Death Becomes Her

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Rogue woke as she felt Remy's hand wrap around her waist and pull her in close. She could feel his hardness pressed against her butt as his hand reached into her panties to find her lower lips.


"Mmmm you didn't get enough earlier?" Rogue asked with a smile.


She and Remy had taken a night off from the X-men and Excalibur respectively to spend some time alone together. They had even left Krakoa for the night. They went out on the town in Madripoor's hightown district. A night of fine dining, drinking and dancing, ending in a hotel suite high above the city in a skyscraper.


They'd had a passionate night of romance and quite a bit of sex once they made it to their room. But apparently Remy was ready for more. Rogue opened her eyes, the room was dimly lit by the moonlight coming in through the large windows that made up one of the walls of the room. She could see on the clock it was 2:30 in the morning. Late but she was more than happy to oblige Remy's urges.


Rogue let out a soft moan as Remy's fingers began to circle her clit. She felt his other hand slide under her body and come up to hold one of her large breasts, kneading at the mound of flesh. She could feel herself getting wetter from Remy's fingers and soon he moved from rubbing her clit, instead inserting one of his fingers inside of her. She gasped at the penetration. Her eyes were shut tight as he started moving the digit in and out. She could feel him delving deep inside her, his finger rubbing her g spot.


Rogue pressed her body back against him. His hard cock sliding between the ass cheeks. Remy began to kiss and nibble on her neck and earlobe. Rogue's breaths were coming heavier by the moment. She could feel herself almost ready to cum. She always came quickly and multiple times. She assumed all the years of not being able to feel another person's touch had left her extra sensitive in the best way.


"Oh god Remy don't stop." She said,


"I'm not Remy." She heard, whispered in her ear.


Immediately Rogue was pulled out of the moment. Her eyes shot open and she flew from the bed, taking the sheet with her. She clutched the fabric to her body as she turned around, standing between the bed and the window. She turned and her heart sank at what she saw.


There reclined on the bed, a smile on his face she saw Remy. But his skin was pure black, his hair stark white and his eyes glowed an even deeper red than normal. This wasn't Remy. This was Death. Gambit's horseman persona.


Rogue was confused at the sight. Gambit hadn't taken this form in years, and even then the last time had only happened while he was in Limbo.


"How?" Was all she managed to say.


"Oh Chère." He started while rising from the bed, standing only a few feet from her. His naked form revealed in the moonlight. Rogue felt her stomach turn as he used Remy's pet name for her. "I've been inside Remy this whole time. Just waiting for my chance to get out. Why tonight? Who knows, maybe it was all the bourbon he drank. Or the fucking he gave you earlier tiring him out. Or maybe I've been wearing him down over the years. Whatever the reason I'm out now."


"NO!" Rogue yelled at the man in front of her. The man who had been her husband only a few hours ago. "You can't have him! Remy Ah know you're in there you can fight this. You've beaten him before."


"Remy's asleep in here Chère. He can't hear you. This body belongs to Death again." He said with a grin and a look in his eyes that sent a chill down her spine. "But maybe I'll give it back." He continued.


"And why would you do that?" She asked through gritted teeth. Every muscle in her body was on alert. Ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.


"Because you're going to give me what I want." Death told her.


"Ah'm not giving you anything, you monster." She replied defiantly.


"If you want your husband back you will." He told her. The smile went from his face for a moment. A stern look replacing it as her tone angered him.


Rogue stared at him for many long seconds before finally asking "What do you want?"


The smile returned to Death's face "I want you Chère." He told her. "At least I want your body. I want to fuck you."


"What?" Rogue responded, her voice barely more than a whisper. Her eyes wide in shock.


"I've been watching you and Remy all this time. The two of you going at it every night. Me stuck in his head, knowing the whole time that I could give you a much better ride. Treat you like the proper little slut you are deep inside Chère." He explained to her.


"That's never going to happen." She told him, composing herself.


"What other choice have you got? You gonna fight me?" He asked her. "Cause I gotta tell you petit I ain't giving this body up. You'd have to kill me. Sure you got that whole resurrection thing back home but you think Remy's going want to stay married to his murderer?"


Rogue stood silently listening. Processing what Death was saying to her. Weighing her options. She could fight him, and she was confident she could win. Then Remy could be brought back on Krakoa and everything would be fine… But what if Death was right? What if this changed the way her husband saw her?


"All you have to give me is one night." Death told her. Holding up a single finger. "One night where I can do whatever I want with you and you can have your pathetic man back."


