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Chapter Two




Mary Jane Watson was walking the city streets alone towards her Aunt Anna’s apartment in Queens.

Her Aunt Anna, who was away for the week, but had long ago given Mary Jane a key to her apartment… knowing what Mary Jane’s home life was like.

Mary Jane cringed as she thought back to the screaming argument her parents had gotten in, before Mary Jane had decided that she had enough and marched out the door… Aunt Anna’s key in her hand and a small backpack with a change of clothes and basic necessities.

She would be eternally grateful to her Aunt Anna. A secret part of her had always wished and dreamed that she actually lived with her kindly aunt. But she had always been afraid of what the repercussions of what merely asking would be.

Mary Jane had turned another corner, knowing that she was getting close to her Aunt Anna’s apartment, when…


Mary Jane screamed as she instinctively covered and ducked her head in terror as the sound of a close explosion resounded through the air.

Mary Jane straightened and turned towards the alleyway that she had just passed, looking at the building before her in horror as it burned… black smoke billowing up towards the sky.

If there had been anyone inside of that building… there was no way they could have survived.

Suddenly the clanging sound of something banging against metal caught in her hearing, and served to divert her attention away from the burning building.

She caught the sight of the body of a man falling from where it hit the large metal garbage can… landing with a thud on the hard pavement.... Where he didn’t move.

Mary Jane gasped and immediately snapped into action.

She ran forward to the figure… Only to stop short, once again, when she got close enough to see the figure more properly.

It… It was… SPIDER-MAN!

Mary Jane gaped at the masked hero on the ground a few feet from her feet.

She… she had never seen a clear picture of what he looked like before. He was too fast for any photographer to get anything more than a blur. All the world had of the Wall-Crawler were shoddy videos that were more blurry than anything.

It was strange to see him up close like this… To see his red and blue costume in full… to see him so still…

Mary Jane gasped again as she was reminded of the precarious situation he was in.

It was clear that he was unconscious… and that he needed help.

But what could she do? She couldn’t very well take him to the hospital… they would unmask him… do tests on him… lock him up?

Immediately, Mary Jane knew that taking him to the hospital was out of the question.

Instead, Mary Jane stepped cautiously closer and knelt down over the unconscious, amazing Spider-Man…

Mary Jane bit her lip as she stared at his prone form, and hesitantly lifted a hand and prodded at his shoulder. “Ummm… hello? Mr. Spider-Man? Uh, are you alright?”

There was no reply, but out in the distance, the sound of sirens filled the air, and panic started to seep into her. So, she shook his shoulder more insistently. “You’ve got to wake up! I can’t carry you out of here by myself, and the police are coming…”

Finally, she heard a groan and she almost cried out in relief at the noise. “Are you awake?”

Spider-Man lifted and turned his head towards her, and she helped him up into an upright sitting position, gently rubbing soothing circles on his back.

“Wh-What happened?” He asked, seemingly no one in particular as he rubbed his gloved hands over a spot on his masked head.

Mary Jane let out a short, breathy laugh of relief, glad to see that he was alright. “There was an explosion. I think that you just barely managed to get out of its way, but you hit your head on this metal garbage can, Spider-Man, and-”


Mary Jane stopped short, staring at the white eye lenses of his with wide eyes of her own. “You-You don’t remember who you are?”

Spider-Man shook his head slowly as he seemed to be looking curiously at the material on his hands. “I-I don’t remember anything…”

The breath left Mary Jane’s chest in an instant. “Anything?”

Spider-Man shook his head and he rubbed at the same spot on his masked head. “N-No? Where are we? Who are you? Wh-Who am I?”

His voice sounded so vulnerable and confused and… scared?

Mary Jane never would have thought that she would hear such a great hero like Spider-Man sound scared in her life… But he was.

“Y-You must have amnesia from hitting your head from that fall…” Mary Jane breathed as the situation caught up to her.

Mary Jane immediately thought over her options of what to do. It was obvious that Spider-Man couldn’t just sling off by himself… he would have no idea where to go. And he needed to get out of here fast before the police or any of the public found him in such a vulnerable state.

With her mind made up, Mary Jane started to lift him with her arms, trying to get him to stand. “Come on. My Aunt Anna’s apartment is close to here. You’ll be safe there until we can figure out what to do with you.”

Spider-Man staggered to his feet with her help, when suddenly, an electric shock came from the suit and mildly shocked the both of them.

They both yelped at the brief sting of pain that had coursed through both of their bodies.

“Wh-What was that?” Spider-Man asked her.

Mary Jane shook her head, looking at his suit curiously. “You must have had some technology or something in your suit that had short-circuited in the explosion…? Then again, I can only guess…”

Spider-Man fidgeted uncomfortably against where he was leaning against her. “Wh-Why am I even wearing this? I-It’s kind of tight…”

Mary Jane suppressed a smirk and a snicker at the implications of what he was referring to. “Oh. I can tell.” She quipped, very much noticing how the tight material looked over his muscular ass and his… other assets.

