Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business

-Dom/sub (mild), Lang


Kitty sat on the sofa in the den of the X-Mansion, staring at an envelope in her hands, one emblazoned with the symbol of Brown University. At her request, Professor Xavier and her closes friends – Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Rogue, the longest-tenured X-Men – sat nearby, on other chairs or on the floor. She hadn’t dared open it yet, even with the supporting presence of her friends.

“Vhat are you vaiting for, Katzchen?” prompted the ever-impatient Kurt.

“I’m just, y’know, totally petrified,” Kitty answered stiffly. “This letter only determines the rest of my life. No big deal.”

“You got into Empire State University and the University of Chicago,” Jean reminded her in a gentle tone. “I have no doubt you got into Brown too.”

“Chicago?” asked Scott.

“My parents live close enough to campus that I could commute,” Kitty explained realizing as she spoke that she hadn’t considered that house as “home” for a few years now. “Brown is, like, my first choice, though.”

The Professor steepled his fingers, a fatherly smile on his face. “Why don’t you tell the others what you told me when you asked me to write a reference letter?” he gently urged her.

Kitty tore her eyes from the envelope and looked around at her dearest friends, drawing strength from the knowledge that they supported her. “Brown is the oldest institution in the US where Jewish students were welcome,” she explained, “pretty much from the day the doors first opened. My aunt Judith attended there in the 60’s and took part in some of the antiwar protests.” Her gaze descended again to the unopened envelope. “So it’s kinda important to me culturally and personally.”

Jean patted her shoulder. “If it’s too much to open it in front of everyone, some of us could leave,” she offered. “Just Kurt or Rogue could stay.”

Kitty gritted her teeth. Jean meant well, she knew, but she had an infuriating tendency to coddle Kitty, the main team’s youngest member. Kitty channeled that irritation at her friend into the will to tear open the envelope and examine its contents.

Beneath the official Brown University letterhead, the document began, in a crisp, professional serif font:

Dear Ms. Pryde:

The Admissions Office at Brown University is pleased to inform you that your application to attend our institution in the Fall semester has been accepted.

Kitty stopped reading at that point. “I got in!” she shouted, leaping to her feet.

She barely breathed before Jean enveloped her in an enormous hug, with Kurt not far behind. Scott squeezed her shoulder, and the Professor wheeled over to shake her hand. Rogue wore a smile, but they’d been roommates long enough for Kitty to recognize when something was bothering the goth girl.

Once the congratulations petered out, the Professor wheeled out to attend to his duties as headmaster, Scott and Jean headed out on a date, and Kurt – after one more bear-hug – teleported up to his room to tell his girlfriend, Amanda. Kitty skimmed the remainder of her acceptance letter before turning to Rogue. “You okay?”

Rogue shrugged. “Whether Ah am or not, it don’t change the fact you’re movin’ out in the fall.”

Kitty grimaced, and she wished she could hug her best friend. “I know. I wish Brown wasn’t so far away that I’ll have to live on campus.”

They began walking upstairs to their room. Rogue sighed, “Ah’m also a little jealous. It’d be way too dangerous for me to go to a big university or live in a dorm with someone who ain’t a mutant.”

Kitty bit her lip. “I know it’s not the same thing – like, getting the whole college experience – but I’ve heard a lot of good things about CUNY’s online programs.”

Rogue shrugged again. “It ain’t too bad, Ah reckon.” She wrung her hands. “Sorry for rainin’ on your parade, Kit. Ah am happy for you,” she insisted, “but lahfe won’t be the same without you around.”

Again, Kitty wished she could hug her friend. “I’ll miss you, too, y’know?”

Now inside their room, Rogue slipped on some sneakers, which Kitty recognized as the pair she always wore to help Ms. Munroe in her garden and greenhouse. “Ah reckon there’s one silver lahnin’ to it,” she commented, not looking at her friend. “It’ll be much easier to have ‘alone tahm.’”

Kitty giggled and blushed. Not long after they’d moved in together, they quickly recognized a potential issue: both had healthy adolescent sex drives, and neither had any outlet for her urges. Just as quickly, they’d come to an arrangement: either of them could ask for some “alone time,” and the other would make herself scarce for a specified duration, no questions asked. In general, Kitty asked more frequently while Rogue typically requested longer sessions. Over the years, the system worked fairly well, though there had been a few times when Kitty, phasing through the wall or door, had walked in on Rogue trying to sneak some “alone time” in while Kitty was out.

“Just promise you’ll come out of your room sometimes,” Kitty teased as she set her acceptance letter on her desk.

“Of course!” Rogue promised in a playful tone, pausing in the doorway. “A gal’s gotta eat.”

With that, she left Kitty to her thoughts.

The petite brunette stretched out on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. The truth slowly sank in, that she’d gotten into an incredibly competitive university, her first choice. Moreover, she’d gotten in on her own merits – intelligence and hard work – rather than anything to do with her status as a mutant. The thought filled Kitty – who, despite her effervescent personality, often had low self-esteem – with a surge of confidence.

If I could do that, she thought to herself, what else am I capable of?




Over the next few days, Kitty found herself feeling restless, but she couldn’t figure out exactly why. Congratulations and well-wishes from the Institute’s other inhabitants kept her spirits up, as did her weekly movie night with Kurt (they watched Footloose, one of Kitty’s favorites). Nonetheless, the feeling persisted.

One afternoon, while cleaning out one of the drawers in her desk, Kitty came across an old photo of her and Lance at the Sadie Hawkins dance. She’d worn her hair up in a somewhat elaborate updo, though she left her signature bangs to frame her face. She chuckled at her matching cornflower halter top and skirt – that outfit simply screamed “This is my first formal and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DRESS.”

