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Rain soaked her to the bone. Her clothes had protected her for a couple minutes, but were now weighing her down, her pink hood nearly blinding her as it all sunk down. The pink sleeved jacket was unzipped, revealing her shirt which was faded black and white stripes, the fading caused partly because she wore it a lot, and that she got it out of a Goodwill donation box, affecting the logo of a heart beside a cute girly skull with a bow the most. The cold made her nipples pop through the material, visible if anybody looked - though most didn't stare at a 12 year old's chest.

Rolling back the soggy cuff, her right fist burst out a couple inches of steel, before X23 jabbed her wrist with her own claws, causing a gash that hurt, but only for a moment, putting her back into the situation she was still in: Walking alone in the rain with no direction, watching flesh and water seal back up. Lights glanced through the drizzle, her attention turned to it, as the car came to a stop near her.

The door swung ajar. "How'd it go tonight Laura?" They called her Laura. She wasn't sure if she approved of it or not yet, but accepted it as her lot in life. She forked over the cash without complaint. He took the bill and crisped it out on the wheel. "A hundred? That's it?" She didn't respond, and he took her for her word, which wasn't much. Before she climbed in, he put his hand out. "Wait wait wait." The sleazy dirtball of a man reached into the back, pulling out a well used towel from a garbage bag, and laid it out for her to sit and soak in.

Laura leaned back, in her seat, feeling the cheap plastic of the seat's headrest, an almost comforting familiarity with her being in here and not out there, her feet swinging carefree, just barely missing the dirty floor below, listening to the intermittent windshield wipers. "You got a date with a couple of guys tonight-" He reached over, squeezing the inside of her leg. "But first."

She remembered when he first broke her in. His words, not hers.

Beaten, bruised, battered and burned with lighters, X23 still had fight in her. Locked in this dirty room, she was ready to tear apart anybody that would come in, even with this heavy duty chain on her legs. The door burst and she heard the lock click, as she flipped to face a man with wild eyes behind a football helmet and fresh scars from her on his arm. She darted at him, but he quickly took her hands, and restrained them above her head, as he planted smelly kisses upon her face. "RRRRRR-" He muffled her with a kiss, but struggled out of it. "GET OFF MMMMMMM-" He muffled her again. Yet no matter how loud X23 got, nobody seemed to come to her rescue. The man squeezed her tense shoulders, but X23 still tried to fight out of it.

She was suddenly tossed on the bed in frustration, her legs splayed. X23 shook a little, but as the man stared, X23 looked down between her legs to see part of her skirt resting on her little belly, which she quickly tried to flip back down and cross her knees to hide her shame - but like a beast reacting on instinct, he was on her again, flipping her first, before holding her down with his weight. Face first in the pillow, she swung around her neck both ways, trying to get him in her sights again. He sat up on his knees, kicking apart hers as he slid her loose and slutty purple panties to the side. He was good and ready, and the man laid down, using his shoulders to prop her legs apart, as he pressed himself into her hood. X23's teeth grit as she mouthed several no's, but her fate was sealed, as she felt him pierce her for the first time. She grabbed for the back of his neck, but unable to reach to get him off, it looked like she was egging him in on for more. She screamed with guttural pain into the stained mattress, her throat tearing but quickly repairing. She shanked the box spring instead, causing pointed metal to expose itself, which only served to add more pain as they scratched her skin with every thrust.

That's when she no longer struggled against him. She took on a wide eyed expressionless look of shock, as he pumped into her with a bestial zest, her legs flopping uselessly against him. He was relentless as he fucked her from behind, each inch measured and long, the room a cacophony of her cries, his snorts and the squeaking springs. The tears flowed steady, like his steady thrusts, her already pink lips began growing a shade of red, but as soon as he had entered, he was as quickly done, as he gave a final slam, his stomach and chest pressed to her back, delivering soft kisses to the side of her face, as he became ugly and grimacing, and she felt a warmth fill her insides.

He laid with her, pawing his hand through her hair, enjoying her mind broken look. "You're gonna make me a ton of money." He repeated himself, still almost not believing his luck, as he found her in a ditch with a metal pole through her and the ground; still alive and thrashing.

She heard him stand, seemingly doing nothing for a second, before heading to the door and unlocking it, his foot steps quick as he left. Her eyelashes felt heavy and wet, as X23 thought about the strange trickle between her legs now, her crotch just as wet as her face now.

Walking with her like she was his daughter down medicine brown walls, the hotel was a front, a flophouse for junkies - but for their needs, it was their personal den of inequity.

