Amazing Role Playing: The Spy And The Captain

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Black Widow, Captain America, or the Avengers. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

Amazing Role Playing With Peter And Mary Jane
The Spy And The Captain

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Black Widow, Captain America, or the Avengers. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re not uncomfortable with that sort of content, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

New York, City – The Apartment of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

“Do you have any idea of how much trouble we could get into with?” asked a nervous, but excited Peter Parker.

“Yes. And I’m sure it’s more than either of us thinks,” replied an equally excited, but less nervous, Mary Jane Watson. “That’s kind of the point.”

“And if we get caught, you have to share in any awkward conversations that follow.”

“So long as you make it worth the risk, I’ll have those conversations butt naked!”

Peter had to stop himself from grinning too much. That mental image almost made the chance he’d taken worth it. He still had to fight off his lingering reservations. Mary Jane’s seductive tone certainly helped, but he still couldn’t keep his mind from racing, even as he prepared for another intimate evening with the woman he loved.

Peter still couldn’t believe what he’d done after his latest battle alongside the Avengers. It happened a couple days ago when he’d joined them on a mission to the Savage Land. His old nemesis, the Tinkerer, had teamed up with MODOK and AIM. They had hatched this plan to turn the exotic fauna of the Savage Land into an army of cybernetically-enhanced monsters. Thankfully, the Avengers stopped them and he got to sucker punch the Tinkerer in the process.

It was a successful mission. However, a good chunk of that mission unfolded in a swamp outside the AIM lab. As a result, both Captain America and Black Widow had their respective uniforms muddied. That happened often during missions, especially when they occurred in the Savage Land. Their standard recourse was to wash their uniforms thoroughly and keep them in a special storage closet at Avengers Tower.

Peter just happened to pass that closet on his way out from the tower. It wasn’t a secure area. It wasn’t guarded, either. It was just a big closet containing multiple uniforms for every Avenger, including Captain America and Black Widow. In a moment in which he had been contemplating his next role-playing scenario with Mary Jane, he took one set of their uniforms.

‘You were thinking with the wrong head, Parker. Then again, my brain didn’t exactly stop me. All those mental images of Mary Jane dressed as Black Widow or me dressed as Captain America didn’t exactly help. Just remember. You have to bring them back tomorrow…hopefully without any awkward questions.’

Peter tried not to imagine what form those questions might take. Instead, he focused donning the iconic uniform of Captain America. He had already put on the iconic blue pants and red boots. The shirt proved a bit more challenging, since Cap was taller and more built than him. It ended up being an overly loose, but the gloves and head covering fit well enough.

Looking in the mirror, Peter attempted to strike Cap’s iconic poise. He snickered to himself. He didn’t look too bad as Captain America, but he was no Steve Rogers. If he wore this on the street, nobody would’ve mistook him for the real deal. He looked more like one of his fans at a Halloween party. But it fit well enough for what he and Mary Jane had planned.

That plan was about to unfold. Peter had been getting dressed in his and Mary Jane’s bedroom. Mary Jane opted to get dressed in the bathroom. She kept the door mostly closed, opting to keep the final reveal a surprise. Plus, she had to know him thinking about her dressed as Black Widow would get him in the mood. He could only hoped he looked just as good as Captain America.

“I’m no fashion expert, but I think I can pull this off,” said Peter as he struck a few poses. “It’s a little airy in some spots, but at least my butt looks good.”

I’ll be the judge of that, Tiger,” said Mary Jane, who had yet to reveal how well Black Widow’s costume fit her.

“Coming from a former supermodel, I’ll defer to your expertise,” he said. “We’d just better make sure we wash them again. I don’t need Cap smelling my discount aftershave.”

“Oh stop worrying about getting caught. And get into character! America’s living legend is about to meet Russia’s greatest super-spy!”

At that moment, Peter turned away from the mirror and prepared himself. He had to get himself in the right mindset. While Mary Jane was an experienced actress, he was still learning. Sexy role playing didn’t require Oscar level performances, but tangible effort certainly helped.

He took deep breaths and did some light stretching, which were simple acting techniques Mary Jane had taught him. Playing any role in an elaborate, sexy scenario was hard enough. Channeling the character of Captain America promised to be even more challenging. But if it made for better sex with Mary Jane, then that was worth the effort.

‘You can do this, Peter. I am Captain America. I am all things America. I love flags, apple pie, baseball, and acts of corny patriotism. I am the Sentinel of Liberty! Captain America!’

