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Peter went through the sliding doors and made his way through the huge corridors of the Avengers base, the place was extremely empty and looked almost like a graveyard, with Mr. Rhodey out of commission due to the airport accident and Vision passing every More time away from the compound, it was just him and Mr. Stark, well, more like just Mr. Stark.

He was not an avenger, he had turned down the position a week ago when he arrested the Vulture.

"Oh ?!"

He stopped abruptly, avoiding colliding with that person who had appeared out of nowhere down a corridor, Peter looked at her carefully, seeing that it was Pepper Potts, Tony Stark's fiancée. She looked strange and if Peter had to define her in one serious word: frustrated or irritated.

She wore a short executive skirt up to her thighs, which was tight accentuating her hips and she looked a bit wrinkled, she wore stockings that went up her legs and were lost under the skirt; as well as a blue shirt with the first loose buttons, showing the beginning of the valley of it.

"Hello Mrs. Potts," Peter greeted her warmly.

"Hello Peter ...", she returned the greeting with a soft smile. Her eyes widened a little, as if she realized her current state, running a hand through her slightly disheveled hair; the woman gave him a friendly smile again. "What are you doing here? You should be at school"

"Mr. Stark called me this morning, he wanted me to come help him. However, he didn't tell me what he wanted my help for," Peter said, sounding intrigued.

"Knowing him, a new toy armor to build ..."

She sounded bitter. Peter looked at her curiously, "Is something wrong, Mrs. Potts?"

"Mm? ...", Pepper looked at him for a moment, before biting her lip. "It's nothing, Peter. Don't make Tony wait, I have to go now ..."

And before he could say anything, the woman passed her and was lost in a hallway. Peter did not deny that he was extremely worried about the woman, he did not look good, but there was nothing that could be done and whatever the problem was, he hoped that she could solve it herself.

Upon entering the lab, Peter was met with a somewhat strange scene to see Tony leaning on a table with his head resting on his upper arm in a not exactly very comfortable position, he was sweaty and gasping for air, his flannel white was removed. The strip of his pants was loose and his hair was matted. "Mr. Stark?"

He shook it several times, but there was no result, looking around him he saw a bottle of water in the middle of the terminal, opening it he let it pour on the head of the billionaire, who got up hurriedly and all wet.

"W-pepper?" He looked around frantically, until his gaze fell on the young hero and the bottle of water in his hand. "Ah, it's you," he sighed with strange relief.

Tony fixed his clothes as he went further into the lab. "Come on boy, we have work to do and very little time," he said taking a nearby towel to dry off.

Peter nodded, took the backpack off his back and placed it on a table, noting from a corner that there was a very expensive-looking bag on a nearby table. "From Mrs. Potts, no doubt." So she was here a while ago? I wonder why she looked so furious.'



"Well then I'm going to ..."


"Okay ... Then I'll do it ..."



“Damn, you were supposed to build your network triggers from pieces pulled from the trash, right? I mean, before I improved them for you, ”Tony said playing with a screwdriver and some pieces on a table, Peter was next to him sitting silently with his arms on the table, but not touching anything.

"Yes, it is. And I can show you how ..." Peter took a tool next to some parts, but a slap from the billionaire stopped him.

“These are not the toys that you carry on your wrist. Each of these things ... ”I point to the little pieces of technology that surround me. Small arc reactors, Parker concluded. "They are mini Arc Reactors that will power my newest and most powerful armor," Tony said proudly.

"Great ..." Peter whispered.

Tony smiled. "More than that, they are made of nanotechnology"

"Nanotechnology ...? But with all the armor that would be ..."

"Impossible? Maybe for others, but not for me"

"I wasn't going to say that, I actually meant that ..."

"Silly? I won't hear that from someone rocking around in their pajamas. Just wait and see, boy."

"If only you would let me ..."

“Yes, listen, before we continue, would you mind bringing me a cup of coffee and another bottle of water from the kitchen? Oh, and find a juice or something, no chocolate, you know what? Forget about it and get what you want, ”Tony said, cutting him off abruptly, as he returned to his work.