Her eyes lighted on her date, Lance. He’d at least managed to match her level of (in)formality, wearing a dark suit and white button-up shirt, untucked and unbuttoned at the top. Just before the picture, he’d confessed that he couldn’t figure out how to tie the necktie he’d bought.

A wistful smile graced Kitty’s lips. Life back then seemed so much simpler now, when nobody knew mutants existed. Her biggest problems involved not using her powers in public (easier said than done, but manageable); feeling insecure about her body, comparing her petite frame unfavorably to her best friends Jean (runway-model-like) and Rogue (old-school pinup); and navigating that first romance and the pitfalls associated therewith.

Because they belonged to opposite teams, she and Lance had few opportunities to spend time together outside school hours. They occasionally clashed when Lance and his idiot Brotherhood friends tried to cause trouble. He’d attempted, once, to switch teams for her, but that had ended disastrously, and she noticed a building resentment in him towards her choice to remain with the X-Men.

Consequently, on the few occasions where they had a modicum of privacy, she never let things progress past some passionate kissing, despite her body’s desires for more. The most they’d ever managed came during some of their late-night phone calls: once Kitty knew for certain Rogue was asleep, Lance would describe, in explicit detail, the things he’d like to do with her. Kitty would gasp, or giggle, or chide him when he went too far, or moan softly as she could when he described something she liked the sound of. At the time, she’d been too naïve to realize they were having “phone sex,” so she didn’t quite “play along” the way Lance probably wanted.

Not long after that dance, though, the forces straining their relationship finally pulled it apart. Magneto, the Brotherhood’s backer, revealed the existence of mutants to the world and upended their whole lives. The Brotherhood leader Mystique, at Magneto’s direction, had kidnapped and impersonated the Professor and destroyed the Institute. Because of these acts, tensions between the Brotherhood and X-Men escalated until total breakdown, taking Kitty and Lance’s relationship with it. The threat of Apocalypse had forced the teams to work together, after a fashion, and only until they’d dispatched the ancient mutant to… wherever he’d gone; after that, things had returned to the status quo ante bellum.

Kitty didn’t regret breaking up with Lance, not anymore. Over the intervening years, she realized they never would’ve worked out in the long run – they were just too different in their outlooks. What she did regret was not getting to explore the physical side of their relationship.

A sudden, wild thought sprang forth: Nothing long-term could work between us; but since I’m leaving for college, that’s not what I need right now anyway. What I need is… a chance to put that part of my life to rest. Completely.

Dialing the number for the Brotherhood House seemed like a good idea at first blush, but Kitty decided she didn’t want to risk having, say, Toad pick up. Or worse, Wanda.

Fortunately, she’d kept Lance’s cell phone number in her phone all this time. At first, she’d hoped to work things out between them. Ultimately, she’d probably just forgotten to delete it.

Kitty paced and chewed her lip while waiting for Lance to answer, worrying that he might and worrying that he might not. What if, after all this time, he doesn’t want to talk to me? What if, after all this time, he’s not interested in what I have to offer?

A grouchy “Yeah” cut Kitty’s fretting short for the moment. It was Lance’s customary phone greeting, and it brought up a surge of emotion from memories of conversations past. Even if he couldn’t see it, Kitty found herself grinning.

“Hi, Lance. Long time.”

“Kitty?” His voice immediately softened, though it also carried a tinge of confusion. “I didn’t know you still had my number.”

Kitty giggled. Hearing Lance’s voice shift that way filled her with confidence in this venture. “Lucky you, I guess.”

Lance snorted. “So what’s the occasion?”

Kitty picked up the letter from her desk. “I got into Brown. It’s about two and a half hours away, without traffic, so you won’t see me around much anymore.”

“So what? I thought we were, and I quote, ‘so over,’” he grumbled.

Kitty sighed. “We are, but I feel weird leaving without, like, tying up a few loose ends.”

Lance snorted again. “What the hell does that even mean?”

“Like… it feels like we left things on a sour note?”

Lance didn’t respond for a moment. “Yeah, I guess it does feel like that. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it lately,” he added, his tone softening again.

“About me?”


Kitty released a breath she hadn’t know she was holding. “That’s… nice to hear, actually. At times, I used to wonder if you, like, saw me as just…” She trailed off.

Lance picked up the cue: “Just a piece of ass?”

“Yeah.” Kitty bit her lip.

“I mean, it’s a nice little ass,” he quipped.

“Jerk,” chided Kitty, but she couldn’t fight the smile or keep it from her voice. “If you like it so much, maybe you should kiss it.”

“Kinky,” retorted Lance. “I didn’t think you’d be into that.”

Kitty made a face. “Ew, no.” She steeled herself to take the plunge, to say what she wanted when she called, what she’d wanted back when they were dating. “Maybe I should, like, head over there and show you what I am into.”

She could practically hear Lance’s ears prick up. “Yeah? Like what?”

Heat rose to Kitty’s cheeks as she replied: “I always thought I’d, um, like to try, like, going down on you.”

“Fuck,” Lance whispered. “You really wanna suck my cock, Kitty?”

A shiver climbed her spine at the thought. “Or… you could go down on me instead,” Kitty suggested.

Lance didn’t respond at first, and Kitty worried she’d grossed him out with that one. Finally, his voice came back on the line: “You remember how I used to say I wanted to kiss every inch of you? Eating your sweet pussy was part of that, but I was afraid telling you would turn you off.”

Kitty shivered again, and she kicked herself inwardly for her previous skittishness about sex. She tried not to dwell on how much pleasure she might’ve missed out on; instead, she decided to look forward to the pleasure she would soon have. “Totally the opposite,” she replied, dropping her voice into what she hoped would sound like a sultry purr. “I thought about it all the time while, y’know, playing with myself.”

Fuck,” Lance whispered again. “That’s so damn hot.”

