Peter on the Edge

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"Do you want more spaghetti, love?"

"No, Emily, that's enough"

Norman Osborn spoke coldly at the head of the long, large table, raising his right hand and saluting his wife, Emily Osborn, slightly in dismissal. That night he was having dinner with his wife and his son, and his son's best friend.

On the left side of the large dining room, Peter Parker was sitting next to his best friend, Harry Osborn, the red-haired boy chatting pleasantly with his old friend, completely oblivious to reality, who, his best and oldest friend. he did not have. to pay. the least attention to it.

All of Peter's attention was on the man who was the father of his best friend, that damn man, who was secretly the Green Goblin, a supervillain who put him through various problems and difficult situations, with his nonsense, lies, lies and tricks. . Using his own son incriminating him to deflect any proof that he was the real Green Goblin and not Harry, putting his friends in danger, hurting people like: Otto Octavius or Adrian Toomes by stealing their inventions and mistreating them, thus provoking that these become malevolent beings that terrorize the city at least every two or four days and even on weekends.

And there was also the way he treated his wife, as if she were nothing more than a vulgar whore on the street, a mere worthless object. Thinking of all that, Peter couldn't help but notice that he was almost on the brink of collapse and it showed in the way he kept moving in his seat and squeezing his fork tighter, seeing Norman sitting there with his hand. His hand. typical smile of him. of arrogance, presumption and haughtiness as if he had already won the game without having made his teacher move.

He infuriated him, the anger bubbling and rising, something that showed in the way he squeezed the fork tighter to the point of bending it a little.

"Are you okay, Pete?" Harry asked with concern in his voice. He was looking at his best friend with those green eyes that reminded Peter how much he hated the Goblin. "Peter?"

Emily walked over to the side of the table of both young men. She looked at the brunette with concern etched on her beautiful, slim face. "Is something wrong with you, Peter?"

"I'm fine," Peter replied, his voice sounding clear and husky than normal. "What's more, I'm more than fine!" He proclaimed loudly.

Harry looked confused, disoriented, and taken aback by the outburst of his best friend. Norman raised an eyebrow, looking skeptically at the teenager.

"Pete, man, are you sure ..." Harry tried to communicate, only to be interrupted.

"Of course I'm sure Harry. I don't think he's been safer in my whole damn life," Peter said smiling, surprising his listeners with his used vocabulary, taking a glass of wine that had been served to him. . to him, but not from. he had taken a sip. "My best friend, his father, who is my worst enemy ... And this beauty with big tits and fat ass right here by my side!" Pointing to the aforementioned while he was talking to the crystal glass, and then slapping Norman's wife and Harry's mother on the butt.

A groan, a shriek, and a look of disbelief were the collective reactions from the table. Harry watched in amazement at the actions of his best friend, still unable to believe that he actually did so by spanking his mother, in his own home and in the face of him and his father. Norman was surprised and incredulous, not being able to process quickly enough that boldness implemented by the friend of his son's son and look for some valid justification.

Emily emitted a moan, pain and pleasure mixed forming an accumulation of feelings and emotions that she had never felt before, the strong hand of her son's best friend stayed on her butt caressing it and pressing it on her skirt , managing to get more moans from her. She did not withdraw, strangely she stayed there like a statue and her face reddened, unable to get away from Peter's hand that was caressing her without decorum or shame in front of the father of her best friend.

"Peter, what the hell is wrong with you ?!" Harry exclaimed getting up from his seat, looking frantically at his best friend. Peter didn't flinch, he knew Harry well and knew that he was one of the dogs that barked, but he didn't bite. "Stop this fucking madness!"

Peter couldn't help but scoff. “Insanity, are you really talking about insanity? Crazy friend is having a woman as sexy as your mother as a wife and not touching her in years ”, Peter perfectly maneuvered her hand over Emily's perfect ass, before inserting it into her skirt and touching her pussy. Emily complained, moaning with pleasure. Peter smiled. "Unless, of course, you don't have the right equipment to work with."

Peter looked at Norman at all times with a proper smile, without looking away and without blinking. Norman looked at the boy who dared to touch his wife in front of him, doing nothing out of disbelief to see how someone disrespected him in that way in his own home and being one of the closest friends of the family and friend of his son.

Harry, fed up and tired of his friend's new attitude and daring. I try to get it out. "Okay Peter, that's enough. It's time for you to go!" He grabbed onto her other arm with the intention of pulling him out of his house.

