Corrupted Soul

BY : Maerlynn_Romanova
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When Wanda had put the spell on Agatha that turned her into Agnes, she kept in mind that maybe she would need her again. Not anytime soon, but someday. Maybe to help her find her sons. Because this became her main mission in life: she would do anything to have Tommy and Billy back by her side. So she moved into a small house, far away from civilization. The only company she had was that damn book, the Darkhold. If you would ask her she would say that she had perfect control of the situation, but the reality was very different. The Darkhold had corrupted her, day by day it turned her heart into a black hole of darkness. It started with little things, like the sound of the birds. This used to be something that would give her joy, sitting on her porch with a mug of hot coffee and listening to their song. Then it started to annoy her, the shrill noises they made. Then she started to hate the bugs in her garden. For some people that’s something normal, but not for Wanda. She used to love watching them live their own life. Soon they started to disgust her. And then, she crossed the line which would turn her heart dark: she killed them. After this it only got worse. When a bird would sit in front of her window, a blast of her magic reduced it to ash. Her eyes started getting this permanent red glow, the Darkhold was always by her side. And together with this all, her frustrations started to increase. She could feel herself becoming more powerful but still she had no clue on how to bring back her sons. So she delved deeper into the arts that nobody should practice, nobody should even read about. She kept telling herself that the prophecy that Agatha warned her about was a lie, the Scarlet Witch was not destined to destroy the world. But day by day she got closer to be willing to do just that if she would not get her family back together again. As months passed she started blaming Agatha for everything. She was the reason her family got destroyed, she was the reason she had to leave Westview. They were happy there and she took that away from her. Revenge was the only thing on her mind for a while, and the darker her soul became, the more cruel it would be. Eventually she decided that she had enough and that she would go get Agatha and bring her back here, so she would finally get the justice she deserved. She left her cabin with the book close to her chest.


Before she entered Westview once more, she transformed back into her human form. Her face was hidden deep into her hoodie, to prevent people from recognizing her. With a quick pace she walked to her destination, only looking around a little bit. Westview was a lot more beautiful when it was part of my world, she thought. When she arrived at the house she needs to be, she hesitated for a moment. Was she sure about this? But then the darkness in her eyes was back again and she rang the doorbell. “Coming!” She could hear a woman call, and she waited. After a couple of seconds had passed the door opened and there she was: Agnes Bohner, better known as Agatha Harkness. Not that the woman remembered her true identity. She looked at Wanda and gave her a warm smile. “Hi there gorgeous! What can I do for you?” An evil expression crossed Wanda’s face. “A lot.” With a snap of her fingers Agnes was unconscious, and with another snap a portal was there to bring her back to the cabin in the woods. Only this time, she had a woman to drag along.


Wanda waited patiently for Agnes to come around, she wanted to see the fear in the woman’s eyes first hand. So she just sat there, waiting. Reading that cursed book. After a couple of hours passed a slight moan left Agnes’s mouth, a clear sign that she was starting to wake up. Wanda closed the book and stood up, walking over to the bed on which she had the older woman confined. When the woman’s light blue eyes opened, the only thing they showed is confusion. “W-where am I?” Wanda smiled at her but there was no joy in it. “With me.” Agnes looked around, and this was when she realized that her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed by Wanda’s red magic. Panic crossed her face. “Who are you? Why did you take me here? I did nothing wrong…” Hearing the last words, Wanda’s face twisted into anger. “Nothing wrong?” She hissed. “You took everything from me. My love, my children, my live… It’s all gone because Agatha Harkness had to interfere.”  A silent tear slid down her cheek. God she’s weak. She had expected the famous witch to be stronger than this. But then again, the woman lying in front of her was not Agatha Harkness. “I don’t know what or who you’re talking about, all I know is that I’ve been your neighbor for a while. Please let me go! I have-” “- nothing. You have nothing Agnes. Nobody is waiting for you at home, nobody will miss you when you’re gone.” Agnes her eyes widened in fear, how did this woman know this. No longer trying to keep back the tears, they were now flowing freely. “Please darling, please let me go. I’ll do anything, I promise! I’ll-” She didn’t have the chance to finish her sentence, because Wanda her hand hit her in the face. Her neck snapped to the side and a whimper left her lips. “Shut. Up. Is that all you can do? Talk? Are you even capable of doing something else?” Agnes sniffled. “Ralph says I’m good in bed, does that count?” Dear god she really doesn’t know when to shut up, does she? But in the future Agnes will wish she never said these words because it brought Wanda an idea. A horrible, inhuman idea. “Is that so?” Agnes whimpered in response. “You know, I haven’t had a bed partner since Vision. I could really use the opportunity to let go of some steam. Thank you for the idea.” The older witch her eyes widened in fear. “What are you going to do?” Wanda smiled, but it looked more like a predator showing its teeth to its next meal. “See if Ralph is right.”


