decision too. And, without saying a word, he affirmed it by capturing her lips in a soft, affectionate kiss.

Almost immediately, the thoughts and desires that had emerged so suddenly within this vulnerable moment took physical form. The soft taste of his lips and the caring touch of his hands sent a distinct twinge of warmth through Kamala’s body and soul. It did not feel at all similar to what happened between her and Kamran. This wasn’t instinct and misguided emotions. This was real, honest, and distinct for her and Scott.

‘This is really happening! I’m going to do it. I’m going to have sex with Scott Summers. And this time, it’s going to be special.’

That certainty, along with her growing desires, helped set the tone for the intimate experience manifesting before them. It didn’t happen all at once. Neither one of them was in a rush. She and Scott just lingered on the side of the bed, kissing and embracing one another. They weren’t eager lovers. They were just a couple of inexperienced teenagers getting a feel for one another’s bodies.

Eventually, the kissing and touching escalated. They soon made their way towards the center of the bed, kicking off their shoes and socks in the process. Scott even pulled the covers back, helping Kamala get more comfortable. It was a level of consideration and care that convinced her even more that she wanted this.

“You’re a good kisser. And you know how to treat a girl,” Kamala told him with a beaming grin. “You sure you’re not still holding back?”

“Yes. I’m sure,” Scott said, smiling back confidently.

The kissing and touching resumed. It quickly evolved into heated make-out session – the kind befitting of a couple of horny teenagers. They even dared to be a little playful, giggling foolishly when they touched one another a certain way. Kamala practically squealed when he gave her butt a firm squeeze. That was something she didn’t expect to like so much. She returned the favor by nibbling on his lower lip, which Scott also seemed to enjoy.

Eventually, the playfulness gave way to the greater heat of the moment. And they began shedding their clothes. It wasn’t quite as rushed or desperate as her first time. And Kamala didn’t feel nearly as nervous or self-conscious, either. Scott was even overly careful in helping her out of her Ms. Marvel uniform, going extra slow in slipping it off. She had to offer him a reassuring smile at one point to help move things along.

“It’s okay. Go ahead and take it off,” Kamala told him. “I want you to see me naked.”

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “Just trying to be considerate.”

“Aww! That just makes you even sweeter,” she said curtly.

They laughed together, which helped balance the intensity of the moment. It made things easier as she and Scott continued peeling off each other’s clothing. Kamala soon found herself stripped down to her white cotton panties. The sight of her exposed breasts definitely drew Scott’s attention. Even through his ruby quartz glasses, she sensed how much he admired them. But as much as she enjoyed his approving gaze, they didn’t let that stop them from following their desires.

The foreplay continued. Eventually, Scott was the first to be rendered fully nude, having shed his boxers along with his pants. And despite this not being the first time she’d been in the presence of a naked man, Kamala still blushed at the sight.

‘Wow! Those online rumors about Cyclops’ penis were true. No wonder he managed to date Emma Frost and Jean Grey.’

Scott grinned at her gaze, gladly letting her admire his endowments while he formulated a plan. Kamala could already sense that tactical mind of his hard at work. The way he was looking at her, he didn’t look at all inclined to jump right into the sex. That just wasn’t his style and Kamala welcomed that.

And as he eyed her lower body, still covered by her panties, she could tell he’d surmised a plan.

“I want this to be good for you, Kamala,” he told her. “I want it to feel as good as you deserve.”

“If you’re trying to make me want you even more, you’re overdoing it,” Kamala quipped.

“I’m serious,” Scott said. “If this is going to be special, then I’ll need to go the extra mile.”

Before she could inquire what that entailed, Scott hovered over her and grasped the sides of her panties. Then, with the same care he’d shown earlier, he slid them down her shapely legs. And upon discarding him, she was as naked as him.

On instinct, she still felt a bit self-conscious, being so exposed to him. This had also been the point during her first time when Kamran’s demeanor shifted, going from affectionate to overeager once he had a naked woman within his grasp. The experience went downhill from there.

But Scott’s demeanor shifted in a very different way. Looking at her as she lay under him, his resolve only intensified.

“Lie back,” he instructed. “I’m going to give you oral sex.”

“Um…okay,” said Kamala, excited yet nervous. “Just so you know, I’ve never…well, received oral before.”

“All the more reason to try it,” Scott reasoned. “It’s supposed to help a woman get nice and wet before sex. And hopefully, that makes it better.”