Peter got up from his seat, pushed Harry easily to the ground, grabbed Emily and made her lean forward, lifted her skirt to expose her slightly damp panties, and gave the older woman a strong slap on the rear that made her complain of pain and pleasure.

"How about this, Norman?" Peter spoke, pointing to Emily's exposed butt which had two reddish palm-shaped marks. "When was the last time you saw and touched this juicy ass, huh?" He hit the woman's butt again.

Norman was still silent, watching helplessly as the scene unfolded without doing anything.

"And what about this dirty cunt?" Pulling the panties aside from her, Peter thrust two fingers inside Emily, beginning to explore her insides and earning the moans of the woman, who squirmed in her tight grip. “It is more than obvious that only dildos of different sizes have passed through here, but not a real man's cock. But that's over. "Peter reached for his pants and practically ripped them off with everything and boxers, the sound of fabric ripping and echoing off the table.

Norman's eyes widened, stunned and unable to believe that this high school boy was serious about fucking his wife right in front of him and their son. Harry was also speechless, unable to believe what his best friend was doing to his mother and was also shocked to see how his father did nothing to stop him, allowing him to touch his mother that way.

"Peter ... Enough, really friend this ...", Harry tried to dialogue from his place on the floor.

Peter shot him a hard, withering look. "Harry, shut up," Peter said in a commanding voice, effectively turning off his best friend. Harry bowed his head submissively. "What do you say, Norman? A front row seat to watch me give your not-so-dear wife the fucking of her life," Peter began to rub his manhood against the folds of Emily's pussy.

Emily was reclining with the upper part of her body on the table and her head against the table, just a few steps from her husband who was watching her sitting in silence, her vision was slightly cloudy due to a sum of pleasant and pleasant sensations that they sent an electrifying current all over her body, her mind only thought of the huge perky cock that her son's best friend was carrying and now constantly rubbing against her hole, mortifying her and making her wetter.

Norman, who seemed to regain his voice, was about to say something, but Peter took a step forward. "You know what, Norman? Because we don't let Emily say anything about her," Peter grabbed her by her short auburn hair, pulling her back so that she was looking at her husband. "Tell me, Emily. You want me to fuck you really hard and hard, here and now on this table, in front of your ungrateful husband and your spoiled son. You want to have my big cock inside you and enjoy a real orgasm that those toys of yours don't. they would never give you, and neither would your husband with that pathetic fucking micro cock"

With those words, something inside Emily broke. So many years of sexual unhappiness and frustration, living with an ungrateful husband who never had time for her and didn't please her in bed, having to use toys that in the end only left her wanting more, and to that, it had to be added. a pampered and inconsiderate son who only thought of meeting the expectations of her father at all costs, leaving her in oblivion. Yet here was this boy who was her son's best friend and who had heard her husband speak proudly about him several times, Peter Parker was offering him a moment of true happiness and sexual liberation, something Norman she could never have given her, a huge cock rubbing against her pussy and threatening to devastate her.

She took one last look at her husband and her son.

"Yes ..." Emily said in a whisper, her voice with a soft connotation. Before her, in a clear and meaningful way, he exclaimed: “Yes Peter Parker, that's just what I want, I want your huge cock to fuck my brains without stopping you! Fuck Norman Osborn's wife's pussy, fuck this whore's dirty hole! Fill me with your cum until I overflow and look pregnant about to give birth to a much better boy than the pathetic scum of a child that this pathetic man named Norman Osborn gifted me with his micropenis! "

The words spoken out of Emily Osborn's mouth were sharp and forceful, spoken with resolve and conviction, with assurance and confidence in each letter spoken that left Peter himself a bit astonished for a moment, but still gave him a smirk of arrogance and boasting.

"If that's what the 'refined' lady wants, who am I to deny her?" Peter said with a mischievous smile, then plunged his cock inside Emily.

Emily really didn't have the experience necessary for this and this all happened so quickly and suddenly, when Peter thrust deep into her and went to work fucking her pussy with deep strokes and strong forward thrusts, making her shiver and tremble in surprise and heat underneath. this pressure continues.

"My God, it's so big! So magnificent!" Emily complained as the heat from her great shaft worked its way inside her repeatedly tearing at her body and a wicked sense of need for her made him shiver. . - It is much bigger than all my toys, much bigger than my husband's cock! "

Osborn's men watched in dismay and awe at the way Emily was being fucked right there in front of them doggy style at the table, none of them really believed this was happening, that it was supposed to have been a good dinner for the Osborns. . family in which Harry had invited his best friend, now it was a depraved scene out of a very sordid porn movie and they could not understand this, watching as Peter crashed into Emily's pussy, fucking her without caring even when the table was it shuddered and trembled, threatening to give in and break at any moment.