Rogue didn't know what to do. Could she risk losing Remy. What if he couldn't love her anymore? Or she couldn't beat death and he got away? Could she go through with what he was asking? Would it even be cheating if it was still Remy's body? She was frozen. Unsure of what to do next.


"Come on Chère." Death began again. "One little night of fun. You might even like it. After all, you seemed like you were liking it a few minutes ago" He grinned.


Rogue scowled at that remark.


"Then I give you my word I'll give his body back without a fight. Remy will never even know it happened. Like I said he's asleep in here. Not aware of anything going on."


Rogue continued to think. She had to get Remy back. She knew that. But what was the best way to do that? She didn't want to fight him, not even in this form. 


"You give me your word?" She asked. "One night and then you're gone. Forever."


"That's right." Death told her. His grin grew huge.


"If you're lying to me…" She started "I will find you and I'll beat you out of Remy. Even if I have to kill you."


"I'd expect no less." He replied. "So do we have a deal?"


Rogue paused for a long moment. So many things were going through her mind. "Fine," she finally answered him.


"Wonderfull." Death said still all smiles. "Now drop the sheet." He continued becoming very serious very fast.


Rogue looked down not wanting to look him in the eye and did as he said.


Death admired her form, naked except for a pair of black lacy panties. His eyes traveled over her body. Her long legs, flat stomach, big tits. Her skin was pale from her spending so much time covered up, it made her pink nipples really stand out.


Death began to move towards her. The movement caused her to look up at him and for the first time she really looked at his body. It was exactly like Remy's except for the skin tone. He had lean but hard muscles everywhere. She then noticed his cock. Through the whole conversation it had remained rock hard. She stared as he approached her. Remy had always been an adequate size, even a little above average but now he seemed even bigger. It must be closing in on 8 inches she thought to herself.


Before she could think about it too much he was up against her. Their bodies pressed together as he started kissing her. Rogue didn't react. She just let him do what he wanted and he soon pulled away.


"Listen here petit." Death said. You want me to keep my end of this agreement, you have to participate. Otherwise, no deal."


"Fine." She answered him through gritted teeth.


Death began to kiss her again, and this time she kissed him back. His actions were full of lust. He held her face and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Rogue found herself responding. Her own tongue wrestling against his. She realised she liked the kiss, it felt nice. The motions of it at least. She could feel some of the tension she was holding in her body begin to relax, though as soon as she noticed she tensed up again. She didn't want to forget who this was. 


Suddenly he pulled away and spun her around so she was facing away from him. He pushed her forward and walked her up to the large window of the room. He pushed her upper body against it. Rogue let out a small grunt from the push but she didn't fight back. She felt the cold glass against her skin as her chest and face were pressed to the window. Her exposed nipples rubbing against it felt nice in a strange way. Death pressed his body against her, she could feel his hard cock on the small of her back.


"You like this hmmm?" He whispered in her ear. "Being exposed to the world like this. On display for anyone to see." 


Rogue thought about what he said. She knew they were on a high enough floor that no one would see them but the thought of it… it was actually really exciting.


"" she managed to say, lying to him.


One of Death's hands reached around her body and into her panties once again and slid along her pussy lips.


"Certainly feels like you like it." He said as his finger glided along the wet opening.


His hand moved away and she felt him take hold of her waist band from behind. In one quick motion he pulled the lace and ripped the panties right of her. Rogue yelped at this, from surprise more than any pain though the motion did hurt a little. His hand was once again at her pussy, two of his fingers moving inside of her. She breathed deeper as he easily penetrated her, she really was quite wet. He started fingering her hard and fast. He easily glided in and out of her. Rogue was trying to hold back a moan not wanting to let on how good it felt. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction but god it felt so good. She could feel her own juices running down her thighs, she was so wet. His fingers were moving so fast in and out of her, she had been close to cumming earlier and even with the interruption she was quickly nearing that peak again. She could feel her legs growing weaker, they started shaking a bit. She did everything she could to not let herself orgasm. She didn't want to do that for him. She would let him use her but she didn't want him to know it felt good. Just when she thought she couldn't hold it back and longer and she was about to cum he pulled his fingers from her. Rogue let out an audible whimper as his fingers left her. The sudden end left her desperately wanting more. But she was glad she had held it back.




One of Death's hands spanked her ass hard, distracting her from her oh so close but denied orgasm. 




