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Part I: AKA Homesick

At least, Killgrave had kept his word.
At the end of the twenty-fourth hour, Jessica felt a sort of flow of energy overwhelming her entire body, a regenerative adrenaline rush.
Her powers had come back.

Finally, it had been a piece of cake to her to break those damn handcuffs and leave the room.

Once she had crossed the threshold, the girl had noticed that, by a sort of kind permission, Kevin had left on a chair her commando boots and her leather jacket was hanging on the back of said chair.
There had been nothing to do for the unfortunate delivery guy, who was lying dead over the stairs
Jessica had made an anonymous phone call, to get sure that someone would retrieve the corpse and offer him a proper burial.

Another innocent victim on Killgrave’s wicked list.
Jessica wouldn’t allow any other name to add to that list.
Once she was outside, Jessica had pulled her jacket tighter to herself, in the attempt of warming herself a little bit, but it barely covered her waist and she cursed herself for not choosing to wear something larger that covered at least the upper part of her thighs.
Like Kevin’s jacket did. That bastard should have left his jacket to her.

She still felt like she had his smell all over her, as when she wore it. That oh so pleasant mix of a high fashioned eau de cologne, probably an Italian or a French one, one of the finest bourbon and…. peppermint.

That wasn’t the proper time to recall such stuff, she had to think about a way not to get a pneumonia!

No matter what, the main point was that Jessica wore only her slip, in the cold of that New York night.
At least, she wasn’t defenceless.
On her way home, she had lost count of the black eyes and the broken ribs she had left to the men who dared to make way too heavy advances or, even worse, didn't keep their hand to themselves.
For the record, some of them had found themselves with a sprained wrist.

They would have thought twice before pestering a girl again.

Okay, maybe Jessica had given vent to her rage way too much. She still felt so damn angry. How could Kevin deceive her so bad? Until he had ruined everything … that had really been a nice evening.

That was the real thing she couldn’t forgive herself for.

She had crossed the last block, which was oddly calm, and she has sneaked through the ramshackle elevator, well, not as ramshackle as her front door, that still need the umpteenth reparation.

Almost going through the motions, she reached the shower.

As it’s easy to picture, it took her very little time to undress herself.

She spent a noticeable amount of time under that hot shower that made her feel warm again.

Maybe her main goal was to wash away the traces and the memories of the previous night; although she knew they were indelible in her mind and, that’s even worse,  she wasn’t even so sure she wanted to put them in the ‘awful memories’ section.

Sure, she could have dressed up and go hunting Killgrave; but she was too tired for that and she found more consoling to grab a bottle of cheap whisky and took some generous sips before going to sleep.
This time there was no danger of rolling over and touching a certain someone.


In that exact moment, said certain someone wasn’t sleeping at all, all engrossed putting his stuff into a suitcase.
Well, making someone else do that for him, and very carefully. He was so fond of his stuff.

Particularly of that purple and black baby-doll and that spicy filmed video he had obtained, merrily coming back from that building.
He would have watched it in that precise moment, but he had other priorities. He had to escape, as soon as possible, as far as possible from New York.
For a moment he was tempted by the idea of going to New Zealand, but then he changed his mind. It was a tad too exaggerate to cross hemispheres.

There was a place; a place that not only could do the trick, but where Kevin also had oh-so pleasant memories.

When everything went so well.
When he was happy.
When they were happy.
When Jessica was his.
When he could control her.
When he could still make her love him.

It wasn’t true love, Kevin was sadly aware of that, but he made due with the illusion.

Neither was love the night before, those almost twenty-four hours they spent together. Not love, sure, but it was something.

Physical attraction. Chemistry. A hate that, no matter all her efforts to keep professing it, also hid something else.

It hadn’t been only sex… oh well, form his perspective, Kevin preferred considering it ‘making love’.
There was all had happened before that and after that. That continuous teasing each other, but also opening to each other with those sincere revelations; that complicity they had always had.
Maybe it would have taken time for things to improve, but Killgrave could have time.

He knew something for sure. Powers or not, Jessica always came back to him.
They were inevitable, he had told her so that night, at the police station.
She would come back to him even this time; there was only a little difference.
He didn’t want her to come back.
Not so soon, still in the heat of the moment..

To piss Jessica off was always dangerous.
To enrage a temporary powerless Jessica was potentially dangerous.

Killgrave gazed at his expensive watch: it was almost eleven o’clock.

To enrage a Jessica that, not only had got her powers back since already a couple of hours, but now knew she wasn’t under his mind control anymore… well, that to Killgrave was like to sign his own death sentence.

If it really had helped to bring them closer somewhat, even just a tiny bit more; Kevin would have signed it other thousands times.

Now it was necessary to disappear, at least for a while, let Jessica’s anger subside, wait for her to realise what he had done and why.
After all, he had put her in a condition of absolute advantage … well, sure, after taking a little advantage of the situation he had created.

Kevin had just the time to be sure that his father was taken away, in a safe, secret and unconquerable place and that nobody among his crew talked, not even under the most sadistic torture; they would torture themselves rather than betraying their master.

At least they would do that for twenty-four hours.

The research to amplify his powers were suspended, due to matters of vital importance.

