Amazing Role Playing: The Sexy Nurse

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

Amazing Role Playing With Peter And Mary Jane
The Sexy Nurse

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re uncomfortable with that sort of content, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

New York, City – The Apartment of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Since becoming Spider-Man, Peter Parker was no stranger to injuries. He’d earned more than his share of bumps and bruises over the years. He’d even been seriously hurt on a few occasions. It had landed him in a hospital bed more than once.

He never liked hospitals to begin with. Being a masked vigilante, ending up in a hospital only added to the risk. Most of the time, he was able to endure, often with the help of other heroes or SHIELD. That didn’t make him dislike hospitals any less. He would rather face a dozen Green Goblins than be stuck in a hospital bed for an extended period.

And despite being well-aware of this sentiment, she somehow convinced him to participate in this latest act of sexy role playing.

‘This might be a little too elaborate. I’m not sure I’ll be able to commit to this role.’

He was not in a comfortable position. He was lying on their bed wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants. He had phony bandages on his legs and arms, as well as fake neck brace. He’d been instructed to lie perfectly still and prepare for his role. That had been a good twenty minutes ago.

‘Seriously, Parker! How did you let her convince you of this?’

He was debating whether he should get up and check on his lover. Then, the bathroom door finally opened. And at that moment, Peter remembered how he’d been convinced.

“Hello, Mr. Parker,” said the sweetest, sexiest voice in the world. “I’m Nurse Watson. I’ll be taking care of you this evening.”

Peter’s mouth just hung agape as he looked at his love with awe and intrigue. She’d told him she bought appropriate attire for this scenario. She did not do justice to its sexiness.

She wore a perfectly fitted sexy nurse outfit. It consisted of an exceedingly short skirt that didn’t even go halfway down her thighs, a tight-fitting button-up blouse that was partially undone to show her ample cleavage, and a traditional white bonnet to help tie the whole look together. On Mary Jane’s voluptuous figure, it looked like something ripped from his dirtiest fantasies. It might not have been appropriate for a hospital, but it was perfect for the scenario.

‘Yeah…that’s pretty damn convincing.’

Peter tried not to stare too much. But that proved difficult, given the visibility of her shapely legs and ample cleavage. He could already feel the blood in his body diverting from his brain to his genitals. However, he still had enough to recall his role.

“Hello…Nurse Watson,” Peter said, pretending to sound weak and injured. “I uh…really hope…you can treat me.”

“I’ll certainly try, Mr. Parker,” Mary Jane said, her poise and tone befitting of a skilled actress. “I just got your chart from the doctor. Your injuries were quite extensive.”

With a mix of urgency and excitement, she approached his side of the bed. Along the way, she swayed her hips, the tight-fitting skirt barely holding together. Peter actually got a glimpse of her panties as she stood beside him. It felt as though she was daring him to break character.

He managed to keep it together, even though certain parts of his body were making that difficult. Mary Jane still carried herself as though she weren’t wearing some overly sexy nurse attire, looking through an empty folder as though it contained important medical data.

“My word!” she gasped. “It says here you were in a major fight. Facial lacerations, compound bone fractures in both legs, and even a bruised kidney.”

“It…escalated more than I thought,” Peter told her.

“It also says the man you fought was abusing his girlfriend. You just happened to pass by and tried to stop it. That’s so heroic!”

“Thanks,” he said, managing a half-grin. “Turns out, being a hero hurts.”

“Well, it seems that asshole ended up with a broken jaw. And he’s going straight to the police once he gets out. But you, Mr. Parker…I intend to provide extra treatment.”

She set aside the folder, placing it on the nightstand next to their bed. She then leaned over and gently caressed his face, conveying a mix of affection and seduction. It also gave Peter an even better view of her cleavage. Even in his phony neck brace, he couldn’t help but stare.

