Amazing Role Playing: The Sexy Doctor

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

Amazing Role Playing With Peter And Mary Jane
The Sexy Doctor

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re uncomfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

New York, City – The Apartment of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

“Thank you for your patience, Ms. Watson. The doctor will see you now.”

Peter Parker delivered that message to his lover, Mary Jane Watson, less than a minute ago. And that was after spending the past several getting into character for his latest role. Since they’d discovered the thrill and joy of role playing, the process of embracing their respective roles often brought unique challenges.

Going through the motions was one thing. Adopting the necessary mentality was quite another. It gave Peter a whole new appreciation for acting. However, some roles came easier than others. And this was one he’d lobbied for early on. It was just a matter of having the right setup and the right scenario.

It took some extra effort on their part, but everything finally came together. In this case, containing his excitement might be the biggest challenge.

‘Stay focused, Parker. You’re no longer some working stiff who spends part time beating up bad guys. You’re a doctor…a skilled, responsible doctor who’s about to treat a beautiful, sexy redhead.’

Peter’s heart was already racing as he opened the door to the living room, which had once again been rearranged to fit the scene. The windows had been blacked out. The TV, couch, and coffee table had been moved aside. And in the center of the room stood a makeshift examination table, which Mary Jane had borrowed from a movie set. It wasn’t an exact replica, but it was close enough.

That same movie set also included a prop doctor’s coat and fake stethoscope, which she claimed had been used in a soap opera. It happened to fit Peter perfectly. He supplemented it with his best dress shirt, tie, and slacks. It turned out to be a good look for him. Standing in the doorway to his bedroom, he had the poise of an attractive young doctor. When Mary Jane saw him, he sensed she liked what she saw.

‘I know that look. She likes what she sees. I’ll bet her pussy is already wet. That’ll make things easier.’

With confidence that he rarely experienced, Peter cast his waiting girlfriend welcoming glance. He approached her with a professional poise anyone might expect of a doctor. He quickly found himself embracing that aspect of his role.

“Greetings, Ms. Watson,” said Peter with a strong, confident demeanor. “I’m Dr. Parker. I’ll be treating you this afternoon.”

“Thank you. I uh…appreciate you seeing me on such short notice,” Mary Jane replied. “I’m just…really not doing well.”

Her voice had the undertone of a woman in distress, but she couldn’t entirely hide her reaction to Peter’s presence. As good an actress she was, Mary Jane was clearly taken by the sight of her lover in a doctor’s uniform. Sitting atop the examination table, wearing the same casual clothes she’d put on that morning, she shifted awkwardly in his presence. But that might have been due to the hot feeling between her legs.

‘Yeah, she’s definitely wet. And she’s not hiding it.’

They remained in character. Mary Jane briefly averted her gaze to hide how turned on she was. Peter briefly saw her sultry grin, but she managed to conceal it long enough to regain her composure. They still had roles to play before they got to the sexy stuff.

“I really hope you can help me,” said Mary Jane. “I’ve been to three other doctors. They can’t find out what’s wrong with me.”

“Hopefully, the fourth time’s the charm,” Peter said reassuringly. “I had them send over your charts this morning. I just finished going over them. They document a curious array of symptoms.”

“That’s not the word my first doctor used. She thought I was faking some of them.”

“But your last two confirmed nearly all of them. Persistent insomnia, heightened anxiety, regular headaches, violent mood swings, frequent cold sweats, and moderate to severe cramping in the pelvic area…all reflected with physical examinations and bloodwork.”

Peter pretended to show major concern as he flipped through several sheets of paper within a brown folder. Those pieces of paper were blank and the folder was just a prop. But he had been to enough doctor’s offices to see how they scrutinized charts. He even tried to mirror the look Dr. Strange often got when he read over an old medical chart.

As he maintained his doctorly poise, Mary Jane hugged her knees and began rocking anxiously atop the examination table. She was moving quickly through the script, playing the part of someone overwhelmed by anxiety.

“And it’s only gotten worse since my last appointment!” she said anxiously. “My last doctor tried to prescribe some meds. But they didn’t help much.”

“Yes, I see what they gave you,” he said, pretending to be disturbed. “Mixing sleep aids and anti-depressants was quite irresponsible of them.”

“Well, I hope you can do more than just give me pills,” said Mary Jane, “because at this point, I’ll try anything to get better…anything.”