Killgrave asked for his stuff to be taken to his car and he went inside, heading towards the airport, with a clear destination in his mind.

That morning, Jessica reread more than once that sheet of paper she had written. She folded it, leaving it on her desk, in case someone would look for her.

Trish, first of all.

Malcolm, that was another possibility.

Maybe even Hogart. No, on second thought it was better if she didn’t show up. Jessica never completely trusted that climber lawyer.

Probably it wasn’t the bravest idea to give a sheet of paper the task of explaining what she went to do, where and why.

Jessica in that moment didn’t expect to be brave, she wanted to be prudent.
She didn’t want to involve them. They shouldn’t have followed her. They shouldn’t have interfered .
Especially Trish, with her tendency to be a heroine, much more than Jessica.

It was infinitely better to act on her own. Alone. As she had always preferred to act.
One quick glance at the corridor, to be sure no one was in the nearby and then she left, with her shoulder bag filled of what was strictly necessary.

She had looked for the first of Killgrave’s henchmen who was available.
She hadn’t any trouble finding one and even less to knock him out. She had been lucky because she had found him all alone, in the middle of his daily patrolling.
She had approached him by stealth and made him inhale a handkerchief soaked with chloroform. The man had fallen senseless on the ground, instantly.

This was the best way to prevent him from becoming violent, not with her - she definitely knew how to defend - but with himself.

She could easily figure out what Killgrave was able to request and that was an innocuous way to keep him safe.
The hardest part was to wait until late evening when Killgrave’s effect finally faded out.
This 24 hours thing really started bothering the hell out of her.
Once the bodyguard finally recovered, it took very few time for her to make him talk. She just had to display a little part of her power to make the man realize that maybe it could be even more dangerous and lethal than his employer’s one.

“He went to the airport and took the first flight to England; I swear it’s all I know!” The man had confessed, still rather shocked.
“If I find out that you lied, I will look for you again and be fucking sure I will find you. And this time I won’t confine myself only to a simulation of what I could do to you!” the girl threatened him, but she already knew he had told her the truth.

“England, uh? Oh, poor sweet guy, you must really be homesick!” she considered, sarcastically, as she headed towards the airport.
Yeah, sure, England was a tad vague as info, but she had the feeling she knew where he could have chosen to go.
She had immediately excluded London, too banal, too obvious.
In addition, she suddenly recalled a specific place during her months of captivity, maybe the calmer, the most serene one, with less arguing, less unpleasant situations, less episodes of abuse of power from Killgrave over her.

“Okay, Kevin, let’s see if you are really that homesick!” she thought out loud, ready to fly to Newcastle.


Once she landed there, she took her time to admire that arched bridge she had loved at first sight.
She had wanted to jump on it and enjoy the breath-taking view, but Killgrave hadn’t allowed her to do that.
He didn’t want the attention that such a thing could have brought. That’s what he had told her.

But he couldn’t control her anymore, so why shouldn’t she have taken advantage of that?
Said and done. With an agile - and mostly supernatural - jump, she had reached her goal and she was enjoying the amazing view, the Tyne River and the whole town she could dominate from on high.
Not very far from that spot there was the Millenium Bridge of Gateshead, with its even more peculiar structure.
Ironically, she knew that once in a while that bridge turned purple, as a tourist attraction.
Among all the colours in the world, just that one!
Oh, c’mon, it must have been only a coincidence, Killgrave couldn’t be megalomaniac up to that point… could he?
Damn sure, he could!

Jessica allowed her the privilege of taking some breath-taking pictures with her mobile, before reminding to herself she hadn’t come there to be a tourist.
She jumped down like it was nothing and she headed towards a place where she would find him for sure, if Killgrave really was in that town.

She wasn’t wrong.
She had been lying in wait for almost half an our in Queen Street, across Quay Ingredient, when she finally saw him reaching that quaint brown and yellow building.
Why should she be surprised? That was Kevin’ favourite coffee house and more than once he had praised their Eggs Benedict; she also tasted them and agreed with him.

Her instinct had not fooled her and she could have bet that he was staying at their former house in Shieldfield.
Oddly, a house they had lived together in for a while… that hadn’t fallen to bits.

She would let him eat in peace. After all, best surprises come after dinner.
That would give her time to be sure he stayed really there and how many people were guarding him.


Killgrave was staying in that house for real and the people watching over him were quite numerous; but Jessica had already found a solution and she would set it in action at sunset.
A blowgun that launched darts filled with tranquilizer.
One by one she hit all her targets and they fell down in the darkness, as silent as possible. Her favourite way.

All the guards outside were knocked down, she just needed to give the same treatment to the staff inside the house. Three people: the umpteenth bodyguard and two waiters. She had observed them all day long. There was no one else and Killgrave was in the living room, watching TV.
Tiptoeing in the most silent way possible, Jessica reached her destination, while she took a look around. That house was exactly as she remembered it: white furniture, quite aseptic, very minimal. Just the way he liked it.

“Frederick, Gretel, Robert? Why are you keeping so silent? Speak the fuck up!” the owner of the house roared. Maybe he was already guessing that something was wrong.

He rushed towards the corridor, only to see his trusted employees senseless, lying on the floor, with Jessica standing in front of him with a cocky grin on her features.


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