The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Patriotic Passions

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Captain America, Avengers, or the X-Men. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Patriotic Passions

AN: The following is a one-shot based in my series, The Erotic Phoenix Saga. This is another pairing that I tried to fit into Intimate Alliances, but couldn’t. In lieu of forcing it in, I’ll just offer it as a one-shot.

In terms of timing, this takes place after Chapter 6: Rogue Desires, in which Cyclops and Jean Grey rescue Carol Danvers after her battle with Rogue. Even if you haven’t read to that point yet, that shouldn’t be too much an issue. All you need to know is that X-Corp now has a close working relationship with the Avengers, which helps set this up.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Captain America, Avengers, or the X-Men. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean inner thoughts or psychic communication.’

Warning: This story contains graphic depiction of sex. If you are uncomfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. You have been warned. As always, I welcome feedback and comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or contact me directly via email. Either way is fine. Enjoy!

New York City – Brooklyn

“Thanks again for talking me into this, Mrs. Grey-Summers,” said the every-dutiful Steve Rogers. “I know I’ve said that more than once tonight, but it’s worth saying again.”

“You’ve said it four times, by my count,” noted a bemused, yet smiling Jean Grey-Summers.

“Only four?” he questioned. “That can’t be enough.”

“Trust me. It’s plenty,” she assured him. “Say it as many times as you need to. My response won’t change. I wanted to help. Not just as part of X-Corp’s new partnership with the Avengers, but as a proud American helping their fellow man. That man just happens to be Captain America.”

Jean spoke with added patriotism as she affectionately clung to the arm of the living legend himself. Just knowing Captain America – a hero, an Avenger, and a national icon – was an incredible experience. As a little girl, she remembered people praising him as the pinnacle of American values. When he turned up alive, having been frozen since the 1940s, it was a huge deal. Her neighbors set off fireworks in the middle of the night to celebrate.

If those same neighbors knew she was on a date with Captain America, they would laugh in disbelief in lieu of celebrating. The idea of her – or any woman, for that matter – going on a date with Captain America seemed like a fantasy for someone with a patriotism fetish. Even Jean couldn’t deny it was surreal, going out with a living legend.

“And for the record, I’m having a great time,” she added. “You’re as great a date as you are a soldier.”

“And you’re a special dame. You’ve proven that tonight,” Steve said. “And that on top of saving Carol.”

“What can I say? I strive for more. For Captain America, I can do no less!” Jean said proudly.

She laughed with him as they walked the streets of Brooklyn. It was just past midnight. She and Steve had enjoyed an eventful night thus far. After meeting up at Avenger’s Mansion, he took her to a small restaurant in Hells Kitchen where the grandson of an old war buddy made them a nice dinner.

Then, he took her to a baseball game at Yankees Stadium where they got to enjoy box seats. While Jean wasn’t a big sports fan, she appreciated the ambience and the many stories it inspired. Steve seemed to have a fond memory for everything. She didn’t need to read his thoughts at any point. He shared himself willingly and eagerly. For a telepath, it was refreshing.

‘Charles Xavier once said that an honest, honorable man needs no psychic blocks. Steve Rogers is living proof of that,’ she’d thought to herself at one point.

Jean enjoyed the date so much that she worried it might end too quickly. They were nearing Steve’s Brooklyn apartment. She walked slower, guiding the conversation in hopes of drawing their date out. Even in the best case scenario, she didn’t expect their date to go this well.

She’d pitched the idea shortly after she and Scott helped the Avengers save Carol Danvers from her encounter with Rogue. Both she and Steve’s fellow Avengers had grown concerned about him. He was spending so much time as an Avenger that some worried that he’d abandoned any semblance of a personal life. Other women had shown interest, such as Agent Sharon Carter. Steve never pursued it, claiming his duties to his team took priority.

It didn’t take a psychic to sense the possible issues. Jean presented it as a refresher of sorts, a reminder of what it meant to have a personal life. She framed it less as a date and more as a shared night off. Tony Stark also joked that Cap just needed to get laid. She made sure he paid for that remark, in the form of some large dings on his expensive cars. She was certainly open to the possibility of sex with Captain America. What red-blooded American woman wouldn’t?

That wasn’t a primary goal, but it quickly became more tantalizing as the night unfolded. Just getting Steve to agree had been a challenge. He didn’t seem comfortable at first, going on a date with a married woman. It took Scott a good 45 minutes to convince Steve that he was fine with Captain America going out with his wife. He even threw in that he was fine with them having sex. Even after convincing him, it took another 30 minutes of coaxing before Steve ultimately agreed.

He’d been hesitant at first. Jean tried to make it easy for him, wearing a fairly modest green dress to match his jeans and dress shirt. It kept the mood of their date casual, which helped him accept the idea of going on a date with another man’s wife. It was still a challenge, but they quickly grew comfortable with each other. Jean still found herself more engrossed by the man rather than the legend.