Then, as Peter got into that mindset, the bathroom door to their bedroom opened. And out stepped his beautiful lover, Mary Jane Watson. She had finished putting on Black Widow’s costume, complete with unloaded blasters. She had even styled her hair to match the notorious Soviet superspy.

He almost broke character on the spot. That skin-tight outfit looked so good on her. Even if it was supposed to be tactical, it somehow augmented Mary Jane’s voluptuous frame even more.

“Greetings, Captain!” she said to him in a phony Russian accent. “Thank you agreeing to this private meeting.”

Peter bit his lip to keep himself from saying the wrong thing to kill the mood. Seeing Mary Jane walk towards him, purposefully swaying her hips in a seductive manner, definitely got his blood flowing in the wrong direction. But, true to the spirit of Captain America, he managed to keep his composure to stay in his role.

“Of course, ma’am,” Peter said, mimicking Steve Rogers’ distinct voice as best he could. “We’ve fought in many battles. You’ve earned my trust.”

“I hope that’s not the only reason you agreed,” Mary Jane said curtly.

“Well, you’re also a beautiful dame. And, like any red-blooded American, you go the extra mile for a pretty dame.”

“Is that a typical American value?”

“If it’s not, it darn well should be.”

It wasn’t the most convincing take on Captain America, but it wasn’t the worst, either. He and Mary Jane could work with that.

Having established their roles, Mary Jane channeled her inner femme fatale. She approached him with a mischievous, yet seductive glint in her eyes. When she got close enough to place her hands on his chest, she shot him an equally seductive grin. Being so close, Peter also noticed she had left part of the uniform unzipped. That way, he could see the upper part of her cleavage. It further challenged his ability to keep Captain America’s poise.

“Our last mission was so stressful,” Mary Jane continued. “And Tony has already asked me to infiltrate another potential Hydra cell in Madripoor. I’m set to fly out first thing in the morning.”

“If you want, I’d be happy to assist. You know me, Nat. I’m always up for taking down Hydra,” Peter said confidently.

“That’s sweet of you. But you’re Captain America. Your handsome, American face is recognized all over the world…including Madripoor. I’m the ex-Soviet superspy. This is a mission that requires my unique skills and expertise.”

“Point taken,” he said. “But if this isn’t about discuss the mission, why did you ask for this meeting?”

“It is for a good reason. I promise. In order to do what the Black Widow does best, I must be in top form…physically and mentally. And I cannot be in that form if I am feeling so tense.”

As she said those last few words, her touching became more suggestive. She lightly pawed his chest, feeling over the iconic stars and stripes that bore the emblems of America. She also inched closer, her bodily warmth mixing with his. His heart started racing with excitement. Peter fought the urge to wrap her in his arms and feel her body against his. He continued exercising Cap’s legendary restraint, trusting Mary Jane to reward his dedication.

“So, how can I help?” Peter asked with a touch of masculine seduction of his own.

“Are you sure you want to help?” Mary Jane questioned playfully. “Because for once, it may not involve punching Nazis or throwing that shield around.”

“You’re my teammate and friend, Black Widow. I’m very sure.”

Peter surprised himself with his words and tone. He sounded more confident than expected. That wasn’t easy under Mary Jane’s seductive touch. Even within her role, she seemed to understand that.

Having already set up their bedroom with appropriate candles and lighting, they were ready for the next phase of the scenario. Mary Jane even went off script a bit. She lightly grasped his wrists, guided his arms around her waist, and placed his hands over her butt. That also allowed additional body contact. And through their skin-tight suits, it had a distinctly sensual effect.

“I’m glad to hear that, Captain,” Mary Jane said. “Because there is, in fact, one way you can help me…one way that will relieve this tension and prepare me for this mission.”

“Does that way have to involve my hands being on your butt, ma’am?” Peter asked coyly.

“Yes. It does,” she said intently. “It also involves this.”

Then, in an act of seduction that would’ve made Natasha Romanov proud, she drew him into a deep, sensual kiss. It was not the kind of kiss shared between teammates and friends, either. This was intensely sexual, sending a clear message that even an out-of-time soldier from the 1940s could understand.

As Peter’s brain and body processed that message, Mary Jane broke the kiss and whispered into his ear.

“Make love to me, Captain America,” she said to him. “Please make love to the Black Widow tonight.”

“Well, since you said please…” he replied, his voice quickly trailing off.

Peter sealed his answer by drawing her back into another kiss. It didn’t sound too off from what Captain America might say in such a situation. But it got him and Mary Jane into just the right mentality. They were going to make love. And they were going to do it as Captain America and Black Widow.

