Little Pink Pills: Extreme Testing

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Little Pink Pills: Extreme Testing

AN: The following is the fourth one-shot story that takes place in the series that began with Little Pink Pills. Like the previous stories, it takes place before the events of X Of Swords. Also, since this story will feature Gambit and Rogue, it also takes place after the first arc in Excalibur.

Pairings: Cyclops/Marvel Girl and Gambit/Rogue

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men or Marvel in any capacity. They are owned by Disney. I am making no money off this. Please don’t sue.

This story includes graphic depiction of sex and various sexual activities. If you are at all uncomfortable with that sort of thing, I advise against reading this. To everyone else, I always welcome feedback and reviews. Please send them to me directly via email or post them on the website. Enjoy!

Krakoa – Secure Research Gardens

“Krakoan Research Journal Entry Number 6933, as dictated by Sage. This past week, the Quiet Council reported the latest sales figure for Human Drug Prototype V, also known as the Little Pink Pills. And once again, they exceeded even our boldest projections. It is at a point where we literally cannot produce it faster than it is being consumed. Everyone on the council agreed unanimously. The popularity of this drug has made it a vital component of Krakoa’s social, political, and economic agenda.”

Sage had to pause her computer-like brain. She needed a moment to temper her emotions in order to maintain an official demeanor. Those words did not do justice to the impact of this uncanny drug. Even in her controlled state, she still cracked a slight smile.

There were no words in any language to articulate the impact of Human Drug Prototype V. Since releasing it to the global market, human and mutants alike indulged in the drug’s famously sensual effects. Sales were so high that the Hellfire Trading Company had create their own bank, just to process the flood of money.

Even with an island full of mutants, they still struggled to keep up. That didn’t stop Emma Frost from getting the drug to every market possible. From the bedrooms of couples on their honeymoon to wild orgies, the Little Pink Pills became synonymous with great sex. It even had a slogan, courtesy of Emma Frost and her marketing team.

A little pink pill…a long night of passion.

The success of that campaign ensured plenty of market demand for these pills moving forward. However, as their popularity grew, some issues did come up and not all of them involved ire from rival pharmaceutical companies.

“The scope and breadth of that agenda is changing daily. Human Drug Prototype V has changed the way Krakoa exercises influence on the global stage. It is more than a means of leverage. The inherent desire for good, satisfying sex transcends many conflicts. But with such desire comes greater risk. And recent reports regarding abuse and misuse of this drug have raised significant concerns.”

Sage hardened her tone and her mind. While the subject matter surrounding the Little Pink Pills was often lurid, there were serious issues before her. The success of the drug had made them an important resource, but being an important resource meant managing it properly.

These pills weren’t just a popular drug with an emerging brand. They were closely affiliated with mutants and Krakoa. That meant any negative press about them had major implications beyond sales and lawsuits. Confronting those implications required some proactive efforts.

“In addition to the latest sales figures, the Hellfire Trading Company highlighted a number of distressing stories. While those who use the drug as directed have incurred no major detriments, other more reckless users have suffered injury – some not associated with extreme or excessive sex acts.”

Sage uploaded a series of news articles and medical reports to the journal. Some came from less-than-credible tabloids and blogs. Others came from major news sites. They depicted stories of people who had ended up in an emergency room after using the Little Pink Pills in ways not recommended. Some were less dire than others and some were likely gross exaggerations. Altogether, though, they still warranted concern.

“It must be noted that much of those injuries came as a result of mixing Human Drug Prototype V with other drugs. Being a potent aphrodisiac, it does not pair well with certain opioids and depressants. This was made very clear before sending it to market. But such irresponsible behavior is a user issue – one for which we are not culpable, according to the HTC’s lawyers. But some injuries are a result of dosage issues.”

More uploads followed. This time, data from previous tests were uploaded from Krakoa’s main servers. The details of that data, including the intimate kind, were well-known to many. However, that data came from a controlled test with strict parameters and a specific goal. It never could’ve accounted for some of the issues that had since come up.

“While the recommended dosage was carefully calculated long before the first test, an increasing number of users are ignoring it. They’re taking multiple pills, exceeding that recommended dosage by varying degrees. In synthesizing the drug, we tried to anticipate this. Hank McCoy and Dr. Nemesis included special caps within the pills to prevent absorption beyond a certain point. While that has prevented most forms of serious injury or abuse, some users have attempted to remove those safeguards in hopes of a more potent effect.”

Sage finished uploading the associated data. She briefly contemplated how detailed she should be in documenting these issues. It wasn’t just that some of those details involved some excessively lurid incidents that occurred during and after sex acts. A handful of incidents involved a few mutants attempting to overlook the safety measures of the Little Pink Pills.

It was not part of any report, but there was a recent incident involving Quentin Quire attempting to remove those safeguards from the pills. He had been more successful than some of the humans. It led to an ordeal with him, Phoebe Cuckoo, and the rest of the Stepford Cuckoos that landed all of them in the Healing Gardens for two full days.

Sage had been privy to most of the details, but Emma Frost had been very selective about who knew the full extent of what happened. Even the former White Queen had been disturbed by how much damage a bunch of horny teenagers could do by experimenting with the Little Pink Pills. With that in mind, Sage chose to omit certain background information from the journal.

“The nature of those attempts is beyond the scope of this entry, as are the methods utilized. The Quiet Council is primarily concerned with public trust. They need to know that the safety measures of the drug are adequately robust. They also need to know the worst possible impact, should those safeguards fail. I have provided the Council estimations and calculations. But hard data is always preferable. Obtaining that data requires further testing…albeit a kind unlike any before.”

Sage took a deep breath and saved her journal entry. She then turned her attention to the main console of the observation deck that overlooked Krakoa’s secure research gardens. Through a one-way mirror, she could see down into the large, open area that had been laden with Krakoa’s unique plant-like architecture. As the various lights and sensors in the walls booted up, a rare energy came over this exotic space.

This was the same area in which the first test for Human Drug Prototype V was conducted with Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Wolverine, and Emma Frost. That test had succeeded beyond everyone’s expectations. Those first four test subjects even took pride in that pioneering role. They even claimed it had done wonders for their collective sex lives.

That experiment had a simple goal with very manageable risks. This one promised to be very different, both in terms of purpose and risk. Not knowing what results awaited, Sage finished calibrating the sensors and activated the speaker system that fed into the test area.

“Attention test subjects,” Sage said into the intercom. “Please enter the test area. We are ready to begin.”

The large sliding doors on the west end of the test area opened and four familiar figures entered. They included Scott and Jean Grey-Summers, which seemed fitting. They were among the first test subjects to experience the powerful effects of the Little Pink Pills. They still recounted that experiment fondly. It had become somewhat legendary throughout Krakoa’s adult population.