He hit her other cheek. Rogue and Remy had done some spanking before, and she had always liked it, but this was much harder. Rogue could feel her cheeks stinging and growing warm. She was sure they must be turning red.


Slap! Slap! Slap!


He continued spanking her over and over. And just like everything else Death had done to her so far Rogue found herself physically responding to it. She had to consciously stop herself from sticking her ass out further to accept his spanking. She couldn't let him know that she liked the feeling.


"Go lay on the bed." He told her, pulling her away from the window and giving her a little push towards the bed.


Rogue did as he said. She found her legs were a little shaky, having been so close to cumming twice but not getting the release. She made her way to the bed and laid down. Death quickly followed her over. He climbed up on the bed with her and moved himself so his head was between her legs. He immediately threw her legs over his shoulders and dove tongue first into her pussy.


Like all his actions there was no patience to what he did now. His tongue and lips lustfully went at her. Rogue wouldn't even say he was eating her pussy. He was devouring her. And it felt amazing. His tongue delved deep inside, licking her. His lips rubbed against her own, stopping to suck on her clit. Even the feeling of his stubble scratching her thighs felt good.


She knew this was it. She wasn't going to be able to control herself this time. She was trying so hard not to but she had to cum. She needed it. Finally it happened. Her back arched, lifting her off the bed, her eyes closed tightly, her mouth opened as if to scream but no sound came out. She came hard. Her body was overtaken with pleasure. Every inch of her in pure bliss. It felt like it lasted forever but eventually, far too soon she thought to herself, it ended. She fell back to the bed, her breaths deep and labored.


"So are you still going to act like you aren't enjoying yourself?" Death asked her as he stood up from the bed. Rogue remained silent not knowing how to deny it after what just happened but she definitely wasn't going to admit to liking it either. "No matter." Death continued "Get down on your knees."


Rogue followed his instructions. Moving from the bed down onto the floor in front of him. His cock was right in front of her. She was able to really get a good look for the first time. He really was huge, longer and thicker than Remy. She knew what he wanted her to do and she even found herself wanting to touch and suck it. But she wasn't going to do it unless he told her to.


"Suck it." He instructed her. Simple and to the point.


Rogue reached out and took a hold of his cock. Her hand slowly started to move up and down. She could tell right away it felt different then Remy's. Her fingers barely made it all the way around it. She was a little nervous about trying to suck it. So instead she just kept pumping her hand and moved her lips instead to Death's balls. She started licking the orbs, taking them into her mouth one at a time. She heard Death moan at her actions. She licked her tongue along the length of his cock, starting at the base and going all the way to the head. As her tongue licked the head she tasted his pre cum. The salty taste made her want more. She took his head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She then began to bob her head up and down, slowly taking more and more of his length. She had to really stretch her jaw but she was getting probably five inches or so of him into her mouth with every motion. Her tongue was constantly licking and massaging him. 


"Deeper." Death told her.


Rogue didn't know if she could go much deeper but she knew she had to do what he said. She forced her lips further down his length, taking maybe another inch but at this point his cock was pressing against her throat and she couldn't go any further.


"I said…" Death started sounding almost angry, as he put his hand on the back of her head."Deeper!" With the final word he forced her head down.


Rogue's eyes shot open as she felt Death's cock pushed into her throat. In one motion he had pushed her all the way down, her nose pressed to his pelvis. She immediately started to gag from the intrusion but his thick cock was blocking  anything from happening. She even felt her eyes start to water. He held her head down for what felt like minutes though it was probably only seconds before he pulled himself out of her mouth. Rogue gasped for air, filling her lungs. She saw his cock in front of her. It glistened with her saliva, several strands of it still connecting his cock to her lips.


After two or three breaths Death took hold of her head and forced her down again. Rogue knew what to expect this time but the motion still made her gag. He let her up faster this time but almost immediately went back in. He began fucking her face like this at a quick pace his cock going all the way into her throat with every thrust. Rogue had never experienced anything like this. She was gagging, and gasping, feeling him slide in and out. She knew she should hate it but for some reason some part of her was turned on by it. At one point she realised one of her hands had made its way between her legs and was playing with her clit. She quickly pulled her fingers away. She didn't want to like this. She didn't want to be enjoying it.


Death had both of his hands on her head now. She was gagging so much she could feel her saliva running down her chin, some of it falling to land on her tits which were swaying from Death's thrusts.