The way she said that had a mix of desperation and seduction. It was the part of the script that signaled a readiness to proceed to the next part of the scenario. Peter had prepared other lines to help further the scene. He’d even borrowed some medical jargon from Reed Richards. They didn’t appear to be necessary.

That was just fine with him. The next part of the scene was where things really heated up.

“I understand your distress, Ms. Watson. I promise I’ll do what I can,” said Peter. “But if I’m to determine a proper diagnosis, I’ll have to conduct a more thorough examination. And for that, you’ll need to take off your clothes.”

“My clothes?” Mary Jane replied, pretending to sound anxious. “Um…okay.”

The beautiful redhead slipped off the table and began undressing. She started with her T-shirt before kicking off her sandals and removing her jeans pants. She was a less casual than usual, resisting her usual inclination to turn the act of undressing into a striptease. Mary Jane had always enjoyed that aspect of their sex life. Peter enjoyed it too. But this role required that they take a different approach. That was part of the challenge, as well as the appeal.

Mary Jane stayed true to her role. Now in just her bra and panties, she showed some shyness. She even shifted awkwardly where she stood, hesitating before stripping any further.

“Do I keep my bra and panties on?” Mary Jane asked innocently.

“It would be best if you’re fully nude,” Peter replied, still speaking in his overly professional tone. “It’s okay, Ms. Watson. I’m a doctor. My only intent is to treat you.”

She kept pretending to be shy, shooting him this innocent glance, as though he hadn’t seen her naked many times before. She totally sold it. It was another testament to her acting skills.

“Very well,” said Mary Jane, “I trust you, Dr. Parker.”

That came off as much hotter than Peter expected. She wasn’t even naked and already, his heart and mind were racing with lurid thoughts. He had to restrain himself to stay in character, acting as though he wasn’t getting a raging hard-on from watching his lover get naked.

It didn’t stop Peter from admiring the sight of seeing Mary Jane take off her bra and panties. Even when she was playing her role of a shy patient, it was still an incredibly sexy sight, watching her strip down. Just watching her fold her clothes up to set them aside still had an allure. She even seemed to tempt him, bending over slightly to show off her butt.

But Peter stopped himself from admiring her too much, still maintaining a stern, professional demeanor. Mary Jane retained her demeanor as well, standing naked before him, folding her arms over her breasts, as though she were cold. He offered a reassuring glance, as he’d expect of any responsible doctor

“Please lie down on the table. Try and relax,” Peter instructed. “I’ll turn down the A/C to make it more comfortable.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Mary Jane said.

The beautiful redhead complied with his request, climbing back onto the table and lying flat on her back. He also did as he said, going over to the thermostat and turning the A/C down somewhat. That was bound to make their apartment hotter than usual. But that would help move the scenario along, especially when it came to the sexier parts of this scenario.

“Based on your symptoms and test results, I have a working hypothesis on what’s ailing you, Ms. Watson,” said Peter. “But to be certain, I must confirm a few key symptoms.”

“Should I be concerned?” asked Mary Jane as she got comfortable on the bed.

“Only if I’m wrong,” he told her. “But if I’m right, then I’ll be able to surmise a proper course of treatment.”

Peter almost sounded cautious, as though there were doubts as to his final diagnosis. It helped that his role involved plenty of science, which he’d always been good with. He’d just never had an opportunity to incorporate it into his sex life with Mary Jane. He wasn’t going to squander that.

Now standing by the table, Peter cracked his knuckles in anticipation. She was so prone and vulnerable, making no further efforts to cover herself. Her legs, hips, breasts, and vagina were fully exposed. Mary Jane was entrusting her body and her care to him. Something about that was incredibly exciting.

‘The woman I love…trusting me to love her, heal her, and see her naked. This just proves even the hottest fantasies can’t do justice to the real thing.’

He eagerly gazed over the beautiful sight of a fully naked Mary Jane lying before him, offering a scrutiny that only a qualified doctor and a caring lover could provide. He leaned over her, maintaining a demeanor of utmost care as he placed his hands on Mary Jane’s face and neck. He began by feeling around her lymph nodes, as most doctors would. Then, carefully felt around her shoulders, arms, and chest.

Naturally, he paid extra attention to her cleavage. But Peter stopped short of fondling them like he would during foreplay. He attempted to be more scientific in his touching, feeling around certain areas with a special scrutiny.