Mary Jane clearly noticed his reaction. But she still stuck to the script. While he admired her breasts and savored her touch, she played the part of a nurse. She used the fake stethoscope around her neck and pretended to listen to her heart.

“Just breathe deep, Mr. Parker,” Mary Jane instructed. “Remain still and relax.”

“I’ll…try,” Peter said to her.

“And please forgive me if I’m a little more physical than usual,” she said, pretending to be timid.

“I don’t mind,” he said while eying her cleavage.

“It’s just…you deal with a lot of idiots and assholes in this line of work. You end up treating people who hurt themselves by doing dumb things. Or you treat someone who just doesn’t give a damn who they hurt.”

“Yeah. This city…has a lot of those.”

“Which is why it’s refreshing…treating someone like you. It reminds me that there are still good men in this city…men who deserve my special touch.”

Her tone became more sexually charged with every word. As she moved the stethoscope down his bare chest, she started trailing her fingers over his manly sinews. Her touch always felt good, but there was something special about it this time.

Part of his role was to remain on his back and very still, as anyone would expect of someone in a hospital bed. Peter was the vulnerable one in this act. She was the driving force of all things sexual and deservedly so. Mary Jane always did often being in charge and setting the tone for their sex. This just gave her a chance to maximize her position.

“Such a fit man, but still so wounded,” Mary Jane said, sounding more serious. “I’m concerned your injuries go beyond your physical wounds.”

“Well…I do feel pretty out of it,” Peter said, pretending to cough. “Should I be concerned too?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to conduct a more thorough exam.”

More erotic undertones followed. Mary Jane set aside the stethoscope and hovered over him more closely. Now, Peter didn’t just have a good view of her cleavage. He could smell her sweet scent and admire her loving presence. If he were actually injured, he’d definitely feel better.

Mary Jane continued her examination. She carefully maneuvered her hands down his body, tracing along the sinews of his muscles. Her touching became increasingly sensual. She also had that glint in her eyes that Peter knew so well. Certain kinds of touch always got her excited in all the right ways. He even noticed her rubbing her thighs together, indicating that this role was getting her aroused as well.

“Hmm…this could be serious,” Mary Jane said in her sexually charged tone. “There could be some internal ailment that’s compounding your injuries.”

“Internal? How do you treat that?” Peter asked intently.

“I won’t know until I locate the source.”

Mary Jane continued the examination, building the sensual tension as only she could. Peter found it increasingly difficult to remain relaxed. His heart was racing and all that extra blood flow had left his pants feeling tighter. She had to have noticed that by now, but pretended not to as she carried out the examination.

Finally, Mary Jane’s hands reached his lower body. By then, the source had made itself obvious.

“Ahh, Mr. Parker! I think I’ve found the source of your ailment,” she said with a lecherous grin.

Her gentle touch became more intensive. While still leaning over at just the right angle to show her cleavage, she skillfully rubbed the growing bulge in Peter’s pants. She knew just how to caress and stroke it through the thin fabric. It quickly grew erect, which further encouraged Mary Jane in her role.

With growing eagerness, she pulled the waist band of his pants down, allowing his penis to pop free. She had been hovering so close that the tip grazed her cleavage. That tempted Peter’s restraint even more. He almost shot up from the bed and took her on the spot. He managed to remain still like a good patient while Mary Jane pretended to act surprised and concerned about the sight of his throbbing manhood.

“Oh my! Your condition is more serious than I thought!” she said with urgency. “I’ll have to administer emergency treatment.”

“What…what kind of treatment?” Peter asked nervously.

“A kind that can only be administered orally,” the beautiful redhead answered.

Mary Jane got up on the bed, still fully clad in her sexy nurse outfit. She then removed her gloves and narrowed her gaze on his rigid manhood. And, while still casting him that amazingly sultry glance, she retrieved a small bottle of flavored lubricant from the tray next to the bed.

“Hold still, Mr. Parker,” she instructed. “This treatment requires careful administration.”