Peter snorted, but Tony didn't seem to hear him and if he did, he paid him no heed, shaking his head, he left the lab on his way to the kitchen.



'I should have stayed home', Peter thought, regretting that he had turned down Need's invitation to see the first Star Wars trilogy at his house and instead chose to come to the base to help Tony.

His foolish decision had turned out to be unproductive, as Stark had practically not let him help him as Peter would have preferred, instead he had to settle for sitting quietly listening to the armored hero speak, and not touching anything at all. him while looking at the billionaire. he works on your new creation.

Frustrated and irritated, that's how he felt, all for Tony.

"Maybe I should make a joke ...", he whispered to himself. Opening the sliding door that led to the living room / kitchen of the complex. "Some coffee with laxative ... Yeah, that'll be fine," Peter said with a smile, as he walked through the door.

However, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the unusual image he had of the place; Pepper Potts was there, on a loveseat, her head tilted back and her neck propped on the armrest, soft sounds of moans and moans escaping his plump lips. She had a perfect view of her thighs and her long legs spread wide and covered in stockings, likewise she did not have her panties on and the view of her vaginal lips, which were caressed by the thin and long and soft fingers of the woman, while his other hand rested on her bare right breast, stroking her erect nipple between his slender fingers.

The sight of a woman masturbating was completely new to him, although not for that strange, he had to admit to himself that pornographic films did not measure up to the true image of a self-indulgent woman and did not evoke the same feeling and emotion that see Pepper in such an act.

Peter did not know how long he was standing there, watching the female please herself, he knew that he should turn around, turn around and leave as if nothing had happened, being the most silent he could ever be and forget what he had seen. This was a private act and she shouldn't be here. He had to get out of there, he really had to do that right now, but his body was unresponsive, his gaze was fixed on the obviously needy woman on the couch and his mind could only think of licking that sweet pink-lipped pussy, plunging his tongue inside her and savoring her interior, in addition to kissing and sucking those soft and beautiful tits would not be bad either.

Suddenly Pepper's moans increased, as her fingers began to move erratically in her pussy, ... get out, get out, get out, get out ... The woman let out a sudden hiss, to successively let out a loud scream that shook the young hero of head to toe. The scream slowly diminished in pitch, as the now exhausted and weary woman gasped for air.

Peter watched, fascinated and excited, as a clear liquid seeped out of the older woman's entrance, staining the sofa below her. He felt a slight shudder, but it was not similar to the one from before when he had seen Pepper coming, but a rather cold one, as if she was warning him of something ...

Too late.

Pepper screamed in horror, having lifted her head from where she was lying, sitting up and arranging her skirt and shirt so that she could cover herself as best she could, while staring at the frightened brunette. Peter noticed that, as he recovered from it, next to her, placed carelessly, was a pickle with a condom.

Seeing where the boy's gaze was, Pepper quickly took the fruit and tried to hide it from her chestnut's view, which he couldn't, in the end decided to just leave it behind her.

"P-peter ... This, this is ...", Pepper tried to vocalize.

"It's not what it seems," Peter concluded for her.

"Yes ..."

"So you weren't fucking on that couch using your fingers and a cucumber?"

Pepper opened her mouth ... But in the end she didn't say anything and was silent, her cheeks flared red and her eyes frantically searched elsewhere to look that was not the hero in front of her. Peter wanted to kick himself, of all the moments his inopportune mouth chose to introduce himself, did this have to be it? A blush of embarrassment at being caught was visible on his face and that hadn't been enough to calm the arousal that was still in him.

"Peter ..." Pepper somehow managed to get the firm, confident voice out of her. "Can we talk for a moment?"

Peter nodded in affirmation, oldenly ignoring the desire to get out of there, all he wanted was to go home and forget about this awkward situation. He should never have spied on Pepper, while she ...

"C-could you sit down?"

"I'm fine where I am, thanks," Peter said, the only seat across from Pepper was the only one available other than the one she already occupied, but he didn't want to make the situation any more uncomfortable by sitting so close to her.