“Breathe steadily, Ms. Watson,” Peter instructed. “Close your eyes, if necessary. I’m still sensing a great deal of tension.”

“I’m trying, Doctor Parker,” Mary Jane replied. “Does this have something to do with my breasts?”

“I doubt they’re the source, but I must be sure. Bear with me while I continue the examination.”

Peter continued his careful touching, still focusing on her breasts. After feeling around her nipples, he made use of the fake stethoscope that had been around his neck since they’d started. When he pressed the cold metal to her nipples, Mary Jane shuddered somewhat. She even let out that distinct gasp that Peter recognized as distinctly sensual.

‘Yep! She’s getting turned on too. Usually, I’m the one who struggles to hide it. Oh how the tables have turned!’

His excitement grew as he put away the stethoscope and continued his intimate examination. Mary Jane reacted more strongly to his touch. The way he did it and the way he carried himself – being a doctor determined to heal her – gave it a unique impact. And part of that impact was growing sexual arousal.

She started rubbing her thighs together slightly. She kept her eyes closed and continued breathing deeply, but Peter still noticed. Mary Jane was getting hornier by the second. He couldn’t help but grin at what he achieved, but the scenario was far from over.

“Hmm…I think I’ve surmised the source of your ailments, Ms. Watson,” said Peter, still dead serious. “It’s even more intense than I thought.”

“What is it? Am I going to be okay?” Mary Jane asked anxiously.

“That depends. Tell me what you feel when I do this.”

With a unique blend of tact and affection, Peter reached down towards her lower body and slipped his hands between her inner thighs. He immediately felt the moist heat emanating from Mary Jane’s pussy. She let out that distinct gasp again, her voice echoing with desire and arousal. Role or no role, it was music to his hears.

“Ooh!” she gasped. “Dr. Parker, that feels…amazing.”

“Then, my diagnosis is confirmed,” Peter said proudly. “Ms. Watson, you have a condition called AOD.”

“AOD? What’s that?”

“Acute Orgasm Deficiency,” he said. “It’s a rather common affliction among beautiful women, such as yourself.”

Mary Jane pretended to be startled. Her reaction was more believable than most women he’d seen in poorly acted pornos. That could only help with what came next.

“How serious is it, Doctor?” she asked intently.

“Quite serious, actually,” Peter said while rubbing his finger over her clit. “If left untreated, AOD could lead to some serious issues. I’m talking insomnia, violent mood swings, and prolonged depression.”

“Oh no! What’s the treatment? Please, tell me there’s a treatment, Dr. Parker!”

“There is,” he assured. “And, as it just so happens, I specialize in treating beautiful women suffering from AOD.”

Peter cast her an affectionate smile. At the same time, he skillfully slipped two fingers into her vagina, probing her depths and stimulating those special spots he knew so well. Mary Jane reacted with a high-pitched squeal of delight, grabbing onto the sides of the table and tensing to the sensations that followed.

“Ohhh my!” Mary Jane moaned. “Doctor…is this the treatment?”

“It’s the start of it,” he said in a lower, more masculine tone. “But if you want me to administer it in full, I need the consent of my patient. I do have an oath to uphold, you know.”

She turned her head towards him and smiled. She wasn’t breaking character, but she still managed to convey some loving affection of her own.

“Very well. You have my consent, Doctor Parker,” Mary Jane said. “Please…help relieve me of my Acute Orgasm Deficiency.”

“I’ll do what I can, ma’am,” Peter said.

With greater focus and intensity, he took a step back and loosened tie. He then set aside his stethoscope, as well as the other props they’d gathered for this scenario. From a nearby table, he retrieved a bottle of special lubricant, which happened to be Mary Jane’s favorite. He made sure she was watching while he applied a healthy dose to both hands.

Her anticipation and excitement grew. He could tell from her heavy breathing that she craved his touch, as well as his sex. Now ready, eager, and determined, Peter rubbed his hands together and hovered closely over his naked lover. He locked his amorous gaze upon her as he slipped his hand back between her thighs and resumed his fervent fingering. He also used his other hand to thoroughly fondle her breasts, giving extra stimulation to her nipples.

It wasn’t the most surgical treatment, but it bore clear results. Mary Jane was already squirming with delight atop the table, moaning and grinning to his skilled touch.