Kamala was tempted to ask how he came to know the intricacies of female sexual arousal. Then, she remembered that he and the other time-displaced X-Men had spent time around Wolverine and Emma Frost. Given the rumors about their sexual history, there were any number of ways they could’ve gleaned that knowledge.

She chose not to question the source or reason. She just did as he requested, lying back and getting more comfortable while Scott narrowed his gaze on her inner thighs. Kamala just took deep breaths in anticipation, willingly spreading her legs so the time-displaced teen could get into position.

He still teased her a bit, leaning in and burying his face between her breasts before trailing his lips down his torso. The soft, affectionate feeling of his lips and tongue sent wondrous shivers coursing through her body. Kamala’s anticipation grew as he inched his way closer to her pelvis where her exposed womanhood awaited. When she finally felt his lips make contact with her outer labia, she purred with excitement.

“Ooh! I’m…more sensitive than I thought,” Kamala said.

“I’ll be gentle,” Scott assured her.

With both palms on her inner thighs, he pushed her legs further apart. The path now clear to him, Scott proceeded to give her the oral sex he promised. Kamala didn’t know what to expect, but she was pleasantly surprised by the sensations that followed.

‘Oh my God! A boy is actually going down on me. His tongue is actually in my vagina. And it feels…good. It feels really, really good! Kamran never even offered to do this for me. Guess this shows what his priorities were…and how Scott’s are different.’

Her breathing sharpened.

Her hips, legs, and torso contorted to the hot feelings coursing through her.

Her heart raced as her body lit up with gentle waves of bliss radiating from within.

Kamala squealed and cooed with delight, grinning widely and clenching the sheets below her. She also bent her knees back while keeping her thighs fully spread, giving Scott plenty of room to work.

He didn’t do anything elaborate. He just used his lips and tongue to simulate her most intimate areas to the utmost. He started by just licking up along the length of her moist slit, giving extra stimulation to her swollen clitoris. That really got her moaning. He then probed her vaginal folds with his tongue, tasting her womanly juices and finding those sensitive spots. Kamala must have had more of those spots than usual because the sheer intensity of the sensations surprised her. She even came close to climaxing a few times.

‘Wow! This is incredible! Either I’m uniquely sensitive to oral sex or I don’t fully understand my own anatomy. I don't think I’ve never been this wet and horny before.’

As Kamala took in the feeling, Scott grew bolder. He was practically gorging on her pussy, letting out these deep moans of contentment as he lapped his way around her inner thighs like a man on a mission. She could even feel his gaze on her, looking up at her expression as he ate her out. She could also feel his growing desire for her. Looking down at him, her own desire entered uncharted territory.

‘I want this. I want to have sex with Scott Summers. I swear I’ve never wanted anything more in my life! But this time, it needs to be different.’

Even in her impassioned state, Kamala hadn’t forgotten how unequal her first time had been. During that experience, she just laid on her back and braced herself. But after what Scott was doing for her, she determined that she had to play a more active role.

“Scott…” said Kamala through her breathless daze. “I’m ready!”

“Mmf! Already?” Scott said, briefly pulling away from her inner thighs.

“Yes! Please…let’s do this.”

Daring to follow her passions for all the right reasons, she drew Scott into another intimate embrace and kissed him. She didn’t even care that his face dripped with her own juices. She even found it oddly arousing, much to her surprise.

In a swift shifting of their naked bodies, Scott soon found himself on his back in the same spot where Kamala had been. Now on top of him, she eagerly straddled his waist and rubbed her pelvis along the underside of his penis. He was already mostly erect, a likely byproduct of both the oral sex and the foreplay that preceded it. The added touch of her hot, moist pussy helped get him to a state of full arousal.

Now, he was as ready as her. They were ready to share in this feeling together.

“Kamala…you’re beautiful,” Scott said, looking up at her in awe as he lightly grasped her hips.

“And you’re such a sweetheart,” she said affectionately. “But you’ve done your part. Now, let me do mine!”

He grinned and nodded, trusting her to make the first move. That was another thing Kamran never let her do. It was exhilarating, but it also raised the stakes even more. If this was going to be better, she had to make the effort.

Determined, as well as incredibly horny, Kamala aligned their bodies. Once she felt the tip of his penis rub against her wet slit, she took another deep breath and prepared. Unlike before, she felt totally ready for this. And with one hand on his waist and another on the base of his shaft, she lowered her hips so that he entered her.