90 pounds, scrawny and a chest as flat as a board, his hand rested on the crown of her head as he splashed around her strands. "You haven't changed a day." He then planted slobbery kisses on her. Stinking of alcohol, she instinctively froze up, knowing that interrupting the kiss of his or a customers would just make them mad. The man squeezed her tense shoulders, and it kind of looked like she was enjoying it, but she was in fact just numb to it.

Underhooking her arms, X23 was tossed onto the bed. She sat up on her knees with a little bend, but not too much to imply wanting to escape. He began yanking, and pulling on her outfit, and as it didn't come off, the pulling got more violent.

"I'll take it off." She'd hate to have it torn. She got up off the bed, him still close but as far away as he had been since they started. X23's outfit was still swampy and clumping to her body, as she pulled on where it exposed her neck and tried to pry it past her shoulder. She had to hug her arm close to herself, before sticking it out of the neck hole, then, that made the other easy side easier to do - her chest was barren except her light pink nipples already standing at attention like diamonds.

Her nearly nonexistent hips wiggled as she pushed it down to the ground, letting her pants fall to her feet. There was nothing on her now except her white cotton panties as her arms moved to wrap around her, and even her toes stood on one another to get some shallow warmth.

The man had been enjoying the show, but he motioned for her to get back onto the bed. He lunged a step to emphasize his point, and as she crawled back onto bed on all fours, she looked over her shoulder, expecting the worst. He caught that glimmer of innocence in her eyes, and it made him want her even more. Yet his hands were graceful, careful and slow, as he hooked his fingers into the elastics, and cinched them down inch by inch. X23 then felt a hot breath and an even hotter wetness, as he kissed each of the pale cheeks she had. He admired her china white lips, as he caressed them on a surface level. X23 could only shudder.

In another complete 180, he pressed down her with his weight, completely smothering her form, as he pressed his cock in between her thighs, the size of it completely obscuring everything she had down there - she wasn't prepared for what was to come. As the man pressed into her hood, X23 bit down as her eyes squeezed shut, ekeing out a wetness from her eyelids. She shook her head in a big 'no', but was unable to get the word out, pulling on the bedsheet to steady herself, but eventually losing her grip, a wordless gasp as he broke her in for the hundredth time, spilling out red from her pussy.

Yet even he wasn't completely ruthless - giving her a moment to catch her breath before he resumed. For X23, there was nothing but a burning - there was nothing to be excited about, the only thing leaving her were light "mmphs" from each thrust, her focus turned on attention to the window outside as specks of water landed. "Urgh, hrgh..." His ugly grunty voice came in her ear, which forced her to shut her eyes, throwing half her face into the mattress, her attempt at fantasizing him away from her a failure with every groan from him. "Uuuuurgh..." His strokes became long and slow, before finally stopping with a plunge that buried her body into the bed as he dumped his chowder deep inside her.

He crawled off her, resulting in a sudden spurt on her ass, as X23 quietly rested on her tummy, bangs flanking her face. "I think you're ready for them." He spanked her pale ass. "And get yourself cleaned up." He picked up his pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, lighting one for himself and the little lady. X23 didn't know much about cigarettes, other than that they could supposedly make you sick and die - so while it tasted awful, she always agreed to smoke with him. She reached up for it, using an awkward looking two handed pinch grip on it, her entertainment for the day being how she puffed and blew the smoke like a chaingun, before eventually getting bored of it. She sat with her legs wide open, her forearms on her knee, her head down and staring at her inner thighs which were sticky with drying sperm, the ciggy slowly burning down to the filter on her lip, carefree of where the ash would land, either on the bed or herself.

"Now go over there and tell him exactly what I told you." He pat down her shoulder before pushing her and sending her along her way.

Now in a midriff exposing belly shirt, she walked over to an outside diner while staring at her feet covered in white velcro shoes. He didn't seem to notice her, staring down his eyeglasses a specific way for best results on his vision. She mumbled.

He didn't respond.

She did it again.

He put down his paper and leaned in. "Sorry, what?"

"I want. To suck. Big. Fat. Smelly cocks." Her black eyes were searing and intense as she stared him down, repeating every word as instructed while her long raven hair got loose as she nearly yelled out her prepared statement. "Can you help me, mister?"

He wasn't sure what to say back. "Uh, look. I'm sure someone here can help find your mommy -- but if they can't..." He wrote something down on a napkin. "Call this number." It was his personal cell. Smiling wickedly, he then hid his true nature, acting confused at this girl being here and talking to him, inviting over a waiter to take her away.