“Ooh! I feel better already!” she said.

“That’s a good sign. It shows you’re responding well to the treatment,” Peter said, half-teasingly.

He stepped up his fingering and fondling. He really got his lover’s juices flowing. Her pussy became fully engorged and her nipples became very erect. The way Mary Jane writhed under his touch made it seem like he was actually healing her on some levels. It made pleasuring his lover even more satisfying than usual.

There was also something deeply stimulating about having her trust while in such a vulnerable state. It was a testament to the extent of their love and their willingness to go the extra mile when it came to role playing.

But, even though her reaction was very promising, Peter knew it wouldn’t be enough to complete the treatment. For that, they needed to utilize the next phase of the scenario.

“You’re doing very well, Ms. Watson,” Peter said while pumping his fingers into her folds. “I think you’re ready for the next part of the treatment. But just so you know, this part must be administered orally. Are you comfortable with that?”

“If you feel that’s the best way to cure my AOD…so be it!”

He sensed her subtly egging him on with her tone. She was still in character, but she wasn’t hiding how horny she was. Mary Jane craved a sexual release – one only he could give him. And, being her lover and fake doctor, Peter was committed to giving it to her.

“Very well,” he said with a grin. “Scoot forward and spread your legs.”

Mary Jane immediately complied, moving further up the table so that her legs partially hung over the end. Peter quickly walked around to that end, knelt on his knees, and hitched her legs over his shoulders so that he had a clear path to her pussy.

His thorough touching had rendered her so wet. She looked so enticing, her feminine musk drawing him in. After licking his lips in anticipation, Peter hungrily buried his face in her womanhood. And with surgical precision, he probed her vagina with his tongue, hitting those same special spots with the utmost care.

“Oh my God!” Mary Jane exclaimed. “Dr. Parker…you’re so good…at oral treatments!”

Encouraged by her blissful words, Peter intensified his efforts. While probing her depths with his tongue, he used both hands to carefully part her folds. He also made sure to apply just enough stimulation to her clit. He treated it like a careful procedure, being thorough and diligent every step of the way.

It was an effective way for administering medical care, but it was just as effective in providing quality oral sex. It proved so potent that Peter soon had Mary Jane on the brink of orgasm. He could already feel it in the way her inner muscles began contracting in anticipation.

She was so close. Mary Jane firmly clutched the sides of the table and hitched her legs up, her body shuddering to each surge of pleasure that shot through her. Peter didn’t dare let up. He kept licking and probing to the best of his abilities.

Finally, the full effect of his treatment took hold.

“Oohhh Dr. Parker!” cried Mary Jane.

A chorus of euphoric moans followed. She was even louder than usual, letting out the kind of high-pitched squeals she often reserved for acts of extra passionate lovemaking. As those wondrous sounds echoed throughout the room, she curled her toes and arched her lower back, trembling under the onslaught of orgasmic sensations. Peter could even feel her vaginal muscles contract around his tongue while streams of feminine juices seeped down her inner thighs.

In his role, he took even greater satisfaction in completing the treatment. He also made it a point to lick up every drop of her sweet fluids. Her pussy was even more delicious than usual. It left Peter intoxicated by the heat of the moment and the taste of her flesh.

‘God, I love this woman. No matter what role we play, I just can’t stop loving her even more.’

Peter kept his face between her legs for the duration of Mary Jane’s climax. He remained silent while she processed the feeling. He also gave her a moment afterward to catch her breath, which she clearly needed.

“Wow! That was…therapeutic,” Mary Jane said, her face beaming with post-orgasmic joy. “Is it normal…for it to feel so amazing?”

“Don’t worry. That’s quite normal,” Peter said, looking up from her inner thighs. “The fact it feels so good just proves that it’s working.”

“Mmm…good to know!”

Mary Jane continued to settle from her euphoric trip. However, the scenario was still not over, nor was the treatment.

Going down on her, tasting her pussy, and watching her climax under his care had affected Peter, as well. He now had a throbbing erection bulging in his pants. And after bringing such ecstasy to his lover, he was eager for his share of that beautiful feeling.

“Since the treatment is working so well, let us proceed with the final round of administration,” said Peter.

“There’s more?” Mary Jane asked, pretending to be surprised.

“Of course, Ms. Watson. You cannot treat something like AOD in a single dose,” he said, as though it were obvious. “To ensure a proper healing regiment, a more comprehensive procedure is necessary.”