Kitty giggled. “Our late-night phone calls always left me really wet,” she explained, though part of her still couldn’t believe she was talking about this subject so freely. “After we’d say goodnight, I’d roll onto my stomach, slip my hand into my panties, and imagine doing all those things you told me you wanted. And some that I didn’t have the guts to tell you I wanted.”

“Like bending you over every piece of furniture and fucking you until you couldn’t walk?” Lance suggested, voice thick with desire.

Kitty shivered, and her empty hand began idly stroking her stomach. “Or, like, climbing on top of you and riding you, slowly at first, but faster and faster as it felt better.” She grinned to herself. Phone sex is a lot more fun like this, she mused, now that I’m playing along.

Lance’s voice cut into her musings: “Are you playing with your pussy right now?”

“N-Not yet,” Kitty stammered, feeling the heat in her cheeks intensify. She unsnapped and unzipped her denim capris and snuck her hand into her panties. Just tracing a finger along the narrow strip of hair she kept only enticed her to continue further downward, where she found herself already slick with arousal. She barely bit back a moan at the contact.

“I didn’t quite catch that, Kitty,” Lance teased.

“Uhhh… hold on a sec.” The horny brunette tossed her phone onto the bed and, using both hands, shimmied out of her pants and panties. Now bottomless, she sprawled out on her bed, legs splaying apart. Kitty retrieved her phone with one hand while her other hand returned to her groin. “Now I am,” she moaned.

“Damn,” Lance swore with a whistle. “That was a hot noise.”

“Yeah, it's pretty hot, alright,” Kitty replied in a sly tone to highlight the innuendo. “Wet, too.” Kitty bit back another moan as her fingertips grazed the sensitive nub.

“I wish I could be there,” Lance told her, and Kitty could hear both the sincerity and desire in his voice. “I’d love to watch how your fingers play with your pussy.”

“Mmh! Mostly I just… like… rub the clit," Kitty explained, “up and down… oh!... or small circles.” Her fingers followed her words, sending shocks of pleasure all through her.

“You don’t stick a finger inside?” Lance asked.

Kitty let her fingers probe the entrance to her pussy, where they quickly became coated in her juices. “Sometimes,” she purred, barely able to control her volume. “Only when I’m, like, really, really turned on,” she added.

Lance chuckled. “Sounds like this is one of those times.”

“I’m always this vocal,” Kitty blurted. “Usually I lie on my stomach so I can moan into my pillow.” She found herself even more turned on by telling Lance all of this, and she wished she’d done it sooner.

“You’re on your back right now? Just how I’d want you,” he joked.

“I… ah! I want you to hear me,” she replied, her fingers still teasing her with the prospect of entry. She couldn’t tell what, exactly, she was waiting for, but Kitty found herself quivering with anticipation. Lance’s heavy breathing on the other end drove Kitty even deeper into the tension building inside her.

“I want to hear you,” he groaned. “When you slide your finger into your pussy… I wanna hear that.”

Briefly, Kitty considered whether Lance just wanted to listen to her moan; but she decided that, regardless of his intent, she herself would push the envelope in a different direction. Panting, nearly beside herself with lust, Kitty held her phone near her groin, though she continued to merely tease herself for a moment longer. Before she could second-guess herself, she slid a single digit inside.

A surge of pure, undiluted, unfiltered pleasure flooded Kitty’s consciousness. A wet noise, loud and almost obscene, emanated from her nethers as she began slowly pumping her finger in and out. A squeal of delight erupted from her throat before she could even consider muffling herself, loud enough that she felt certain Lance could hear.

When she brought the phone back to her face, Kitty purred, “How’d that sound?”

“Like your pussy is soaked,” Lance replied, voice thick with desire. “Like you desperately need a good fuck.”

“I do!” Kitty cried as her finger sped up inside hear. Each movement of her digits created another loud, wet sound. “Think you could handle that?”

“Hell yeah!” growled Lance. “I’d love to stuff your tight little pussy with my hard cock. Fuck you so hard you see stars.”

The thought of having Lance inside her instead of her finger, of feeling every thrust and hearing how good she felt around him, drove Kitty over the edge. Loud squeals of ecstasy filled her room, and powerful spasms wracked her body. Dimly, she registered the grunt and groan on the other end as signals of Lance’s completion.

Kitty sprawled on her bed, half-naked, spent, panting from exertion, finger still ensconced inside her still-spasming pussy. In her ear, Lance also panted and occasionally groaned in his own afterglow. Gently, Kitty withdrew her finger and wiped it clean on her comforter, resolving vaguely to launder it this evening.

“Damn, Kitty,” Lance marveled between breaths. “That might be the biggest wad I’ve ever shot. I guess I fucking needed that.”

Kitty giggled. “That was super-fun. Sorry I didn’t have the chutzpah to do that before.”

Lance chuckled. “Me too.” A somewhat awkward pause lingered before he added: “Anytime you want some more phone sex, I’m your guy.”

Kitty bit her lip and, before she could overthink, asked, “What about, like… real sex?”

Another pause, this one less awkward, ensued. “Are you offering a for-real booty call? If so, hell yeah!”

“We’ll have to use your place. Not that, like, you’re not welcome here or anything,” Kitty added as a hasty reassurance. “Just… well… you heard how loud I can get. It’ll be embarrassing enough if anyone heard me, like, by myself just now –”

“Would it embarrass you too much if everyone knew we were fucking?” interjected Lance, an edge to his voice.

Kitty sighed; Lance’s not-infrequent insecurity about certain things had been one of the major factors in their breakup. “I just want our first time to be between the two of us, okay? That way,” she added in a slight purr, “I’ll feel free to, like, relax and enjoy myself to the fullest. Don’t you want to make me make those sounds while you’re inside me?”

Lance chuckled. “Fair point. Fucking you will be more fun if I’m making you scream every time you cum.”

Kitty shivered. “So, um… when’s good for you?” She winced, thinking she’d sounded overly desperate.