Still clinging to his arm, Jean looked at him with both curiosity and intrigue. Outside his iconic costume, he still looked like the perfect embodiment of an American man. From his square jaw to his choice of attire, Steve Rogers had a poise that worked as well on a date as it did in a battle against Ultron.

‘He’s an amazing man. With or without his shield, Steve Rogers is as genuine as he seems,’ Jean thought as she walked the streets of Brooklyn with him. ‘He’s behind the times in terms of music, movies, and fashion. But the way he carries himself feels timelines. He’s so humble, honest, compassionate, and kind. He doesn’t hide it. And yet, so few appreciate it.’

Jean had definitely come to appreciate that unique American persona as the night unfolded. Few knew Steve Rogers, the man behind the star-spangled costume. Most people only knew him as the heroic super soldier of World War II and the steadfast leader of the Avengers. In the span of a single night, Jean learned a lot about that man. The first thing she learned was that he lived up to his legend in ways beyond his deeds in battle.

“Beyond my gratitude, I’m sorry if I seemed so reluctant to do this,” Steve went on. “Please understand, Mrs. Grey-Summers. Going on a date after being frozen for 70 years – let alone a date with a married woman – it’s more than a little jarring.”

“I do understand, Steve,” she said, “but only to a point. I may be psychic, but I can never know what it’s like to be in your position…waking up in a new time and a new world.”

“That’s just it. The world itself isn’t new. It’s just different… very different,” he said.

“That’s for sure. I have friends my age who still struggle to work a cell phone.”

“Gadgets, clothes, and food are only a small part of it. Those are just tools and aesthetics. And you get used to those first. It’s the bigger things that are harder…the things you thought defined your life that really hit harder.”

“Well, I hope that going on a date with a married woman isn’t that jarring,” Jean said, showing more concern. “I didn’t do this to make you uncomfortable, Steve.”

“I know that. And when you said that you and your husband have a unique relationship, I believed you. I even believed Scott when he said he’d be honored to have his wife go on a date with Captain America.”

“He meant it too,” she reminded him. “He still has those old Captain America trading cards that his father gave him.”

“And I gladly signed them when he asked,” Steve said, shaking his head in astonishment. “It’s still so new to me, the idea of spending the night with another man’s wife. Time was, married women didn’t go on dates. Not even with their husbands.”

“Different times, indeed,” said Jean.

“It wasn’t just about the times. They were different expectations…different circumstances…different assumptions about how and why you did things. We didn’t question it, even when we probably should have. It was our idea of normal. It didn’t always feel right, but it was what it was. And now…I’m not sure what my normal is anymore.”

He sounded so uncertain. It was distressing, seeing Captain America exercise so little confidence. He was the same man who boldly charged into battles against Hydra. Him lacking confidence just didn’t seem right.

Jean had to remind herself that, as poised as he’d been all night, he was still a man. He had reservations and vulnerabilities. Even for a super soldier, confronting them wasn’t easy.

“Take it from a mutant, Captain. Normal is never a certainty,” Jean said to him.

“With all the things I saw in the war, that should’ve been obvious,” Steve said with a sigh.

“That’s a different kind of normal,” she said, “which, I admit, sounds weird when you say it out loud.”

“Relatively speaking,” he quipped.

“Those differences are real,” she went on in a more serious tone. “Life experiences vary for everyone. Whether you’re a kid from Brooklyn, a girl from Long Island, or a king in Wakanda, those experiences tend to define our sense of normal. It’s like our own personal refuge from all the abnormalities surrounding us…a familiar place where everything seems to make sense.”

“Sounds like you’ve thought about this more than I have,” Steve noted.

“Only because I encountered some extreme abnormalities,” Jean said. “And no, I’m not just referring to being a mutant, joining the X-Men, or starting X-Corp.”

They finally stopped walking. Steve’s apartment was less than a block away. They now stood at a vacant street corner, just outside a bakery that had closed for the night. The super soldier from another time now stood before her as the one in need of guidance. It was a daunting position for Jean, but she didn’t shy away from it. The high standards set by Captain America’s wouldn’t allow it.

“Before this date ends, at least let me share a little timeless wisdom with you, Cap,” she said.

“By all means, ma’am,” Steve said. “That’s the most useful kind, for a guy like me.”

“Then, you’ll get plenty of use out of this,” Jean said.

Taking a step closer to the living legend, Jean slipped her arms around his neck and narrowed her gaze on him. It showed she was serious and certain. It resonated strongly with the soldier in him.

“The things you think are right…the things you assume are right…they don’t always line up with what you know to be right,” she said strongly. “You could have an idea of what a good man, a good woman, and a good American might entail. But ideas never exist in a vacuum. They’re always influenced by something.”

“We can’t always control the influences,” Steve said as he followed her train of thought.

“We rarely can,” Jean corrected. “I thought I knew how my life was going to play out. Even after my powers influenced that, I still clung to many assumptions. What it mean to be a woman, a hero, and a generally good person…I thought I had a handle on it all.”

“But did you know?” he asked intently.

Jean paused for a moment to collect her thoughts. Even with the mind of a psychic, putting into words just how much her perspective had changed proved difficult. For the sake of helping Captain America, she rose to the challenge.