From there, hands began roaming and the body contact intensified. The challenges that came with playing their role gave way to less complicated passions. He wanted her and Mary Jane wanted him. For that part of the scenario, no acting was necessary.

“Mmm…soft lips, yet strong hands,” Mary Jane said in her faux-Russian accent through all the kissing and touching.

“Yet another mark of a true American,” Peter said with faux confidence.

“In that case, time make your country proud once more!”

With a seductive glint in her eyes, she guided Peter’s gloved hands to her face. Then, in an erotic act that made his pants feel ten times tighter, she skillfully used her teeth to pull them off. His hands now trembling in anticipation, he watched on as Mary Jane sensually unzipped the top part of the skin-tight uniform to reveal her beautiful, ample breasts.

They were always a sight to behold. She hadn’t been wearing a bra, either. Peter doubted that the real Black Widow ever wore this outfit without proper undergarments, but costume practicality was not on his mind at the moment. The beautiful breasts of Mary Jane Watson were right in front of him and within his reach.

“Ooh sweet liberty,” Peter said curtly.

“Here! Put that liberty to good use, Captain!” Mary Jane replied.

Her tone was more direct and forceful, not unlike Black Widow during a high-stakes mission. She was even more direct when she placed his uncovered hands right on his breasts and encouraged him to squeeze them, which he eagerly did. He made it a point to squeeze them with an extra bit of fervor, pinching her nipples in the process. He knew how much Mary Jane loved that. Even in her role, she didn’t hide it.

That earned him an approving purr from his lover. She rewarded him for his extra effort by grabbing him by the head and shoving his face right into her cleavage. Peter did not resist in the slightest.

“Come on! Immerse yourself in my Russian bosom!” Mary Jane proclaimed. “Respect their beauty and power!”

Peter responded with muffled moans. That did not sound like anything Natasha Romanov would ever say, but he wasn’t about to question that. He was too busy fondling her breasts and soaking in the beauty of her ample cleavage.

He still took his role seriously. Captain America never did any task lightly, especially when it came to beautiful women. He kept kneading and fondling her fleshy mounts with extra fervor, trailing his lips over her cleavage and up around her neck. That evoked even more moans. He could even feel Mary Jane trembling within his grasp. The wall behind her was the only thing keeping her upright.

She was getting so turned on. Peter sensed in in the way she grinded her pelvis against his, the fabric of the uniforms acting like intractable barriers. It tempted her to break character and just jump his bone. She managed to resist that urge, but only to a point.

“Mmm…so respectful,” Mary Jane purred.

“For an American?” he teased.

“Nyet! For a man…a real, powerful man,” she said. “And powerful men make me wet.”

While Peter remained focused on her breasts, Mary Jane tactfully slid the zipper of her uniform further down her body. It revealed a pair of black lace panties, which were already soaked with her arousal. She grew increasingly impatient as she slipped her arms out of the outfit, but kept the boots and empty wrist blasters on. That helped retain the Black Widow aesthetic.

As dedicated as he was to fondling his lover’s breasts, Peter could only do so much to ignore a naked, horny woman. He also couldn’t keep ignoring the massive bulge in his pants, which became increasingly uncomfortable in his ill-fitted uniform.

Damn! Is my boner that hard? Or does Cap just love tight pants?’

Sensing his impatience, the naked Mary Jane slipped her hand down to his waist and undid his pants. As soon as his manhood popped out, it stood fully erect. And it quickly drew the beautiful redhead’s attention. It also finally got him to remove his face from her cleavage.

“Hmm…it appears you have brought your Washington Monument on this mission, da?” she said.

“I uh…like to come equipped, ma’am,” Peter said, still catching his breath.

“Well, since you showed such respect to Mother Russia,” she went on, “I shall do the same for Lady Liberty.”

She shot him another seductive glance, rendering him captivated once more. Then, with strength and agility befitting of the Black Widow, Mary Jane turned their bodies around so that he was now the one with his back against the wall. Peter offered no resistance, operating under the assumption that Captain America did not get in a horny woman’s way.

Still short of breath with a raging boner, Peter kept his hands by his side as he watched Mary Jane drop to her knees. The Black Widow uniforms she had so skillfully peeled off her body remained crumbled under her. He found that oddly arousing. He found it even more arousing when she pulled his pants down to his ankles, grasped the base of his cock, and looked up at him with this determined intensity.

“So this is America’s greatest dick,” Mary Jane said, caressing and admiring it with erotic intrigue. “I’m impressed…to a point.”