Lance hummed in thought. “Eager beaver, aren’t you? I’ll have to wait for the fellas, and Wanda, to fuck off for a few hours. I’ll be in touch.”

With that, he hung up, and Kitty grabbed her pants and panties.

She hoped Lance wouldn’t keep her waiting.




Four days later, after Friday classes, Kitty pulled up to the Brotherhood house. Once, she might’ve found herself too nervous to think straight; but today, she felt mostly excited, with only a hint of nerves. After parking her car, she checked her messages one final time, reviewing the text bubbles from Lance that had brough her here.

< Wanda and Pietro are spending the weekend with their dad >

< Blob’s working his construction job, Toad’s out on extermination. Both will be out until dark >

< I’m gonna clean up around here so it’s not a total wreck, then grab a shower >

< Come on in when you get here >

With a deep breath, Kitty stashed her phone in her purse and phased through the front door.

Once inside, she noted the much-improved state of the Brotherhood house; she hadn’t visited since before Magneto actually invested in it. While nowhere near the Institute’s level, the Brotherhood house now looked much better, with fewer cracks in the walls and fewer weird stains on the carpets and no doors hanging off the hinges. More importantly, the place smelled much better. Before, Kitty never would’ve dared take off her shoes here, much less anything else.

The sound of running water inside the pipes in the wall told Kitty she’d arrived while Lance was still showering. She padded her way up the stairs and saw the bathroom door ajar, with the sound of running water much stronger than before. A wicked idea seized her, and she slipped with careful, quiet steps past the bathroom door to Lance’s room, thankful she’d worn sneakers today instead of flip-flops.

Upon her arrival, Kitty toed off her shoes, which took her socks with them. Thrumming with excitement, she savored the feeling of the plush, clean carpet against her feet. With a deep breath to brace herself, she became insubstantial, letting gravity deposit her now-“unoccupied” clothing into a pool on the floor.

Now naked as the day she’d been born, Kitty strode with purpose back down the hall. With each step, she felt more in touch with her inner sex kitten, yet more aware of the one-way nature of this trip. In that way, it may have been the longest walk of her life.

Inside the bathroom, Kitty paused in front of the tall mirror above the sink. The lack of fog on the glass indicated either that Lance didn’t run his showers hot, or he hadn’t been in long. The petite brunette admired her figure for a few moments, grateful for the muscle tone imparted by the Danger Room – her butt, in particular, looked amazing – and the long-overdue feminine curves that had arrived over the last few months: a subtle outward flare of the hips, and perky breasts that now filled a B-cup bra. Her light-brown nipples standing on end seemed to stare back at her.

Deciding on one more bold move, Kitty reached back and gripped the hair tie holding up her signature ponytail. Phasing it free, she watched her chestnut hair tumble over her shoulders and down her back. She ran her hands through it disentangle it, reveling just how sexy she looked. Blowing herself a kiss, she turned toward the shower curtain.

Kitty poked her head and one arm around the edge of the shower curtain, hoping she was showing enough bare skin to make it obvious she was as naked as the shower’s current occupant. Lance stood under the spray, washing his hair, oblivious to Kitty’s presence. She let her eyes wander his body, feeling her mouth dry out and that wetness transfer lower.

The water cascaded down his well-defined muscles, highlighting each in turn. Lance had always kept in shape, usually using the school’s gym to lift weights, though she’d heard he’d switched to the local YMCA after dropping out. Kitty followed the flow downward until her eyes alighted on the unfamiliar appendage at the crux of his thighs, currently dangling limp from a nest of hair. She couldn’t wait to see what it looked like once it stiffened.

To that end, she decided to announce her presence with a purred “Hi there, stud.”

Kitty barely suppressed a giggle at the way Lance started, nearly slipping, flailing for anything to hold onto. Panting to calm himself, the young man glowered. “You scared the piss outta me!”

Kitty couldn’t fight the giggle this time. “Sorry, Lance. I wanted to, like, surprise you.” Biting her lip around a smile, she added, “Maybe this’ll make up for it?” and stepped into the shower.

Lance’s dark eyes widened at first upon seeing her. The urge to cover herself rose in the back of Kitty’s mind, but she ignored it, preferring instead the thrill of having his gaze rake up and down her body. By the time she completed a slow turn to show off everything, his manhood stood tall, pushing Kitty’s arousal even higher. “Damn,” he whispered, voice reverent.

“You did say come on in,” she reminded him in a playful tone. Kitty closed the distance between them and placed her hands on his pecs. His skin felt warm and slick, and she loved the way the muscles flexed at her touch.

“Not quite what I meant, but like hell am I gonna complain,” replied Lance as he rested his hands on Kitty’s narrow waist, which sent a shiver up her spine. “I gotta admit, I thought you might still be bullshitting about this.”

“Even after letting you listen to me play with myself over the phone?” she reminded him, pressing against him. Feeling his bare skin, warm and wet from the shower, against her own drove Kitty’s arousal even higher. His erection sandwiched against her belly felt especially delicious. Not for the first, or last, time, she wondered, Why didn’t I do this sooner?

“You spazzed out the one time I grabbed your ass,” Lance reminded her with a fond smirk. His face drifted closer. “This is a huge leap from that.”

“Fair point,” Kitty conceded just before their lips met. Electricity seemed to flow from the contact, leaving her tingly all over. Soon, their tongues tangled, wrestling almost, with long-delayed desire now finally nearing fruition. Kitty slipped her arms around Lance’s neck, and his hands slid down to squeeze her butt, drawing out a moan muffled by the kiss.

Just kissing Lance, even naked, wasn’t enough for Kitty. She traced one hand down his chest and abs until she encountered his stiff prick. Gingerly, she wrapped her small hand around it and – encouraged by Lance’s groan against her mouth – began stroking at a languid pace. She could hardly believe how it felt: paradoxically hard and soft at the same time, and so deliciously alive.