“See, that’s where it gets tricky,” Jean told him. “You don’t have to know something is completely right to realize something is deeply flawed. How I went about everything…especially after I got together with Scott…most of it felt right, but it was still incomplete. I knew that on some level. And I ignored it, but not because it was too painful. It was just easier. And when the easiest option is to cling to what feels normal, that’s usually a sign.”

“I see,” Steve said as he listened intently. “But what does it mean ?”

“For me, a lot of things,” she continued. “I had to take a step back and re-examine everything I’d ever assumed. Life and love…peace and understanding…dreams and possibilities…I saw it all from a different perspective. It revealed some unpleasant truths, but confronting them was the hardest part. Finding meaning…well, that was actually the best part.”

“How so?” Steve asked.

“That’s where the details get a little personal. You probably know the rumors, but are too decent to bring them up – or hint at them, for that matter.”

The usually poised super soldier blushed, somewhat. As disciplined as he was, being a man out of time still came with challenges. That included a discomfort with sexual matters. Jean had tried to avoid that topic for much of their date. Now, it was unavoidable.

Standing so close to him, those matters started to feel more pressing. How that might play out depended on what meaning he gained from her insight.

“You don’t have to share those if you don’t want to,” Steve told her.

“But I want to,” Jean said strongly. “It’s a major part of a larger whole…how I go about connecting with others. And yes, some connections are more intimate than others.”

“I’ve noticed that,” he said, the effects of Jean’s embrace not lost on him.

“From one perspective, it’s strange. Some might even call it perverse,” Jean said. “But the way I went about those connections before…comparing them to how I go about it now…I know it’s right. And not just because it feels good. Really good, in fact!”

“I…can only imagine,” said Steve.

“You can do better than that. You’re Captain America!” she told him. “How I go about connecting with people – whether it’s intimate, casual, or some combination of the two – it’s been so liberating. It has freed my heart, body, and soul. It’s made me stronger. It’s made my husband stronger. It’s made our love stronger. I know that must seem strange.”

“The way you’ve described it, it’s starting to make too much sense,” he told her.

“Then, use this moment to take a step back. Look at the bigger picture. Look at your life as Steve Rogers and Captain America. What does it mean to you? You inspire so many others to cherish freedom and liberty. Well, here’s your chance to cherish it in your own way. You need only choose how to go about it.”

It felt like a pivotal moment. Jean had just challenged him, Captain America, to see things from a new perspective. What it meant and where it could lead him was up to him. Even a powerful psychic with the aid of a cosmic force couldn’t foresee what he might choose.

He could end the date here without saying a word, content with how everything had played out.

He could ask her to go on another date, still not certain of how to go about his life as Steve Rogers and Captain America.

He could just stand there on the street corner and lecture her for hours about why she was wrong.

There were so many possibilities, but only a select few were right and true. Those were the only options that Captain America dared consider. Jean trusted him, as much as any American could trust the embodiment of American’s ideals. She still saw conflict in his expression. He diverted his gaze briefly, as though he were wrestling with only a handful of important choices.

“Steve,” she said, caressing his face and leaning in closer, “I know you’ll do what’s right. Whatever it is, I’ll respect your decision.”

He turned back towards her, those baby blue eyes staring back at her with that righteous zeal. His embrace of her deepened, those powerful arms holding her with the same care as he would his shield. Being in Captain America’s arms had a special feel to it. As a proud American woman, Jean appreciated it greatly.

There was also a very sexual component. Being in the arms of a strong, handsome man had that effect on a woman, regardless of her nationality. However, Jean tried to temper those feelings for the moment.

This was Steve’s choice. He would ultimately determine what kind of connection they formed on this night and how far they would take it. The way he touched her hinted that he shared some of that sentiment. He just needed to decide how to go about it. From the looks of it, he was ready to finally make one.

It might have been a realization or a re-affirmation of what he knew to be right. Whatever it was, a new look of certainty came over him. Under the humming streetlights of Brooklyn, not far from where Steve Rogers grew up to be Captain America, the man who brought liberty and justice to all made his choice.

“I think I understand now, Mrs. Grey-Summers,” Steve said, finally breaking the silence.

“You think? Or you know?” Jean questioned.

“I’m getting there,” he said with a half-grin. “I just realize I have a lot of choices to make…choices I’ve been putting off for the sake of duty. But there’s one in particular I’d like to start with.”

“And which one might that be?” Jean asked intently.

“The one where I invite you up to my apartment and see this connection through.”

“In what way?” she asked with a curt intrigue.

“In every way I’m too polite to put into words. But perhaps, you’ll settle for this.”

Captain America, being a man of action over words, sealed that choice in the form of a kiss. As if guided by the spirit of liberty, he drew her lips to his where until they met. Through this soft, yet sincere gesture, the connection they’d forged grew stronger.