Following alongside them were Rogue and Remy Lebeau, another married couple known for being extra passionate. While they had not participated in any tests involving the Little Pink Pills, they had confirmed to frequently using them. In fact, they used them more often than most couples, including those in committed relationships. They often joked it was how they “caught up” for taking so long to get married. It did not take a telepath to sense they weren’t joking.

“So, this be where all the magic happens, eh?” Remy commented as he looked around the test area. “The magic that made them little pink pills we all love so dang much.”

“Amen to that, sugah!” said Rogue. “Although, it ain’t exactly romantic.”

“It’s a testing area. It’s not supposed to be,” Scott pointed out.

“Then, they better clean it often,” joked Gambit.

“Don’t worry. They clean it thoroughly,” laughed Jean. “But trust me. Once the experiment starts, you tend not to care.”

“We’ve popped our share of these pills too, Jean. We know what they do,” said Rogue curtly. “Heck, they once made us so horny we fucked in a freezer container.”

“A freezer?” said Jean. “That’s not so…”

“For two hours straight,” Rogue added.

Jean paused and cast Rogue a look. The grin on her face, as well as Remy’s, made clear she was serious. Even for a couple of newlyweds, she was impressed, but not surprised. She and Scott had done their share of elaborate sex acts while using those pills, but the bar for elaborate had changed considerably.

“Well, keep in mind this is an experiment,” Scott reminded them as they approached the center of the chamber. “That means things have to be controlled.”

“You really gonna try to make this less fun for us, homme?” Remy said.

“Not at all,” the X-Leader replied. “In fact, having fun is really important for an experiment like this. Just be sure it also provides the necessary data.”

“Data, huh? Is that what they’re calling it?” Remy asked.

“Call it what you want. Just know that for something like this, quality matters more than quantity.”

He slipped his arm around Jean’s waist, his official demeanor giving way to a more seductive undertone. Jean responded with an excited grin and latched onto her husband’s arm. She didn’t doubt he took these experiments seriously. Rogue and Gambit were wise to do the same. That was not easy, given the unique nature of the experiment.

“For the record, the quality and quantity of the desired data is not always mutually exclusive,” Sage told them over the intercom. “And this is one instance where such distinctions are irrelevant.”

“That almost sounds like a warning,” Rogue said.

“Would that stop you if it were?” Remy asked her.

“Hell no!”

The couple laughed to themselves and shared some affectionate gestures as well. When they arrived at the center of the testing area with Scott and Jean, the amenities had already manifested by way of Krakoa’s unique biology. They still lacked romantic ambience, but they were adequate for the experiment.

From the exotic plant-like biomatter, two king-size beds had formed from the floor. They both resembled beds used from previous experiments, which included fine white linens imported from Italy, pillows taken from four-star hotels in Dubai, and mattress materials engineered from Sweden. Much of those exotic comforts came courtesy of Emma Frost, who insisted such intimate luxuries ensured quality data. Sage suspected the former White Queen just favored more expensive brands of sex.

Neither couple seemed to care how much effort when into making the beds fancy for horny couples. Naturally, they couples split off and made their way to their respective beds, not caring much for which bed they chose. They were more interested in the small tables standing next to each bed.

Like previous experiments, the table included a special flower that contained the pills. They gave off a very distinct scent, which was known to trigger arousal for anyone familiar with the pills’ effects. There were also a couple glasses of ice water waiting for them, which was also typical. However, even before the flowers opened, there was something different about this experiment.

“Whoa! That smell…it’s more intense than usual,” Jean commented as she and Scott stood at the table.

“I noticed that too, Jean,” said Scott. “I can also feel it.”

“Yes, I can see that,” she commented with a half-grin, “and here I was thinking we’d dressed appropriately for once.”

Their senses were in working order. Sage made a note of that. She had advised them to wear something more comfortable for this experiment, at least initially. She might have understated her reasons.

Unlike the first experiment, Scott and Jean didn’t bother with wearing their uniforms. Instead, they wore a couple of bath robes, which Emma had also generously provided. They were identical to the ones Rogue and Remy wore. That was supposed to make it easier to deal with the intense arousal the Little Pink Pills were known to cause. However, that arousal didn’t usually manifest until after the users ingested the pills.

This time, the smell alone was enough to trigger it. Scott already had a noticeable bulge forming in his robe. Jean began awkwardly shifting where she stood, hinting that a wet heat was already forming between her thighs. Even though they were used to the pills and the experiments, the couple was somewhat surprised. It was even more pronounced for Rogue and Remy.

“Either Ah’m overly excited or mah pussy is getting ahead of itself,” said Rogue, also shifting where she stood.

“Dang! Is the smell supposed to be that thick?” Remy commented, a bulge of his own forming within his robe.

“For normal doses of Human Drug Prototype V…no, it is not,” Sage replied.

Her tone was flat, but revealing. As the two couples stood close to the flower, the pungent aroma brought with it a unique heat. It bombarded their senses with an onslaught of special pheromones. They triggered plenty of familiar bodily reactions, but those reactions were only a hint of their greater effects.

“I will note for the record that the doses before you have been synthesized specifically for this experiment,” Sage informed them. “Since the creation of Human Drug Prototype V, we’ve been careful to include chemical safeguards within every pill. These biomechanical caps ensure that the body doesn’t absorb too much of the drug, thereby overwhelming the user and causing dangerous physical effects.”

“Can only imagine what those effects be on a man’s mind…as well as his dick,” Remy commented.

“But, as effective as those measures are, some have actively attempted to remove them. More than one case has emerged of people taking higher doses of the drug in pursuit of more intense effects.”

“And mutants are being blamed for it, of course,” sighed Jean. “The Quiet Council has not enjoyed reminding people to use these pills as directed.”

“Despite clear warnings, it has still led to multiple inquiries and lawsuits about rampant misuse of the drug. While our safeguards have proven resilient thus far, it is all but certain someone will find a way to circumvent them. That means users would be able to ingest extremely high dosages. And the effects of such dosages is not known, nor has it been studied. In developing this drug, we did not think that would be necessary.”

“You really assumed folks wouldn’t want better sex? After these Little Pink Pills showed how great it could be?” laughed Rogue.

When framed in that context, Sage and the science team seemed so short-sighted. She remembered Hank McCoy saying confidently that nobody would go to such lengths to remove the safeguards. The effects of Human Drug Prototype V were plenty satisfying, it seemed.

In hindsight, they had miscalculated. It might have been the most egregious miscalculation that she and Hank had ever made. Sage was not inclined to reassess the numbers. Only new and better data could bring them useful conclusions.

“Our past assumptions, wrong as they may have been, are no longer relevant,” Sage continued. “A recourse is needed to ensure the continued safety and success of Human Drug Prototype V. But to adequately assess that safety, we require data – data that varies considerably from that gained by previous tests.”