“Only to a point?” Peter questioned.

“Patience, Captain,” she coaxed. “I’ll give you my full report…after I have the intel.”

“Spoken like a true super-spy.”

This time, Mary Jane was the determined one. She took a more serious, focused demeanor, not unlike what he’d seen in Black Widow on their last mission. She directed all her attention towards his cock.

Now squeezing it with both hands, stroking the shafter and feeling the throbbing veins, she further stoked Peter’s arousal. She built it up, testing his resolve and anticipation. True to Cap’s persona, he passed. Mary Jane made it all worth it.

In a fluid act that revealed the breadth of her horniness, she deepthroated the full length of his cock. She was neither careful nor subtle, as if to send a clear message that she could take his all-American dick. And Peter got that message loud and clear.

“Ooh my Lady Liberty!” Peter gasped. “Now, I’m impressed.”

He leaned back against the wall, letting his knees bend a bit so that Mary Jane could go to town. And when she did, he was even more impressed.

After taking the entire length of his cock, she began employing her amazing oral sex skills. Like a trained agent, she bobbed her head back and forth, sucking and slithering along his hardened member. That hot, slivery feeling was intoxicating. She trailed her lips and tongue along his shaft, tasting the full extent of his manly flesh. And the sounds she made just added to the experience.

“Mmm delicious…American…cock!” Mary Jane managed to say through her intense sucking.

Peter answered with deeper gasps and grunts. Leaning back against the wall, he grasped the sides of her head and ran his fingers through her hair. He was in awe of such a sight, watching Mary Jane channel her inner Black Widow, just to give him a good blowjob.

But she never lost her focus. She was every bit as thorough sucking his dick as he’d been fondling her breasts. Those soft, purring noises she made in between the sucking and slurping reflected that dedication. They also reminded him that she was still very much aroused. At one point, she reached into her panties and began fingering pussy. Role or no role, Mary Jane was going to enjoy herself and Peter wasn’t going to stop her.

He would’ve loved nothing more than to have her suck his cock until he blew his load all over her face. And, knowing Mary Jane, she would’ve licked up every drop as if it were candy. She would even say how delicious it was in her fake Russian accent.

But that wouldn’t have been entirely fair, her making such an effort and him enjoying the fruits. The spirit of both America, as well as the old Soviet Union, demanded something more equitable. With that spirit in mind, he cupped the sides of her face to get her attention.

“Ms. Romanov, I think you have your intel,” said Peter, once again speaking with the confidence of Captain America. “Now, I propose a bolder mission.”

“Bolder, you say?” Mary Jane replied, his cock still firmly in hand. “I’m intrigued.”

“I could brief you with the details,” he went on, “or – if you’re as fearless as they say – I could just show you.”

It was abundantly clear which option Peter preferred. Mary Jane looked up at him and grinned, never once losing that devious grin that came with her role.

“Fearless? Ha!” the redhead scoffed. “I’m the Black Widow. I know no fear.”

“Then, am I free to start the mission?” he asked bravely.

“Do it, you American stud! Take me on this mission!”

From there, the elaborate parts gave way to insatiable lust. Peter, tapping into the strength of Spider-Man and Captain America, pulled Mary Jane back up to her feet and took her into his arms. She eagerly jumped into his grasp, still wearing the Black Widow shooters and boots. Once secure in his grasp, he stepped out of his pants and boots. From here, he carried her to the edge of their bed.

“Mmm…take me, Captain! Take me!” Mary Jane said along the way.

That got Peter moving with more urgency. As soon as he set her down, he swiftly slid her panties down her thighs. He could now see just how wet she was. His dick, still dripping with her saliva from her skilled oral teasing, ached for her tight warmth.

Given the heat of the moment, as well as all the body heat between them, it was tempting to take off the top part of the uniform. Peter once again resisted, opting to keep it on. He didn’t even push the hood back. This way, Mary Jane could really feel like she was getting fucked by Captain America.

“You sexy, Russian dame,” Peter told her in his manliest voice. “Prepare to make love to the Sentinel of Liberty!”

That was such a ridiculously corny line. Had he and Mary Jane not been so horny, they might have broken character and laughed. At the same time, Captain America was known for corny lines. Given the nature of their roles, it sounded like something he might even say in an intimate moment.

Peter never lost his all-American poise as he got on top of the beautiful redhead, hitched her legs up over his shoulders, and aligned his dick with the outer folds of her pussy. Mary Jane grabbed onto the sides of his hood, glancing up at him with an intensity befitting of a well-trained spy. She was very prepared for this.