“Does that entail more oral administration?” she asked coyly.

“I’m afraid not. But rest assured, other methods are just as effective.”

With a rare bravado and confidence, Peter rose to his feet. He was still at the other end of the table and in full view of the still naked Mary Jane. He made sure she was watching while he loosened his tie, unbuttoned his dress shirt, and undid his pants. The bulge that had formed in his groin was clearly visible. As soon as he pushed down his pants and underwear, his fully erect penis sprung free.

Mary Jane, still in her role as his patient, let out a gasp. She carried herself as though she had never seen such a large, throbbing penis this close. Once again, her acting skills showed. But even those skills couldn’t hide that she was still very horny and very much in need of sex.

“Oh my!” she said. “Dr. Parker, your penis…it’s so big and hard.”

“That’s also normal. It indicates I’m ready to complete the procedure, if you so choose,” said Peter, further enticing her with his manly tone.

She shot him a lurid grin. He could tell she wanted to break character and just jump his bone. But they had come this far in their respective roles. They intended to see them through to the end.

“Like I said, you’re my doctor. I trust you to treat me fully,” she told him.

“And treat you, I will,” said Peter.

He wasn’t as serious as before, sounding less like a doctor and more like a horny man eager to make love to his woman. It did little to disrupt the scene or the desires fueling them. Peter still drew from his role, utilizing the leverage and trust he’d gained as her doctor.

He grabbed hold of Mary Jane’s legs, pulled her naked body closer to the edge of the table, and aligned his rigid cock with the folds of her vagina. She was still so wet and aroused, her body aching for more sex. Peter craved it too, feeling the heat of their bodies mix. He was already sweating in his attire, but he opted to keep most of it on, especially the doctor’s coat.

That was one detail that he and Mary Jane agreed was critical. When the time came for them to engage in full intercourse, he had to keep the doctor’s coat on. That was a big part of the appeal for both of them.

“Are you ready, Ms. Watson?” he told her.

“I’m ready, Dr. Parker! Give me the treatment!” Mary Jane said intently.

Having received his patient’s consent, Peter thrust his hips forward and entered her. This time, they each let out shared moans of passion. The feeling of his hard manly flesh penetrating her moist feminine depths consumed them both. It was so moist and tight, their bodies becoming fully entwined in the heat of the moment.

From there, the particulars of their respective roles fell to the wayside and basic instincts took over. With the same intense focus and drive as before, Peter pumped his cock into her vagina. He was thorough and diligent, his hardened flesh slithering smoothly within her depths. Mary Jane’s naked body bounced atop the table, her breasts jiggling beautifully to every thrust and her face contorting to every sensation. It was such a beautiful sight, one made all the more erotic by the spirit of their roles.

He was her trusted doctor, tasked with healing her body and mind.

She was his patient and very much in need of his healing touch.

Role or no role, Peter took that responsibility seriously.

‘Heal her. Treat her. Love her…like she deserves to be loved.’

He focused every bit of mental and physical energy into giving Mary Jane the sex she needed to be fully healed. He clung harder to her thighs, leaned forward slightly for greater leverage, and let out a determined grunt with every thrust. She responded with joyous squeals, her expression twitching to every pleasurable sensation that followed.

At one point, the beautiful redhead let go of the sides of the table and grabbed onto his doctor’s coat. She clung to it firmly, bending her knees back and spreading her thighs farther apart. She also had an intensity in her eyes that he didn’t see outside their most impassioned moments. It hinted to him that she was in for a special climax.

“Dr. Parker! Ooohhh Dr. Parker!” Mary Jane exclaimed. “I think…I’m gonna…”

“That’s it, Ms. Watson. That’s just…a sign…the treatment…is working!” Peter said through heavy grunts.

He hammered away harder and faster, the sound of his pelvis smacking into hers filling the room. He kept rocking her body and her world. He could already feel her vagina tightening around his cock in anticipation. It almost sent him over the edge, as well. But he held out so he could see the wondrous fruits of his efforts.

“Oohhhh God!” Mary Jane cried out.

Again, the beautiful redhead came. And this one was even more intense than the first.

Still clinging to his lab coat, Mary Jane threw her head back, curled her toes, and let out an orgasmic moan that reverberated throughout the room. Peter watched with immense satisfaction as her body trembled to the onslaught of pleasure. Her face twitched, her pussy throbbed, and her breathing became erratic. He had to hold her a little closer, just to keep her from slipping off the table.