Sensing the restless mood throughout the test area, Sage activated the controls from the main console. That triggered the flowers on the tables next to the beds to open, revealing a single pill of Krakoa’s famous drug. However, these pills looked different than those used in previous tests. These were larger, pinker, and oddly shaped. Between their look and the aroma they gave off, it created a very different ambience throughout the chamber.

“Before you is a highly concentrated dose of Human Drug Prototype V,” Sage told them. “The level of concentration is approximately nine times higher than the maximum standard dose…an amount far greater than any user or test subject has ever experienced. I also must note, for the record, that these pills were synthesized without the usual biochemical safeguards.”

“Now that was definitely a warning,” said Rogue as she and Remy looked at the pills anxiously.

“And a dang serious warning, it be,” Remy added. “But that still ain’t gonna stop you. Will it, cherè?”

“Nope! It ain’t that serious,” she replied.

“Still more than I expected,” said Jean. “If the smell alone is making me wet, I can’t imagine what it’ll do once it’s in my body.”

“Guess that’s why we’re doing the test,” Scott surmised, his usually controlled demeanor faltering.

They all seemed to be taking the experiment more seriously. They also appreciated the risks involved. Previous tests only sought to refine and document the effects of the drug when used as directed. This test required them to be exceedingly reckless.

“Here where I must disclose that ingesting such a high doses are very dangerous. The effects could potentially result in serious physical or mental damage – up to and including death,” Sage said, hiding the concern in her tone.

“Death by too much sex,” Remy said, “even without the resurrection protocols, it ain’t a bad way to go.”

“There are far worse ways,” said Jean. “Believe me, I know.”

“It’s because of the resurrection protocols that we are the only ones capable of doing such a test. No human lab would dare attempt something like this. For that same reason, Charles Xavier has put the Five on standby just in case. While Beast and I did attempt to estimate the maximum possible dose that any human or mutant could handle, we cannot guarantee the veracity of those estimates. That is why I must reaffirm your consent to this test…knowing the serious risks and probable danger.”

It was usually a formality for participants in these experiments. Most were so eager to take the Little Pink Pills and indulge in their sensual effects. Some test subjects had jumped the gun before they could state their consent.

Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy were a bit more thoughtful before affirming their willingness to partake in this test. Each couple exchanged concerned glances. The arousal in their bodies had not completely clouded their minds. They had signed up for this experiment knowing that it involved taking the Little Pink Pills and having hot sex for science. They had even been advised on the unique nature of the test. Even with that knowledge, they need a moment to make their choice decisively.

“This is going to get messy and not in a fun way…well, not entirely ,” Scott said.

“Given everything we’ve been through, we can handle messy…even this kind of messy,” Jean added.

“But there’s real danger this time,” he added. “Our sex life has grown and evolved, thanks largely to these pills. But resurrection protocols aside, there are unknowns. And if you’re prepared to face them, Jean…”

Scott paused as he struggled to find the words. As the Krakoa’s Captain Commander, he didn’t back down from danger. Even so, putting feelings into words had never been among his strengths.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to. With an affectionate grin, Jean put her finger on his lips and helped fill in the rest.

“I’m prepared too, hun,” Jean said. “Whatever comes of this, I’m as prepared as can be…relatively speaking.”

“Relative, indeed,” said Scott, grinning back.

They had made up their minds. Rogue and Remy remained fixated on the pills briefly. They didn’t have the same amount of experience when it came to testing potent sex drugs. They hadn’t had much experience in exploring their sex lives, due largely to Rogue’s powers. They’d been making up for it plenty since they got married. This test would take those tempered passions to new extremes.

“I wanna say Ah’m prepared too, Remy,” Rogue said, “but you know Ah can’t lie worth a damn. Especially to you.”

“This be a lot, mon amor. Ain’t no doubt about that,” Remy said. “But we done spent years lovin’ each other and not being able to express it. That may have brought us closer at times, but…that don’t make the desire go away.”

“If anything, it made it stronger,” Rogue pointed out.

That’s for sure.”

The couple paused briefly, still fixated on the pink pills in the pods before them. Their demeanor then shifted once more. They turned towards each other, moved in closer, and shared a loving grin.

“Well, if we’re gonna keep loving each other in every way we desire, we might as well test that strength,” Rogue said.

“This be a hell of a test,” Remy said, “but it be Remy’s kind of test!”

“Of course, you’d say that,” she laughed, giving him a playful swat. “Let’s just hope you’re as strong as your bragging, Cajun.”

If either couple had any reservations, they faded fast. They’d heard the dangers. They knew the risks. Sage was as transparent as could be, more so than she’d been with previous tests. She’d given the test subjects the necessary information, as well as one final chance to back out. Neither couple seemed inclined to back away.

“Sage, I know you like keeping detailed records, so I’ll be as clear as can be with this,” Jean called out from the test area. “I reaffirm my consent to this test. I wish to proceed.”

“I reaffirm as well,” said Scott.

“Same here. Remy affirms,” said Remy.

“Ah reaffirm, as well,” said Rogue. “Ah wanna do this. That clear enough for ya?”

“Yes. Your consent is clear and noted for the record,” Sage replied.

She made a note in her journal. She then turned off the safeguards and secured the chamber. The experiment was ready to begin.

Sage computer-like mind had run various scenarios with previous experiments. Most had been fairly accurate, even when the results exceeded expectations. For this test, she had no certainty. She didn’t even have an educated guess as to what might unfold. Only new data could reveal the full power of the Little Pink Pills.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” Sage said as she performed some final calibrations for the scanners. “We will now commence with the experiment. In anticipation of the proceedings, please remove your clothing. You must remain nude for the duration of the test.”

“If only there were more test like that back in school. Remy might not have dropped out,” said the Cajun as he loosened his robe.

“Sure, you would’ve,” Rogue said dryly as she did the same.

The two couples showed little hesitation in ditching their robes. Rogue and Remy were somewhat playful, letting them fall off their bodies before kicking them aside. This being their first time participating in an experiment with Human Drug Prototype V, there was a hint of excitement in addition to the danger.

Scott and Jean were more casual. Scott slipped out of his robe and, true to his organized nature, folded it over his arm. Jean was even more efficient, simply holding her arms up and using her telekinesis to remove her robe. Like Scott, she folded hers and stacked it along with his before setting it aside.

None of them had anything on underneath. Every bit of skin, from head to toe, was fully visible. After the first experiment, most test subjects didn’t bother with underwear. Jean even told Rogue to not bother with sexy lingerie. It would just get in the way, get soaked, or be ripped off.

Now standing before one another, completely naked and exposed, the two couples gathered themselves for the next step.

“Does it still feel strange? Being so comfortable getting naked in front of others?” Jean asked as she and Scott exchanged intimate gestures.

“Not as much as it used to,” said Scott, grinning as he admired her breasts while caressing her face. “But I think it’s been good for us…being less shy with our passions.”