Death had been speeding up his motions, holding her head tighter. Until eventually on one thrust he held her head down again and let out a deep guttural moan. Rogue felt his cock contracting in her throat and then she felt his cum start spurting out. All she could do was swallow it. He let 3 shots go right into her throat before he started to pull out. Death made sure his cock head never left her lips though and he spurted three more times into her mouth. Rogue was amazed at the volume he came. Her mouth was filling up with it. The thick salty liquid coating her tongue.


"Swallow it down like a good little slut." He told her.


Rogue obediently swallowed it and somehow found herself immediately wanting more. Once she finished he finally took his dick out of her mouth and let go of her head. Rogue fell back away from him, her back resting against the side of the bed as she tried to catch her breath. She found herself wondering if it was over now that Death had cum. She didn't know if that thought made her feel more relieved or disappointed that it was over.


"There." She said between breaths. "You got what you wanted. Now give me back my husband."


"Oh Chère." Death said while laughing at her. "We're nowhere near done yet. Get back up on the bed."


Rogue looked up at him as he laughed at her. She saw that his cock still seemed to be rock hard. Not diminished at all from having just cum in her mouth. She pulled herself back up onto the bed and layed on her back. Death climbed on as well. He took Rogue's legs and pinned them up to her body. She was quite flexible so he easily managed to have her knees up by her head. Death lined his cock up to her pussy which was soaking wet at this point.


"Now I'll show you how a real man fucks." He told her. With that he thrust himself inside her going all the way to the base.


Rogue let out a small yell. He was by far the largest thing she had ever had inside her. Even with how wet she was it felt like he was stretching her to her limits. He began moving in and out of her. Pounding his cock into her over and over, every thrust reaching deep inside her, filling her pussy up.


Rogue couldn't believe how this felt. It was like nothing she'd experienced before. Even when she and Remy had been rougher it was more passionate. This was primal, lust personified. He wasn't making love to her, or even having sex with her. He was FUCKING her. Using her. And god she loved it. She couldn't deny it anymore; she was loving every second of it. She wanted to keep pretending she didn't but god she did. She wanted more and she didn't care if he knew anymore.


"Fuck yes!" She yelled "Holy shit!"


"That's a good little slut." Death said to her. A huge smile across his face. "I knew you'd come around."


Her reaction had seemed to spur him on. He began fucking her even harder then before. The slap of his pelvis meeting hers resounding throughout the room. Rogue was moaning and screaming uncontrollably with pleasure. If they'd been in a hotel anywhere else in the world she's sure someone would have come to check on them. Or at least to tell them to quiet down. But in Madripoor she could scream as much as she wanted and no one would be coming to check. 


Rogue had let her body take complete control. Shutting off the part of her mind that was telling her she shouldn't like this. The position they were in didn't allow her to move much but she bucked her hips as much as she could to meet Death's thrusts, wanting to feel him deep inside her. His cock stretching her out drove her wild. She could already feel herself reaching the peak of another orgasm.


"YES YES YES YES YES! AH'M GOING TO CUMMMMMM!!!!!!." She screamed as the orgasm over took her. The feeling rocking her body. Her pussy clamped down on Death's cock trying to hold him inside but he just kept fucking her. Kept pounding into her. She enjoyed this orgasm even more than the first now that she had let go of her apprehensions. 


Once her body relaxed Death stopped thrusting and removed himself from her. Rogue felt desperately empty. Wanting to be filled again.


"Now that you've admitted what a slut you are you can get on top and ride my cock." Death told her.


Rogue was more than happy to comply. Anything to get him back inside of her. Death laid on his back and Rogue straddled his lap. She immediately took his whole length inside her and let out a sigh of relief as she did. She smiled as she felt him stretching her again. She started bouncing herself up and down. Slamming her ass down as hard as she could like it would let his cock go deeper into her if she tried hard enough.


This position gave Death easy access to Rogue's tits and he was making the most of it, and much like with everything else he wasn't being gentle about it. He squeezed her tits roughly. Pinched and twisted her nipples quite hard. He even slapped her tits every so often. With each jolt of pain Rogue found herself enjoying it more. The pain and pleasure mixing into the perfect cocktail.


She kept fucking him for all she was worth. Her pussy was so wet that she was covering his lap with her juices and cum. Eventually one of Death's hands reached up and wrapped around her throat. Rogue grabbed his forearm with both hands but made no move to stop him. She felt him start to apply pressure. Slowly but surely cutting off her air supply. It was making his cock inside her feel even better. After a while she started to feel herself slowing down her bouncing. Not that she wanted to but the lack of air was catching up to her. She was starting to think she might pass out.




