Goblin up Jean Grey

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Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fan fiction, not offered for commercial purposes.  The characters remain the property of Marvel Comics, and their original creators. I do not own the Avengers.

This is a work of erotic fan fiction, not offered for commercial purposes.  The characters remain the property of Marvel Comics, and their original creators.  All characters are of age (goblins included). This is a fantasy, in reality, any act of a sexual nature without full and informed prior consent is rape and deserves the fullest punishment of the law.

The X-Men were a new force, mutants born with special abilities, chosen by the arch-telepath Charles Xavier to be the defenders of both human and mutant kind, and the promise of peaceful coexistence.  Against them were ranged those who would enslave or destroy mutant kind, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under Magneto who would strike first and make the world safe for mutants at all cost.

The team was lead by Cyclops, whose eyes produced beams so powerful he required a ruby-quartz visor to keep him from destroying everything he looked at, Jean Grey, the young telepath and telekinetic who promised one day to be as powerful as Professor X her mentor.  With them fought the high-flying Angel, the super strong and agile Beast.  They were superheroes, young, idealistic, and innocent.

There were powers older and darker than science, evils not born of mutation or human greed.  Things rooted in primal forces like lust, hunger, and the magical fairy realm that bordered on our own, brushing ever so lightly on the edges of reality, and where the barrier between the real and unreal, the dark and the light, grew blurry, sometimes things crossed.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants ran through the Lincoln Caverns, the eerie light of the crystals of the cave burned as the Scarlet Witch pulled her reality warping powers about her to deflect the ruby coherent light of Cyclops blasts.  The massive form of the Blob tried to hammer a fist into Beast, but the ape like mutant swung around his tree trunk thick arm like a monkey climbing a branch and kicked him strongly in his face, the one place not protected by his mutant fat armour.

Quicksilver moved faster than any human could see as he darted between the fighters, determined to knock out Cyclops, leader and most dangerous weapon of the X men, but although he was faster than sight, he was not faster than thought.

Jean Grey used her telepathy to read Quicksilver’s intentions, and sent a weak telekinetic wave along the ground, like the tide across the beach, sweeping Quicksilver’s feet out from under him.  Crashing into the crystal spires at that speed would have impaled him fatally were it not for the Scarlet Witch instinctively hurling her most powerful reality warping blast at the crystals, allowing them to grow around him like a cocoon as he fell, rather than impaling him.

Cyclops took advantage of her distraction to blast the Scarlet Witch, stunning her.  The Blob grabbed Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and fled, leaving the X men in control of the cavern, not able to retrieve the samples of the odd magnetic crystals that Magneto swore could protect them from Professor X scans.

Jean Grey felt something as the Scarlet Witch’s last blast resonated around the Lincoln Caverns, the haunted Pennsylvanian Caverns sang in her mind like something alive, the energies of Scarlet Witches mutant energies tearing at the border between psychic power and ancient magic, weakening the barriers at a place the Hidden Folk retreated through with the coming of man.

The rest of the X men searched the caverns for the strange technology that Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants had brought to test the crystals, but Jean found herself getting lost in the song the crystals would not stop singing.  

Her breath came fast.  She felt like she did when she first dropped her shields when she and Cyclops had been making out.  The feeling for a telepath when the person they were with desired them sexually with every fiber of their being was overwhelming.  Cyclops lifetime of iron control and his gentle nature allowed them to explore as two normal teenagers, even when her sensitivity to his lust made her own a force so powerful as to overwhelm her senses.

Something sensed that, reached out for it, and answered.  She felt a hunger, ancient, potent, dark and dangerous.  Laughter, fangs, and claws, burning eyes and questing tongues, hard potent cocks that sang of lust so ancient it predated humanity, let alone mutant kind, focused on her.  Somewhere, on the other side of the mirror, in the twilight place the elves and fairy folk retreated, the darkest of their kin howled and clawed at the walls, seeking passage through.  They were small, for all their fierceness, and required little to make their passage.