“Oohhh it’s in!” Kamala gasped. “I feel you…inside me!”

“So hot and tight…my God,” Scott moaned.

As she felt his hardened manhood penetrate her depths, she locked her gaze with his. As they took in the feeling, Scott reached up and caressed her face. There was such a soft affection to his touch – a stark contrast from what she’d experienced before. That filled her with a new kind of passion, which quickly translated into an outpouring of sexual energy.

Basic instinct and focused desire took it from there. Their naked bodies began moving, following the sudden flow of sensations and feelings that emerged within. Kamala was slow and careful at first, simply working the folds of her pussy along the full length of her partner’s penis. There wasn’t as much discomfort as the first time, but it still took a moment for her body to adjust to his. And once they got a feel for one another, the sex took on a whole new dimension.

‘We’re really doing this. We’re having sex! I’m on top. I’m riding him. And it feels so good! Way better than before!’

Steadily, the pace of their sex escalated. Kamala worked her hips harder and faster, rocking their naked bodies along with the bed in the process. The hot sounds of his masculine flesh slithering within her feminine depths filled the room, supplementing the steady onslaught of moans and gasps. It was a little chaotic – an obvious sign of her excitement and inexperience. But it was also fun and playful.

Delighted laughter mixed with their impassioned gasps. Kamala let herself get more animated in her movements. At times, it was like she was dancing atop him, putting on a show for the handsome guy under her. Scott definitely appreciated it, a beaming grin never leaving his face as he felt up her naked body with his affectionate hands. At one point, she guided them to her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze them as she rode his dick.

“That’s it, Scott!” Kamala moaned. “Touch me…feel me…share this with me.”

He answered with an affectionate grunt while caressing her breasts. It sent shivers down her spine, perfectly complementing the hot sensations radiating from her core. Kamala then found herself placing her hands atop his, holding him closer to deepen the intimacy of the moment. Their eyes still locked, they held one another as the feeling played out.

Eventually, Kamala found herself approaching that special sensual plateau. The heat in her core built up, like a spark poised to start a firestorm. She thought she’d been close earlier, but now she knew for certain. She was going to achieve orgasm.

“Oh my…I’m close!” Kamala panted. “Ooh sweet Allah, I’m so close!”

Scott’s grin widened as he kept squeezing her breasts, holding on as she rocked her hips harder and faster, like the final sprint before the proverbial finish line. She held onto him too, interlocking her fingers with his and grasping them firmly as she held on for coming release. When it finally arrived, Kamala threw her head back and beamed to the heavens as the ecstasy washed over her.

“Oohhhh yes!”

“Kamala…” Scott said over the spectacle.

It was like diving into a sea of pure, liquid bliss. Her body trembled, the inner muscles of her vagina tensed, and a myriad of nerves inside and out went ablaze with sensation. Kamala had experienced orgasms before, being a healthy teenage girl who sometimes took extra-long showers. But none had ever felt like this.

‘Whoa! This is definitely different. This feeling…this pleasure…doing it with someone who actually cares…this is how great sex is supposed to be!’

Kamala moaned, panted, and purred as the orgasmic rush consumed her. As she trembled under the feeling, Scott rose from his position and embraced her. He also drew her into another soft kiss, as if to remind her that this was an act of shared desire. That only made it more satisfying.

Still short of breath, she kissed back. And when she opened her eyes, she gave his hands another squeeze to convey both her affection and her appreciation.

“That…was even better than I thought it would be!” Kamala said.

“Well, you definitely did your part…just like you said you would,” said Scott.

“I still didn’t know…that it could be this great…this powerful.”

Her words and thoughts became less coordinated. She still managed to get her point across when she kissed him again. Scott got the message and kissed back. In the process, their genitals parted, allowing her body to fully process what she’d just experienced. Before they knew it, they were back on the bed making out like frisky teenagers. Even after such an amazing climax, there was still passion worth sharing.

Kamala also hadn’t forgotten that Scott hadn’t gotten his yet. He had definitely held back, sensing she needed that release more than him. It was the exact opposite approach of Kamran, who had been so selfish during their sex. Now, after having achieved with Scott what she never achieved with him, she felt more motivated to return the favor.

“Scott,” she said, breaking their kiss, “I want you to feel what I just felt. I want you to get on top of me…and do what you need to do.”

“Are…are you sure?” Scott asked, still as considerate as ever.

“I’m sure. I trust you.”