“I trust you, Nurse Watson,” Peter replied.

The way he said that seemed to excite her even more. Mary Jane hadn’t been lying when she said this role had been a bit of a kink for her. She looked so intense as she poured the lube onto her hand and dabbed it on the tip of his penis. He didn’t need a Spider-Sense to sense that she was very turned on.

The extent of her arousal showed even more as she grasped his cock with both hands and leaned in to lick it. Hot, wondrous sensations followed. Mary Jane’s soft lips and skilled tongue were already working their healing magic.

“Ohhh, Nurse Watson!” Peter gasped.

“Shh,” Mary Jane said to him. “Lie back and let the treatment proceed.”

At that fateful moment, the beautiful redhead hungrily devoured his cock with her mouth. She was so slow and thorough, taking every inch between her lips, trailing her tongue along the base every step of the way. She made it a point to push her deepthroating skills to the limit. The sight alone sent Peter into a blissful daze. And it only got better from there.

‘It’s official. This is how I want to heal after every battle!’

Mary Jane proceeded to channel her oral sex skills into a special kind of medicine. While lightly stroking the base with both hands, she worked her lips and tongue along the length of his cock. The presence of the lube definitely made a difference. Her love of strawberry flavored ice cream extended to strawberry flavored lubricant.

She licked, sucked, and stroked his manhood with an amazing eagerness. It sent more hot sensations flooding through his core, putting him in a state of mind that was akin to pure morphine. Given the nature of the scenario, that seemed so fitting.

Peter moaned to the wonderous feeling, shifting and tensing under the onslaught of ecstasy. It was still a challenge, remaining flat on his back like a real patient. Even in his fake neck brace and bandages, he struggled to contain his own excitement. He just watched as Mary Jane’s head bobbed up and down in a wonderfully erotic display, sucking and stroking his dick with increasing fervor. When she looked up at him with those seductive eyes of hers, he could feel her conveying a clear message.

She wanted him to come.

She wanted to taste his sweet manly juices.

She was about to get what she wanted.

“Nurse Watson!” Peter gasped. “The treatment, I…it’s working! I’m going to…going to…”

He could feel it coming. The quick build-up of sensations drew him to the edge of his release. Mary Jane sensed it too. She bobbed her head faster and stroked the base harder, pulling out all the stops to maximize the release.

When it hit, Peter closed his eyes, threw his head back, and let out sharp gasp of ecstasy. In his prone position, it washed over him with a special kind of intensity.

“Ohhh God!” he exclaimed.

His orgasmic gasp hardly resembled that of a sick or injured man. That might or might not count as breaking character. But under the weight of the feeling that followed, Peter felt he deserved a pass.

As that feeling played out, Mary Jane never lost focused. She kept his cock partially in her mouth as he blew his load, releasing thick streams of cum. Most went right down her gullet, but some dribbled out onto her lips and chin. She eagerly savored every drop, moaning gleefully as though she were enjoying her favorite treat.

“Mmm…such healthy, tasty cum,” Mary Jane said playfully.

She kept her hands around his cock, stroking it to milk him for every drop. She also licked along the length, making sure to lap up every bit of fluid. Peter, his body and mind soaking in orgasmic bliss, opened his eyes to watch her finish the job.

It was so hot, seeing the woman he loved gleefully complete this lurid treatment. Like any skilled actress, she didn’t let the messiness of the moment undermine her role. She remained in character and very much inclined to keep pushing the scenario.

“I’d say that treatment was successful,” she said proudly. “You’re looking better already, Mr. Parker.”

“Yeah,” Peter said, still breathless. “I feel…a lot better.”

“At this rate, you’ll be fully recovered relatively soon.”

“That’s good,” he said with a grin. “Will I need any additional treatment?”

She pretended to think for a moment. She didn’t take her hands off his cock, either. He was still semi-hard, his member slightly sensitive after his release. But there was still a lingering desire. Peter didn’t hide that in his gaze. And Mary Jane got the message, loud and clear.