It also heightened the sexual components of their embrace. Jean felt it in the way Steve caressed her body. She also felt it between her thighs, as well. As the kiss intensified, the intimate touching deepened. The perspective of their date shifted and the possible outcomes narrowed. Jean, entranced by the act of kissing Captain America, welcomed that outcome.

“Mmm…you’ve made your point,” Jean told him, grinning widely after their lips parted.

“Then, I leave the response to the invite up to you,” Steve said,

“I’ve already decided,” she said eagerly. “Lead the way, Cap!”

With his choice and her acceptance, they pursued a bold new course for their date. It wasn’t going to end with a friendly handshake or a peck on the cheek. It was going to culminate with some intimate fireworks worthy of the 4th of July.

Latching onto his arm once more, Jean followed Steve across the street and into his apartment. They skipped the elevator, opting to rush up the stairs. It got their hearts going and their blood flowing, a good precursor of what was to come. Steve kept his poise most of the way, but she could tell from his touch how much he wanted her. He wanted her in all the right ways and she was eager to give it to her.

As soon as they entered his apartment, his poise finally faltered. He kissed her again, pulling her into a more chaotic embrace as they made their way through the foyer, into the hall, and towards his bedroom.

It began to sink in. She was going to have sex with Captain America. This wasn’t just another handsome man. This wasn’t just another superhero, either. He was a living legend and an American icon. It was overwhelming, but it also gave Jean plenty of incentive.

‘I’m an American woman. He’s the ultimate American man. I’m sure even Scott would agree. Giving him the best sex of his life is my patriotic duty!’

With such lofty stakes before her, Jean took things slowly with Steve. Upon entering the bedroom, she let him lead her to the bed at his own pace. As their lips and tongues were softly enmeshed, they explored each other’s still-clothed bodies. Jean pawed his chest and caressed his arms, every chiseled muscle radiating American strength. He responded favorably to her touch as he did some exploring of his own.

However, he hesitated to touch certain areas of her body, namely her breasts and buttocks. That was to be expected, both of a gentleman and a soldier. Jean had to guide his hands to her butt, using their kiss to permit him to squeeze it. It helped escalate the moment as they made their way to the bed. She still had to be measured with her passions, both to savor the moment and to accommodate his 1940s sensibilities.

That meant being more traditional with her seductive efforts. Steve Rogers was not the kind of man who needed elaborate displays of eroticism to set the mood. He came from a simpler era of sensual intimacy. Jean intended to respect that, but she also hoped to welcome him into a more updated perspective on sexuality.

“Have a seat, Steve,” Jean said upon arriving at the foot of his bed. “Relax. Get comfortable. I want to make this special for you.”

“It already is, ma’am,” he told, short of breath, yet still a gentleman.

“I still want to go the extra mile…for you and for American women everywhere.”

She was both patriotic and seductive with her words. That did plenty to convince him. With his confident, all-American grin, Steve did as she requested. He sat down at the foot of the bed, his legs draped over the side and his hands still on her. He trusted her to go that extra mile for her country and the man before her. For her inner patriot, the value of Captain America’s trust was an incredible turn-on.

Jean, both motivated and impassioned, stood before the American super soldier with focused desire. Under his intense gaze, she sensually pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Then, with the aid of her telekinesis, removed it and her bra from her shapely body. Steve, having kept his hands on her hips, even helped her slide it down her legs. His unique, considerate touch turned her on even more.

Upon stepping out of her dress and kicking off her heels, she was left wearing only a pair of blue lace panties. It wasn’t the sexiest piece of underwear she had in her wardrobe, but the sight of her nearly nude body left Steve Rogers in awe.

“My God. Your beautiful, Jean,” he said as he looked up at her.

“Then, please,” she said to him, “free to do more than admire.”

She made it an easy request to accept. With a playful grin, she slipped onto his lap, drawing him into another kiss while hitching her legs around his waist. It allowed plenty of room to roam, in terms of added body contact.

Having been granted permission, Steve explored her body more freely. He trailed his hands down her thighs, up her waist, and over her back. His touch was so strong, yet so gentle. The idea that the man could be so strong in battle, but so tender in private seemed fitting for a man of such principle. He was still somewhat hesitant touch certain areas, especially her breasts. Jean offered guidance in addition to some affectionate touching of her own.

‘It’s okay, Steve. Touch my breasts,’ she told him telepathically. ‘Fondle them. I want you to enjoy them!’

Jean leaned back a bit, giving the American icon more room to touch her fleshy mounds. He did so willingly, even giving them a slight squeeze. It wasn’t too hard, but still enough to sent sensual shivers down her spine. It helped turn her excitement about the prospect of having sex with Captain America into real, tangible arousal.

As her inner thighs grew moist with arousal, Jean deepened their kiss and grinded her still-covered pelvis against his. It helped convey the breadth of her desire while stimulating arousal in his lower body, as well. She could already feel a hardness forming in his pants. It quickly reminded them both that Steve was overdressed.

“Lean back,” Jean whispered into his ear, briefly breaking the kiss. “I’ll help you out of those pants.”

“I’d appreciate that, ma’am,” he replied, as though it were the most polite offer a lady could give.