"Sit down, Peter," Pepper said, sounding more like a demand than a request. "Please, I insist"

It took him about two seconds to realize the problem, finding it, her mouth fell open in a perfect 'O', before the older woman nodded in the affirmative. Peter walked over to the couch, sat down, and tried to cover her raging erection as much as he could.

Pepper let out a soft gasp of surprise, staring at the large bulge that stood out in Peter's sweatpants.

"Pepper, are you okay?" Peter asked, concerned. He didn't notice the older woman's gaze at his crotch, mistakenly thinking her gaze was directed toward the ground.

"Oh yeah! I mean yeah. Easy, Peter, I'm fine," Pepper said hastily. He tried to adjust, but it was difficult in his current state. "Yo, I'm sorry for what you had to see earlier, Peter. I'm not normally like that," she sounded embarrassed.

"T-okay, Mrs. Potts, it wasn't really your fault, it was mine." I should have left as soon as I saw her and not have stood spying on her, ”Peter vocalized, inadvertently revealing something the woman was unaware of.

"Waiting…? You were spying on me! Oh no," Pepper put a hand to her face.

"A-ah! But ... B-but ... But you looked great, you did really well and you were amazing," Peter said hastily, "Oh hell."

"W-what ...?"

He cleared his throat to say, "What I mean is ... that you don't have to be ashamed to satisfy yourself, it's completely normal and natural, even if it's here in the composed room, I mean, this place practically gives you go. . She belongs to you as much as Mr. Stark. So you don't have to apologize to me, I'm the one who should apologize, seeing what she was doing, I should have turned around and left, but seeing her like this provoked me ... "Peter se She stopped abruptly, realizing she was drifting off topic again. "Anyway, I ... In my opinion, you looked absolutely hot, beautiful and ... I really should go now."

He tried to get up to get out of there, but a hand stopped him.

"Are you ... are you serious?"

"W-what thing?" Peter swallowed nervously.

Pepper smiled, a shy smile, something strange for a woman who always seemed so safe even in a room full of weapons capable of destroying entire armies. "The thing about me being beautiful and exciting and ... what else were you going to say?"

Peter made a face. "Uh? I don't think I want to hear that last."

"Please say so," asked Pepper.

Peter sighed, then said: "And, that for a long time I have had fantasies about you, where I fuck her over and over again without stopping, I make her scream my name incessantly and ask me to make her mine, while I go deeper until I make her forget everything. Except for me ", he closed his eyes after confessing that it was a secret that he had been carrying since he saw her for the first time, he had found it so beautiful and spectacular, like an angel fallen from heaven with her black dress and that long golden hair, his dreams had been filled with images of her in every possible way and seeing her in such an exquisite act had been just as splendid.

Not hearing any sound of outrage, claim or even feeling a slap at such a confession, had missed him very much. Peter opened his eyes to see Pepper looking at him shyly and her face flushed, her posture seemed a little more relaxed, almost relieved, but she still kept her legs together and her arms around her at chest level.

"Mrs. Potts ...?"

"Peter ...", Pepper breathed out her name in such a way that she sent chills down the brunette's spine. "You really ... You really flatter me, but ..."

Peter held his breath, nervously waiting for her to finish speaking.

"I'm too old for you," he said, letting out a sad sigh as she lowered her head.

Peter got up and sat next to Pepper and took her by the shoulders startling her.

"You are not old"


"Listen to me, Pepper ..." Peter dared to call her name. Pepper glared at him frantically, sitting across from her with an obvious spot on the couch between them due to her lustful acts of hers minutes before her. "You're not old, you're not, and I really think you never will be," Peter said seriously.

Taking a breath for a moment, Calmer said, "You are a beautiful and exciting woman, not only that, you are also great and you are always so full of confidence and self-assurance, damn it! No wonder Mr. Stark has appeared. " as # 1 in the magazine of: The most envied men of the century and that we all want to be, surpassing even Mr. Rogers and Thor. Also, if lusting after older women like you is a crime, then I want my cell near the bathrooms and away from Toomes, ”Peter said, smiling slightly.