“It certainly has,” said Jean. “And I’m not just referring to our sex life.”

“Me neither.”

They shared a warm smile and some affectionate touching before turning towards the table. Rogue and Remy lingered a bit longer, admiring each other’s nude features, as they often did during intimate moments.

Remy never hid his fondness for naked women. Channeling his usual charm, he slipped in closer and felt up her feminine curves. He traced a path from her hips to her breasts, which he eagerly fondled, much to Rogue’s delight. Having not been able to touch for so long, she never missed an opportunity to affectionately paw her lover’s chest.

“For the record, it’s still strange for me…bein’ able to touch freely,” Rogue said with both hands on her husband’s chest.

“But it be a good kind of strange, non?” Remy said while tracing his fingers around her cleavage.

“Definitely! A very good kind,” she said with a grin. “Ah spent a good chunk of mah life…loving you without being able to get intimate. It’s always gonna mean a little more to me, whether we’re just cuddlin’ or having hot sex for science.”

“Same here, cherè. It always means a lot to Remy that he can touch your perfect ass.”

That earned the Cajun a playful swat, but it didn’t stop him from slipping his hands down her waist and onto her heart-shaped butt. She knew how much he loved grasping her ass. He also knew how much she loved having it squeezed. It helped set the tone for what was to come.

Sage gave the newlyweds some extra time to enjoy their naked touching. It actually provided some useful data. It offered a baseline reading of both couples sharing an intimate moment. There was no drug in their system. Their minds were completely sober and lucid. They were just two people in love, expressing it with simple gestures.

“The test subjects exhibit a baseline comfort with sex, nudity, and basic expressions of love. This state will function as a control for the experiment,” Sage reported into her journal. “Through the sensors, I have taken a snapshot of mental, biological, and emotional data for each couple. These factors will be critical in quantifying the full impact of the concentrated dose of Human Drug Prototype V.”

She entered a few more commands. The necessary data was compiled and stored. All systems were working at full capacity. They were ready for the next phase of the experiment and so were the test subjects.

The thick scent from the flowers had triggered some early sexual arousal. Scott and Remy already had semi-erect cocks. The intimate touch of their respective lovers only furthered that response. The scanners also picked up on increased heat between Jean and Rogue’s thighs, their pussies already getting wet. The basic interest in sex was already there. It was only a matter of how much the concentrated Little Pink Pills would intensify it.

“If the participants are ready, we’ll proceed with the next phase,” Sage said over the intercom. “Please take one pill with the water provided. Swallow it whole and remain close to your partner. The drug should take effect quickly.”

“I’d say we know the drill,” said Jean as she and Scott retrieved their respective pills, “but something tells me this will play out very differently.”

“Well, we won’t know how different until we try it,” said Rogue, sounding bolder as she and Remy did the same.

The four test subjects took the oversized pink pills from their flowering pods. They briefly exchanged restless glances before swallowing their pills whole, along with some water from the glasses provided. They even tapped their classes, as if to toast their involvement in this bold, potentially dangerous experiment.

“Guess there be no turnin’ back now,” said Remy before drinking his water.

Normally, test subjects drank the whole glass. Since hot sex often meant getting sweaty and physical, it was good to stay hydrated, especially when the Little Pink Pills entered the equation. But neither couple ended up finishing their glasses.

Both Jean and Rogue dropped theirs, spilling the contents all over the table. Scott and Remy were barely able to set theirs down before leaning on their respective tables, becoming short of breath and extremely tense.

“Whoa!” gasped Jean, becoming dizzy and dazed. “Anyone else feeling it already?”

“Yeah…I’m feeling it too,” said Scott while breathing heavily.

“Oh it’s different! Really different!” added Rogue.

Their words did not to justice to the intensity of what unfolded. It was most visible with Scott and Remy. As they leaned on the table, their dicks went from semi-erect to what might have been the hardest erection possible for men of their age. It happened so quickly, as though a significant amount of blood in their bodies did a U-turn and converged around their genitals. Such a rush left both men light-headed, but still very aware of their aroused state.

While they processed this sudden bodily shift, Jean and Rogue experienced their own intense rush. Their knees lightly buckled and they each stumbled back slightly. Like the men, their genitals became flushed with arousal, streaks of feminine juices seeping from their folds. Their nipples also became erect. As both women became light-headed, they began rubbing their breasts while trying to stay balanced. They appeared intoxicated, but remained incredibly alert.

“These readings all exceed my initial calculations,” Sage noted. “Each test subject has become aroused sexually. But the extent of the arousal is rather…extreme.”

There were few scientific terms with which to quantify such data. In previous experiments, Sage would ask test subject to describe what they were feeling as their bodies absorbed Little Pink Pills. She sensed that might not be possible, given their current state.

“Dang! Remy don’t think he’s dick ever been this hard,” Remy said as he looked down at his throbbing hard-on.

“I don’t think penises are supposed to get this hard,” said Scott, trying his best to maintain his composure.

The two men then turned towards their respective lovers. Rogue and Jean didn’t bother much with composure. They kept shifting awkwardly where they stood, rubbing their thighs together as their pussies became so hot and moist. Their legs could barely support them and every breath became labored. But they were each intensely focused, the glint in their eyes sending a clear message.

They were very horny.

They wanted sex.

They wanted it more than they’d ever wanted any physical act before in their lives.

“Remy, Ah don’t wanna scare you. But my pussy ain’t ever been this wet before,” said Rogue. “And that’s comin’ from someone who went most of her adult life not gettin’ any.”

“Why would that scare, Remy?” he said, looking back at her with equal lust.

Jean had already gravitated towards her husband, her legs almost giving out in the process. Scott immediately caught her, their naked skin touching in that process. That shattered whatever bit of restraint they had left over their desires.

“Scott…” Jean said, looking her husband in the eyes intently.

“Yes, Jean?” Scott asked, matching the immense lust in her tone.

“I want to fuck…make love…hump…whatever the hell you want to call it. I want it so much!”

“I want it too. My God, Jean…I’ve never wanted to fuck you so much in my life.”

Scott Summers did not usually talk like that. Few in a lucid state of mind ever talked like that to their spouse, even during passionate moments. The concentrated dose of Human Drug Prototype V was just that strong. It showed in the readings, as well as their demeanor.

“Fascinating!” Sage said into her journal. “Their level of arousal is greater than anything measured in previous test subjects. Hormone activity spiking. Brain activity in the limbic system is intensifying. Levels of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are surging. The drug’s primary function is to accelerate all functions associated with sexual activity. But in such concentrated doses, they’re going into overdrive.”

Sage’s observations were hardly descriptive from a medical and scientific standpoint. But, in terms of interpreting the data coming in from the sensors, there was no better way to assess it.

