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Chapter II: Kiss me!


Jessica looked at Kilgrave with her lips parted and he watched her attentively, full of expectation.

"My fucking… what?" she reacted with a slight gasp. It was already the second or third colorful expression she used that morning. She used to talk like that, perhaps?

But the more ‘French’ she used, the more he seemed amused and at ease.

"Love, why don't you take a closer look at your left hand?" that mysterious and charming man proposed to her, in that calm, relaxing tone.

Hesitantly, Jessica raised her required hand.
There was a ring on her ring finger. A wedding ring, in white gold and yellow gold inlays, in the center of which rested a rhomboidal amethyst, which contained more nuances.

Kilgrave had instructed the Headmaster to put that ring on her before waking her up, but Jessica couldn't know that.

While Jessica stared incredulously at that ring, Kilgrave showed off his own, identical, if not in one detail: his stone was a black opal, of the same shape and luster.


Purple and black.

These colors did not seem random to her.

The second almost gave her a sense of familiarity, but the first… disturbed her and she couldn't explain why.
Now that she looked at him better, she noticed that the clutch in the pocket of the elegant blue jacket, as well as his tie, was purple.
Why on earth would she have to feel a sense of alarm about that color? And about that man, above all?

It doesn't make fucking sense. He is my husband and before that he must have been my boyfriend, perhaps for a long time ... and a boyfriend must know the taste of his beloved. Because this dude loves me, right?

What was certain is that, for better or for worse, that was a color that really suited him so much.

“Jessica? Jess? " Kilgrave called her, seeing her so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't even heard what he was saying.


"Huh?" she looked up at him, her eyes blank.

"I have so much to tell you, we have so much to recover, but there will be plenty of time, my pretty wife ." he smiled, kissing her ring.


Jessica felt a chill and couldn't explain whether it was pleasant or not




If there was one thing Kilgrave was sure of, it was that he would have never get married. While he greatly appreciated the company of beautiful women, he had always assumed that there was no one like him in power, natural attitude and life history. But then he had met Jessica, a lost girl like him, resigned to life, alone but also extraordinary. He soon realized that he and Jessica were similar, like two parallel tracks and sometimes in collision. They crashed, ran at the same speed, but they were also close, inevitable.

Living in love and harmony that predestination was undoubtedly the smartest and most reasonable choice.

If he lied to her, he was doing it for her, to protect her, especially since she got it into her head that she wanted to put her powers at the service of others, with those absurd talks about becoming a detective and stuff like that.

Exposing yourself to such danger to save almost useless lives! Bah, you should just thank me, Jessica!

And Kilgrave was convinced of it: Jessica would have thanked him sooner or later, she would have looked at him with that sweet and mischievous look that he had come to know and then to adore.

The memory of that look gave him a pleasant jolt in his lower belly. The desire to go back to bed with her was very strong, however ... But, he had to wait, he didn't have to screw everything up again. And then he remembered unpleasantly that with her his powers seemed to no longer work. He had been so busy with the issue of memory loss and the accident that he had almost forgotten that little, glaring detail.

Kilgrave quickly finished the watered-down coffee from the machines and went back to Jessica. He opened the door and found her on a new bed, with a newspaper in her hand and her thin white leg dangling untidily from the mattress.

"Hi, love," he greeted her, but in response she rolled her eyes and turned away.

Kilgrave sighed. For some strange reason, Jessica looked angry. But was it possible that even under amnesia that woman must have driven him mad?

Well, now she’s my wife, she has to bloody accept it.

"How are you?" he asked, pretending nothing had happened.

"I feel like shit," she replied, staring at the newspaper "I found myself with the bathroom sink in my hands, I hope it's not a problem."

"Nope, don’t worry about that," he minimized, sitting down in front of her.

Jessica finally turned to him and looked into his eyes, Kilgrave shivered.

"What story is this?" she asked him, serious "How can I do these things?"

"You have a gift" he explained, he didn't show it but he felt agitated, quivering. "You have a superhuman strength that makes you special."

Jessica grimaced "What a shit."

"No, don't say that," he said, instinctively taking her hand. Jessica shuddered and looked down at their hands, but Kilgrave didn't move. "You are wonderful, the thing ... Excuse me, the most wonderful person in the universe."

Jessica looked at him curiously, her aggressive gaze melting slightly.

"Why do I feel so angry with you?"

Kilgrave pretended to think about it.
“Oh, I don't know. You are always angry with me. "

Jessica gave him an amused smile for the first time, a real smile. It was like a blow to the heart, he instinctively leaned over to kiss her, but she pulled away.

"Kiss me" he ordered then, he couldn't help it, it was natural but also useless. Jessica not only didn't kiss him, she pushed him away.

"But fuck you, I don't know you," she replied, as a matter of fact, with still a half smile on her lips. Shit , then it was true: she was no longer pliable.

Hell, he wasn't used to it. He didn't know what it meant to crave something and not be able to have it right away, immediately. It was an unbearable, unlivable feeling. 

"Are you OK?" she asked, with raised eyebrows.

“I want to kiss you and I can't do it” he replied immediately, impatient “This is… It's horrible, bloody hell, it destroys me. How do you manage to live like this? "

"You are not normal," Jessica replied. "I married someone who is not normal."

Kilgrave looked down, unsure whether to tell her about his powers or not.
That too was a problem, a double-edged sword. What if she hated him like everyone else? What if that particular made her regain her memory? He didn't want to say goodbye to that smile.

"Come on, Jess," he pleaded instead, holding her hand. "I didn't ask you to fuck in the Mess Hall in front of everyone."