One of Death's hands struck hard across her left tit while at the same time his other hand let go of her throat. She gasped in a breath.


"Don't you dare pass out on me." He told her "Keep riding that cock."


Rogue started to pick her pace up again now that she could breath. She liked that she was able to but more energy into fucking him but she found herself missing the hand on her neck. She wasn't missing it long though and his hand soon returned. They repeated this process multiple times. Him choking her until she thought she would pass out then slapping one of her breasts to bring her back. She didn't know how long they'd been doing this but she noticed her skin was starting to shine and her hair was matting with a layer of sweat from her efforts.


Death took hold of her hips and practically threw her off of him. He quickly maneuvered himself while also pushing Rogue into the position he wanted. He got her down on all fours and lined himself up behind her. He started fucking her again making Rogue resume her moaning and screaming.


She had her ass up in the air and her face down on the bed. She could feel him so deep inside her, his cock massaging the walls of her pussy with every thrust. She was rocking her body back to meet his every thrust.




He started spanking her again and this time Rogue didn't have to pretend she didn't like it. 


"Harder." She told him.


Slap! Slap! Slap!


More smacks continued and just as she had asked they came harder with each strike. Rogue let out a yelp with each one. Her ass cheeks were stinging so bad that even when he wasn't spanking her the feeling of his hips hitting her ass as he thrust was painful.


Death pulled his dick out of her again. He moved it up a bit and aligned his cock head with Rogue's puckered ass hole. Rogue and Remy had done anal occasionally but it had always really been more of something she put up with because he liked it. But right now she wanted it. To let Death use her in this way like he had so many other ways so far tonight. But he didn't push into her. He just left his cock pressed against her opening. Rogue tried to push back, to take him inside but he pulled away, teasing her.


"Please." Rogue said.


"Please what?" Death asked her.


"Please fuck my ass. Please, Ah need your cock inside me. Please." Rogue begged him.


"Well since you asked so politely." Death responded.


With that he thrust his cock inside her ass, lubed only with her own juices. Rogue's body shot up from the bed as she screamed in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. If his cock had felt like it was stretching her pussy it felt like it was destroying her ass. And it turned her on so much. Death started fucking her, pounding into her tight little ass with as much speed and strength as he had just been using in her pussy.


Rouge's head fell back down to the bed where she bit into the sheets. Her eyes were wrenched shut. Rogue had no idea how much she was going to love this pain. But it was more than just the pain. It was Death. The way he was using her like an object, that was what was really turning her on so much. Even now, him fucking her ass, something she had never particularly liked before, felt amazing.


Death grabbed a handful of Rogue's hair and roughly pulled back on it. He lifted her upper body off the bed again, her arms not even able to reach down to support her. Rogue could feel her tits bouncing freely as he fucked her. She was gritting her teeth against the pain, more than happy to accept it in exchange for the pleasure it also provided her. She could feel herself nearing her third orgasm and she felt like the pain more than the pleasure was driving her there.


As the sensation finally overtook her realized she wasn't prepared for it. This was the most intense orgasm of Rogue's life. Her whole body began to shake and convulse beyond her control, her pussy was squirting cum onto the bed, her ass clamped down on Death's cock like a vice. She screamed out a string of incoherent words. It felt like everything in the world except for her pleasure was washed away at that moment. A single moment of pure bliss. 


All too soon the moment was gone and Rogue's body gave out, her muscles unable to respond to her mind's commands. And her mind itself was foggy and barely able to focus. Her body went limp, only being held up by Death's hand in her hair and his cock in her ass. He released his grip and let her collapse to the bed, her ass sliding off his cock. She laid face down on the bed barely processing that she had fallen.


Death quickly rolled her onto her back and he straddled her chest. He took one of Rogue's big tits into each of his hands and pressed the two orbs together. He then started thrusting his cock between the soft flesh.


Rogue's mind was starting to clear a bit and she realized that he was fucking her tits. Even him using her like this was a turn on she thought to herself. His hands were rubbing her nipples as he held her breasts together sending little jolts of pleasure through her. She looked down and admired the sight of his black cock poking through her pale tits with every thrust. Rogue stuck her tongue out and started to lick his head when it would come through. She could taste herself in him, not just her pussy but her ass too and she found herself wishing he was fucking her mouth again instead of her tits so she could really appreciate the flavour he had gained from using her.