‘The one part of every role that needs no acting…amazing!’

He cast her a loving glance, caressing her face as she soaked in the ecstasy. When she finally opened her eyes, she cast him a beaming grin. She looked both satisfied and healed.

“Feeling better, Ms. Watson?” Peter asked, much to her chagrin.

“Yes…much better!” she said gleefully.

“Then, the treatment is complete,” he told her. “But just to be sure, I’m going to give you some extra vitamins.”

“Oh? What kind?” she asked.

“The that are kind best taken orally.”

While Mary Jane was still coming down from her orgasm, Peter withdrew his cock from her vagina, which was still hard and dripping wet with feminine juices. He then rushed over to the side of the table, aimed his cock at her face, and guided her head towards.

“Open wide!” he told her.

Still trusting his medical expertise, Mary Jane opened her mouth and took in his length. Through both lingering horniness and a desire to return the favor for two great orgasms, she began sucking him off.

Peter, still aching for his own release, eagerly humped her face intently. He was close and she clearly knew it. Now lying on her side, fondling her pussy through lingering orgasmic bliss, she employed her amazing oral sex skills. He watched as her lips slithered along the length of his dick, her tongue sliding along the shaft. She kept looking up at him with those lustful eyes, as if to tell him she was ready for it.

“Almost…ready!” Peter grunted. “Be ready…to take…your medicine, Ms. Watson!”

After a few more intense motions, he finally felt it. That glorious rush came over him as he crossed that special barrier. At that point, his role and his ecstasy became one in the same as he climaxed.

“Oohhh yeah!”

Peter’s deep moan wasn’t as loud as Mary Jane’s earlier cries, but the ecstasy was every bit as intense. It started with a hot surge from his core. From there, it quickly spread in all directions, his mind and body immersed in this hot feeling.

As it washed over him, his member burned with pleasure as he unleashed his pent-up load. Mary Jane, true to her doctor’s orders, didn’t dare release him from her lips. She kept lightly sucking as he sprayed thick streams of cum right into the back of her throat. In yet another testament to her oral sex skills, she didn’t even gag.

“Every…last…drop,” Peter found himself saying through his orgasmic haze.

“Mmm!” was all Mary Jane got out as she lightly suckled on his member.

She heeded his words, licking up every last drop. She was more thorough than usual, carefully and diligently licking along his length to ensure she milked him for all his worth. When the beautiful redhead finally released his cock from her lips, she looked up at him with that sexy grin that could make any man’s heart skip a beat.

“Yummy,” she said playfully. “I think I got it all.”

“Yeah…I think you did,” said Peter.

Now short of breath and still soaking in the feeling, they finally broke character and shared a kiss. He didn’t care that Mary Jane just sucked him off and taken a full load of his cum. He was too content and satisfied to care.

Mary Jane shared in that feeling, kissing back and inviting him to sit on the table with her. His legs felt weak after his release. In addition, the doctor’s attire he’d kept on was disheveled and wrinkled. Feeling sweaty and worn, he was eager to get it off. But enjoying the afterglow with the woman he loved took precedent.

“What do you say, Doctor?” Mary Jane asked playfully. “Am I fully healed?”

“Well, in my medical expertise, you’re a picture of health, Mary Jane,” Peter quipped.

“Good to know,” she said. “And I must say, you played your part well, Tiger. You got into this more than I expected.”

“What can I say? Being a doctor, having a beautiful patient, and healing them with my skilled touch…it does something for me.”

“I’d say it’s more than something.”

She embraced him closer, still holding onto the white lab coat. The way she looked at him reminded Peter closely of that look she gave him whenever he saved the day. That had always resonated with her, especially after he told her he was Spider-Man. His acts of heroism had been part of what attracted her. It was a catalyst for their love.

When it took a different form, it reignited that feeling. Such insight might be useful for future roles.

“Seeing as how you’re already a superhero, I think it’s fitting,” Mary Jane went on.

“What? Me getting off on being a sexy doctor or you getting off on being my patient?” Peter questioned.

“Both! Definitely both!” she laughed. “While it may not count as medicine, I still say it’s good for us.”

“And that, Ms. Watson, is a damn good prognosis.”


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