"Harry, take a good look at this", continuing to fuck Emily, Peter caught the attention of his best friend. Who stopped looking at his mother's face of pleasure to pay attention. “I'm fucking your mother, giving her what your father could never give her, I'm making her really happy. Something I haven't experienced in years, isn't it, Emily? "Peter's voice exuded a cruel and insincere mockery, as he thrust harder against the swollen pussy of his best friend's mother, pounding her ass. Emily to make it red as an apple.

Emily totally beside herself, surrendered to her repressed desires from her. "Yeah yeah! God I'm so happy! Norman had never made me cum before, he just let it pump until he finished what was usually just a couple of minutes! Plus that little cock of his he couldn't do nothing! For me! Peter, if you have a real man's cock, big and immense, that's giving me the fuck of the century! Please, Peter, I'm begging you, make me your bitch! "

Peter thrust deep, thrusting into her until it was unfathomable, her cock hammering with dry, raw blows that made Emily's back arch. "Do you want to be my bitch? My whore that I can fuck when she wants, how she wants and where she wants. Do you want to be my personal semen container? Being filled every day of your life by my huge cock, not only your pussy but any other hole you have to offer will be totally and exclusively mine for my enjoyment "

"Yeah yeah yeah! I want to be your bitch, I want to be your sperm dump, I want to be your sleeve! I want you to fill my ass and pussy with your hot cum, I want to drink your sperm until I'm satisfied and keep drinking until Believe me, Peter Parker, I want to be raised by you and have your babies! ", Emily Osborn moaned as she felt the thick shaft enter her until her cervix, the thrusts became faster and stronger opening her inner walls while Peter continued to attack her with more force with clear intentions of cumming in her pussy.

"I'm going to fill you up bitch!" Peter said with a loud growl and the heat inside him grew more intense by the second, gathering like lava from a volcano about to erupt.

Emily could only moan out loud, feeling nothing but pleasure with each thrust delivered to her already battered entrance. "If you please dirty my insides with your semen, fill me up, Peter!"

Peter did so, pounding up to the hilt inside Emily's tight cunt and filling her with cum from her, making her shiver and squirm under the pulse of sheer pleasure and bliss from her, making her cum in the process. Peter's throbbing cock filled the cum deep inside her, making her shiver and squirm as she lost herself completely in raging, out-of-control pleasures so powerful and desperate, Emily twisted and doubled under the pulse of something hot enough to tear her apart. , and she did not care, the only thing that mattered was the hot and sticky semen of the huge cock filling her to the top.

When Peter's cock came out of her sticky, glistening cunt, Emily fell to her knees to the floor and a great deal of hot cum leaked out of her ruined hole.

"Well tell me Harry?" Peter said turning to look at his best friend. I point to the woman on the floor who is still cumming and having spasms of pleasure, all with a look of utter joy. Have you ever seen her so happy, have you ever seen her so satisfied, so full of life? Your mother has been unhappy for years, she has always tried to please you and your father, too busy to be able to afford herself. But I remedied it, now she is happy, satisfied as she had never imagined and is missing for more, soon she will also be full of life inside her. Aren't you happy for your mother, Harry? I made her happy! You're welcome brother "

Harry did not respond, his scared gaze fixed on his sweaty mother on the floor with her dirty skirt, and he saw Emily's pussy from which an exorbitant amount of thick white semen was dripping, he watched as his mother's hands collected a large amount of sperm on her palms and brought it to her mouth, savoring it with great glee.

Norman felt humiliated, but at the same time a little aroused, seeing his wife being treated like a whore by a cock bigger than his gave him a strange guilty pleasure and turned him on. Even if that's not something he will admit to, though, I don't stop him from touching himself a bit under the table.