The door creaked, and they stepped in -- finding a strange sight indeed. Lightning rang out, highlighting her form, as she waited on the bed, crouched, almost proud looking, like a predator, her back and body arched into C, her spine sharp, looking like it would pop out. She wasn't relaxing like a sexy young thing hot and ready for some action, trying to be appealing to her customers, but she was more like a creature in waiting, her nudity appealing, but at the same time animalistic, like the only way to keep her from attacking was to keep constant eye contact with her. Even for a girl her age, she was kind of long looking - model esque, her chest flat as if she had spent her time starving herself. She was sheer perfection in the guise of a waist high child, with neither bruise nor cut like the other little girls that worked this building.

The light was clicked on. "Hey Laura, don't scare the customers." He looked about ready to apologize to them.

"Sorry." Her quiet yet firm voice came.

He leaned in. "Actually, they're friends of mine -- something you wouldn't understand." He kissed the side of her face. "So be a good girl for them." Socially unaware, she wasn't sure where to keep her eyes, as she moved from one man to the other in hurried fear, lines of her hair flying along her shoulders. They were all happy to see her. She had never been with this many at once, as he always made sure to keep her to at least one per customer. His form of protecting her...

They approached. "So what can we do with her?"

"Anything and everything." Her pimp tapped her shoulder. "Laura. Suck." The small chin of hers swung, as she scooched on her heinie over to them, looking down into one of the men's groins. X23 adjusted some of the hanging bangs back over her ear, as she mentally prepared herself. Side by side, the penises stood at her attention. X23 couldn't rate them, as despite being quite experienced at this point, they seemed plenty big to her - the only qualifier being that she would deem some 'too big' for her, a low bar. The chubby guy, despite having an average sized pecker, she still needed both of her hands to even hold it up for her mouth, an awkward gape that she had a tough time measuring, reminding her of the cheapo hot dogs her pimp would feed her from the 24 hour stands.

It rested near her two front teeth, as she opened them up a little; her timid tongue could be mistaken for teasing, as it ran up and down the head, salty and smelly - like piss. Guys would piss on her sometimes... not that she complained. She began to slowly bob forward, then back, hoping to get things over with.

"Hey little lady... come to daddy." He wagged himself at her, slightly bigger than the chubby guy.

Oh geeze...

Her eyes darted from the one in front of her to the one at her side, one nasty sausage still stuffed in her gums, she looked over nervously to the other.

"Use those hands, Laura." She nodded, penis still firmly in cheek, as she reached over to the shorter man now, who was crowding the space of the fatty. She almost blindly felt around for it, getting a hot tube of meat in her grasp, forming a grip. He got his non-monies worth, taking it slow, his pink prod sliding in and out of her ringed hand. Even just this mild touch, it coming from a girl her age, was sending his eyes into the back of his head.

He threw back his shoulders casually. "You know I got a daughter of my own."

Her peddler acted like it was interesting conversation. "Really?"

He exhaled in satisfaction at her work. "Yeah, but nearly got caught with her once - been hands off since." He brushed some of X23's hair back over her head before letting it fall down in drapes. "She kinda reminds me of her too." With his hand on her head, he guided her in his direction away from the fatso, as he placed his glans on her couple inches of tongue, a look of serenity overtaking him. The cock that glistened with her spit nudged her cheek, reminding her of her duties, as she took a hold of his balls which sat saggy and gross in her hands, before moving them back up to the base of his dong, stroking him off towards her neckline, her head tilted and blowing the guy to her right.

"Here it comes you little whore!" A chain reaction started, as she caught a hot load to the cheek, but before she could move away from the one about to make her a mess, she was held in place; forced to intake the cum of the one she was sucking, the ejaculate coating the back of her throat - her eyes squinted and shut hard as he plastered her, while she felt the nasty salami pulsate and expand. Opening them again, she was drenched - and her blue-black hair was matted with streaks, which she hated because it would clump, and then she'd have to untangle it or rip parts of her hair and-

She just hated it.

X23 swallowed a floating remnant. She soured and tried to hide her face, wanting to lick her own wounds, but she forgot about the third one. "Enough you two, it's my turn!" He bypassed them, before pushing down on her shoulders. He grabbed her tiny knees and yanked her open with force, which was easy as she didn't put up a fight. X23 laid there, almost in repose. Her virginal pussy had tight, nearly sealed lips. He never would have thought she was working the streets with the way it looked. He placed his stiff prick against it, trying to stuff himself into her with straining. Frustrated, he smacked himself against the puffy pink thing, slapping about her labia with flecks of precum landing onto her mound, before realigning himself with the slim salmon strip between pale porcelain skin.