“Well, I’m not a doctor. I’m just a nurse,” she said curtly.

“I trust your informed medical opinion,” Peter quipped. “Please…tell me what else I might need.”

She cast him another grin. The beautiful redhead was still brimming with excitement. Peter could tell when Mary Jane was plotting something lurid in her head. If that glint in her eyes were any indication, she had already come up with something.

“Actually, there is another procedure we could administer,” Mary Jane said while briefly glancing down at her cleavage.

“Oh? What kind of procedure?” Peter asked intently.

“One that’s less a treatment and more a preventative,” she explained. “As any skilled nurse will tell you, good healing doesn’t stop at mending wounds. To ensure lasting health, we need our share of supplemental remedies. And as it just so happens, there’s one unique remedy I’m qualified to provide. But first, I need your consent.”

“You have it, Nurse Watson,” he said without a second thought. “I’ll sign whatever waiver you want. Please…I need more healing.”

His voice had an intensity that almost betrayed his role. At this point, Peter didn’t need to do much acting. He was still dazed by the afterglow of his orgasm. He was also still very horny, as evidenced by his semi-hard dick. Whatever raunchy plan she’d conjured, Peter was ready for it.

“Very well, Mr. Parker,” said Mary Jane. “Then, more healing what I shall provide.”

With seductive tact befitting of a nurse, the beautiful redhead slipped off the bed. Then, while still in plain view of his amorous gaze, she lifted her already-short skirt and slipped out of her thong underwear. The way she playfully wiggled her hips got Peter’s heart racing again. It also got his dick to perk up once more, ready for more of her skilled touch.

After stepping out of her panties, she kicked off her heels. In the process, she pushed her skirt up further to reveal her exposed pussy. Even from his prone position, Peter could see she was aroused. He could practically smell it emanating between her legs. It was enough to make his mouth water.

Now naked from the waist down, Mary Jane crawled back onto the bed. She kept much of her nurse attire on, helping to maintain the scenario. While Peter watched with bated breath, she oriented their bodies so that they were in a 69 position. That brought his face perfect in line with her pussy. He had been so motivated to eat his lover out before in his life.

“You’re such a sweet, loving man, Mr. Parker,” Mary Jane said. “And men like you need a regular dose of good, quality pussy to maintain proper health.”

“I didn’t know pussy was a vitamin,” Peter joked.

“Oh it most certainly is! Studies show that men who eat quality pussy are healthier and happier.”

“I would love to know how those studies were conducted,” he chuckled.

“Leave the science to professionals. Right now, you’re my patient. And, as part of your healing regiment, please accept this concentrated dose of our best pussy. I’ll supply other treatment protocols, as needed.”

“Mmm…whatever you say, Nurse Watson.”

Peter didn’t need any further medical opinions. With Mary Jane straddling his face, her womanhood smothering all his senses, he hungrily indulged in her intimate flesh.

He skipped the usual teasing and tantalizing. Instead, he plunged his tongue into her vaginal folds and tasting the moist flesh inside. He went right for all her most intimate spots, which he’d come to know so well over the years. He lapped and licked every one of them with the utmost skill, mirroring the same intensity she’d demonstrated while sucking his cock. In addition to the wonderous taste of her sweet pussy, it evoked a strong reaction in his beautiful lover.

“Ooh, Mr. Parker!” Mary Jane exclaimed. “You…were more deficient than I thought.”

“Mmf!” was all Peter did to respond, throwing in a tease of her clit in the process.

“Please! Consume as much pussy as you need!”

Peter kept at it, giving Mary Jane the most thorough oral sex he could muster in his prone position. As his tongue probed her moist depths, she shuttered and writhed atop him. He could feel her trembling under the onslaught of hot pleasure coursing through her. She had already gotten horny in playing her role. Now, he added more fuel to the proverbial fire.