“Do-Do you have something else that I can wear?” Spider-Man asked her.

Mary Jane frowned at the question. He couldn’t just take off his suit, could he? That would reveal his identity to her, and… well, she knew that she could be trustworthy with his identity. She wouldn’t tell anyone.

But Spider-Man was trusting her, here. Putting his life in her very hands.

She knew that she couldn’t betray that trust.

“No. You can’t take the suit off. It-It would be dangerous.”

How was it possible for Spider-Man to look confused as he looked at her? There was just something about the mask that seemed so open and expressive, for some reason.

Mary Jane decided that she liked it.

After a moment, Spider-Man seemed to accept what she had said and leaned more heavily against her. His arm came around her shoulder, and hers went around his waist as she supported him.

“Let’s go.” Mary Jane said, more insistent than before. “We don’t have much more time…”

Mary Jane led him out of the alleyway, and down the darkened street towards her Aunt Anna’s apartment building.

It was rather lucky that they hadn’t been seen, but it seemed that the police and the fire trucks had gone to the next street over to deal with the burning building…

Mary Jane led him down the alleyway outside of the apartment building and led him up the fire escape until they reached the bedroom window of her Aunt’s apartment.

“You have to wait here for me.” Mary Jane told him as she set him down on the metal fire escape platform, propped against the window.

“W-Wait…” He said, his hand coming up to grab at her arm and his voice hinging on panic. “Where are you going?”

Mary Jane stared at him for a mere moment, before lifting her hand and patting the one he had on her arm, reassuringly. “I’m just going to go into the building through the front door. I have to unlock my Aunt’s apartment and let you in through the window.”

Spider-Man didn’t let go of her arm as she tried to pull away. Mary Jane turned wide eyes to his hand… his unmovable hand of steel that she couldn’t move.
So he did have super strength…

“Can’t I come with you?” Spider-Man asked.

Mary Jane immediately shook her head. “You can’t be seen walking through the lobby in your suit.”

Spider-Man tilted his head curiously. “But why?”

Mary Jane sighed, wanting to get him into the apartment before he could be seen. “I’ll explain later. Look, I promise that I’ll be quick. You won’t even have time to miss me.”

“I doubt that…” Spider-Man said as he finally loosened his grip on her arm.

Mary Jane’s eyes snapped up to him in shock at his words, before she allowed a smile that was fighting at her lips.

Why did those three simple words make her feel so… giddy?

“I’ll be back soon.” She said before she ran gingerly down the fire escape stairs as fast as was safe for her to do so on creaky metal.

When Mary Jane finally reached the pavement below, she looked up quickly to the spot where she knew Spider-Man was sitting and was glad to see that he was barely visible in the darkness.

Then she quickly turned the corner, at a brisk pace, and made it to the apartment lobby doors.

The wait for the elevator was unbearable for Mary Jane… She fidgeted and glanced every which way as she willed for the elevator to come to the lobby floor. She almost cried out in praise at the ding of the elevator doors opening.

When she was finally let out on the floor her aunt’s apartment was on, Mary Jane ran to the correct door and jammed the key into the lock for the apartment. After some fumbling, she finally managed to get the door open, turned on the light and…

There he was. Still propped up against the window, waiting patiently for her arrival.

Mary Jane smiled and stepped forward - making sure to close and lock the door behind her - before going straight for the window, unlocking it and opening it for him. He turned at the scraping sound of the window opening, and she helped him through the opening.

“You were wrong,” Spider-Man said as she laid him out on the tidily made bed. “I did miss you. I was nervous out there by myself.”

It was at that moment where Mary Jane realized how young Spider-Man’s voice actually sounded… and she wondered at how old he was.

Could it be that Spider-Man was only a teenager? It would explain why he wasn’t an official Avenger, yet…

Mary Jane beamed at him, and replied saucily, “Well, it’s difficult not to miss me, Spider.”

To say that Mary Jane was confident was an understatement. It was clear very early on that her parents had no faith or confidence in her, so she made up for it by having all the confidence in herself. She made sure to have big aspirations. She wanted to be an actress and a model. She wanted to prove her worth by making it big. To prove her parents wrong.

So, for Mary Jane, to flirt with an injured superhero with amnesia in her aunt's apartment?

It was a challenge that Mary Jane was willing to accept.

She was brought back from her thoughts at the breathy laugh that had escaped Spider-Man from her words. “I’m not surprised. You are- er- well…”

“What?” She asked.

“Well, you’re very pretty, er…”

Mary Jane smiled at his words. There was that giddy feeling again… “Mary Jane.”

“Mary Jane…” Spider-Man said, testing out her name for himself. “So, how do we know each other, Mary Jane?”

Mary Jane tucked a strand of her red hair behind her ear and sat next to where he lay down on the mattress. “Well… you actually don’t. I only just found you unconscious in that alleyway.”