When Kitty felt Lance’s fingers duck between her thighs to stroke the sensitive flesh they encountered, she couldn’t help break the kiss to moan louder. She kept moaning as they stroked each other, pausing to pepper Lance’s chest with kisses. His other hand migrated upward to fondle her modest breasts, paying special attention to the nipples. Kitty responded by gripping his firm rear.

“Cute little tits, cute little ass, cute little landing strip,” he growled in a voice thick with lust, a voice that sent a shudder right through Kitty’s petite frame. “You’re so damn sexy, Kitty.”

“You too, Lance,” she whimpered. “I’ve never felt so turned on.”

Lance’s dark eyes seemed to bore into her. One of his hands glided up to cup her cheek, and his thumb traced her lower lip. Kitty stared back and nibbled and licked the digit suggestively. She held her breath, as if waiting for something.

Lance grinned. “I remember you said you wanted to suck my cock.” Kitty hummed and nodded. “I want that, too. I’ve wanted to see you on your knees, your cute mouth on my dick, for as long as I’ve known you.”

Kitty felt her knees weaken on hearing him say it, and she sank downward until his erection stood mere inches from her face. Leaving her hand on the base to hold it steady, she leaned in. She began with tentative kisses along the whole length, punctuated with flicks of her tongue around the dark tip. Because they were in the shower, the taste didn’t strike her as all that strong.

Lance groaned her name. To his credit, he didn’t try to force her forward with his hands, content instead to stroke her face and keep her hair out of her way. “Just as sexy as I’d always imagined,” he told her as she swirled her tongue around the head.

Slowly, Kitty took the tip into her mouth, mindful of her teeth. She managed about half on the first push, and a bit more once she relaxed her jaw. Her small mouth wouldn’t fit the whole thing, and she had no desire to try in case she gagged.

Unbidden, Kitty remembered a conversation she’d overheard between Tabby, Amara, and Jubilee…




Tabby lounged on one of the sofas, Cosmo magazine open in her hands. Beside this sofa, Amara sat painting her fingernails. Jubilee sat in a nearby chair, PlayStation controller in hand as she navigated the wilds of Skyrim.

“Sam was right,” Jubilee commented as she loosed an arrow into yet another unsuspecting victim. “Stealth archer is the easiest way to play this.”

“It seems boring,” Amara replied, examining her nails, “just creeping around and shooting people.”

“You just want me to throw fireballs,” Jubilee retorted with a smirk.

“A fiery sword would also be acceptable,” Amara sniffed.

“What’s the point of playing a ‘Dragon-born’ if there’s no fire involved?” Tabby chimed in, automatically siding with her best friend, as always.

Jubilee sighed. “Fine, I’ll enchant my bow so it shoots fire arrows. Will that make you happy?”

“Happier than this bullshit article,” grumbled Tabby.

“Which one?” asked Jubilee as she picked the lock on a chest.

“The one about blowjobs,” answered the blonde. “You don’t drizzle hot fudge on a guy’s dick.”

Jubilee snorted. “You don’t think they like first-degree burns on their junk?”

“Guys are weird like that,” Amara remarked dryly, examining her nails.

All three laughed.

“Even, like, chocolate syrup’s not a great idea,” Tabby added. “Not if you’re planning to fuck afterward.”

Jubilee nodded. “Sugar in the coochie is a recipe for a yeast infection.”

All three shuddered.

“I don’t understand how they can publish such useless drivel,” Amara remarked, now filing a rough spot.

“For real,” agreed Tabby. “I mean, ‘Don’t be afraid to nibble a little’?” She shook her head.

Jubilee snorted again as she began selling her adventuring loot. “Rule number one of giving head: NO TEETH.”

“Is there no useful advice?” asked Amara, her dark eyes flicking towards Tabby.

“Not from this,” groused the blonde as she tossed the magazine aside, before giving her inexperienced friend a wink. “From me? Lots of tongue, all around the head.”

“Or lick it like an ice cream cone,” Jubilee chimed in while crafting armor and jewelry to sell.

“Mix things up,” added Tabby, “by moving your head up and down when resting your tongue.”

“When it starts to twitch, he’s ready to blow,” Jubilee warned, “so pull back, until just the tip is in your mouth. Aim more toward the roof of your mouth so he doesn’t spray down your throat and make you gag.”

Tabby laughed. “News to me; but then, I always go for the facial.” She leaned forward and playfully shoved the girl playing video games. “Damn, Lady Swallows, how many cocks have you sucked?”

Jubilee didn’t answer, too focused on deciding which quest to pursue next… or maybe just pretending to be too focused on her game.

Amara made a face. “That sounds disgusting. Why bother? What would I gain from that?”

“A free pass on actually fucking, if you’re not in the mood for some reason,” answered Jubilee.

“Or a longer fuck once your boy’s ready to go again,” countered Tabby with a laugh.

Face aflame, having heard plenty, Kitty had slunk away.




“Fuck!” Lance cried, pulling Kitty’s thoughts back to the present. “You were always a good kisser, but this is damn good.”

Kitty hummed in response and began swirling her tongue in time with her bobbing head. She let her free hand – the one not holding Lance’s dick steady – rake along his abs and thigh. Her own desire had pooled just below her belly, transmuting into a deep-seated need, one she hoped soon to fulfill.

“Hell yeah, Kitty,” groaned Lance. “Look up at me? I wanna see your pretty blue eyes while my dick is in your mouth.”

When Kitty complied, their gazes met, his dark eyes burning with a familiar need. A jolt shot through Kitty’s whole body, and she whimpered. She backed off, letting Lance’s prick slip out of her mouth, teasing now with the tip of her tongue.

“You look so damn sexy,” Lance growled. “Gonna play with your pussy while you do that?”