With a strong thrust of his pelvis, he entered her. Peter’s rigid manhood penetrated her moist womanhood, her inner muscles surrounding his length with her tight warmth. That hot feeling of their flesh uniting was like the official start of the proverbial mission. And this time, they were equally determined.

“Yes!” Mary Jane squealed, still managing to sound Russian. “What a big, American cock!”

“Mmm…what a tight, Russian pussy!” Peter quipped.

Their flesh entwined, a unique kind of sex unfolded. Peter, his feet planted firmly on the bed, worked his hips in a succession of intense, focused movements. Within her vaginal folds, his dick slithered along her moist depths. With every thrust, he rocked Mary Jane’s body, causing her breasts to bounce as a wonderous byproduct.

From there, he built up a steady rhythm. He wasn’t too fast or reckless. That was not Captain America’s style in anything he did. He didn’t emphasize quality over quantity or vice versa. He made an effort towards both.

That meant every thrust had to be perfectly angled and delivered with just the right amount of power. It helped maximize every movement, stimulating every single nerve within Mary Jane’s pussy to the utmost. Nothing short of the best was acceptable for Captain America, even when it came to making love to a beautiful woman.

Peter carefully gauged his efforts, watching intently as his lover reacted to his intimate efforts. Even while staying in character, the beautiful redhead’s expression contorted to wondrous pleasure. Mary Jane shared in the effort, clinging harder to his hood while lifting her hips to complement every thrust. It was a perfect display of strength and capability complementing one another. It made for good teamwork, as well as great sex.

It also got Mary Jane to the cusp of orgasm. And as she rocked and writhed harder to their sex, she pulled him in closer to share in the moment.

“Captain…my Captain…I’m coming! Bozhe Moi, I’m coming!” Mary Jane gasped, still managing her fake Russian accent.

“Then, come…for…America!” Peter said as he grunted through the final round of thrusts.

He dug his feet and knees into the bed, slowing the pace of his thrusts while not letting up in the intensity. He watched with all-American pride as he sent this beautiful woman over the edge, feeling her body erupt under him in an orgasmic frenzy.

“Oohhhh Captain!” Mary Jane exclaimed.

She was extra loud in voicing her ecstasy. She was also incredibly animated, pulling his head forward and burying his face in her breasts while she climaxed. Peter wasn’t sure if that was a reflex or just her showing appreciation. He didn’t much care.

He just listened to the glorious sounds of Mary Jane Watson having an orgasm. He enjoyed that sound, regardless of the role they played. He also loved feeling her pussy contract around his cock, squeezing and milking his rigid flesh while the ripples of pleasure coursed through her. As she clung harder to him, he held onto her, feeling up her shapely thighs and trailing his lips up her neck. Even as her gasps and moans settled, he savored the feeling with her.

“Was that good enough for Mother Russia?” Peter whispered into her ear.

“Da, comrade,” Mary Jane replied playfully, “very…very good.”

“If you need a moment to catch your beath, then by all means. That’s just good, American manners.”

“Nyet! That…will not be necessary,” she said quickly. “The mission…is not done.”

She pulled him into a deep, sensuous kiss to silence him. It worked perfectly. While keeping his lips occupied, she somehow flipped the leverage of their naked bodies, not unlike something Black Widow would do in a fight.

The next thing Peter knew, Mary Jane was on all fours holding onto the headboard of her bed. His dick was still fully erect and aching for a release of his own. And now he had the perfect, heart-shaped ass of a beautiful redhead pointed at him. Even the restraint of Captain America only went so far.

“Do it, Captain! Finish the mission!” Mary Jane beckoned, playfully slapping her ass to invite him back in.

“Language! And you forgot to say please,” he quipped. “But with a butt like yours, I can overlook that…just this once.”

The discipline, restraint, and focus he’d maintained earlier vanished. In that moment, Peter eagerly followed his desire. Now propped on his knees, he got behind her and re-aligned his cock with her pussy, which was still dripping wet from her orgasm. He wasn’t overly careful this time. He just thrust it in and began hammering away, fucking this beautiful woman with a reckless abandon that seemed oddly fitting for the American spirit.

“Yes! Yes, Captain!” Mary Jane said to him. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

Even in the mold of a Russian super spy, she shared in that spirit. She kept clinging to the headboard of their bed, holding on as her naked body rocked with every thrust. The sound of his pelvis smacking her ass filled their bedroom, supplementing every moan and grunt they shared. As he humped harder and faster, Peter reached forward and fondled Mary Jane’s swaying breasts, squeezing them with unfettered delight.