“We should go.”  Jean Grey spoke, straightening her skirt, feeling the hardening of her nipples and the uncomfortable awareness of need beneath her skirt.  Something was coming, something she didn’t think she was ready to face.

Cyclops caught her tone, looked over, saw her flushed and wild eyed, staring at the walls on the edge of panic.  He had worked with her and Charles long enough to know that when a powerful psychic says it’s time to run, you ran.  Snapping orders, the lead them out of the caverns, and back to the waiting Jet.

Unlooked for in the darkness, eyes began to burn at the edges of the light.  The sound of quiet claw tipped feet sounded upon the stone.  Darting from shadow to shadow like ghosts, they were but half the height of men.  Green skinned twisted creatures, fang and claw suggesting beast, yet elfin ears and bright hungry eyes suggested intelligence as well as hunger lived in those twisted faces.  

The bats of the caverns went silent.  Creatures of the night know to be silent when the goblin’s hunt.  Little but lust and hunger, malice and trickery; goblin’s were the terror of the ancient world, that only the poison of man’s iron drove away.  Now they had returned, and the hunt began.

Charles Xavier, Professor X, the most powerful Telepath in the world anchored his mind in Cerebro and reached out for the non-human presences around the Lincoln Caverns.  Reports of women being assaulted, found stripped naked and mindless, having to be restrained lest they do nothing but continue to touch themselves had been hushed up by authorities, but to a Telepath of Charles power, nothing could be hidden.

Reaching out to those alien presences, Charles felt a hot rush of lust, his cock hardening in a way that was impossible, should have been impossible, since his psychic injuries that had left him in the wheelchair.

Visions of sucking mouths, biting teeth, long prehensile tongues, and hard thick ever potent thrusting cocks jumbled and tore through the most disciplined mind in existence and Charles felt his body betray him.  Arching his back, he came, long dormant and overfull balls emptying themselves in mindless need as around him Cerebro shorted out as Charles fell from his chair, twitching in post orgasmic stupor.

In her room, Jean Grey was dreaming.  She had snuck into Scott’s room last night, and found herself sucking on his strong chest, on his nipples, kissing her way down his chest.  He was too straightlaced to allow her to perform oral sex on him, but her desperate need was such that she slammed him down to the bed with her Telekinesis and mounted him like a cowgirl mounting a horse.

“Pinch my nipples Scott, Bite them, BITE THEM!”  She screamed as he tried to caress her tenderly, lovingly, gently as was his loving way.  She thrust her tongue into his mouth, and he raised his hands to push her back, unprepared for the assault.  She claimed his hands and planted them on her aching breasts, fired by a need she could not understand to be taken, to be used, to be FUCKED, not made love to.

Cyclops came, she rode his orgasm into her own, and in terror at what he was feeling, at the loss of control, she felt him recoil from her.  She ran to her own room in shame and cried into her pillow.  What was wrong with her?  Scott loved her, Cyclops was a great leader, a loving boyfriend, he treated her like a princess, like a friend, like his true love.

Her ass rose into the air as she bit her pillow, fingers working into her tight teen pussy.  She was a grown woman, and the days when gentle exploration were enough to satisfy the sleeping power within her were OVER.  Something older, darker, hungrier was awakening, and it needed more.

Fingers working her clit, she used her telekinesis to bring her vibrator up behind her.  Driven by what she had been feeling, the visions of being helpless, being used, being degraded in ways nothing in her entire life experience could define washed over her.  She guided the lube she kept hidden in her drawer to flow onto her toy, and herself, as she fingered.

Scott treated her like a princess, but there were other fates of princess were there not? She felt the vibrator press against her pretty pink asshole, a place she would never in all her eighteen and a half years have associated with sex, and pushed it in.