Kitty trailed her hand down Lance’s leg before breaking contact. Maintaining eye contact and continuing her languid licking, she ran that hand over one breast, pinching the nipple lightly. She didn’t linger there, however; instead, her hand slid along her stomach and between her thighs.

“Go ahead, Kitty,” Lance urged her. “Pet your eager little beaver.”

Kitty winked and resumed sucking firmly. Meanwhile, her nimble fingers swirled in slow circles along the sensitive bud. Lance’s twitching prick in her mouth muffled her moans.

“Shit, that’s hot,” whispered Lance. “I’m gonna blow my wad soon.”

“Mm-HM!” Kitty hummed, nodding and bobbing her head with increasing fervor. The increasing frequency of Lance’s twitching provided her plenty of warning to prepare for his impending ejaculation. Remembering Jubilee’s advice, she pulled back a bit and lapped and the spasming tip.

As if on cue, Lance cried, “Oh, shit!”

The first spurt hit the roof of Kitty’s mouth a moment later, with more not far behind. She silently thanked Jubilee for the unintended lesson as the fluid – warm, gooey, salty, and a bit musky – coated her tongue but didn’t threaten to choke her. Once she felt sure her partner had fully expended himself, she carefully slid his prick from her mouth. She looked up at Lance, whose dark eyes had glazed over with satisfaction, and hummed questioningly through pursed lips.

Lance rested a hand on the side of the shower to steady himself. “Your choice,” he answered her unasked question, though he pressed one finger against her closed lips. “If you want to go ahead and get out so we can fuck, then spit. If you want me to return the favor to you, then swallow.”

A shiver shot down Kitty’s spine. Part of her wanted to push ahead as quickly as possible, to do what she came here to do. On the other hand, she realized Lance would likely need a little time before he could go again. Why not try getting eaten out in the meantime? she asked herself.

Putting on her sauciest smirk, Kitty tilted her head back, letting the warm, viscous fluid Lance had left in her mouth slide down her throat. Even more cheekily, she opened her mouth to show her partner her choice. “All done,” she purred.

Lance grinned and knelt so their faces were level. “That was hot as hell. Now, why don’t you let me eat that sweet pussy?”

Kitty giggled and darted in for a peck on Lance’s cheek. On standing, she paused to let some shower water into her mouth, rinsing the last of the lingering flavor, which she found a bit distasteful, away. Lance scooted closer, but Kitty coyly backed away, until she felt the cool tile of the shower wall against her skin.

“Nowhere left to run,” Lance teased as he closed the distance. He peppered Kitty’s thighs with kisses and light nibbles, making her squirm as he ascended towards the seat of her desire. They both knew that, if she truly did not wish to let him touch her, he literally couldn’t. Knowing she controlled this rendezvous filled Kitty with a giddy desire that left her breathless and panting. Almost of their own accord, her legs parted.

She couldn’t watch Lance looking his fill, admiring her most intimate area. Never before had she felt so exposed, so vulnerable; nor had she felt so alive.

Kitty felt rough fingers, with a gentle touch, splay her open. Lance’s warm breath washed over the sensitive flesh, drawing a needy moan from her lips. His tongue flicking over her, briefly but unmistakably, jolted her whole body, practically into a heightened state of awareness.

When he began in earnest shortly after – his tongue rough and wet and lithe as it circled her most sensitive spot – Kitty squealed in ecstasy, her voice echoing throughout the enclosed space of the shower and the bathroom beyond, likely throughout the whole house. A brief surge of embarrassment quickly fizzled when she remembered they had the house to themselves, replaced by surges of pleasure radiating from her groin. As her knees threatened to buckle, she draped one leg over Lance’s shoulder, letting him bear some of her weight. Bliss, unlike anything she’d ever felt, swallowed every conscious thought.

The orgasm crashed over Kitty like a tsunami, and she could nothing except ride the wave. She could only hold on and scream her way through the dips and crests, as though riding a rollercoaster. Dimly, she felt one of Lance’s hands clasp one of hers, intertwining their fingers and giving her something to hold onto.




How they got from the shower to Lance’s bed, Kitty would never quite recall, thanks to the lingering buzz of her shower orgasm. Ultimately, it didn’t matter, now that they were lying naked together, kissing and caressing to sustain the mood. Before long, only one part of the young woman, besides her still-damp hair, remained wet: the part that’s supposed to be wet in this situation.

Kitty moaned at Lance’s touch as he fondled one breast and glided one finger along her slick folds. She raked her fingers along the young man’s chest and back, or ran them through his damp, drying hair. Before long, she felt his stiffening prick against her hip, so she began stroking that, too.

Lance nibbled along Kitty’s neck before slipping a finger inside her, eliciting another moan. “Nice, tight pussy,” he rumbled into her ear. “How’s my finger feel?”

“Nowhere near as good as your mouth,” Kitty admitted with a giggle. “I, like, saw stars when I came.”

“But you’re still so wet,” he commented as he thrust his fingers a few times before withdrawing it.

Kitty whimpered at the sudden emptiness. “I’m sooooo horny, Lance,” she whined. “Don’t tease me.”

Lance rolled Kitty onto her back, climbing atop her and kissing her fiercely. The move forced her to release his prick, but feeling it grind against her pussy represented an upgrade in pleasure. The lustful look in Lance’s dark eyes when he pulled back sent a shiver along Kitty’s spine; but she gasped when he grasped her wrists and held then above her head, as if pinning her to the bed.

“This what you want, Kitty? My dick inside your pussy?”

Kitty nodded, but Lance only rubbed what felt like the tip along her labia. The young woman moaned and rocked her hips needily, but to no avail. “Please, Lance?”

He grinned. “Ooh, I like it when you beg.”

Panting and practically beside herself with desire, Kitty writhed on the bed. “Please, I want it so bad,” she begged again, locking gazes and hoping her partner could see the need in her eyes.