Those old-fashioned manners of his showed. They were such an integral part of his nature. It made perfect sense that they would find their way into the bedroom.

Jean gladly took them to heart. As Steve leaned back on his arms, untucking his shirt and scooting further up the bed. The half-naked redhead followed, sensually slithering her way down his masculine stature, gazing up at him seductively as she reached for his pants. She made quick work of them, along with his boxers and shoes. She used her telekinesis to aid her. The end result was a perfect view of his American endowment. In his increasingly aroused state, it was a monument that would’ve made Washington himself proud.

“God has blessed America and his greatest soldier,” Jean said while giving his member a light tease. “Was that another effect of the super soldier serum?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Steve said, blushing somewhat under her lecherous gaze. “Does it matter?”

“Not in the slightest,” she said.

With a playful laugh, she tossed aside his pants and joined him in the center of the bed. He greeted her with another kiss, leading her further up the bed and into a more comfortable arrangement. Jean showed her appreciation and her patriotism by helping him out of his shirt. She now found herself on top of a fully naked Captain America, the endowment and stature of a super soldier exposed in all his glory.

It tested Jean’s commitment to taking things slowly with this man. The very excited – and very horny – side of her was hard to keep at bay. She couldn’t help but paw, taste, and caress his manly sinews. She was almost giddy as they made out atop his bed, their kissing quickly evolving into fervent foreplay.

Steve didn’t seem to mind. It also had the desired effect. Jean could feel his manhood press against her inner thighs, now fully erect and ready for her sex. She was also fully aroused, her panties now moist with her juices. Everything, from his arms to his chest to his core to his genitals, radiated American prowess. It sent both her patriotic spirit and feminine instinct into overdrive.

She wanted to have sex with this man.

Moreover, she wanted to make America proud.

“Steve,” Jean gasped, not hiding her excitement as she broke the kiss, “please…take me.”

“As you wish, ma’am,” Steve said, his own excitement showing as well.

Like a good soldier and a skilled captain, he led the charge. He took Jean by the waist and turned her over. Once flat on her back, Steve Rogers took on the focus of a man heading into battle. He first set his sights on her panties, which Jean was eager to get off. She lifted her hips as he slid them down her shapely legs before discarding them with the rest of their clothes.

Now fully naked with the Sentinel of Liberty, Jean spread her legs to welcomed him into her sex. His focus never wavering, Steve got on top of her, aligning his rigid manhood with her wet entrance.

“Here it comes, Mrs. Grey-Summers,” he said as he hovered over her.

“I’m ready, Captain!” Jean said intently.

With that distinct, all-American bravado, he thrust forward. Like an army storming the beaches, he entered her intimate territory. They each gasped. It was so smooth and seamless, her moist folds surrounding his rigid cock. The hot feeling of their fleshly union washed over them. Such intense sensations caused Steve’s unbreakable focus to falter.

However, it didn’t falter for long.

“My God, that’s tight!” Steve gasped.

“I feel it too, Steve,” Jean moaned. “Come! Share this feeling with me.”

She quickly got him back on track. Spreading her legs wider, the beautiful redhead wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into another kiss. As he tasted her lips once again, his naked body pressing down against hers, instincts every bit as strong as those on the battlefield took hold.

The mission was in high gear, now.

Steve Rogers was having sex with Jean Grey-Summers and the objectives couldn’t be clearer. He was going to embrace the feeling with her.

“Yes! Ooh yes! That’s it, Steve! Do me…just like that!” Jean moaned as he kissed down her neck.

His tactics were simple, but effective. He utilized a basic missionary position, holding her by the hips while laterally working his body in a succession of lateral movements. With each movement, he worked his manhood inside her pussy. His rigid flesh slithered within her, stimulating all the right areas.

He was still somewhat careful with the initial round of humping. It had clearly been a while since he’d been with a woman. Despite having so much sex appeal, on top of being an American icon, he was not very experienced. That was not going to keep this from being great sex. Jean would see to that. She let him know how well his tactics worked, making sure he heard her blissful moans every step of the way.

“Harder, Steve! Do it harder!” Jean beckoned him. “Please! I want it!”

“Oh Jean!” was he said before giving delivering, as only Captain America could.

The movements got faster.

The skin-on-skin grinding got hotter.

Sweat quickly formed on their naked bodies as Steve intensified his movements, humping harder and faster in pursuit of more sex. As she and Steve descended into a daze of bliss and desire, Jean assisted him in his sensual efforts. She wrapped her legs around his waist and complemented every thrust with some lifts of her own. The bed rocked harder and their kissing grew messier, the hot sensations compounding with very movement.

Steve’s raw physical gifts, both from his dedication and the super soldier serum, gave him natural sexual prowess. However, his inexperience still showed. Jean still used her telepathy to guide him where needed, allowing him to control the course of their sex and maximize the shared intimacy. He gladly allowed it, being every bit as dedicated to making their sex the best it could be.