“So good! Such…quality…healing!” the beautiful redhead panted.

As Mary Jane savored the fruits of Peter’s oral sex skills, she channeled her horniness onto his still semi-hard penis. She’d been lightly stroking it since she got on top of him. But that just wasn’t enough.

As she descended deeper into that sexual daze, she pulled down the top part of her outfit, freeing her ample breasts from their confines. The outfit had been overly tight to begin with. Exposing them came as a great relief. Initially, she just rubbed one of her breasts while Peter ate her out. But, as her desire intensified, she stepped up her efforts.

“Mmm…Mr. Parker,” she gasped. “I think…your penis needs more treatment.”

Peter, his face stull muffled by her pussy, quickly sensed her subsequent actions. While he remained focus on eating her pussy, Mary Jane leaned over a bit further so that she could slide his cock between her breasts. From there, she began tit-fucking him.

It was incredible. Mary Jane was as skilled with her tits as she was with her mouth, providing ample stimulation to his dick. That feeling of her fleshy mounds surrounding his manhood, slithering up and down the length, quickly got him fully erect again. It also motivated him to hit those special spots inside her even more.

It was a perfect feedback loop. The better he ate her out, the better she tit-fucked him. This shared act – or treatment, as they called it – built up a rare kind of sexual energy. His dick was so hard and her pussy was so wet. Peter wanted Mary Jane so badly. He wanted her in ways that went beyond just being really horny. He sensed how much she shared that desire.

Eventually, those desires culminated in one last intimate act.

“Mr. Parker…I think you’ve consumed a healthy amount of pussy,” Mary Jane said, no longer hiding the horniness in her voice.

“Hmm…I’ll take your word for it, Nurse Watson,” Peter said, finally tearing himself away from her pussy.”

“But I’m afraid this procedure has had an unintended side-effect. Now, I need some treatment, as well…treatment that only you can give me.”

“Well, you’ve given me so much,” Peter said graciously. “I know I’m just your patient. But if there’s a way for me to treat you, I’m happy to oblige.”

“I’m so glad to hear that,” she said, “because this last part of the procedure requires effort from both of us.”

The beautiful redhead released his cock from her tits. She then repositioned her body again. She turned around and straddled his waist, giving Peter a perfect view of her nearly naked body. She still had part of the sexy nurse costume on. The top part and the skirt were scrunched together around her waist, ensuring her breasts and pussy remained fully exposed. She also kept the sexy bonnet on, which Peter found oddly alluring.

Like a good patient, he remained still. He just watched and grinned as the beautiful redhead aligned her pelvis with his cock. She also leaned over at just the right angle to show off her cleavage. As the tip of his manhood rubbed against the outer folds of her vagina, she took his unbandaged hand and guided it to her breast.

“Here,” said Mary Jane, “touch my breast. Touch it while my body heals you…and while yours treats me.”

“Heal away, Nurse Watson. Heal away!” Peter told her.

The voluptuous redhead took it from there. With her knees and feet dug into the bed, she thrust her hips downward and drove his dick up into her pussy. She was so hot and moist from all the oral he’d given her, making their fleshly unions so seamlessly smooth.

They each let out a deep moan. That wonderous feeling of their sex manifesting took hold, their love and passion taking a very physical form. Their bodies soon followed that feeling. Mary Jane began riding his cock while Peter fondled her bouncing breasts. The scenario they’d created and the roles they’d played finally led towards this – a rare kind intimacy that made for a special kind of lovemaking.

‘This is where kinky fantasy becomes ecstasy. God, I love this woman! I don’t care if I jinx it. But I’m a lucky man!’

Their respective roles blended perfectly with their sex. Mary Jane was thorough at first, working her hips in smooth, steady motions. The hot, sensuous feeling of his member slithering in her vagina got a rhythm going. From there, a steady stream of pleasure flowed between them.