Lance ran his hands down her body, over her breasts and hips and thighs, until he splayed her pussy open. He nestled himself against her entrance. “Before I pop your cherry, Kitty, tell me exactly what you want from me,” he instructed her. “I want to hear you say the words.”

A shiver shot along Kitty’s spine once again. She knew what he wanted her, what he wanted her to say. She’d never felt comfortable with the word before; but now, at the final test, she felt no discomfort at all.

Kitty turned her head slightly so she could suckle on the thumb of Lance’s left hand resting on her cheek. She then looked him square in the eyes – those dark eyes now burning like coals with the embers of desire – and told him what she wanted, in the way he wanted to hear: “Fuck me, Lance. I need you to fuck me.”

Lance shuddered and shut his eyes, though only for a moment. “Goddamn, that was hot,” he murmured, opening his eyes again. “Hotter than I ever imagined.” He rubbed the tip of his prick against Kitty’s slick flesh, slowly, teasing his bedmate with promises of pleasure not yet fulfilled.

Kitty writhed and moaned, beside herself with desire. “I want your dick, Lance,” she begged, thrusting her hips with unabashed need. “My pussy wants it – my pussy needs it.”

With a soft groan, Lance pushed forward. A surge of pleasure, far stronger than anything Kitty had ever conjured with her own fingers, rolled through the young woman’s body like a thunderbolt. He felt so warm and stiff, yet surprisingly pliant, as he began to thrust.

Kitty arched her back and moaned, “Lance! I can feel it inside me!”

The pleasure she felt quickly plateaued, however. Panting with desire, she wriggled in a way she hoped her partner would find enticing. Lance’s thrusts remained shallow, however, leaving Kitty unfilled and thus unfulfilled.

A moment later, the pleasure vanished entirely. Confused and disappointed, Kitty looked at Lance, who now sat upright between her thighs, frowning and stroking himself. When their eyes met, he grimaced. “Sorry… it’s not going in like it’s supposed to.”

Kitty bit her lip, fighting down a wave of nerves and embarrassment. “Is something wrong? Am I, like, not wet enough or something?”

Lance shook his head, once more seating himself into her opening. “No, you’re fucking soaking. It’s just… something wasn’t lined up right, I guess.” He grinned. “Let’s try to pop that cherry again.”

Kitty giggled and relaxed while Lance pushed forward. A short, sharp pain flashed across her consciousness, followed shortly by a blissful fullness deep inside, unlike anything she’d ever imagined. She squealed in delight at the glorious, if alien, sensation and wondered how she hadn’t realized that, previously, she’d only been feeling the tip.

“Fuck,” groaned Lance. “Your pussy feels so damn good, Kitty. Nice and tight. So warm and wet.”

Kitty whimpered and writhed, her mind awash with unfamiliar sensations, almost overwhelming her with pleasure. “I wanted this for so long,” she moaned, running her hands along Lance’s abs. She glanced down to see how, now, he’d buried himself to the hilt, and a shock of pleasure climbed her spine at the sight. “Ohmygod,” she moaned, “I wanted this for so long…”

Lance grinned and pinched her nipples, eliciting a softer mewl of pleasure from her. “You better hold on tight, then,” he murmured hotly into her ear, “cuz I’m gonna give it to you so good, Kitty.”

The petite brunette moaned needily at his tone: “Yes! Give it to me, Lance!” He complied, thrusting himself into her, once, twice, a third time, each punctuated by a progressively louder moan. Kitty could already feel herself winding up towards orgasm.

She couldn’t help but cry out in disappointment when the pleasant fullness between her thighs suddenly dissipated again. “Lance!” she pleaded. “Don’t tease me like that.”

“Sorry,” he muttered. “It slipped out again.”

Kitty sighed, but she soon felt the tip reenter. The look of determination on Lance’s face seemed inexplicably sexy. To try to prevent another mishap, she hooked her legs around his waist.

For his part, the young man frowned, glowering down at his prick. “C’mon, you little bastard. You wanted to be inside this pussy for years. So get in there and stay in there.”

Kitty giggled at Lance berating his own dick. “Now I’m wondering if I’m, like, too wet.”

Lance chuckled and shrugged. “Third time’s the charm.” With that, he surged forward, refilling Kitty completely, and she squealed in delight. A few experimental thrusts determined that he wouldn’t slip out again.

Before long, Lance and Kitty had established a slow, deep rhythm to their movements. A haze of pure pleasure permeated Kitty’s mind and body, until she’d lost herself in it completely. Her cries of ecstasy reverberated throughout the Brotherhood House, especially when she peaked.

Kitty quickly lost count of how many orgasms she was having if she’d wanted to. Each one blurred into the next, seemingly without end. She only dimly heard the things Lance told her – about her “tight little pussy,” about how “goddamn hot” her moans sounded, about her being “the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

She snapped out of it when Lance gripped her wrists, just a little forcefully, and pinned her hands to the bed, high above her head. For a brief moment, Kitty felt vulnerable, exposed – but the feeling passed. After all, if she wanted to stop, all she had to do was phase. The lust burning in Lance’s eyes left her breathless, totally helpless beneath him as he pistoned back and forth inside her – but only because she let herself feel that way.

Her next orgasm, far stronger than the ones before, crashed over her like a tsunami, washing along a powerful current of ecstasy. Stars erupted behind Kitty’s eyes. She barely managed to toss her head back, away from Lance’s face, before she screamed.

Lance leaned down to nibble on each of Kitty’s nipples briefly, earning more moans of pleasure. “You like when I hold you down and plow you into the mattress, Kitty?” he asked as he did exactly that.

“Ohmygod, yes!” Kitty cried, writhing under him.

Next, Lance peppered Kitty’s neck with little bites, leading to her earlobe. “Are you my little bitch now?”

