Amazing Role Playing: The Boss Bitch

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

Amazing Role Playing With Peter And Mary Jane
The Boss Bitch

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re at all uncomfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

New York, City – The Apartment of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

‘This is going to be both challenging and therapeutic…I hope.’

Peter Parker had been telling himself that since he and his love, Mary Jane Watson, agreed on their next sexy role-playing scenario. He had agreed more enthusiastically than usual. Having been thoroughly convinced of role-playing’s benefits to their sex life, he felt ready to take it a step further.

Mary Jane, it turned out, might have been more ready than him.

“Parker! Get in here now!” the beautiful redhead shouted from their living room. “I need those files now and now is officially late!”

Peter stumbled into the room from their bedroom, having spent the last few minutes getting into the right mindset. Mary Jane, being the experienced actress, was already playing her part. And if her poise and attire were any indication, she had embraced it fully.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Watson,” Peter said meekly. “I uh…decided to go over the report a third time. I wanted to make sure it was accurate.”

“I didn’t ask for excuses. Yet that’s what you’re giving me instead of the file?” she quipped.

“Oh uh…right!”

Peter rushed over to the desk that they had once again set up in their living room and handed her the file, which was filled with old pay stubs from the Daily Bugle. That desk, which had played a part in previous acts of sexy role playing, had really shown its value. Neither one of them expected it to be this useful in spicing up their sex life. But setting up a desk in their undersized living room was hardly the most challenging part of this role.

‘I’m doing too good a job…being this obedient little minion,’ Peter thought to himself as he nervously placed the folder on the desk. ‘Not sure if that’s a good or bad sign.’

He cast Mary Jane a nervous grin while she just took the folder and frowned. So far, they were off to a good start. On paper, this was a simple scenario that had played out in many bad pornos. A nerdy, submissive male assistant served a demanding, bitchy boss, who also happened to be a beautiful woman wearing overly sexual business attire. But the attire was the easiest part.

Peter just put on a pair of slacks and a dress shirt, not unlike what he wore to the Daily Bugle when he still worked there. Mary Jane wore a button-up blouse, red heels, and a black skirt that was somewhat short for a professional environment. She also put on overpriced makeup and lipstick to make her look like someone who spent too much money on themselves and not enough paying her staff.

But looking the part was only a small part of the role. Playing their respective personas promised to test their newfound fondness for role playing. Being a bitchy boss was very different from Mary Jane’s usual roles. They were also so antithetical to her real personality that it required her to really stretch her acting skills.

For Peter, having served as an errand boy for J. Jonah Jameson for so many years, he was all too familiar with being a lowly office worker. He spent years being a dutiful employee and rarely received appreciation for his work. That was about to change with this scenario.

“As you can see, I organized each proposal by the new cost-benefit template,” Peter said, going out of his way to sound extra nerdy. “You said you wanted everything laid in terms of lowest to highest risk. I even crunched the revenue projections for the next three quarters to…”

Mary Jane held up her hand to stop him mid-sentence. Peter hadn’t even gotten halfway through the script they’d hastily written out. She kept pretending to be unimpressed as she looked at the file. But her stern, uncaring demeanor never waned.

“Enough, Parker! I have the baby. Spare me the labor pains,” she said. “I get it. You’re thorough. That’s why I hired you.”

“Um…thank you?” said Peter with an innocent shrug.

“Wasn’t finished,” Mary Jane went on, “because you’re also sub-par when it comes to deadlines. And your less-than-proficient conversational skills don’t help. Now, I can tolerate the latter, but the former still bugs the hell out of me.”

“I know, ma’am. And I promise to do better. I feel like I’ve really improved these past few months.”

Mary Jane put the folder down and cast him a bemused scorn. She was deep into her role now. She had the glare of a callous woman who cared little for anyone who didn’t serve her to the utmost. Having seen similar glares in J. Jonah Jameson, Peter trembled where he stood. But getting it from Mary Jane instead of Jameson had a unique effect, some of which manifested in his pants.

“Let’s get something straight here, Parker. I’ll tell you when you’ve improved,” she said sternly. “And, if memory serves me right, I haven’t said anything to that effect recently. Have I?”

“Um…no,” said Peter anxiously. “Your memory is very good, ma’am.”