She quickly intensified her movements, bouncing her hips and gasping with delight at the feeling that followed. Peter was more than happy to remain in his role. He continued lying on his back, watching his lover practically dance atop him with erotic grace. Mary Jane was so animated, still clinging to her role, as well. She treated the act of riding his cock like a sex goddess as a true act of healing. He was no doctor, but it certainly felt therapeutic in its own lurid way.

“Nurse Watson!” Peter gasped. “Oh…ooh…ohhh Nurse Watson! Such…incredible…healing!”

“Ooh yes!” Mary Jane moaned. “You treat me! I heal you! It’s so…so…therapeutic!”

That might not have been a medically correct term, but they were beyond caring at this point. Their bodies rocked and so did the bed, the intensity of their sex playing out in a glorious act. As the sensations flowed, Mary Jane reached down and fondled her clit while riding him.

She was getting close to orgasm. Peter didn’t need his Spider-Sense to know that. He could see it in the way her body shuddered and her expression shifted. As good an actress she was, Mary Jane could not hide it when she was about to climax. He was close too, but he didn’t dare get ahead of his lover.

“Mr. Parker!” she gasped. “I think I…the treatment…it’s gonna make me…”

But the beautiful redhead didn’t get a chance to articulate her ecstasy. She had already passed the point of no return. She was about to orgasm. Just before it hit, she grabbed Peter’s wrists and guided his hands onto her breasts. Instinctively, he gave them a firm squeeze just as she got her sweet release.

“Oohhhh Mr. Parker!” Mary Jane exclaimed.

Her movements slowed, her entire upper body tensing in anticipation. Before Peter’s eyes, his lover arched her back and let out a beautiful cry of ecstasy, as if to proclaim the success of yet another scenario.

It was a special kind of pleasure. Peter sensed in the way her vaginal muscles throbbed around his cock, her lower body trembling in accord with the successions of contractions. That extra tightness squeezed his manhood with a hot, fleshy vice. That feeling was more than enough to send him over the edge, allowing him to achieve his second release.

“Ohhh Nurse Watson!” Peter gasped.

The ecstasy hit him just as hard. He felt his cock burned with pleasure inside her tight folds before releasing a load of his cum deep into her womb. That hot feeling radiated in all directions, spreading through out his body like a tidal wave. As it washed over him, he pulled Mary Jane in closer. She could see the ecstasy and passion in his expression, just as he could see hers.

As the feeling played out, a brief silence fell over the room. Only the sound of their heavy breathing could be heard. There wasn’t much else to say. Their bodies still entwined, Peter cast Mary Jane a loving smile. She smiled back before drawing him into a loving kiss.

It was not an act consistent with their respective roles. But at this point, there was no further need to remain in character. He and Mary Jane had achieved what they’d sought in crafting this scenario.

As such, they finally broke character.

“Mmm…I think it’s safe to say I’m fully healed,” Peter said, rising up from the bed and removing his fake bandages.

“I agree. Your recovery is downright miraculous,” Mary Jane joked, laughing as their bodies parted.

“What can I say? You have that special healing touch, MJ.”

“And you have a dirty mind, Tiger,” she teased.

“Speak for yourself. You’re the one who bought the costume,” he pointed out. “And, if memory serves me right, you insisted that I be completely prone and at your mercy.”

“Thanks for the reminder,” she laughed. “Guess that means we both have a dirty mind.”

“Which is pretty handy when it comes to role playing,” Peter pointed out. “I think we’re living proof of that.”

The couple shared another laugh before kissing again. Still short of breath and brimming with post-coital afterglow, they laid down on the bed together. They once again shared an intimate moment through creative role playing. This scenario was a bit more elaborate than usual, but it had been worth the extra effort.

“Then, I guess that leaves just one question,” Mary Jane said. “Just how far can our dirty minds take us?”

“I don’t know,” said Peter, “but I look forward to finding out!”

The End

AN: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed that. As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions for future roles. Until next time, take care and stay safe.


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