These were extreme, if not unsafe levels of sexual arousal. Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy looked ready to erupt in a fit of lust-fueled desire. For the sake of the experiment, she would have to skip a couple procedural steps.

“Your extremely aroused state is noted for the record,” she said through the observation deck. “In lieu of that state, I will offer no further instructions. Please proceed to engage in sexual activity with your partner. Do as much as you deem necessary…acknowledging that your vitals might approach unsafe levels.”

The two couples acted before Sage could complete her warning. They were just too horny, their burning desire for sex overshadowing all others. There was little tact or romance involved. They just started going at it.

Jean practically jumped into her husband’s waiting arms, throwing her legs around his waist and crashing her lips against his, drawing him into a tongue-heavy kiss. Scott eagerly caught her, grabbing her by the butt carrying her onto the bed.

By the time he laid her down in the middle, Jean was already biting his lower lip, locking her legs around his while he aligned his dick with her pussy. The X-Leader ditched his usually diligent approach to making love to his wife, opting to just thrust it in and start hammering away in a fury of heated humping.

“Oh-oh-oohhh yes! Ohhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Scott!” Jean exclaimed as her lover buried his face in her neck.

“Mmm…Jean!” Scott grunted, his voice muffled in the heated movements.

Rogue and Remy were just as fervent. Rogue essentially tackled her husband onto the bed, kissing him with a passion that rivaled any gesture they’d shared on their honeymoon. Remy gladly let their naked bodies fall atop the waiting bed. Like a couple of animals in heat, they rolled around in a naked heap, wildly kissing and groping each other’s naked flesh.

Somehow, they managed to align their bodies in a basic cowgirl position with Rogue on top, straddling her lover’s waist so that her moist folds hovered just above the tip of his cock. Remy skipped his usual tact and charm, opting to just grab his wife’s heart-shaped butt and thrust his hips upward, driving his erect manhood into her vagina.

“Oh mah God! Ohhh God!” Rogue exclaimed.

“Cherè…fuck,” Remy said, his voice slurred by lust and sex.

Their bodies took it from there. Rogue began riding his dick, rocking her hips and working her pussy along the length of his dick. She did it hard and fast, devoid of the playful sassiness she usually displayed during sex. She just dug her feet into the bed, grabbed onto her lover’s torso, and humped like a woman drunk on lust.

Remy complemented her every move, thrusting his hips upward to maximize the penetrative power of every gyration. It also rocked Rogue’s naked body even harder, causing her breasts to bounce in accord with every motion. Remy, already deep in a daze, reached up and hungrily kneaded them with both hands. He always enjoyed rubbing her breasts during sex and she loved it when he pinched her nipples. It just added to the sheer intensity of this act.

“Intercourse has commenced with both test subjects,” Sage reported, “but the nature of the intercourse contrasts significantly from that of previous experiments. In those acts, the subjects remained relatively coherent, despite being sexually aroused. According to these hormone levels, there is no such coherence. Their brains have been effectively flooded with an array of neurotransmitters, tempering their capacity to think beyond their lust. It has rendered them intoxicated in a way that defies traditional measures. But it’s the physical effects that are more striking.”

Sage continued watching and monitoring, adjusting the sensors along the way. They kept picking up data that exceeded every limit that had been set in previous experiment. She attempted to recalculate her earlier predictions, but even her computer-like brain struggled to keep up with the scene unfolding before her.

The two couples kept humping, groping, and smothering one another. Their hands and lips roamed wildly, following every lustful whim. Scott hungrily nibbled around his lover’s neck, biting into her earlobe in a way that got her to shriek with glee. Jean raked her nails along his back, leaving visible marks, some of which caused wounds. But it did not slow Scott down in the slightest. If anything, it made him hump her harder.

“Jean! Oh…oh Jean!” he grunted. “So hot…wet…and tight!”

“Scott!” Jean gasped. “Keep…fucking me! I’m getting…real close!”

It was remarkable, already being this close to orgasm this quickly. Given the dosage and the nature of the sex, it seemed inevitable. But it gave them all the more incentive.

Rogue motived Remy just as much. She worked her hips in long, fluid strides, slamming her pelvis downward to drive his dick into the deepest recesses of her vagina. She did it so hard that she could feel the tip hitting her cervix. All that hot, moist flesh slithering along his cock sent Remy into a frenzy, shooting up from the bed and burying his face in her breasts. He let out muffled grunts as immersed himself in his wife’s cleavage, squeezing her breasts harder and evoking more blissful cries.

“Oohhh God, Remy!” she exclaimed. “Ah’m…gettin’ close! Ah’m already…real close!”

The Cajun responded with more muffled moans. Despite his face being buried in her breasts, he was close too. Their naked bodies rocked and gyrated faster, the motions of their hips intensifying as they followed the escalating sensations.

Rogue and Remy ended up climaxing first. Scott and Jean achieved their respective orgasms moments after. Their physical and biological reactions strained both the sensors monitoring the activity, as well as the microphones recording every noise.

“OOHHHH MAH GOD!” Rogue exclaimed.

“OOHHHH YES!” Jean cried out.

Both Rogue and Jean were exceedingly loud in euphoric proclamations, so much so it caused the speakers to shake in the observation deck. The intensity of their moans mirrored the intensity of the activity within. Despite the ringing in her ears, Sage marveled at the incoming data while also growing concerned.

“Incredible!” she said. “The test subjects have achieved sexual release, but these readings…they do not match those of a typical orgasm.”

The difference in data sets showed in how animated the two women were as the orgasmic feeling washed over them. Rogue grabbed her husband’s biceps, threw her head back, and planted her feet firmly on the bed as she soaked in the pleasure. Her body trembled, her face contorted, and her vaginal muscles throbbed in conjunction with the blissful onslaught.

Jean reacted just as strongly. With her husband on top, she dug the balls of her feet into his lower back, clawed her nails into his shoulder, and arched her lower back as she climaxed hard. Her expression shifted wildly, the ripples of pleasure reverberating throughout her body. It was like an onslaught, flooding her brain and body with the feeling. Even for someone who once possessed the Phoenix Force, it was overwhelming.

“Jean…coming,” was all Scott could get out, his face still mostly buried in her neck.

It was still more than Remy could articulate, opting to keep his face in his wife’s cleavage while he climaxed. Even though the men couldn’t be quite as vocal, their release was every bit as intense.

Scott tightened his grip on Jean’s hips, dug his feet into the bed, and thrust his cock in extra deep before shooting a sizable load of his fluid into her womb. Her throbbing inner muscles milked up every drop, mixing perfectly with her own fluids. White hot pleasure radiated out in all directions, certain muscles tensing while others relaxed. It rendered him as dazed and overwhelmed as Jean, intoxicated by such an intense feeling.