Saying those words carried a lot more weight. Whereas Kamran kept urging her to trust him, Scott had done everything necessary to earn that trust. That made Kamala more comfortable letting him take the initiative and complete their sex to the utmost.

Even after giving her trust, Scott was affectionate and caring as they reoriented their bodies. It began with some light foreplay. Then, he turned her over so that she was on her back again, her legs once again spread wide. That allowed him to align his body with hers, his pelvis angled so that his still-erect penis was ready to re-enter her still-dripping vagina. With his hands on her hips and his weight providing extra leverage, he thrust forward.

“Oh Kamala!” Scott gasped, slipping back into that sensual daze.

“That’s it, Scott,” Kamala said to him. “Feel this…feel me.”

A fresh round of heated movements followed. Together, their naked bodies undulated and grinded in an intense burst of shared exertion. Scott wasn’t quite as energetic as she had been while riding him, but he had definitely stopped holding back.

He wanted that feeling too.

He longed for the same sweet release of their sex.

And Kamala wanted it to be every bit as great.

As Scott humped and thrust into her, she reached up and caressed his face with both hands. Just like before, she locked her gaze with his. That made it more intimate, looking into the eyes of the person they were having sex with. Scott seemed to appreciate that more than most, given how his eyes were constantly obscured by his ruby-quartz visor.

He embraced that same spirit as he stepped up his movements, eagerly pumping his member within the tight folds of her pussy. Kamala sensed him getting close. She could see it in his expression. She could even feel it with the way he squeezed her hips. Knowing he was just about ready, she cast him another affectionate grin to help get him over the edge.

“Oh…ohhh God!” Scott gasped. “I’m close, Kamala! Almost…there!”

“Do it, Scott!” she urged him. “Come inside me. It’s alright. Please…give it to me.”

That saved him the trouble of worrying what to do before he crossed the point of no return. Assured and emboldened by her kind sentiment, Scott delivered the last round of thrusts. Kamala even supplemented each motion, shifting her hips and lower body in just the right way to maximize penetration. It allowed her to play a mutual role in the wondrous feeling to come.

That made his ultimate release all the more satisfying…relatively speaking.

“Oohhh Kamala!” Scott exclaimed.

The movements slowed. The young man’s body trembled in anticipation. Kamala watched with a mix of intrigue and affection as Scott entered the same domain she had recently explored with such glee. When the feeling washed over him, she just held him close so he could enjoy it every bit as much as she had.

As the ecstasy hit, he let out this prolonged, masculine groan – something Kamala found oddly endearing. She then felt his grip on her hips tighten as his dick throbbed inside her, just before releasing a hot stream of seminal fluid up into her sex. This time, it felt so much more fulfilling – his juices mixing with hers, the byproduct of this act blending together inside her.

‘It’s so warm and smooth…like a tribute to this incredible moment. I’m convinced now! This is how sex is supposed to feel.’

A new sense of satisfaction and fulfillment came over her. Kamala, still embracing Scott closely, shared another beaming smile with him while caressing his face. Through his orgasmic daze, he smiled back and they kissed again. Having both experienced the blissful heights of this feeling, they could rest assure their sex was complete.

“You’re a remarkable girl, Kamala,” Scott said breathlessly after their lips parted.

“And you’re an awesome guy, Scott…regardless of which time you’re from,” Kamala quipped.

“I’ll keep trying to be better,” he said. “You just gave me even more incentive.”

“Good to know!”

They laughed and kissed some more, expending the last of their passion before the afterglow set in. As she and Scott caught their breath, he withdrew from her and laid down next to her. But she remained close to his warmth, curling up next to him and in no hurry to get dressed.

A comfortable silence fell over them. As Kamala rested her head in his chest and Scott draped his arm around her, the totality of what they’d shared set in. She knew as well as he did that at some point, he would have to return to the past. When that time came, this experience might exist only in her memory. That made cherishing this moment more all the more important.

“Thank you, Scott,” said Kamala. “Thank you for sharing this moment with me.”

“Thank you for trusting me,” said Scott, “and for having faith in me. I just wish I could remember this moment somehow…regardless of what happens with my future self.”

“Don’t worry. Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to remember it. I’ll never forget how meaningful it was for me…for us. I promise.”

“Coming from you, I know you’ll keep it,” Scott said with a smile.

“That’s what makes us heroes…and Champions.”

The End

AN: Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. What did you think? Please let me know. Until next time, take care and stay safe.

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