As this heated sex unfolded, Peter made his way to that special orgasmic threshold. He tried not to get there too quickly, if only to enjoy the feeling of making love to the Black Widow as Captain America a bit longer.

He already worked up quite a sweat, doing plenty to soak Cap’s uniform. He might have to wash it several times to get the scent out. But he would take care of that later. He was on the final leg of this special mission and he remained determined to see it through.

“Ma’am…Black Widow…I’m almost…there!” Peter grunted in anticipation.

“I’m ready, Captain,” Mary Jane said, making her Russian accent extra thick. “Please…fill me with your hot, American cum.”

Peter shifted his hands back to her hips and held on hard as he delivered the last series of thrusts. As he neared and passed that magical threshold, he drove his dick in extra deep and let orgasmic fireworks go from there.

“Ohhhh Lady Liberty!” Peter exclaimed.

He was every bit as vocal as Mary Jane in celebrating the bliss that followed. His world became awash in pleasure as his manhood burned with pleasure inside her. As the feeling surged through him, he sprayed thick streams of his seminal fluid into the depths of her vagina. If the mission were to perfectly combine intimate fluids between American and Russian super soldiers, then the mission was a clear success.

‘Damn, that was corny. Corny, but amazing!’

Through this rush of ecstasy, Peter still managed to lean over and pull Mary Jane into a loving kiss. Role or no role, he conveyed his affection and appreciation to the woman he loved. Still clinging to the headboard, she returned the gesture.

Such loving gestured helped ease them out of their characters. With the mission complete, they let the afterglow take them. Peter withdrew from his love and laid on the bed with her, short of breath, but very satisfied. Mary Jane, who still wore the empty blasters, remained in his powerful arms, her head resting comfortably on his chest.

“What do you say, Tiger?” said Mary Jane, no longer acting her role. “Was that worth the risk?”

“You even gotta ask? Or was my acting that bad?” Peter laughed while lovingly stroking her lower back.

“Even after amazing sex, you’re still too hard on yourself.”

“What can I say? That’s my role. And it’s no act,” he sighed.

“Be that as it may, I’ll say it anyways. That was so worth it!” the beautiful redhead said with a beaming smile. “You did your role and your country proud.”

“And you did every ex-Soviet super-spy proud,” Peter quipped. “Guess that makes us both patriots.”

They shared a playful laugh. And as the post-coital contentment settled in, they shared another kiss. Once again, Peter and Mary Jane Watson found a unique way to spice up their sex life. This one had been riskier than most, but the results spoke for themselves. They just had to be careful, as well as passionate.

Peter also had to make sure he got these uniformed washed and returned before anyone noticed.

Meanwhile – Across The Street

“Well…this mission took an unexpected turn. And for once, I didn’t have to shoot anyone,” mused a bemused Natasha Romanov.

The former Soviet superspy put down her binoculars and shook her head. She even laughed out loud, despite the cloudy night sky that had fallen over New York City. The woman they called Black Widow wasn’t know for her sense of humor. She couldn’t remember the last time she experienced a genuine, unforced laughter. It felt good.

“The most distinct tactical uniforms in the world…and somebody uses it to enhance their sex lives,” she muttered, still laughing. “Bozhe Moi!”

It was also a huge relief. She’d been sent out on a mission, not knowing it would lead her to something this lurid. When she found out that one of her and Steve’s uniforms had gone missing, everyone was quick to assume the worst. Natasha set out for answers. Her search led her to a small perch atop a building overlooking an apartment complex.

From there, she watched the kinky escapades of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson play out before her eyes. She half-expected it to be some sort of dirty ruse. But every instinct told her that this was real. A horny couple just stole their uniforms to engage in some impassioned role playing.

On top of that, the act had been quite effective. It had been a while since Natasha had seen something so sexually charged. Even in her tactical state, she couldn’t help but admire it. Having not enjoyed such intimacy for a while, it got her heart racing in ways she rarely experienced on a mission. Thankfully, that was nothing a cold shower couldn’t fix.

Assured in her findings, Natasha put away her binoculars and left the happy couple to their afterglow. Before leaving the rooftop, she retrieved her communicator and made a call.

“Clint, it’s me,” she said. “You can tell Steve and Tony to stop worrying. There is no plot to steal uniforms and collect DNA samples. Just tell them our uniforms got lost in the wash and leave it at that. And if they ask questions…well, just assure them they were put to good use.”

The End

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