With a snap of Wanda’s fingers the red binds tightened, putting tension on the older woman’s limbs. Agnes cried out, but this sound only turned Wanda on. She had always thought the woman was attractive but at that point she was with Vision and she would never betray him, not even in a thousand years. But now? Vision was gone and it was Agatha’s fault. Sure Wanda had her magic to please her when she wanted to, but it was not the same. Also, she noticed dominating this woman made her feel powerful. In control. And horny as fuck. Slowly she walked towards her, making sure that Agnes was watching her movements. When she arrived at the bed, the woman’s cheeks were wet with her tears. Good. Let her be afraid. With a snap of her finger a dagger arrived, sharp enough to cut through meat. She placed it on the blouse the woman was wearing. “Don’t move.” Wanda whispered, a red glow visible in her eyes. “Unless you want to be cut of course.” Hearing these words caused Agnes to shake slightly, but she was obviously trying her best to stay still. The dagger sliced through the material. Sure she could magic them away, but seeing the older woman shiver in fear was just a huge turn on. When she reached the bottom she moved the parts to the side, revealing the black lace bra underneath. “Look at that, just a horny slut ready to get fucked aren’t you?” “No! No of course not, never! I’m not like that, I promise! I-” Wanda her hand gripped around Agnes her throat, not squeezing too hard so she wouldn’t die but still putting enough pressure so that Agnes knew she was serious. “Next time if you go rambling, it might be your last. Got it?” Immediately she nodded. “Good.” With a touch of her fingers the bra was gone, showing Wanda the full breasts of the woman. Agnes was crying and shaking, but she followed her advice and kept quiet. For a moment Wanda started massaging both of the breasts, kneading them in a pleasant way. Just when Agnes got to the point of actually enjoying it, Wanda twisted both of the nipples which caused a jolt of pain. As Agnes cried out, Wanda laughed along. For a couple of minutes she kept repeating this, getting pleasure out of the woman’s pain. After getting impatient, she made all of the clothes disappear, including her own. Her hand grabbed the chin of the woman and forced her to look into Wanda’s eyes. “You will please me, do you understand?” Agnes nodded immediately. “Maybe if you manage to please me, I’ll rethink my plan of killing you. Maybe I can keep you around, for fun.” Wanda moved herself so that her folds were right above Agnes’s face. “Listen well little bitch, if you even think about using those teeth of yours, you will beg for me to kill you after I’m done with you. Do you understand?” Agnes hummed in an agreeing tone. “Good.” She lowered herself so that Agnes her mouth came in contact with her pussy. The woman knew what to do and without a second thought her tongue went through Wanda’s folds, who moaned in response. It had been way too long since she had been touched like this, it was about damn time. When Agnes sucked on her clit, a shiver ran down her spine. “Good girl.” She whispered, through ragged breaths. Maybe it was the arousal or maybe a teeny tiny part of her still cared about the woman, but Wanda decided that Agnes deserved to feel pleasure as well. With her fingers she created a small red ball of energy, and when she placed it against her clitoris she could feel the woman underneath her moan. This of course send extra stimulus to Wanda and it didn’t take long before she could feel an orgasm taking over. “Oh yes little bitch!” She moaned, coming hard on Agnes’s face. When she could feel the woman trying to squirm away from under her, she just pressed her folds even closer to her face. “Drink it all!” She hissed and Agnes listened, probably too scared to do anything but obey. But even in this area the Darkhold had control over Wanda, and instead of feeling satisfied she needed more. There was no glow in her eyes anymore, at this point they were just full blown red.


When Wanda got off of Agnes, she took a look at the other witch’s folds. She could see that they were wet from arousal. “Are you actually enjoying this?” She asked with a venomous voice and Agnes shook her head. “I do think so, look at how wet your body is. Just for me.” Wanda pulled Agnes closer to the edge of the bed, the magical binds adjusting as she moved her. “I think it’s time for me to take you like a man would, what do you think?” Agnes her eyes widened once again, but she was too scared to say anything back. “Good. Silence is consent. Not that I care about it.” Wanda mumbled a couple of Latin words, and immediately a dick grew between her leg Weirder things had happened to her, but still… This made the top 3. It was made out of her own skin but the veins were red, the same color as her eyes. “Been wanting to try this spell for quite some time now, this seems like the perfect opportunity don’t you think.” She didn’t wait for a response and placed the tip against Agnes her entrance. If the woman had hoped for Wanda to be slow and kind, she couldn’t be more wrong. With one trust Wanda pressed her entire length into Agnes, who cried out. “That’s right bitch, cry for me. Cry like the monster you are.” Agnes didn’t know what she was talking about, she didn’t understand what was going on but she did know that she was in pain right now. It felt like she was being torn in two. Wanda could feel all these emotions and it was as if they just fed her, motivating her to be even harder and crueler. She trust inside of Agnes with all the power she had, this being a dick made out of magic it gave her a very strange sensation. But a very good one. After a couple of minutes she could feel she was going to come again, but the only goal she had was to humiliate Agnes even further. So the moment she could feel the pleasure curse through her veins, she pulled out. The fake cum covered Agnes from her face to her belly, and Wanda loved every second of it. When she came down from her high she collected some of her sperm in her hand, and smeared it all across Agnes’s face, who cried out feeling this. She softly slapped her cheek after which she turned around, ready to leave the room. Just before she did just this she turned around to look back at the older which. “Welcome to the rest of your life.”


Wanda wasn’t sure how many months had passed since the day she brought that woman into her house, quite a few she guessed. After another failed attempt to open the Multiverse she closed the Darkhold with a frustrated groan. Without thinking about it she walked to the room Agnes occupied and entered without knocking. Agnes was reading a book at this point, but the moment she saw Wanda enter she dropped to the floor on her knees. She was beyond skinny, starved was a better term. I should remember to feed her more often, Wanda thought. Every day that passed she had practiced her mental manipulation on the other woman, creating her into this lifeless ragdoll. “Hiya hun! Did I leave the oven on, or is that just you, hot stuff?” Wanda smiled her evil laugh and glassy eyes looked back at her, stripped from all free will. “Hi there Agnes, I need some distraction. Think you can manage that?” Agnes walked to the bed, stripped herself from her leggings and opened her legs. “Waiting for you hun!” Wanda was pleased, she was the puppeteer controlling every fiber of this woman. And since she was frustrated beyond measurement, Agnes was going to pay the price for it.  


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