‘That’s it, Steve. Follow my thoughts with your actions. Let me guide you, as you’ve guided so many others in battle. I’ll make sure that with every woman you lead into your bed, you’ll finish the mission!’

‘Lead the way, ma’am! You know how I feel about completing my mission.’

He followed her psychic whims, like a good soldier. Their sex escalated into a heated, but stable rhythm. Steve made sure each thrust was at just the right angle, penetrating her depths in a manner that hit all the right place. Given his lack of experience, he surprised Jean with his ability to please a woman during sex and not just hump her.

Then again, he was Captain America and the ultimate team player. Those traits were bound to translate well into sex.

As a result, the end of their mission drew closer. All those hot sensations had been building up, eventually getting her to the brink of orgasm. She sensed he was close too. She saw it in the shifting contours of his expression. She also felt it in how his cock slithered inside her folds, ready for a much-deserved release.

As they each panted heavily, Jean caressed his face with her soft hands. He also tightened his grip on her thighs, showing that he was ready for the final attack.

“I’m coming, Steve! I’m ready…to come!” she told him through labored breaths.

“Me too, ma’am. Me too,” he grunted.

“Then, let’s come…for America!”

It might not have been the sexiest think Jean could’ve said while on the brink of orgasm, but since Captain America was involved, it felt appropriate. It didn’t make the orgasmic rush that followed any less enjoyable.

“Oohhh Captain, my Captain!” she exclaimed.

“Oh my God!” Steve gasped.

It wasn’t simultaneous, but it was pretty damn close.

Jean climaxed first. She let go of his face, grabbed the bed sheets under her, and held on as an orgasmic wave washed over her. She was extra-animated, putting on a show for the American icon on top of her. She wanted this living legend to see what a proud American woman looked like after he made her come. He must have been impressed because he climaxed shortly afterwards.

As she arched her back and curled her toes, her tight pussy hungrily squeezed his cock with her hot flesh. That added tightness helped pushed him over the edge. Jean felt his member tense and his upper body tremble as his orgasmic release washed over him. As he let out his triumphant moan, he released a thick American load up into her womb. It was as hot as it was patriotic. She milked him for every last drop, savoring the completion of their shared mission.

“God bless America, indeed!” Jean said with the utmost proud.

Steve, still dazed in his euphoric state, laughed with her before drawing her into another kiss. Even in victory, he was humble and considerate. America couldn’t have had a better soldier or a better lover.

As the orgasmic rush subsided, they each took a moment to catch their breath. Steve withdrew his cock from her still-tender pussy and rolled onto his side. Jean rolled over to face him, still within his powerful embrace, their naked bodies still very much enmeshed. Even as they processed the moment, Jean offered plenty of affectionate gestures to show her gratitude. In terms of completing the mission and honoring America, Steve Rogers had once again succeeded.

“Jean,” he said, still short of breath, “that was…wow.”

“Captain America, at a loss for words,” Jean said teasingly. “That must be a first.”

“It’s not. I just…I don’t have words to describe what we just did. I want to say thanks, but that just won’t cut it.”

“You don’t need to put it into words, soldier. You’re Captain America. You’ve always let your actions speak for themselves. And trust me. I heard them loud and clear!”

Leaving little room for doubt, she kissed him again, but with some extra tongue. It effectively got her point across. It also sent another message that quickly became clear as she started pawing his chest again.

“And besides,” Jean said after breaking the kiss, “what makes you think we’re done?”

“Well, I…didn’t want to assume,” the proud soldier stammered, once again demonstrating that uncanny humility.

“You proved yourself with your first mission, Captain…as I knew you would,” she told him. “Now, give me a chance to do the same.”

“I’d be happy to,” he said without hesitation, “but what exactly does that entail?”

Lay flat on your back, relax, and let me show you!”

Again, the proud soldier didn’t question such orders. He treated a request from a naked Jean Grey-Summers with the same importance as a request from Nick Fury. Still excited, and still very horny, Jean had a mission of her own in mind.

As Steve relaxed in his post-climax afterglow, Jean got on top of him and put on another erotic display. With a seductive, yet determined glint in her eye, she trailed her lips down his face, neck, and chest. The taste of his heavily muscled upper body was intoxicating. Even his sweat tasted sweet, flooding her senses with the pinnacle of masculine sex appeal. It helped motivate her even more as she made her way down his torso.

Upon coming face-to-face with his American endowment, she discovered that he was still semi-hard. A combination of endurance, desire, and the super soldier formula had him both wanting and able for more sex. Jean was more than happy to accommodate him.

“I know you’re a traditionalist on certain things, Captain,” she said while grasping his cock, “but some traditions need not be abandoned to be improved.”

“I’ll take your word for that, Mrs. Grey-Summers,” he said, “but I’m guessing you still want to prove your point.”

“You guessed right.”

Shifting her gaze and her focus to his cock, Jean prepared to give the living legend a blowjob for the ages. She summoned the wealth of oral sex experience she’d gained since she and Scott embraced the Phoenix Force. With both hands now gripping the base, she licked her lips in anticipation as she hovered over his cock.