Pepper looked at him silently, managing to unsettle the young hero, before the brunette could say something to rectify himself, the woman laughed slightly first and then looked at Peter with a smile.

"Thanks Peter, I really appreciate it," Pepper said.

"You don't have to be thankful, Mrs. Potts." It was a pleasure"

"Pepper, please, I think this whole situation has forged a new trust between us."

"Yes you are correct"

They fell silent, not knowing exactly what to say or simply forgetting everything that had happened, including that little talk they'd had.

"Oh shit," Peter patted his face. Pepper looked at him curiously. "Now that I remember I came here for a cup of coffee and also a bottle of water for Mr. Stark, I'd better hurry up," she tried to get up to leave.

"Expect!" Pepper exclaimed, stopping him. "You can't leave like this," she pointed out.

Peter followed the direction of her finger and looked at the prominent bulge at her crotch.

"We have to lower that ..."

"Pepper?" Parker let out a groan, feeling Pepper's soft hand stroke his cock through the fabric of his sweatpants. "What are you doing?" Peter asked in panic.

"I'm helping you, like you did with me a few seconds ago ..."

"I-isn't that necessary, too, and Mr. Stark?"

"Fuck Tony," Pepper growled. She made him lie down on the couch, while she got closer to him and continued to caress him. "Tell me Peter, have you ever done this?" She asked her with a little curiosity.

"Stroke, masturbate? Or ..."

"I'll take it as a no"

Peter was about to say something else, but the words died in his mouth as he felt Pepper's warm hand slide deftly into his pants and grasp his cock, a shaking sigh of satisfaction emanating from his mouth as his rod of meat was pulled from its mouth. lockdown.

A little cry of surprise and he could hear Pepper's whisper next to him. "My God…"

"What is that?" Peter was quick to ask.

The older woman gulped, looking first at her exposed cock and then at her face, and so on. "Nothing, it's just ... I didn't think you were that big ..." Pepper said, a little more recovered from the shock.

Peter looked at her own cock, a little confusion in her gaze. "You think? I think it's a normal size."

She shook her head from hers. “You are very big, much bigger than Tony. You are huge. I like it, ”Pepper smiled.

Guiding his other hand, he wrapped it around the member of about 9 inch, barely holding the immense erection between his fingers, he began to raise and lower his two hands slowly listening to the moans of the young hero, motivated, he increased the rhythm of the movement of his hands listening to Peter's groans and groans with pleasure.

"Are you liking this, Peter?"

"Nghh ... Yeah ~ it feels great ... Mghh ~" Peter groaned, happy with taking care of the woman.

Pepper smiled, continued stroking and marveling at the unusually large penis for someone Peter's age. She continued stroking Peter's hardness for a while, hearing him moan pleasantly next to her. Before she suddenly leaned down to wrap her head with her lips.

"Oh oh ~ Pepper!" Peter groaned. Feeling her begin to suck her cock with enthusiasm, Pepper's lips were absorbing more of her length, the softness and warmth of the inside of her mouth was exquisite and she could feel her tongue teasing him while she licked. the head of her cock.

Once a good chunk of her cock was inside her mouth, Pepper Potts began to move her head up and down, using her hand to stroke the rest of the length that he couldn't fit. inside of her. oral cavity of the same.

"Mmnnnhhh! ~" She started making pleasant sounds with her thick shaft in her mouth as she savored him. Her tongue also began to work to pay more attention to her large axis.

"Pepper ~ Ooohh, Oohh!" Peter moaned loudly, unconsciously, grabbing the back of her blonde head as she kept trying to take more and more of his length into her mouth.

Pepper smiled to herself and pushed her head deeper taking more of his tremendous length, the warm, wet cavern of her hungry mouth finally swallowing his cock completely at that moment, her lips curving and sealing tightly around his. base. She could tell that Peter was enjoying the feel of her mouth greedily sucking on her hard erection. He threw his head back and her hands gripped hers of hers hair, beginning to guide her in rhythm for her to suck on her huge cock.