Screaming into her pillow, she worked her fingers into her tight wet pussy, feeling Scott’s cum and her own, as her mind surged, driving the small vibrator to violate her ass as in the darkest corners of her mind she felt the visions of sharp claws on her breasts, fangs, nipping at her, hard dark cocks raping her endlessly.  Bright burning eyes looking into her soul as she screamed out orgasm after orgasm as they degraded and abused her until she could not think, could not fight, could not do anything but crawl to the next cock to serve.

In a blast that merged with Charles debilitating orgasm in the heart of Cerebro, Jean Grey fucked herself unconscious.

In the morning, Charles would dispatch his X men to investigate the tunnels.  He assumed Magneto had left some sort of technological trap that was damaging the women’s minds.  Fearing that Beast’s primal nature would be vulnerable to the primitive nature of the power he felt, and aware that Angel would be at a disadvantage in the caverns, he elected to send only Jean and Scott.

Moving with the awareness of the elite fighter he was, Cyclops stalked forward, visor sweeping side to side as he entered the caverns for the second time that week, this time not sure of the foe he would be facing.  Behind him Jean was not as composed as she usually was.  Her breathing was quick, her face flushed, her movements were too fast.  He was prepared for her being scared, for sometimes the powerful emotions of battle hurt her, but she seemed to be almost so eager for the battle that he was forced to proceed faster than he liked.  

Deep in the darkness, eyes burned, foot long tongues licked out, tasting the air, the scent of female pheromones.  Cocks hardened, and the dark hunger of the wickedest of all fairies swept along the cavern walls and ceilings.  All around the young X men who scanned the ground so carefully, unaware of the fact that even dragons feared to face goblins down in the dark.

Jean Grey felt it, the hunger.  The feeling, the need to use her.  To ravage her breasts with tongue and tooth, claw and hand.  To claim her mouth with kiss and cock, to thrust into her fertile womb and fill it with inhuman life, to ravage her ass until she was fucked mindless, no more than a twitching collection f holes to be used endlessly in pleasure and pain until there was no room in her mind or soul for anything but sex.

She whimpered, hands gripping the edge of her skirt in stark terror that if she let go even for one second she would begin touching herself right there in the middle of the cavern.  That whimper doomed them both.

Scott whirled around to face Jean, hand locked on his visor to adapt its aperture for the blast needed for whatever threat was there, only to be looking the wrong way when the Goblin’s struck.

A club hammered into the back of Cyclops knee, dropping him to his knees, as the first goblin struck from the shadows almost directly to his front, taking advantage of his reflexive spin to the rear at Jean’s cry.

Jean threw out a hand, lashing out with her power to throw the goblin ten yards into the cavern wall where he hit with a bone rattling crash.  Other goblins fell from the ceiling, and she struck left and right, whipping them into each other and into the walls.  Her power struck with the instinctive lust for battle of the thing that rose within her in answer to the goblin’s own darkness.  Far faster than any Danger Room simulation, she struck with a savage, primal fury that echoed the goblin’s own.

Scott fared less well.  The goblins swarmed him.  He blasted them from the sky in pinpoint precision like an aircraft carriers point defense system, only with ruby beams, not streams of minigun fire.  The product of science and training, logic and discipline met the primal malice of the darkness, and failed.

The goblin’s struck with casual, almost lazy malice.  The one having crept behind Cyclops threw his stone with skull crushing force, only to see the trained reflexes of Cyclops spin and blast the rock carefully with just enough force to knock it away, and not blast it apart and threaten Jean with the fragments.  His momentary flash of satisfaction twinged in Jean’s mind even as the blast of goblin laughter threatened to overwhelm her. 

The smallest goblin had already been in motion when the rock was thrown.  Snatching the ruby visor from his face, the goblin left Cyclops bare eyed facing Jean.  A blast of pure power hammered Jean’s quickly thrown up shields, and thew her backward into the wall, stunning her.

Scott screamed “NO!” and froze as the Goblin’s struck him carefully to stun him unconscious.