“Lance!” she protested, forcing herself to lie still. Kitty even phased free of his grip to push him away enough to look him the eyes, ensuring he’d understand she wasn’t playing along. “Don’t call me that. I’m serious.”

The young man paused and nodded. “Okay, chill the fuck out. My bad.”

Kitty smiled and kissed him gently. “I’m having a good time, though,” she reassured him. “I’m, like, kicking myself for not putting out for you years ago.”

Lance grinned. “I’m just glad that, when you were ready, I’m the one you called.”

“Even if it’s just a booty call?” Kitty giggled a little embarrassed at the admission.

Lance shrugged. “Pussy is pussy, as far as I’m concerned.”

Kitty pouted, more hurt by that than she might’ve anticipated. “I thought this might be a little special for you, at least.”

Rather than reply in words, Lance wrapped his arms around Kitty’s waist and pulled her upright. She now sat astride his lap, her legs still around his waist, his prick still sheathed within her. She tangled her fingers in her partner’s hair, and he grabbed her pert rear.

Before, Kitty had thought she’d taken the entirety of Lance’s prick. Now, her own weight drew her an extra inch or so downward; now, the increased pressure of him on this one spot deep inside, a spot she’d never reached with her fingers and hadn’t dreamt of existing, made her see stars yet again. The young woman writhed and moaned with pleasure.

Over the next few minutes, with some trial and error, not to mention some help from her partner, Kitty discovered how to move in this new position. She clung tightly to Lance’s shoulders for the stability she needed. Soon, she was bouncing up and down with abandon, her face buried into Lance’s shoulder to muffle her screams.

“Goddamn, Kitty, your pussy feels so fucking good,” groaned Lance through gritted teeth. “I dunno… how much longer… before I… blow my load…”

Lost in her own pleasure, Kitty didn’t hear him. For her, the whole world had narrowed to the all-consuming sensations radiating from deep inside her. Her moans crescendoed to a fever pitch. Each thrust of her hips brought her one step closer to the edge, one more step towards what she could sense would be the biggest orgasm of her young life.

Later, when discussing the experience with Rogue, Kitty would put it thus: “I’d, like, already tried a few from the sampler platter, so it was totally time to dig into the main course.”

When the incredible tension inside her finally released, Kitty’s back arched, tossing her head back. She screamed her partner’s name again and again as each wave of her climax crashed over her. Her hips kept trying to thrust, to sustain this feeling as long as possible; but each throbbing pulse of orgasm disrupted her ability to maintain even a modicum of momentum.




What brought Kitty back to reality was the sensation of a cool, damp cloth against her extra-sensitive labia. “No more, Lance,” she whined, wriggling away from him. “You totally wore me out.”

“I’m cleaning your pussy so it doesn’t stain my sheets,” explained Lance, somewhat testily, as he pulled the cloth away.

Kitty winced. “Did I bleed that bad?”

Lance shook his head. “My jizz was running out.”

Kitty giggled. “Thanks, Lance. I meant to have you pull out, but…” She shrugged. “I got caught up in the moment.”

Lance grinned. “Cumming your brains out?”

Kitty giggled again. “Something like that.” She stretched and sighed contently. “That was so much fun.”

Lance chuckled. “Lemme guess: We shoulda done this years ago.” At Kitty’s nod, he added, “Damn straight we should have. That pussy was worth the wait, though.”

Kitty grinned back, her head still spinning from the post-orgasmic rush. “Your patience is certainly appreciated,” she replied airily.

Lance ran a hand along Kitty’s bare skin. “When you gonna drop by again and let me fuck your brains out?”

The question shook Kitty out of her post-coital haze. “What do you mean?”

“An encore performance?” Lance suggested with a saucy grin.

Kitty bit her lip. “Lance… I don’t think that’s a good idea. We broke up for a reason, remember? Neither of us needs to catch feelings again. I just wanted this as, like, a better note to end our relationship on. Y’know, to move on? Since I’m, like, headed to college soon,” she babbled, as she often did when wrong-footed.

Lance’s expression darkened. “Right, I forgot. I’m not good enough for you.”

“Lance, I’ve never said that!”

The young man got up and started pacing the room like a tiger in a too-small cage. “No, it’s fine. I get it,” he ranted. “You just wanted your V-card punched before college, so you can fuck as many frat-bro Chads as you want. You knew I’d be mark enough to go for it.” He stopped to glare at her. “Well, you got what you wanted. Happy?”

Kitty sat up fully and glared back. “I was, actually, for, like, two whole minutes before you started talking,” she shot back. She stood to her feed and folded her arms, channeling – as best she could, given her petite five-foot-nothing frame and total lack of clothing – her inner Wolverine. “I chose to have sex with you, dummy, but you totally can’t see that around the chip on your shoulder.”

Lance waved dismissively. “Whatever. Use me and toss me aside. Go live your JAP dreams without me.”

Kitty hissed through her teeth. “This kind of attitude is why I dumped you in the first place!”

“Get the fuck out.”

Kitty rolled her eyes and stormed out of his room, pausing only to gather her discarded clothing and purse. Even though he’d told her to leave, Lance stood in her way; so she phased right through him. His sudden mood shift cut a little deeper than she’d expected, but she’d be damned at this point to let him see just how much he’d upset her.

At the bottom of the stairs, Kitty stopped to put on her clothes. Taking the opportunity to get the last word, she shouted up the stairs at him, “You need to pull your head out of your ass, Lance Alvers!” With that, she phased through the door, out of the Brotherhood house, and into her car.

Kitty peeled out of the driveway, leaving a cloud of dust in her wake. She vowed never to set foot there again. Driving home, she gripped the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white. Over and over again, she asked herself one overwhelming question, one she’d asked herself before, when she and Lance broke up the first time.

“What did I ever see in that jerk?”


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