Keeping his inexperience and traditional leanings in mind, Jean was careful and gentle initially. She started with light strokes along the shaft, followed by a few teases from her tongue. That got a favorable reaction. Emboldened by that response, she slid his member between her breasts, which helped get his blood flowing faster to the right areas. She looked up at him, now leaning back on his arms and gazing back at her with rekindled desire. She flashed him another erotic glance before taking the full length of his cock into her mouth.

From there, it was on. Jean was giving Captain America oral sex. She was still careful. She worked her lips and tongue along every inch of his cock, quickly getting a feel for how he liked to be teased. She worked up a steady, yet thorough rhythm. She’d never been more motivated. Captain America was the best man America could offer. He deserved her best in return.

“Ohh! Jean, that feels…ooh God!” Steve gasped.

Her best efforts proved fruitful. She could already feel his penis growing harder between her lips. Before long, he was fully erect once more. Jean expected him to be above average in terms of recovery, but she still impressed her. That was what made him Captain America.

As Jean head bobbed up and down along his shaft, he ran affectionately his fingers through her long red hair. Looking up towards him, she saw a renewed drive. It was the same look he had in a battle just as he was catching his second wind. The stakes might not have been as dire as saving the world from Hydra, but that didn’t make them less critical.

“Mmm…ready for the next mission, Captain?” Jean said, still grasping the base of his cock with both hands.

“Always, ma’am,” Steve told her.

“Great! I’ll lead the charge this time,” she told him. “Just trust me and I’ll lead us both to victory!”

“Spoken like a bold, American woman.”

They each laughed as Jean commenced the next phase of their mission, but she maintained a serious focus. Captain America had already demonstrate that he could give a woman great sex while leading the way. Now, it was her turn to show she was just as worthy.

Channeling her own brand of American grit, she crawled back on top of him, assuming a basic cowgirl position. Steve seemed to enjoy keeping things simple with sex. Jean embraced that same approach as she aligned his dick with her pussy once more. She also took his hands and guided them to her hips, inviting him to hold on for another round of ecstasy. As soon as she felt his secure, powerful grip on her, she plunged her hips downward.

His flesh entered her once more, the penetration so smooth and seamless.

More hot, sensuous sensations followed.

As they both took in the feeling, their next mission officially commenced. Driven by both lust and patriotic fervor, Jean began riding the dick of America’s greatest icon. She’d never been more determined to make every scintillating moment count.

“Yes! Ooh yes!” Jean moaned. “I’m a bold, bold woman, Captain!”

“That you are, ma’am. That you are!” Steve said as he descended into another sexual daze.

The beautiful redhead pulled out all the stops. With her knees firmly planted at his sides, Jean worked her hips in a steady, undulating motion. Her hot womanly folds slid along the length of his cock, their flesh practically gliding together in a thorough venting of sexual desire. They still rocked the bed and filled the room with a chorus of moans. Jean just made it a point to be more vocal, as any good leader should.

“Mmm…you like that, Captain? Is this good for you?” she said in a sexually-charged tone.

“Yes, ma’am!” Steve said, attempting to match that tone.

“I can’t hear you, soldier!”


Her gaze narrowed, the intensity of their sex escalating with it. Like a good soldier, he followed her lead and Jean led him to more ecstasy. She mirrored the rhythm he’d established earlier, keeping things simple and focused. She still mixed it up in her own special way, leaning back a bit so that Steve could watch her breasts bounce with every motion. She also rubbed her swollen clit as she rode him, her pleasure keeping pace with his.

As she rode him, she encouraged him to enjoy the rest of her naked body. He gladly obliged, shifting his grip from her hips to her bouncing breasts. She squealed with delight to show her appreciation. It inspired Steve to share in the efforts, complementing each gyration of her hips with an upward thrust of his own. Given his knack for inspiring others on missions, it was fitting. It also gave their sex a more playful spirit.

‘That’s it, Cap! You’re really doing it!’ she said to him with her telepathy. ‘You’re embracing a new feeling while staying true to your roots. You’re freely sharing yourself with a willing woman and making it great for both of us. It’s just so…American!’

That sentiment, born of embracing the joys liberty and freedom, gave an added zeal to their sex. It raised the stakes for Jean’s mission to give Captain America the best sex she could give him.

That effort tested both her spirit and her stamina. Jean refused to rush things as their intimate act played out. She sought to build up the feeling, mixing up the pace and intensity to guide her handsome soldier to a proper victory. He followed her every step of the way, sharing in the efforts while sharing plenty of intimate gestures.

Jean discovered that Steve really enjoyed using those arms of his. He frequently wrapped her in their protective embrace, as if to shield her from anything that would detract their passion. He also enjoyed squeezing her breast, kissing her neck, and making her feel secure. For a man who wielded a shield as his primary weapon, it made perfect sense and was uniquely hot.

Jean shared her proclivities too, pawing his chest to show how much she appreciated the male form. She even used a little telekinesis to help elevate their bodies slightly, allowing for a freer range of motion. By that point, though, Steve was so entranced that he barely noticed. He was locked into the mission with her, following her lead as she carried them to another climax.