“Spare me the shallow compliments. Instead, heed my words closely. I didn’t get to where I am by just thinking I get better. And I definitely didn’t become Vice President of this company by making empty promises. You keep telling me the same damn thing, week after week. You know your shortcomings and you’re gonna improve on them. But to date, I don’t see a man looking to get better! I see a man who cowers in the presence of anyone above his pay grade!”

“But I…”

“But nothing!” Mary Jane barked, once again tweaking the script on the spot. “Don’t mistake my bra size for blinders. I know the kind of people who end up in this business. And I’ve known plenty like you, Parker.”

“Like me?” Peter asked, pretending to be ignorant.

“Yes!” she barked louder. “And quit making me repeat myself!”

Peter took a step back, cowering at the intensity of her voice. Mary Jane rarely raised her voice like that, even when she was acting. It made his hands tremble and his knees weaker. Even though she was sitting down, looking at her felt like looking up at a titan. Having faced his share of giant monsters as Spider-Man, he knew that feeling well.

However, none of those encounters ever gave him a semi. Watching Mary Jane turn her chair towards him, cross her legs, and lean forward – which also revealed the top part of her cleavage in her blouse – only got his blood flowing faster in all the wrong directions.

“People like you are just lying to themselves,” Mary Jane went on, her voice low and firm. “You think you’re climbing the latter. You think you’re on your way to becoming the executives you serve. But I know the truth. And it’s best you accept it now before you crush your own spirits later on.”

“And what truth is that, Ms. Watson?” Peter asked intently, having to hide the arousal in his voice.

Mary Jane narrowed her gaze on him and leaned forward in her chair. She clearly saw the slight bulge in his pants. That also wasn’t in the script, but that didn’t throw her off. It just meant they could skip a few extra lines to get to the good part.

“You’re not fit to lead. You’re only fit to serve,” the beautiful redhead told him. “You prefer having others do the thinking for you…making all the hard decisions and navigating each obstacle. You’d rather follow someone stronger, bolder, and braver. Because deep down, you know you never could do the same.”

Her voice took on unique tone. It was still stern, but it also became erotic. The power and authority of her position was affecting Mary Jane. Peter didn’t need a spider-sense to pick up on it. It showed in her gaze, as well as the way she rubbed her thighs together. Having this kind of power over someone was very rare and exciting. Along with that excitement came a distinct arousal to help match his own.

“And on top of that, a part of you likes it,” Mary Jane said intently. “You enjoy serving. You enjoy pleasing those above you…more so than your measly paycheck reflects.”

“I…do strive to please my boss,” Peter said, still trembling under her gaze.

“I think it runs deeper than that. I think a part of you yearns for a boss like me…one who wields her power like a chief wields a knife…one who makes strong, but clear demands. Why else would you continue working under me while others so readily quit? And why else would you promise to improve while still cowering at every turn?”

Peter remained silent. There was nothing in the script at this point. There was nothing else he could’ve said without killing the mood or undermining the scene. It also fit his role perfectly.

On more than one occasion, he’d been rendered silent by demanding bosses who tore him down for his lack of reliability. But Mary Jane did so in a way that upended the situation. Instead of leaning on his excuses about balancing his personal life with being Spider-Man, she added a new dimension to his people-pleasing behavior. It was harsh, but it still turned him on…more so than he expected.

“Your silence is telling. I sense you’re still skeptical,” Mary Jane said smugly.

“I’m very inclined to take your word for it, ma’ma,” said Peter.

“Don’t patronize me, Parker. Not this time!” she spat. “Even if you refuse to say it out loud, I will prove my point…if only to prove why I’m the boss and you’re not.”

Her voice became more seductive. This time, there was nothing subtle about it. Mary Jane was turned on. She was completely in control of this sexy situation and was ready to use it to the utmost. And Peter was perfectly happy to oblige her, as any loyal lover/employee.

Leaning back in her chair, grasping the arm wrests as though it were a throne, Mary Jane parted her legs cast him a domineering glare.

“Down on your knees!” the beautiful redhead demanded with an assertiveness that put Captain America to shame.

Peter couldn’t comply fast enough. Like a good boy, he got down on his knees so that he was looking up at her like a trained dog. In this position, he could see up Mary Jane’s overtly short skirt. She had on that revealing black thong she knew he loved. He must have failed to hide his reaction because she casually spread her legs wider while leaning back in her chair, like a queen on a throne.

“Come closer, Parker. Crawl towards me!” Mary Jane told him, gesturing with her finger.

“Yes, ma’am,” Peter replied meekly.