Stabbing downward, he busted her cherry, causing crimson red to gush from her cunny. "Holy fuck -- I didn't know she was a virgin." The image was exciting to him, but it was like he broke her and caught him off guard, unsure if he had done something wrong.

"She always is." The pimp stated nonchalantly.

X23 could feel it try to repair - regrow. A feeling she was used to - yet at the same time, she wasn't at all. At least with him wedged in her, it had a tougher time restarting the process. He moved almost rigidly, her insides suckling to him like a vice, a feeling he wasn't prepared for - girls on this circuit were usually trained well beforehand, but it seemed like nothing could prepare her. He was slow at first, but soon got faster and faster, her folds squishing and inviting.

Her size 3 feet's arches bound, her toes curled, as her spaghetti limbs flopped, while her knees would sometimes caught by his elbows and held for a second, before being let go again. Her arm tried to hold her neck in place so her head wouldn't shake all around as he ramrodded her. "Hngh, hngh, hngh..." Her mild moans slowly started to become mild growls. "Hrh... hrh... hrrrrh..." Her lips pursed as she searched the room for helping eyes, but only found lustful perverts watching over the scene, some pulling their puds at the sight of her being fucked.

He fell onto her, but he stayed away from her mouth, sucking on her pink nipples instead, squeezing down on each side of her visible ribs as he got an idea of just how weightless in his hands she truly was. His face moved gradually down, leaving soft kisses that meant nothing along her body, as he aimed for another warm fleshy target of hers that wasn't just her pussy -- he bit into her neck, getting a taste of her body; creamy, like silk to the touch, and now succulent in his mouth. Her youthful, always supple body, felt like it was gonna tear with ease. He sunk his teeth further and further down, until he broke the skin. Her fangs bared, as she sputtered about, like she was choking on her spit.

Her claws popped midfuck. "Grab her hands!". Her guardian warned, rushing to the scene, as the other two with their flopping cocks went to help grab her other hand, but nearly were slashed to pieces while trying to get her wrists. She became feral, as she writhed around on the bed and his cock, whipping around her solid black hair as she struggled and fought in place. He was surprised, but able to deal with her - but he hadn't seen her act like this since he found her.

Her flailing limbs got to fighting, kicking up her legs in useless bursts, almost making crazed monkey noises as she hyper ventilated in her manmade restraints, unable to pull her hands away from the men holding them, but certainly made them fear the idea of being cut -- but even with her violent tendencies, something about being on top of a girl who was a possessed, crazy eyed bitch, drove him further, taking longer and more pointed strokes, as if using his lower half to beat her into submission. "Take it! Take it you fuckin' slut!" He brought his chin near her face, and knew to pull back as she tried to bite for him.

"Here it comes!" He shouted as he grimaced, unloading into her.

"Graaaaahh!" Her chin raised, neck locked, her child's tummy taut, her skinny arms at their apex of muscle definition, which wasn't much at all. A drop of sweat fell from his chin and landed on her heaving and not so budding chest. She retracted her claws, but they still were a little wary about letting her go. They stared awkwardly into eachother's eyes, breathing, still connected. Leaving her with a heavy creampie that began to leak, which he couldn't help but swirl around inside her, even without much clearance to do so.

With her dead eyed, and no fight left, he left her, and like so many of the men in her life, X23 was left to sulk alone and without the touch of someone who cared about her. She felt ashamed. Curling up into a ball, she felt his seed running down her thigh and down to the sheet below, which disgusted her even more. X23 hated that she felt good - for just that moment when he sunk his teeth into her throat, and how she went crazy for it. She wanted to be one with him, but afterwards, she knew he was a scumbag and wanted nothing to do with him.

"Hey little lady, we're not done here." She was hauled by her ankles closer to the edge of the bed, before she was picked up with ease. The fat one got into bed with her, holding her above himself, grinding her on his pubis. The other one she had blown earlier already had his hand on her butt. His thumb swirled and poked around her pink asshole; the starfish unforgiving on his finger. "Holy hell, how do you get in here?" Leaning down, he drooled at the nearly nonexistent entry as it blended in with the rest of her skin. He would never normally do this, but with her, she was something special. Giving it a lick, there was basically no taste. Now bolder, he narrowed it down into her like a drill, and the dime sized hole suctioned to him. He stared at the back of her head, her silk black hair falling off her shoulders, and as he dug deeper, her back arched further.