"Mmmhhh! Mmmhhhh! Mmhhhhhh! ~", He groaned into her throat. Feeling Peter hammer her hard cock into her mouth, saliva dripped from the corner of her lips, down the shaft of her penis to the heavy balls of the teen who was fucking her mouth non-stop.


Peter moaned loudly, his hips moved frantically in Pepper's wet mouth, she kept her mouth wide open allowing him to fuck her mouth with force and speed, and as her soft hands held his balls caressing them as she squeezed them. lightly as if you wanted to squeeze each drop.

Several minutes later; Peter could feel the pressure of her orgasm emerging and Pepper felt it and the young hero's hips began to move more erratically. Knowing this, Pepper moved her head even faster running her tongue along every inch, sucking on her lips harder, determined to make him explode inside her mouth and savor the essence of her.

"Uunngghhh! I can't take it anymore! Here it comes!"

"Mmmnnnnnhhh! ~"

With one last push and Peter's big cock plunged deep into Pepper's throat, her shaft sending large amounts of hot, sticky cum into the woman's stomach, filling her mouth to the brim and causing some of her to leak out. your seed. she pokes a little out of the corner of her lips. Moaning in luscious ecstasy, Pepper felt sticky cum slide down her throat repeatedly in thick debris and she made sure to swallow each drop greedily, squeezing her throbbing shaft of hers until nothing was left to Peter's satisfaction.

It took at least a minute for Pepper to finally get Peter's member out of her mouth, with all of the young hero's seed already inside her esophagus. She slowly stroked the saliva-wet member, fascinated to see him still very hard and ready for more.

“You are still tough. Awesome, "Pepper smiled at him sensually.

"Well, call me spectacular, and also when you want to fuck your mouth," Peter said, smiling back at her. Certainly, her confidence had increased after taking care of Pepper.

She laughed softly. "I'll keep that in mind. But now ..." Pepper rolled over on the couch, lifted her skirt and leaned with both hands on the armrest, showing him the opening in her ass and her dripping wet pussy. "I want you to fuck me something else"

Peter was fascinated, impressed, and incredulous. He watched mesmerized as Pepper showed her butt, moving it from side to side to her delight, as she brought her hand to her dripping pussy and spread it with her fingers, showing her wet cavity. .

"Come on Peter, use that big cock to fuck me nonstop and whatever you want to make me remember only your name!" Pepper said, looking at him out of the corner of her eye and extremely aroused. Her eyes gleamed as Peter moved closer, guiding her hard cock into the wet, exposed entrance of her vagina.

Pepper felt her wet and fluffy vulva open at the intrusion of her length, Peter thrust her cock deep into her pussy making her scream out loud as he felt her walls open as he traveled further deep down the hard shaft.

"Haaaahhhh! ~ Peter, God! You're so big! ~" Pepper groaned, clenching his hands tightly, and with a single blow, Peter finished plunging his cock into the wet vaginal cavern. Pepper let out a loud moan as she dropped her head back onto the armrest, feeling her immense shaft go to a place where no one she had ever been with would ever have reached her.

He slowly withdrew his hips and began to pound Pepper, Peter watching his thick cock thrust against her wet pussy repeatedly with increasing rhythm, a feeling of immense pleasure as he watched the soft plump cheeks of her buttocks collide with his hips. Pepper began to breathe harder, the walls of her pussy contracting around the thick length, allowing Peter to thrust deeper and fuck her even harder, plunging her cock into her with great enthusiasm.

"UAaaahhh! ~ Peteeer! ~", She screamed her mouth fell open with her tongue sticking out and saliva dripped from her mouth staining the ground beneath her, as her eyes widened and her mind clouded with happiness ... To fall, fortunately, Peter held her tightly by the waist to keep her stable.

"Uunnggghh! Fuck Pepper! ~ Oohh, big shit! ~" Peter groaned, pounding Pepper's vagina hard with his big cock, little splatters of vaginal nectar spilling out with every hard-paced penetration he supplied. , hearing her moan with joy as she encouraged him. .