Remy entered that daze as well. Just before he got his release, he squeezed Rogue’s butt firmly and used his powerful arms to drive her pussy down his cock with extra fervor. Once balls deep inside his wife’s depths, he released his cum into her throbbing heat. She was still mid-climax when it happened, their fluids converging in a heat of sexual culmination. Breathing quickly became more labored as shots of ecstasy overwhelmed him from head to toe. His naked skin had already broken out in a light sweat, as had Rogue from so much exertion. The sheer extend of such exertion only deepened their daze.

More data came in as the orgasmic processes played out. The scanners throughout the test area could monitor the body movements, the heat levels, the noise levels, and various biological markers. They had been well-calibrated, having processed the data from previous tests that involved multiple orgasms. But they had never processed anything like this.

“These numbers are truly remarkable,” Sage said into the record. “Initial calculations estimate that orgasmic intensity for the women increased by a factor of 244 percent. For the men, it was 238 percent…well within the margin of error. The duration has also increased, more than doubling for both. While standard doses of Human Drug Prototype V have been documented to enhance sexual sensations, these levels are well-above those previous readings.”

The added intensity of their orgasms was expected, even if they exceeded predicted calculations. However, the greater increase in pleasure wasn’t the only effect. As more data came in, Sage started making more ambitious calculations.

“I must note that such readings far exceed the safety limits calculated during the drug’s development. It was determined early on that too great an increase in bodily sensations, biological effects, or overall duration could be harmful to the users. I verified those concerns on paper. As such, a standard dose – or even an above-average dose – is formulated to prevent the effects from going beyond a certain point.”

Sage’s computer-like brain kept those numbers in mind as she watched more data pour in. At the same time, she saw additional effects unfold on the test subjects below.

The two couples were still in mid-coitus, gasping for air and clinging to one another’s naked bodies. But, even though much of their orgasm had passed, they remained dazed by their desire. Sage could see their expressions in the cameras and the sensors could provide more insight into their mental state. Even without the aid of telepathy, their mental and physical state became clear.

“Remy,” said a breathless Rogue, still clinging to her husband’s arms, “give meh more!”

“More…cherè,” said Remy, finally emerging from between her breasts.

“Scott…don’t stop!” Jean said, her voice impassioned and desperate.

“I won’t. I…can’t,” said Scott, sounding just as driven.

The two couples began wildly kissing and groping. Rogue and Remy fell back onto the bed, lying side-by-side facing each other while they engaged in heated foreplay. Scott and Jean remained in the same missionary-like position, their lips messily entwined while their hands wildly roamed.

Every touch conveyed an intense desire for more sex. And thanks to the potent effects of drug, they were still very aroused. Scott and Remy’s penises were still fully erect, showing no hints of a refractory period. Jean and Rogue’s vaginas remained fully moist, ready for another round of sex acts. Their bodies might have been prepared for such exertion for the time being, but their emerging mental state showed signs of growing distress.

“I personally crunched the data on the physical and mental limits of Human Drug Prototype V,” Sage continued into her journal. “Beyond a certain concentration, the drug induces severe physical and mental strains. Just keeping the body in a sexually aroused state can take a toll on the heart, lungs, genitals, and endocrine system. And the flood of neurotransmitters into the brain can lead to an intoxicated state of mind, not unlike one caused by heavy narcotic use. I can already confirm that all four test subjects have entered such a state. But if they continue engaging in sex and if the drug’s effects continue to intensify…”

Sage stopped herself from going further. She couldn’t crunch the data fast enough. There were many implications. Some were more extreme than others. But she wouldn’t know how extreme it would get without more data. For that, the experiment had to play out.

The test subjects didn’t need any guidance at this point. It wouldn’t have mattered, either. Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy were so deep in their intoxicated state. They couldn’t focus on anything other than having more sex. And with their bodies still fully aroused, they eagerly pursued it.

After only a brief period of foreplay, Remy took the initiative and repositioned his and Rogue’s body. He grabbed her wrists, rolled on top of her, and pinned her hands just next to her head while he aligned his still-throbbing penis with her vagina. Rogue, still short of breath from the heated riding she’d done earlier, accommodated him by hitching her legs up over his shoulders.

“Take meh!” Rogue said to him.

Remy answered with a deep grunt and a firm thrust of his hips. Now armed with much of the leverage, he entered her pussy and began humping her hard. He made and effort to match or exceed the intensity that she’d displayed earlier while riding his cock. It got their naked bodies rocking again while filling them both with a rush of sexual sensations.

Scott and Jean took a similar approach. Even though they typically favored grater foreplay, they made an exception this time. While still lip-locked with her husband, Jean reoriented their bodies so that she was on top, straddling his pelvis and aligning her pussy with his cock. Scott, still catching his breath, adjusted as well. Planting both feet on the bed, he took Jean’s hands in his and squeezed them firmly.

“Jean…do it,” Scott said intently.

Jean just locked eyes with him with a look of dazed lust and grinned. Upon interlocking her fingers with his, she plunged her hips downward, driving her husband’s penis into her vagina. Their flesh now entwined once more, she started riding him hard. She rode him harder than she’d ever ridden him. Their flesh was still reeling from their first orgasm, but the desire for more was too strong.

“Yes! Yes! Oohh yes!” Jean panted. “More, Scott! I want…so much…more!”

Her every word was slurred, but direct. As she worked her hips, sliding her dripping wet folds along the length of Scott’s manhood, more of the feeling she craved followed. It sent them both deeper into their intoxicated daze.

As more sex played out, the data and their facial expressions made it all too clear. Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy were no longer in a sober state of mind. From a physiological standpoint, they were drunk on the pleasures of sex and high on the enhancing effects of the drug. Their brains were soaked in a cocktail of chemicals the likes of which weren’t possible by any natural sex act. It was a state that had never been observed with a standard dose of Human Drug Prototype V. And as the sex played out, it only intensified.

“The test subjects have entered unknown territory, from a mental and physical standpoint,” Sage stated for the record. “They’re well beyond the state that would be permitted under a standard dose. Readings are already showing signs of greater strain. It’s still not clear how far it’ll go…or whether they’ll be able to handle it.”

That question remained unanswered as the sex played out for the two couples. Data from their mental and mental and hormone scans grew increasingly erratic, as were the intimate acts they incurred.

Remy hammered away into Rogue’s pussy, his pelvis repeatedly smacking against hers in a rapid succession of thrusts. With her legs hitched over his shoulders, he clung hard to her thighs and licked her feet. That got Rogue squealing with delight as she began fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples as they bounced in accord with their rocking bodies.

Jean rode Scott just as hard, working her hips with near desperate fervor. She moaned and gasped through each movement, squeezing his hands harder with hers every step of the way. She even licked his fingers with erotic zeal. Scott just held on, thrusting upwards at times to complement her every movement. It sent her to the brink of orgasm in record time. Rogue wasn’t too far behind.