Jean was stunned, but recovering when the goblins began to swarm her.  She was ready for punches and kicks, for knives and guns, for almost any attack but the kind she faced.

Swarming around her, they groped her breasts, as they swarmed her, tongues lapping at her ears and neck, strong fingers kneading her young and tight bottom.  She opened her mouth to scream, and a goblin claimed her mouth with a kiss that carried a lust and passion that knew no human limits no reason and no shame.

How can you describe the assault on the young telepath, a woman in years, but as sheltered as any maiden, when the lusts of a dozen goblins filled her mind.  Her own body, and their bodies all sang songs of lust and sensation.  She struck and struck, using lances of psionic power to blast goblin after goblin into unconsciousness, but that just stoked their lust higher.  Take her, claim her, break her, degrade her, breed her.  The lusts of the goblins hammered into her, and the primal force of darkness called to the burning fires of the Phoenix that slept inside her soul and lit her body with a fire she could not deny.

In her confusion, she began to slow her strikes and the goblin’s struck their crippling blow.  Reaching beneath her skirt, the goblin yanked down her panties from behind.  Grabbing her young hips, he struck, fanged mouth wide. Burrowing between her cheeks, he drilled his tongue into her tight puckered bum, and the young mutant’s mind went blank with sensations beyond her understanding.  In seconds she ws bound and stripped.  Jean Grey was now the Goblin’s prize.

Scott came to with a pounding in his head, and a feeling of lust he could not understand.  He felt no visor on his face and dared not open his eyes.  A warrior’s training forced him to take in his position, bound naked on the ground, pressed face to crotch with a familiar scent.  Jean!

Opening his mouth to call her name, he choked on his cry as three things exploded into focus.  First, Jean’s lips around his hard cock as she sucked him deep with a desperation he had never dared even imagine in the privacy of his dreams when he was not with her.  Never would he ask her to do such a thing for him, yet she sucked his cock with such lust the White Queen of the Hellfire club would hand over her title to see.

Second, he heard and smelled the goblins all around, their legs brushing his face, the scent of their unwashed cocks, and sperm filling his nostrils, and the wet animal sounds of those cocks fucking, not one, but two holes filled him.

He was tied in 69 beneath her as two goblins fucked her up the ass and pussy!  Right over his face, rubbing his nose in her pussy as they fucked her.  He opened his mouth to scream, and cum, goblin cum dripped into his mouth.  Goblin cum, and Jean’s!

Jean felt it, felt her humiliation, Scott’s humiliation.  Jean felt the conquest, the savage need to take the bright and pure and make it obscene and debased from the goblins.  She felt the lust the hunger for sensation, for sex, to create life through the subjugation of purity.  Most of all, she felt each thrust, each cock, each clawed hand, each rasping and probing tongue.  She felt their pleasure in her debasing her flesh, felt her flesh’s pleasure in being debased.  Felt Scott’s love for her, and the deep hidden part of him that he never allowed out that wanted to see his pure love degraded into a whore, then demanded his own punishment for betraying her so, feed itself into the endless spiral of the cuckold as his cock swelled in her mouth, aroused by her rape, ashamed of his rising hunger for the mingled cum of his love and her conquerors.

Jean screamed around Scott’s cock, her pussy blasting out cum, forcing the hot goblin cum from her pussy, and even from her tight yet filled ass as her spasming milked her and her goblin rapists cum from around their thrusting shafts to fall into Scott’s face.

He came.  Cyclops felt blasts more powerful than any that emerged from his stolen ruby quartz visor blast from his balls and out the head of his hard cock, into the desperate hungry mouth of Jean Grey.

Jean felt Cyclops cum, his orgasm merging with hers.  Telepathic meld bled over into the goblin’s fucking her pussy and ass, causing them to howl as well and empty great green balls of addictive, magically binding goblin cum into Jean’s tight teen holes.