After working hard to build it up, Jean felt it closing in. She could sense in Steve the burning need to share another release, but only if she could join him in the ecstasy. He was too honorable a man to settle for anything less. Never one to keep Captain America waiting, Jean summoned both her passion and her patriotism to make that final push.

“Jean…I’m getting…close! I’m real…real close!” Steve panted as they neared the apex of the experience.

“Hang in there, Captain!” she told him. “I’m close too! Just…a bit…longer!”

Together, they put in the extra effort. Steve shifted his hands to her butt while Jean clung to his shoulders. Her knees and feet dug into the bed, using every bit of leverage in each focused movement. He complemented her every move, keeping both feet planted firmly on the bed so she could lean back and let their shared drive lead them to victory. Her determined gaze met his, the spirit of American grit fueling this powerful feeling.

The last surge of movements were intense, pushing their resolve and their bodies to the brink. Finally, they crossed that critical threshold. Like the turning point in a battle when their victory became a certainty, everything culminated in a triumphant surge of ecstasy.

“Ooh God, Jean!” Steve exclaimed.

“Oohh yes! America!” Jean cried out.

It was an even greater victory than their first. This time, their peak was as close to simultaneous as could be, without the aid of telepathy or cosmic forces. It was a difficult ecstasy to achieve, but one fit for an American icon.

Steve embraced it fully, squeezing her butt with his powerful hands and flexing his muscles as he climaxed hard. As he sprayed a fresh load of his cum into her pussy, Jean’s inner muscles clamped down around his masculine flesh, milking him for every last drop. Hot waves of orgasmic bliss coursed through her as their fluids mixed, along with the sweat of their naked bodies. No words or telepathic thoughts were needed to articulate the breadth of this feeling. That shared gaze of American grit told them everything they needed. That didn’t stop them from sharing a deep kiss to cap off the feeling.

‘Life, love, and connection…freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’ Jean said telepathically as their lips touched. ‘Honorable perspectives with shared values.’

‘Indeed, Ms. Grey-Summers. I think we’ve done plenty to prove that,’ he replied.

‘We didn’t necessarily need to prove it. But it was still worth doing!’

‘I couldn’t agree more.’

Their lips parted. Jean cast the American icon a beaming grin. He smiled back, keeping her in his muscular arms as they collapsed onto the bed. Their genitals parted, but their naked bodies remained entwined. Jean found herself resting her head atop the chest of the storied super soldier, listening to his heart while he settled into a more relaxed state. He continued stroking her lower back, enjoying her intimate warmth as a peaceful afterglow settled over them.

Jean was perfectly content to nod off. Having completed her mission to the utmost satisfaction, she needed a little rest. Steve needed it too, but he seemed more hesitant to simply drift off.

“I know I’ve thanked you a lot tonight, Jean,” he said to her. “I don’t want to sound like a broken record…although, that might actually work for me.”

“I won’t argue. I’m too way too content and satisfied,” Jean replied.

“But I don’t want this night to end without me telling you what this means to me,” Steve went on. “Ever since I joined the Avengers, I’ve thrown myself on the front lines of every battle. People keep telling me the war is over and the right side won. I often tell them the fighting isn’t over. The right side, however much it’s changed, still needs us.”

“That it does,” Jean said.

“Those same people also tell me I can’t live entirely on a battlefield. I can’t be Captain America every hour of every day. I need to be Steve Rogers every once in a while. And believe me, I’ve made the effort. Some even offer to help.”

“I’m guessing a lot of them just say you need to get laid. And it’s not just Tony, either.”

Steve laughed and shook his head.

“Like I said, you’re a good guesser, Jean. And honestly, as much as I agree with them…as much as I’ve actually tried to build a life outside the Avengers…I’ve never really pushed myself. It was just easier to keep being Captain America…fighting the next battle while the world kept passing me by, more so than it already has.”

“Well, it’s never too late to catch up,” made Jean.

“I agree. And for the first time, I want to build that life. I really want to be Steve Rogers, as well as Captain America. I just needed a little perspective on it all. And that’s what you gave me tonight, Jean…that and so much more.”

Just when she thought that sex with Captain America couldn’t get more satisfying, he once again found a way. It shouldn’t have surprised her. He was Captain America, after all. Jean still smiled to herself, secure in the knowledge that her and Scott’s evolving perspective had affected someone else in a profound way. The fact that it had affected Captain America only reaffirmed the power of that perspective.

“Glad I could help expand your perspective, Captain,” Jean said. “For a soldier who never hesitates to help his country, I could do no less.”

“Spoken like an honorable, American woman with a strong sense of duty,” Steve said. “I hope I can find a woman like that as I work on this new life.”

“You will. I’m sure of it.”

“Because I’m Captain America?” he teased.

“Nope,” she quipped, “because now you have no excuse to keep avoiding Sharon Carter. And now that you’ve had some bedroom experience, she’s gonna enjoy sharing that life…a lot!

The End

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