A strong and prominent thrust towards her cervix caused Pepper's head to snap back on a loud moan, she had an orgasmic face with flushed cheeks, her tongue sticking out, and she was breathing excitedly in ecstasy when she felt her appendix. Peter stretch her pussy. The sight of her was so exciting that he, without being able to help it, held her by the neck of her, kissing her and she reciprocated the kiss satisfactorily, they kissed with enthusiasm and passion engaging a tongue fight while Peter resumed the blows again inside Pepper.

“I'm running out! Hmph ~ ... I'm almost there, Peter! ~ ”Pepper yelled, pulling away from her, but holding Peter's neck with her right hand so she could keep looking at him. Peter nodded, feeling the inner walls of her pussy slowly tighten around her cock, trapping her from hers, he too felt that he was already close to her.

In anticipation of this, he tried to pull her cock out of the female to get out of her ...

"NO! Get it inside, Peter! I want to feel your thick, hot seed fill my insides until it spills down my legs! Fill me until I can't!" He proclaimed loudly. Peter moaned and slammed his cock against her one last time before he came, the couch gave way and cracked, the vaginal walls tightened more tightly on his swollen balls and his shaft throbbed with release once more, Pepper felt chills through. of her body when she felt the warm sperm in her womb.

He fell back against the armrest, his head hanging with a big smile on his face and entering a realm of paradise as he felt the warm scent of Peter pumping into him in abundance, something Tony would never have accomplished, his walls contracted and crushed the meat of his cock milking him completely and making sure her uterus was on its way to fill with his sperm.

Peter stayed a few minutes inside her, making sure to give her everything he had to offer, before slowly withdrawing from her hearing her moan when she felt his cock leave her, a second later he could see his own sperm dripping from the stain of the vagina Pepper staining the couch more.

For a while, only her heavy breathing was heard as they settled as best they could on the couch.

"That was inc - Spectacular," Pepper corrected at the last second. She was sitting with her legs spread on the edge of the couch, her juices along with Peter's sperm pouring out of her. "I certainly never imagined you were a stud, Peter," she said looking at him with a smile.

"Thank you," said Peter blushing for being called that way. “Although the truth is that I am scared by all the noise we made, what if they heard us? What if Tony saw us? He asked alarmed.

Pepper put her hand on his cheek and stroked him tenderly. “Relax, they didn't listen to us. Each place in this complex is soundproofed, this to avoid any type of espionage by the enemy and also for greater privacy of its residents. That is why you did not hear my moans when I was masturbating until you entered ", Pepper smiled sinister and sexy." And if Tony by chance came to look at us, then he saw his pupil giving me the real pleasure that he could never give me, I observe how your enormous cock penetrated me without giving up, filling me with your delicious and hot semen, which surely you have also seen him drink with thirst until he satisfies me ”, he whispered in the young hero's ear.

Peter winced at the memory of what they had done a minute ago, her hard cock throbbing erect, while Pepper licked her lips, noting with delight that the brown haired young man apparently still had energy for more.

"Do you want another round?" Pepper asked, leaning toward him.

"Would it be safe to do it here?" Peter said looking at the broken piece of furniture.

"We can always move to one of the many rooms in this complex"

"I accept, open the way"

Taking her hand, they headed to the nearest room. "Well, there's one more hole you're really looking forward to, Mr. Parker," Pepper sent a sexy smile in her direction.

Peter handed it back, letting the beautiful older woman carry him away.



Tony took a deep breath and looked at his workbench and saw that he was close to finishing his big project. He frowned, looked at the clock he hung on the wall and realized that Peter was already so late, how long did it take him to make the coffee? He was worried, maybe he should go find him and see if he was okay.

He got up from his workbench, took one last look at what he had been working on and how little he had left to complete, then looked at the lab door for a second.

"Friday, how are you Peter?"

"Mr. Parker is having ..."

"I don't want to know what the kid is doing, I just want to know if he's safe," Tony interrupted.

About six seconds passed before Friday responded, "Mr. Parker is perfectly fine and safe."

Tony nodded sitting down again, "Well, that means I can calmly continue working then," looking at some pieces.

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