Spider-Man sat up slightly and tilted his head, looking at her. “So, you can’t tell me anything at all?”

Mary Jane shook her head slightly, before pausing to say, “All that I can tell you is that you are Spider-Man… You live in New York, and you are the local superhero… I-I don’t know your real identity… no one does. That’s why you wear that mask, and why you can’t take it off.”

How was it possible for Spider-Man to look shocked by her words? Perhaps it was in the way his whole body stiffened?

“I… Wow.” Was all that he had managed to say as he stared at her with those white eyepieces.

Mary Jane nodded, realizing how extraordinary and shocking it would be to be told that you were a superhero.

“Y-You have these powers, you see,” Mary Jane said, starting to actually feel a tad bit nervous under his eyeless gaze… “You can stick to walls, and you have super strength, and you can shoot webbing out of your wrist, which you use to swing from building to building.”

Spider-Man sat up even more, seemingly more shocked than ever… “I… I can do all of that?”

Mary Jane nodded, allowing a smile to grow on her face. “Face it, Spider, you’re a real hero! You’ve saved a lot of people and stopped a lot of criminals. You’ve even fought with the Avengers!”

“Who are the Avengers?” Spider-Man asked, confusion in his tone.

“They are a group of superheroes that fight together sometimes.”

She trailed off as she thought of the Avengers… Perhaps they could help Spider-Man? But she had no way of knowing how to get into contact with any of them… short of contacting the media and announcing that she had Spider-Man in her aunt’s apartment and that they needed to come and help him.

“You must be a good person…” Spider-Man said suddenly, breaking her out of her thoughts. While simultaneously startling her with the genuine compliment. “To protect my identity like this… and to help me when I can’t remember anything.”

For the first time, Mary Jane actually blushed. She… She had never heard something so nice that was said to her, before. She normally only got compliments from people about her looks… never before had she been told that someone thought that she was a good person. It made her feel… light.

There was a brief prick of tears in her eyes before she pushed it away. “I…” She paused, unsure of what to say to such a thing. Before she finally settled on a simple, “Thank you.”

“Your welcome,” Spider-Man said back, in a soft voice, as his gloved hand reached out and grabbed hers softly.

They held hands for a long, quiet moment. With each second passing, Mary Jane felt her heart beat faster and her breathing quicken.

What was wrong with her? She was Mary Jane Watson. She had all the confidence in the world! She never let herself get worked up over something as silly as the male gender… It was the guys that she encountered that reacted this way to her, not the other way around…

And yet, as she thought all of this, she found herself becoming dizzy as all of her attention was on where her hand was clasped in his.

Was she, perhaps, infatuated?

She wasn’t sure… She had never had an experience like this to compare this feeling to.

“So…” Spider-Man said suddenly, breaking the silence. “Since you can’t tell me much about who I am, what do you suppose we do?”

Mary Jane bit her lip, glad that the question distracted her from the dilemma that she was facing within. “Well… I had been thinking about that. I thought that we could maybe try to let the Avengers know, but I have no idea how we could even begin to contact them… Not to mention that since the Sokovia Accords, the Avengers had mostly disbanded… The only Avenger that I can think that might actually be in the city would be Tony Stark…”

“Wait… Tony?” Spider-Man suddenly interrupted.

Mary Jane turned to him, a flash of surprise in her eyes. “You-You remember that name?”

Spider-Man nodded, before pausing immediately. “Yes and no. I mean… it does sound familiar… When you said it just now, something… like a memory came back to me…”

Mary Jane’s eyes widened as she turned towards him more insistently, fully facing him now. “A memory? Like what?”

“It-It was of Tony… He-He called me, ‘Kid’... And, and something about how if I am nothing without this suit, then I shouldn’t have it…” Spider-Man trailed off… his entire demeanor becoming quite somber.

“What is it?” Mary Jane asked, marveling at what he had just told her. For one, confirming that Spider-Man was, in fact, quite young from how Tony Stark called him, ‘Kid’.

Spider-Man shook his head, rubbing his free gloved hand down his face. “It-It’s nothing… It’s just that… I didn’t like how I felt when he had said that he had wanted to take away my suit… It-It must have been a real low-point for me.”

The vulnerability that he displayed right then made him seem so… human to Mary Jane. It made him more of a person to her and less of a - heroic icon. She squeezed his hand and smiled widely at him. “But don’t you see?! You remembered something! You might be getting your memory back!”

Spider-man’s demeanor seemed to lighten measurably at her words, and said, “Maybe if we keep talking, more will come back to me!”

He seemed excited at the prospect, and Mary Jane marveled at the simple fact that she was facing this situation bravely and head-on, instead of freaking out as most people would. “Let’s talk about Tony some more. Maybe you will remember some way to be able to contact him so he can help.”

And so they talked… both completely unaware that the man that they were currently talking about was consoling a worried aunt at that very moment, concerning her missing nephew…
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