Moira and Peggy

BY : BillytheKidd
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Moira Mactaggert moaned into her mattress as her girlfriend, Peggy Carter, spanked her ass, leaving a red handprint on her pale ass. The larger woman raised her hand, and brought it down again, even harder than the last time. Peggy pulled her girlfriend up from her prone position on the bed, and kissed her deeply on the lips.

Moira reciprocated, glancing at the wall clock before locking lips with her lover. She thought she saw the time, but took a second look at the clock after ending the kiss. 

“I’m afraid we might need to start getting ready for work, darling,” she said, with a sad whimper, knowing that their lovemaking session was coming to an end. She then smiled, realising that she and Peggy were going to be able to dress for work together. It was one of her few guilty pleasures in life, being able to dress and be dressed up by the love of her life. 

“Is it seven already?” Peggy said, sighing. Moira nodded. Peggy got off the bed, and walked over to her dresser. She pulled a pair of black black panties out of the top drawer and slipped her legs into them, before pulling them up over her ass and closing the drawer. Moira walked to her own dresser, and slipped on a crimson pair of panties and a bra. 

“Moira, love, is the black brassiere in your dresser?” Peggy asked, not finding it in any of the drawers next to her closet. Moira looked down, and rifled through the drawer of her delicates.

“The lacy or the plain?” She asked, a bit of playful riffing in her voice.

“Let’s have some fun today. The lacy it is.” Peggy responded, matching her girlfriend's playful tone. 

“Naughty girl,” Moira retorted.

“Less naughty than staying like this,” Peggy said, turning around and showing her naked breasts to the woman she loved.

“I love you,” Moira said, handing her best girl the bra. Peggy took it silently, but smiled, slipping an arm through each of the straps, pulling them over her shoulders and the cups over her tits. She reached her arms behind her back and latched the clasp. She put on stockings, and supported them with a garter belt under her skirt and blouse. 

By 7:45, both Peggy and Moira were fully dressed and headed out the door of their apartment. Moira was out the door first, and Peggy slyly slapped her skirt covered butt as she walked behind her. 

“Pegg!” Moira gasped, “Not in public. People might see us.”

By 8:30, Mactaggert was sitting at her desk in the CIA/SSR combination office. She was nervous, as Peggy had just been called into Chief Dooley’s office. That could mean an assignment, or it could mean Dooley wanted a blowjob. Given Dooley’s track record with the two women, it was probably the latter. Moira hated it when he had Peggy suck him off. It made kissing her taste like salt, and not in a good way. The thinking about kissing Peggy made Moira’s panties dampen slightly. She started to stand to go to the restroom to remedy the situation, when Dooley’s secretary called her into his office. 

As Moira walked in, she noticed that Dooley’s trousers were askew, and Peggy’s lipstick was smeared on the side of her mouth. 

“Shit,” She thought. No way she would be getting salt free kisses tonight. 

“Mactaggert, please take a seat,” Dooley said, motioning to the empty seat next to Peggy. “Alright ladies, let’s get down to brass tacks.” he said, sitting behind his desk and drawing in a breath. “You both are technically field agents, and we happen to have a mission coming up that needs both of your particular talents.” 

“And what would those talents be?” Peggy asked, her trademark accent playing up the coyness in her voice. 

“In a word,” he said, “Tits.”

“Oh, wonderful.” Moira retorted.

“Can it, Mactaggert. Do the two of you want to work this case for us or not?”


“That wasn’t a question Carter. You both leave for Chicago in one tommorow. Agent Sousa will debrief the both of you, and get you in ‘uniform’ once you arrive.” He said.

“Yes sir!” The two women said in unison.

“Very well. Carter, you’re dismissed. Mactaggert, hang back for a minute. I need a minute.”

Peggy left in silence, after sharing a nervous look with her girlfriend. Dooley locked the door behind her. Without speaking, Moira dropped her skirt and panties and leaned over the desk, again exposing her most private area to her boss. He stepped behind her, and unbuckled his belt, letting his trousers fall to the floor. Moira winced as she felt his sizable member brush against the soft, sensitive folds of her neatly shaven pussy. He pushed her blouse up, and grabbed the smooth flesh of her waist. 

“Someone's enjoying this more than she’s letting on.” Dooley said. He was right. Moira didn’t want to admit it, but she could feel wetness growing in her nethers. She even felt some of her juices slicking down the inside of her thighs. She expected to feel him entering her, but exclaimed in pain as he brought his hand down on her right ass cheek.

“Something wrong, Ms. Mactaggert?” He asked.

“No sir, Mr. Dooley, I just wasn’t expecting a spanking.” She said through gritted teeth, the pain still stinging in her ass cheek.

“I apologize,” he said with a smirk, ramming his cock into her dripping core. She grunted, louder than when she was spanked. He pulled out, and pushed back in, slamming Moira into the desk. She was sure the edge of the desk would leave a mark on her bare stomach. 

Dooley kept pumping in her, feeling the pressure in his loins building and building. He knew he would have hell to pay if he knocked up one of his agents. The higher-ups could ignore the way he fucked the women in his agency as long as they could pretend they didn’t know about it. A baby made things much, much more complicated. Knowing that he was close, he pulled out, and turned her around, pushing her shoulder and forcing her to her knees. He grabbed his dick and kept pumping, shooting thick ropes of smelly cum on her hair, face, and neck, dripping some down onto her blouse. 

She spit, trying to clear the semen that had dripped into her mouth, and blinked out what had gotten in her eyes. She looked up at him as he tidied  himself and buckled his pants.

“Use my bathroom to clean up.” He said, handing her a washcloth. “Then head out and meet up with Souza and Carter. They’ll make sure you’re on the flight.”

As he closed the door behind her, Moira stood up and stepped out of her sodden skirt and panties. She picked up her stained clothes, and walked to the bathroom connected to the office. As she walked, she wiped the cum off her face with the washcloth. As she did so, she realized it wasn’t a washcloth. It was a pair of silky black panties. The very same pair of panties she had seen Peggy put on that morning. Apparently she had given Dooley more than just a blowjob. 

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