"Oh, do you want more?" Peter asked seeing the older woman crouch down eating her cum off the floor, Emily stopped licking the cum to look up. "I have more, much more if you want it is yours, but you have to earn it"

Peter moved his huge cock still hard and erect to slap Emily's face with her erection. Emily was so shocked, unable to believe that after that first massive load, Peter was still firm and hard with more cum for her. "Come on bitch, didn't you want more? I'll give it to you so you can have it inside you for at least a week"

And suddenly he plunged his massive cock down her throat, an electrifying sensation coursing through her body again in response as she felt him thrust his way deep, every inch of his cock digging into her oral cavity and Peter grabbed the short hair. reddish of it. as her hips moved in erratic and ferocious movements. Emily stayed on her knees opening her mouth as wide as she could trying to accommodate as much of the huge cock as she could, sucking and sucking as Peter fucked her throat.

"You're a real bitch, sucking your son's best friend's cock in front of your husband," Peter said, moving his hips fervently. Emily looked up, making unintelligible noises, but they certainly sounded affirmative. "Then take off your boobs, I want you to put that pair to good use."

Buttons flew as, continuing to suck on Peter's huge, hard member, Emily tore her shirt off to reveal large, firm, juicy breasts with erect nipples that brushed, balls slapped against her chin inconsiderately, drool dripped onto her balls and landed on her breasts. as she continued to pound her throat with vehemence and enthusiasm. Emily at all times remained on her knees, submissive and totally devoted to the complete adoration of Peter Parker's huge cock, as he fucked her mouth and throat that now belonged to him.

"I'm almost there, bitch, I'm almost there!" Peter announced, fucking faster and harder if possible. "Do you want it, Emily? Do you want it in your mouth, will you drink it all?"

Emily could not speak because of the large shaft in her mouth, nor could she move her head affirmatively because of the grip that Peter exerted on her hair while he fucked her, but if you looked into her eyes you could clearly see in them the desperation, the need, the desire and her hunger for the hot cum from Parker's huge cock.

With a loud moan of pure satisfaction, Peter leaned back and released him. Pouring massive amounts of his hot cum down Emily's throat, who, without begging, swallowed every copious drop but despite her conviction of wanting to drink every liter of cum, ended up with her face drenched as well as her hair and legs. and the breasts.

Emily would have fallen to the ground with her belly slightly swollen from all the semen she drank and soaked in the same liquid, but Peter's strong grip on her hair prevented him from doing so. Peter picked her up, turning her around, and laying her on her back on the table, placing her hands on Emily's pale cheeks, opened her wide, showing her another hole still intact.

"Not Emily yet, I still have more to do and there's another hole to fill," Peter said, leaning forward to shove his cock into the older woman's ass.

At this point Emily was just a mess of inaccurate moans and moans, her gaze was blank and blank, her tongue panting with the red, cum-filled face of her son's best friend.

"What's wrong, Norman? No ploys, no exploding pumpkins or gliders, no green lightning bolts on your fingers," Peter sneered, looking Norman in the eye as he continued to hammer into the butt of his enemy's wife.

"... what?" Norman to say that he was surprised was an understatement.

Peter slapped Emily on the butt a couple of times. Harry shifted his attention from his mother to his best friend and his father. "There are no evil laughs, spontaneous appearances, dirty deals with the brothers of your enemy's girlfriend to eliminate him"

"Dad, what are you talking about?", Harry asked desperately, tears were gathering around his eyes and his nose began to tingle as he watched his mother be used as a whore for the better friend of him.

"I don't know son, your friend went crazy," Norman said with a frown, as he watched his wife babble on the Parker.

"I haven't lost my mind, Norman or should I call you: Green Goblin," Peter growled the last part, hitting the inside of Emily's butt harder. "I have simply reached my limit with you"

Norman cleared his throat as he adjusted his tie. "With that is the problem, listen son you are wrong and all this I see that it is a misunderstanding. So I'm going to ask you to ..."

"Don't lie, Goblin. Spiders know how to detect lies very well."

Norman's eyes widened, his cold gaze fell on Peter's iron gaze, the place fell silent and only the sound of heavy lunges against Emily could be heard, Harry seemed confused between his father and his best friend. Emily fell to the floor with a thud, her ass open and full of cum as Peter continued to pour her balls over hers, painting her white, without taking his gaze from her nemesis.

“It's over Osborn. I have been collecting the necessary evidence to prove that you are the Goblin, I have from photos to videos and even important roles that I obtained thanks to a certain thief disguised as a cat, although I had to give him a little 'incentive' but I am not complaining ", said Peter with coldness and harshness. At that moment, the sirens began to be heard, getting closer and closer. " This was all just a distraction and revenge for everything you put me through, Norman. I wish you a good trip to jail, but I can't, I really hope you rot in jail, Green Goblin"

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