He complied again, crawling slowly and submissively towards the beautiful, bossy woman before him. Once he got close enough, Mary Jane became even more assertive.

She grabbed him by his shirt collar, yanked it hard in her direction, and shoved his face right into her inner thighs. She was not gentle or affectionate about it, either. She practically smothered his face with her covered pussy, making him inhale her feminine scent. Peter knew that scent well. He also knew how thick it got when she got turned on.

“Here! Smell my pussy!” she commanded. “Get a good whiff of the pussy that runs the show and signs your checks!”

“Mmf!” was all Peter got out in response.

She continued rubbing his face against her crotch. Being so rough only turned her on even more. It was an assertive act for her and one that utterly degraded him. Peter had been humiliated by women before, but not like this.

That left him genuinely surprised by how much it turned him on.

‘Damn! I’ve had so many lousy jobs with lousy bosses. Why is this getting me so hard?’

Despite having a genius IQ, Peter didn’t dare overthink it. He remained completely under Mary Jane’s power, letting her be as rough and as dominant over him as she pleased. The kinky power dynamic heightened the sensual mood. It also emboldened Mary Jane to take it a step further.

“Damn it, Parker! You got me all wet and horny,” she said, pretending to sound annoyed.

“Uh…sorry, ma’am?” Peter said with a sheepish grin while looking up from between her thighs.

“Sorry? Sorry won’t satisfy this pussy.”

“Please, ma’am! Tell what I need to do,” he asked her intently.

“Don’t patronize me! You already know. So, get ready for a little overtime.”

Now empowered and horny, Mary Jane shoved his face back briefly. While he remained on his knees, she skillfully elevated her hips, grabbed the sides of her panties, and slid it down her thighs. It was an intensely erotic sight, making Peter’s pants feel even tighter.

While he watched on in awe, Mary Jane just casually flicked the discarded panties at him. They landed right on his face in such a way that they hung over his nose, giving him another whiff of her feminine scent. It was a move that would’ve made Bullseye envious.

He must have looked ridiculous, being on all fours with a pair of women’s panties hanging off his face. He even saw Mary Jane crack a brief smile. She was trying hard not to laugh. The fact she didn’t was a testament to her acting skills. She managed to stay in character while leaning back in her chair again and spread her legs to invite him back in.

“Well? What are you waiting for? This pussy isn’t going to eat itself out,” Mary Jane said bluntly.

“You’re right, ma’am. It won’t. That’s why I’m here,” Peter said with the zeal of a loyal employee.

This time, he didn’t need her to grab him by the shirt collar. Instead, he dove in willingly, burying his face in her pussy and hungrily gorging on her moist folds. But for his boss bitch of a lover, regular oral sex just wasn’t going to cut it. He was fully prepared to the extra mile.

‘I’m gonna eat her out like she’s never been eaten out before! As if Mary Jane’s pussy weren’t sweet enough.’

Peter pulled out all the stops, going to town on her like his life depended on it. He rapidly flicked his tongue along her slit, probed her hot flesh, and stimulated all the necessary areas. He knew Mary Jane’s intimate anatomy well, having gone down on her many times before. He knew those special spots that drove her wild. He channeled every bit of knowledge and skill to hit every one of them.

“Oohhh, Parker!” Mary Jane cooed. “Such a skilled…dedicated employee!”

She leaned back further in the chair, closing her eyes and squealing with delight as he flooded her body with hot sensations. Peter’s extra effort really showed. The beautiful redhead was more excited than usual.

She writhed and shuddered in accord with the feeling, her moans echoed throughout the room with a mix of pleasure and exhilaration. As the beautiful redhead soaked it in, she eagerly undid the top part of her blouse and pulled her bra down to expose her breasts. She was so eager that she ripped off the top three buttons. But Mary Jane didn’t care.

She was soon fondling her breast and pinching her nipples to supplement the sensations. At one point, she hitched her legs over Peter’s shoulders and sandwiched his head between her thighs. It effectively put him in a sensual vice, giving him even more incentive to get the job done.

“That’s it, Parker! That’s it!” Mary Jane gasped. “Eat that pussy! Lick that clit! Get me off!”

“Mmm…yes, ma’am. Yes, boss,” Peter said, his voice muffled by her flesh. “I will…do…my job.”

He made a final push. Using both hands, he parted her outer folds and shoved his tongue in deeper. He then hit those deep, sensitive spots to get her to the brink and beyond. Mary Jane once joked that his Spider-Man powers extended to his tongue after a very passionate night a while back. But it was no laughing matter now.