The cum filled cunt was still sloppy with spunk, making it easy to slip in, the fat man loving the sloshing gross feeling of it. The short man clambered up behind X23, hand on his rod and on her nearly flat cheek, spreading her only partially. His irritated tip pushed, and Laura looked like she was about to cry, a harrowing change of emotions. Before finally punching into the teeny hole, X23 nearly freaked out again, but was able to hold it back, yet her knees buckled at the truly new sensation, and it didn't matter to them as they propped her up.

Inch by inch into her back exit, he made awkward faces at how it felt like she were jerking him off with her butthole. Then her pussy was speared, taking her mind off the throbbing, expanding feeling, shlong, but that only made the other guy go deeper inside her ass in response. The world turned upside down, and past her flat chest, she could see how high up on his pole he took her, before forcing her down into his lap violently. "This is for trying to stab our hands with those forks!" He brought his hand down in several slaps, turning her cheeks an apple red, earning several yelps from her, which also sent her forward trying to scramble from him, but was only pulled back down onto the cock of the man fucking her vagina.

"Oh no, you ain't gettin' away." He blubbered out, a missing toothed grin on his face.

"No more. Please." She mouth whispered to her surrogate parent, who seemed unable to look her in the eye -- but he was paying attention. Laura was taking the situation like a duck to water. He imagined how much he could make if he had lines of guys fucking her, one after the other. She really didn't need to rest like the other girls.

Stepping onto the unsturdy surface of the bed, the third man, the one who had 'deflowered her' for this session, spread his legs out in a v, his penis presented to Laura - she almost seemed to ignore him for a second, so he gave her several little whaps on her thin and pink lips. "Suck." A frayed looking X23 just accepted it, hoping he would do all the work - which he took advantage of, facefucking the poor girl with pelvic thrusts that made her gargle and slurp. "Oooooh, shit." He was careless, getting her to choke on him, sending her eyes into the back of her head. He could feel her squeeze his knees in distress, but he refused to let up for her, as he watched her face become a blushing red from lack of air.

None of their rhythms aligned, and more than Laura herself, their hooting and hollering noises were more like the evil creature they thought X23 was, all of it nonsensical noise to her. Hands on her hips, hands on her ass and hands on her head, she was seflishly pulled in the direction of each of them, but none of them gained ground, happy with where she was, as the cock pincushion for the evening.

"""I'M CUMMING""" They announced in a triune, and her long eyelashes flapped wide, staring down into the pubic hair of the biter, who forced his package down her throat, but as he pulled back, he unleashed, making her face chipmunk out, with it somehow being a bigger load than before. As he pulled his limpness away from her, a sticky strand following then breaking back into her face, she tried to hold it in long enough to try and find a place to spit - cum bubble escaping from her fishlips - but the other two still weren't done, so she swallowed it, still trying to be defiant about it as she looked up to him with thin angry eyebrows.

Pulling out, the short man glazed her backdoor with several jerking shakes, before depositing himself back again; partially filling her asshole to the brim, an intensity of hotness that she could feel fill every bit of in that orifice.

Her lower half convulsed at the feeling of the obese mess hitting her womb and splattering it. She always worried about getting pregnant one day -- and if her child came as a result of this fat, disgusting, bastard...

She wouldn't know what to do with herself.

The fun went on long into night and early into the morning, taking her from every position they could think of. They even got careless, not always holding her down when needed, one ending up with red wings on his back as a souvenir from her -- but they corrected her with several kicks to the side of her ribs, all while her caregiver did nothing but encourage it.

A defeated looking X23 lay in a minefield of sperm, wads that accumulated everywhere, pouring out from her young and spread pussy lips, tight looking starfish and her dejected looking mouth - as well as on just her body, her jet black hair even crustier than before. There seemed to be talkings of business - they seemed to be important people - business she wasn't privy to or knowledgeable enough to even understand, and she certainly didn't recognize any of them. She was just happy they weren't bothering her for once.

After she thought they were all done, one returned, spying her up and down in a strange gaze. "You want to do more?" There was no sadness on her breath, no anger or fear -- it was just a straight forward question, with perfect understanding of her role. Her eyes stayed open, almost bloodshot, as he ran his fat greasy tongue over her cheek.

He was even a bit surprised at the lack of reaction he got from doing so, looking to the others, then back to her. "She must be real fucked up in the head."

After he got up and left, her usual stern expression held, but a lone tear descended down the side of her face, as her hands became balled fists that shook, but eventually relented, becoming soft again.

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