Have you any sympathy at all dear readers?  Jean Grey was not broken easily, she was trapped in a feedback loop between her first and truest love’s orgasm, her own orgasm, and the primal inhuman lust of not one, but two goblins.  The barest echo of that, half perceived shattered Professor X and left him in a puddle of his own cum in the heart of Cerebro, and she felt it with cocks buried in her pussy, ass and mouth, tongues and fingers working her breasts, neck and back in a storm of sensation, hunger, and need.

Broken she was.

Surrendering her mind, she arched her back offering her breasts and mouth to the goblins, but more than that, she cried out her own need, without any protective shame or denial.

“Suck me Scott, suck my pussy, lick me as they fuck me.”  She begged, as her hero, her first love, now forever her cuckold, opened his mouth to begin slurping the first of what would be many loads of goblin cum from her pussy.

Reaching out with her hands and power, she grabbed the goblins in front of her, not to hurl then away again, but to bring them near.  Offering her tender teen breasts to ancient and wicked goblin mouths to suck, to lick and to bite, she opened her mouth to the first of many goblin cocks that would claim her mouth, teaching her what it is like to be used by a cock twice as large, and half as gentle as her lover Scott’s.

Face sitting the helpless Cyclops, Jean Grey lost herself to a storm of sensation no human was meant to endure.  Feeling the helpless Cyclops running his tongue over her clit, and feeling the heavy goblin balls smack, smack, smack into his face as they alternated between filling her womb and her ass with sperm, she felt his shame and lust as he drank goblin cum straight from the sweet pussy whose virginity he had been honoured to take but a month ago.

“Suck my nipples, BITE THEM!”  Jean screamed, as she lapped the heavy goblin balls of the monster in front of her, who was then beating her innocent face with his foot long goblin cock.  She felt the goblin claws and fangs leaving their marks in her flesh, as each orgasm left marks in her soul.  She would do anything to feel this again, suffer anything, endure anything, lie, and even fight to keep anyone from keeping her from this fate, this doom she no longer wanted to escape.

The goblin’s stayed until the dawn began to burn in the sky far above the cavern, and the magic of twilight and night that shielded them began to fade.  They slipped back through the weakness in reality left by the Scarlet Witch, knowing they would return when the moon rose full again, and the veil weakened again.

The goblin leader claimed Jean’s mouth for one long lusty kiss, feeling her tongue explore his fang filled maw, felt her hand reach down to stroke the shaft that broke her mind and soul.  Pulling back he whispered to her.

“In two nights, you will give birth to goblin babies.  Bring them here.  Leave them.  The magic will draw them to us.  When the moon is full again, be here with your boy, we will breed you again.”

Jean shuddered, understanding she belonged to them now.  Once a month when the magic was high enough to let them leak through the rift the Scarlet Witch had torn, she and Scott would be humiliated and used again.  

The littlest goblin, the one who first stole Cyclops visor and doomed the proud X-men took his cock and stroked off into the visor, filling it with cum, then dropped it on Scott’s face, where in his mindless fear of being unmasked among enemies, he donned the mask only to open his eyes to a bath of goblin cum.

They passed between worlds while Scott wept in shame and helplessness, his cock hard as a rock.

“Jean, what will we do, what will we tell the professor?”  Cyclops asked.

Jean’s eye blazed with power that would have frightened any telepath on earth as she laid a binding upon her cuckold lover. 

“Nothing.  You will tell them nothing.  We will get a hotel room here in town while I wait to give birth.  You will tell the professor we found and fixed the problem.  No one else will be hurt.  Then next month, on the full moon, you will come back here with me and help me serve the goblin’s again.”

Jean watched the shame and fear fill his face, but she stroked his cock, not half the size of the goblins that stood no more than half his height and watched him cum all over the floor in anticipation of another night bound lapping goblin cum from her breeding cunt.

Her laughter filled the cavern, an echo of the goblins that broke her.

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