“Oohhh fuck! You…you did it, Parker!” she exclaimed. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”

Her body mirrored her words. Her lower back arched, her toes curled, and her vaginal muscles contracted in accord with an intense, orgasmic release. Peter, still locked between her thighs, could only hold on and take satisfaction in having done his job. It helped that making the woman he loved climax was still so amazing.

“Oohhhhh yes!”

He never got tired of hearing that orgasmic cry from Mary Jane. It was louder and more drawn out than usual. That was fine with Peter. He was content to just keep his head between her thighs while she trembled under the feeling that washed over her. It also made it easier to lap up the juices that streamed down her inner thighs.

“That…was quality work, Parker,” Mary Jane said through heavy panting. “Quality work, indeed!”

After being so harsh, her praise made it even more rewarding. He swore it made her pussy juices taste even sweeter. This time, Peter had to keep himself from being too satisfied. He had to stay in character. In addition, he still had a raging boner in his pants. He hadn’t forgotten that. It also hadn’t gone unnoticed by Mary Jane.

She was still dazed from her release, purring with contentment as she came down from her high. Once she had enough clarity, the beautiful redhead looked back down at him with a grin that was both smug and lurid.

“You know how to pleasure your boss. That’ll take you far in this industry, Parker,” Mary Jane told him, still speaking with authority.

“I seek only to serve and satisfy, Ms. Watson,” Peter said, still looking up from her thighs.

“And you’ll have many opportunities to do so. But for now, I’m the only opportunity you should focus on.”

Taking the initiative once more, she grabbed the sides of his head again pushed him back from her inner thighs. She then stood up from her seat, slipping out of her blouse and bra, leaving her in just her undersized skirt and heels. She still had the look and poise of a demanding boss. And Peter didn’t dare make a move until she ordered it.

“On your feet!” Mary Jane ordered.

Peter shot up from the floor. As soon as he was on his feet, the beautiful redhead went right for his pants.

“Take your pants off,” she said. “Show me just how eager you are to serve and satisfy.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Peter answered.

She’d already undone his belt buckle and pants. Peter took care of the rest, slipping out of his pants and boxers. After getting so worked up going down on his lover, his dick was fully erect. His desire to please Mary Jane was strong, but he had his own burning desire for sex. And even in her role as a bitchy boss, he trusted his lover to sate those desires.

“Impressive,” Mary Jane said curtly while eying his cock.

“Is it eager enough for you, Ms. Watson?” Peter asked.

“Only one way to be certain,” she said.

Showing some eagerness of her own, the beautiful redhead pulled him into an intimate embrace, captured his lips in a fervent kiss, and hopped up onto the desk so that her legs were draped over the side. While their lips and tongues were entwined, she hooked her legs around his waist and drew his manhood towards her still engorged pussy.

Peter just followed her lead, letting his desires supplement hers. She was still very horny. The power trip of her role definitely had an effect. But this was the point in the scene where the acting became secondary.

“Fuck me, Parker,” Mary Jane whispered into his ear. “Fuck your bossy bitch with that big, hard cock of yours.”

“Yes, ma’am. Oh hell yes, ma’am!” Peter said, already breathless with anticipation.

Just like before, he took to this task with an intensity he usually reserved for their most passionate nights. He planted his feet firmly on the floor, slipped his hands to her thighs, and aligned his rigid manhood with Mary Jane’s waiting pussy. Then, with a firm thrust of his hips, he entered her.

“Ooh Parker!” she exclaimed.

“Ms. Watson…” he gasped.

The penetration was so smooth, yet so intense. Peter felt her inner muscles squeeze his cock as he pushed into her depths, as if to strengthen her hold on him. As he started moving his hips, building up a sexual rhythm, that hold on him intensified. And Peter loved every sordid second of it. It got him humping her harder and faster in short order.

Heavy moans and gasps followed. The desk shook in conjunction with the movements of their half-naked bodies. As the rhythm intensified, their lips parted and Mary Jane leaned back on her arms, allowing for a better view of their sex. She still had that determined, demanding look in her eyes. It told Peter that he’d better go the extra mile this time.

‘She’s daring me to fuck her in ways she’s never been fucked. God, I love this woman!’

He’d never been more motivated to give this woman sex. And he’d never been more eager to indulge in this intimate feeling. With a drive that transcended any sexy role playing, Peter hammered away into his lover. Even as their bodies rocked more violently, Mary Jane kept on daring him.