“Again!” Jean cried out. “I’m coming…again!”

“Ah’m close…already!” Rogue said shortly after. “Harder! Don’t stop!”

The two women climaxed again moments apart from one another. They were just as animated as before, arching their bodies and closing their eyes as their faces shifted to the orgasmic onslaught. They clung harder to their respective lovers, who reacted just as strongly to the extra tightness around their cocks.

Remy buried his face in Rogue’s neck, listening to her moan. Scott leaned in and nibbled on Jean’s lower lip, something that heightened her orgasmic squealing. Even in their intoxicated state, they enjoyed seeing their lovers climax. But that did little to temper their own desires.

“Still…don’t wanna stop,” said Remy through labored breathing.

“Jean…need you more,” Scott said intently.

The two women, still panting from their orgasmic high, answered with more intimate gestures. Jean messily kissed her husband while Rogue hungrily nibbled on the Cajun’s earlobe, making the kinds of sexy noises of animals in heat.

The men took those gestures to heart and reoriented their bodies again for more sex acts. Scott used his powerful arms to lift Jean off his cock, set her back down on the bed, and guide his still throbbing cock to her face, which she eagerly engulfed between her lips. Remy did the same, rising up off Rogue, grabbing her by the shoulders, and propping her up before him so that his dick was aligned with her breasts. From these new positions, the two women followed their erotic reflexes.

Jean hungrily sucked her husband off, giving him a sloppy, yet thorough blowjob. She rapidly bobbed her head as she worked her lips along his shaft, sliding her tongue along his lengthy every step of the way. Rogue mashed her breasts together firmly, working them hard to give her Cajun lover the best tit-fuck she could offer. Remy moaned approvingly, thrusting his hips slightly to supplement the motion.

It had the desired effect. It got both men to the brink of orgasm. It came much faster than it should’ve, even for healthy men with low refractory periods. It shouldn’t have been physically possible, but it happened. Scott and Remy climaxed again.

“Ohhh God, Jean!” Scott gasped.

“Oohhh cherè!” Remy gasped.

Their faces tensed, their cocks throbbed, and a familiar series of muscles contracted as they achieved their release. Remy sprayed another round of cum onto his wife’s cleavage. Scott released another load right onto Jean’s face. Most of it ended up on her lips and chin, but she didn’t mind. She just kept looking at him with that dazed expression and licked up every drop. Rogue did the same, gathering the fluid with her finger to lap it up.

“Delicious!” Jean purred.

“Mmm…so good,” said Rogue.

“You sound…hungry,” said Remy through his orgasmic daze.

“Ah am…so hungry,” Rogue said as she licked up the last drop.

Even before his climax had passed, Rogue tackled her husband onto the bed and kissed him hungrily. A messy make-out followed, which effectively communicated her want for more sex. Remy responded in kind, kissing and touching her with energy he shouldn’t have had after second orgasm.

“Mmm…I’m hungry too,” said Jean, looking up at her husband after milking him for every last drop.

“So am I,” said Scott, returning her intense look.

They met in another messy kiss. There was no hesitation or reluctance, even with lingering traces of cum dripping from Jean’s lips. Before fully catching his breath, Scott fell back on the bed with Jean and engaged in more foreplay. He still wanted more sex, just as much as her.

Neither man should’ve been up for more so quickly. Neither woman should’ve been this ready after so much exertions. But the data and the observations of their naked bodies said otherwise.

The men were still fully erect. The women were still very moist. There were clear signs of strain, but they weren’t inclined to stop. They just kept going at it. And the strain extended to more than their genitals.

“The test subjects remain fully aroused, sexually and physically,” Sage noted. “Heart rates are still elevated. Blood pressure is increasing. Tactile, olfactory, and visual acuity are heightened, especially around the genitals. According to EKG and internal scans, multiple organ systems are in overdrive. The concentrated form of the drug hasn’t just nullified their refractory periods. It’s accelerating every biological system associated with sex. If it continues at its current rate, the effects could very well be fatal.”

That was an extreme possibility that only seemed remote, prior to the experiment. The more Sage monitored the vitals of the two couples, the more likely it seemed. Looking towards the other end of the console, she was tempted to stop the experiment. She could’ve flooded the area with sleeping gas, which might help calm the subjects enough for them to be sedated.

Then, Sage remembered the main goal of the experiment. She also remembered the reason why it had to be done on Krakoa.

“Such an outcome is increasingly likely. If their heart rate spikes or their brains seize out, there will be no way to stop it. But, by order of the Quiet Council and the Hellfire Trading company, the experiment must continue.”

Her decision was final. The experiment would play out until the end, whatever it might entail. Sage calibrated the sensors again, keeping a closer eye on the vitals of the four test subjects as they continued their strenuous sexual activity.

Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy managed to stay somewhat coordinated for a while. But, due to their intoxicated state, that didn’t last for too long. They were exceedingly blunt in their foreplay, kissing and groping one another’s naked flesh with little tact or technique. It was just a means to get to the next sex act, which further fueled their intoxication.

The nature of those acts remained basic. Scott propped Jean up on all fours, positioned himself behind her, and did her doggy style, their naked bodies rocking hard to a vigorous rhythm. Remy did something similar with Rogue, getting her on all fours while he planted his feet on the middle of the bed, adding extra force to every thrust as he humped her hard. It rocked both her and the bed, pushing the limits of stamina and endurance.

The two couples even faced each other during that act. For a brief moment, they could see the extent of their daze. The two women were practically drooling, their minds and bodies soused by pleasure. The two men had this look of focused intensity, their minds utterly lost in their reckless pursuit of more sex. It wasn’t very romantic, but the desires and passions were still real. It just sent feelings that were already there into overdrive.

“Don’t…stop,” Jean said, her words increasingly slurred.

“Can’t…stop,” said Rogue, sounding totally drunk on the feeling.

Their naked bodies kept rocking and shaking, resulting in more orgasms. Again, the women got there first and the men followed soon after. It was less a spectacle this time. Achieving orgasm in such a state almost seemed routine. Rogue and Jean just let out an extra-loud moan while Scott and Remy let out an extra-labored grunt when they climaxed. But another sexual release did nothing to slow them down.

They kept on going at it, pursuing more sex acts in various positions. Because of their clouded mental state, they couldn’t get too creative. At one point, they engaged in a 69 position, giving each other oral sex until they climaxed, not caring at all when their faces became covered in sexual fluids. They also engaged in anal sex.

“Mah ass! Fuck it!” Rogue said after having another orgasm.

Remy had been spooning her from behind. He didn’t think twice about her request. He just withdrew his cock from her pussy and slipped it into her ass. Her feminine juices provided the necessary lubrication, allowing the Cajun to keep humping away until he climaxed as well.