Death started picking up the pace of his movements. An urgency in his actions and Rogue quickly realized why as after one  thrust he started cumming directly onto her waiting tongue. Rogue was so happy to be taking another cum shot from him right in her mouth. But death kept thrusting through his orgasm. The motion caused him to cum on more than just her tongue. Multiple shots landed across her face and neck, some going in her hair and plenty was being sprayed into her cleavage as he fucked it. The fact that this was his second orgasm didn't seem to reduce the amount of cum he produced at all. Once he finally stopped Rogue swallowed every drop that had made it into her mouth and then started licking her lips trying to get more. 


Almost immediately death flipped Rogue back onto her stomach and entered her pussy from behind again. Rogue started moaning, her face and tits still wet with his seed sticking to the bed sheets.


This went on for hours. Death fucking Rogue in every position and every hole. Filling and covering her with his cum. She reached orgasm after orgasm until at some point she must have finally passed out.




Rogue awoke in the morning. The room filled with bright sunlight from the window. She shielded her eyes as she looked at the clock feeling quite groggy. It was 9:45 AM. She and Remy had slept in. 


Remy! She thought to herself as her memories of the night came back to her. She shot up to a sitting position and looked beside her in the bed. There sleeping soundly next to her was her husband. She let out a sigh of relief and relaxed upon seeing him there and wondered if she had dreamed of her experience the night before. She quickly realized it had been real though as she saw she had dried cum all over her.


She leaned down and meant to kiss Remy, beyond happy that Death had kept his word, but she stopped short not wanting to get any cum on him. Instead she whispered to her husband.


"Ah love you Remy."


"I love you too Chère." He mumbled to her before he started to snore again.


Rogue got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom, wanting to take a shower and clean herself up. Once in the next room she looked at her naked body in the full length mirror. Her hair was a mess, matted and stuck to her skin with sweat. She was practically covered in dried cum, especially her face and chest. Speaking of her chest she saw her nipples looked somewhat bruised from the rough way death had been pinching and twisting them. Her butt was a deep red, not quite bruised but definitely discoloured from the spanking. She realised how sore she was, her breasts, her butt, her pussy, her ass hole, even her throat were all sore from the previous night's activities.


Rogue had never thought she would like being treated like that but she had. She couldn't deny that. She was ashamed. Not that she'd like to be used but by who had been using her. She told herself she hadn't had a choice. She did what she had to. Besides she was sure if she talked to Remy about wanting to try rougher sex he would be game. The two of them had always been more than willing to try each other's fantasies. She would just replace the memories of last night with the countless future nights she would have with her husband.


Rogue turned on the shower, slid open the frosted glass door and stepped in. She let the hot water run down her body. The warmth felt so nice as it started to wash away the grime on her skin. She began to clean herself off, starting at her hair and working her way down.


Once she was finished cleaning she remained in the shower for a few minutes, enjoying the water and steam. She heard the bathroom door open. She figured Remy must have finally gotten up. She saw his shadow through the frosted glass of the shower walk over to the door. Once he slid it open Rogue gasped. It wasn't Remy standing in the door but Death.


He stepped into the shower with her saying. "Looks like you're ready for another round." As his eyes roved over her freshly cleaned body.


"No!" She yelled back at him. "You promised you'd leave."


"Don't worry Chère." He started. "I'll keep my word. I just figured after how much you enjoyed yourself last night that you might want to have some more fun from time to time when Remy is sleeping."


"That wasn't what we agreed to." She argued.


"Tell you what." Death started. "If you can tell me that it wasn't the best sex you ever had. That you really want me to leave right now and not fuck you like the slut you are again, then I'll leave."


Rogue wanted to scream at him to go. That she never wanted to see him again but she couldn't form the words. Deep down she knew he was right. It was the best sexual night of her life, and she was aching for more but she wouldn't trade Remy for it. But then she realised what death had said.


"Just… just while Remy sleeps?" She asked.


"That's right Chère." He said with his evil grin. "You can have him the rest of the time. So what do you say?"


Rogue thought for a moment. Morally she still wanted to tell him to leave. Or even keep her promise from last night and beat him out of her husband. But physically she could feel him inside again, stretching her out. She could taste him in her mouth. 


Rogue didn't say another word. She just sank to her knees where she leaned in and started sucking on his already hard cock.


"That's what I thought." Death said, taking ahold of her head and once again forcing his cock into her throat. The sound of his laughter and her gagging filling the room.


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