She widened her eyes, amused. "Excuse me?" she exclaimed, incredulous "But how stupid can you be?"

"Come on, Jessi. Our shameless sexual understanding is one of the main reasons why you married me. " he joked, smiling.

She burst out laughing. It was a vision for him to see her like this.
“Oh well, for sure a reason must be that you’re funny, but if nothing else, you're sincere. Idiot, but sincere. " she winked at him, albeit in a very restrained way.

"I can't wait for you to remember it ..." he whispered in an intense tone, putting his hand under the covers "All the sparks we made."

He stroked her thigh, but Jessica gripped his wrist hard.

"Tell me, husband , can I also sever wrists with this superhuman strength of mine?" she challenged him innocently, bringing her face close to his. Kilgrave then pulled his fingers away and she let go of him, satisfied.

They looked into each other's eyes for a few moments and Jessica felt on her skin the strong sexual tension that he had proclaimed so much. Except… there was always a veil of unease surrounding her. Part of her was alarmed and kept her from yielding to his advances. 

She realized she didn't know him, he was handsome and sexy, but she didn't know him. What if he was one of those assholes who beat up women? What do the bossy men do? He didn't strike her as that kind of man, but it was well known that that kind of man never struck someone as the bossy type, not at first sight at least.

What the fuck was I doing? Was I really flirting with him? 

He seemed to read her mind, which used to happen before, even before she lost her memory.

“Don't worry Jessica, I know it doesn't have to be easy for you, but I'm by your side; if necessary, we will start all over again. If you no longer have your memories it will mean that we will build better ones. " he consoled her, making an effort on himself this time to keep his distance.

I don't have to force the times. So, even if I would like to make love on this bed, now, while the whole medical team is watching us, I will have to wait.

Jessica leaned forward to get a better look at him.

"You are English, right?" she asked him.
He smiled, nodding.

"I can not believe it! I'm going to meddle with an English dandy, what the fuck did my brain tell me? " she teased, rolling her eyes up to the ceiling. 


"Shut up, American heretic."

"Shut up, English page!" Jessica relaunched

"Hamburger-eating bum!" 

"Tea-drinker dandy!"

They were bickering like children in kindergarten.
Both realized this and laughed.

To Kilgrave seeing her laugh so spontaneously was one of the most rewarding things in the world, but then Jessica became a bit more serious.


"This thing ... this keeping up with each other ... has it always been like this? " she asked him.

"Since our first meeting." he smiled at her, saying neither more nor less than the truth.
The personality so tough and the resistance that Jessica could show had given some trouble to the mind control he exercised over her since that fateful evening.


"Well, then you have to be special for sure... What's your name? "

It was the simplest of questions, the most basic, yet it had put Kilgrave in no small difficulty. He pondered his decision.
It was a name he never wanted to unearth from his own painful past, but it was for a right cause.

If he was determined to give Jessica a life that was as normal as  possible, his name had to be too.


"I'm Kevin." he said, naturally.

"What a typical English name!" she snorted, but then smiled at him, stretching her hand. "Nice to meet you, Kevin."


The chief administrator entered the hospital room, where Jessica and Kevin were already waiting for him. Jessica had an annoyed grimace, while he seemed happy.

"Well," the doctor began, sitting in front of the bed where the girl was lying.
"Before to discharge her, we must first examine the degree of severity of her amnesia "he explained, trying to avoid the stern and disturbing gaze of the persuader “In order to do that, I will show you some pictures and you must tell me what they depict or who they depict, do you agree?"

Jessica blatantly rolled her eyes and looked at Kevin, who gave her a quick wink.

"Okay," she muttered, bored.

"Thank you, ma'am. Let's start with a simple figure," he said, showing her a rather banal drawing..

Jessica looked at him as if he were stupid "It's a tree" she said obviously.

"Right. And this?"

"A machine," Jessica replied flatly.

"Okay. More difficult," the doctor exclaimed, showing her the third card.

Jessica blatantly rolled her eyes and looked back at Kevin, who smiled.

"That's a gnome ... or a goblin, I don't know "Jessica replied immediately. “Look, I lost my memory, I haven't become a moron.”

"Very well, and then let's move on to the next level,” said the doctor" Who is this person?”

Jessica looked at the figure of a man resembling a big and muscular red robot, who was slicing the sky with a clenched fist.

"She can't know the answer" Kevin broke in, with his leg outstretched "If she doesn't remember who I am, how will she ever know who he is ... "

" Iron man "Jessica anticipated him instead, castinghim an ironic look.

He was stunned.

" Very well "complimented the doctor" This one? "

"Captain America," she guessed again, as if it were obvious.

"This one?"

"The green giant Hulk"

Kilgrave shrugged his arms, was starting to seriously offend him.

"This woman?" the doctor continued quickly, showing her the photo of a red-haired woman. 

Kilgrave let out a whistle.


"Ah, I know the answer! She's the Black Widow " he interjected with a spiteful tone, not being the center of attention displaced him. " Natasha for friends."


Jessica glared at him "Why, do you know her?"

"She’s such a tough girl, she reminds me a little of you." Kilgrave slyly misled her.

"Do you mean that she wants to kick your ass too?" Jessica answered candidly, making him smile.

"Good" the doctor interrupted them, embarrassed "I'd say we're done for today. Mrs. Kilgrave?" he turned to Jessica, who frowned at him with furrowed eyebrows "We'll discharge you tomorrow morning."

Jessica watched the doctor come out and then looked at her supposed husband, stunned " Kill ... What?"

(End I)


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