“Harder, Parker! Fuck me harder!” she demanded.

“Yes…ma’am!” Peter grunted.

He widened his stance, pushed her legs further apart, and sank deeper into his sexual daze as their intimate act intensified. It got so intense that Mary Jane fell back on the desk, her arms unable to support her. That didn’t keep Peter from ravaging her. It just allowed her to fondle her bouncing breasts as he rapidly pumped his cock within the tight walls of her vagina.

Their moans grew louder as their bodies became awash with pleasure. He fucked Mary Jane hard and fast, which he had done plenty of times before. But he had never done it with such focused intensity. He’d been encouraged before, both by Mary Jane and previous lovers, especially Felecia. However, there was something distinct about being in these roles, him being a submissive employee and her being his bitchy boss.

These roles just brought out a unique brand of passion and lust within them. It showed in the way their sex played out, from the rhythm of the movements to the way her pussy slithered along the length of his cock. Looking at her with that bitchy glint in Mary Jane eyes just drew them into this feeling. And together, they pursued it to the utmost.

“Yes, Parker! Ohhh yes!” she panted. “You’re gonna do it! You’re gonna…make me…come again!”

“Just…doing…my job!” Peter gasped, his every word still submissive in nature.

“But this time…you come too,” she said intently. “Bend me over this desk…grab my butt…and fuck until you blow your load inside me!”

“Yes ma’am!” he said with lurid glee.

Peter followed his bitchy boss’ instructions to the letter. Using his spider strength, he pulled her forward, flipped her over, and bent her over the desk so that her breasts rubbed up against the wooden surface. With her legs still dangling off the side, he aligned her pelvis with her shapely butt and drove back into her depths.

From there, it was a sprint to the finish line. He worked his hips back and forth in quick succession, pumping his rigid member within her moist folds like a piston. Their bodies rocked so hard that the desk threatened to give way. Thankfully, their bodies gave way first.

“I’m coming, Parker!” Mary Jane gasped. “When I come…you come!”

“Yes…ma’am!” Peter replied.

Peter closed his eyes and grit his teeth, determined to hold out for his boss. It was strenuous, having to exercise this level of self-control. His dick ached in anticipation of his release. It ultimately paid off.

Mary Jane finally climaxed and she climaxed hard. She bent her knees and curled her toes, her vaginal muscles clamping down on his cock while waves of ecstasy washed over her. That sweet, moist tightness made Peter’s own climax even more intense. As soon as he felt it, he just held onto her thighs and let out a long, protracted moan of euphoria.

“Oohhhh Ms. Watson!”

All her bossing around and belittling finally paid off. His dick tensed and his knees buckled as Peter unleashed his manly fluids into Mary Jane’s depths. It was so sharp and intense, as if a dam burst within him to let out the true breadth of his lustful desire for this woman. He swore he drained his balls completely, spraying thick streams of cum into his lover’s womb.

Mary Jane’s pussy lapped up every drop as her body writhed with orgasmic delight. When Peter opened his eyes, he saw her squeezing her breasts and grinning with glee. It was a uniquely strong orgasm. Being in these unique roles helped get them there. And as he soaked in this feeling with her, he offered her a beaming grin.

As they settled into their post-orgasmic afterglow, Mary Jane opened her eyes and smiled back. She then rose up to draw him in a loving embrace. That demanding, bitchy glint in her eyes faded. In its place was the satisfied affection of the woman he loved.

“I think…you just earned yourself a raise, Tiger,” Mary Jane said, still short of breath, but no longer in character.

“For once, being a push-over pays off. Who knew?” Peter said jokingly.

“A man being so willing and able to fuck his sexy boss over a desk? Yes, who could’ve possibly thought that would pan out any other way?” she laughed.

“Point taken,” he replied, laughing as well. “But this was definitely more challenging. And not just to my tongue.”

“I agree. But that’s part of the appeal. It shows we can take things even farther and still have hot sex.”

“That, it does. But just how far can we take it? And how much longer before this desk finally breaks on us?”

“That, I don’t know,” Mary Jane said with a humored grin. “But if we’re going to keep pushing this, then we’ll have to get more creative.”

“Creative…yeah, I can be creative.”

“I know you can. Now, kiss me before the afterglow wares off,” she said. “I’ve already got a few creative ideas I’d like to brainstorm!”


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