Jean didn’t bother saying it with Scott. While she was riding him in a reverse cowgirl position, she just rose up off his cock when she was close to climaxing, realigned the tip with her anus, and plunged downward to continue the sex. The extra tightness helped send Scott over the edge again and just in time for her, as well.

“Hnn…so tight!” Scott moaned, his words barely coherent.

It seemed no act was off limits. The nature of their sex grew more extreme, but they could only do so much in their mental state. They had to keep things simple and blunt. The couples frequently alternated with one being on top and the other being on their back. It was the only way either of them could catch their breath, albeit to a limited extent. It was still hardly enough to temper the growing strain.

“More vitals are entering dangerous territory,” Sage reported, the data streaming in faster by the second. “Their body temperatures are rising faster. And the dopamine and serotonin levels in their brains are starting to affect peripheral functions, as well as motor skills. At this rate, their most favorable outcome is passing out from exhaustion. But the longer they continue, the less likely it becomes.”

Sage did her best to keep up with the data. She didn’t bother warning the couples. They were too lost in their intoxicated state, engaging in more sex as though it were a reflex that they could not consciously control.

They continued having sex, even as more signs of strain showed. Some of it became more visible. Jean raked her nails along Scott’s back and chest so much that the marks turned into visible wounds. Remy squeezed and slapped Rogue’s ass so hard at times that it became reddened with welts. She returned the favor by leaving large bite marks on his neck and shoulder. One even started to bleed.

Any localized pain didn’t matter. It was utterly dwarfed by the onslaught of pleasure that came with orgasm after orgasm. By now, they were all drenched in sweat. All four of them looked like they had spent too much time in a sauna. The sweat might have facilitated the humping and grinding of naked flesh, but it also added dehydration and heat stroke to the growing risks.

That still didn’t stop them. Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy just kept doing it, even as their facial expressions began twitching with equal amounts of distress as well as ecstasy.

“Hnn…Jean,” Scott managed to get out, barely able to form words.

“Scott…coming…again,” Jean said, her voice barely above a mutter.

“Need to…wanna…fuck,” Rogue said through sharp gasps.

“Mon…dieu,” Remy got out before his words devolved into a string of incoherent French.

They were breathing so hard that they were hyperventilating. Both couples tried to support each other, having sex in an upright position with the women hitching their legs around their partner’s waist. They could barely hold onto one another, the sweat having rendered their bodies so slick. It was hard to tell if they were about to climax again. They were clearly close, but something else began to unfold within them.

“Heart rate and blood pressure is spiking!” Sage said with growing urgency. “I’m also detecting renal failure, localized cramping due to lactic acid build up, and severe anemia! If the test subjects do not slow down or pass out soon, then…”

She didn’t get a chance to calculate the outcomes. They already began manifesting as Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Remy crossed a point of no return.

“Agghhhhhh!” they all exclaimed in a mix of ecstasy and agony.

Their eyes rolled into the back of their heads.

Their limbs and faces twitched erratically.

Their mouths hung open, drool pouring down their faces as their bodies and minds gave out.

Then, while still in mid-coitus, everything went dark.

“Alert!” said Sage, finally activating the alarm system within the observation deck. “The test subjects are experiencing heart failure, heat stroke, and severe seizure! Alert the healing gardens and inform the Five! This could be fatal if…”

Hatchery – Later

“Ungh…what just happened?” groaned a dazed Rogue as she emerged from her rebirth egg.

“Deep breaths, Rogue,” said Jean, who’d emerged moments ago. “It’ll take a minute to reorient yourself.

“Or several,” said Scott as he helped his wife stand upright.

“Ugh! Definitely gonna need several,” groaned Remy as he reoriented himself.

The two couples emerged from their rebirth eggs, naked and disoriented. That was to be expected. Anyone who’d gone through Krakoa’s resurrection protocol knew that feeling well.

Scott and Jean had been through it before. They adjusted quickly as they leaned on one another for support, their reborn bodies still a bit frail from the process. Scott kept his eyes closed to hold back his optic blasts while Jean wiped some of the viscous fluid from her hair. It took Rogue and Remy a bit longer, having not gone through the process before. Rogue could barely stand and Remy kept trying to clear the fluid from his eyes. Their minds and memories remained groggy at first, but they quickly recalled what had happened.

“Welcome back,” said Charles Xavier with Egg, Elixir, Hope, Proteus, and Tempus right behind him.

“Don’t worry. I made sure you had priority,” said Sage, who stood next to Xavier. “It was the least I could do.”

“Ah wanna say thanks, but Ah ain’t sure how thankful Ah ought to be,” said Rogue.

“Come on, cherè. Ain’t like there are worse ways to go,” Rmey teased, his eyes finally clear of the goop.

“Ah know. That’s exactly why Ah ain’t sure,” she quipped.

They shared a good laugh. That was a promising sign. It came as a relief to Sage, who wasn’t sure how they would react to finding out they had all died due to having too much sex from the Little Pink Pills. That was an extreme result that she’d hoped to avoid. But thanks to the resurrection protocols, they were understanding.

Scott and Jean cast her a reassuring smile as well. They appeared relieved and restless, even as Tempus and Hope gave them some towels to dry off. Egg and Elixir did the same for Rogue and Remy, who continued embracing one another through the recovery process. After drying off and wrapping their naked bodies up in towels, the full extent of what they had done sank in.

“So…that’s what death by sex feels like,” Jean commented. “Having died multiple times before, it’s not exactly peaceful. But it’s definitely preferable, compared to the alternatives.”

Much more preferable,” said Scott.

“Thank you for understanding,” said Xavier. “I assure you. We did not sanction this test knowing it would prove fatal.”

“We knew the risks, sir,” said Scott. “We took them willingly.”

“And it’s not like we could’ve done such a test anywhere other than Krakoa,” added Jean. “If it was going to be done, it had to be done here.”

“Indeed,” said Xavier. “I just hope that the data we gathered proves valuable.”

“It most certainly will, Professor,” said Sage. “Thanks to this test, I’ll be able to adjust my calculations. Hank and I are already working on new safeguards for the next iteration of Human Drug Prototype V. They’ll ensure such intense effects do not occur in the future.”

“Glad us humping ourselves to death could help,” Rogue joked.

They shared another laugh, but Sage remained serious. This experiment proved what she and the Quiet Council feared. Outside tampering with this potent drug was dangerous. There was no doubt that someone outside of Krakoa would attempt to tweak it for their own benefit or to undermine the interests of their mutant nation. They had to stay a step ahead of it all. That was the only way they were going to continue securing Krakoa’s future.

“But even with those new safeguards, more testing will be necessary,” Sage added.

“More?” laughed Remy. “After what we just done gone through?”

“Believe it or not, there are already numerous volunteers,” she said with a half-grin. “And that’s a good thing. To ensure the continued success of these Little Pink Pills, you can never be too thorough.”

The End

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